Matthews: You’d never say that about a white person!

Chris Matthews was talking up the birther thing tonight as if it just started yesterday, arguing that birthers are nothing more than petty racists. He brought Trump into the conversation, of course, noting that Trump was now suggesting that Obama wasn’t smart enough to get into Harvard and must’ve had help. Trying to make the same racism point, he interjects that “You’d never say that about a white person!”. Yet 12 minutes before he made that statement, he and Clarence Page were just joking that George W. Bush was the one who shouldn’t have gotten into Harvard because he was stupid. Note George W. Bush is in fact a white person:

(h/t: Ace)

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  • Tom

    Hey Chris Matthews Here is a clip of Obumma telling 7 lies in 2 minutes. That might be what we don’t like about him
    click this link

  • This makes me glad I don’t have a TV. How do you guys watch this stuff, anyway? Is the screen behind bulletproof glass or something….?

  • poljunkie

    Really Chris? For almost the entire Bush Presidency we heard how dumb he was. If I remember correctly he is white.

  • Excellent exposure of the MSNBC despicable race hustling racket!

  • Louisiana Mom

    The sad part is most of Chris’s viewers never noticed the hypocrisy here (or in anything else this man has said). They just nodded and took another sip of Kool-Aid.

    • bob

      I never watch this show, but see below for why I think this doesn’t really make sense in this context


  • bob

    How is it hypocritical to criticize a practice that other people do, and then go against that norm. Otherwise, you couldn’t actively criticize peoples actions. Everyone would be forced to conform to society’s ideology.
    me: i hate chinese food, i never eat it
    my friend: thats because you’ve never tried it
    me: oh right, maybe we should try it out
    me: wow I really like chinese food

    …If something doesn’t happen that you think is bad, you should change it

    preempting “but hes being a total d**cher”
    I mean, yes, you are incredibly observant and accurate but lets be honest, most of the media is negative coverage of the other side. if its all negative then you might as well try to create “equality”

    preempting “but they did this to bush all the time”
    yes, they got their punches, trump is obviously going to try and get his punches… nothings really going to stop them. obviously you are going to say “BUT THAT JUST PROVES HES LYING” – I think theres more nuance to the generic argument – its not that no one questions white people’s quals, I think its that trump is just basing this on off the cuff hearsay with nothing reliable and hes already been “proven wrong” (I use quotes because he was more ambiguous about the birther) once. I will admit that ive done minimal research on this last point but Bush did have a clear family legacy, which is incredibly helpful, and still got C’s but I don’t really think Obama had any clear external force helping him.

    I’m probably going to get tons of angry posts about the second part, but I think the first part is the basis for most logic – part of criticism is going against the norm, sometimes that takes a negative form

    • Victor

      He admitted, in print while in law school in defending racial quotas, that ge was an affirmative action case (both in admission and appointment to the law review). It was in the New York Times.

      I would pay good money to see the guy’s LSAT score.

  • Journalism is dead in America. The MSM is nothing but Pravda now. The American people are flying blind. Even the Conservative pundits have let us down.

    Even the Fox panels are clueless now. I heard them on Bret Beir saying it was the speculators that are driving up the oil prices. The only people willing to put the truth ahead of their careers are guys like Beck, Levin, Dennis Prager, and David Horowitz.

    • bob

      lol, i agree with the first paragraph, not so sure about the second one…

      • Do you think Bill Kristol knows what he’s talking about? He supported McCain in the primaries. I could go down a long list. Most pundits stick their finger in the wind and tell their audience what they want to hear. Sad.

        Rush, Hannity are content to be entertainers. Beck is a doer. He’s going to translate the Federalist Papers into contemporary English. We need to teach our families and friends the truth about America.

        • bob

          I should have said I disagreed with all of it except the first sentence.. and I definitely agree with the last sentence

          OMG, CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH!!!!! i laugh to myself when you describe that as “doing.” Also “Most pundits stick their finger in the wind and tell their audience what they want to hear” – I think beck obviously does this – ie you want to hear him talk about the constitution, so he talks about the constitution…its just more emphatic and has blackboards…

          • bob

            whoops “definitely disagree with the last sentence”…that was pretty egregious on my part

            • Actually Beck has done shows on religion, the Fed, and lots of other topics. He has told the Birhters that they are all crazy and he stuck up for Sherrly Sherod. He went after Huckabee and called him a “progressive.” Which wind do you think he’s sticking his finger in exactly?

              Considering that Beck spends over a million dollars a year on body guards, I’d say he’s definitely not telling people what they want to hear.

              I stopped listening to Rush and Hannity ages ago. It’s just throw the red meat to the crowd every day.

              • bob

                ugh, i think my response got blocked.

                • bob

                  1. you assume crazy is good, my point is that just because you assume it doesn’t make it true

                  2. beck is super polarizing towards the other side – hes also really entertaining and crazy

                  i dont think you understood my original point, all media is biased and bad, especially crazy people because they are even more ideological

                • Jackyl

                  Once again – more stupidity. Can you please just register as a dumbocrat and post on one of the Soros communist blogs please!

                • You assume that just because you think it, it must be true. Here are some fun facts for you:

                  1. Beck warned about 9-11 2 years before it happened.
                  2. Beck warned about the stock market collapse when it was still at 14,000.
                  3. Beck began telling people to buy gold when it was at $670. It closed today at 1,538.
                  4. Beck held up a little book and said it was the blue print for uprisings in EU 2 years before the riots in Greece, England, France, etc.
                  5. Beck warned about food inflation last summer.
                  6. 500,000 people showed up in Washington at the 8-28 rally. I didn’t see Sean or Rush there.

                  Please, please, please send me a truck load of that “Beck Crazy” right away.

                • bob

                  …that was tough

                  my fave result:

                  since I know none of you will look at any of this ill post a youtube clip also

                  500,000 to give a speech, again, not really any different from a show

                  …too bad all of the websites above are from liberal hacks who are socialist communist, muslim, black panthers, oh and nazis…

                • Sorry but the first several entries I read at “Glenn Beck Lies” are actually…lies.

                  Nice try though.

                  I used to be on the Left and the left-wing world view is based on lies and Utopianism.

                  If poverty causes crime then rich people would be the most honest people in the world.

                  Democrats started the KKK. Al Gore’s father voted against the Civil Rights Amendment. So did Sheets Byrd and LBJ. George Wallace was a Democrat and blocked Black students from going to college as depicted in a scene from “Forest Gump.”

                  Unfortunately for you, Beck is usually right or he would have been sued out of existence years ago.

                  You can listen to Ed Schultz. I’ll stick with Beck.

                • bob

                  I also
                  a. find a lot of this doubtful without evidence
                  b. probably dont think he predicted much of what really happened
                  c. he thinks everything is a conspiracy, its like playing the slots – you win occasionally, but a lot of the time you are wrong

                • Persephone

                  No, ND is right about this.
                  I was watching Beck on CNN the times he was warning about the stock market crash…he did it more than once.
                  And he was always telling people to buy gold back then, too.
                  Beck also warned about the riots in Europe, several times.
                  He’s been like a broken record the past few years about food inflation.
                  And the thing that is impressive about the 500,000 people who traveled to Washington to his rally, is that they did it at their own expense.

                  You can bray about it all you like, but Nick is not lying about this.

                • Thank you.

                • Sorry, but the facts don’t support your opinion.

          • Jackyl

            Sorry Bobby, reading your posts makes me think your a closet libtard. Beck is the last person who puts his finger in the air you goof. You say some of the dumbest things of everyone in this forum. Post your high school transcripts will ya? I need to figure our if your dumb or dumb and liberal.

            • bob

              i dont think the transcripts thing would turn out well in your favor…

        • Jackyl

          Well said ND! I could not agree more. I am so sick of RINO’s and “fair and ballanced” news on Fox. Marxists have launched an all out war on our constition, our freedom, and our wealth and we can not find even one network or cable news station to push a conservative viewpoint.

          If the libtards try to bring back the fairness doctrine, we have to organize to turn it to our advantage. For example, Chris Mathews with his feminine haircut and thrills up his leg against Michael Savage! Door to door combat baby!

          • Conservative need a media strategy. Beck, Levin, Dennis Prager are working to counter the propaganda of the Left. Dennis Prager has his Prager University with short 5 minute vids on history and American values.

            It will be a tough fight, but there’s a lot at stake.

            • Anonymous

              Yes we do.

              I have a favor to ask of you.:)

              I just found out yesterday that Harvard Law was enmeshed in Critical Legal Studies (CLS) when bho attended.

              Have you ever heard of CLS? I hadn’t. This is the first place I read about it.


              Could you check it out and see what you think? The strategy sounds eerily familiar to me – spooky too.

        • K~Bob

          Those beltway types suffer from too much association with that old bromide about politics being “the art of the possible.”

          Can you imagine what the American Revolution would have looked like if the founders believed in that crap? I’d guess we’d have to muster to war if the Queen called for it, just like the Aussies and New Zealanders do.

          • The Beltway is populated with Cocktail Party Conservatives. They have been seduced by the glamor and fame that comes from rubbing elbows with the elite.

            Beck asks every politician he interviews: can you go to Washington and not lose your soul?

    • Publius

      What IS jouranlism? Or what was it when it was alive? I think it’s always been propaganda. Always.

      I don’t see where University of Columbia journalism (founded by Pulitzer) was any less eboullient over Mussolini in the 20’s than they were about Obama. And then there is that Duranty fellow who won a Pulitzer for covering up Stalin’s forced famine and who, as much as anyone, made him into “Uncle” Joe.

      Just because they say they are objective, smart and thorough doesn’t mean they ever were.

      The spreading of any idea is “propagation.” Hence, it is all, by definition, propaganda.

      • Since all lies are made up of words, everything in the dictionary is a lie.

  • Anonymous

    We saw George Bush’s grades Chris. Where are Obama’s? With a sick ego like him, he’d have those grades plastered all over the place if they were presentable.
    From what I read he dropped out of Occidental because of drugs and bad grades. Never went to Columbia and someone paid for him to get into Harvard. No Chris, he isn’t brilliant. He is a lying con man. He’s another Jim Jones of The Peoples Temple and you are a cultist.

    You can read about who paid for his Harvard degree here. By the way he doesn’t have a law license either. He had that revoked because he lied about never using other names.


  • Anonymous

    Here is Socialist turd O’Donnel interviewing Orly Taitz.

  • Anonymous

    FOX News are liars like the rest. I won’t even watch FOX and Friends anymore. They’ve done nothing but enable the lie. All of them need to die a slow death. This is why they don’t want Obama exposed because they’ve lied for him.

    • Persephone

      Fox’s ratings have gone through the roof since Obama was elected.
      That could have something to do with it.
      Why would they want him to be gone?

  • Persephone

    It’s not racist.
    Obama is half white.
    We’re just interested in how the white half got into Harvard.

  • richard wilson

    Chris mathews is unbalanced. He needs. Mental help.

  • Tom

    Chris Matthews we hate a liar here are over 100 Bald Face Lies obumma has told us listen your self click this link to hear them

  • K~Bob

    He’s just race(ster)baiting. It’s all the left has going now.

  • I wish someone would just hit Matthews in the mouth.

    • Persephone

      *raises hand*

      I’ll do it.
      I’d love to make him swallow his teeth.
      Right in the middle of one of his little pissy fits.

      Ooops…did I say that?

  • Heard on the radio this morning:

    “Half of the country thinks he was born in Kenya. The other half thinks he was born in a MANGER!”

    Literally LOL.