Megyn Kelly exposes David Corn and his fraudulent edit to Romney’s Palestinian remarks

This excellent report from Megyn Kelly is from Thursday where she exposes the fraudulent edit of Romney’s remarks about the peace process in the Middle East at a May fundraiser which led many in the media to attack Romney for being against any peace. But that’s not exactly what Romney said. In fact, as many of us agree, Romney is only for peace if the Palestinians actually want peace, but not because we make Israel concede more land or property. Romney sees that situation for what it is, that the Palestinians don’t want peace and until that changes, stability is the chief goal, not peace.


(h/t: Johnny Dollar)

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  • 911Infidel

    Speaking of goofy, there’s no one more goofy than Looney Larry and the MSDNC propaganda wing of the DNC.

    On the other hand, how is it that Megyn is so on to this story and yet she cuts off David Horowitz the minute he starts talking about Huma Abedin and CAIR? Hmmmm….Is some truth OK and other truth verboten? Fair and balanced? Sometimes…Sometimes not.

    Oh and isn’t David Corn’s eyes a little too close together? Its a wonder that he can see at all. Or maybe its just some sort of alien genetic flaw.

    • Be fair. She let him make his point and didn’t cut him off as soon as he started talking about it. As I remember he got to make his point quite well.

      But the segment wasn’t about Huma Abedin, it was about the filmmaker and how he was treated by the Obama administration, and she had more question to ask him about it.

      She was fair.

      • 911Infidel

        I saw that vid and she did talk over top of him when he was making his point, and obviously in total disagreement with him. . And I could tell by Horowitz’s reaction he wasn’t exactly happy either. And I’ve seen traffic on other web sites that also agree with me. So I disagree.

        • She’s hard news….she merely pointed out that there was another side to it. Fine. He still got to make his point. I remember him saying it.

          • 911Infidel

            Yeah there’s always two sides. The right side and the wrong side…and if she had paid more attention, she’d have learned what the right side was.

            I’ll let Walid Shoebat elaborate a bit more; since he says it better than I.

            “However, that’s not the point of this post. Pay particular attention beginning at the 2:25 mark. This is where Horowitz refers to Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin as a “Muslim Brotherhood operative”. It doesn’t take long for Kelly to throw water on that accusation by refusing to allow Horowitz to elaborate, saying she doesn’t want to ‘get sidetracked’.

            Normally, Kelly is very good but this was an obvious and blatant attempt to avoid talking about Abedin. One might be inclined to say that Kelly simply wanted to talk about a different subject. That’d be a valid point if Fox News spent any time at all on the Huma Abedin story. The only time it has done so was when the news supported Abedin (Ed Rollins op-ed that ripped Michele Bachmann coupled with John McCain’s defense of Abedin).

            Moreover, to say that Huma Abedin is not relevant when it comes to the matter of U.S. Embassies in the Middle East is ridiculous. She has irrefutable connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and as a State Department official, she represents the Department whose embassies were attacked.

            Kelly should have allowed Horowitz to elaborate but she didn’t.”

            • Just saying, I don’t think it was bias for her to want to stay on topic.

              • 911Infidel

                I get your point. But I still agree with Walid.

                • Nukeman60

                  I’ve seen Hannity do similar things. No harm was intended, but Hannity’s so into getting his pre-determined questions in that he misses some very good information that could be just as important, if not more important than the questions being asked.

                  I think, in this instance, Kelly may have been in the same boat – watching for the hard breaks and wanting to get her set questions in. Sometimes good journalism lets the argument go where it’s going and not always direct it back to pre-determined questions.

                  Walid was able to make his point, albeit short, however.

                • 911Infidel

                  That was David, not Walid. And I saw the look on Megyn’s face when David was trying to make his point. It was that sly, oh no you aren’t kind of look. Hannity has his own agenda and chooses to be ignorant of some things on purpose. Which is why no conservative in my circle of friends listens to him anymore.Now if I could convince them all to throw out their idiot box ….

                • Nukeman60

                  Sorry, you misunderstood me. I was talking about the comparison between what Hannity does and what Megyn did with Walid in talking about Huma. I wasn’t referring to this video above.

                • 911Infidel

                  No. I didn’t misunderstand at all. I got your point. And it was David Horowitz that Ms Kelly was talking to not Walid… the other day. Walid merely supplied my point.

                • Nukeman60

                  Ohhh, yeah, you’re right. Sorry. My mistake. I got my experts mixed up.

                • Landscaper

                  Sean gets on my last nerve. Friggin repeating talking points over and over like talking parrot. He can take that stupid football and stick it…

        • IwjwI

          I got the point that this segment was about. She has been pounding away at the LSM on this topic and is echoing and affirming our sentements about what we see the LSM doing for Obama’s reelection.
          She has been exposing the LSM as a fraud and is building a good case against it. Expect a verdict in “Kelly’s Court.”

          • 911Infidel

            I also got her point. That’s not my gripe.

        • keyesforpres

          911 Infidel, back in 2005 the Saudis bought a signifcant amount of stock in Fox and since then they have called a lot of the shots when it comes to the islam thing on Fox. I am guessing that is what was going on.

          I agree with you. Abedin’s connection to the MB IS relevant. She is the one whispering in Hillary’s ear. Hillary was responsible for security at the embassies and it’s quite possible Abedin influenced the lack of security. It is totally relevant.

          • 911Infidel

            Wow. Someone who “gets it”. How refreshing.

            • keyesforpres

              I get it loud and clear. 🙂

              • 911Infidel

                That’s a natural fact. ;p)

            • BS61

              It was very daunting for me to get to know the Islamic world when I just woke up from being lied to as a Dem and had so much to learn.

              I’m glad that I took time to read Horowitz, Pamela Gellar, Judicial Watch and McCarthy!

              • 911Infidel

                That’s good to hear. That makes you smarter than DOD, State Dept, 98% of Congress and the Senate and 99% of the media combined. Welcome to the club. That makes you an official “Infidel.” Wala wa bara works both ways. Loyalty and fidelity to the US is emnity with all totalitarian forms of governance. Knowledge is power.

    • Easy answer on Huma Abedin… political correctness.

      • 911Infidel

        Yep. Even FOX is infected with it.

  • I am NOT shocked whatsoever…I KNEW from the get-go this would happen…the left is NEVER HONEST!!! I would have been shocked if it really was unedited…

    • Cindy09

      I am not surprised at the amount of hatred coming from them but O’donnell’s hatred is so tangible that one can cut into it with a knife!

      • NoToTyrants

        O’Donnell is a raving lunatic.

      • Landscaper

        Don’t tempt me Cindy, “cut with a knife” part. Someone ask how “far will they go”… Catfish eat all the rotten crap on the bottom. That is how far, the MSM eats Obama’s crap up and serves it right up to the people stupid enough to listen and sadly its millions.

  • freenca

    The lamestream media strikes again. How people like Corn and the crews at MSNBC< NBC< et al are not being run out on a rail is incredible. As arms of the ultra-leftist propaganda machine, they are doing such disservice to the public that they should all be taken to the stocks and pilloried at the very minimum, IMHO!!!!!! Tarred and feathered would be most fitting!!

  • dBbBuck

    It’s MSM-BS, surprised ?

  • Liars
    Dam Liars,
    and MSNBC

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Why wouldn’t anyone believe anything that the liberal losers are saying about Romney/Ryan? What a bunch of jerks…I don’t ever watch/listen to the crap that comes out of their mouths!!!!

    • BS61

      I watch them when we win – it’s fun!

  • indthinker

    Wouldn’t you think these people would get tired of stepping on their own ‘junk’ and validate a story before looking like the fools they are? It’s a shame these people regurgitate “stories” and aren’t held accountable for their reckless babble.
    Kudos to the reporters from Univision who know how to ask questions to get to the bottom of issues. Sure had Obama sounding goofy!

    • wodiej

      the reason they don’t get tired of lying is because they are not exposed or held accountable to the people who are buying what they’re selling.

      • indthinker

        I agree. I understand it’s always been this way but not to this degree. I no longer care to watch MSM or read newspapers because of the lack of trust I have, other than that, I don’t know how they can be stopped. I’ve often thought we need more conservative stations to level the playing field.
        These professional liars and twisters of the truth are actually giddy with themselves. Talk about shooting first and aiming later … guess that seems that’s par for the course with many left leaners,

  • Sandra123456

    This report doesn’t matter. Corn and his cronies got their smear of the day or two days out there to influence those not paying attention. Now it’s on to the next smear, and the next until election day.

    • IwjwI

      That’s why I go out to talk with people who only get local tv channels. Truth wins when they start doubting their local tv news.
      Plenty of Obamavilles with votes.

  • TexasLadyJuanita

    But, now that the fraudulent edit has done the damage – will the news outlets play this clip all day for for days to undo the damage? I am so sick of the Left cheating. I am sick of Americans who bought the lie to begin with. Anyone who took half a second to get to know Romney, would not have believed that was what he said.

  • dBbBuck

    I like the fact that Univision ask some hard questions in spanish :o)

  • RonPaulSupporter2

    The problem is that 99% of all liberals only watch MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, or listen to NPR, or read The New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, etc. so they’ll only hear what the bias main stream media is giving them. They won’t get the other side of the story. The same thing was true during the Trevon Martin incident. The first news clip that got out was a clip that implied George Zimmerman was a racist. Then the entire tape came out and it turned out that the original tape was edited.

    How low will the main stream media go to feed their liberal bias.

    And the sad part is, I think the worst is still yet to come between now and Nov 6th.

  • David Corn is a far far left liberal and could’t tell the truth if his life depended on it. O’Donnell is no better.

  • To be sure I do not know what to make of Megyn Kelly. I liked her better when she anchored with Bill Hemmer. She likes to play lawyer so often (which I know she is) but she oftens tries to direct the conversation as opposed to reporting it. I like the exposing of the Editing and David Corn is totally unbelievable. There are minutes missing from this tape and Corn knows EXACTLY what is missing as does the Carter Grandson. And of course what is missing is what balanced Romney’s remarks which blows their contrived narrative out of the water!!

    I give Megyn credit for trying to expose this deception. However, she is a Democrat and that at times is quite obvious. She did let David talk but she was abrupt in trying not to discuss it either. That connection with Abedin must be explored much more!

    • MaxineCA

      Do you actually watch her show everyday?

      • JoeMontana16

        I was thinking the same thing. I like how she works her show. She’s a spitfire and will hammer the hell out of you for not answering questions or having your facts straight. YouTube her interview with Kirsten Powers from a while back or with Anthony Weiner.

        • Landscaper

          Joe, you should meet my wonderful wife. She can smell a rat (lie) from a mile away. With four kids (grown now), it is handy trait.

      • Rshill7

        I watch her show virtually every day and think she is very fair. I also saw the David Horowitz segment live. If he wanted to start talking about rudabaga lamb broth, she’d have gotten him back on subject there as well.

        If she is “a democrat”, and I seriously doubt it, I cannot tell at all. I get the impression that she is more conservative than not. I’ve seen her hammer lefties early, often, and without mercy or quarter. If MSNBC were loaded with people like her, the rest of the MSM would call them highly tilted…to the right.

        I don’t think CBN would have a problem with her. I watch them often too. Megyn bashers could use a much more virtuous hobby.

        David Corn, on the other hand, acts as if he has a permanent time-share in Obama’s duodenum.

    • JoeMontana16

      Really man? I agree with Maxine, do you ever watch her show? Did you watch the interview?

  • I don’t watch tv, so I don’t know where Megyn’s politics lie- is she a liberal? She lately seems extremely pi$$ed at a lot of liberal lamestream news, which is good. This segment is good,but the damage is already done. The drive by strikes again, and people who watch the propaganda channels have already got these stories into their heads, so if the “news” ever retracts and comes out with the full story, the sheeple don’t pay attention because they’ve already heard the first bit. It’s pathetic, but godless liberals are notorious for doing it this way with any Christian or Conservative story.

    Good for Megyn though.

    • Cindy09

      ABiC, you definitely nailed it. As the old saying goes “first impression lasts”. That was the whole intent when they edited that clip. Now it takes the population to get a clue about the MSM and discern the news when delivered firsthand. But as you mentioned, there are a lot of sheeple everyone… though I must add, there’s a lot that are being less gullible.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Classic Alinsky. I forget which rule it is, but the strategy is to float the lie (and no, they don’t feel it’s wrong, because in their eyes, the end always justifies the means), create the havoc and distraction from the lie, and then correct it much later after the damage is done, when no one is paying attention to that particular story any more. That way if they are ‘called’ on it in the future, they can say “but, but, we retracted it!” even though it was buried on page 17 ten months later.

      It’s disgusting. Alinsky was evil, and his evilness lives on.

    • Landscaper

      Sad to say but a lot of my extended family watch ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN, etc. I tell them constantly to try other sources like Fox to get a different prespective. Hell, I watch the MSM so I can keep my eye on the BCheese they are spreading. In the movie [The Godfather] there was the great line “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” so I do !!!! BTW, had dinner with my 80 year old mom the other day and she had Fox on, finally……

      • I know the feeling Landscaper. I think there are a lot of us here with family stuck on lamestream. But your mother now, that’s encouraging! Maybe there’s hope for my dear mother in law still! 🙂

  • IwjwI

    LSM is the enemy within. Thank God for our Conservative Citizen Journalists and sites like this one.
    Thx Scoop.

  • MaxineCA

    Please folks, do not lump Fox News in with the MSM. When you watch straight NEWS they are very fair and honest. They have some great NEWS folks their doing the job the MSM won’t do, and great investigative reporters who have been doing some very heavy lifting. It they have a panel on for a discussion (trying to be balanced) I usually hit the mute button on my remote, depending upon who is debating.

    I think Megyn does a fantastic job. Don’t blame her if she has time restraints due to hard breaks (the computer shuts them off to move to the scheduled commercials) ….. she tries to give a warning to the person she is interviewing when they are short on time.

    They’ve been reporting on Fast & Furious for a long time as well as voter fraud and many other HOT topics the MSM won’t touch especially when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

    Why do you think the DOJ has been colluding with Media Matters to take out Fox?

    • REHLV

      I agree. Sometimes I think we forget what a tough job Megan and other have and how well she does it. We sit here with bundles of time and can take our microscopes and pars every word and breath and forget this is a live interview at that time. ( I realize there are time delays) but still live.

      Megan has never given me the impression that she is on the other side. Please try and be fair to FOX. I hear a lot of crap put out, without much back stories about the leadership at FOX, however, imperfect as they are, they are the best and still carry our water. Until you do what they do, be careful how you judge.

      • wodiej

        Well said. And frankly, I am half past give a sh*t with people who are constantly criticizing Romney being this or not being that. He should do what so and so says or I have some advice for him. He’s not setting our hair on fire, inspiring us or insulting obama enough. He better annihilate obama in the debates or “he’s through!” It’s always something that Romney is not doing to suit them. I’ve got a newsflash for you-the election is in 45 DAYS. Romney is the nominee so we darn well better quit chasing every rumor and negative story and get over ourselves so we can get the US over obama.

        • las1

          Not sure what to make of your post exactly.

          I’ll invoke the Mark Levin rule. Don’t attack Romney because you don’t like him. But offer up constructive criticism to improve the campaign. And the campaign needs a LOT of improving. If I see one more pro-forma ad from the campaign on the economy… I’ll have to tape my head with duct tape.

          There is so much that Romney is not exposing about Obama on a whole host of issues…. MB infiltration in the State Department, Defense and the White House; Obama’s radical ties to terrorists; a disastrous foreign policy; Obama’s hatred for Israel; Obama’s radical leftist community organizing ties… on and on.

          No… that is not criticism to cut the guy down. That is constructive criticism to ramp up the campaign so that the Obama friendly American public have a chance to know the truth and will begin to have real doubt about Obama. Once you plant doubt on a consistent basis, the less chance they have of voting Obama.

        • REHLV

          I agree 100%

    • Rshill7

      100% correct ma’am.

      Pegged it, nailed it, stamped it and mailed it.

      Growowowl… 🙂

      • Landscaper

        Pletty damn good R, did you coin that? Could be a conservative “rap song” if you know any musicians.

        • toongoon

          We’ll expect to hear it on SoundCloud. 🙂

        • Rshill7

          I can’t answer until you “like” it Landscaper. What’s wrong with you? 🙂

          Ok, yep. My other version of it goes like this: Pegged it, nailed it, then turned around and mailed it.

          • Landscaper

            You big mean old bully bully, I’m telling mom! 🙂

  • A_Truism

    It’s always funny when Stupid thinks they recognize stupid because they always make a mistake. Re: O’donnell “Romney can’t be that stupid”. Teehehehe…

  • The idea that the recording “shut off for 1-2 minutes” and was discarded is refuted by Not Yet Europe here:

    The view is EXACTLY the same before and after being “switched back on.” It’s just not believable that it was placed back at the same precise place after being restarted.

    Also, Corn and MJ had not noted for viewers there was a gap until it was questioned. They are trying to pull a fast one here. Given their histories of dishonest reporting, it’s par for the course.

  • Yazz55

    Deceptive editing is what the lamestream lapdog media excels at. They know how to edit anything spinning it to mean whatever perspective they want to portray.

  • Megyn Kelly is the best journalist on TV.. she doesnt let people get off topic and is always up front and honest.. if she messed up she will say she did .. Msnbc cnn and all the other news they dont care .

    • Rshill7

      She’s certainly right up there in my opinion. As I was trying to compare her to other journalists I respect, I couldn’t help thinking of the mountain climber, George Mallory, who almost made it to the top of Everest. The headline went like this: “Mallory last seen, reaching for the peak.”

  • wodiej

    Democrats are trying to pull anything they can to discredit Romney-plain and simple. They’ve tried accusing him of murder, being a tax cheat and other things. And they’re just getting started. Thanks to RS for posting and to Megyn for reporting it.

    • Wisewoman2

      Wodiej. In a nutshell they are trying to sabortage his campaign.

  • las1

    “War is Deceit” …. Mohammed

    David Corn and these Democrat liars have sure taken their inspiration from their Mohammedan ideological war master. No doubt there.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Good job Megyn. Honest reporting… how refreshing (not to imply she isn’t normally honest).

  • anneinarkansas

    David Corn is a fraud himself.

    Some not too bright person called Megyn and called her “Mejin”….she cracked up laughing.

    I love her show…brains, beauty, and great humour. Chis Stirewalt is brilliant…has a wonderful word command.

  • I didn’t really see what was so wrong with what Romney said even in the first version of the tape? Never, ever, did Romney say that he would not support Israel. All he said was that the Palestinians did not want peace, which is the truth. The only thing the Palestinians, like Hamas, want is a world without Israel, and they make no bones about it. So what Romney even said in the first tape is factually true. His plan to cajole the Palestinians to the peace table through American strength may sound nice, but if it didn’t work in over 60 years, why would it work now?

  • Nukeman60

    The left continue to tell us that what James O’Keefe and the late, great Andrew Breitbart both did, with their undercover videos, was the right approach. Why do I say that? Because they continually try to duplicate the efforts, although they actually do what they accuse these men of doing – editing the videos to push forth an agenda.

    They believe that editing the video is the right thing to do to accomplish their goals. Unlike Breitbart, who never had to edit the video because the left puts it out there stupidly when they think they’re alone amongst friends, the left always has to edit because without editing there is nothing to see.

    Thank you, lefties, for letting us know we are being effective with our videos. We’ll keep them coming.

  • CalCoolidge

    To me, the big story continues to be the Mainstream Propagandists at the major networks spinning false narratives. It’s actually more important than what the candidates say, because they filter and change what is said.

    It’s a lot of years folks like me have been screaming to ourselves about this nonsense for years. It is slightly encouraging to see that propaganda debunking has a little more reach than it used to.

  • wmath44

    Wow, you get in trouble for telling the truth?

    • nickshaw

      No, you get in trouble for not agreeing with liberal / progressive truth Wmath. 😉

  • wmath44

    Instesd of Mother Jones matbe it should be Mother F__ker.

  • Pravda busted again…..

  • Moses Lambert

    These items would be MUCH more useful/intersting if you posted a transcript – not everyone has hearing good enough to make out what the audio says.

  • So bottom line to all of this is how do conservatives win against people that are so dishonest and actually consider it a virtue in being so?

    • actionsspeaklouder

      I’m afraid the answer is, they don’t. Too many ignorant Americans who can vote.

    • DebbyX

      I’m sorry to say, but conservatives have to get down and dirty with them. It’s not our nature, but it IS necessary. The Libs are not concerned about whether they lie, steal or cheat but we ARE! They will stop at nothing to reach their objective! Playing nice just won’t do the job, they expect us to do that. We only win by standing up (or getting down) and exposing them for what they are. Romney needs to get mad. GET REALLY MAD!!! We are all p’d off and want to hear that from our candidate, or else he will lose.

  • I’m trying to muster shock….nope, I got nuthin’.

  • kong1967

    Megyn Kelly is about as objective as you can get. She plays devil’s advocate a lot against anyone and everyone.

    If libs are showing video clips, you can always bet that they are edited or taken out of context. In short, they lie their a$$es off. It’s pathetic.

  • So where was the Romney campaign pushback on all these lies put out there . Its always the same they get away with everything because nobody calls them out on it .
    DESTROY the CREDIBILITY of the messenger and/ or the message and the narrative is exposed for what it is ,campaigning for Obama.
    SO simple so bloody SIMPLE

    • nickshaw

      Have you ever heard the expression, “When yer ‘splainin’, yer losin'”, Dio?
      Do you really think the same outlets that ran the redacted tape with glee are going to give any time to the real words on the whole (so they say, other than a suspiciously crucial few minutes in the middle) tape?
      Fox and the blogs did a good job of destroying the tape maker and the Zerobots who opined on the redacted tape.
      The surrogates can give it more time perhaps but, it’s already a dead issue.
      The zombies who will vote for Zero have already formed their opinion based on the lie. They won’t change their minds. You know that.
      I know it’s frustrating but…….

  • WordsFailMe

    Isn’t it interesting how a closet liberal can attack a minor and meaningless blunder on the part of the Democratic regime and appear to be a conservative?

    When will a FOX talking head demand impeachment or name Obama a liar, a moron, a communist or a traitor?

    We are again being dazzled and bambozzled by beauty, boys, when what this country needs is a beast.

    • nickshaw

      Many a talking head on Fox has demanded or said many of the things you list, Words.
      Megyn has a news show, not an opinion show.
      Who are you referring to with “closet liberal”? Shep maybe but, certainly not Megyn!
      And “minor but meaningless blunder”? Seriously? You see no import to this “blunder”?
      The omission was done on purpose to try to paint Romney in an entirely different light. Are lies now meaningless to us?
      I sure hope not!

      • Juan_Rico

        Indeed, anyone that thinks Megyn Kelly is a “closet lib” really hasn’t been paying attention. I’ve seen her take libtards to task many a time on her show.

        And yes, this wasn’t a “minor but meaningless blunder” this was a deliberate attempt to make Romney look bad, when all he really did was tell the truth. Then again, libs react to the truth like Dracula reacts to a cross.

  • Wisewoman2

    This comment is in response to the many comments talking about the MSM. The truth of the matter is that they are trying to sabortage Romney’s campaign. They know he is a decent man with skills that he country desparately need. They have made themselves a part of Obama’s campaign and they have gone well past supporting him to advocating, endorsing and attacking his opponent. They know exactly what they are doing. May we have success in defeating these demons in November. With this media it will be very very tough. The narrative is that everything Romney does or says is stupid, everything Obama says is brillant. I truly despise them because they are the main reason why the country is losing its democracy/republic.

    • rich wojcik

      the name of the game by our MSM urinalists is: “whatever Romney says, let’s bring him down” – and the proof of it was recorded…..

  • theyjustcantstop

    like i keep saying i want to see the headline”mother jones,jimma iv,and david corn deposed by mark levin over questionable romney videos”.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    That was a goof Mr. O’Donnell made right at the top of his commentary, calling Mitt Romney the goofball from MAINE! Does he not even realize Romney was originally from Michigan and was governor in Massachusetts?

    • skhpcola

      Larry admitted live on his show (or on some other progtard’s show) that he is a socialist. These people will lie and cheat and steal to prop up their failed ideology, so being wrong about Mittens is a throw-away for him. It just doesn’t matter to liberals that they are ignorant and woefully uninformed…you can use logic or reality to rebut their lies, you can only point at them and ridicule them.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        I think this is the first time I ever heard him and if he remains the same, I don’t care if I never hear him again!

  • MarieC

    MSNBC coverage….doesn’t surprise me at all..

  • BS61

    Still mad at her for cutting David Horowitz off!

  • How does fox find the absolutely HOTTEST brainiacs on the planet? If I was a dipshit liberal, even if I tried to lie to Megyn, I would be mesmerized into incoherence, and then she would take me apart. She is not the only one, I have seen soft and nice Gretchen Carlson nail people between the eyes.

  • steprock

    Well, they follow the same playbook as the President. It’s the same policy followed by DWS: when you have a story to tell, it’s OK to do whatever you want in order to tell the story, so long as the end story is true…from your point of view, of course.

  • cheyennecowboy

    David Corn is a supreme a$$ hole, always has been, always will be.

  • LiberalBoycotter

    If Barry, tells me to lie I will, if Barry, tells me to pay for a tape, take 20 minutes out I will. I love Barry, I am in Barry’s hip pocket. Shusssssss, just don’t tell anybody, cause my main objective is to get Barry, reelected. Me, and my fellow Democommies, won’t tell you anything we don’t want you to know, and we will make sure when we do tell you anything it will always be in favor of my bestie Barry!!!!!