MASTERFUL: Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro TORCHES Piers Morgan and his straw men

This is absolutely a MUST WATCH. Ben Shapiro takes on a very smug Piers Morgan and decimates him. He starts out by pointing out how Morgan bullies his interviewers by standing on the graves of the little children that died in Newtown which quickly draws Morgan’s ire. But it’s absolutely true. Even last night with Larry Pratt Morgan accused him of having no empathy for the children. Of course Morgan’s response to Shapiro is “how dare you!”

Shaprio also tries to get Morgan to agree that banning pistols would be more effective than banning assault rifles since most murders are carried out by semi-automatic pistols. But for some reason Morgan says that’s where he draws the line because he respects the 2nd amendment. He just wants to ban guns like the AR-15 because that’s what is used in these massacres. But then Shapiro points out that the Sandy Hook shooter had 2 pistols on him…and well, it’s like trying to get milk out of a wall to try and get Morgan to understand anything logical.

But I tell you, the whole thing is quite masterful on Shapiro’s part and he continually hammers Morgan at every go even when it came to the conspiracy word ‘tyranny’. I’ll let you watch to see how Shapiro handles that.


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  • Indiana

    I think he could have made the argument better with a whole bunch of guns facts.

    • Ben should have asked what Piers thought the Korean store owners “needed” during the LA riots as they stood on their rooftops, protecting their stores. As Levin says, it’s a “Bill of Rights; not a Bill of Needs.”

      Good job, Ben!!!

    • He gave the only fact that was necessary: Tyranny! That is THE REASON and we are already seeing the fringes to be concerned with in this Government! Who trust it anymore? Those with their hands out. Yea.

      • AustindPowers

        when supporting this he should’ve thrown in more about the history of the united states and the revolutionary war… General Gage in Boston was preparing to seize a bunch of guns that belonged to the militia at the Concord armory. the first shots of the revolution were fired over the attempt of the British government to confiscate firearms.

        • And General Gage was one of my ancestors. 🙁

        • And today, Concord MA Just banned water bottles under 1 liter.

          Nuts, all of them.

          • Concord? Where once the embattled farmers stood, and fired the shot heard round the world? 🙁

      • Conservative_Utopia

        Tyranny is “50 to 100 years” away? More like 5 to 10 months. This snowballing of regs, taxes and enforcement is growing exponentially. When the Dept. of Education is breaking down doors and gov’t is buying Billions of bullets, tyranny has arrived.

      • On that note, he should have read the litany of Patriot Act, NDAA, 2,000,000 jail cells, draconian fines for not having insurance and a host of other usurpations of the public trust.

      • He should have given the litany of pointers toward tyranny like the Patriot act, the NDAA, 2,000,000 full jail cells, draconian fines for Obama care and a host of other usurpations of the public trust.

    • johnos2112

      Such as gun sales since 1994 have almost doubled and gun crimes have gone down almost 50% in that time frame. FBI statistics. F U Piers!

    • PicklePlants

      I was sorry to hear Shapiro support the registering of all guns. I don’t trust the government with that information. Remember they are the ones who will come and take the guns if they can, and I don’t want them to have a list with directions.

      • Landscaper

        “….and take the guns if they can.”

        let me know how that is possible please and we can debate that.

        • Well… you simply send the police to the address provided and they take your guns into possession.

          • Landscaper

            Ok, let me know when your brain is working again and give me specifics. I’ll provide you one big one. Thousands of legal gun owners vs a few hundred police officers per 100,000 citizens.
            Do you have another point?

            • Common Sense Blogger

              I am not contrarian, I just wish to pose the possibility of it being light blue berets of the UN that come knocking for our weapons – I fear that more than my neighbor policeman…I feel that, like our military, the police will refuse to take part in confiscation. However, with all the late night executive orders Mr. Obama has used to instill absolute power unto himself in any number of sociopolitical scenarios, I feel that is the route in which ‘they’ will come.

              • Have you ever encountered the UN “blue berets”? The US (and maybe a handful of other militaries) make up the only effective component of the UN. Who is going to come over here and confiscate our guns? The Pakistanis? The Dutch? How about those Nigerians? Most are ineffective third world rabble. An Eagle Scout troop could hold them off with sling shots and bows and arrows.

                That is assuming that once the President calls in the UN troops that our own military doesn’t dissuade him of the notion.

                • MaryUKtheScot

                  LOL, just shout Boo!!! and they will disappear!!

                • economist

                  There are plenty of home grown UN enforcers, we won’t see Pakistani troops on US streets, or for that matter Canadian or Mexican, (I doubt either of those governments would want to get involved). The knock on the door will come from the BATFE, backed up by a local or FBI swat team, if that’s deemed necessary. Maybe the FBI agents will remember their oaths, locals will decide that they have to live with their neighbors, and start to refuse. TSA has already been being used for snap inspections of train stations, it’s only a matter of time until the TSA flying teams are armed up and trained, they already are adept at intimidation, and have the black uniforms.

                • J. Adair

                  There are plenty who are close to retirement who will do whatever it takes to get over the line. Welcome to the nanny state. js

                • Watch out for the 200 constitutional Sheriffs. They are a game maker.

                • John Welch

                  What happens if they ban guns then sling shots what will your eagle scouts do then?

                • Poke tham with pointy sticks. It will work just as well.

                • J. Adair

                  I have done several tours under UN command while serving. With the exception of maybe the Brits, us (Canadians), the French who only contribute a battalion or so to each mission (400-500 men) the rest are a waste of time, barely able to feed their own troops much less complete any serious work on the mission. You have far more to fear from your own government agencies and fellow citizens who, when the event happens, will cower in fear or just say its not me but him. There was a German who said something on that line… and when they came for me there was not one left. Good luck guys. js

                • RedReb

                  True, that’s why they’ll have to do it with nukes.

              • Orangeone

                I’m afraid law enforcement in certain areas absolutely will confiscate weapons. They are unionized in my state and turn the other way when their union buddies violate the law during “protests”. It’s about power and control for them as well and if they are rewarding for confiscation through job retention and $$$, they will absolutely participate.

              • Please do not worry about the UN. I “worked” with them in Somalia and understand that they have not gotten better since then. If they come, it will be like Christmas for us.

            • Nukeman60

              Yes, those ‘thousands’ of legal gun owners won’t be legal gun owners when they change the laws to suit their agenda. Plus, the police don’t have to go to every household simultaneously. Got anything else? (putting brain on hold for new comment).

              • Orangeone

                My fear is that they will lock down schools and the only way the parents will get their kids back is to turn in all guns and submit to full premise search. They can accomplish this very easily.

                • In that case – the community needs to surround the school and simply say – if my child doesn’t come out safely – neither will your minions!! Call everyone they know to surround those whom may come in to surround the parents! Escalation as necessary – exponentially to demand “they” get the hell out of our communities – or esle! The way to confront bullies – is head on!!!

                • J. Adair

                  They won’t do this, they will only incrementally impose restrictions and make a big deal about it in the news. However: there will probably be some insert that allows them to change the rules without notification. This is how they will slowly divide and conquer. js

                • Orangeone

                  I’ve seen a couple of articles that local law enforcement is going to begin patroling streets and demanding identification late night hours, even though you are legally allowed to be outside, under the NDAA so I don’t put anything past the groups that live on power and control.

            • Trish Proulx

              In Canada, legal purchased guns were made to be turned over to the police due the cosmetics look of the gun.

              • PatrickHenrysBody

                Pretty amazing. Just because a gun “looks scary” does not automatically make it an assault weapon. The absolute idiocy of leftists knows no bounds.

                • That’s exactly what the “assault weapons” bans are all about. That’s like saying if you paint a big #24 on the doors of your Impala you become Jeff Gordon.

                • PatrickHenrysBody


            • Guest1776rcp

              “Ok, let me know when your brain is working again and give me specifics. I’ll provide you one big one. Thousands of legal gun owners vs a few hundred police officers per 100,000 citizens.
              Do you have another point?”

              I think his/her point was the government will confiscate the guns one home at a time just like Nazis did after Hitler forced registration.

            • aposematic

              I do not have any doubt that our local police and Sheriff Dept. would even think about knocking on doors to confiscate anyones weapons. Really do not think our locals to be that stupid or possessing a death wish. However, I also have no doubt when that time comes the illegal Government now ruling over this former Republic would hesitate for a second to send their brainwashed goons from their blue States to “assist” the local Law “enforcement.”

              • Landscaper

                That’s the best reply I’ve read.

            • Klawnet

              Do you remember the pictures of Elian Gonzalez being taken away in Florida? That’s how they’re going to come. Are you suggesting you’ll stand up to them when they’ve got guns pointed at your face?

            • JRDOGG

              Landscaper, Either you have not been around very long or you are a complete Idiot.

              When they go to take someone’s Guns, all of these other 100,000 or 50 million Citizens are not going to be aware that they are taking your fucking guns… they will come with a excuse that they heard that you were making a phone call or something to that effect and they will get your guns, all they have to have is a court order or a judge giving them the warrant to go and get your guns and arrest your Ass…

              • Landscaper

                say what you like to me, but watch your foul mouth

              • Please read the comment rules. Lets keep the conversation respectable please. Thanks.

          • Just like they took everyone’s gold coins see here:

        • PicklePlants

          OK – I knew that was a bit over the top. I should have known I would get called out for it.

          My point is while today the government won’t (and can’t) take guns away today, if we let the right to own guns get nibbled away a little bit at a time, we may eventually realize we were foolish to “sleep at the switch”

        • Nukeman60

          Just about every gun registry ends with confiscation.

          It happened in Canada in 2001 (using the gun registry of 1934), in Hitler’s Germany (using the gun registry of 1928), in Australia in 1996 (over 660,000 guns confiscated), in California using the gun registry 1989 (and then cleverly shifting the definiton of assault weapon), and in New York in 1991 (using the registry of 1967).

          Do I even need to mention Bermuda, Cuba, Greece, Ireland, Jamaica, and Soviet Georgia as well?

          • Landscaper

            Nuke, I respect all your previous post. This issue to me is not possible. There will no UN people running around or black helicopters in my lifetime. Think about the logistics in a mass scale.

            • Nukeman60

              Nothing is impossible to attempt for this administration. If we believe they are thinking just like we would, we are sorely mistaken. I agree, in a normal, logical, sane world, this is not possible.

              We are in different times than we have ever seen before in our lifetime.

              Look at what they have already tried and are continuing to try right here in my state of Illinois. They failed to sneak their gun bills through this time, but they are waiting for the new Legislature which has a greater number of Dems in it.

              We see their goals. Do we yet know the means by which they will attempt to acheive them?

              Remember the frog – and jump.

              • Landscaper

                Nuke, you are a good man and enjoy your writing. We don’t have the same mind set. I choose to see the good in most, skeptical of some and fearful of no one.

                • Nukeman60

                  You are right, we may not have exactly the same mindset. I choose to see the good in Christ, the potential evil in man, skeptical of most and fearful of none. As Reagan once said, “trust, but verify”. As my dear, departed father once told me, “Don’t turn your back on anyone.” In poker, keep your back to the wall and your face to the door. 🙂

            • checkyourpremise

              In the words of Yoda, “that is why you fail!” You wont consider the possibility, regardless of facts and evidence. That is the definition of willful ignorance. “There is no man more blind, than he that WILL not see”-Bible Emphasis on the will, it was a matter of willingness to see something, not ability to see something.

              • Landscaper

                that’s star wars right? i put away childish things as a child. maybe you should consider the same.

        • That’s exactly what they did in Piers’s home country.

        • abriers

          doubt they would try that in US, but if what happened to us in the UK is any guide, they’ll just keep salami slicing it. Gradual increases on red tape primarily for manufacturers and dealers of firearms, you’ll need insurance cover of n-million to manufacture/distribute, n increases by a million every year, that sort of thing. Manufacturers, dealers go out of business, but one by one over a period of time so it all looks like an unfortunate accident.

      • aPLWBinAK

        Ben is a very intelligent young man, but I’ve never trusted him since he used the Breitbart platform to smear and sneer at Sheriff Joe Arpiao and his Cold Case Posse for investigating Obama’s forged BC. He also called any Conservative who paid any attention to that investigation as ‘kooks’ and ‘kooky’.

        • Ben was at least able to stay focused on topic, unlike the idiot brit who kept making rabbit trails. And yes, I am a big fan of Sheriff Joe too, but the birther thing is a rabbit trail as well. What really convinced me is that I am a former native of Hawaii & Punahou is for kids of wealthy families or public school teachers & administrators. His story about being poor made me question everything else but the BC. They were hiding something else – his commie roots! Please watch the DVD, “Dreams From My Real Father” regarding the upbringing of BHO by Frank Marshall Davis. It’s stunning. I finally understand how and why Hawaii got so messed up. Being Democrat over there is like a religion…

          • aPLWBinAK

            My main point is that Joe is a decent, honorable man who is a patriot and an asset to this country. He’s been fighting the scum for over 50 years as a LEO. If Ben disagreed with him on the BC issue, he should have kept his mouth shut. Using a platform as widely read as the ‘Bigs’ to sneer at Joe AND everybody who cheers him on, must have made Progressives nationwide gleeful…it was a stupid and immature thing to do, and I will never trust him again

            • Templewind

              I think it’s called, “controlled opposition”. I truly believe Breitbarts death was handled very poorly by the whole organization. I understand it (I think) but I’m not happy that the “proof” the would “bring Obama down” was never revealed.

      • raphael nemetsky

        I think he said that the gun owners would be screened and those records kept confidential. The actual guns do not have to be registered. I don’t have time to check the video again.

        • Orangeone

          And that would mean we are all deemed to be mentally ill until we prove ourselves otherwise. No thanks.

          • Templewind

            One look at “no fly lists”, and the trouble (if not impossibility) to get off those lists, answers any question as to how “screening” would turn out.

      • That’s exactly how they did it in England. NO registration, NO obedience to an unconstitutional law!

      • Like we aren’t already in a database somewhere that can be cross-referenced at a moment’s notice. 🙂 They already know where we all live. We’ve given the government that information time and time again.

      • I didn’t hear him support registration. I heard him support background checks, but he wanted to be sure that a list of people who had undergone a check when attempting to purchase a firearm could not be published like the CCA permit holders recently.

      • Gun? *smiles*, what gun? I don’t have a gun? I have no idea what you’re talking about, Officer. I guess your data printout is in error. Perhaps you should run that through the DC model once again. Maybe AG Holder can help you out. Perhaps the gun you’re looking for is somewhere in Mexico. *Grin, closes door*

        • “These arn’t the guns your looking for”

    • Piers doesnt want facts, everyone has given him facts, arguing numbers means nothing
      no one could have done a better job unless they punched Piers lights out. he was brilliant

      • JoJo58

        LOL Piers can’t understand facts. He asked Ben at least four times as to why people would need an assault weapon, and he answered him very clearly. I guess Piers isn’t familiar with his own English history about tyrannical governments.

        My recommendation for any conservative that plans to be interviewed by Piers to be sure to bring some paper and crayons so you can draw him a picture.

    • We need gun mavens like yourself but let us not stop reinforcing all out facts with the overarching philosophical arguments about balance of power and common law that informs the 2nd amendment. Ben did a wonderful job at demonstrating how the anti-gun argumentation ignores this completely and makes the mistake of appealing to a unidimentional platform based on emotional reaction to gun violence.

  • ksoileau

    Why hasn’t this annoying twit been deported? Oh, I know, he’s not welcome back in Britain. Never mind.

    • Orangeone

      Because Barky Boy said Piers doesn’t have to be under the 1st Amendment. I can’t find it now but there is analysis on how the WH is wrong!

    • hbnolikeee

      How about send him to Libya and give hims a bow and arrow?

  • PVG

    Shapiro is facing a (smug) unarmed opponent.

    • hbnolikeee

      Ben was excellent. He was strong and smart and did not let that asshole bully him. I am officially a Ben Shapiro fan!

      • 7LibertyForAll

        I still don’t like that Shapiro is very willing to have all guns registered. It’s also an extremely slippery slope to be throwing “mentally ill” people under the bus. The psychiatric “profession” is making EVERYTHING a disease and one can be labelled mentally ill at the drop of a hat and this is where I believe this whole question is going…..deliberately.

        Locking up those guns? Just what good are they when they’re needed in an instant? The Second Amendment says…….”shall not be infringed”. Period. I just don’t understand how this continues to be a subject for ANY debate. It is very clear. Giving these filth ANY toehold gives them the opportunity to be doing just what they are now and will continue to UNLESS we stop them, once and for all.

        • AimToMisbehave

          To be fair to Shapiro, he clarified and referred to locking guns up in specific cases of people with unstable family members.

          • Orangeone

            But that is one family member determining another family member is mentally ill. That will be WIDE OPEN to legal challenges for defamation and slander.

            • hbnolikeee

              So, tell me. Do think the mother of the nut in Connecticut handled her son’s insanity properly?

              • Orangeone

                First, there has been no official information released on either the alleged shooter or his mother, 2nd I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist so am unqualified to make that determination.  And that’s my point.  Requiring people to make a determination on whether or not another person is mentally ill would put them in a position to be sued for being unqualified, for practicing medicine w/o a license and likely HIPAA violations if there has been a professional determination.  This is just another method to make attorneys even wealthier at the expense of law-abiding citizens.

            • AimToMisbehave

              I don’t think he’s referring to it that way, Orange. I think he’s talking about situations in which someone has been clinically proven to be severely and dangerously mentally ill, not just one family member saying it about another.

              • Orangeone

                To place one person in a position to be legally obligated because another person may have been determined to be mentally ill placed an unfair burden because that person has no legal right to have access to medical information unless it is their minor child. In the CT case as well as the theatre shooter and others, they were not minors. For someone to do otherwise places them at risk of being sued under HIPAA and for defamation and slander if someone inquires why they have secured their guns and they respond because of so and so. This is nothing more than another opportunity for attorneys to become even more wealthy.

              • i would feel more comfortable if our medical professionals ended the practice of over dosing mental disease. If you are mentally ill, a pill does not make you well, ever. Every one of these mass shooters had a drug issue, legal, prescribed, or illegal. It is the common thread, yet nobody wants to talk about it.

        • I agree with you. Any method that our government can use to pry into our privacy will be exploited to the utmost. I was a little concerned at how easily he threw “criminals” to the gun control wolves as well. Get into trouble in your youth and for the next 50 years you are a denied your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own a gun? Seems like an incremental step towards taking more rights. Why not deny “criminals” all of their constitutional rights?

    • You mean wanker, don’t you?

  • ODA315

    Don’t you like the way Morgan tries to wrap himself in the fabric of Gabrielle Giffords.

    What a shameless asshole.

    • He’ll stand on anything to make him seem more ‘righteous’.

    • Lime Lite

      Love the way he keeps heading Shapiro off every time he knows he’s about to make a good point. Chop Chop – can’t have the truth or facts muddle his bullying.

      • I didn’t see so much of that……Shapiro had him psychologically and really forced the guy to try to argue the issue rather than the emotion. He used the left’s own tactic of ridicule and didn’t mind laughing in his face when calling him on his BS. This is what America needs to see on the public political stage. Ridicule cuts both ways, but it’s also much more effective when bolstered by facts.

        • JoJo58

          Piers was typical left talking over someone while they were making a factual argument.

          I wonder when Piers is planning to move back to the UK?

          • He’s making piles of money sucking up to every leftist celebrity he can……Why would he want to go back there and risk being mugged by a knife wielder or a gang of teddy boys? This twit can’t make it there, so he brings his distorted monarchy ideals here.

            • JoJo58

              LOL true, but I remember him mentioning deporting himself. I was just wondering how the packing was going.

              I wonder if boycotting the advertisers of his crappy show might help get him fired?

              • Templewind

                Boycotting advertisers of all MSM groups (IMHO) is the best way to get back to a “free press”!

        • PatrickHenrysBody


          • BlueGood

            Hand Guns have been required to be registered since 1936 or so in Canada. If I wanted a handgun, I would go thru training, licensing, extensive background check, and then I may obtain a permit to own a hand gun…..I would be ONLY allowed to use that hand gun at a registered shooting range…I would ONLY be allowed to obtain a “transport Permit” to carry that hand gun from my home to the range and back…PERIOD.

            I would NOT be permitted to even fire that had gun on my own farm.

            We also have strict storage laws, all firearms MUST have at least a trigger lock and ammo is to be stored & locked up separately.

            Only farmers are be permitted to have one firearm unlocked for protecting livestock from predators….

            The vast vast majority of deaths & violent crimes in Canada with firearms are with Hand Guns…..

            As many of you know, our 15 year experimental, expensive Long Gun Registry was a total waste, did not save one life, and only served to demonize law abiding farmers & hunters.

            Don’t cave to the Leftoids folks!

            • PatrickHenrysBody

              It’s like the leftists don’t think we have any common sense, which is something they themselves are lacking. Truly responsible gun owners/users observe all safety precautions and participate in gun safety and operation courses, unless they have already been taught by another responsible gun owner. The thing with these nanny state governments is that they just can’t stop. If they get away with controlling one aspect of the people’s lives, they see if they can push it even farther by controlling more. That of course eventually leads to totalitarianism.

              • It’s not that they don’t have common sense (the drones don’t, but those in power do)- they just realize that they can’t be honest and have to lie to take rights bit by bit.

            • J. Adair

              I agree with your points, however one error. The law states regarding long guns (non-restricted) that they be rendered inoperable by removal of a vital component or a trigger lock and the ammunition stored separately. Nether has to be locked. Only restricted ones need to be locked (trigger and firearm). The police have interpreted it this way, (all locked up) but that is not what the law says. js

      • He tried the same tactic using the mother of the Sandy Hook shooter “Was she a bad person?? Was she??” And then the Reagan thing, like conservatives have to agree with 100% of what Reagan believed.

      • barney59

        Morgan is the epitome of a bully.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      THAT whole little charade was to kill that judge who was a very strong Second Amendment supporter.

    • Orangeone

      I personally think Giffords and her husband should take a seat. Her life was saved because someone had conceal and carry.

      • ODA315

        There’s nothing more noble than a leftist with a cause to “save the “people”.

  • Piers MoreGun-s – you are lying: you cannot go to Wal-
    Mart and buy “assult rifle” and thousands of ammo. Try it . you CANNOT! Amuse us. Try.
    You lying fool.

    • MsContrary

      I thought he was talking about Sudafed and other generic brands when he made the reference to Walmart. Pretty sure.

  • neo_chimp

    Smith completely and fully got under his skin form the beginning of the interview. Morgan was never able to recover from that

  • NeoKong

    Ben did mostly well but Morgan tied him up on the question of why should a civilian need an AR-15. Maybe instead of talking about future govt. tyranny he should have told Morgan the weapon is no different than civilian semis except for it’s cosmetic appearance and that civilians do not need to justify owning one to satisfy his opinion.
    There are many good reasons to own one.
    He should have thrown it back onto Morgan and make him explain why they cannot own one.

    • If Ben said: “We’ll surround all our guns IF politicians fire all body guards and have no guns – like we” that might shut that fool Piers MoreGun-s up.
      Laws are for a low life rif-raf like we, not for the Kings in Congress and WH.

      • las1

        Much like socialism is for “the people”… NOT for the socialist.

    • I would have liked to see something along the lines of why only some people should have any constitutional right. Also- it has nothing to do with need……it’s your right, all that matters is that you want to take advantage of the liberty you are afforded.

    • clockwindingdown

      Ben should have asked piers right at the start to define what an assault weapon is!

      Then he should have asked why a law abiding citizen should be denied an AR-15?

      The argument put forth by moregun is that 4 people did something illegal, so all of our society must bend. That four people breaking the law have the power to dictate control over the remaining 310 million citizens.

      Ben should have followed up that drunks kill thousands every year, why is he, piers not calling for prohibition? Why should law abiding citizens be allowed alcohol when non law abiding citizens are getting drunk and killing.

      You see, it is a stupid argument! The exact same stupid argument that gave us DHS, TSA. The arguments is: criminals break laws and to prevent this we need non criminals to submit control. Because you and I did not break the law we must be made to pay, time, money, freedom, rights, to society on the behalf of the guilty. The incident that forced the TSA and DHS upon us wasn’t even committed by our own citizens!

      If they succeed in banning AR’s they have then validated their argument. They will return for other guns, and use their victory and the logic of its success to justify their push! If X can kill and Y is just as capable only at closer distant then Y must go too!

      • The argument put forth by moregun is that 4 people did something illegal, so all of our society must bend. That four people breaking the law have the power to dictate control over the remaining 310 million citizens.

        Ben should have followed up that drunks kill thousands every year, why is he, piers not calling for prohibition? Why should law abiding citizens be allowed alcohol when non law abiding citizens are getting drunk and killing.

        That’s a great argument.

      • Teresa Loram

        I’m a South-African. I’ve been watching Piers Morgan over the last couple of months. I’m getting this chilling feeling that he is a very, very dangerous man. With all his influence he has been able to polarize the American population and stir them up against each other with his stance on gun-laws.

        He is not only messing with the country’s constitution on gun laws, but he is also undermining the moral fabric of the American public with his unbiblical views on abortion and gay rights.

        The United States is already struggling to find their feet on these issues and having this outsider, with exteme leftist views, ingratiate himself with celebrities and politicians, is making him very, very dangerous to America.

        America has a great role to play on the global stage. It concerns me, as a South African, greatly, when I watch this happening from afar.

        I repeat…he’s dangerous!

        PS. Ben Shapiro has, so far, had the best argument for retaining current gun-laws. Also, loved the way he stood his ground and remained calm:)

        • clockwindingdown

          He is! Our policy makers are allowing many non citizens to come to America and reshape it. He poses as something he is not, he is given voice when he should be shunned.

          People like him, like all on the left leave devastation everywhere they go. They don’t like that which they create and move on. Why if he believe’s Britain is such the model for the world would he leave it? He knows Britain is more violent compared to the USA, he knows the people there are at greater risks from everything he sells.

          He is a salesman that can only sell one product, and that product is faulty, so he skips town after making sales!

          • Teresa Loram

            Agreed! Britain’s lack of moral fibre is like a contagious disease and Piers is the virus that blew across the ocean to United States. He is infecting and ingratiating himself with influencial Americans to help spread the disease.

            By the way..I’m a South African, watching from afar..and concerned for the great nation that has always been our example.

    • PicklePlants

      King George gave every American 1776 reasons to own AR-15’s or any other gun they desire, or does Morgan not know about that?

      Remember, Paul Revere’s ride was to warn the citizens that the British were coming to take their guns! This was by order of a tyrannical government that wanted an unarmed colony so they could more easily control the populace.

    • Orangeone

      And Shapiro should have responded with the case of the 15 year old that protected himself and his 12 year old sister with dad’s AR15 in OH. Maybe the taping preceded this event.

  • Don

    Ben Shapiro came across as very intelligent and relaxed while Piers reflected continuous frustration due to the fact that he couldn’t bully Shapiro in any way. Shapiro continuously held Morgan to points of discussion and did not allow Morgan to imtimidate him at any time.In fact, at one point Piers accused Shapiro of bullying him and Ben said that was laughable as that is what Piers has continuously done for weeks on his show. Ben Shapiro is my new hero.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    What is astounding with the left-wing nut-jobs like morgan, is that they are such cowards that when asked if they lean to the left, they flat out deny it….why? Mark Levin has a very simple answer for the question posed by Morgan, why does a civilian need an AR-15? This is the way Mark would respond to that, we Mr Morgan have a “Bill of rights” not a bill of needs.

    • las1

      It is a howler isn’t it when leftists are accused of being leftists. Then they huff and spit and pretend they are centrists or something and employ subterfuge by claiming such and such an issue isn’t left or right.

      One thing do do know, however, is that they sure hate “righty”. I’d say that qualifies as being leftist.

      Ah… the modern liberal/leftists… gloriously un-self-aware.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Right On!!!

    • MsContrary

      You’ll notice that Morgan doesn’t have Mark Levin on his show.

      • colliemum

        Well observed!

        And we all know the reason why.

        He also hasn’t asked Allen West to come, nor Sarah Palin.

        Well, if one says all 2nd Amendment defenders are crazy/delusional/stupid, then of course that git doesn’t need to talk to them.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I would pay pay-perview prices to see that….

    • Jared Hansen

      It’s because leftists like to pride themselves on the idea that they’re not bound to a strict ideology (this is false, of course). Whereas conservatives (like myself) are the opposite, and pride themselves on actually having a set of principles. The reasoning, in a leftists mind (I know, reason+left=oxymoron, but bare with me), is “since I’m not beholden to a particular ideological compass, I am more open-minded and enlightened, than my narrow-minded conservative friend over there.”

      This set of principles that conservatives have is what allows Ben to easily and honestly tell Piers that he simply doesn’t agree with Reagan on that issue. The irony here is that being able to disagree with a conservative icon like Reagan, takes a more open mind, IMHO.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Excellent!!!!!! 1000 likes for you

  • Nukeman60

    It doesn’t matter how many people go on Piers Morgan’s show and tears him a new one. Morgan wants the volatile arguments and disagreements with conservatives. His claims are going to be the same no matter what anybody says or what facts they show him.

    I’ll bet his exposure has skyrocketed just from being shown on this site alone, let alone all the other conservative sites. That is the only way Morgan is getting any viewership at all. While I appreciate what people like Shapiro are doing, I wish they would do it on a conservative program and stay away from Piers.

    We aren’t reaching any liberals this way and we’re only helping this idiot stay in this country and on the air all that much longer.

    Having said that, I think Shapiro did a great job. It was a position that everybody should make against this idiocy that the left throws at us. It especially tickled me when Piers said ‘Let’s forget about criminals and the mentally ill”. Well, if we forget about these two groups, what does that do to the gun murder rate? Hmmm…

    • c4pfan

      I agree.

    • With respect, you’re wrong. Going into the lion’s den, the way Andrew Breitbart did, is the only way to defeat them. There are people who tuned in tonight who heard at least one fact that Shapiro shared. If he hadn’t gone on the show, they wouldn’t have heard it elsewhere on the network. Maybe it’s a tiny crack in the wall of propaganda, but how can we be sure that it won’t– one day– lead to them waking up?

      • PicklePlants

        It is the Breitbart way………..

        • David Reeves

          I sure miss Breitbart right now. 🙁

      • Nukeman60

        I guess we would have to weigh the pros and cons of doing this. I agree we have to get in their faces (there’s no question of that), but with all the episodes of Piers I have seen just here on Scoop, I can imagine how much he has spread across the nation.

        We definitely have to pick and choose how we fight this LameStream and going to their home court and giving them exposure that they wouldn’t necessarily have gotten before just seems counterporductive.

        I think we should let the LameStream dry up, while we promote the facts on alternate Media. That’s the way to bust the LameStream.

        Shapiro could have taken Morgan’s points and tore them apart one by one on another, more prominent site (although, I do admit, I loved the way he took him down). Only time will tell how Morgan edits, twists and desecrates what’s been said to him as his viewership starts to rebuild itself.

        • TexasBanker

          Isolating ones self just to prevent Piers “fame” or because it is a liberal network does not help spread the conservative message in any way.

          • Nukeman60

            I don’t think we’re isolating ourselves if we don’t go to the LameStream’s programs. That’s the problem to start with, they control the narrative. We need to make the left change to us, not cater to them like we do with the alphabet networks every Sunday morning.

            • Yea, but isn’t it more fun to whoop their ass on their own turf? Seriously though, I think it’s more important to get on their stage and destroy their narrative (introduce doubt) in front of their own audience. Independent thinkers will have been introduced the possibility that the narrative may be wrong. Why do you think they want religion out of the public square-

              • Nukeman60

                I agree, it’s fun to do on their home court. But just watch, down the road the edited parts of this interview will show Shapiro 1) agreeing to a gun registry, 2) either agreeing that Reagan is against guns or that he disagrees with Reagan’s policies (the letter by Reagan, Carter and Ford was in 1994), and 3) possibly misstating what assault weapons actually are (many people don’t understand the difference between fully automatic and semi-automatic either).

                They will twist whatever he said and claim it’s on tape. You notice also that Piers tried to throw Shapiro in with Alex Jones the way he did with Pratt. Watch that in every interview from now on.

                Shapiro did a great job overall, as I said before, but I just think we’re giving Piers a platform he doesn’t deserve. We’ll see what comes of it.

                • They are considered regular media, whereas FNC is considered taboo due to the onslaught the left brings on their dissenters. Regular people trust the news if it’s not from Fox. This interview will spread as it was on a “mainstream” show……we’re not after the “drones” we’re trying to persuade reasonable people that don’t know any better.

                  As far as what may happen to the clips or the perspective, well, they’ve always done that in the past—- all it takes is some balls to go full throttle on them. I just listened to Levin interview Shapiro in the last segment of the third hour and Shapiro lays it out pretty well.

                • Nukeman60

                  My whole point is we let the mainstream drive the narrative, run our primary and the general election debates, control the polls in whatever way they want, decide what the Sunday morning political questions will be, etc, etc.

                  It’s time we spoke up louder, in our own right. Going to places like Schultz, Matthews, Morgan, and the like, doesn’t win any middle-of-the-roader, although Shapiro did do the best against Piers that I’ve seen for some time.

                • The problem, IMO, is that they do control it, and we can’t pretend that our message will get out if we stay in our own echo chambers… didn’t work for the election, and it’s not going to work. Our representatives are cowards and rebuke their own base, it’s time for us ground level folks to go onto their turf and take their arguments apart….much like the unions do for the left, except without the violence.

                  How well this worked will depend on how a middle-of-the-roader reacts, and I might just try that experiment with one of my “independent” buddies this week. With regards to the primaries….I think that has everything to do with our cowardly leadership. The more the base asserts itself in mainstream media and culture also beats back the establishment types because if we can connect with more Americans, we are no longer “extremists”.

                  They have the platform, lets jump on it and push them off.

                • Nukeman60

                  I agree with you wholeheartedly. Just two things, though. One, I don’t consider myself in an echo chamber. I deal with the left every day and push my point of view everywhere I can.

                  And two, I don’t consider Morgan, Matthews, Schultz, or anyone like these three the mainstream message or anywhere near in control of it. Other modes of communication are fine, but these three don’t hit the independents and moderate liberals like they think they do.

                  Edit: BTW, sorry the reply button runs out after 11 comments in a thread. 🙁

            • aposematic

              The fact is most on the right accept the lefts narrative as fact and then attempt to argue against the narrative that more than not is pure leftist fiction.

              • checkyourpremise

                Absolutely correct, they control the narrative, they frame the argument, they cut off any important point at the most crucial moment, and they continually move the “Overton Window” in their direction, constantly gradually gaining ground. I’ve been studying politics and the psychology of it for the last 5 years pretty intensely and have concluded one thing for sure. You cant beat them at their own game in their controlled forum. They won’t allow it. You can’t convince an illogical unreasonable person with logic and reason. And the Morgans are just shills, professional propagandists, they aren’t trying to out reason you, they are trying to emotionally invoke the audience into a state of sub-conscience suggestion,(the logic centers of brain shut down when emotions kick in, thus the plot of movie “Inception”) and then invoke their argument as protagonist, and demonize opposition as antagonist. You cannot defeat them with argument. The only way you beat a propagandist is by exposing them. And the way you expose them is to expose their tactics, and what each statement they make is designed to do, which is to mislead, and emotionally manipulate, not inform or educate. This strategy works, time and again, as a behavioral therapist I can tell you I have put it to the test over 100 times, and it works incredibly well, because people hate to be manipulated so expose the manipulative techniques, and they will automatically side with you and distrust the other side, it is an honest way to win, and you don’t even have to know the issue, just the other sides techniques. A huge kicker, it drives the lefty’s bananas, and that is always fun to watch them squirm…..and then of course call you horrible names, and then storm off.

        • MsContrary

          Morgan was exposed on his show and here for being a biased faux journalist. I hope many other websites show the video and set it up as it has been here.

        • Templewind

          And let’s not forget to threaten boycotting the advertisers that finance programs like Piers Morgan. It’s going to take a multi-pronged approach to get a free press back!

      • sybilll

        Becca, I wish I could *like* your comment 10 times. Andrew was Ben’s mentor, and Andrew saw in Ben what he saw in himself. Ben performed masterfullly tonight, and I am sure Andrew is laughing his ass off that Piers got owned. And just in case you didn’t see it this week, someone made a quick “dramatic chipmunk” video in honor of Andrew:
        Hard to believe we are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of losing him. ~sigh

        • colliemum

          It is hard to believe. For me, that was the most devastating news of 2012 – worse than losing the election, because I am convinced that Andrew would not have let the dem propaganda machine run practically unopposed during the campaign.

          Btw – that chipmunk? He’s not got it right! 🙂

      • aposematic

        I agree but would Breitbart go in accepting the Lefts argument as fact…no. Shapiro accepts as fact the term assult weapon to describe an AR15. Can not an AR15 also be used as a defense weapon? In the general populations hands the AR15 is more often used as a defense weapon than an assult weapon. It is the assult itself that defines an assult. Any weapon can be an assult weapon if used to assult.

    • Reed Hubbard

      Piers Morgan on guns is like Charles Grodin during the OJ trial. He’s a failure of a talk show host who doesn’t resonate, but he finds an issue and a position that at least rankles people and stirs their interest. Once his signature issue fades in the news cycle, he’ll return to ratings obscurity – a place he’s not far from now.

      I thought Shapiro was great. He was on message and handled all Morgan’s smug British coyness and faux politesse. The only thing I would say is that he should have shot down the “need” question. Need matters not when it comes to rights. No one needs a Ferrari with a top speed of 200 MPH, but if one can afford it and wants to take it to a track on the weekend to open her up, more power.

      I may only use my AK at the rifle range (and, as God is my witness, I hope that proves true), but I still have a right – a Constitutional right – to own and use it at my pleasure, as long as that use does not run afoul of the law.

      Ask Piers why we “need” so many TV channels or why we “need” misogynistic rap music or why we “need” tabloid gossip sheets, then propose that, since each of these has potential harmful aspects, we outlaw them for the sake of the children, in spite of the first amendment. Have the poncy Brit defend that.

  • marketcomp

    This interview was awesome. I especially like that Mr. Shapiro brought him the Constitution! How sweet is that!

    • Nukeman60

      And Piers called it “your little book”. That’ll go over big.

  • DCGere

    History is not something Morgan excels in.

  • I would like to propose a new Constitutional Amendment: Any non-US citizen who criticizes or dismisses the Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should be immediately deported so that they can return to their own Paradise and not be bothered with us lowly Patriots! Love it or Leave you lousy LIMEY!!! If we are that bad then please do yourself (AND US!!) a favor and return to UK so you can be stoned by the Islamo-Nazis you have taking over!! We will not repeat your suicidal mistakes!

    • Really! We bailed out the brits twice (WW-I &2) helped stopped the Germans from landing there and we weren’t using BB guns and idiots like Neville Chamberlain to get it done either! Go on back to your pathetic, royalty and solve your own problems, Piers!

  • marketcomp

    Yeah, the little book, The Constitution, that he does not understand nor believe in.

    • Cindy09

      Sounds to me they scraping down one amendment in the Constitution after another. First, it was the First Amendment “Thou should not make any movies about the prophet”. Now they are down to the Second. That “little book” upsets them quite a bit!


  • Guest

    I second that, Joel S. Miller.

  • hbnolikeee

    Shapiro might have mentioned how we got rid of Great Britain as Americans don’t cotton to being RULED.

  • Landscaper

    As soon as Ben said “standing on the ground of dead children” PM was rattled. Great job to that smirky twit.

  • iStateOfMind3 iii

    Hey Pier’s your own government (David Cameron) apologized to families of people the British Army shot dead in an event that became known as ‘Bloody Sunday’, Derry (NI). Don’t pretend the concept of a government turning its guns on its own citizens is far fetched, you should know this, you where the Editor of a News Paper in the same country, at the same time.

    • crissyfield

      So right! Great piont! I wish someone would have mentioned that!

  • BikerHoop

    Since DuhOne won’t deport Morgan for his anti-American stance maybe we ought to consult Mitt Romney and see if we can find a way to make him “self-deport”. I know GB doesn’t want him back and I fully understand why, but no one is saying he has to go there. I have several other suggestions of places that would most likely be proud to welcome him… Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan… you get the picture.

    • colliemum

      He can go to Australia.
      They’ve got a socialist government, they’ve got carbon tax, no guns – he ought to feel quite at home.
      Sadly for him, they also got loads of Australians, who hate the whiny Poms (that’s Oz-speak for Brit) and who’d be delighted to tear him a new one when he’s on their TV.

      • BikerHoop

        Works for me, mum. I sure wouldn’t want to burden you guys with such a pompous ass.

        • colliemum

          Thanks, BikerHoop!

          Especially since we’ve got more of those leftie pompous asses still working over here.

  • oregonproud

    facts don’t matter to this ahole. He can leave at any time. Just don’t let the door hit you in the assse.

  • Godisright

    Let’s see… The AR 15 was used in 4-5 incidents that Morgan mentioned and Chicago had 500 or so murders via mostly handguns.
    I propose we vote the AR 15 the safest gun in America!
    I don’t listen to Morgan – but he as got to be one of the most illogical idiots…
    He is so uneducated regarding history… We ran his red coat friends out of here one other time (as I vaguely recall) due to the SAME SNOTTY ALTITUDE!

    • BikerHoop

      I propose we vote the AR 15 the safest gun in America!

      I second the motion.

  • I felt second-hand slap just watching what Ben did to Piers. Wow!

  • DevastatingLegDrop_22

    Eh. Shapiro was good. I liked Alex Jones’ spot better, though. It was more cathartic.

  • stage9

    The fact that a mindless liberal believes that governments, including our own, are INCAPABLE of becoming tyrannical is incredible! Liberals truly do live in a Utopian dreamworld! And this FOOL comes from Europe where he should already be educated in the history of Germany and the former Soviet Union where the first thing they DID was confiscate guns!

    • marketcomp

      Scary! Great point, stage9!

    • Government is their savior and their pet bully, until it turns on them.

  • PFFV

    Morgan is the typical liberal… Brain-Dead and devoid of simple common sense! These idiots can’t grasp the big picture! When Government is no longer there to protect you… you will want an AR-15 you morons!

  • neo_chimp

    I loved how he said “how dare you!” and Shapiro is like “well I did” Then Piers went for another “how dare you!” and *crickets* it was great


    Wow! I was wondering how the interview was going to turn out since I haven’t seen or heard much Shapiro. It’s like he kept punching the sad sack, and Morgan is lucky the clock ran out.

  • Stop using the progressives language! Civilian AR-15s are purely cosmetics. They are still sporting rifles but not military weapons.

    Any tyrannical government whom has a list of gun owners then know where they need to go to remove said guns and how much force might be needed in order to remove any and all resistance.

    • I killed my last dear with an AR-15. I prefer it over the Rancher Mini-14, but the round is the same.

      • Nukeman60

        YEAH, BUT YOU DIDN”T NEED 10 ROUNDS!!! j/k (had to throw in a liberal talking point). sorry.

        • Oregon law requires five or less, and I only “needed” one. (hee hee)

          • Nukeman60

            Nice shot. When’s the venison stew ready?

            • Sadly, that was five years ago. It’s all gone.

            • but….I can still hang ten hats on the rack mounted on the wall.

        • Maybe he didn’t, but on the sporting side, it would have been humane to have used them in case the animal was suffering. I’ve seen AR 15s at the range and I never felt the urge to have one, but that doesn’t mean I’d deny a sane, responsible person from owning one. My.45, 30-30, 30-06, .22’s and 12 ga. are enough for me!

          • Nukeman60

            Two points here: One, you know I was joking, right? And two, the quicker you bring down a deer, the sweeter the meat (less gamey). So, I guess I would agree with you.

          • When I killed my last deer with a .223, the bullet went through and through. It passed through the heart and lung cavity. When I gutted the deer and punctured that cavity, all that came out was mushy liquid. The heart exploded as the bullet passed through. It was hard to find the holes in the hide. Just two small blood spots on the inside of the skin. The deer jumped once and hit the ground dead. Shot placement is important, and that is why I like my AR-15 for deer. It hit right where I was aiming at 80 yards or so, and at a free standing position. Pulling off a shot with a .223 is not as cumbersome as with the 30-06. The 30-06 is a good round. I just bought my first one, but it will be reserved for long range hunting, or bigger game. Not much long range around here. Too many trees. All my other deer kills have been with the 30-30, open sights. That is a sweet open sight 100 yard gun, but I can hit the mark better with the AR-15.

            Edit: If you are keeping the hide, the smaller holes are better, and there is less chance of ruining meat with the small caliber.

      • Templewind

        You killed your X with an AR-15? My my….:-)

        • Spell check! Edit! Quick!

          • Templewind


  • Watchman74

    Taking “assault” rifles out of the hands of citizens does not guarantee taking it out of the hands of criminals.

  • MerlePearl

    That was just too much fun! Thanks, Ben, for schooling the bully from across the pond.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Good segment, but I didn’t think it was all that great.

  • stage9

    Another point, I think what Morgan was trying to get Shapiro to admit was that his position was that our government was going to turn on us. This is meant to make Shapiro appear like a paranoid lunatic.

    To a liberal they can’t imagine that “government” — that which they consider to be both “infinite and sacred” — their god — would ever consider turning on the people. To them, government is a holy institution and its “vicars” sworn to a life of political purity and socialist virtue.

    Why do you suppose they deify Obama? He is their “patron saint of radicalism”.

    • Liberals don’t tend to listen to the biblical description of human nature, therefor “people are generally good”. If people are generally good, then so is government. On the other hand, if we have a sinful (evil) nature, then the nature of government may be to grow and become tyrannical. It is as much of a religious philosophy as it is a political one. It is the religion of Darwinism vs the biblical account.

      God warned us, the founders listened, and now the leftists/socialist/communists ignore it and seek to enslave us. Their fatal flaws are based on the lack of understanding of human nature, the lack of historical reference and proof, and/or the belief that somehow they will escape the results of their policies.

      • BikerHoop

        I might add one more fatal flaw – the total lack of understanding of the American psyche. Americans are not like peoples of other nations. We have a strength of resolve heretofore unknown to them. To quote the movie Independence Day:

        “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive!”

        And my AR-15 is simply a tool to help me accomplish that!

        • I think that much of the country still has that resolve, but I’m not sure that I would say that the majority does any longer. What concerns me is the dependence on grocery store food that would only last 3 days if distribution was disrupted. I know that there are a lot of preppers out there, but that is another thing that the feds are keeping track of. I know that it has taken me quite a while to get set up for long term survival, and when I talk to many people about it, they often say that they can’t afford to do it. To some extent, that is a cop out, because they don’t have to buy thousands of dollars of MRE type food. Food, guns, and gold/silver are the three primary things to store up. Many people stop at “guns”. You can’t eat guns. (I don’t think)

          I also hope that people get smart enough to realize that it is better to have guns that you are willing to allow them to take, then survive the ordeal for another day.

          • BikerHoop

            Prepping is something I’ve been doing for several years. Just get a couple of extra things every time you go to the store – that’s all it takes. We have a lot of home-grown stuff, too, to augment the stores. Guns… check. Gold/silver… check. Brass and lead… check.

            • Looks like we are on the same path. Reloading, gradual food buying and homegrown food and preservation, etc. Cool deal.

              • BikerHoop

                I’m thinking there’s a whole bunch more folks on the same page. I know of quite a few in my area (yes, I MAY have had something to do with it). However, I think the majority is going to get caught with their shorts around their ankles.

                • I agree that the majority will be screwed.

  • Ray

    I guess Limey Boy finally gets it. YES PEOPLE NEED ASSAULT RIFLES BECAUSE PEOPLE IN THE GOVERNMENT CAN MAKE THAT GOVERNMENT TYRANNICAL! Just like Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, et al. did.
    I am not sure how the left cannot understand this. Of course it is the left in this country that supports those Islamicists who are pushing Sharia Law, even in Dearborn Mich. who say WE are the problem for opposing it.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “I am not sure how the left cannot understand this”.

      Oh, they understand this, make no mistake about that. The government they propose for us IS the government of Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, China, North Korea, Vietnam, et all.

  • Landscaper

    Why do paranoid types keeps talking about the gov coming door to door to take guns? Who, when and how?????
    It’s nonsense. The local sheriff deputy, the local cop or ATF? In the Southeast we have no fear of this whatsoever. Owning a gun is like owning a car, everyone has them.

    • Nukeman60

      ‘It’s nonsense.’ – l

      They did it after Hurricane Katrina, and hardly a whimper from the LameStream. If I’m not mistaken, New Orleans is in the South.

      Having no fear of something and realizing it’s possible are two totally different animals.

    • Do you have the organization and ability to blow up a house with a drone? Do you have a huge military industrial complex to battle theirs with? They have real time satellite feeds to watch you, and the ability to take you out from thousands of miles away. They also have allied nations ready to “keep the peace” in case of a national emergency. They sent in our own people to disarm everyone after Katrina, and the troops doing it were given orders to shoot upon any resistance. They locked down the whole area and wouldn’t let people leave, while the people were starving and had no fresh water.

      Foreign troops have been training to do house to house raids and gun confiscation in the US since the 1990s. The feds have been practicing for raids on local law enforcement facilities. The feds are currently training local law enforcement on gun confiscations. Some are refusing the training, but many are not. FEMA is stock piling mass grave coffins in rented fields near big cities. The prison building industry has been booming, and many of these prisons sit empty with minimal staff. Declassified Army documents have surfaced that detail the organization of processing and civilian detention facilities that are to be created at existing locations if a national emergency is openly declared. The federal government has purchased over 1.6B rounds of hollow point non-military ammo in the last few months. The federal government has purchased, and is stock piling, massive amounts of razor wire.

      The US military is doing domestic policing exercises in several US cities as we speak. The US and Canada have a legal agreement to militarily assist each other in the case of a national emergency.

      The theater shooting, and the school shooting were both set up (staged) shootings, as is quite evident from all of the initial on site and local reporting and subsequent cover ups of evidence and testimonials that indicated multiple shooters at the events. The purpose being to set the stage for government gun registration and subsequent confiscations.

      The federal government is raiding small farming outfits without any legal basis to keep food independence to a minimum. The USDA is now forcing surveys on small rural/residential properties to find out what people are producing in their gardens, and what kind, and how many, animals they have. (first time ever) I received mine a couple of days ago. (first time ever)

      Homeland security documents detail a list of the most probable terrorist threats which include, but are not limited to:

      People who have more than seven days of food.

      People who appose abortion.

      Libertarian types, and Ron Paul supporters.

      People who want to end the Federal Reserve.

      People who are strict constitutionalists.

      People who believe that there will be a financial collapse and martial law.

      People who have one or more missing fingers.

      #1 terrorist threat – Returning military members from the wars.

      We have a president who has abused his executive order privilege more than any other, which is saying a lot. He hid a declaration of national emergency status in two separate executive orders. He went to war in Libya without congressional approval and supported Al Qaeda in overthrowing Gadaffi while saying that the UN gave him permission. Hussein reaffirmed the continuity of government executive orders which were initially enacted by Kennedy, which outline the federal take over of all US infrastructure including all energy production and distribution, food production and distribution, industrial resources, and the ability to confiscate property at will, and all of this power rests in the hands of one man, the president. This is in case of a national emergency declaration.

      Now, this same president is threatening to use executive order to enact gun control measures illegally, and is backed up by the majority in the senate and the vice president. We have a republican party who does nothing to stop any of this, and signs on to much of it.

      We now have the federal government pushing vets into PTSD diagnosis’ and benefits, then retaining the right to strip them of their second amendment rights due to their psychological condition. They are monitoring private online communications and using those communications to take the rights of citizens and are initializing the whole process without warrants. (Brandon Raub and many more)

      Homeland security and local law enforcement are now deploying drones in the US for policing purposes. (as many as 10k drones) New York city has been doing stop and search procedures without any probable cause, reasonable suspicion, or warrants. Entire cities have banned the ownership of guns.

      People had better wake up and start worrying about being disarmed.

      • colliemum

        Great post – people indeed better wake up, there have been too many reports on blogs about E.O.s which would give the POS power beyond belief, taking away the 1st Amendment (close down the internet/twitter), putting people into camps, that sort of thing.
        So what are you going to do when you can’t contact friends on the internet/cell phone? Set up old-fashioned telephone trees, for example.

        • Good points. The feds have the system set up to cut off all radio stations, internet, cell phones, etc. The owners of these businesses have had to install and maintain the equipment for this for some time now. If they do take over communications in this way, I suppose that HAM radios will be the only way, and I don’t know anyone who has one.

          You know Colliemum, once in a while you see, in a movie, a lone paranoid vet who lives in a shack with a HAM radio and stores of food, and it turns out that he was right about everything he was paranoid about.

          Hopefully, more people will be paying more attention to the lone nuts of the world.

          • colliemum

            The thing about that vet in his shack with the ham radio and all is this: look who called him paranoid – and you’ll find a leftie/touchy-feely.

            Vilifying and denigrating opponents and perceived opponents is a method used by the left everywhere – from the LyingScreamingMeejah to blogs.
            So I hope those who read here will think again when they hear someone being denigrated as paranoid – like Ben Shapiro surely will be in the coming days.
            It works, because people who might have agreed with that solitary vet check themselves and their reactions – and sacrifice their first thoughts and agreements so as to fall in with what is perceived as general opinion.
            It’s a very subtle way of bullying: who wants to be called mad, paranoid to their faces?

            As for telephone trees and similar things: prepare now. Kids on bicycles can make great messengers … and get ham radios!
            (At least the muslims won’t touch them: ham, that’s haram, innit!)

      • BikerHoop

        Awesome post, librti. Here’s the link to a document that lists executive orders (there’s probably more now) relative to FEMA camps and what they authorize the government to control. There’s also a list of all known FEMA camps and their state of readiness.

        • Thanks BikerHoop. That was a good link.

          • BikerHoop

            You’re welcome. I did a lot of research for that page and it’s good to have someone appreciate it.

      • Landscaper

        Long and thoughtful reply, but this is one damn big country in shear land mass alone. Cops running around everywhere? So how does this get done, say in Texas? A vast state. How does it happen in cities like NY or LA? In this viral world we live in, this news would spread like wildfire. There is the problem. All of a sudden [everyone] says “guns, what guns? I don’t own guns” My brother and I own some guns since we kids. I have a shotgun I got as a present when I was 10. Feds know about guns people bought from a friend or classified ad years ago? No.

        • The federal government is now storing over 1B communications per day from the American public. These communications get stored, and are not supposed to be accessed without a warrant, but we should not take their word for that. As they gather this information, they use technology that looks for certain words and phrases, then they compile lists based on the words and phrases used in the stored communications. There are sub-lists that are created based on the selected words and phrases. These are prioritized based on the possible threat level of the person that they are designated to. I a national emergency, they will suspend the requirement for a warrant, pull the lists and compile an active list of people who are to be targeted based on the automatic data compiling that was done for years prior. This is one way that they can determine who has guns, and other personal activity that they now deem illegal, or a high threat level.

          I do not believe that they will be using local police to confiscate guns on a mass scale. First, they will pass laws to mandate the turning in of one kind of gun or another. They will simply use legislative tyranny to get as many as possible. They will use local law enforcement to confiscate guns during routine domestic responses where the new laws allow, or where they consider someone to be mentally defective. (being done now) The presidents will use executive orders (illegally) to restrict sales and importation of many guns, which will dry up the market regardless of actual legislation. (already being done)

          They will do as much of this as they can before openly declaring a national emergency due to a terrorist attack, or a financial collapse. When this event takes place, they will move into the military mode of gun confiscation. The cities will be hit first. Many will simply be locked down. They will let everything rot and fester for a while, then go in and clean up after a prescribed period of time. Rural populations are not as easy, due to the fact that they will get much more resistence from law enforcement, and the citizens. They will not be able starve out many of them. This is where the final clean up will take place. After they have the cities under control, they will move through the countryside one area at a time.

          What needs to be realized is that communications will either be shut down, or tightly controlled. Anyone who is openly apposing these actions will be targeted and taken out. Commerce will grind to a halt, and utilities will be cut of for long periods of time. The internet will likely be shut down for private use until the new order is established. After this, we will be much like China conserning the internet, if we have it at all.

          The will use foreign influences such as a massive flooding in over the Mexican border to create even more chaos. They will use foreign troops to complete this transition to second or third world status in the US.

          People need to get smart and prepare to go survive, and go along with the system long enough to get through the initial hit. Then they can make a strategy for whatever they want to do. The American people won’t be able to fight back initially. The infrastructure will be decimated. The food supply will be disrupted, then tightly controlled. All surviving Americans will be required to register with the new totalitarian regime. Subverting this system will be very difficult.

    • Templewind

      In any conflict, to underestimate one’s opponent is a “fatal flaw”.

      • Landscaper

        You’re right, don’t underestimate your opponent. Did you see the Alabama vs Notre Dame football championship game? Men vs boys is never a fair fight. In the southeast we do a few things the right way. We grow strong kids, good looking women, crops, trees and own a lot of guns. Molon Labe

        • Templewind

          Well, my dad was born in Webb, and he didn’t raise a fool either! Ha!

          • Landscaper

            Raise your “ha !” by five blue chips and where is Webb, like anyone cares.

            • Templewind

              Webb, AlaBAMa, friend!

              • Landscaper

                Well hell yeah brother. Why didn’t you say so?

  • ConservativeCool

    Beautiful. he wasted Piers. BOOM, HEADSHOT!

  • mageedtm

    When Morgan made the comment about bringing in your book (constitution) that got my blood boiling. His smug anti American tone should make us all sick.

  • Interesting. Reagan wrote that letter in 1994 years after he was out of the White House. The left swore up and down that Reagan began going senile around 1987 or 1988 while he was in office. Now we have this limey carnival barker who gets lower ratings than Snooki and J Wow whip out a letter from 1994 where Reagan is calling for banning guns. So if leftists believed Reagan lost it in 1988, one would think he was completely fried by 1994. Yet, when they need to have a certain right figure fit their mold and help their agenda– why Reagan was just brilliant and completely lucid in thought when he wrote that letter! That is, if Reagan actually wrote it. What bullshit. The left does this with every popular figure on the right. Conservatives need to remind them they cannot have it both ways. Either Reagan was lucid at that time or he wasn’t. Make up your minds.

    • stage9

      The thing the letter referenced was “criminals”. The object was to limit the accessibility of “assault rifles” to criminals. It said nothing of law abiding citizens.

      • good added point thanks.

      • 7LibertyForAll

        The “criminals” referred to in the letter is nothing more than smoke and mirrors……..criminals will ALWAYS get what they want for their crimes and the disarmed schmucks are the ready victims.

    • Ford and Carter’s name was on it. and it refers to actual assault weapons not what they are calling assault weapons today

  • Insufferable twit, go back to where you came from.

  • The AR-15 is NOT an ‘assault’ rifle…

    The AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, aka a single bullet with a single pull of the trigger, ‘looks’ like an AR-15 automatic rifle but the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle it is NOT an ‘assault’ rifle.

    It is simply a rifle… period.


    • Landscaper

      It’s a lousy rifle. Sold mine.

    • DCGere

      Any weapon is an assault weapon when damage is inflicted. Mine is great – keep it clean and it works great. Applies to most weapons. Military carry 9mm & knives. Guess they are both considered “assault weapons”. Liberal logic fails, as usual…

    • BikerHoop

      If you go by the liberal definition of “assault” then the old six-shooter used in the old west is an assault weapon because every time you pulled the trigger it shot one bullet.

  • badbadlibs

    Is there a more smug, self righteous, jackwagon on television then morgan? If there is, please do not point the monster out…I don’t want to see him or her.
    He can’t stand the truth. He is standing on the graves of little children. What a vile person. He is milking those horrible deaths for all it’s worth. Someone get that ugly person off the air….

    • Her name is Joy Behar, and she’s on The View……but, you probably already didn’t want to look at her.

      • badbadlibs

        Ha ha, now that’s funny! 🙂

  • Continues to show that stupidity can come with a very cultured accent. Mr. Shapiro did a great job dealing with this bully.

  • Owned Piers Morgan LOLOLOL

  • hosepipe

    Piers was man-handled…

  • I’m betting that Morgan went backstage and sobbed in his tea.

  • duhm sucha

    Ben Shapiro is a brilliant debater… and I think America could use more people like him. This is how people should approach a debate on legislation in my opinion, but I think it makes the argument for both sides clear. I personally agree with his opinion on the gun laws in America. We need more responsible and open minded people like this running our country and I think we could resolve more of our issues in a politically responsible fashion.

  • LeftistsStink

    The woman in Georgia who shot the intruder 5 times yet that didn’t kill him. She barely had enough firepower to get herself and her children out of that situation alive. Imagine if there had been more than one intruder. She could have used a gun that had a 30 round magazine.

  • Ben made a critical mistake. He advocated for full gun registration. I would not have this guy representing my interests concerning gun laws.

    On the other hand, he did not back down from explicitly detailing the proper purpose of the second amendment, although he did try to soften it by essentially making the threat of governmental usurpation appear to be very distant, when in fact it is not.

    He advocates for making many more people criminally negligent for what they do in their homes concerning guns. This is a Statist point of view. Regulating the security of guns in the home and using the force of law and subsequent prosecution and loss of rights is not a good thing.

    Sorry, but I give this guy an F on his reactionary legal proposals, and an A on his debate skills.

  • As I was re-watching it, I thought the biggest missed opportunity was when Piers brought out the pseudoephedrine and wanted to compare it to gun laws. Hey, Jackwagon, just because there is a law on pills does not mean we should compare constitutional rights to it. Who’s to say it’s not a stupid law to ban purchase quantities of pills?

    • colliemum

      The correct question Ben Shapiro might have asked – should’ve asked, because that tosser has been using the sudafed argument before! – is: “which Amendment says that the people have the right to buy unlimited sudafed?”

      • BikerHoop

        That would have really frosted Morgan’s Wheaties!

  • Why didn’t that kid shoot some politicians or Piers..?? I don’t think they would be missed….


    An AR-15 was NOT used at Sandy Hook, and Shapiro should have known that.

    • I caught that too, and now there are reports that the rifle “in the trunk of the car” was actually a shotgun.

    • The problem with this is that reports from Sandy Hook, including from the local chief of police, the Sheriff, the state police, and the Governor all issued statements that were at odds with early reports by (and I use this term reservedly) reporters.

      Reporters early info was all fabricated BS, mixed with obvious stuff like the fact that kids were killed. You can count on tons of BS from reporters the first full day of some major incident. From nonsense about cops chasing down a suspect outside the school to whether the shooter was or wasn’t alive when the first responders went inside. Let alone them knowing enough about guns to report accurately about them.

      After all, we have major network reporters who claim there are easily obtainable, fully automatic weapons that can shoot an unbelievable amount of rounds per second, never mind the immense weight of lugging that many rounds and hardware.

      Further, now the problem with trying to look up info on this is that people who earn a living peddling conspiracy crap (Alex Jones types) have flooded the web with even more BS, rendering searches pointless. So we can’t possibly know the truth without an actual trial or public, congressional inquiry. I don’t trust any news out of Sandy Hook, other than the fact of the dead and wounded.

      I no longer trust the report that the shooter used two handguns. I wasn’t there to see it, and I sure as heck don’t trust the media nor Alex Jones to report truthfully on it.

  • 6799

    Loved how discombobulated Piers came across at the end. Good job Ben.

  • aren’t all weapons “assault weapons”? AND that dude is a dick

    • Ask Goliath what he considers to be an assault weapon. Oh, wait, he’s dead. (rock to the head)

  • I don’t NEED an AR-15, I have a RIGHT to one.

  • Pyrran

    Morgan is not interested in a reasonable discussion of issues. He is there as a ratings cow, to be milked for advertising dollars. When he dries up, he’ll be discarded. I cannot imagine why any sane person would help feed Morgan the nutrients he needs to produce more ratings from the udder of his intellect.

    • Though CNN is not a huge ratings maker, they are still MSM. Was anyone talking about Morgan getting fired in the UK for falsifying info before Alex Jones went on his show? I am actually amazed that Morgan has had all these guys on. Larry Pratt made some very good points, and put out info that no other MSM outlet was reporting. These interviews are also going viral on the internet, and therefor a larger pro-gun argument is able to transpire to a larger audience from Morgan’s show.

    • BikerHoop

      LOL! Well said.

  • Vicki White

    mr. shapiro decimates piers morgan…time for dude to cross the pond and answer for his past trangressions…

  • I didn’t see suedofed in the Constitution..did anyone here see it..The Point is what Piers believes in..I bet he would have been saying Heil Hitler..

    • Nukeman60

      What was interesting was he was saying it’s illegal for him to buy six of those, which he had right in front of him. So he was proving the point that you could get six of them whether you banned it or not. What a maroon.

      • I actually missed that very obvious point—- nicely done!

    • We have a socialist society and governmental system. In such a system all of these things are controlled by the State, while the State uses its money creation ability to create a massive dependence on government that will ultimately guarantee very little independent resistance to a full blown “hot” tyranny.

  • tinker_thinker

    Loved it! Thanks! Piers is an ass.

  • He does stand on the graves, and he desecrates everything that is good. He needs a smack around the chops.

  • Who is Piers to tell us what we need…???

  • Ben Shapiro “decimates” (read: “kills 1/10th of”) Piers Morgan… It makes me chuckle every time someone uses this word. All in all however, Ben Shapiro hit the nail on the head of every issue. Piers Morgan is a schmuck, and defeats his own cause with his misinformation and ignorance. It’s great to see gun rights advocates going head to head with Morgan and schooling his punk ass.

  • No, that’s not Ben Shapiro’s position, you progressive moronic scum bag. That’s the Founders position. Man alive, this Piers guy is the biggest moron on TV today.

    • Ray

      Uh, I think Schultz would actually hold that title. Piers would be one of the most dangerous on TV though.

  • Gtrjag

    One of the biggest differences between the left and the right is that we learn from history. We know that just because we are relatively free and secure today does not mean that we won’t have to fight for our liberty and security tomorrow.

  • No, Piers, People are stupid..that is why we have the government we have..and you are stupid…Piers…Remember England’s murdering kings???

  • jgilman1

    The guns are not needed in case of a tyrannical government. They are necessary to prevent it from ever happening.

  • Jaels_Song

    Who does this haughty outlander invertebrate think he is coming to our country and meddling with our constitutional rights? How dare he stand upon the graves of American children to attack the God given rights of Americans that have been provided through the blood of American Patriots. Boycott CNN for allowing this contemptible parasite to spew his treacherous Nazi agenda into the homes of Americans. We have a choice to reject his brainsick castigation’s.

  • RCND

    I can see why Piers was fired by Trump

  • livingengine

    I like Ben Shapiro. His future looks bright!

  • Gtrjag

    I wish conservatives would stop conceding certain points to the left. “Yes perhaps we should make it tougher for criminals and mentally ill people to get weapons” or “perhaps we should require people to properly store there weapons.” We need to realize that we don’t live in a perfect world. Not every problem or tragedy has a solution. There are evil people in this world, and evil people are going to do evil things and they’re going to find ways to do it.

  • welldoneson

    It’s illegal to sneak into the U. S. it’s illegal to kill people. So, naturally, if you make it illegal for decent people to own a rifle, nobody will have one any more.
    Is every person in England as full of shit as this Piers whole?

    • colliemum



  • Morgan has carefully prepared his questions (or had someone on CNN guide him) as he asked the same questions to the Texan recenlty. And unfortunately he got the last word in and turned it in his favor: “you need all weapons because the gouvernment might turn on you in future generations”. Shapiro was going to respond but end of round…Can’t beat the media!

  • welldoneson

    Never more amused than when another lefty mouth breather bristles at his own methods being used against him. And, Piers, it is none of your business who needs what.

  • welldoneson

    No, Piers, people aren’t stupid. They know why the 2cd amendment was put in, and they know British bombers like you don’t care about it.

  • As Mark Levin points out It is not the Bill of Needs….it is the Bill of Rights.

  • As Mark Levin points out It is not the Bill of Needs….it is the Bill of Rights.

  • Wesley Lively

    Morgan doesn’t just stand on the graves of dead child children, he dances in their blood. Pompous British twit.

  • JoJo58

    It would be nice if Piers would shut up and let Ben answer the question…oh wait, Ben is winning the debate and when the left is losing, they talk louder,talk over other people or just change the subject to medicine.
    Piers is too stupid to understand that HANDGUNS commit more murders than assault rifles. What a tool.

  • God Pierce is a moron ! He makes no sense once again first thing is he says why would anybody need a Assault gun because its are right and its the second admendent jackass. And hes calling this guy a bully really. When hes the one who calls others stupid and other things if you dont agree with his Socialist views. And who is he once again to tell us what are concution is go back to England or Cuba somewhere ! And with the Left Right saying sorry but its the Left who is eggen this on Piers i dont hear the Tea Party or the Right brign the Gun thing up.

    I agree with that guy Ben Shapiro about background checks on mental people .

  • Ray

    My question to you all is this, sig saure p220, baretta 45, glock 45, browning 1911 45, walther sw99?

    • DCGere

      Browning, no doubt! Best gun evah!! Best piece of metal IMO…

      • Grumpycarguy

        Amen. I love my 1911.

      • colliemum

        Read this: “Glock 17 9mm pistols replace Browning for UK forces”

        I bet there will soon be lots of those Brownings on the market … we can’t buy them here in the UK.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      1911. Sold mine a while back. I’m planning on getting another…quickly.

      • colliemum

        See my answer to DCGere above!

        • PatrickHenrysBody

          The 1911s are selling like hotcakes here. I just bought a Springfield XDM .45 ACP. It’s not a 1911, but it’ll do for now!

  • Common Sense Blogger

    Morgan is nowhere near Shapiro’s league in debate. It was inspiring (and I do NOT throw that word around, EVER) to watch him shut down Morgan’s flimsy arguments supported by inflated buzz words. It was one of the few times I didn’t find myself wishing it was ME rather than another well-meaning, yet under-cached, conservative verbally jousting with one of the left’s hypnotized drones. That Morgan could not grasp Shapiro’s reasoning behind a society that needs assault weapons in the case of a usurping government is irony and arrogance defined. Of course, once Morgan is painted into a corner he begins the belittlement and bullying by calling anyone with the audacity to disagree with him, ‘absurd.’ Bravo Ben, I only wish I could work with you and be by your side at every one of these debates.

  • Ken_H

    Outstanding job. We need more folks like this who can absolutely go with whatever the left wants to throw and deliver the perfect counterpunch. I confess that I did not know who Shapiro was before this post, but I am a very big fan now.

  • m0r0

    I wish I could have watched more than the first minute and a half but Piers makes me sick to my stomach and I just can’t take it anymore.

  • The point is it doesn’t matter about why or what we need when it comes to owning guns.. it’s OUR right to own any gun.

  • David Reeves

    One point that Mr Morgan left out in his claim against wanting to ban AR-15s, is that Jared Loughner used a Glock 19 (a handgun) to attack Gabby Giffords, Mike Kelly (her husband) and the other victims in that awful incident in Tuscon. So, using that incident as part of his push is pretty lame.

  • Shapiro was wrong to say that Morgan stands on the graves on the children who died at Newtown. Morgan gets on the graves and does a tap dance routine that would make Bob Fosse proud.

  • I love this Shapiro guy. Perfect.

  • Morgan is such a douchebag

  • I’m sad to say I’m disappointed. I had high hopes.

    A couple of moments were quite good but Morgan put him on the defensive for 95% of the interview. Every hit he scored Morgan just changed the subject. He absolutely should have stayed on the handgun argument.

    Someone not on Shapiro’s side is unlikely to have caught the lines that were important.

  • opinionatedhermit

    The Republican Leadership could learn a lot from Ben Shapiro.

    Thank you, Ben.


  • WhiteGuy2

    Definition : a tyrannical government is when a countries people are oppressed. their free will taken away, and they all become pieces in a chess game of power. a tyrannical government is ruled by a dictator

    According to the definition above we are already living under tyranny.

  • Piers says “People aren’t stupid”.. that right, but boy you sure are.

  • magi52

    Piers Morgan has NO IDEA about our U.S. Constitution. He completely DEBATES AGAINST it.


  • What is an assault weapon Piers and for that matter any one else can answer also.

    What is the difference between a bolt action, pump/lever action or a semi automatic .223 caliper weapon and looks don’t apply here?



  • mediaaccess1

    I’m trying to embed this video, but I don’t see the link.



  • bobbymike34

    This is exactly how to talk to these jackasses. Ben Shapiro showed more bravery than most in not all Republicans in this country BRAVO!!


  • MsContrary

    Glenn Beck said yesterday that if the “authorities” come knocking on your door to take your guns a person should refuse to turn them over and say to the authorities, “Arrest me.” Be willing to do that. If we all did that, in only four days all the jails in the U.S. would be full to capacity. The authorities would have to let us go. He said that at one point that was China’s plan to take over the USSR. That Chinese soldiers would step across the border and put down their guns and turn themselves in day after day after day. That within a short time period the USSR’s jails would fill up with the Chinese soldiers. And the Chinese would keep coming across the border, laying down their guns and saying arrest me, day after day after day……They would passively swarm the USSR authorities. Fascinating theory.

  • PFFV

    You Better Believe This Government Is Going Full Tyranny! Obama Will Collapse Our System Within His Second Term! Prepare For Revolution! I’m Not Joking! God Bless You!

  • Need? because there is nothing in the constitution that gives the authority to base what someones need is. And I think Regan was talking about full auto. Not semi auto.

  • NJK

    The ironic part about the children in Sandy Hook, is, that just 6 or 7 years prior, Barack Hussein Obama would have been perfectly fine with putting a sharp instrument into the head of any of these childrens skulls, and killing them.

    I think Obama is a cold, calculating, psychopath, and is capable of anything, including murder. I believe this govt. has already turned on the citizens.

  • disqus_UZ9XBUiNv3

    were is the assault weapon used in sandy hook

  • The gun facts, as evaluated by the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, support the Journal’s conclusion (a surprise to the authors) that banning firearms is ineffective in reducing murder and suicide rates. We need to be talking about underlying causes driving higher levels of violence, not the means by which that violence is practiced.

    • nibblesyble

      Thanks for link!

  • disqus_UZ9XBUiNv3

    their is no semi assault weapon used in sandy hook was 4 pistols the gun was not found in the school if it was used why has the main stream media not shown it on tv BECAUS EIT DOES NOT EXIST!

  • blackbird

    Morgan is dishonest.

  • I got to about 2:30. Piers is insufferable.

  • I think he did a very good job!!! FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than that Alex Jones guy!

  • A M

    Piers got his ASS handed to his worthly limey self….

  • Kordane

    Piers: How daaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrre youuuuuu!!!

    Ahh, music to my ears 🙂

  • SurfinCowboy

    That was great. Ben needs to get invited onto more shows. His ability to quickly see the game and then present the game being played to the audience clearly, all the while rapidly rebuffing the slanted journalist host – ah! Heaven to watch.

    Thanks Scoop

  • Kordane

    The reason why gun control isn’t about Left or Right in Britain is because there is NO Right over there; there’s hard Left and soft Left. It’s ALL Left. There is NO opposition over there.

    It’s ONLY in America that there’s any actual opposition to the Left, so it’s ONLY in America that gun control is about Left or Right.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    All I can say is: CHECK AND MATE!!! Well done, Ben!

  • Kordane

    Piers Morgan and the Left fundamentally do NOT have the moral superiority here, because the simple fact is that they want to violate the unalienable individual rights, and that anyone who violates those rights is a criminal and is immoral. Piers Morgan and the Left might think they have moral superiority because their heightened emotional states give them it – But the truth is that emotion is not the standard of right and wrong when it comes to individual freedom; the unalienable individual rights are that standard.

    The strongest argument we have is the argument for unalienable individual rights.

    “You want to restrict assault weapons ownership, Piers? Well you can’t do that because it would violate the unalienable individual rights, and is therefore not allowed. Nothing you say, and no matter how many statistics you use, won’t change that fact.”

  • israelp

    Ben Shapiro is very good at this.

  • syvyn11

    Hey Morgan. If this constitution thing pisses you off so much, LEAVE!

    • jay deardorff

      He can`t, he`s afraid they`ll arrest him for the illegal phone hacking he did in England.

  • “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future.” Adolf Hitler, 1938

    When only the police / govt. has guns, it’s a Police State.

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Guns are a tool, and tools can be anything when people of unsound minds, be they politically motivated, mentally disturbed, emotionally unbalanced, evil, are determined to do their deeds. Criminals, and or the mentally unstable, do not care about obeying the law, that’s why they are criminals, and or mentally unstable.

    Believing that taking guns from law abiding citizens, allows criminals to be armed only, is truly absurd, and only leads to fearing criminals, and tyrannical govt police state regimes, such as China, North Korea, which by the way all anti-Freedom and Liberty marxist Communist govt’s, use the word manipulation of names and labels, such as the People’s Republic of China, and North Korea-The Democratic Peoples Republic in Korea, which is anything but a representative govt of the people-a Republic, all to hide their true reality and agenda. The same holds true for the American far left, and it’s Socialist Marxist Nihilist Oligarch Hierarchy-the Obama Regime.

    But such is the mentality / [email protected] mindnumbing thinking of liberals. Only a armed good person can bring down a armed bad person. Telling that to these asinine imbecilic useful leftwing idiots is a useless cause.

    If you ask Piers Morgan, what part of “Right” do you not not understand, he’ll insufferably word banter you, evade and deflect the question, or ignore you altogether. Of course he does understands it, he just rejects it.. which is why the left cannot be reasoned with, and should never be appeased.. for logic, morality, and common sense, aka the Truth, does not apply to them, thus it is only for us to defeat them- anti-American leftwing despots, tyrants, and their indoctrinated useful idiots.

    Piers Morgan is a Hack Socialist Globalist Media Opportunist Hustler, who like Al Sharpton, is ignominious and wants the money & fame that comes with it..

    Thus, Piers Morgan above all is self-serving to his own self interest that which correlates and coincides with that leftwing socialist agenda. Like Al Sharpton, he is a sleazy parasitic race and class baiting hustling opportunist snake oil salesman, as he uses all the tricks of the leftist socialist marxist media trade, to aide his political agenda, his personal monetary venture gain, by demonizing America, the US Constitution, and the American people, just as Obama, Al Sharpton, and all the other leftist radicals in govt., the MSMedia, Academia, etc, are doing.

    Liberals will always use a crisis to advance their agenda / assault against We the People’s Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties, via undermining and diluting- usurping, if not directly overturning, the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights, which is not a Bill of Needs. It is our, the American People’s Bill of Rights.

  • Kordane

    The final argument offered by Shapiro, that the 2nd amendment is there just in case the government goes tyrannical, is a fine argument, but it isn’t the strongest argument. The strongest argument will always be that we have unalienable individual rights, and that those rights imply that we have the freedom to own guns (even assault weapons). The opponent will be left with no choice but to oppose the unalienable individual rights – And that’s a losing battle for them, at least in America where unalienable individual rights are recognized.

  • I’m still trying to figure out why Piers is still here? He has a country that bans guns. He should go back to it.

  • jay deardorff

    Nice job. Morgan doesn`t have a leg to stand on when a actual intelligent exchange takes place because his stance is not based on saving kids as he says it is, it`s about disarming America.So he uses his various interview tactics to keep the argument limited to emotional hot buttons and keeps it away from a actual conversation. This guy Morgan is a complete kiss ass who would sell his mothers soul if it saved his own bacon. I hope CNN keeps using him for there side of the gun control argument, i find it very satisfying to see this puke get owned day after day.

  • No. Just no. I got to 1 whole minute 18 seconds and that was more that it deserve and I should get a prize. Honestly, why bother with Piers Morgan? He’s irrelevant. Utterly. And irritating to boot. So no.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Its clear, contrary to Mr. Morgan’s claim of understanding the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment is completely false… or he has the same agenda as our liar in chief and other radicals; to neuter our right to bear arms.

  • Neil_Beau

    Man this guy schooled Piers.

  • 911Infidel

    Piers the twit says he knows the second amendment. Actually no he doesn’t. Did he bother to read the Founders comments on the second amendment? Of course not. Piers like all other wankers are too busy building straw men and playing with non sequiturs.

    “No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
    —Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution, 1776.

    “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive. ”
    —Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal
    Constitution (Philadelphia 1787).

    “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American…[T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people. ”
    —Tenche Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.

  • Kordane

    There is no “reasonable” gun control, because there is no “reasonable” violation of the unalienable individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Something is either a violation of said rights, or isn’t. There is no middle ground between having unalienable individual rights and not. You either have them or you don’t. To accept even a single compromise on those rights is to surrender the whole of them.

  • Kordane

    Piers Morgan scoffed at the notion that the United States government may become tyrannical, but think about how easy it would be – All that Obama needs is a sufficiently large incident to call for a state of emergency, including martial law, the abolition of the separation of powers, and then the imposition of tyrannical measures. The military can be coerced to do the bidding of a tyrannical president (eg. traitors will be shot on sight), and then it can be used to impose tyranny on the people.

    That ‘sufficiently large incident’ could even be a “false flag” event.

    The only thing standing in the way of that is the individual’s right to bear arms, because the people could rise up and overthrow that tyrannical power grab.

    It isn’t hard for any government, even the United States, to become tyrannical. You just need a sufficiently large incident to push through that agenda.

  • The reason the people need (semi-automatic) weapons with the ability to fire 30+ rounds is for self-defense for groups of people trying to hurt them. The AR style rifle is a force multiplier it gives the person the ability to end a fight before it starts or to get the fight over as fast as possible while reducing the risk to the good guys that they will run out of ammo. And there is no such thing as a assault rifle, AR stands for Armalite.

  • What a pompous arrogant and stupid POS.

  • Why are we continuing to give this English liberal publicity? Just let his ratings slip closer to zero.

  • MaryUKtheScot

    I tried to watch Piers Morgan the other night, i couldnt manage through the whole show, he is such an @rse!!! All i could think about was tweeting “Piers Morgan dosent have a gun”!!! wink wink!!!

  • Piers Morgan is a twit. Why spend to much time trying to convince him of anything? He’s an ass.

  • Flying Tiger

    Shapiro is just another controlled opposition fast talker. Registration of guns is a wedge issue that keeps destruction of the 2nd amendment open.

    Breitbart, he’s not.

    • Templewind


  • JoeMontana16

    I get really upset when someone gets laughed at basically when they mention protecting against a tyrannical government. People throughout history have thought it laughable and didn’t think it could happen too them and then guess what? They were killed by the millions. When people think this couldn’t happen too them then they have already put one foot in the grave because of their ignorance.

    • Kordane

      He is both naive and irrational for investing so much trust in the goodness of politicians, and for thinking “tyranny could never happen here”. When it comes to the threat of tyranny, Piers Morgan is a Pollyanna. He hopes to capitalize on what little “craziness” there is in those who favor prudence against tyranny.

  • NCHokie02

    Ah, and of course which massacre did Piers leave out?? Virginia Tech. And why is that? Because that douche used two handguns to committ the mass murder. So when they ban “assault-weapons” and another massacre happens with pistols then what Piers?? Thats why you are wrong on this issue.

    Plus the fact that he seems to believe a government has never became tyrannical is absurd. I bet the Germans were a little shocked at what happened to them under Hitler, after he took away all the guns that is. How could have have rounded up the Jews for murder if they themselves were armed. And a couple of pistols against the Nazi’s rifles wouldn’t have fared them to well. However if they had the same rifles then perhaps a different story. Same thing in Russia. The communists took over, violently, and then….had the people turn in their weapons. The USSR turned out to be a great place to live didn’t. Mao, disarmed the chinese….no tyrannical government there.

    Piers is retarded if he doesn’t believe that the 2d amendment was to defend against tryanny.

  • truthfetish

    I hesitate to bash Morgan, despite his use of emotionally distracting and illegitimate argument tactics. Those are mere ratings-drivers and his main job is to get ratings. He annoys the hell out of me, but he doesn’t tune me out.

    At least Morgan allows the most articulate and coherent 2nd Amendment supporters on his show. Can’t be said for many other Kneepad Media hosts.

  • Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Simple solutions to complex problems: In any issue from the dawn of time as they were trying ways to address them, sometimes the 1st way of trying has to be vacated & go 100% the other direction when the 1st way does NOT work. In every shooting a law is broken, most mass shooting were in gun free zones. Gun free zones don’t say assault weapon free. So knowing that laws & gun restrictions have NOT worked it should be time to go 100% in the other direction.
    So knowing the definition of insanity & knowing the results of the way being tried already don’t work. It should be a fare conclusion that if we continue that direction would be insane right?
    In every shooting, mass shootings or 1 at a time , every gun law ever written was broken ! So why write more laws about guns? How about enforcing the ones we have & focus on getting nuts/thugs off the streets. How about putting god back into everyday life? How about our government grow a set of BALLS and do what they get OVER PAID FOR! How about descent pay for the 1st responders/law enforcement so they don’t become owned by thugs/corporations? How about we have elections without big banks/Wall St. funding them? How about out vote counting instead of electoral vote calling it? How about elections where the best person for the job wins instead of a popularly fuelled by money wins? I challenge any of you to think/look outside the box/mainstream media! WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!
    How about we take our government back and make them accountable for the job we pay them for?

    • It makes sense if you figure they’re not trying to solve the problem.

      When you’re proposing a gun ban, what you’re doing is setting things up down the road so the people you want to control can’t say “No, dammit!” to whatever you want.

  • It’s a waste of time to go on about this un-watched tabloid twit. He knows his show is going to get the axe and he’ll have to go crawling back to London. At this point he’s just trolling for the benefit of anti-American Guardian-reading producers who might hire him.

  • I certainly would have liked to have seen Ben Shapiro “decimate” Piers Morgan in this video, but that is not what I saw. It looked to me just the opposite. Not saying that what Morgan said was right, just that he was on offense, and Shapiro was on defense, and not for convincingly so except for people who already agreed with him.

    For one, the question why do we need an assault weapon? For one thing, they are damn good weapons for home defense, family defense, and neighborhood defense. Better than a handgun in many respects. If we are going to defend owning these we need to understand how good a weapon they are for civilian ownership.

    I have written about that in detail:

    Who Needs An Assault Rifle?

  • I certainly would have liked to have seen Ben Shapiro “decimate” Piers Morgan in this video, but that is not what I saw. It looked to me just the opposite. Not saying that what Morgan said was right, just that he was on offense, and Shapiro was on defense, and not very convincingly so except for people who already agreed with him.

    For one, the question why do we need an assault weapon? For one thing, they are damn good weapons for home defense, family defense, and neighborhood defense. Better than a handgun in many respects. If we are going to defend owning these we need to understand how good a weapon they are for civilian ownership.

    I have written about that in detail:

    Who Needs An Assault Rifle?

    • body guards guarding elected officials do not carry single shot pistols!
      Piers MoreGun-s, ask them WHY.

  • Piers shows his ignorance of human nature and history when he seems to think he’s revealed some great logical flaw in Shapiro’s statements about balance of power and tyranny.

  • Rocco11

    “Brandish your little book..” I believe he speaks for all Leftists folks, certainly Barack Hussein Soetoro Onyango Obama…

  • EchoMike

    I’m sick of this crap argument of “Why do people NEED these weapons?”.
    WTF does that have to do with anything?
    My rights are not determined by what you think I “need”.
    It’s my right to purchase whatever property I WANT with the fruits of my labor, JACK WAGON!
    And the 2nd Amendment gives me the right to purchase an posses firearms.

  • See why our forefathers left England

  • Kordane

    I’d have liked Ben Shapiro to hammer Piers Morgan more on his total lack of consistency in advocating a ban on Assault Weapons, but having no problem with allowing Handguns.

    If you get to the bottom of it, you’ll find that Piers Morgan actually wants ALL guns banned, but he just wants to get his foot in the door by starting off with a ban on Assault Weapons; he knows that such a ban would pave the way for an eventual ban on Handguns too.

    All you have to do is get them to ADMIT what they really want to do, and then you smack them down HARD!

  • MLCross

    Yes, Piers, this government is more than capable of tyrannical behavior – it has already gone that way. Look up U.S. citizens of Japanese descent internment during WWII. That was done by absolute, dictatorial, Executive Order just exactly the way you and Joe Biden want BO to do with gun rules that you know would never get passed Congress.

  • Sober_Thinking

    The ONLY reason this goes on is because it helps CNN’s miserable ratings. Period.

  • Kordane

    Piers Morgan and guests laughing about killing Alex Jones with a semi-automatic rifle –


  • Sober_Thinking
  • 1vote

    Ok, you do not have to, but, I WILL give the devil his due and admit that Pierce is good at what he does. I do not think Ben’s performance was “masterful”.

    The immediate goal is to get a national registry as this will enable confiscation. Make no mistake about it: confiscation is the ultimate goal. Incremental does it.

    America is in a battle to the death for her way (freedom) of life.

  • I thought that Gabby Giffords was shot by a madman armed with a handgun? I might be wrong on that, but I thought she was. Also, the worst mass shooting in this country was at Virginia Tech, and that nut was armed with only two handguns. Also, the Fort Hood killer was only armed with a handgun. Also, the Oklahoma City bombing in the 1990s killed almost 200 people and no guns were used there. So Shapiro is right, you really don’t need an assault rifle if all you want to do is kill a lot of people. Yet there is never a focus on handguns, only on rifles. Isn’t Morgan and people like him concerned that if you take away rifles, killers will simply use more handguns? At close range (as at Fort Hood or Virginia Tech), they are just as deadly as rifles. So why isn’t the left honest about what they want to do and eleminate all guns from Americans? Because total gun control is a gradual process. You can’t do it overnight. So first go for the rifles, and when that doesn’t reduce the number of deaths, then say “well of course, now we have to go for the handguns too.” See how that works?

    • yes, it was a handgun, and Piers MoreGun-s had thrown it into “assult weapons” bag rant.
      He also said he can go to Wal-Mart and buy “assault weapons ant thousands o ammo”.
      He CANNOT.
      He does not have FOID and I am sure will not get it when applying for.
      Another lying premise suggesting that anybody can buy them.
      Biden and his ilk say “we have to do a background check”..
      It is done by your State Police before anybody can get FOID.
      Not too many know this inconvenient fact.

  • stage9

    Every 200 years we have to remind the British that we are not subject to them and their tyranny.

  • Why anyone wants to listen to a Brit cc Constitutional rights is absolute mystifying to me.

    • Piers MoreGun-s (I’m trying to p*ss him off with this), with a total contempt and disdain,
      . named (to Ben) our Constitution “your little book”…
      Ant that’s OK with urinalists and press-titutes at our MSM

  • lrjrj

    Sharp kid, and liberal Morgan clearly (like all liberals) guided by short sighted emotional responses. Out of 300M+ people, assault “style” rifles are not even close to being the deadliest source of gun deaths. WHere they are (metro areas, gang, drug and criminal elements) most legislation will not touch the problem. It is a difficult problem to solve, and there is not necessarily an answer to it. BUt the pols respond to the squeaky wheel and issues most likely to make them look good – not working out that way on this issue.
    Where gun violence is highest, a change and focus on improving the culture is probably the only way to curb the trends in gun deaths. Banning guns here is something I would not support either, who are we to tell all people in these areas they cannot defend themselves and protect their property? They need them the most! Improve background checks, include family mental illness, character references, etc, but focus any legislation on the individuals who would own them legally, that is the only thing we can do.

  • What happens when governments turn on its own citizens who protest:

    China (PRC) (1949 – 1987) — 76,700,000 people killed.
    USSR (1917 – 1987 ) — 62,000,000 people killed.
    Pol Pot’s Cambodia (1975 – 1979) — over 2,000,000 people killed. Pol Pot was funded by U.S. government.

  • tsturbo

    Snotty b*st*rd just got his as* kicked!
    Wake up and take notes RNC, THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE.

  • Nice radio interview of Ted Nugent from recent (audio) appearance with Peter Schiff

  • PhillyCon

    Anyone notice something here? When they are Alinskyed themselves (Morgan) or called out on their “Alinskyism” … they are appalled. It’s what they DO to us ALL the time.

    Remember Hillary Clinton’s speech about “patriotic dissent?”

    We can’t be nicey nice to these people. It never works. Instead we have to Alinsky them right back. They usually never see it coming.

  • The Sandy Hook shooter did not use an AR15, he used handguns.

    He stole the guns, they were not bought legally, they were stolen.

    An AR15 is not an assault weapon.

  • Shapiro is wrong on some of his ‘facts’ he should have been better prepared and he should have stood up for the second amendment.

    Piers Morgan is lying about some of his facts, where is the 40% coming from?

    Shapiro should not let Peirs morgan dictate the way the debate is being framed.

  • Such a douche

  • Piers is a bloody wanker who should just sod off to England.

    • They don’t want him back. Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame started a petition…

  • pwegunter

    Piers Morgan,is an idiot,with a big mouth,who has no right to have an opinion.What is his claim to fame?How did he get a tv show,how and why did he become important?Here is a fact for him,and his anti-gun buddies.They will never take away our guns,and when i say our,i mean myself and everyone i know personally.I can’t speak for people i don’t know,however i am confident that there are millions of Americans that feel the way i do.The day that the Government,who by the way no longer has the American peoples best interest at heart,tries to take away our guns,will be a sad day in American history.First off,who is going to come to take them from our homes?Every person that i know who is in law enforcement,or the military, say that they will not enforce,or be a part of such laws.As for the few idiots who would try to enforce such laws,they will be viewed as enemies of the Constitution of the United States of America,and will be dealt with as such.

  • Piers is a big mouth punk who does nothing more than try to bully people into agreeing with him. And when he is called on his remarks and or statements he acts like the spoiled little B**ch he is. I do not understand why CNN even hired him.

  • aposematic

    What is an assult weapon…any weapon used in an assult: words, open hands, fists, knives, stones, bricks, guns, rifles… Basically any dictionary from a to z lists 100’s of 1,000’s of weapons used in assults. The term assult weapon is a leftists term used to stir emotions. The right makes a grave mistake repeating these leftist terms in arguments. Basically the right accepts the leftist argument and then argues against what they have accepted. Shapiro does this thruoughout this exchange.

  • We have made up our minds Piers, you are a silly bully, with no logic to your agenda to take away the rights of American citiizens to own guns, legally, under the Constitution of The United States Of America. If you really are concerned about the safety and lives of people and children, then you should re-direct your passion and agenda to hammers and automobiles, since they are used in a lot more killings and murders than guns are. It would seem your priorities are screwed.

  • Orpheus75

    Wrong, in Sandy Hook, the “assault” rifle was left in the car. The perpetrator use hand guns.

  • Wisconsinlady

    Piers “How dare you?”. Shapiro didn’t take the bait and kept saying Morgan stood on the graves of children in Sandy Hook. Good for him.

  • Ben Shapiro: Brilliant.

  • “Why do you NEED something like that?”

    Why does anyone need a Ferrari? They don’t – but they WANT them.

    Why do I WANT an AR-15? Because I might want it. Because they’re legal. Because they’re a pain in the butt to clean. Because I shot one in the military. Because I’d like to show my son how to shoot. (And have HIM clean it.)

    Because it’s legal for me to own one. Even if it’s a scary black rifle.

    Because I’m a law-abiding citizen.

    What other reason should I have?

    • jim Asherman

      Actually Piers drives an Aston Martin Rapide.

      It goes 183 miles an hour and gets 18 mpg.
      Completely unneccessary.
      Not useful anywhere in the US.
      A danger to the public at large.
      I am surprised no one has called Mr. Morgan out on his “why would anyone need that ? ” car.
      Freedom is ok for him, just not for you.

  • ImaThinkn

    Okay, the FIRST thing I’d tell that pompous a-hole is that if he interrupts me ONE more time while I’m addressing a question or a point he made that I’m going to break BOTH of his jaws and his nose, wish him a nice hospital recovery, and then leave the set.

  • Morgan’s argument of why any civilian needs an AR-15? Can easily be argued against. The Second Amendment states right, not need.

  • Myptofvu

    I don’t see this as a slam dunk for Ben like everyone is calling it, but he did hold his own. He could have done better on preventing tyranny by keeping the government in check and he might have its seems like Piers cut him off at that point.

  • aposematic

    Morgan’s argument in attempting to support greater gun controls by pointing to incidents of mass killings is proof positive his argument for gun control is false as the argument proves gun control to not stop mass killings. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Morgan’s solution is to take the gun from the good guy…

    • marketcomp

      Moreover, completely ignoring the fact that every massacre committed was by a mentally unstable killer! So he completely failed, or just intentionally ignored, the mental illness part of these killers.

  • BillSD33

    Reading all your posts makes me feel better. Now that I know there are enough whack jobs out there ready to protect me from my government. My only question is, who is protecting me from all of YOU!!

    • ImaThinkn

      That responsibility falls upon YOUR shoulders! There have even been court decisions that state that very fact. The government is NOT obligated to protect you–nor should you expect it to, when it comes to police protection. It is a complete impossibility to provide such assurances. Even people in prison aren’t secure from personal attacks.

  • The first thing Piers and the rest of the Blow Obama anti-gun lefties need to remember is semi-automatics do NOT discharge a ridiculous amount of bullets in a short time” You need to pull the trigger each time Those “assault” rifles have been banned since 1933. But I agree with Ben, want to stop gun crimes, take your nappy heads back to the ghettos of Philly, Compton, D.C., Baltimore, or anywhere in Vermont where methadone and heroin are handed out like candy, and start collecting the illegal ones.

  • Using 6 boxes of Sudafed as a reference to what you are able to buy, compared to a AR-15 is apples and oranges. The band-aid law for purchasing that amount of cold medicine was anattempt to not address the real problem Piers. Methamphetimine!!! The Federal Gov’t doesn’t want to address the “drug war”. Clueless hemp-heads like the current ones in Colorado, California, and Washington state are proof! Stone people do stupid things, like vote for Obama, and other prog/libs, who know if you are too fucked up to pay attention….you’ll never see the next unconstitutional thing coming down on you behind Washingtons closed doors. Once you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow~ Adolf Hitler.

  • Wrong Piers! Ronald Reagan didn’t want a ban on assault weapons, his cheif advisor did, James Brady. Who was shot with a HANDGUN!!!!!! oh and so was Reagan. (sorry people, I comment as I watch to point out factual liberal misnomers).

  • duckyack

    Ben, our Constitutional Republic has already been usurped by a fallacious label, Democracy, which in turn is the very system that can, and will, devolve into an oppressive and tyrannical rule! STOP allowing others to label the US as a Democracy! That’s what is absurd! Also, Shapiro paints too broadly the mental health issue and includes those with diagnoses which are not dangerous, by far. Psychosis is the term we all should be using when discussing weapons bans for the mentally ill. Criminals and psychotics are the two groups that should have no firearms at all. We certainly need a better understanding of mental illness and all of its varying degrees. And when Morgan, and others like him, use the phrase, “Why would anyone NEED an assault weapon,” people invariable leave out the most important reason of all. And that is that WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!! When we stop demanding out loud our Constitutional rights, we give up and hand over another part of liberty to a Democracy, standing at the ready to take more and more and more, until we are all in chains.

  • Ronald Reagan didn’t sign off on that letter in 1994 Piers. He couldn’t! He was suffering from Alzheimer’s at the time. His name was used by permission as a favor to the Brady LAw, or the original banning of assault weapons in 1994, AFTER, 23 people were killed in Killeen Texas, by George Hennard, with hand guns. Another knee-jerk reaction from the left. Remember who was President then piers?

  • TYPICAL…liberal talk over.

  • Typical…liberal talk over!

  • Rob

    Shapiro is right that is the reason we have the 2nd amendment, it is to protect ourselves from our government. The only thing I don’t agree with him on is the time this will happen, its not going to be 50-100 years its going to be 2-5 years. Our government is way out of control and it needs to be put down and soon.

  • Shapiro did great. Morgan kept throwing up human shields like the Sandy Hook shooter’s mom to shut him down and Shapiro went right around them. It would have been nice had he asked Morgan to define “assault weapon” and “semi-automatic.”

  • Pierce Morgan is a complete idiot. I hope we don’t change any gun laws just so he keeps his promise and goes back home.

  • HoundOfDoom

    This is the first time I’ve seen Piers Morgan. Amazing that people tune in to watch that little bitch.

  • Piers is just damned lucky that Andrew wasn’t sitting in that seat. In fact, I don’t believe that Piers would have had the balls to book Andrew Breitbart on this or any other issue.

  • The point for a civilian to legally own an AR-15 is because he wants one. Period.

  • The U.S. Government (a la Obama) has already turned on it’s people and has been doing so for the last half century.

  • Erdnay

    More people are killed every year by drunk drivers. 9,878 in 2011. Do we ban cars ? No. We educate the public on DUI. Timothy McVay killed 168 people with fertilizer! Ban fertilizer! The most commonly used weapon in violent attacks in the U.S. is the baseball bat. Ban baseball bats! Or maybe we could address the real problem. The mental health issues.

  • Breitbart lives

  • DavidRobertson

    It was a good run on Shapiro’s part. My only suggestion (not that I would have been able to keep my cool and wit any better) would be to counter Piers’ argument about “What point is there to owning an assault weapon” is that in this country we DON’T NEED A POINT. That’s the part of “shall not be infringed” in the second amendment…further, it is “the point” of the constitution, which is a set of items that tells the government what it CAN NOT DO to me. Of course, we can’t expect Mr. Morgan to back away from his fish and chips long enough to understand the point.

    • wallwatchman

      Amen! Was gonna say the same thing! Morgan’s arrogant, smug, I know what you should and shouldn’t own, is maddening!! The point is, who do you think you are?! I shouldn’t have to run my purchases by you or anyone else! YOU don’t get to decide what I do and don’t need! Got that piers! Ugh!

  • EchoMike

    Notice how the propagndist even distorts the “good person/bad person” by suggesting that Ben labeled the mom a “bad” person, when Ben’s statement was keeping the weapons out of the hands of bad people. The mom didn;t walk into a school and shoot all these people. Her son did.
    Son bad person
    Mom irresponsible.

  • jrh9861

    For what’s it’s worth your average American citizen can’t own an AR-15. They can buy a semi-auto lookalike but that can’t buy an actual AR-15.

  • Here’s what some in England think (video). They’re speaking out with their own experience of a national gun ban.

  • hventure22

    Outstanding work Ben.

  • drphibes

    I give Morgan credit for putting on an articulate detractor. I hope this helps unwind the buffoonery that Alex Jones contributed. Alex Jones doesn’t represent me (sorry I’m not down with boxing match arguments).

  • cleanracer

    More people are killed each year by hammers, bare hands or fists each year than by rifles. Piers argument is based solely on emotion, not statistics. And to not acknowledge that tyrannical governments can form here and now is to be ignorant of history and human nature.

  • I wish Ben had made several points that had me yelling at the TV… 1. An AR-15 is not an assault rifle (those are selective fire military rifles such as the M16 and M4) 2. Britain (King George) was the British tyrant (ahem, Piers) that the founders escaped from and fought in the American Revolution. 3. Tyranny is happening here now. Biden eluded to an Executive Order, going outside of Congress…a.k.a. tyranny. I want a number of 30 round mags for my AR when the tyrants come. I hope it doesn’t, I’ll be happy punching holes in targets 400yds downrange. I know the government…I worked for them for nearly 30 years. I DO NOT trust them, and neither should you.

  • jenndee

    That just made my day! Great job, Ben. Your book is waiting patiently in my Kindle. The end reminded me of a basketball team that is losing, frantically getting down the floor to make a quick shot. Piers just started yelling and blabbering around while Ben looks at him with cool grace. LOVE IT!!

  • LiveFreeOrDieAmerica

    While Mr. Shapiro makes some solid points with his arguments, he falls short of articulating the full value of the second amendment. Specifically, he caves on the question “Which guns would you ban?” The answer should be NONE of them. None. NONE. Yes, those that are criminals or mentally non-viable for gun ownership should be prevented from gun ownership. Yes, we need background checks for gun sales. Yes we need those that are mentally unstable to be kept from owning or accessing guns. However, ANY registration database (ESPECIALLY in the hands of the government) is WRONG. That is infringing my right to ownership. Period. Furthermore, Piers Morgan’s analogy of Sudafed is ridiculous. Sudafed ownership is not a right guaranteed by the constitution. Period. Stop talking about such things. Water kills people in sufficient quantity. Do we ban water in containers larger than 4 ounces? Same argument. Ridiculous. Furthermore, there is no “assault rifle.” Period. Stop allowing that ridiculous designation. Again, the purpose for the second amendment is to protect citizens from a tyrannical government. Therefore, whatever guns the government has the people need to have – un-infringed. Let’s be honest – the left hates guns because they fear them and many of them are owned by those on the right. They want to dig the right any way they can and they stink at using them. Gun envy. They also want subjects not citizens. Don’t allow us to be subjects. We are sovereign citizens. Stay that way – support gun ownership or give up everything else. It’s that easy.

  • barney59

    I really hate how this self obsessed, socialist pr*ck Morgan has made himself so visible during this debate. Just gives him more airtime and keeps his cache up with Zucker.

    But, I am heartened by this fantastic rebuttal by a brilliant, young man. He gives me hope for the coming generations.

    Morgan represents the abject failure of his generation.

  • OG surferz

    Fast and Furious anyone? thats why we need assault rifles, to defend ourselves against assault rifles.

  • Sunnny1

    What a pompous jerk. He is the definition of a wind bag. Obviously, our immigration laws are not working.

  • whitedevilmom

    Piers Morgan is a Bald Face Liar. He needs to be sent packing, back to England.

  • Actually, I don’t think he torched Piers. I was pretty disappointed at how whiny he sounded while Piers got away with constantly interrupting, not letting him finish a complete thought; while P acted like he was Mr. Reason.

    We need defenders on these shows that will NOT be bullied and talked over and who can fully marshal current statistics as well as the historical foundations and thinking/debates of the Founders. Smack Piers upside the head with words/reasoning of the Founders re the second amendment.

    In short–Bring on Mark Levin!

  • Mal

    Libs ignore facts. Piers was ignoring the horrible history of other Govs goring rouge in Europe. Facts mean nothing to the left-only the agenda. F U P. Morgan!!

  • TickleMe Elmo

    “How dare you ”

    Piers Morgan = 13 yr old girl

  • jcgreen2

    Piers needs to go back to Great Britain where he can be ruled by a Queen. He obviously does not understand freedom and how we need to protect ourselves with guns from the tyranny of an oppressive government… like we are seeing today. It is ironic that it was his own King George that caused the American Revolution by attempting to disarm the Colonists in America. Britain was wrong then… Piers is wrong today!

  • When Morgan asked Shapiro why should citizens own assault rifles, he should have simply stated, because owning firearms is a protected right under the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Morgan uses the standard Democrat Communists’ interviewing technique of changing the subject, as he did with his medicine example, or quoting some obscure quote from Reagan that no one would ever remember what he said. When the Democrat Communists try to take the guns away from Americans, I believe that the gun owners will fight to the end to keep their guns. Then the Democrat Communists will have wished they had guns then.

  • Piers is intellectually an imbecile. “Do you like Ronald Reagan? Ronald Reagan wanted to ban assault rifles.” What are you twelve? I just had 1,000 brain cells commit suicide after listening to that.

  • i would feel more comfortable if our medical professionals ended the practice of over dosing mental disease in young children. If you are mentally ill, a pill does not make you well, ever. Every one of these mass shooters had a drug issue. Legal, prescribed, or illegal, It is the common thread, yet nobody wants to talk about it.

  • gajaw999

    Considering the format, the time limit, the antagonistic host– I don’t think Ben could have done a better job of addressing the issue. Very well done. I love the way he came out strong with the comments about the graves. It obviously hit the target and Piers
    spluttered about it the remainder of the interview. Also, very smart turning the focus on handguns, which is the Left’s ultimate target.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    There is no such thing as assault weapons!!!!!! There is only automatic and semi-automatic weapons!!!!

  • bd

    It was ludicris how Piers agreed with Pesidents Reagans comments about banning an assault weapon? After he read the paper.As far as Mark Kelly goes, if his wife owns a gun after having injuries like she seems to have, why does she get a gun? She admitted fear, so what about her mental state? Does Piers feel she shouldn’t have a gun?

  • Way to go Ben-my new Hero. Good Bye Piers!!!

  • iStateOfMind3 iii

    Teaching Piers Morgan history, the history of his own government.

  • Piers you can only buy it if you have a license and a background check.
    You are a moron and a buffoon.
    Check your facts!

  • Common Sense Blogger

    I could watch this 100 times! Common sense and historical facts are like kryptonite to supporters of gun control and the bulk of nearly any far-left argument.

  • RedReb

    Ben did such a good job, we should all be proud of him.

  • RedReb

    Ben did such a good job, we should all be proud of him.

  • MadMex

    Piers is one angry man! I still don’t understand why he has his own show here in the states. He is sticking to his guns (no pun intended) about assault rifles. Maybe he has to go back to the UK to see how violence is doing out there instead of here. To be honest, I think he was far more entertaining in America’s Got Talent.