Mark Steyn rips NJ Teacher sob story

Disgruntled NJ teacher, Marie Corfield, got an earful from Chris Christie back in September. Well now that her sob story is being pushed by the NY Times, she get’s an earful from Mark Steyn too.

Steyn says a lot of good stuff in this semi-lengthy clip, but one thing I really liked was his point that it’s not the head banker sitting on toxic sub primes that is the problem, but rather these bloated union pensions. He even said that these union pensions are setting up pre-revolutionary conditions.


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  • Anonymous

    Non-unionized teachers and even privatized emergency services? Way to go, Mr. Steyn, if he’s been saying things like that all along I’m sorry I missed it.

    I can’t help but wonder why the Free State movement in NH hasn’t gotten it’s hooks into him yet.

    • las

      psst… Dan I replied to your previous post of the Dec31st Right Scoops Top Posts of 2010.

  • Anonymous

    Mark is correct. Unfortunately most US folks global view only extends to the nearest major metro area or possibly the state gov. They have no clue how the Feds are screwing us with China debt. They have no clue we have sold ports to China. They have no clue China can take land from the US if we renege on debt. We are screwed sooner or later if we don’t stop spending.

    A solution for pension probs is to adapt Pension Guaranty Benefit Corp rates – Max pension 41K, I believe. (Currently there are 1000s of state worker (teacher/professor) pensions in IL over 100K.)

  • Marie Corfield is a profile in courage for taking on that blowhard Christie and going public with her story, fully aware of the right-wing backlash she will get from scumbags like Mark Steyn.
    “Now you know how it feels to be an insurance executive or a bank vice president” – Are you kidding me?

    • If what Mark Steyn is saying does make sense to you, then I’m afraid there is no hope for you.

      Goodbye troll.

      • Anonymous

        I agree if Mark Steyn “doesn’t” make sense to you, you haven’t been paying attention and this situation will destroy us, if it’s not already to late……

        • Extremely Right

          I love when Mark fills in for Rush. My favorite undocumented radio host.

      • moonbatkiller

        how could he not like Christie???

  • notway

    The real threat are pensions for teachers?

    Hey, let’s not question why private sector wages have remained flat for forty years, while productivity and profits have grown significantly, shall we?

    Let’s make sure 95% of the country lives in a poor condition, with no medical and pension benefits, like a person who works a number of part-time fast food jobs to survive.

    • Goldni007

      Wrong. Some “private sector wages have remained flat” and some have not. It depends on which sectors AND in which states and parts of the country. In the Rust Belt it has remained flat overall but the reasons are varied. Unionized states laws and regulations have squeezed private sector employers/jobs and therefore their wages have suffered and “remained flat” as compared to union wages. In most other areas of the country (largely the South and several Western states) private sector wages have kept in pace with productivity and profits. The tech sector, service industry sector and automobile sectors (especially in the South) have exceeded wage scales (in relation to inflation vs benefits/pay scale models).

      Afa questions: Let’s not question the UAW’s Job Banks. Let’s not question New York City’s “rubber rooms” to house incompetent union teachers. Let’s not question the Post Office program called “stand by time” that pays a large group of employees more than a million dollars a week to do nothing. Let’s not question the assanine Union work rules where a supervisor gets reported for asking an assembly line worker to pick up a piece of scrap metal or trash (that’s not in the work description!!! Might hurt their back!)

      And nobody is ‘making sure 95% of the country lives in poor condition with no medical and pension benefits’. What is it you want sir? Santa Claus?

  • Goldni007

    I listened to nearly the entire Rush program (since Andrew Wilkow is still on vacation). Steyn is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard him sitting in for Rush Limbaugh. He’s great!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard him sitting in for Rush Limbaugh. He’s great!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard him sitting in for Rush Limbaugh. He’s great!!

  • Heckman009

    NO WAY !!!


    GAAAHAHAHHA that made my day

  • Josie

    Why try to make sense talking with nonsense people?
    Liberals will never be able to understand this because he makes too much sense and is using normal thinking.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder when unions began for public service jobs? Some time ago public service jobs were banned from joining unions.

  • Rich

    I still don’t understand why Steyn doesn’t have his own radio show. I love some of the hosts, but he is honestly more talented than any of them. He can make a great and serious point and make you laugh at the same time.

  • Linda

    Non-credentialed teachers??? What kind of moronic comment was that??? What kind of education do you want your kids to have? Do you want to have them educated by the guy that works in the hardware store??? Give me a break!

    When a person puts the time, effort and money into educating themselves in order to educate others, they deserve to reap the benefits they have rightfully earned. Not everyone is lucky enough to earn a spot on a talk show making a living out of demoralizing others!!

    • Anonymous

      I can only assume (and hope) that he’s referring to people educated in a field but without an education degree. A lot of private schools, including the high school I graduated from, have many (if not a majority) of teachers that don’t have teaching credentials, per say. All I can say is that my high school teachers were some of the best teachers I’d ever had – although most of them had PhDs in their fields.

      I do agree with your basic point though that teachers deserve to reap the benefits of their hard work, and that Mark Steyn is kind of a jerk.

    • las

      Linda… don’t be too quick to trumpet moral outrage. First of all Steyn is not lucky. He’s gifted and talented and bright. He earns every penny, if alone for the fact of being demonized by the likes of all the shining lights on the liberal/left. If you are a liberal, as I suspect you may be, I somehow suspect you wouldn’t be calling Oprah Winfrey “lucky” any time soon.

      Now… as for the flapping outrage on behalf of teachers… I’ll just make the mandatory “not all teachers are bad teachers” footnote and proceed to layout the huge scam of credentializing that goes on at comunty colleges with the collusion of unions keeping the “shop” ever more tighter against new comers into the profession.

      I suspect Steyn is referring to the Canadian situation, but since both countries tend to be joined at the hip, I suspect the same scam is going on in the US. (Perhaps some readers can fill in here for me). New teachers coming in who have basic credentials are often required to conform to a whole list of onerous and bogus requirements before they can step into the position which is closely monitored by the unions. The list is graded in terms of importance and depending on the jurisdiction all can be mandatory, others are preferred while only some are required. This little scam feeds into the college systems which pass out these phony credentials after the new recruits spend gobs of money to comply, only to be put on a list later controlled by the unions. Merit… pfft… who cares? The Unions don’t care, they control the process, they construct the bubble sheets to fill in and real qualifications and experience be damned.

      Sorry.. I just can’t weep the tears flowing from your outrage.

    • Bastiat Fan

      Newsflash, sweet pea: of all professions, people who go into education have the LOWEST SAT scores. And frankly, considering the crap that passes for education these days, I’d RATHER have a decent, honest guy who works in a hardware teaching children than so-called “credentialed” educators.

  • Anonymous

    So when can we expect Mr. Steyn to volunteer with his local fire department?,4651/

  • Mr. Steyn makes some very eloquent points. Corfield needs to get her head out of the sand.

  • las

    Mark Steyn…. Wow… Wow… and double Wow!

    All I could think the whole time with every syllable he uttered was Yes!… Yes!….. Yes!

    Catch this inteview with Steyn on The Michael Coren show.

  • Njcollins

    My daughter graduated with a PHD in math but could not teach at a local high school or elementary for that matter as she was not credentialed. They would hire a credentialed PE teacher to teach math before a non-credentialed math PHD graduate.

  • funkybarfly

    Steyn is spot on.It is precisely this entitlement mentality that is making Western cultures weak and decadent.We need to get back some of that old thing called “gumption”.