McConnell says “I’m a big fan of the Tea Party movement” while fundraising for a liberal NC Republican

McConnell was on with today with Neil Cavuto and when asked about a recent statement regarding the Senate Conservatives Fund, he made a point to say that while he does feel the SCF is counterproductive and clearly doesn’t really like them, he said he is a big fan of the Tea Party movement writ large.

He was also asked about letting Obamacare fail on its own or trying to fix it, and he agreed that we should let it fail because it can’t be fixed. But he also said we’re stuck with it until the people decide to change the government – which means he’s not going to fight for repeal.

Watch the clip below:

While I think McConnell does like the Tea Party to some degree, it’s a bit hard to believe he’s that big of a fan when he’s fundraising for a liberal NC Republican who is running for the Senate:

REDSTATE – So what is Mitch McConnell doing as the most powerful Republican in Washington?

He’s fundraising for Thom Tillis, the Charlie Crist of North Carolina, at the house of a Fannie Mae lobbyist.

McConnell has a habit of endorsing the most liberal candidate in a primary, as he did with Trey Grayson, Charlie Crist, and Arlen Specter. Thom Tillis, the current Speaker of the North Carolina General Assembly, fits right in with those names:

  • He opposed the state’s marriage amendment, which won with 61% of the vote last year.
  • As Speaker, he is blocking conservative efforts to halt Common Core in the state.
  • He voted for green energy mandates in 2007. Then when the bank he owns, Aquesta Bank, became one of the few institutions engaging in solar energy loans, Tillis blocked conservatives from repealing the mandate (after Republicans took over the general assembly).
  • He is a pay-for-play venture socialist at its worst. In fact, he could put the people on K Street to shame without ever having served in Washington. He supported a Democrat to serve on the University of North Carolina Board of Governors because he gave a lot of money to Tillis’s campaign. He has also pushed expansion of toll roads for his special interests and has recruited primary challengers against conservative representatives who oppose them.
  • He dramatically watered-down the Republican Voter ID law.

Not surprisingly, his views on illegal immigration will be colored by special interests.

If this is the kind of guy McConnell wants elected, the how can he say he’s a big fan of the Tea Party?

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