Mark Steyn: If our ambassador had a security detail like those escorting the Muhammad filmmaker, he’d be alive today

Mark Steyn is livid over how the administration is claiming this video is the reason for the violent protests and said that if our ambassador had the same level of security as the filmmaker did in the photo being taken for questioning, our ambassador would be alive today.

Watch below:

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  • Mark Steyn is one of the best…I love his satire and in the eyes smacks!! Right on…we send Brown Shirts to pick-up an American Citizen in the middle of the night and strong arm him while our great marines and Ambassador were given nothing but locked doors and security information the Adm IGNORED!! There is something so surreal and out of the bizarre here. The US Constitution was gutted on worldwide TV. Like Mark Steyn said the Arab Street sees this as the US Government responds to them and not their own citizens….Without American Power the Vacuum will be filled with horrible unrest that will eventually reach our shores….AND MAKE NO BONES it will effect all of our loved ones!!

    Tell me again Obama and Mitt are the same!

  • Nukeman60

    I think I counted 8 sheriff’s deputies there at his house at midnight just to be able to take him in, question him, and then let him go. Boy, I hope I never have an overdue parking ticket. The black ops helicopters (which seem to circle my house anyway) will be swooping down and coming in through the roof.

    Note to self: better buy more ammo.

    • FreeManWalking

      Why bother picking you up when they will just send in the drones.

      Note to self: check out that cloaking device.

      • Nukeman60

        They don’t want to damage the house for those 14 illegal immigrants that will move in after I’m gone. This is Illinois where I live and I think they still waterboard conservatives here, at least in Chi-town. 🙂

        • FreeManWalking

          Heart of the BEAST… My prayers are with you Nuke!!!

        • 3seven77

          Nuke, I didn’t know you were in Chi-town. My sympathies. Of course I am near the liberal sinkhole called Seattle so I feel your pain.

          • Nukeman60

            No, no, no, no. I’m out in the boondocks where we don’t even have to lock our doors. It’s conservative here, unlike in Chi-town. I’m just south of Rockford. I spent 5 years in Chicago when I was just out of college. Loved it then, ’cause there was always something going on, but I wouldn’t raise my kids there.

            I rarely step foot in the city now.

          • bungopony

            Ditto-I moved out of the People’s Democratic Republic of Toronto.

        • BS61

          I grew up in the city, but luckily I had some sane non-Dem folks to talk politics!

    • MaxineCA

      Nukeman, it is NOT as it seems and I’m really tired of the media (even FOX) spewing misinformation, and everyone buys it “hook, line and sinker”. Mark Steyn even got it wrong on this one.

      Please read my last comment on the Eric Bolling string and maybe my perspective will make some sense.

      We should stay focused on the UN 1618 Resolution that WILL restrict our speech against anything the Islamic world finds offensive. That is more threatening than Peace Officers doing their job to protect the video guy whose life is now in danger. And no, he wasn’t arrested….. etc.

      • Maxine I could care one RAT’s BUTT about the UN…they can drop dead!! Their resolutions mean nothing! You are wrong..the focus needs to be on DEFEATING OBAMA and then the UN becomes irrelevant!!

        • MaxineCA

          Well, perhaps you should start paying attention and caring about the UN. That’s not a put down Michael, but I’m just saying they do crap behind the scenes that are totally opposite of our Constitution (personal property rights, freedom of speech, 2nd Amendment restrictions….. the list goes on and on.) The current admin (and several in the past have been guilty) will bypass Congress to work on the “world agenda”. The ultimate redistribution of wealth, and the decline of our basic civil liberties.

          I do agree, our first step is to kick O to the curb, and then the UN!

      • Oh that is right Maxine he was not arrested…he willingly needed 8 Sheriffs in the middle of the night because he volunteered so gracefully to come in and have TEA AND MUFFINS!! Wake up!! What a stupid statement…Oh he was not arrested he came in willingly..Sure most people do that in the middle of the night with that many Law Enforcement. But go focus on that UN Resolution and Peace Officers…Peace My Foot!

        • MaxineCA

          Gosh Michael, I’m not sure why you are angry at me for presenting a few more facts to the discussion. Did you read my last comment on the Eric Bolling link? If not, please do so, maybe then you will understand.

          And yes, he DID need deputies for his protection (there were actually 9) due the death threats. Why the middle of the night? They were hoping some of the gaggle of media hacks would go home. I watched the video from that night, and the deputies were pushing the press back, and surrounded him for his protection, they didn’t strong arm him.

      • Nukeman60

        I read your other post and I’m not sure where my statement contradicts it. There were at least 8 sheriff’s deputies there, it was midnight, they (somebody) did question him, and they did let him go. That matches everything you stated from the LA press release. I have no doubts about it. Since he wasn’t arrested, that was what my comment about the parking ticket was all about.

        Now generally, when the authorities want to run you in, they find whatever charge will stick and if it doesn’t, they have to let you go. But I wasn’t implying that. As far as the FBI being involved, it could be because of the death threats, or it could be because the video, if found to have caused the deaths (which I don’t believe it did), would be considered crossing state lines to commit a felony and the FBI always gets involved. None of us knows for sure yet.

        As far as the UN Human Rights Counsel Resolution 1618, they are not truly a human rights counsel and as long as we get Obama out of office, we can then concentrate on getting the UN out of NY and be done with any of their globalization laws.

        As to the 1st amendment, as with any of our amendments, it all starts with minor things and slowly escalates like the frog in the boiling water. We should all be vigilant on every case.

    • bungopony

      Betcha felt all snuggly-safe when you saw that,didn’t ya?Or did your bowels turn to water?

      • Nukeman60

        Neither. What I’m packing makes me feel all snuggly-safe (buying extra hollow points doesn’t hurt either) and there ain’t much that turns my bowels to water – except too much fruit. 🙂

        • bungopony

          Incidentally,in Canada,we do hard time for packing-unless one’s a disenfranchised youth.

          • Nukeman60

            We have laws that allow it in the US. Even in Illinois, I can carry in my own home (for now, that is).

            • bungopony

              We smug Canadians would say,”Oh,you crazy cowboys.”We also said that while we’ve spent every minute since the end of WW II hiding behind your chaps,so to speak.

        • bungopony

          I just got an e-mail from a fellow Canadian.He clings to the story of “smoke inhalation”.Evidently,he still refuses to view the photos.I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’m full of sh*t.Think even one troubled themselves to look at those pics?You know I think some people really do believe ignorance is bliss,and come hell or high water,noone’s raining on their parade.

  • deeme

    So does seem really’s like this administration trusts other countries more then this one..and their dead guys..don’t even deserve the truth..even in the face of their memorial, they were more interested in covering their own backsides, then telling the families the truth..and if they didn’t see it coming then they have no business having the jobs they have. Why didn’t they have security??..who’s safety matters to them if it’s not the U.S and our embassies..??? It’s a little late now to tell them their lives are in danger..WE should of known their lives were always in danger..

  • Landscaper

    Wonder how Obama likes the burning of banners with HIS photo in middle east?

    • FreeManWalking

      He likes it just FINE as long as it takes the voters mind off the economy.

    • sjmom

      If he keep as he is going it won’t only be in the Middle Eas they are burning his photo; it will be on the WH lawn.

  • Sandra123456

    “If our ambassador had a security detail like those escorting the Muhammad filmmaker, he’d be alive today”…or a security detail like President Valerie Jarrett has.

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    amen! there’s always an icecream cup at Burger King and its art! Does no one remember THAT idiocy? There was shouting, flag burning, and screams about the art on an icecream cup at BK in England. This video has NAUGHT to do with the attack.

    • bungopony

      I told my Father on wednesday or so that we could incite riots in the middle east&other cockroachistans simply by posting photos of outhouses in rural North America-that crescent moon’ll have ’em issuing fatwas against the Amish.

  • I love Mark Steyn. He’s so right about this! It’s a rediculous argument, but of course the left is deadly rediculous.

  • NJK

    Burning Half a Million Korans

  • p m

    Mark is another national treasure. He has ties to Australia, so we’d better take care to keep him Stateside. No-one matches his acerbic wit quite so bitingly!

    Meanwhile, two more Marines were killed by the Taliban on Friday in the attack on Camp Bastion, Helmand province. The 15 terrorists were dressed in US Army uniforms. And this after even more afghan security trainees killed four US and two British servicemen. 36 attacks by afghanis on Allied troops – result, the murder of 51 Allies YTD.

    One of the Marines was a highly decorated squadron leader who had already served in Iraq, the other was also an outstanding young man considering he had only seven years to accrue his many service medals. The Pentagon said in a ‘terse’ statement that Lt. Col. Christopher K. Raible, 40, of Huntingdon, Pa., and Sgt. Bradley W. Atwell, 27, of Kokomo, Ind., died in the Friday attack.

    A commenter at the website where I read this says:

    “At least Chris got to shoot some of the bastoids with his 9mm before they got him with an RPG.
    Wonder how the bastoids got the ARMY Uniforms?
    Thanks to the libtards bitching about AMERICAN companies providing services to our deployed forces (e.g. KBR / Haliburton) we now use the locals for such…doing laundry, cooking in the chow hall etc. So they come on the base, learn the lay of the land, act like good little helpers, then go home at night, put on their Taliban uniform (Or what they stole from the laundry) turn around and attack us.
    Thanks to Barry Soetoro, we experienced the worst attack against deployed Marines and US Forces since Vietnam…this debacle is only grudgingly being reported…if it wasn’t for the families talking….yelling and screaming really…the public would never hear about this.

    One more insult? Word has it that the Army is so screwed up at Arlington that there’s a backlog so long, families have no idea when their loved ones ceremonies will take place. Not just days…possibly WEEKS!!!

    We need a president who has some respect for the military, preferably one who has actually served in combat.”

    Please forgive the long post – but the neglect of all our brave Soldiers is criminal. The LTC had a wife and three children.

    I am just so heartsick, and disgusted that they have such unworthy commanders as zero, Dempsey and other military leaders who seem to confuse their proper role with that of policticians.

    • kong1967

      So….where’s that body count the media was bound determined to bring up every day under Bush? Obama is racking them up and not a word. Disrespectful jerks.

    • bungopony

      We have a newspaper up here called the National Post.It’s a pretty good sheet,but my friend Jimbo quit reading it when they dropped Steyn.If he had a computer,he’d miss a month’s worth of the NFL just catching up.

  • Mark Steyn rocks…

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    more security at valerie jarretts daughter’s wedding in chicago this summer. go figure.

    like mark steyn.. he tells it like it is.

    • conwis

      Or for Valerie Jarrett every day.

    • bungopony

      No,no,no!He’s a fearmonger,a doommonger,a rightwingnut,an Islamophobe(I can’t even type that”word”without giggling)and,of course,a racist.And,yes,a national treasure.

  • M_Minnesota

    This should not be suprising when back in 08′ Presidential Candidate Barry Sorentoro asked a judge to silence Dr. Corsi.

  • sDee

    Sheriff Leroy Baca, LA County is Quite the Muslim Sympathizer

    Greetings from Sheriff Baca expressing his deep respect for CAIR

    Baca created the LA Muslim American Homeland Security Congress in 2005.

    Baca Established Muslim Community Affairs unit was 2007 as outreach program for the Muslim Community managed by the Muslim Sheriff’s Department. The sheriffs unit includes a training program for the Muslim community on law enforcement issues such as hate crimes, domestic violence, gangs.

    Creaed Young Muslim American Leaders Group (YMALG) was also developed. Providing for jail tours, recruitment activities, ride-alongs in department helicopters and tours of patrol stations, engagement and education of young Muslim professionals.

    The Muslim Community Affairs unit also runs required training of department members about Islam and Muslim culture, customs, and beliefs.

    LA County Sheriff Office Defends Muslim Brotherhood
    dangerous level of dhimmietude deep in department

    and this too………………
    Heralded by the Muslim Public Affairs Council for standing up fo muslims at Peter King’s Homeland Security hearings on islamic infiltration.

    National American Coptic Assembly on Sherriff Baca

    • p m

      Not an Oathkeeper, then, I take it? /s

    • kong1967

      I started watching the first video of his speech to CAIR, but I had to stop when I started regurgitating my lunch. This is disgusting. California panders to the illegals and the muslims. Not a chance in hell I’ll ever visit there, much less move there.

      • sDee

        I put the mild one first. The smug arrogant islamist “officers” and the henchman lawyers in the other videos should scare any Christian, Jew or Hindu living in LA County!

        • kong1967

          For real? I didn’t figure it could get any worse so I didn’t bother watching the others, but evidently I was wrong.

  • QuodlibetSpasm
  • sjmom

    Credibility issue? Mark, this administration hasn’t had any credibility since they were inaugurated.

    • kong1967

      Lol, good point.

  • ylem

    If Obama had taken Intel meetings leading up to 9-11, the ambassador would be alive today. Was Obama worried about “plausible denial” or worried about being forced to do something to stop the attacks…or both?

    • kong1967

      “If Obama had taken Intel meetings leading up to 9-11, the ambassador would be alive today.”

      I doubt it. Being present doesn’t mean he’d listen or care.

      I think he made that holiday fall on 9/11 so he could whitewash remembrance of the attacks.

      Plenty of us here call Obama a traitor. He has earned impeachment many times over, but there’s no sense in starting proceedings because Reid would shut them down in the senate. Additionally, could you imagine the backlash if we impeach the first black President? Not that I care, but too many people are worried about how it makes us look rather than doing what’s right.

      • AlabamaPatriot2

        While you make an excellent and cogent point, we must remind ourselves from time to time that King Barry is half white, something he never talks about.

        • kong1967

          Yes, but he is identified as black. No matter, he’s a loser either way.

  • God bless Mark Steyn. He’s got Obama by the balls and not letting go.

  • kong1967

    Mark Stern is fantastic. I’d love to see him go head to head with Obama in a debate. He would humiliate Obama.

    • AlabamaPatriot2

      Newt and Steyn on one team; King Barry and Axlefraud on the other. Any question about the outcome?

      • kong1967

        Lol, no.

      • Marky_D

        Hehe, have to be honest I wouldn’t want to get into a verbal dispute with Mark Steyn – massive intellect coupled with a razor wit – its always going to end bad. And I at least know how many states there are in the US and what language they speak in Austria!

  • Great idea: Shrillary and Pres Zero SHOULD go work for “Variety”
    I mean right now . . . GO, GET OUT OF HERE!!

    • bungopony

      “Shrillary”?OK,but I’ve been calling her “Hilarious Clinton” for 20 years.At first people thought I meant Bill.

  • Mark Steyn is brilliant. What troubles me most is that he’s so correct in his comment that if the American ambassador had the same level of protection that the guy in California had, he’d still be alive today. How terrible is it that you have the Obama administration constantly saying that this is about a video, and yet the American ambassador in an ultra-violent part of a country like Libya had almost no protection at all? And to say that local forces provided “some” protection is a laugh at best. There is NO replacement for a heavily-armed Marine guard. Obama’s people still have a lot of explaining to do, and they’ll keep on having to do it right up to the election. Not that we’ll get any answers from them.

  • AlabamaPatriot2

    ……or like the security detail surrounding Valerie Jarret on her vacation. At taxpayers expense, of course.

  • stevenbiot

    “The Mob.” That’s how we reference 7th century pedophile worshipers nowadays. Hahaha! Mark Steyn is brilliant.

  • stage9

    Why do they keep calling it “horrific”? I’ve watched it…and although the acting is atrocious, the underlying premise is true.

    This filmmaker is an American hero!

    Stop cowering media. The truth about islam needs to come out.

    • stevenbiot

      I loved it. ” Is Muhammad gay?” “Yes!” Hahaha! It was horrible quality. But, damn! was it funny.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This whole tragic incident screams of Obama’s incompetence. They are lying to protect him and he won’t admit he screwed up (again).

    How so-called Americans can continue to support this monster is unbelievable. I’m still mad as heck over this and now even more so over the deflection by this corrupt regime and it’s complicit media. They are so blatantly dodging the truth that it’s sickening. But the lemmings will continue to follow this Pied Piper right over the cliff and squeal as they do it.

  • bongobear

    Gotta love Mark Steyn.

    • Marky_D

      Total legend. No one tells it with such passion, despair and wit as MS!

  • If our ambassador had a security detail like those escorting Valerie Jarrett, he’d be alive today.

  • when will the autopsy reveal the cause of death and whether he was raped?

  • bungopony

    What drives me batty is the fact that so many ovines shrug,blink stupidly,and say,”hmhm,yup.”We have no idea the awesome gift we’re pissing away.Nobody’s ever pissed away such a gift because noone’s ever been bequeathed such a gift.Our (in)actions clearly demonstrate that we eran’t worthy.I’m so sorry,Benjamin,Thomas,Paul,Patrick,John,George,Tom…