Mexican business owners band together to free jailed Marine

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A group of Mexican business have made a public statement to their president to pardon Marine Veteran Jon Hammar because they believe it’s not only an unfair situation, but that it makes Mexico look bad as a country:

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  • BlueGood

    Now here’s a few GOOD Mexican Men!….Let’s pray they are successful before Christmas!

    • Let’s ‘pray’ that they aren’t ‘conveniently’ killed by #FAST&FURIOUS for daring to do what OBAMA refused to! He allowed a marine to die of Rabis in Afghanistan, and I have no doubts he’s PLEASED that this Marine is SUFFERING in Mexico!

  • Glad to see the Mexican people trying to help this person, considering America is doing nothing. Obama admin couldn’t care less.

    • Orangeone

      Barky Boy through his State Department sent this young man to he!!.

      • MiketheMarine

        He can handle it. Let’s focus on getting him out. He’s been thru hell before. This is just a minor refresher course.

        He best be freed soon, however because there are an whole bunch of Marines not to far, geographically, from that prison who may well come get him.

        • oregonproud

          I remember when that happened in TJ back in the 60’s. We didn’t even have to cross the border. The cops brought the Marines to the gate. We loaded back on the buses and went home..

          • Thank you for your service oregonproud!!

          • tinlizzieowner

            One Sryker APC full of Marines could have handled this this in a heartbeat. πŸ˜‰

        • bjohnson55

          Xactly what I was thinking also…

    • tinlizzieowner

      Oh, they care. It’s part of their ‘guns are bad for you ‘agenda’.

  • notebene

    If our Imposter had any self respect, which he doesn’t, he should hang his head in shame! Private citizens of both the US and Mexico are stepping up to do the job he and his State Department refuse to do! More proof that the government does not protect the people, the people do!

    • Nukeman60

      Now, now. Our State department can’t do anything. Hadn’t you heard? Hillary has a concussion and when she doesn’t feel well, the State department has to shut down. It can’t be helped. Let’s wait for President playtime to come back from his ‘working holiday’. Perhaps a decision can be made then, assuming they haven’t executed the young man by that time.

      • Orangeone

        Nuke, love the new title President Playtime!

      • bjohnson55

        And here I believed the commercials that told us Weeble Wobbles don’t fall down…

    • tinlizzieowner

      Shame? Obama?
      πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • Orangeone

    This young Marine hero was honest about bringing his gun into Mexico, declared it and filled out all the proper paperwork. The Mexican area Chamber of Commerce is worried about falling tourism as they should be. I don’t care if this is their primary reason for stepping up I just want our soldier released and sent home. When it happens, and I believe it will, Barky Boy will be there for the photo op claiming all credit.

    • Nukeman60

      Jay Carney, of course, when asked a question about it in the White House news briefing, feigned ignorance of the situation. They certainly hadn’t had enough time to do a poll to see what position the President should take.

      After seeing the American outrage, and ensuring that his actions wouldn’t insult the Mexican President, Obama will certainly step up, after the fact, and declare himself the Nobel Peace Prize recipient once again.

      How glorious for us all. All bow to the great Obama.

      • tinker_thinker

        Another case of the administration ignoring the safety of Americans, when they could have easily have done something about it.

        • Rocco11

          He’s got 3 strikes against him with this Regime: He’s white, he’s not a Muslim, and he’s a Marine.

          • MiketheMarine

            He’ll come thru just fine. I’m not worried about the Marine. Let’s just focus on getting him out.

            • tinlizzieowner

              Bet he knows a whole lot more about PTSD, than he did when he came home from ‘The Sand Box’.

              • MiketheMarine

                Nah, that isn’t what’s in his head. What’s in his head now is why the F was I willing to go fight for these political whores who won’t even come stick up for a combat vet. I would recommend all pols stay the fukc away from him when he IS released because he may well flatten the first fukcing politician he sees. No joke, he will tear someone’s head clean off. I promise that he is so pissed off that NO ONE in that prison is screwing with him.

                • tinlizzieowner

                  “Nah, that isn’t what’s in his head. What’s in his head now is why the F was I willing to go fight for these political whores who won’t even come stick up for a combat vet.”

                  Yup, I’m with you there. Pretty much the same thing I was thinking when I came back from ‘Nam’ and found out that the VFW didn’t even consider us “Veterans of Foreign Wars”. I still won’t go in one, even they do need us now to fill the bar, since the WW2 and Korean Vets are dying off.
                  The PTSD thing is an ace in the hole. He can ‘clock’ a politician and then claim he’s a ‘Dysfunctional Veteran’. The license plate frame on my truck says “Dysfunctional Veteran, Leave Me Alone”. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

                • MiketheMarine

                  I SAW a bumper sticker that said, “The voices in my head are saying clean your guns……and they don’t like you very much.”

      • Orangeone

        Not this kid!Β  I would rather bow to Bibi Netanyahu πŸ™‚ until (President) West is sworn into office

    • tinlizzieowner

      Count on it. I’ll even tell you what he’s going to say. He will tell you he’s been working behind the scenes to accomplish this (but Jay Carney and the State Dept. didn’t know anything about it).
      πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

      • Orangeone

        And my dream is that the Marine demonstrates front and center to Barky Boy how to act like a REAL man

    • celestiallady

      He’ll do a video of his speech with donate to his campaign buttons.

      • Orangeone


  • maynardb50

    “Makes Mexico look bad as a country”? Guess what. Mexico IS bad as a country!

  • Nukeman60

    A big (h/t) to MaxineCa last night on another thread. There is rumor that he may be released by Friday.

    • Orangeone

      The power of Twitter! This story has been all over Twitter being retweeted by everyone. And the tweets have called for boycott of Mexico! Looks like the biz owners got the message loud and clear.

      • tinlizzieowner

        Fox News hasn’t missed a day on this story either. The Marine’s parents have been on a number of times. Ed Henry, the Fox News White House Press Correspondent asked Jay (sock puppet) Karney about it but he’s too busy watching American Idol, (his boss), to know anything about it.

        • To give him his due, Bill O’Reilly has been right on top of this too. Sometimes BillO even gets it right! πŸ™‚

          • maynardb50

            My understanding is that Bill O. is an ex Marine also. Having said that, he would be remiss in not standing up for this fellow Marine in a garbage hole prison.

        • Orangeone

          A lot of the tweets have the latest Fox News videos and stories.Β  I LOVE that tweeps are doing a great job getting the word out.

  • AMEN and God Bless these people for clear thinking, for listening to God who “healeth all thy diseases, who crowneth thee with loving kindness and tender mercies..” It is slowly unfolding in the thoughts of individuals– WE DO NOT NEED GOVERNMENT. It needs us. A small band of determined businessmen are telling the powers that be, who are governed by greed, avarice, self-serving and spiritual wickedness in high places, to step aside!

  • Lord, Please let Jon be released soon!! Love these folks who are working harder than our own disgusting administration to get one of our own back home where he belongs!!

  • tinlizzieowner

    Mexican and American citizens have to do it because obviously both governments are too corrupt and ‘politically correct’ to do it.

  • These Mexican businessmen are doing more to get that Marine freed than NObama, Billary and the whole State Department combined!

    If only Jon Hammar was a black, Muslim and possibly homosexual or transgender… Why NOBama would be ALL over Mexico demanding he be freed at once…. Tell me I’m wrong.

    • celestiallady

      Gosh I thought he would only have to be a Democrat!!!

      • Oh… Good point… He has to be a Demo first and foremost! Makes for better photo-ops later for mr Empty Suit.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Of course he would. Then it would be a ‘hate crime’ rather than a ‘gun crime’.
      πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • c4pfan

    That’s great of them to do!

  • deTocqueville1

    Wonderful uplifting news!

  • You mean Mexico already does not have the reputation of being a corrupt Third-World banana republic? Say it ain’t so. The only thing that’s going to get this Marine released is cash, money, bribes, whatever you want to call it. Somebody has to get paid off and then he will magically be released, no doubt as an “act of friendship” on the part of the Mexican government. I would call Ross Perot and see if he could break this Marine out of jail, like he did when he rescued two of his executives from an Iranian prison during the fall of the Shah. THAT is a man who gets results.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “The only thing that’s going to get this Marine released is cash, money, bribes, whatever you want to call it.”

      In Spanish, it would be “Mordida”, (the bite). πŸ˜‰

  • Sober_Thinking

    Too late to undo the impression that Mexico as a country looks bad. If it was so great, why are thousands to millions of people sneaking across our border to get away?

    However, brave, honest busines people like those mentioned, gives me hope.

    • If only… indeed. πŸ™‚

  • jleinf

    Heck, lets just do a Holder-marine trade and call it even.

  • TaimeAgair

    It makes Mexico look bad, but it makes USA look worse. Hilary Clinton is a disgrace. And I thought Madeline Halfbright was bad.

  • It’s all about the money. Mexicans hate Americans, period. A 2006 Zogby poll found that only 36% of Mexicans had positive regard toward Americans.

  • All my prayers are with these businessman who are putting their own lives at risk for helping this marine. My absolute anger, and fury are with Obama, his REGIME, and all the LIBSCUM who are staying SILENT as this man is left to ROT by the country HE SERVED! [email protected]

  • They can hardly afford to lose any more buss due to this. It’ll all play out in the bottom line if this keeps happening.

  • TWH’s R#1

    God Bless those trying to help. Because we all know Herr Ovomit won’t lift a finger to help a white ex-military man.