Michael Moore: Republicans trying to make it harder to vote in liberal America

Michael Moore tells his crowd of evil capitalist operatives just waiting to buy signed copies of his book that America is pretty much all leftist now on most issues and that’s the reason Hannity and Rush are like ‘raaawwwwwwrrrr’ all the time. Which is kinda stupid, really, when you think about it. Rush, Hannity, Levin, and the others aren’t worried about what America is so much (and they believe it is much more to the right, but I digress), but rather they worry about who is running it. But Michael Moore isn’t worried about truth here, obviously, so we’ll move on.

He then proceeds to tell them that Republicans are trying to make it harder for people to vote in America. Of course, his premise is that America is mostly to the left now so he is accusing Republicans of attempting to suppress the vote – the leftist vote. Of course, here again, all untrue.

These leftist fools don’t even know that he is using them.

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  • I’m sorry, but I can only handle so much of this fat hypocritical blowhard who loves to take advantage of capitalism in ways which many people only dream about. He can spew all the crap he wants. Some will obviously believe it all, but those with brains will figure it out eventually or more who already know will keep on getting the truth out to counter crap from these ignorant morons.

  • Joe


    I will now proceed to heave!

  • Liberals are morons, it would be wrong not to base that on facts so I will name some… 1. “Lets all be equal!” which is extremely stupid, because being equal is meaning having the same pay, same rules, same cars, houses, everything! It is all very communist and I hate having to think of our generation to sit on our duffs and get all this money that we didn’t work for. My teacher, for example, is an idiot, and a liberal, and names some things good about being communist. And my only reply is , ” Do you want to be a communist and get ruled by your government and whatever he wants, he can take from you?” His reply is obviously, “No, BUT” Then I interrupted him and said, ” There are no buts to this! Thats my point I just made! What is so good about being a liberal and a communist!” Now, to this day, he doesn’t like me, but knows i’m right and will not agree! I am 12 and am in the range of 10 to 13 years old and I am smarter than most of this freaking nation just because i’m republican!

    • Anonymous

      Good for you, Isaac! You stand your ground! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Isaac… may I suggest that you inform your parents of the mind-set of your teacher, if you have not done so already… You are conservative for some reason… I surmise that it is because of the example(s) your parents may have set for you…They would not be pleased to know that you are being taught in the US by someone who thinks ( and passes on to his students ) his “communist way” may have a few “faults”, but is on the whole is a good thing…

    • Excellent Isaac! Great job!

    • Isaac, Isaac, Isaac! There were not enough like buttons on your comment. There comes a point in one’s life that civility to stupidity comes to an end. Your time came a lot quicker than most other people’s including mine. Liberal enemies mean that I have stood on freedom’s principles and refused to accept anything other than the TRUTH! Congratulations.

    • Anonymous

      In the late 1960s some of the hippies tried communal living, like sharing all personal property and living quarters, bodies, etc… The communes never lasted very long because the people within them got tired of sharing undies and such with everyone else and it always came to pass that some wouldn’t pull their weight in the chores department , most people just quit them after a taste of the communism they had heard about from their profs so glowingly at school. That was in this country. Most of the places that the communes inhabited just ended up as garbage dumps that had to be totally renovated to be habitable again or torn down altogether. After they left the communes, cleaned up , got jobs, and became yuppies, yeah greedy capitalistic BMW drivers, and had children , probably the OWS crowd of today, they are wont to give up on that idea of fairness, even if they themselves have come to realize that life is not fair and you get as good as you give mostly.

  • Anonymous

    Is that why liberals steal votes in elections: IL, MN, etc and allow non-citizens to vote….is that the “making it harder to vote” you were talking about fat-ass?

  • Anonymous

    The disease known as liberalisim makes you ugly too….

  • From World Net Daily

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio came up with the idea to demand the original microfilm of Obama’s birth certificate after he saw evidence from his Cold Case Posse in Maricopa County, Ariz., that the White House apparently released to the public three different versions of the long-form birth certificate.

    “Show me the microfilm, not the copies the White House released,” Arpaio has insisted.

    Read more: Sheriff Joe: ‘Show me the microfilm!’


  • Anonymous

    Inside he’s laughing at his choir and outside he’s smirking at us. This man is actually making tons of money out of being the person he gets paid to demonize.

  • DCGere

    Wow I made it through 2:42 of this diatribe. Think I lost a few brian cells now…

  • Anonymous

    Moore didn’t promise to hire union workers for his next movie. I guess he is not quite enamored with the all the lefts positions.

  • Anonymous

    From the cheers, I can’t tell if he’s at a Union hall or a gay event.

  • Anonymous

    What difference does it make? Whenever there’s an election, liberals always get more votes than were actually cast. They have plenty to spare.

  • L B

    more democrat end games—

    1. Abortion— every woman must have one
    2. Death penalty— lets keep a cop killer alive for 50 years on the tax payer dole
    3. Equal rights / gay marriage bs— like anyone is ending impeding on equal rights

    Oh yeah Michael Moore— way to go taking off that nasty baseball cap… We all know you are bald already

  • Anonymous

    A comedy sketch from the headlines: Imagining how it all went down:

    Van Jones: Okay, ideas anybody.

    Professor #1: I think I could get some of my hippie students and their friends to protest Wall St.

    Professor #2: Great idea, I’m going to text some of my students from my iPhone and tell them they should be protesting evil corporations whose products are made in China and sell stock on Wall St.

    Van Jones: Excellent!

    Andy Stern: I can get some of my people there.

    Trumpka: Me too.

    ACORN: We’ll have our people there, they might get rowdy and create a mess but they’ll be there shilling for Obama.

    JournoList: Hold back boys we wouldn’t want it to look like astroturf.

    Debbie Dolberman: Once the MSM sets the narrative about how spontaneous and grassroots the OWS crowd has sprung up we could get Nancy and Barrack to comment on it.

    Nancy: Okay.

    Tumpka: That’s the cue for us to come in Andy.

    Van Jones: Excellent. A very productive meeting on this one. We wouldn’t want another CBS incident. Has anyone admonished CBS and that reporter yet?

    Nancy: My husband and I need a distraction

    Al Sharpton: When will we tell them it should be about redistributing the money?

    Bill Keller: I’ll start setting the narrative that the Tea Party is finished.

    Charlie Rose: I’ll coincide with that and and call OWS a growing phenomenon.

    JournoList: Once all that’s rolling we’ll keep pounding the talking points.

    Harry: I’ll prevent the Senate from voting on Barrack’s jobs Bill while all this is going on. I’ll need help blaming Republicans since the bi-partisan support is against us.

    JournoList: No problem and no different than business as usual.

    Al Sharpton: Money…when will we tell them it should be about redistributing the money?

    David Axelrod: Al follow my cue and then organize. Barrack will say “Republicans Don’t Want A Place Where People “No Matter What They Look Like” Can Succeed”

    Nancy Pelosi: I will stir up their passions with stuff like they’re voting to let women die on the floor.

    JournoList: Great idea Nancy. That one helps get out the feminist vote every time. Women like “shiny things”.

    Whoopi: I can tell women George Bush er….Republicans want to steal their uteruses.

    Sean Penn: Garofalo and the rest of us will set the meme the Tea Party is the “Get The N-Word Out Of The White House Party”.

    Bill Maher: Excellent Sean! Most excellent! I will call Cain and republicans racist and poke fun at them.

    Al Sharpton: I will add to the meme: “We Will Get The Jobs Bill Done In The Street”.

    David Axelrod: Excellent guys. The WH messaging will be OWS “Will Be An Issue In This Campaign”.

    Valerie Jarret: We need to crush the idea MLK would have supported Cain. Barrack will tell the people at the ceremony that MLK Jr. Would Have Supported Occupy Wall Street.

    Lawrence O’Donnell: I will imply a brilliant man like Cain should have been drafted, or perhaps volunteered to be considered a patriot – rather than work for the Navy in a private capacity on rocket science where the Navy wanted him solving problems on an important project. I can also push the meme that he’s an Uncle Tom for thinking for himself and unlike 90%+ of African Americans he’s a traitor to his own race. I will do this from atop my white horse. Perhaps MSNBC should hire Al to provide me cover.

    Al Sharpton: That’s what I do, I know how to crack the whip on those who dare leave the Democrat plantation. How much are they going to pay me?

    Van Jones: Shut up Al! One last thing. Can you JournoList within the press corpse please keep ignoring the Fast and Furious scandal.

    WH Press Corpse: Indeed!

    JournoList: We concur, and don’t worry Nancy. Tell your husband too.

    David Axelrod: Once all this is rolling Barack will hop on the bus and hit the road with the standard organizing talking points like “GOP Wants “Dirtier Air, Dirtier Water, Less People With Health Insurance”.

    Martin Bashir: David, I’ll follow your lead with “Cain Doesn’t Want To Be “Associated With African-Americans.”

    Comrade Brzezinski: I‘d suggest a Bolshevik type appraoch like “Make Rich Known Publicly To Pressure Them To Give Back”

    Eugene Robinson: I’ll call my meme “Defend Wall Street” and go with the theme is not likely to be a winning campaign slogan in 2012. For Republicans, this is an obvious problem.

    Bernie Sanders: We Need To Address The Issue Of The Rich Getting Richer

    Lawrence O’Donnell: I’d like to add Republicans still don’t have a jobs plan, they’ve never had a jobs plan because Republicans are lying liars that lie even when lying about lying that’s the kind of liars the lying liars are.

    Rachel Maddow: I’ll push this one “Republicans vote against employing more teachers and first responders” and since we believe the American people are too stupid to figure out the locals already pay taxes to cover those type of things in their cities and states.

    Van Jones: Very good Rachel.

    Al Franken: Also remember people, we are good enough, smart enough and gosh darn it, people like us. We are wonderful people…..just ask us.

    Rachel Maddow: I’ll also go with Republicans think poor people are scam artists.

    David Axelrod: Excellent Barack will use the standard Alinsky playbook on his bus tour which we can film for campaign ads. Barack will also tell the people not to believe their lying eyes and that all the choices he made were the right ones. I’ll try and keep a straight face and plant a seed that the election is going to be a close one.

    Debbie Dolberman: I will project all our demagoguery onto republicans.

    E.J. Dionne: I’ll add that: Operation Wall Street Is “Disciplined,” Has “Wonderful Signs”

    Eugene Robinson: I’ll keep pounding the following talking point “GOP Wants to Deprive Poor & Middle Class”

    Michael Moore: Will Barrack be using the styrofoam columns again? I will make a documentary of all this with a similar name as my Fifth but I’ll call this one “Bowling for Columnlike.”

    Mechelle O: I will insert myself into the narrative with “The GOP Would Curb Freedom of Speech, Religion…”

    David Axelrod We’ll have the speech writers script some OWS language for Barack to read from the TOTUS.

    Michael Moore: I will rally the crowds and tell them that I’m not of the 1% with my multi-millions and that capitalism is evil. They can buy my book and DVD to find out why.

    Van Jones: Very productive people. I mean that..

  • Anonymous


    It’s a multifaceted solution addressing many issues at once in its simplicity. I can remember another man with a bold plan that was simple “We win they lose!” and went about putting the policies in place to do just that. Herman Cain has that same sort of bold plan to solve big problems and end class warfare envy politicking as we know it.

    9-9-9 encourages working poor to save which is typically the reason working poor are still WP after a decade of working. See immigrants who come with nothing and barely speak the language and live the American Dream through hard work, savings and make it.

    The 9-9-9 plan encourages job growth, lowers cost for the employer which has direct correlation to pricing -good for the consumer. Also, gives people more money on their paychecks to spend/save.

    If One gets $200.00 EXTRA a on their paycheck each week and the same bag of groceries One paid $200.00 for under 70,000 pages of tax code – One pays an extra $18.00 but still has $182.00 to put into savings that week or offset other taxable goods they might purchase that week. Many will see much more on their chacks that $200.00 and even the working poor will have more funds available each week.

    When people are putting their money into savings accounts then banks don’t need TARP bailouts the Federal Reserve printing money to supply them therefore devaluing savings accounts of the elderly and hurting the poor with inflation.

    When perpetual working poor are saving they won’t be perpetual working poor and they won’t need government forcing banks to change time tested loan standards or F&F distorting the housing market creating bubbles.

    9-9-9 takes away the catalyst for most if not all the divisive bickering ie envy politicking and class ware rhetoric as it treats everybody fairly, the same. The rich spend more because they can so they will pay their fair share.

    9-9-9 allows Michael Moore or the frugal Warren Buffet to stimulate the economy and pay more taxes until their hearts content. True patriots! Moore can film a documentary of him and Buffet going around the country spending their money until they’re blue in the face paying taxes. Moore can call his documentary “Warren and Me.”

    When we pass 9-9-9 pols will not be able to raise taxes because it will be easier for the opposition to explain how that “directly affects your life” to the consumer/voter. You’ll have a lot more people voting when you try raising their taxes. Good luck with that tax loving Democrats or even the “read my lips crowd” within the GOP establishment.

    Herman Cain one simple plan addressing many problems directly at the roots and SOLVING THEM. Romney 59 of them just tweaking around the edges.

    Millionaires like Romney and billionaires will be getting a tax break too and instead of hiding their money in the loopholes of 70,000+ pages of tax code, they will spend it and pay plenty of taxes. Why? How? – Because the so called “rich” spend more money by default.

    Cain’s plan sends the taxes to the government through the economy which means free markets will decide the winners and losers – not the government!

  • Anonymous

    This fat rich 1% socialist jerk is trying to make the nyslimes facts to seem correct in perspective. And as usual, the liberal extremists are accusing conservatives of what they actually do.

  • “These leftist fools don’t even know that he is using them.”

    That is the sad part; all of the lesftists are being used by socialists, Marxists, and statists… and they all truly believe that Michael Moore(food?), Chuck Schumer, Clintons, and the like really care about them. It really is very sad.

  • Joe

    Walking my dogs is more important than Moore

  • Anonymous

    Why is MM SELLING copies of his book? Shouldn’t he be giving them away, since capitalism is so bad?

    • Anonymous

      Ding, ding, ding….we have a winner folks!
      That’s the part that makes me want to tell those who believe this liberal garbage that they’re beyond brain washed and left the planet earth and landed on planet STU-PED, which orbits planet Id-E-IT!

  • Anonymous

    Um Mikey, you are a fat tub of schit and a fraud:-)

  • This man is so disgusting in so many ways.

  • Anonymous

    Moore should be arrested for public indecency for not covering up his ass. But he can’t because then he couldn’t talk.

  • Quisimodo has been resurected from the grave! What a sloven, misshapen, evil, demon possessed human!!!! He rails against hard working Americans way of life.
    WORK HARD, SAVE, INVEST, and LIVE OFF THE INTEREST!!! Saw a video of him wanting the topo 40 Americans to give ONE MILLION Dollars, then a dude ask how much of his 50 MILLION he was going to give!!!! The phat disgusting human ignored the question… then the crowd turned on the questioner… what a bunch of mororns… the kiss the azz of amillionaire, while complaining about millionaires!!!

  • Watch The Fat Capitalist Pig Michael Moore Run Away From Some Very Direct Questions About Donating Some Of His 50 Million Dollars.

  • Anonymous

    Bizarro World theory.

    Gotta love how the Lefties can claim with such authority there was no significant WMD in Iraq while ignoring the fact the only reason they can make that claim with such authority is because Saddam was removed from power and inspections could go on unhampered by Saddam.

    That’s liberal logic for ya.

    Here’s another example:

    Liberals love to point to Europeon socialism and denigrate the United States for not implementing it here while they ignore the fact that the only reason Europeons could have their beloved socialism is because the US taxpayers foot the bill protecting Europe during the Cold-War. If Europe had to spend their money on military spending they wouldn’t have their socialism and is exactly the reason Europe has no significant military to speak of today.

    Liberals get it bass-ackwards almost every time because they live within their perception of reality that I and many others call Bizarro-World. Just apply the Bizarro-World theory to modern liberals and their polices and it aptly applies and explains exactly why words speak louder than actions to them etc… and why they turn not only reality upside down but our economy and almost everything else too.

    This is exactly why those brainwashed kids within the OWS crowd are saying the most bizarre things. This is exactly why Michale Moore can convince the OWS crowd he’s not one of the 1% even though he’s a multi-millionaire and exactly why Moore can tell his imbecile followers capitalism is EVIL but they have to buy his book and DVD to find out why.

    And this is exactly the reason Obama can be seen as Orwellian. Its exactly why the Left sees the Iraq war as “Blood for oil” instead of the UN’s “Oil for Food” program which was exactly that ie blood for oil all the while the socialist around the world were blaming the US for Iraqi children dying because of the sanctions.

  • Anonymous

    Down with capitalism! Oh guys, buy my book (before the revolution starts).

  • Anonymous

    Scoop, now admit it, Republicans ARE trying to make it harder for people to vote – dead people, illegals, felons, people without ID….