Mark Levin’s no more gotchas interview with Newt Gingrich

This is a similar interview to the one with Rick Santorum, with similar questions but different answers, of course. But given the template that Mark used, it’ll be interesting to compare and contrast.

I will note that as a response to Romney’s comment that he’s “severely conservative”, Newt says that Romney is “severely non-factual”. Nice.

Here’s the full interview:

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  • rjcylon

    I’m still for Gingrich until Palin jumps in at a brokered convention.

    • capelady

      If there is a brokered convention, Sarah Palin would not stand a chance – the establishment will make sure we have a candidate chosen by the good ol’ boys of the GOP – a moderate because they don’t like conservatives!

      • rjcylon

        It would seem so, but if the candidates have their delegates, and have their own free will, once Palin arrives at the convention the establishment can’t do a damn thing. If she wants it, it’s hers. Forget about Jeb or Mitch, whatever Sarah wants, she’s going to get. I have no doubt Gingrich and Santorum, and even Paul, would be falling over themselves to get some kind of position in a Palin administration. And all of these men (sans Romney) would do a good job in whatever post she might give them.

        And fortunately for us, what Sarah wants and what we want are the same thing.

        • I find the idea that Sarah Palin could sweep in and win a nomination she didn’t fight for utterly abhorrent. If she wanted to be President, instead of playing footsie for so long she should have run.

          • FreeManWalking

            I agree it should go to those out there knocking heads.

            I could see where we end up with a contested convention, but a brokered convention where the establishment tries to come in and dictate at nominee would be the end of the GOP as a party of influence.

            If it comes to a contest at the convention and the delegates do not freely choose the candidate without coercion from the establishment I think they end up with the same results.

            Either way if it comes to the convention and the establishment meddles in the outcome. 0b0 wins, and the Elephant goes to the grave yard.

            • lanahi

              Palin has been getting knocked around for years now and is still standing for all the right things and still effective in getting her ideas out, maybe even more so now. This has been a much harder row to hoe than running for the presidency.
              I’d like her to run as an independent, but doubt that she will.

          • K-Bob

            So getting selected by delegates at a convention doesn’t lend legitimacy, eh?

            Makes me wonder why have conventions?

            Actually I know why. They are where the candidate is supposed to be selected. The primaries are to help delegates know the mind of the state they represent. But delegates they are, and they can choose who they wish.

            If this thing gets to the convention with no one getting more than 35% of the vote, that’s a clear indication that it’s up to the delegates to choose someone. They can nominate anyone they want, right there at the convention. Just usually not for the first ballot.

          • aZjimbo

            Love Sarah but I totally agree with you.

        • Because you must be retarded

      • johnos2112

        If that happens and Romney gets the nod there will be trouble. The RNC will be finished if Mitt loses because many conservatives like the Tea Party will say enough and form a 3rd party. Not to mention that any more repub funding will disappear.

      • BS61

        I have no trust that Palin is a conservative after she stumped here for McCain!

        • capelady

          Palin is a conservative… but she is also a politician, and all politicians do things they might prefer not to do for political reasons. There are times when pragmatism overrides idealism, and as much as we hate to see it they all do it, because it is never black and white. That is why when a politician I support does something I don’t like I always try to discover their reason before I pass judgement. They cannot be completely uncompromising, as much as we wish they could (and they probably do too!).

    • Palin said she knows the establishment would never select her.

    • BS61

      Palin’s approval ratings are horrible, and I’ll NEVER forgive her for stumping for McCain in AZ.

  • a lot of feedback noise with Gingrich’s phone.

    • StNikao
    • It’s really not that bad. sounds pretty clear to me.

      • RS, maybe an ear exam might help?

    • Happyface2

      It’s a total shame that people do not like Newt.This man would wipe the floor with Nobama.If Newt throws twenty ideas against the wall and only ten to stick,that would be more ideas than Nobama had in three years.

      • ricolette

        Hey Happyface2…. People DO like Newt!… In fact they love him…. The Newt supporters are LOYAL… and considerate and gracious and respectful of others. I was at a location in SC where Newt and Romney crowds were elbow to elbow… Guess which supporters were RUDE and OBNOXIOUS? Yup…I was so glad I had chosen Newt b/c I would have walked away from Romney when I saw the likes of those who are supporting him.
        As far as liking Newt? Here’s a post.
        Be a Newt supporter and join the winning team… You’ve got the sense… LOVE your “twenty ideas against the wall” comment!! Go NEWT!!!!

  • StNikao

    Newt coined a cool phrase in response to Romney’s claim that he is ‘severely conservative.’

    Newt said, “The kindest thing I can say is that Romney is ‘severely non-factual.'”

    • rjcylon

      He’s also severely out of his league mentally in a head-to-head with Gingrich. The only advantage Romney has is money. But if Gingrich doesn’t make the cut, and Palin doesn’t jump in, I’ll still vote for the man. But I’m not going to let the establishment convince me he would be better than Gingrich or Santorum. No way.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Great post. 🙂

      • hbnolikeee

        right on!

    • Sober_Thinking


  • Maxsteele

    Newt was great, Levin is great and Santorum is fantastic. I know this question is floating around out there these days but why aren’t conservative reporters, radio people and newscasters asking questions at debates? Why is it always the liberal, socialists, hosting the debates on all sides of the political spectrum?

    • Sober_Thinking

      Great question.

      My only thought is that the liberals and socialists own most of the lame-stream media. However, when a conservative hosts the questions (such as Mark Levin), the lesser candidates won’t be able to stand toe-to-toe.

      Agreed – Newt, Santorum and especially Levin, are all great.

    • ApplePie101

      With live streaming, Skype and teleconferencing, you’d think candidates could participate from the comfort of their own homes, and Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh could also join in remotely. I’ll bet the real reason conservative radio hosts are not invited is because Romney and Paul would refuse to participate if they had to answer their questions.

  • I would say Romney is severely unauthentic also. Newt was very solid explaining his economic and tax plan. I was hoping he’d slam Obama harder on his pathetic algae plan, but at least he explained why Obama is a joke!

    • FreeManWalking

      Newt said he was going to methodically take apart 0b0’s algae speech, that it is something you would expect to see on SNL.

      I hope if he does, he will post it.

    • nibblesyble

      See Greta’s interview regarding the algae component. If he could have been more withering I would be surprised, he made Obama seem like a sad little joke.

  • Alborn

    I am voting for Newt on super Tuesday. He knows how to get his plan implemented asap after election. He can get it done and will do what he says. We need the damage this adm has done turned around quickly. No Obama.

    • Sober_Thinking

      No Maobama. Party on Alborn. 😉

  • Sober_Thinking

    Another brilliant interview. Newt remains very impressive. Great interview!

    • FreeManWalking

      It seems like Levin is the only Talk Host to point out RINOmeny is the severely non-conservative in the race.

      I’ll have to listen to last nights show and hear his annalist of the Paul/RINOmeny collusion.

      • aZjimbo

        I think Rush does also but he does it in a PC way. That’s why I love “the great one”. No PC with him.

  • sjmom

    This was a great interview with Newt and I thought the questions Mark asked were very, very good. I really liked the one about the Supreme Court and like Newt my favorite Justice is Scalia. Newt really knows what he is talking about.

  • 911Infidel

    Newt is great one-on-one, but he…at times…goes brain-dead in televised debates. Its why he’s behind. Too bad we can’t find a candidate with Santorum’s virtue, Newt’s brain and Paul’s economic savy. However, if the candidates could force the leftist media to ask substansive questions like those posed by Levin, and hold Ali Obama accountable for his abysmal record as POTUS, this election would be an ace to cinch. The enemies are still the same: Islam, Obama and the drive-by media. Concentrate all your rhetorical weapons on them…candidates.


      Are you kidding?……Newt is one of THE best debaters around.

      • 911Infidel

        Nope, I’m not. Newt is great one-on-one. But in recent debates he’s not done so well.
        Yeah he’s a brainiac, but at times his big old brain seems to short-circuit.

        • I certainly respect your right to an opinion but I think personally you are mistaken. I have viewed about 15 of the debates, Newt won almost all of them, the only ones where a media narrative made it seem otherwise was the 2 florida debates.

          In those expectations from him dominating all the others was so high, he didn’t match up as well. It’s like saying the gold medalist sprinter is a slow runner – but only because he usually wins the gold, but in a race or two he came in a few tenths of a second slower and in second.

          • 911Infidel

            You are also entitled to your opinion as well. But the race is not always to the swift or the strong. The first horse out of the gate doesn’t always win the race. My old man once said that a man who can’t be trusted to be loyal to his own wife can’t be trusted in anything else either. I’m sticking with Rick.

            • BS61

              I agree – I was too! Until this last debate, when Santorum made excuses for being a big speding R. I don’t want a ‘team’ player, I want to shake things up. And now I think that is why the establishment is so anti-Newt, maybe he will shake things up too much. I’m not sure, just trying to triple guess the establishment!

              • 911Infidel

                Establishment Repubiks are definitely the problem. Anyone that doesn’t wish to govern like Dhimiratz is going to get a hard time by their talking-head prima donnas.
                I’m as fed up with them as I am with Marxist Dhimiratz. Time for a rebellion in the ranks.

            • LeonidasOfSparta1957

              Amen, 911Infidel! An old farmer once said: “A man who lies will not think twice about stealing your money.” Newt has lied, changed his church affiliations to please his WIVES, and had affairs (plural.) He may have, according to some, the wisdom of Solomon but he also has Solomon’s desire to have many wives/concubines and to change his beliefs to placate, appease and please them all. As far as I am concerned Newt has NO MORAL integrity at all. His “big brain,” his “genius” at debating, his smooth oratorial style, DO NOT make up for his corrupt core. My vote will go to Santorum if he wins the nomination.

              • 911Infidel

                I love those truisms. Seems like they are always spot on about people. The old farmer and my old man came from a different era when virtue was still an important character trait. To some of us, it still is. Back before Klinton and Obama, there was two leadership traits spoken of in the old Army leadership manual. One was physical courage, the other was moral courage. To myself and a few other small unit leaders. both of these traits were the mark of who we were? Too bad so many of our so-called leaders never bothered to serve. Maybe they might have picked up a few genuine leadership traits along the way. Where have all the Jerry Boykins, and Alan Wests gone? Or the Ronald Reagans? Has virtue gone out from America? I think so.

  • Mark again you are a real great guy and fair. I heard both interviews with Rick and Newt and they both did a hell of a job and thank you for letting them tell their ideas to us out here. I am for Newt because he will turn this place inside out and the fact that the left and gop rino quislings HATE Newt is the reason we all MUST vote for Newt. WHo the hell are they to think they can pick OUR candidate. Lets stick Newt up their elitist country club and he can deal with them. Newt and Col West will nuke Obama and the Dem party in the general. There is no subsititue for victory and Newt is what WE THE PEOPLE and not the self proclaim ruling class want us to do. What is in it for us? More of the same since Reagan left office??

  • christie

    Fair interview. Newt would bring expierence and solutions. I think we would see differences rather quickly. A lot of people are going to be happy to see real changes and to have reforms. Now, we all are mostly angry and worried. I do like Newt’s flat tax offer. I could expand my company; hire more workers. I am being over-taxed.. some days, I almost think to close my company since I pay most of my profits to the IRS. You get your fair part tho, let me keep some profits/for my future needs. I want to be independent and invest in my business; paying $$ down a government drain of waste is no cheerful plan.

  • 4joachim

    Thank You Mark Levin!! Thank You Newt Gingrich!!
    Loved this graphic from another blogger!

    Lftcoaster, 2012 An opportunity to Correct the mistake of 2008

    ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ▄ ▌ ▐ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▌
    ─ ─ ─ ▄ ▄ █ █ ▌ █ ░ ♥ ░NEWT GINGRICH FOR 2012 ░ ♥ ░▐
    ▄ ▄ ▄ ▌ ▐ █ █ ▌ █ ░ ♥ ░ NEWT GINGRICH FOR 2012 ░ ♥ ░▐
    █ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▌ █ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▌
    ▀ (@) ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ (@)(@) ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ …

    …and BTW even on Cavuto 20Feb Michael Reagan said that Newt could get gasprices it BELOW
    $2.00 gal.

    YES!! M.Reagan said BELOW $2.00 !!!!!

  • Mark, your voice came though, loud and clear, but I could hardly understand Newt. Please have a better recording, next time.

  • Been_There_BT

    The man with the plan is Newt. It comes across very clearly in this interview.

    Thanks for posting it.

  • Trust1TG

    Thank you for posting these Mark Levin interviews. Thanks also to Mark Levin.

    Note his “God bless you.” to each of them.

  • ApplePie101

    Mark asks the questions conservatives want to ask about really critical issues. After watching Stossel’s ‘Illegal Everything’ last night, I want to add one more question for the candidates: When are you going to shut down the EPA?

    • BarbaCat

      I saw Stossel last night too.
      EPA’s got to go!

  • eaglesoars

    The choice is clear. There is one man in this race that can take on ALL that ails America..and do it concisely…clearly..and ASKS the help of Americans in his fight for restoration. If anyone bothers going to they will see exactly what this man has planned for this country. I dare say not another candidate running can BEGIN to compare to the wisdom, allegiance and the clear cut path this man would take America down…hold on to your hats here….I DO believe…he’s a gift from the Almighty..and just what the doctor ordered..this country is sick..on so many levels..Newt..with OUR help..will heal her.

  • eaglesoars

    There is a clear choice in this election. The sheer brilliance of this man cannot be disputed. He’s a human being..yes. He’s made mistakes…yes. Name me one person, save Jesus Christ Himself..who hasn’t? Having said anyone can ponder the idea of voting for Romney or Santorum over this man is beyond my very finite level of comprehension. Go to NEWT.ORG and you will get all the answers to your questions about where the man stands. He’s giving thoughtful, concise speeches all across the country..and though the main stream media AND the GOP establishment would love nothing more than for this man to disappear..thank GOD he’s got the backing and the stamina to go the distance..God bless Newt Gingrich..our 45th President of the United States of America. 🙂

    • BarbaCat

      You bet’cha!

    • cabensg

      The most important part is he’ll bring many, many Americans on board in the general election, much more so than Santorum. We need someone who will defend Religious freedom which most American’s support not someone who preaches about Religion. We also need someone who knows how to implement ideas not just spout them.

  • denbren52

    Now that Newt has stopped attacking his opponents in the GOP and he’s focusing on being presidential, he is a better candidate and the new strategy is working.

    I will vote, in the Michigan primary, for Santorum in order to defeat Romney. Then I will donate to and support the campaign of Newt Gingrich. He is clearly the one candidate who has it all.

    • knight77

      Missorui voters voted for Santorium because Newt Gingrich was not on the ballot. Unfortunately, this hurt Newt in a way because it made it look like he won over Newt. Rick does not have enough knowledge or experience to make the tough decisions that Newt does. Newt is the man with bIG IDEAS!

      • BarbaCat

        Fortunately, as Newt said in this interview, he is campaigning in WA State, and even here in North Central WA, we’re hearing some of the ads. Wheat farmers and Tree Fruit growers are listening.

    • tag4189

      I too am in Michigan and I will vote for Newt. I beleive you should vote for your candidtate and not try to play some game. If eveyone is trying to manipulate the vote you may end up with unintended consequences, just like those who voted for Santorum to beat Romney and it ended up hurting Newt the most.

      I am not convinced that Santorum beating Romney will help Newt, I think it helps Santorum and causes Newt supporters to move to Santorum in order to defeat Romney. A bigger turnout for Newt in Michigan is what Newt needs to get momentum going into Super Tuesday. I have nothing against Santorum, I just like Newt better and think his supporters should support him and not try to play some game at this point.

      • denbren52

        Newt chose not to run a campaign in Michigan and he has no chance of winning here. A defeat of Romney will severely hurt his chances going forward, leaving room for Newt to advance toward Super-Tuesday. Like it or not, politics is a game of strategy and I will play the game against the GOP establishment in the hope that anyone but Romney gets the nomination. My voting for Santorum is a vote for Santorum and if he gets the nomination, I will be overjoyed. But if it gives Newt a chance to advance, I will also be overjoyed. Win Win!

      • tag4189

        I guess I just have have a different perspective on things. I do not understand the whole “not running” in a state. He is running for the nominee and he is on the ballot; he is running. Just because he is not here in person I have access to his positions on tv, the web, and radio. I would not be able to go see him in person anyway and I aprreciate not recieving hundreds of phone calls telling me how bad the other person is from him. So, I will vote for who I feel is the best option on my ballot.

        • Newts not going to kiss union ass so running in Michigan is futile. I grew up and spent most my 40 years in Michigan and he is right not to run there…..Let the union sellouts kiss their ass.

  • BarbaCat

    I’ve been for Newtie all the way.

  • Newt is then only person that has actually plans to go forward if elected…..Why is this always overlooked?

  • Newt is then only person that has actually plans to go forward if elected…..Why is this always overlooked?

  • CGpatriot

    The Great verses the other, Great one!

    My two favs speaking together and that’s a good start to my day. There’s no question that America needs Newt. Yet many still question and have doubt’s. I’m believing it’s because of “age” verses “wisdom” that there is a generational gap or division going on with this thinking.

    Anyways, so much for semantics:

    Newt was carpet bomb, Romney played the meanest trick in the book with Newt, “Almost toke” him out………..but, Newt learned fast and his back in the game. Romney doesn’t have a good record to stand on either, but his lackeys AKA: Ron Paul/money are winning for him. Scrupulousness man that Mittins is.

    These primaries are contentious at best, and we need to first kick Romney’s @$$ and then go to war on Obama’s @$$…………..Newt’s “the Leader in Waiting”

  • celestialjunk

    One thing is clear, the geopolitical/economic/historic conceptual map in Newt’s brain is amazing … and it’s conservative.

    All the others are intellectual light-weights compared to Newt. But, it doesn’t stop there.

    Newt is also an outstanding communicator … capable of clear, concise, cryptic soundbites. He can take the most complex issue and describe it, or parse it, in a way that you can fit into a TV or radio spot.

    When you ask the others, but especially Santorum or Paul, these types of questions, they often wander off into meaningless demagoguery as Newt pointed out in the last debate. All politicians employ demagoguery but you’ve got to also get past that into describing the problem and solutions in a clear understandable way.

    Furthermore, waxing on about things like the degradation of the “American Family” or morals sound nice … and are true, but how in the hell are you going to change that in a 4 year term? Legislate the end to single parent homes? Dictatorship? Forced conversion to Christianity? That is the essence of demagoguery, all emotion, no practical purpose or even solution.

    What Newt does is put ideas out there that can be scored once you get elected. They are doable. Romney in particular with his complex platform makes it impossible to score him … the others aren’t too far behind, and Santorum and Paul get the demagoguery prize.

    Only Newt gives you an A to Z plan that anybody with half a brain can score now … and score later … and it’s wonderfully conservative.

    Only bold, confident, and above all competent politicians dare do so.

    Go Newt 🙂

  • Sparky5253

    Newt should be President. He is the only candidate who is consistently attacking Obama and campaigning on the issues that are front and center for voters.

    Haven’t heard any other candidate come out so forcefully against Obama’s apology to Karzai, and haven’t heard the other candidates defending our troops on this incident like Newt.

    Newt has the personal characteristics and experience necessary to deal with America’s foreign challenges and domestic crisis right now. No learning curve necessary.

    Hope he’s the one covering our back in 2012!

  • I love you Mark, but tough questions would have been why were you forced from your speaker position, or why did you sit on that couch with Nancy? Better yet, banking off those positions, do you honestly believe a damned thing that you say, or are you just telling people what they want to hear?

  • Newt is my choice.

  • GEDouglas

    I’m not sure why the right media establishment (NRO for example) and a few prominent so called conservatives (Coulter for example) have such a problem with Gingrich. Comparatively he is much more conservative than Romney. And Santorum…what everyone seems to ignore when compared to Santorum is the record. Santroum talks conservative but has a big government voting record. Granted Gingrich has couch sat with Pelosi…as a private citizen…and it resulted in no legislation. Newt has a Reaganesque voting record and he is by far the most prepared and capable. To be frank, Santorum worries me with his natural willingness to legislate his social values based on his religious beliefs. Don’t misunderstand…I do not hold his religion or social values against him and indeed…this country has taken a turn for the worse as far as morality and values go. However, I simply do not believe it is the governments responsibility to legislate. I think Santorum’s gut response in such scenario’s would be nuanced support. That to me is as scary as the leftist agenda. The right can be as guilty of social engineering as leftist. I know he has stated he wouldn’t but in a speech last Oct in New Hampshire he described how he felt after reading John F. Kennedy’s 1960 speech dedicated to the separation of church and state. (Some may be to young to know but some Americans had a problem with his being a catholic). “I almost threw up,” he told his listeners. Kennedy, he announced, “threw his faith under the bus in that speech.” That sort of gut reaction is very worrisome. I don’t want the POTUS dictating my morality anymore than I want him to dictate what product I buy. The founders made it clear in our founding documents…they feared a Theocracy as much as a Monarchy or dictatorship. So, nothing has changed for me since this primary fight began. Newt is still the man with an actionable plan that puts us on the road to right. Some may not be able to see it because of so-called baggage but he is as close to Reagan as there is… indeed he is a product of Reagan. It is still early. Hopefully when the campaign of personal destruction is done and ideas become the issue he will be the front runner again.

  • ‘Only Newt beats Obama’ by Allen Raymond

    It is very interesting to me that most of the effort and money being exerted and spent by Republican candidates, the establishment and the liberal left media right now is being spent to smear or defame Newt Gingrich, as opposed to talking about or promoting their solutions or to even attack Obama.

    The establishment and the main stream media, as well as, the Democrat & Republican Party leadership, is hysterically freaked out by the potential of a Gingrich nomination and eventual Gingrich Presidency that would occur with that nomination.

    One has to ask themselves why the Republican establishment does not want this proven conservative national icon of REAL change on a national/federal level who is pro America, pro Christian and conservative values, pro life, pro religious freedom, pro free speech, pro judicial reform to re-balance our branches of government and truly restore the power of our individual vote as citizens, pro free market, pro supply side economics, pro American energy, pro God given unalienable rights given by our Creator unto citizenship guaranteed by our Constitution which is the highest authority in the country under God, and who is incredibly capable, proven and unusually uniquely qualified and NOT a pro one World-er elitist who wants to make us all subjects as opposed to citizens…to be nominated and eventually elected President?

    Newt would stop it in its tracks and reverse, not slow down their move towards a one world government with the USA de-Christianized, emasculated and relegated to irrelevance. Newt would stop and dismantle the treasonous agenda and diabolic nonsense and re-assert USA influence, prominence and power that the progressive socialistic pseudo-intellectual anti-Christian elite absolutely hate with besmirching teeth gnashing irrational vitriol. Newt would promote USA ideals and values throughout the world. The PROVEN conservative solutions that Newt would implement would nuke the one world oligarchic socialistic agenda and they KNOW IT!

    Think I’m wrong? Go to and read the 21st Century Contract with America.

    This is a CONSERVATIVE CONTRACT, it’s not simply a “to do” list and/or a pile of nice sounding suggestions or unproven untested ideas. Meaning, this is what Newt is committing to accomplish as OUR employee acting as President and what he is being hired to actually do and can be held accountable for similar to, but much more expansive than to his 1994 Contract with America, which was a resounding OVERWHELMING SUCCESS and is a historical FACT that IS NOT open to disagreement or debate!

    Nor is it even close to debatable by the way, to anyone who has been HONESTLY educated without revision or twisting of facts that Newt Gingrich is a true LIFELONG CONSERVATIVE ICON!

    Even if Newt is able by God’s grace to accomplish half of the 21st Century Contract, the elitist progressive agenda is badly short circuited and damaged and the country is MUCH better off and headed back up and forward as opposed to the current backwards downward slide into the gutter.

    This is why he is being attacked the way that he is… it’s the main stream media’s, the establishment’s, as well as the Republican and Democratic party leaderships only hope of stopping the threat of Newt; and that is remarkable and significant when you think about it.

    When one has COMPLETELY LOST the ARGUMENT OF SUBSTANCE and all they have left is to frantically, childishly and in dark diabolic blatantly deceptive fashion attempt to get people to focus on manufactured lies through blatant twisting of the truth, focusing on false and irrelevant information and using smear, distortion, assassination of character all in order to establish opinion through illusion leading to a defined and predictable action in their favor, that says something powerful indeed! Newt’s opposition CANNOT speak truth or engage in honest debate any longer; because they lose to him if/and/or when they do! Newt’s opposition knows this by the way, do you?

    Keep in mind one prevailing fact: Even though Newt was in Washington DC for 20 + years, he was NEVER OF IT and WRECKED HAVOC ON IT while IN IT and IS HATED BY MANY BECAUSE OF THAT FACT!

    Newt Gingrich is Ronald Reagan on steroids. The establishment, the anti Christian socialistic liberal main stream media and the Democrat Party powers that be in charge of attempting to re-elect Obama KNOW all of this… too many conservative Republicans, as well as evangelical Christians don’t! They’re too busy listening to and watching the deceptive main stream media, radio and TV talking heads and other “so called experts,” American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, American Chopper or some other mind numbing irrelevant and dumbing down nonsense, rather than taking the time to TRULY educate themselves with FACTS and TRUTH as they are admonished to do in Scripture about serious life issues!

    If I needed radically complicated and dangerous brain surgery, I have no interest in the guy who stayed at a “Holiday Inn Express” last night, or a recent “med school graduate,” I want the most experienced, intelligent, seasoned, PROVEN professional for that task. I want the Dean of Surgical Professors who’s done what I need 1000’s of times and is PROVEN to be better at it than anyone!

    And, I could care less, or at all if he’s had personal failures in his past as part of God’s growth process in his life that he’s had to seek God’s forgiveness and healing for, or that he’s been FALSELY ACCUSED of heinous professional wrongs by some of his small minded jealous mediocre peers and later completely vindicated, because most great and gifted people have had to be personally humbled in way, shape and/or form in the fires of personal failure and trials before they could become truly great and unique! A person like this is a priceless asset, not a liability.

    The scary blunt reality at this point is; a vote for anyone else except Newt Gingrich in the Republican primaries is a vote for 4 more years of Obama. Newt would crush Obama in a landslide election in similar fashion as Reagan defeated Carter in 1980.

    Neither Romney nor Santorum who are both very apparent amateurs at best, who are also both parroting Newt more and more due to a lack of their own truly substantive ideas, nor anyone else that the Republican Party may produce from a brokered convention including Sarah Palin, will be able to stand up against Obama and his merciless highly prepared, as well as, well scripted Army of entertainment and mainstream media crony backers along with his billion dollars plus war chest. It is going to take more than a parrot or a high IQ cheerleader to beat Obama!

    Again, a vote for ANYONE else but Newt Gingrich in the Republican primaries is a vote for 4 more years of Obama and it is irrelevant if anyone disagrees with or even dislikes or even hates this FACT.

    • Bravo!
      You should post this all over the internet. It should go on the Tea Party boards, as well as all the States with Newt boards.

      I just don’t know how you read my mind. This statement is the first I have read that is well thought out and true. I have followed Newt for more than 30 years. During the 90’s when Pelosi, Etal were going after Newt with those trumped up political charges, I was shocked! However, I was just getting involved in politics (locally) and quite understanding the entire game.

      Your last sentence, says it all. That is why I refuse to play go along to get along, enough is enough and I am standing by my principles. My vote goes to Newt, regardless of the unintended consequences. I have no problem writing in his name in the general election or the primary in NYS, if that’s what it takes.

      Newt is the only one who can soften the blow of the ensuing collapse. The government is lying to us and the media is propagating that lie. The sheeples have their heads buried with their butts sticking up.

      Nothing lasts forever and what we are living through will fail because our leaders are just plain STUPID!

      Again, I agree with your statement: ” a vote for ANYONE else but Newt Gingrich in the Republican primaries is a vote for 4 more years of Obama and it is irrelevant if anyone disagrees with or even dislikes or even hates this FACT.”

  • DeCentralizer

    Newt is the best one to get us out of this mess and back to a sound government. The establishment elite has a lot to lose with a sound government.