Maxine Waters: Tea Party protesters are outrageous because they shout!

Maxine Waters is trying hard, desperately hard, to brand the tea parties as harmful to our republic. And her analysis is, well, as good as it gets coming from her side of the isle. Of all of her analysis, I’d say the ‘shouting’ part was spot on and I think we can all agree that shouting is definitely outrageous for protesters. Don’t they know that whispering is more civil?

This campaign to silence and demonize the Right is quite outrageous and I fear they won’t stop until they succeed in their mission. I mean, how will Maxine ‘take over’ if the American people keep shouting and protesting? After all, most of us have seen ‘A Bug’s Life’ and they don’t want that to happen.

UPDATE: I swaped out Fox’s smaller chunk of the interview for MSNBC’s version and WOW it got worse. For those of you who are returning skip to the 5 min mark to hear Maxine contend that if there are people in the tea parties that are angry because of actual policy issues like spending and such, that she can’t hear them because they are overrun by the fringe element! How outrageous!

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  • jackmick

    How Awful…they were shouting and…..OMG….waving the American Flag. It must have been horrible for her to see. Great Video from one of the most XLNT thinkers in our government, Maxine Waters (sarc/)

  • I swear there are Aliens in our house! Argh!

  • This coming from a woman who marched down the streets of Los Angeles shouting “no Justice No peace.”

  • halfcast

    Is that lady nuts? Banks only targeted minority communities because the government forced them to lower their lending standards and target minorities that were “underrepresented” in the housing market. I can’t stand when politicians blame the consequences of the policies and regulations they forced on the market, on market greed and lack of regulations.

    Who cares if she generalizes the Tea Party into a bunch of racist rednecks clinging to their guns and religion. Too often we let politicians push our buttons with their personal attacks which have nothing to do with the issue. I get caught up in this all too often and it only incites further anger and does nothing to settle the argument. I would ask “Assume that the Tea Party are all racists, what does that have to do with their concern that the ENTIRE FEFERAL GOVERNMENT is overstepping its authority and acting outside of the limitations set by the constitution?”

  • Tyler

    Answer: NOTHING

  • Tyler

    But hey…in all seriousness though…let's just keep it down and not get so many people involved in these protests. I mean…seriously, you guys. It's SCARY to see a large group of people chanting such absurd things like “We want our freedom,” and “Stop trying to control everything.” Can't these teabaggers just see that it's what's BEST for America? Now shut your pieholes and take your medicine.

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  • williamm

    Maxine is a moron. Here's a few code pink videos. Code Pink Does “Shoe-In” at White House Rally ”

    “——–Code Pink Blocks Recruiting Center Entrance ”

    ” –Code Pink calls marines war criminals ”

    ” Here is an off topic video that's worth watching which was made by a 14 year old Glenn Beck fan. ”

  • Tyler

    In case I forget before midnight…APRIL FOOLS. Haha.

    Speakin of which, Laura Ingram did a really good job of that earlier today by talkin about how “great” Obama is. I actually started to wonder until I remembered what today was.

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  • mlb29

    What an idiot!!

  • halglover

    Put Maxine and Congressman Hank Johnson together and you still wouldn't have a half wit. Throw these bums out!!!

  • debilsin_d_details

    So Maxine Waters can't hear the protests because of the shouting, you gotta wonder if she can see good enough to read the polls! Over 50% of Americans did not want, and still do not want Obamacare!

  • Bpenman

    “Greedy wall street bankers who targeted… through sub-prime loans…”

    How about the minor detail that bankers detest high-risk loans, and the fact that Barney & friends forced lenders to make loans to high-risk customers?

    She forgot that part. It was all predatory lending. It's laughable to me that she seriously believes that bankers are stupid enough to loan money to people that can't afford to pay the loans. If it wasn't for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac telling the lenders, “Don't sweat it, we'll take care of your bad paper”, this crap NEVER would have happened. If the quasi-governmental lenders followed well-established lending principles, it would NEVER have happened. It took malicious and wanton disregard for fiscal safety for this to have happened. THANK YOU BARNEY. THANK YOU PRESIDENT CLINTON. THANK YOU, DEM HOUSE.

  • TonyInNEPA

    I find it hysterical that she blames the economic meltdown on the “greedy bankers for targeting the minority community for sub prime loans.” The same loans that ACORN, the minority community and the democratic congress demanded that the bankers give so much so they passed a bill mandating it.

  • I am re-posting this so everyone can hear Maxine Waters disgusting opinion of
    patriotic people. This will blow you away!

  • rightontheleftcoast

    MSNBC is increasingly irrelevant- to anyone with a brain, as their viewership drop proves.

    For those naive enough to rely on them for news, its repugnant, shameful,
    – case in point–Chris Matthews is a modern day Walter Duranty,
    this “show” of cross-questioning Waters as if she's an objective source is more than stupid, its near traitorous.


    Waters lives on her own island , it is called California !

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  • scottfactor

    Typical of the liberal lefties….they can never make a logical argument so they must create stories.

  • tunesy

    Last time I checked I was not a minority and I feel the pain. The old saying goes when a person and points his finger to put the blame on something else there are 3 more fingers pointing back.

  • tunesy

    I am sure glad the only people that are feeling the pain are the minorities, lets get real!! The old saying goes when a person points there finger to put the blame somewhere else there are 3 more fingers pointing back.

  • rubea

    MAXINE waters is a disgrace to american and nothing but a stinking lying bitch..she needs to go back to africa…she is not needed here….what a lying skunk..trouble maker…violence instigator, race baiter, what a shame to have to put up with the likes of her in our government…..she is totally disgusting…go the hell away you wicked ugly thing

  • rubea

    i thought that i did not like harry and nancy but this thing is just beyond belief…what a troublemaking, violence inciting, race baiting skank….she is the absolute worst excuse for a representative of this country…oh i cannot wait until we no longer have to see or hear this thing….ooooh….puke puke…makes you want to become racist

  • alexrboulton

    In the very same fiber as Waters, Letterman's comments Wednesday night were smirky, bigoted and infantile.