McCain to reporter: “That’s one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard”

McCain pulled out his backbone and beat down a reporter today for asking a truly dumb question. The reporter was basically suggesting with his question that the Petraeus scandal was more important than Benghazi-gate on the basis of national security. McCain obviously didn’t agree:

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  • marketcomp

    Is McCain starting to get it?! Nah probably not. When he forms a coalition and they reject the confirmation of Susan Rice as Sec. of State then I will start to believe that he’s growing a spine!

    • bbitter

      Whenever McCain is in the news for doing something right, I usually take it as proof that even a has-been, blundering rhino can accidentally run into a good thing every now and then.

  • If he had answered similar questions in a similar way in 2008, we might be referring to President McCain today.

  • McCain? The co-author (with Ted the Swimmer Kennedy) of amnesty proposal?
    No movement to the right…….even a blind hen finds a couple of grains occasionally…………

  • I heard this when I was driving to town today. Just about ran off the road! Kidding. But yeah, I actually had a shred of respect for McCain there for a minute. But… sigh.

    I just want justice or some truth for the families and friends of our Americans. The whole thing is a disgrace and I’m still calling for Treason charges.

    • sDee

      When McCain publicly apologizes to Michele Bachmann for his dhimmitude, and sponsors a similar Senate resolution on islamic infiltration, I’ll have a shred of respect of him

      • Amen on that sDee!!

      • Mr. McCain is an American Hero. Not perfect but a person who deserves all respect.

        • bbitter

          Deserves respect, not “all respect”. Even a hero can be wrong.

          Don’t forget, The constitution recognizes no aristocracy, nor does it state that we are a government of war heroes or experts… it is ‘the people’ who are in charge.

          Yes, give respect where respect is due. I respect what he went through, what he did, it is truly amazing and should never be talked-down. I honestly have not heard anyone ridicule his service. But that doesn’t mean that I agree with him, or follow him, in everything he does. And simply the fact that I and others disagree with him doesn’t mean that he is a bad person, just that we disagree.

          There’s no disrespect in an honest disagreement.

          • PhillyCon

            Very nicely said, bitter.

        • Jay

          I agree. We should critique him with all due respect.

  • PhillyCon

    Maybe, McCain feels emboldened that he received more votes than Romney. Maybe, he’s remembering why he wanted to serve in the Senate … let’s see. Not holding my breath, though.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Sarah pointed this out today with a Facebook entry. She gave him cudos for it. Maybe we should be watching and encouraging him. Obama has given McCain the gauntlet treatment so it’s time we gave McCain some help here. We’ve all been depressed because nothing was going on. Well, it’s time. McCain, Graham and Ayotte have stood up. It’s time to encourage these folks. We want more of this behavior.

      Bronco was mightally po’d this afternoon at his press conference. I want more of that, too. He was petuant and stupid. I want him fearing for his political life.

  • Chris Witham

    Way to go Senator!……stupid reporter…..seriously?

    • Jaels_Song

      Seriously stupid.

  • drphibes



    God Bless the four , AMB Chris Stevens , Sean Smith , Glen Doherty , Tyrone woods .

  • white531

    First time I have ever seen and heard McCain act like Allen West.

  • odin147

    If this McCain had showed up when he was running against the one, he would have won too, same with Romney. I don’t understand why folks like McCain, Romney, other RINO’s can’t take on the Media, be combative because they are combatting you.

    • white531

      It is a seemingly inherent weakness, in the Republican Party.

    • toongoon

      This McCain was there in 2008. He just rarely used it and would never use it against Obama.

  • Where was this guy four years ago? -_-

    • he was on his back.

      • PhillyCon


    • white531

      Let’s not forget that this man lived for several years in a Vietcong prison camp, and underwent torture, starvation, and horrible conditions.

      All of that, and yet according to those who were with him in that prison, he was an inspiration of courage and leadership.

      Maybe, as he approaches the end of his career, we may get an occasional glimpse of that man in prison, so long ago. The one we used to admire.

      • PhillyCon

        Maybe, as he approaches the end of his career, we may get an occasional glimpse of that man in prison, so long ago. The one we used to admire.

        This would be nice, b/c our side so desperately needs a leader. However, I have no faith in our elected officials.

        • white531

          On that note, if I were John McCain, knowing this is my last term in Congress, I would like to go out fighting.

          He lost to Obama, he has wimped out on so many other issues, we can’t count them, and he has become the poster child, for what a RINO looks like.

          I hope that he spends the rest of his term, doing and standing for things that would give him dignity, in the eyes of the American people.

          If I were John McCain, that’s the legacy I would like to leave, as a memory.

      • nibblesyble

        Yes..well posted my friend.

    • That is all gone now there is nothing we can do about it. We must not let them off the hook on this issue and it will be up to the American people to NOT LET IT GO with our local and state reps! Otherwise it will just be something else they sweep under the carpet!

    • toongoon

      Think about it, what if the questioner were Obama asking the same question. How would he have answered it?

      • sDee

        Before or after the reporter got up off his knees?

  • poljunkie

    Too little too late. Sorry Senator. Your lack-luster campaign brought us Obama.
    I live in AZ and in ’08 you did Jack , even here. Very little fight.
    So we hear you received more votes than Romney, big whoop. My view, he still did a little better. At least he fought. First debate…Al Smith dinner…non stop rallys even on election day.
    Bottom line- you both LOST, with help from the media, and whatever else- but….. we have to suffer with FOUR more years.

    Edit: typo!!!

  • deeme

    They all lied and denied and now they will back each other and lie and deny some more..Rice will be rewarded for faithfully lying for her dear leader..they all lied and will get away with it..somehow lying isn’t a problem anymore..It’s an important factor in this administration’s way of doing things..Obama wants you to come after him..that tells me he fears nothing.They really think that winning this election , probably by cheating, by a 50 50 , means they can just keep on doing what they are doing..More Solyndra, More GSA, More Fast and Furious, More Benghazi, who’s going to stop U.S…Bigger then watergate , what’s the difference..Republicans are going after Democrats..

  • McCain has always been tough in this regard. But that is 2% of all the policies and principles he has been tough on so sorry McCain, I’m not getting all excited about you.

    It’s like Chris Rock’s joke about people expecting rewards for just doing what they are supposed to do. “‘I take care of my kids!’ ‘I’ve never been to jail!’ What, do you want a cookie? You low-expectation {so-and-so}”

    McCain gets tough on an issue HE IS SUPPOSED TO GET TOUGH ON, and he expects us to rally to him? Nope. You are just doing what you are supposed to be doing in your answer, McCain – nothing more. But thanks, though. It was nice to watch.

    He should have also elaborated about all the classified documents that were scattered all around the consulate with so little regard that CNN recovered information without a shred of protest from the WH until they started reporting on it.

  • Good for you John McCain-be relentless about this issue!

  • Haywoodjbl

    I am from AZ and not proud of McCain being part of the problem…THAT SAID…I am glad he beat that punk up. That reporter should try asking Obama a tough question???? WTF? I am sick of the soft balls this “President” gets…..RIDICULOUS

  • jaym68

    OT – but does anyone know why my avatar won’t show here at RS now/how to fix? It always has before – it’s ok on all other sites and shows up fine if you click on the default avatar.


    • Patriot077

      I had to reload mine yesterday.

    • Mine wasn’t working on Breitbart yesterday- but it works on all the others. hmmm.

  • toongoon

    I never went to journalism school. Maybe I’m being a little picky but shouldn’t journalists have some sort of discernment to be able to figure out that murders are worse than an affair?

    • Jay

      In journalism skool they teach them that it’s different depending upon if there is a D or R after the name.

  • Gtrjag

    John McCain has been in the shoes of those who were killed, that is why he is so fired up. I may not support him on much, but on this I’m behind him 100%

  • aZjimbo

    Johnny Mac shows some balls. Finally. Let’s hear what his brilliant daughter has to say LOL.

    • toongoon

      Oh crap! Did you have to remind me?

      • aZjimbo

        About father or daughter?

        • toongoon

          Scoop already reminded me about daddy, but in a good way. But I try so hard to forget about his ditzy daughter.

          • aZjimbo

            That’s what I thought and I totally agree with you.

    • Linky1

      EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! (about Meghan)

      • aZjimbo


  • Linky1

    Loved McCain’s comment-where was this backbone in 2008 when it really mattered?

    • stage9

      It’s a retractable spine. Sort of like the cord on the back of a talking doll.

  • Wish we saw more of this back in 2008. McCain is at his best when he’s not trying to win you over with a smile or trying to be “Mr. middle-of-the-road bipartisan nice guy.” The only way you get results with liberal hacks like that reporter is by being tough. And McCain showed that you can smack bums like that down and still win the argument.

  • NJK

    Petraeus Sex Scandal Could Have Sunk Obama Eric Cantor knew of this before the election. He said nothing.

  • John_Frank

    Good for McCain.

  • What did John McCain expect when he shot down those that demanded the Constitution be honored by having an ELIGIBLE candidate on the Democrat side? Obama is in the White House because of more than one reason thanks to McCain and only McCain!

  • Of course McCain is correct here.. what else can you expect from the corrupt Obama pravda media complex.. I just wish McCain had the same intelligent mentality and attitude when it came to his personal friend Ms. Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s personal adviser and deputy Sec assist whose family- mother and father and siblings are direct members of the terrorist organization- the Muslim Brotherhood, over US National Security, when he and his fellow RINO buddies Boehner and Graham attacked Michele Bachmann for calling for an investigation into the threat to US National Security from Ms Huma Abedin’s association in how she has influenced US Foreign policy against the State of Israel, and towards the radical Islamist Muslim terror organization in Egypt, and all throughout the Middle East.

  • sDee

    I am sick and disgusted at all of these political hacks – they are all complicit in their failure to expose the evil within our nation..

    All that now remains to be seen is if Petreaus does the honorable thing for those brave men who gave their lives defending American lives as the Kill-List president, like a jackal, watched them die.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Oh, please. As an Arizonan, I’m pretty much disgusted by McCain (I call him McCan’t). I don’t see a guy finally growing a spine. I see a grandpa who needs a nap.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      McCain, Schumer, Durbin, McConnell et al are all glaring reasons to support term limits.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman


    • wodiej

      Excuse me? A military person who escaped being captured by the enemy but went to join his team is not someone who is spineless. A person who endured the horrific torture in Nam to not be a traitor to his country, is not spineless. Your comment disgusts me.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Good to know.

  • Why wasn’t this McCain running in 2008?

  • Nobody died in Watergate. Can we please not add “-gate” to this one, at least?

    Four inept burglars stealing a file doesn’t come close to one-twentieth the coverup and scandal of Bengazhi-quiddick.

    It’s Smitty’s idea. I blame him. But it’s a good one.

    • nibblesyble

      here here!

    • kong1967

      Kennedy got away with it and so will Obama. Put an “- R” after their names and they would be buried under Alkatraz or Gitmo….or both.

  • kong1967

    I don’t like McCain much, but I do trust him with our soldiers and I do believe he is strong when it comes to national defense. Everything else, not so much.

  • First, what the hell happened to, on the part of the reporter who was asking the question:
    A. Having a complete thought already formed in the mind, and THEN calling it forward, when asking a question?
    B. Getting that damnable stoner monosyllabic tone out of the voice (which I can sympathize with Sen. McCain in his facial features, straining to discern what the puke was saying), so that others could understand, i.e., GET THE MARBLES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH, BOY!
    FWIW, I wear headphones when I’m listening to videos, and usually the knob is at the 3/4 mark.

    Second, this whole dog-and-pony-show of trotting out the bimbos to distract the public, is so last millenium, when the real security matter is a no-nuts queer in the White House, who couldn’t decide anything without asking Valerie Jarrett, another unelected woman!

    There! I said it!

    Forward, Sen. McCain!

  • PicklePlants

    I don’t like his mantra that the issue is “four dead Americans”. This is true and tragic, but does not point out the cause of the deaths. I would rather hear that the issue is about four dead Americans, who were under attack for 9 hours while within minutes of support available from our military. Why was the support not provided? Who knew about the attacks while they were happening?

  • pnordman

    Thank you, Mr. McCain! Four dead, and where were those who could have helped, certainly something to consider. Please keep reminding us that there are priorities here!

  • wodiej

    Sen. McCain may not be as conservative as some think he should be. But there is no doubt he is a patriot, honorary veteran and takes military issues seriously. Good for him for calling out the reporter.

  • He still should have been our president, but just like the re-election the fix was in. God help us.

  • Bwah! Ha! Ha! Ah can count on McPain to cross the aisle and sukmuhdik…
    He still has to run his show to get his RINO paycheck, but Ah unnerstand that!

    Ahm trying to decide who’z gonna ride against me in twenty-sixteen, that retard with the half eaten face or the Latter Day Idiot! Both where such pushover, it’s embarrassing!
    No guts, no glory…but who the hell care…Mah Moshwelle wanna keep ridin’ Air Force One
    and Ah caint take ay chance or SHE is gonna eat haff MAH face!!!!!!
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    • Beside…Ah dare you to mention one single media outlet that will publicise that!!!
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