Michael Moore: UC Davis Pepper Spray incident resonates like Tiananmen Square

This is eye-bleed material here from Mediaite. Michael Moore had the audacity to suggest that the protesters who refused to move the other day after being told by police, and then were summarily pepper-sprayed, is resonating with the world like Tiananmen Square. Are you kidding me? It’s clear the protesters expected to be pepper sprayed because of the way they were dressed and last time I checked, Pepper Spray isn’t life threatening. But the way the left is acting about this, you’d thing the kids were each shot in the foot or something.

And further, to compare these selfish and greedy protesters to the protesters in China who stood up against a Communist regime that oppressed its people in the vilest of ways is so absurd that it should qualify Michael Moore to spend a few nights in a psychiatric hospital. America has been and still is the bastion of freedom in the world that believes it’s a man’s right to control his own destiny and that the government shouldn’t forcibly remove that opportunity, which is exactly what happens in China – that is if you live long enough to find out.

I don’t expect you to watch much of this clip, but you need to watch the first minute or so to hear the stupid:


Mark Levin weighed in a little on this issue last night, suggesting that this OWS movement isn’t just an anti-capitalism movement, but an anti-police movement:

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  • Professor Why

    Eh, Mikey’s just upset that he found out pepper spray isn’t a brand-new condiment for his fries… 😉

  • Anonymous

    Spray them every day; maybe then they will bathe.

    • Ma’am. I honestly don’t even know how to address what you said. It’s one thing to claim the incident as a justified and necessary act, but another entirely to wish it upon them further. Those students out there are my classmates. My friends. All i will say to you is that I’d like you to know that your comment deeply morally and personally offended me.

      • Damn, I certainly hope so. Go talk to the Young Republicans, on campus, and see how much they will offend you!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, well reality is tough; deal with it.

      • bobemakk

        Pumpkin, tell them they don’t belong there and are obstructing the law. If you are a college student you should know that.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Moore has become comedy gold. He really oughta consider stand-up.

    • He would, but he cannot stand up. Anyway, if he appeared in a club with me, he probably not like the treatment he got, the brusies and all.

  • Anonymous

    BLAZE, im glad you added Levin. id rather listen to Mark then those two liberals.
    also, that ‘pop out’ notice of the next story is annoying, especially when it ‘pops’ out when i am trying to read the posts. i have to stop reading and ‘X’ it out. very annoying. there must be another way.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just waiting for Gloria Allred to enter the picture.

  • Joe

    Moore is just concerned that food was wasted

    He would use that pepper sray on his expensive steak !

  • Joe

    They should use water cannons and some SOAP

  • Anonymous

    There’s your Ohio State moment you were asking for. Happy?

  • L B

    how pathetic this comparison… that twerp kid will never compare to “Tank Man”— who by in part was not in the Tiananmen Square protest… He was just a regular guy going about his business, but became involved when he was outraged by the tank column heading to break up protests.

    Michael Moore take off that stupid hat

  • Anonymous

    Saw this myself (on tv) several times with no explanation. Had to figure out myself that the walkway was being obstructed. Now I guess they are martyrs. The one in the first clip kept saying I want, I want, I want. There are a lot of college debt out there and a lot of them want bailed out, instead of taking responsibility.


  • Anonymous

    The people at Tiananmen Square wanted freedom from oppressive Communism, the very same oppressive system Moore and OWS would like to see us live under. It defies logic.

    • Maxsteele

      Exactly. Same type of liberal, socialist, insult to victims of atrocities in the world by watering down the true nature of what happened when they compare the slightest thing to them. For example, calling any conservative movement nazi’s or a republican candidate hitler or Israel and apartheid state, anti-obama as racists. It is all to stimulate an emotional response and sensationalize anything that they deem dangerous to their agenda. What it ends up doing is minimizing and making meaningless what those words and events really meant.

  • Anonymous

    Moore could use a bath

    • Anonymous

      In nice, warm tar, with a light dusting of feathers.

      The rail is out, though. No one could carry it.

      (EDIT: an apple in his mouth would be appropriate)

  • Anonymous

    “If you were writing the script for this… you would actually write this in… or if you were trying to build the protest movement… you would say how do we get the police to behave in this manner, because when they do this thing is just going to explode across the country.”

    That’s all you need to know right there.

  • I’m sorry but there is no way on God’s green earth that I can watch Michael Moore and Larry on the same footage. My eyes are bleeding just from reading the headline- so no can do.
    All I can say is
    Pepper spray vs. Tank. Which one would moore choose I wonder?

    • Anonymous

      I’ll chime in and agree… there is no way… uuh uuh… nope. I will not watch Lawrence and bloviator maximus in the same clip. So simple is it. No can do!

      Levin, on the other hand… I’ll make tea and sit down to listen.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t watch leftist talking heads, I can feel my brain shrinking, at least whats left it, when I do.

    • Anonymous

      I started this as a response but the column is just too narrow.

      You know Duck, it didn’t really occur to me that he was a naive young kid when i first started talking with him, thought he was older and more dug in y’know. This makes me think about how I am towards people here. I try to be nice encouraging to people most of the time but I got short with him too quick. I will be more careful from now on. Kick me if I do something like that again. 🙂

      On the other hand, You mentioned something the other day about hubby possibly getting a job, and it’s bothered me that I didn’t ask about it. So tell me.
      I”ll be praying for your sweet little family, either way.

  • Anonymous

    It resonates alright, like a guitar string looped over two sandbags in a vacuum.

  • The left is portraying this as an unprovoked attack on peaceful protesters, however, according to the initial reports they were attempting to block the police from doing their job of removing tents and making arrests. That was a clear provocation by the students an possible even a criminal act.

    It seems clear to me that they have taken a page from the Palestinian playbook of creating incidents that force police to take actions so that the protesters can take pictures that are designed to garner sympathy for their cause.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Moore, just so you know, everything ‘resonates’ in a void as empty and hard as your head.

    Tiananmen Square was a slaughter of unknown, but suspected, massive proportions: hundreds and up to thousands of students trapped, ruthlessly and systematically slaughtered, away from the media and denied by the communist government who rules with an iron fist.

    This was a bunch of stuck-up and well-funded students under the shutters of hundreds of camera’s and live video feeds, who consented to the ‘pepper spray’ in order to try and create an image. this whole movement is an act, a desperate ploy to try and create an ‘image’.

    Apparently, Michael Moore believes that ‘pepper spray’ is the same thing as death by tank-tread.

    Way to go blubber-brain… Just once, for fun, I’d love to see Michael Moore actually participate in an ‘action’; I think I’d like to see him pepper-sprayed, or baton-beaten. He seems to find those ‘traits’ so endearing… He is such a hypocrite: ever the ‘director’, never the ‘actor’. He just seems to be searching for a place in this.

    I see him in the middle of his morning-mirror affirmation: “I am relevent, I am pretty, people like me, people listen to me! I make sense!”

    Keep lying to yourself buddy.

    • “Consented to being pepper sprayed”? you make it sound like a picnic. Those kids, my classmates, were screaming. Those hundreds of cameras you talk about? those were students out there with cameras. This video should be making you people see what was really happening there, not something to joke around about.

      • All I saw was a bunch of kids defying an order to disperse. All of the cameras and video phones were better quality than what most working folks I know have, and were better dressed too.
        Pepper spray may be uncomfortable, but I really have no sympathy for those who knew the consequences of their actions. You’ve all been taught antiAmerican crap so long, but you have no idea of how great America has been.

        • We know damn well how great america is. There is no sentiment of anti-americanism anywhere in these protests. America is a great country. It’s a country where people are allowed to voice their opinions no matter how much others disagree with them as long as they are peaceful about it. That’s what we were doing. No act of entirely civil disobedience warrants the amount of force used on those students. America is a land of free speech to all. Not just those you agree with

          • While I agree that freedom of speech is for all, the people here are stupified when it comes from people like Michael Moore when he equates the pepper spray to what happened in Tiananmen Square. There is nothing similar whatsoever. That said, these kids were told to disperse, were warned and one had the audacity to basically tell the cop to bring it on. Seems to me still that is blatant defiance. What would you have them do? Call their parents?

            • I fully agree that the comparison to tiananmen square is absurd. However, what most people on here seem to believe was that the students were defying an order to take down their tents. However, that order had been complied with and all the tents were removed by the students peacefully hours prior to the incident shown with the pepper spray. In regards to telling the cop to “bring it on”. I fail to see how peacefully sitting in a circle warrants the use of pepper spray.

              • Pay particular attention to the beginning of this. http://www.therightscoop.com/video-oc-davis-protesters-were-clearly-warned-theyd-be-pepper-sprayed-and-they-were-cool-with-it/

                And again, what do you expect the law to do when their orders have been ignored- especially after all the other OWS type behavior?

              • Anonymous

                As a retired officer, I can tell you what the students were doing wrong and why THEY caused the officers to take action. By sitting and blocking the sidewalk, (which has been referred to as ‘civil disobedience’,) the students WERE BREAKING THE LAW! Public sidewalks, whether on school campuses or not, are designed and intended for the orderly movement of pedestrians. There are codified rules (laws) which require sidewalks to be free of obstructions and REQUIRE officers who find violations of such laws to take appropriate action. In addition, the students were told there would be consequences if they refused to comply (move) and it was explained to them what those consequences would be. Instead of complying with the LAW, they chose to ignore it, much like a spoiled child would defy a parent. At the point they refused to move, they were in violation of section 148(a) of the California Penal Code, which prohibits any person from “…resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer in the performance of his duties…” The students lack of compliance to verbal commands required the officers to escalate the use of force to pepper spray, which is designed to cause short-term pain but not create harm or damage anyone. No officer intended to cause harm to the students but were COMPELLED to take action by the students refusal to follow the rules. Anyone in our society who refuses to follow the rules should be ready to suffer the consequences!

              • Anonymous

                I don’t know if you are in a bubble among your friends and classmates but you need to understand that your entire grievance is being undermined by the worst dregs of the protests.

              • I know you are slow, try this. A bunch of peacefull students, camps on a train track. All are killed. Such a tragedy. If you do not see this, go back to remedial english.

          • NO, nope nada. Your free speech, ends at the end of my nose. And, warning, I hit back, not like the police.

      • Anonymous

        When I was a teenager, a friend and I rode on hood of another friends car. It was a stupid thing to do. My friends encouraged us to do it and we figured “why not, we won’t get hurt”. The driver slammed on the brakes at thirty miles per hour, you can imagine what happened. I didn’t think about the future or how my friends were setting me up for the damage that was about to come my way.

        These classmates of yours planned and encouraged each other to go against the police, they challenged the police, wouldn’t listen to the police, and got the results they expected and challenged from the police. They haven’t quite figured out what they are protesting yet, destroying public property, sexually assaulting each other, and lord knows what else. They are having a free for all that is just a big party being led by communists and union bosses, who are only interested in destroying my way of life as well as many of my fellow countrymen and most importantly, yours.

        I have no pity for self destructive behavior and I don’t think your classmates are thinking though completely just what the end result is going to be once the communists and other groups are successful.

        I think you would be better off if you tried to discourage your friends from participating in these protests. The future, as you so aptly put it, is not something to joke about.

        • ….sir, i must say your comment blindsided me. All i can hope for is that it was a joke and that you really know better. I’ll address your comment in points:
          1: There has been no destruction of public property. We are entirely non violent.
          2: Where did you even get the idea that we’re sexually assaulting each other? That’s just absurd.
          3: I’m not sure how communism and union bosses fit in to a textbook example of the truly American right to freedom of speech and the right of assembly.
          4: In regards to us not having “figured out what they are protesting yet”, we’re figuring it out every damn day. Yesterday we had a general assembly of thousands of people. People would go and voice what they felt was wrong and what they felt was right, in order to assemble a list of grievances and to truly figure out what the people thought. And you know what? Almost everyone agreed that the police are a vital and important part of our community. They are there to protect us and we recognize that. Brutality and excessive force however have no place in America. At least not in an America where the goal is to continue to have a free people.

          • Anonymous

            I stopped at number 2. BS

            • Oh yeah, i forgot. Cause you know all we do as college students and friends is run around raping each other for fun while high on acid. My bad. You clearly know better than I do because what would I know living in Davis and going to school here.

              • Anonymous

                I’m sorry, I should have engaged with you, not cut you off. I have seen some articles talking about sexual attacks, maybe not by the college students themselves, but at least others that joined in.

                • I haven’t heard of any sort of such behavior, but if you can show me these articles and they do in fact have credible reports of sexual assault by the protesters then I would be shocked and appalled. Regardless of the context, that kind of behavior is not okay and I assure you is not supported by the protests

                • Anonymous

                  What do call credible? A news story from a major media outlet? There is also rumors of protest organizers telling victims not to report assaults to the police, that they would handle them internally.

                  Answer me this; What is the final outcome in your view? What do you call a victory?

                • Hitler publically denounced the night of the knives. The one he organized. Yeah, leaders can say, all we do is talk, condoning murder & rape, but we do not do such things.

                • Believe me college acid, rape, and murder is about the same % as slums. I have watched several felons working colleges,and campus police are inadequate. One school, had a 5 PM curfew. After admitting local police they caught the student, who had raped 5 gals. OH, he was a journalism major.

              • Anonymous

                #3. are you denying that the protests are being supported by Communists of America? Because the protests that are supported by communists do not have our best interests, and if you do not deny the communists as the Tea Party denied the Neo-nazi’s and other extremist groups you lose any credibility at all.
                #4. You told me that they made a list of grievances and everybody agreed. Cool, what were they? You were just as specific as they been since they started.
                If you all agree that the police are there to protect you and if this is a peaceful protest why are they trying to get the police to attack them? Please don’t deny this because this is exactly what the protesters of the 60’s did. They proclaimed peace as they instigated the police to strike first. Yesterday, it was learned that Bill Ayres group, Th Weather Underground, infamous for blowing up the pentagon and other buildings as well as the murder of a policeman, showed up at protests yesterday.

                • I guess you scared her/him off toon.

                • Anonymous

                  Shoot, and I was having such a good time, too. I appreciate Citizen735 jumping in just when I was struggling on the proof of sexual assaults. So you’re not ashamed of me being from Illinois, Land of Obama? :-{

                • Anonymous

                  I take it those government schools are teaching those students very little about real life! And you were absolutely correct about the OWS camps having multiple reports of sex assaults, thefts and other felonies. I’m not sure Pumpkin wants to be connected to the rest of the OWS craziness but in the real world, you are known by the company you keep. Keep up the good work Toon!

                • Anonymous

                  Thank you, I’ll try.

                • Really? What do you consider to be a real life lesson then if not standing up for what you believe in? Also, I’m sure some kind of sexual assault has happened somewhere in connection to OWS. But i’m talking specifically about the protests here in my city, Davis. WE are a non violent group. WE are not sexually assaulting each other.

                • Anonymous

                  First, you can not isolate your local protest from the nationwide protest and say “we don’t do that”, you are protesting as a branch, you are as one with the others, as a student you know that, you aren’t stupid. If violence happens in one place, all will get the blame. The Tea Party had much larger groups and was truly peaceful cleaned up after themselves, was respectful to others even when confront by their opposition. There were zero reports of assaults, any extremist groups were called out and asked to leave, they asked for honesty and fiscal sanity from the government. You knew from day one exactly what their grievances were. You protests are disorganized, led by extremists who hate America. Your classmates, who I am sure love America and a want a good life for themselves, have families, raise children. Youth is full of new ideas, trying new things, throwing the future to the wind. That’s great. I loved that time of my life. Unfortunately, the future creeps up on you, and the decisions you make today will affect you for the rest of your life. Think about that.

                  My question here; did you support the Tea Party standing up for what they believed in, unquestionably peacefully?

                • Excellently stated and excellent question toon.

                • You have many solid points and i agree with you to an extent, but we do not hate america and we are not run by people who hate america. As for what i thought about the Tea Party, I have no valid opinions on the Tea Party because I don’t have any information that I’d be willing to form an informed opinion on one way or another. I’m a freshman here just out of high school, I’m only just now getting into politics because only now is something truly infuriating me to such an extent that I cannot help but be eager to do something. And i intend on making my voice heard.

                • Anonymous

                  How can your voice be heard when we have no idea what you are protesting? That’s ridiculous! And if you have associated yourself with OWS, how do you know their goals are your goals? It appears you are protesting the status quo, but without specifics, the only thing we can see is your manner of protest, which makes few want to sympathize with you or your cause

                • Anonymous

                  I so appreciate your wanting to get into politics, the constitution says that we are individuals, and we run the government, we elect people to represent us, they are taking that right away from us. The protests are aimed at Walls Street. Wall Street is a problem only because the politicians have created rules that they can take advantage, The problem is is our congress and president, not just Obama, but Bush and those even before him. Protesting Wall Street is like putting a band aid on a severed leg when you need a tourniquet. But no one is protesting Washington, Why is that do you think?

                • Pumkin, I can’t speak for all the tea party- and I sure can’t speak for many of the OWS. My own thoughts on government and what is wrong would be way too long to post here. However. The tea party (at least those I know) are frustrated at the growth of government, the way government has gone so far from the original intent of a Republican government, whose main duties were miniscule compared to the giant life sucking machine it is today.
                  That along with the cronyism – on both sides, the corruption on both sides and the power that government has stolen from the people they claim to represent. The paybacks by our current administration, the government dictating what we are allowed and not allowed, things which government in a Republic has no right to require, the UnConstitutionality of many of the things our government does. The list goes on and on. As for greed and all this class warefare stuff, yes, there is greed. But you know what? It is the elites in government which allow this corporate greed to go on. Lobbyists and paybacks go back and forth from corporation to Washington and then back again.
                  What it seems to me from some of the legitimate grievances I hear from some of the OWS is some of the same things which have frustrated people at the Tea Parties years ago, but the OWS people should be occupying Pennsylvania Avenue- not wall street.
                  I am the wife of an unemployed sweet dear man. We have no savings left except for a few small stocks. Do the OWS people believe because we, along with millions of middle Americans who have stocks deserve to have our stocks wiped out?
                  Some corporations are greedy. Extremely. But are you aware that as so many of the so called 99 percenters who are demanding more from the 1 percent are mostly people who started off the same way you, or I or many of the people here started off? Most of those have worked multiple jobs in their youth, saved their money, found a marketable product and then worked on their product for 80 plus hours a week, lived on macaroni and cheese until they finally could afford to maybe buy a store or a warehouse, or hire a couple of people?
                  I have known some supremely wealthy people in my life who are the hardest working, most giving and charitable people I have ever known. Who is government or a bunch of people obstructing businesses and others to tell these people they have too much and have to give more?
                  These so called millionaires who are trying to earn points by claiming they aren’t taxed enough? That’s bull crap. They could pay more to the treasury any time they want. They work the loopholes like anyone and in some cases such as Buffet and GE either don’t bother to pay tax at all or are fighting the IRS about the taxes they pay.
                  Sorry I’ve gone on too long, but this is getting to me and I had to speak my mind.

                • Anonymous

                  I like him, he’s going to be ok.

                • I hope so too Toon. I’ll be praying for him/her.

                • Anonymous

                  As will I!

                • Anonymous

                  I do believe we all made an impression on Pumpkin, even if he doesn’t realize it today. There was a time (many years ago) when I was where he was… a student with intentions to change the world. I discovered no one wanted to listen to someone who was a ‘know-it-all’ with a smug attitude and associated with rabble-rousers. I expect he will discover that truth someday. I, too, applaud his ability to express himself here and not in the middle of some illegal protest. I just hope his revelation comes sooner rather than later! Thanks for all the comments… I would stand toe to toe with you all to defend the rights we all have! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

                • Happy Blessed Thanksgiving to you Citizen!

                • Anonymous

                  And I with you, I hope this young man, Woman, gives this a lot of thought, I think we filled him with a lot of meat tonight. I can’t help but think of him/her as a nephew/niece. I think he will be ok. And a very blessed Thanksgiving to you, sir.

                • Anonymous

                  Well said Duck. Sorry about your situation though. I hope we can fix government and get your husband back to work.

                • Thanks toon. I appreciate it. I don’t mean to sound whiny, but sometimes some (not pumpkin) claim to speak for all of us who are unemployed. I know a lot of folks here who are unemployed and a lot worse off than us, but none of us believe we are owed anything or should have others through government to give us anything. It’s frustrating, but I have learned to trust in the Lord for all things and He has blessed us continually! Sometimes it takes having very little to see how very blessed we really are 😉 God Bless you Toon- you’re a good friend.
                  I love this site of Scoop. I’ve met some excellent and caring people here. I hope maybe Pumpkin will come back and see how people here while maybe sarcastic or harsh sounding really do care about others and this Nation.

                • SOS. As soon as I turned grey, I was unemployed. MS in math, EE, pilot, MS in CS. I am on permanent vacation. I live off my wife. O steals $300 a month from me. When I had some money, I had a lot of friends. Now, I cannot afford doctor bills. Maybe If you apply at womans university. They help sometimes.

                • Anonymous

                  Ditto here!

                • I had the priviledge of teaching at a woman’s university. Thank you for showing the world, great things come from such places. My deans, all women, were fabulous. Funny, they almost always had sidelines, like concert pianists. You go girl!

                • Thanks Allen! Hope things go better for your permanent vacation a year from January! God Bless and thanks for the encouragement 🙂
                  PS- Sorry, I fixed the spelling of your name. I knew a couple of allAns in school :-/

                • Anonymous

                  I do not want to take yours or anyone else’s right to protest, you have every right to make your voice heard, I appreciate you giving us the time to share and beat up on you a little bit. I hope you tonight you will think about what we have said here and give it some thought because to tell you the truth, I would love to have you as a fellow American than comerade. God Bless You.

                • Anonymous

                  I did not intend to intimate you or any students in Davis was involved in any rapes, thefts, or any other crimes except blocking the sidewalk and refusing to move when told by officers to do so. (I don’t believe Toongoon did either.) The OWS movement, however, has been linked to many crimes and they have been documented in the MSM. If you are standing with the other OWS people, you may be looked upon by many to be just like them. It is the same as folks who see a report of a crooked police officer anywhere in the US and assume all police officers are crooked. Right or wrong, you (and therefore, your views also) are seen as the same as they are.

                  Also, I will support and defend your right to protest, as long as it is done in a LEGAL manner… which does not include blocking sidewalks anywhere. There are many ways and locations to protest which are just as effective but ‘civil disobedience’ is not a right… not even by the First Ammendment to the US Constitution.

                • Sir, that appears to be a very respectful and well informed argument and I have nothing to disagree with about it at all. I realize that nothing I say here will change anybody’s opinions nor make a profound impact on the world, but they are my opinions all the same. I respect your arguments as different views than my own and I believe you to most likely be a very nice person and I hope you have a fantastic day. I will continue to protest though, thank you

                • Anonymous

                  Classy response.

                  But for our own understanding…

                  What ARE you protesting for, and what will you continue to protest for?
                  Do YOU know why you are showing up for protests?

                  Democratic-“General Assemblies” aside, what are your personal reasons for jumping on this protest wagon? I’ve read through your statements and have found nothing concrete, and I would like to know.

                • heck no! I’m ashamed of dear leader for being from Illinois, the land of toon!

                • Anonymous

                  Oh, that was sweet. Thank you

                • Hey, we don’t get to pick our birthplace, but we sure can move,or at least try to correct past mistakes. We have to live down LBJ, in Texas.

                • Actually, I was helping a friend with her chemistry lab. I don’t have a list of the grievances because I don’t believe there is a final version of them yet. I am not in charge of the protests, nor am i out there everyday. But I’ll fucking support them with all my heart when they are so blatantly mislabeled and insulted as I’ve seen on here today. Nobody wants the police to attack them. There’s a difference between requesting the officer spray them and being willing to be sprayed to stand up for what you believe in. Also, seriously? What’s with al the communist stuff? There’s also a difference between people supporting your cause and you being answerable to them.

                • Anonymous

                  Don’t expect sympathy here then.

                • Anonymous

                  If you are unaware about the stuff that told you about, perhaps you ought to look a little deeper into the group you are supporting with “all your heart”. I think you showed me in this comment that even though you may be good in chemistry you are are a little naive in what this protest is all about.

                • Sir, with all due respect, it’s clear to me that it is YOU that is naive. Everyone on here, including me, we are all naive. But I am making informed decisions and I’m living in the community where the protests are happening and am doing my best to inform myself of all points. I’m sure you have done research too, but there’s more to the stories than simply official reports.

                • Anonymous

                  You are unable to clarify any position, yet you say you making informed decisions? Seriously, I know you can do better than that.

                • Anonymous

                  Pumpkin, if you have no idea why or what you are protesting, then you will never reach a favorable outcome or be able to declare victory! That is a loosing strategy from the start and really makes you look like just a complainer. In any business, an employee who just wants to complain about the conditions they work in, without offering SOLUTIONS to the situation, will never get a reasonable hearing. You must always “start with the end in mind” in any conflict!

                • We ARE thinking of solutions. That general assembly i mentioned was all about coming up with what was wrong and how to make it better. And it took people from all sides up on that stage, not just the voices of people who agreed with the protests

                • Also, I may not have an exact full explanation for what we’re protesting and why, but you’re asking me to voice and embody the views of tens of thousands of people. We all have slightly different or even extremely different opinions. All i can say is I have a damn better understanding of the protests than you people do

                • If you are allowed to have individual thoughts- tell us what you are frustrated about.

                • Anonymous

                  Good question too.

                • Anonymous

                  You can’t speak for all of them, tell us your thoughts.

                • Anonymous

                  You blatently excoriated Toon when you thought he was a ‘know-it-all’ but I see by your statement you think you actually do. That’s OK! You can save the world while you are still young and do have all the answers. I think your lack of life experiences continues to show greatly. And no, I do not think standing up for your views demonstrates maturity… knowing when and how to express your views in polite society would work much better. You look like nothing more to me than a spoiled brat who didn’t get his way!

                • Everyone has every right to stand up for what they believe in, but don’t dare try to gain sympathy for this until your friends go through real persecution.
                  I’ve stood up for plenty of things in my life, but there are plenty of ways besides taunting the law and disrupting others as you do it.
                  You may be right in that those you know are peaceful and genuinely have real issues- but since the OWS thing became a national event, if your group doesn’t want to be associated with those majority of ignorant owsers, you might want to find a better way to protest.

                • Thank you for your input sir, however my intentions never were to gain sympathy for the movement. Honestly, I simply happened upon this site and became infuriated while reading the comments people had posted. I tried to post my own several times but it never appears to have gone through so i replied to others instead. I still strongly disagree with the opinions I’ve seen on here, but many points have been made that I feel to be as valid as any point could be regardless of whether or not I agree with those points. This will be my last comment on here but just know I have not given up nor have I been “scared off”. I still feel strongly in favor of these protests. Thank you all for being mature and providing fair arguments

                • FYI, the first sign of intellegence, is an open mind, willing to consider the other point of view. If you protest something you know nothing about, you need to take up car maintenance, cause you ain’t gonna make it in any form of intelligent career. You can’t argue with a man with a shotgun in his hand!

          • I try to inform the colleges, the government, and voters. A young idiot is just an idiot, who will grow to be an old idiot. Instead of studying age old wisdom,they are ‘assembling’ to learn real life. SA is a good example. Colleges there are just for starting revolutions. they are young fools, and any government they set up, is a joke. When you are about 30, with a PHD, then you can explain how violence is an answer to the world’s ills. Refer to Hitler.

      • Ah, found you, you flag burner you. Come on back to campus, on the quad,and we can settle it. Not like the last time, when you ran, as we showed up. You small minority, get out. College is for higher learning, not a terrorists traiing ground.

      • Anonymous

        I never said it was a picnic. You take offense when none was meant to anyone but Michael Moore. I’m hoping smart students wake up to the reality that they are being used by both sides: the revolutionaries and the universities. Yes, Millionaire Michael Moore is using you. You want to make a change? You want to make a difference? Stop paying the school. Get your own education outside the system: there are endless sources of information and education on the Internet and in libraries for FREE! Or, I guess you could simply conform to the autocratic system. Your choice. But your friends and classmates are obviously being used, and I don’t respect that. The Universities respect only one thing: your money and your allegiance. The most painful thing you could do, that any student could do to them, is walk away and prove them wrong.

        (You’ll get a much better education too.)

        The comment about consenting to be sprayed comes from more video than is shown here, thanks for those students who don’t censor that stuff. (Link to rigthscoop video of proof. – http://tinyurl.com/83gr3ep) Yes, there were some who consented and actually sounded excited to try to become an ‘image’. (‘Change the world’, they said, ‘make a difference’, they said, ‘get pepper-sprayed’, they said, ‘incite police brutality’, they said, ‘make sure you get it on camera to gain compassion of the masses’, they said; now I’m burned, bruised, and in jail!…)

        Actions have consequences. Yes, if you walk into Iran wearing a CIA jacket, you are ‘asking for trouble’. Same thing when you disobey a direct police order to conform with law. Sorry, but they were asking for it, and no, it isn’t the fault of the police.

        Feel free to make your statements, but don’t ask me to pity or try to change the position of those who have chosen their path; would you really have me diminish their choice?

        • Anonymous

          Excellent advice bb.

  • young young

    Joke From Chinese Twitter:
    A Chinese netizen asked Obama’s comment about cop pepper spraying demonstrators in USA, Obama replied, why? You think we should use tanks?
    MM, say whatever, just Do Not insulting the Tank Man at the Tiananmen Square!!!!!!!!

  • I thought that “Cops” were union workers and protected by the dems what the hell are they doing.

  • It doesn’t surprise me in the least… the way the left is constantly shrieking about water boarding terrorists.

  • Anonymous

    Those students should be expelled and sent home. They are breaking the law and they are obviously unable to caer for their own safety after the nice police officer asked the to clear the area they refused. They got what they were looking for a face full of OC toughies either they need to be schooled at home in their parents basements where its safe but not on the mean streets of Davis..

  • Hey Mark! I think the OWS just hate the law, not the cops. If you ever volunteered, like me, for crowd control, you might had deeper insight. THEY DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE THE COPS, THE ARMY, OR JUST ANOTHER CITIZEN. They want to steal, kill, bash in your heads. A few bullets into the crowd, almost always disperses them as they know, it isn’t personal. Once, the mobs know you will not shoot, due to laws, the will do anything vile. Some people just do not understand mobs, nor that you have to fight for freedom. They think Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

  • Anonymous

    Please classify Michael Moore properly. He should be under the category of 100% fiction and fantasy.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Moore: 1st prize in the oxygen-wasting contest. Obviously his brain hasn’t been getting enough oxygen for a long time, so he might as well quit wasting it on his vocal apparatus.

    I don’t want to start an uproar here, but if I were a Muslim and I watched this or any other Moore blather, I would say to myself what an Arab general told his troops in WW2 as enemies walked into the Arab ambush:

    “Allah has blessed us, my children. Rise up and slay.”