Martin Family lawyer: Trayvon should have been on top of Zimmerman beating him

I feel for the Martin family and I even understand their reaction to George Zimmerman’s comment about God’s plan from last night’s interview. I don’t necessarily agree with it but I do understand it. That said, these “family lawyers” they have are nothing but 2-bit hacks. They constantly twist things around and never acknowledge any potential wrongdoing on the part of Trayvon Martin.

But what really got me going tonight was when this lawyer on Hannity tonight blamed Zimmerman for getting out of his car. What? Zimmerman has just as much right to get out of his car as does Trayvon Martin to walk around in the rain. In fact, Zimmerman could have walked up to Trayvon and said “hi” and there’s nothing illegal about that.

And then on top of that, the lawyer even defended Trayvon against Zimmerman’s account saying he should have been on top of Zimmerman beating him. Of course the lawyer somehow believes against all we know thus far that Trayvon is a victim because Zimmerman had a concealed weapon and got out of his car. Geez:

He should have been on top of him. If this guy was stalking [Trayvon] and this guy is armed, [Trayvon] should have been beating him.

There is nothing illegal about being armed and what evidence do we have that Trayvon was stalked? It’s like this lawyer is making up crap from thin air just to make Zimmerman sound like a racist murderer. Ugh, there are hacks everywhere.

Watch below:

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