Michele Bachmann calls for independent investigation into White House

Michele Bachmann asks “What in the world is going on in the White House?” and then proceeds call for an independent investigation into the White House for offering a judgeship to the brother of a member of Congress and then asking that member for their vote on health care. Of course Alan Grayson is having none of that, calling it a “weapon of mass distraction” and a tangent. Bachmann responds that corruption isn’t a tangent and doubles down on the seriousness of corruption.

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  • CesGuerra

    The levels to which the Obama Administration are unbelievable, unreal, unprecedented. Corruption taken to the nth degree for the sheer sake of installing the socialist agenda.

  • I love Michelle, she's an amazing patriot. BO is using the same Chicago tactics that got Blago booted. Go Michelle!!

  • Tyler

    I'd love to think that an independent investigation is gonna happen, but somehow I doubt it. It seems like everytime someone ever calls for an independent investigation into something, they're considered wack jobs. “Truthers” have called for independent investigations and never got a one, so WHY ON EARTH would one be done on healthcare reform?

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  • Schubert

    God this is SO OLD. It reminds me of this quote I saw from a pretty good film “Sunshine”

    “I have seen the collapse of government after government, and they all think they can last a thousand years. Each new one always declares the last one criminal and corrupt, and always promises a future of justice and freedom. ” – Sunshine 1999

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  • jbluv

    I am not a racist, but to this day, I still do not believe this messiah an American president, he should be a Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez' predecessor. Yeah, impose their socialist agenda to communist country not here in america will they trive so well! I agree with Michelle B. that there should be an investigation to the White House, but yes, we all can just wish, as always corrupt politicians will just cover up their corruptions! they should fit in jail alright, just a wish;-(

  • marshalee

    Oh course the dimwit from Orlando doesn't get this, he's on the koolaid transfusion.

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  • How does one instantiate a federal grand jury. This sounds like a favor or graft to me, also.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, Michele. Thanks for all you do!

  • I agree with Michelle of course. Anyone with a brain can smell a rat in that situation. What makes it worse is that Obama isn't even trying to be subtle. Good old mafia style communism at work.

  • oscar2

    By the time the wheels of our jusice system move on this, if they do, Obama and his thugs will have served their term and be retired on all of our hard earned tax dollars that they have skimmed off the stimulus packages. This administration is by far the worst in my lifetime. Hope and change indeed. And the “ignorant vote” will most likely give him another 4 years…Wake up people

  • Igormarxo

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  • DRocket

    This Representative deserves applause from around the Nation.She is one of the few that has the backbone to stand and deliver the accountability of leadership that we use to know and still deserve.God speed Lady!

  • I agree DRocket. She's pretty dang awesome.

  • Sharon

    We as a nation sit by the wayside and complain about how our government is doing their job. There are many things we the people gripe about. We do not think ahead, we just see what happens “right now”. Think once about when all these laws have been past and into effect. For instance, we do not see the total effect that the healthcare bill will have until 2014. How about the 2,000 some pages of bills, (yes, bills, PLURAL) that we know little about. Yes we know some things that are hidden from us and find many more if we look, but how many more exist that we do not know about and when will they go into effect? The next things that the government will attack is our freedom of religion and freedom of speech. They definitely need control of these two freedoms and then they will have total control. That is what a dictatorship needs, TOTAL CONTROL. We are seeing it right now before our eyes, the transformation of our country and for the majority of us we ignore it or we don't see it happening. We the People have a duty to our country as do our husband, sons, daughters, neighbors in the armed forces. We praise them for their service and we sit aside and reap the benefits of their service. In the end, if we do not stop the progress of the government take over in our lives, we will not have the America we dearly love for them to return home to. We will look to the government for “everything” and that includes the freedom of speech and religion. Is this truly what we truly want? We need people that are willing to fight for our country, not only overseas, but right here in America. It is the “duty” of each and every American. Be it writing letters or petitions, sending faxes, forming groups, marching, and supporting whatever we as an American can and will do to stop the progress of an already “out of control” government. If we do nothing, not only we, but our children and grandchildren will suffer. Let us not sit idly by and watch our loved ones turn into “zombies” who are indebted to the government. We The People know that this is not what we believe or want for us or our children. Don't stop with the children being zombies for the government because we may also be one if we allow the hopes and wishes for an “out of control” government. It is our choice if we sit back and do nothing or decide to fight for our rights while we still can. The government is now trying to shut down the internet. If they succeed, you “can” sit back and do nothing because your voice will not be heard unless there is a revolution in this country. Let us not allow it to go that far. Let each of us do what we can even if it does not seem like much. If “everyone” does a little, it becomes a lot. Can we afford to do this for our children and country? I personally think we cannot afford not to. God Bless America and every citizen of this great country. I say this while I still can! God also bless the USA!

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