Martin Family lawyer: Trayvon should have been on top of Zimmerman beating him

I feel for the Martin family and I even understand their reaction to George Zimmerman’s comment about God’s plan from last night’s interview. I don’t necessarily agree with it but I do understand it. That said, these “family lawyers” they have are nothing but 2-bit hacks. They constantly twist things around and never acknowledge any potential wrongdoing on the part of Trayvon Martin.

But what really got me going tonight was when this lawyer on Hannity tonight blamed Zimmerman for getting out of his car. What? Zimmerman has just as much right to get out of his car as does Trayvon Martin to walk around in the rain. In fact, Zimmerman could have walked up to Trayvon and said “hi” and there’s nothing illegal about that.

And then on top of that, the lawyer even defended Trayvon against Zimmerman’s account saying he should have been on top of Zimmerman beating him. Of course the lawyer somehow believes against all we know thus far that Trayvon is a victim because Zimmerman had a concealed weapon and got out of his car. Geez:

He should have been on top of him. If this guy was stalking [Trayvon] and this guy is armed, [Trayvon] should have been beating him.

There is nothing illegal about being armed and what evidence do we have that Trayvon was stalked? It’s like this lawyer is making up crap from thin air just to make Zimmerman sound like a racist murderer. Ugh, there are hacks everywhere.

Watch below:

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  • OG12

    Martin attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman did the right thing!

  • So I have the right to jump you and beat the crap out of you if I think you’ve been looking at me and following me. Is that the law in Liberal Loonyland?

    • keyesforpres

      Yes, that is the law in Liberal Looneyland.

    • physicsnut

      I have observed that in NYC back in the 70s – exactly their attitude. They want to make you pay for defending yourself, or prevent you from defending yourself.
      These idiots are at war with us and ought to be kicked out of this country.

  • Susanna958

    “If he had never gotten out if the car”. If Thrayvons daddy had had kept his family together and raised a decent young man…

    • el mishelle


  • tinker_thinker

    There is nothing illegal about following someone either. Ask any woman.

    • DCGere

      Just ask an armed woman!

  • StrangernFiction

    Because we all know the first thing you do if you are stalking, or plan to stalk someone, is call 911.

  • Nope. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that Martin had a right to protect his life but when he got one-upped, act like Zimmerman was cheating some kind of way and because he was “told” not to leave his car that that somehow makes him guilty. Bullcrap. First off, he was told it wasn’t a “good idea” to FOLLOW him. He didn’t. Who wants to race around chasing some unknown person in the dark and the rain? It was his community, his car. If he wanted to get out and take a longer look at the person he was telling the police about, he should have been able to. You can’t be a community WATCH unless you WATCH. Duh!

  • detectivedick

    Unless this case comes to trial before the election, and Zimmerman is found innocent. Therefore, the USA can burn like South LA and a rally cry for Al and all the race baiters. I say give it up Hannity and concentrate on exposing the Failed LIAR Obama. Hannity you are allowing your good intensions to be used for ill gain by the Race Baiters.

    • PFFV

      I am glad Zimmerman did the interview with Hannity and not some one sided liberal news network hack. Obama’s Social Justice looks like simple Reverse Racism to me. We Must throw this Anti-American POS OUT IN NOVEMBER!

  • johnos2112

    Okay. He talks about mindset. What the hell does he know about his mindset? What if someone provokes me. Do I attack him and beat the hell out of him and suggest that if a guy shoots me that he is in the wrong? This is crap! Trayvon attacked him and kept doing it until he was shot to stop the attack. Uh let me see here I die or you die?

    • M_J_S

      I ask what is the mindset of black youth in America? What is the mindset of black “leadership” in this country?

      • OLLPOH

        some how some way, we have to get out of the groupings, labelings that this government has really polarized on…

        humans are born as individuals…

        • M_J_S

          So what’s your point?

  • Trayvon chose to sneak up on Jorge. Trayvon chose to punch Jorge in the nose. Trayvon chose to sit on Jorge’s chest and pound his head into the concrete. And for that, Jorge defended himself.

    If Jorge were black–instead of Hispanic–this whole Trayvon thing would have never taken off. Black on black crime is a normal thing in the ‘hood. That’s just what black folks do, is the thinking.

    Or if Trayvon were white and Jorge was black, the incident would not have made even the local news.

    • steprock

      Sad state of affairs that you are correct. Provably so.

    • el mishelle

      What type of country do we live in when people glorify taking someone’s life because he was an “assumed thug”. George Z became the aggressor when he left his SUV with a gun and followed Trayvon M . George Z didn’t follow Trayvon M because………… 1) Trayvon M was suspended from school 2) Trayvon M smoked Pot 3) Jesse and AL are race baiters 4) Obama remarks 5 because of Trayvon M’s twitter account 6) because people/blacks protest for George Z arrest 7) because Tayvon M had skittles and ice tea possibility to make LEAN 8) because of Travyvon M’s size or height 9) because of how Trayvon M parents raised him 10) because the media used a younger Pic of Trayvon M. All the reasons above have nothing to do with why George Z left his SUV and followed this TEEN on this dark and rainy night with a loaded weapon. So don’t buy into the crap used to decredit this teen’s death…(What if Trayvon was your brother, son, uncle, cousin! Honestly would you feel the same way about the death!

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    I would hate to lose a child, but they need to forgive and they rather keep the hatred going,. I am not in their shoes so may be easier said then done to forgive, but their kid was not a innocent kid, before this. Trials are for a reason, but so far imo this has been a witch hunt.

  • Hornet414fixer

    They were so surprised that Zimmerman was a mixed race they couldn’t let it go! They thought, damn, he wasn’t a white Jew (aka white guy), we screwed this up but we can’t back down now! Let’s do all we can to denigrate this young man (even though he was getting his head bashed in with a broken nose) and call him a racist! Yea, that’s what the Obama administration would do. Let’s go FORWARD! It’s pretty obvious that this administration doesn’t care what your ethnicity is; they just want to divide the country PERIOD at any cost! This lawyer definitely got his talking points from the Chicago group headed by Valerie Jarrett; who probably called Ram Emmanuel for some advice on how we can crucify this kid. Come on; these people are OUT OF CONTROL and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

  • poljunkie

    In my view, Hannity was hoping to help “make this right” for Zimmerman, but I dont think doing this interview helped. There is just too much risk for further exposure by the corrupt media hounds.

    • puma_for_life

      The interview was severely edited and some of the editing changed the meaning of what Zimmerman said. For example, at one part Zimmerman is heard saying he would not do anything different. But, at the end of the interview, Zimmerman says something like, well, previously I said I would not do anything differently in terms of talking to the p police, taking lie-detector test, etc, but I do wish some things were different, (this is a very rough paraphrase). So, when Zimmerman said he saw it as God’s plan (which I do agree with him on in some ways) we do not know the full context of that comment because it was so highly edited.

  • 911Infidel

    Da brutha can do wrong. “I can’t prosecute my own people” Yeah CRT at its finest. I wonder if the turd also burns crosses on people’s lawns.

  • steprock

    That’s the story: “Racist white guy stalks and kills unarmed black teen using a concealed firearm.”

    Do facts matter? Does it matter that he’s NOT a racist, or a white guy? Does it matter that he was patrolling as part of neighborhood watch? Does it matter that he got beaten to the ground first?

    It’s a tragedy this kid was killed – a real tragedy. I sincerely hope with all my heart that Zimmerman had no choice but to shoot.

  • PChandler

    In other words, it’s totally ok for black people to defend themselves from perceived threats but it’s not ok for non-black people to do the same.

    • James1754

      BINGO!!! You just won the daily double!

      • WordsFailMe

        Let’s give PC handler the TRIFECTA!

    • keyesforpres

      Let’s clarify that, “It’s totally ok for black people to defend themselves from PERCEIVED threats, but it’s not ok for non black people to defend themselves from ACTUAL physical assault…actual threats.

    • my ammo is blind

  • JohnOfPhiladelphia

    That man, Mr Parks, is an example of why lawyers are hated universally. Pure disgrace.

  • As far as I am concerned, based on all of the information that we have at this point, Zimmerman put down a drug using, violent thug. There is no telling how many potential victims of Treyvon will never have to suffer at his hand.

    Zimmerman should get a medal not a trial.

  • The Martins did a sorry job of raising their kid and don’t want to take responsibility for it.

    • el mishelle

      This is so sad. All teenagers go through turning points and get into trouble and do things that they would not do in the presence of their parents. You do not know the extent of their parenting. Tell the millions of parents that are raising their children and teaching them morals and the children still get into trouble that they did a terrible job of raising them and see what they tell you. You must not be a parent, because a lot of parents go through trying times with their children. It does not mean that this is what they taught them.

  • MaxineCA

    I didn’t watch the clip, nor did I watch Hannity last night – I was too busy hanging out here watching Bill Whittle’s Stratosphere. Then I clicked on Mark Levin’s radio archive to hear his daily program. So I don’t know if the interview hurt George or helped him.

    This whole situation has made me sick from the start. Give the guy his right to a fair trial, and stop making it political and the media slander talking points about guns. If it were you or me, your neighbor, your brother or your father who were trying to keep you safe, what would they do in the same situation? Yeah…. I know what they would do and it would be before they determined the color of their skin, because that would have nothing to do with their decision.

    • Nukeman60

      I was too busy hanging out here watching Bill Whittle’s Stratosphere. Then I clicked on Mark Levin’s radio archive to hear his daily program‘ – Maxine

      The perfect evening. How much sweeter can it get?

      • Add bacon and beer?

  • WhiteGuy2

    This media horror show over the liberal lynching of Zimmerman is going to have a dangerous after effect on the average citizen. It will cause people to hesitate to defend themselves from thugs out of fear of being crucified in the media and persecution for being white and armed even if they arent white.

    This thug lawyer and race hustlers like sharpton want us to be afraid to defend ourselves. They think we should just take the azz woopin and let the thugs get away with it.

    Well, don’t be intimidated by this, that’s exactly what they want. You weren’t put on this earth to be a victim of racist thugs on the street or the racist thugs in the media.

  • TaimeAgair

    The Martin lawyer is a real piece of work. Disgusting. The situation was kill or be killed for Zimmerman from what I’ve heard so far. Martin not only beat him but went for his gun. I hope the jury sees through the prosecution’s BS and Zimmerman walks.

  • WordsFailMe

    Like all backsliders and people who live in houses built of excuses, this hack wants you to think of black people as being forced to live in a jungle, where death waits around every corner and where every act of black violence is a manifestation of the evil, the “jungle” created for the black people by whites.

    Well, Mr. Affirmative Action Attorney, lawyer for Martyr Martin, you and your reticent client do not live in a jungle. The jungle lives in you.

    An entire generation daily opens the front door to peer out into an evil, violent, and dangerous white world through jungle vines, crouching tigers and thorny bushes never realizing that the foliage and the animals are crouching behind the eyes, not before them.

    • pistol pete

      Very well said,Words.I have always felt there is an innate tribal savagery in their DNA that reduces them to violence that dates back to Africa where tribal mentality is still prevalent.The race baiters know they need to keep the masses angry and resentful of white people to deflect from the fact they have been purposefully been kept ignorant and inherently lazy.As they say,the ill-educated are more easily commanded.

      • WordsFailMe

        It’s is interesting to speculate over what vestiges of a peoples’ 60,000 year history survived in the culture following those hellish voyages to the Americas from the birthplace of humankind–the revenge killings, feuds and grudges, the rapes, be-headings, child stealing, the cannibalism, mutilations, enslavement of the weak, tribal hatreds, mass slaughter and genocides which characterize that continent even today.

        Probably none of the details survived but I’m not so certain about the attitudes.

  • Michael Savage raked Hannity and Zimmerman’s lawyer over the coals last night. Why on Earth did Zimmerman give an interview to anyone? The prosecution now plans to use the tape at his (show) trial.

    But I’m glad someone else finally brought up the fact that Zimmerman had just as much of a right to be walking around his own community that night. I’m tired of the “None of this would have happened if Zimmerman hadn’t gotten out of his car!”. It’s more like, “None of this would have happened if Trayvon hadn’t been a pot smoking punk who thought he had an S on his chest.”

    • So what? Savage is a disagreeable blowhard, that’s his schtick and its all he has.

      It is entirely reasonable that Zimmerman’s attorneys allowed him to go kn Hannity because he was being destroyed in the court of public opinion and every possible jury was therefore in the process of being poisoned. Let them use the interview, it doesnt change the fact, which will be heard in court, that Martin was the unprovoked attacker and that Martin was the first one to attempt to reach for the gun.

  • Nukeman60

    The new narrative of the left is that Zimmerman is guilty of racism, stalking, and murder because he should not have gotten out of his car. That’s the key now. He should not have gotten out of his car.

    Well, it seems to me, Zimmerman didn’t get out of his car on his own. The government build the roads he had to drive on to get to where he was when he got out of his car. I blame the government for this tragedy. Arrest Holder.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I won’t watch it. My quota of mad for this week was reached on Wednesday.

    Zimmerman is being used as a political tool. For this (oh look, he’s black) so-called lawyer to say these things is embarassing. And Sean, if you think you’re helping George, you’re not. You’re just throwing wood on a dying fire.

  • License to carry a concealed weapon: Legal
    Stepping out of your vehicle: Legal

    Beating someone because your feelings are hurt: Illegal

    Nope, just don’t see the logic in the family lawyer’s argument.

  • Zimmermans lawyer should have never agreed to him being interviewed on air. Zimmerman came across as nervous and not too bright, at least in my opinion. Although I think he tried to answer honestly, he seemed nervous and hesitant and not well prepared for some of the questions. I think he damaged his credibility.

    Hannity should have known this had every possibility of backfiring against Zimmerman. His zeal for ratings must have overruled his common sense if he has any.

    Why do the Martins (a divorced couple) have a lawyer, or two lawyers? I thought their lawyers name was Crump. The one on Fox last night came across as a racist shyster looking for the Holy Grail of a civil suit and ‘reparations’. I bet the preparations are already underway for a suit against the homeowners association. How in the world could a grown man assert the right of someone to beat the hell out of anyone who they choose to based on perceptions as vague as profiling. That’s the crap we saw in junior high, someone getting beat up for looking at someone ‘funny’. By his reasoning, I have the right to beat the hell out of any black person who stares at me.

  • carmtom13

    Where are the Hispanics? Why aren’t they with Zimmerman like the racist Sharpton was?? Why isn’t Holder going after the black panthers for putting a bounty out?? No he can’t do that, he is to busy taking states to court. This is BHOS AG incompetence, we had an agent Brian Terry shot in the back and killed with weapons this government sold to criminals and Holder does nothing except lies to congress and BHO puts out executive previledge. Where is the outrage about this??


    fight or flight!



    each individual human being has a minimum of 5ft in circumference of personal space. we give off energy as to whether to enter anothers personal space. Our eyes can be weapons our teeth can be weapons, our hands can be weapons, our feet can be weapons, our entire bodies can be weapons…

  • DaneChile

    Crump is not a “family” lawyer. He specializes – and advertises- in “civil rights and wrongful death”.

    Florida Statutes define the term “stalking”. People should stop using the term without knowing what it means in Florida.

  • wodiej

    Don’t expect logic where there is none.

  • el mishelle

    If you were walking home and someone was following you, you have a right to defend yourself. It all could have been avoided. That is the point, had Zimmerman stayed in the car like the people told him to do. Put yourself in this young man’s shoes, regardless of his color. You are walking home and you see someone following you. What would you have done? Stop putting race in this and let Zimmerman take some responsibility. He says that he was going to get the address to give 911 the address, but yet he was not on the phone with them. He said himself the phone was in his pocket. They asked him where he was at that time so they could tell the police, he said have them call me. Then he got out of the car with a gun. That all spelled trouble. Yes he had the right to get out of the car, but when a 911 officer told him to stay put, he should have. Self defense is out of the window because of that. Read the evidence and see the grounds of the case. And if you feel like someone is following you to hurt you, yes you do have the right to beat their ass, to defend yourself as well. Zimmerman disobeyed a request to remain in the car and this is why he is on trial. It could have been avoided. What if it were your child walking home and ended up dead! One thing about it, the first investigator wanted an arrest from the beginning and before we the country knew anything about this case. They chose not too, so this is why we came to know of this case.

    • You should write for the NYT. They love twisting the truth, too. Also, making up wierd “facts” like “That is the point, had Zimmerman stayed in the car like the people told him to do.”

      Why not learn what is actually known before spouting out such phony drivel?

  • el mishelle

    What is so funny to me is how everyone is taking the side of Zimmerman and this “thug” that everyone is talking about was unarmed, with $41.10, a cell phone, a bag of skittles, and an Arizona Tea in his possession. I am a white woman with teenagers and would want justice for my son’s death had it been my child. I do not care about what color Trayvon was. Everyone wants to look at Trayvon’s background and destroy his character, he cannot speak for himself. So what he was suspended. So what he dabbled with marijuana. Zimmerman also has a history of violence. He had charges against him for violence against police officers. What does either of their past have to do with that night. Both had shady backgrounds if that was the case. The thing is and will always be, only one story is being told and the over voice is silenced. Witnesses saw the outcome or middle of the altercation. No one saw the beginning. So who is to say who hit who first. It could have happened that Zimmerman confronted Trayvon, which seems likely, he got out of the vehicle with a gun, and Trayvon got the best of him and after hearing the scuffle, witnesses happened to see it when Trayvon was getting the best of Martin. The evidence shows people confused about what they saw. The evidence also showed that when the officer set up the Neighboorhood Watch with the community, it was told to Zimmerman that if he saw something suspicious, “get away from the situation” and call 911. He did not do this.

  • el mishelle

    After reading some of these comments, I can see why we have race issues in this country. Where is compassion for a loss of life. People are doing anything from blaming this kid because he is dead to blaming his parents. He did not follow himself with a loaded gun and he did not shoot himself. I am ashamed to share the same skin color as some of you with these bigot remarks. I hope that some has some compassion for some of you if you are ever in the same type of situation. Lord bless our country! I can see why it is on a downward spiral.

  • They are just pissed because they or them people don’t have a leg to stand on. Look at it this way Zimmerman still walking and talking, Trayvon is pushing dasie’s, Worked out alright, far as I see!

  • gjorge

    @Calvin Everhart

    I love the way you people think you can make up your own
    reality! And I’ll tell you what, I wouldn’t care how many videos may ever turn
    up fabricated or not, of Treyvon flipping anyone off, smoking weed, smoking
    blunts, bongs… whatever, or how many kids he ever beat up in his life… I
    bet I’m a thousand times more violent than Treyvon could ever even dream of being.
    And if I had been in Treyvon’s shoes that night, and if Zimmerman had been
    following me/stalking me, wearing plain clothes, and especially if I had any
    inkling of an idea he was carrying a gun… the second he reached me, IT WOULD
    BE ON BABY, IT WOULD BE ON! All that Stand Your Ground law was created for is
    racists just like you… It only amounts to a license to kill Black people, or
    any people of color! And that’s exactly what the statistical evidence is
    demonstrating these days. For example, it’s exactly the same law Michael Dunn
    (or all similar racist) is trying to use to justify his murder of Black teen
    TO FRY! The only thing you people can do is twist the truth and lie and justice
    will prevail…