Matthews: Do black people feel at home at Republican convention?

Matthews had Michael Steele on his show today and asked him if black people were told not to bunch up in crowds or they would scare the white people at the Republican Convention:

I go to Republican convention; I go to Democrat [convention] and as a white guy one of the things I notice about the difference – one thing I notice about black people at different conventions [is] you go to the Democrat convention [and] black folk are hanging together, having a good time. They’re smiling and enjoying themselves. They feel very much at home. You go to Republican [convention] – you get the feeling you are all told individually ‘now don’t bunch up; don’t get together, don’t crowd or you’ll scare these people’. Is that true in the Republican Party? Is that still true in your party?

Did you fear that if you got together with some other African Americans that white guys might get scared of you?

Is it still true in the Republican Party? Er what? Has Matthews forgot that it was the Republican Party that lead the way on the Civil Rights Act? They way it rolled off Matthews tongue I’m starting to believe he has brainwashed himself.

I can’t imagine what the MSM would do if Hannity or Beck asked a bigoted question like this to anyone. Well I do know. They wouldn’t stop until Fox News’ roof collapsed just like the one at Vikings’ stadium in Minnesota.

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