Michelle Malkin: Amnesty gang throws law-abiders under the bus

Michelle Malkin has posted her thoughts today on the bipartisan immigration reform. I’ve posted a small portion of her column below but I strongly encourage you to read the entire column to understand more fully her problem with amnesty and her solution to it:

MICHELLEMALKIN.COM – President Obama and the bipartisan Gang of Eight in Washington who want to create a “pathway to citizenship” for millions of illegal aliens have sent a message loud and clear to those who follow the rules: You’re chumps!

Have you patiently waited for months and years for the State Department and Department of Homeland Security to slog through your application? You’re chumps!

Have you paid thousands of dollars in travel, legal and medical fees to abide by the thicket of entry, employment, health and processing regulations? You’re chumps!

Have you studied for your naturalization test, taken the oath of allegiance to heart, embraced our time-tested principle of the rule of law, and demonstrated that you will be a financially independent, productive citizen? You’re chumps!

Unrepentant amnesty peddlers on both sides of the aisle admit their plan is all about votes and power. Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain continues his craven, futile chase for the Hispanic bloc. Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez is openly salivating at the prospect of millions of new illegal aliens — future Democratic Party dependents of the Nanny State — who could be eligible for Obamacare and a plethora of other government benefits despite clear prohibitions against them.

These cynical pols insist that the rest of law-abiding Americans and law-abiding permanent residents must support Washington’s push to “do something” because “11 million people are living in the shadows.”

To which I say: So? There are 23 million Americans out of work. Why aren’t they Washington’s top priority anymore? Didn’t both parties once pledge that j-o-b-s for unemployed and underemployed Americans was Job No. 1? Why is the very first major legislative push of 2013 another mass amnesty/voter drive/entitlement expansion?

Hopelessly naive (or stubbornly self-deluded) freshman GOP Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida insists that any new recipients of the Gang of Eight’s Grand Pander scheme will have to “go to the back of the line and wait behind everybody who applied before them, the right way.” Rubio emphasizes to conservative talk show hosts that there will be background checks and rigorous vetting.

But as I’ve reported for the past two decades, the background check process has been corrupted under both Democratic and Republican administrations. In the 1990s, the Clinton administration turned immigration policy into a massive Democratic voter recruitment machine through the Citizenship USA program. Naturalization officers simply abandoned background checks wholesale. In 2003, an INS center in Laguna Niguel solved the massive backlog problem by putting tens of thousands of applications through a shredder. And in 2006, I exposed how some high-immigrant regions rewarded adjudication officers with bonuses for rubber-stamping as many applications as possible without regard to security.

You want “comprehensive immigration reform”? Start with reliable adjudications, fully cleared backlogs, consistent interior enforcement, working background checks for the existing caseload, and efficient and effective deportation policies that punish law-breakers and do right by law-abiders.

And please don’t pretend that piling millions of new illegal aliens onto an already overwhelmed system is going to fix a darned thing. Chumps.


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  • It took a few extra minutes to read this. I don’t normally break down and cry when I read this kind of thing, but I did this time.
    Thanks Scoop for posting this. Thanks Michelle for writing it.
    Thanks to our government for doing nothing but slapping our faces continuously.
    Welcome to America.

    • poljunkie

      You big baby. 🙂 Sending hugs your way.

      Michelle Malkin, lays it out there, doesn’t she? She would be a great guest speaker at anyones class.

  • Sandra123456

    Amnesty is vote buying or bribing.

    Enforce our current laws and deport, deport, deport.

    If a new law must be made, make squatting and popping out a baby not a path to automatic citizenship.

    • sDee

      yes, yes and yes!

    • EchoMike

      “Amnesty is vote buying or bribing.”

      Unfortunately, I don’t think the stats really bore that out.
      A Republican President granted amnesty about 30 years ago to all illegals.
      If your statement were true then the GOP would have been the recipient of majority support from the Hispanic community in at least one election after that.
      But instead the opposite is true.
      In every election since then, the GOP doesn’t even come close in terms of the hispanic vote.
      Dems just like to make it an issue because that’s their MO.
      Fake outrage, then create a victim, and then create a devil.

      • 12grace

        In this case it’s vote bribing because most minorities have been duped into thinking the Dems help them. The Rep’s are stupid because the illegals aka counterfeit Americans ( if they get Amnesty) will never vote for a Rep. We will have a one party government.


        Just think if the illegals get Amnesty, the Dems won’t even need to perpetuate massive voter fraud to win elections anymore.

        • sDee

          Exactly. The last election. With 12 million + extended family visas. Anything can be passed. Anything.

          • 12grace

            I think this may be the reason many States will secede.

        • EchoMike

          “In this case it’s vote bribing because most minorities have been duped into thinking the Dems help them”
          It’s not vote bribing, if you’re already getting the majority of that constituency group.
          The stats above tell the story pretty clearly.
          “Amnesty”, or “Immigration Reform” as an agenda item has no effect on whether the hispanic vote goes to Ds or the Rs.
          Minorities vote from Dems becasue they convince them that they are victims.
          We have to make it clear, and draw a contrast between us and them, that no one in America is a victim! We need to demostrate they they are blessed to be a citizen of this country, and that the benefits of a free society are all around for the taking.
          That’s when we start to see those numbers shift. If we, as aparty, as conservatives, are incapable of articulating that to the minority community, then regardless of what happens on the border we will continue to lose minorty votes, and elections.
          But regardless of votes, this is an issue that needs to be fixed, point blank! Rubio is right, we need to fix this problem once and for all so we don;t have to keep revisiting it every decade.

          • 12grace

            I thought I was clear but perhaps I was not, it seems to me that the illegals would be “bribed” and manipulated to vote for Dems just like the rest of the minorities in our country.

            The Reps’ could give illegals, a brand new, fully furnished home, a million dollars and a Cadillac and change their thinking about not wanting to be “victims” but nothing will matter if massive election fraud, continues.

  • MiketheMarine

    Rubio is a barely legal immigrant himself. He is a fool and a RINO just like the rest of them. Don’t buy the crap that spews from the sewers that they use as mouths.

  • debw777

    Again, I have to agree with what MM says. This isn’t fair to legal immigrants from other countries.

    I also have to wonder if it will work. I really wonder if a majority of illegals will submit to a background check, pay thousands in fees, and learn English. I think the left has convinced them that we really need them, and that we should learn their language and meet them at the border with a welcome wagon.

    • Orangeone

      Nothing worked in the 1986 amnesty either.

  • MissMyGuy

    Go Michelle! What politician, who actually has a vote and the means to present legislation, will stand with Michelle’s worldview. Cruz? Are there enough politicians who have the spine to tolerate being called racist?

    Should the opposition to Rubios gang speak out now? Or should we let Rubio run the circuit and see how far he gets?

  • poljunkie

    Back in the good old days, 10, 15 years ago…we traveled extensively.
    During those times, we would just for fun- check out various countries immigration standards and requirements.
    It sure is tough to get in to most places. AND their penalty for breaking the law is severe and harsh.
    The United States is pretty much the only one who is passive, and un –interested in enforcement.

    • Orangeone

      I have done a wee bit of checking. Australia for example has an age limit. Many countries have minimum amounts of cash you must bring into their country. For Canada, I have to create a certain # of jobs in my business, hire Canadians within a certain time period.

      One need only look at Jon Hammar to realize what Mexico does when you follow the law, check on how they handle illegals…..

      • unclesamnephew

        our prisons are already overflowing with illegals. yes i sure are prisons have a higher standard of living than south of our boarder. oops another reason to cross over

  • This is going to be just a repeat of the fiscal cliff:

    Gang of Eight: Mr. President, we have formed a plan of immigration reform with a path for illegals to become citizens. But you have to close the borders first.

    Obama: No, we’re not going to close the borders…we’ll do that…uh…sometime…in the future. We want to just give illegals amnesty.

    Gang of Eight: Oh….okay. Mr. President, can you just say we fought you every step of the way?

    Obama: No problemo.

    • poljunkie

      Was the o on the end a pun?

      • It was en Espanol! 😉

        • poljunkie

          Thats what makes it funny.

          Estados Unidos

    • sDee

      hurts to laugh at that 😉

  • sjmom

    This has all come about because the Republican party has mistakingly thought they lost the election because of the Hispanic vote. The truth is they lost because they abandoned the base and many stayed home. This is nothing more than a ploy from the RINOS to confuse the issue so they can once again show their favorite RINO color; YELLOW and bow to their liberal master!

    As for Marco, he is nothing more than a political opportunist with his own RINO agenda. It’s time conservatives woke up to the pretenders and stop paying them homage. Let the establishment and MSM do it but we don’t have to join in.

    Michelle is one of the few left I respect and I pray her voice will continue to remain strong.

    • Orangeone

      The MSM and the pundiots have told them they have to pander to the Hispanic vote. Well guess what RINOs, you might gain an illegal and lose 5 members of your base.

  • What frustrates me about this discussion. Most of the people in the country illegally have NO INTEREST in becoming US citizens. They are here for the money because it pays better here than where they’re from. They send the money home and then go back and retire in their home country where cost of living is cheaper.

    The ones jumping through the legal hoops are doing so because they want to be citizens. I’ve known some however that either can’t get here and so go elsewhere or have given up and will probably go back to their home country.

    • Exactamundo!

      • unclesamnephew

        i see that you are at least bi-ligo 🙂 quak and spanish

        • Trois langues vraiment, le français aussi 😉 3 languages actually, French too- duck, espaniol and francais

          • Orangeone

            Do you give lessons?????

            • lol. only lessons on how to use an online translator 😉 I do speak petit franacais and pico espaniol though.

    • marketcomp

      Good point, Sheer Politics! Why are these Senators, so pompous in their thinking that these people want to be citizens? I don’t think they really want citizenship because many come her for work and that is not the same as citizenship. The Senators should commission a poll to determine what percentage of illeagals really want citizenship, excluding those atready in line for citizenship.

      • They will want citizenship when they find out they get even more entitlements. Heck we already educate them for free including college.

  • marketcomp

    Thank you, Michelle for highlighting this. I am so tired of this love fest for Marco Rubio! I mean how long are we going to go through this song and dance bs? Obama does not enforce existing border control laws and he just said yeasterday and reemphasized that border control is off the table, as said by Senator Sessions. So why is Marco Rubio assisting in this dog and pony show using Rush, Mark, and the usual Sean Hannity? Sen. Rubio is being used by these old out-dated Senators,like McCain, Schumer, and Gramm, to push this crap down our throats and we are not going for this without border security first!

    • Because he has eyes on the Presidency. He wants to be Ronald Reagan without the wisdom and hard work it took to become Ronald Reagan.

      • marketcomp

        I know, Laurel. We now have legitimate legislators who are thoughtful and sincere and can articulate the Constitution and not just window dressing!

        • And we must be more vocal in our support for those legislators that are indeed legitimate.

          Rubio reminds me of a kid…and he is a kid really…that fell in with the wrong crowd.

          • marketcomp

            Or maybe he’s with the right crowd just being exposed.

            • Oh I think ol’McCain and Graham took him under their wing especially since DeMint got sick of all of them.

    • freenca

      In a few words- Is Marco Rubio being strung along by the Jeb Bush machine to schill for that dynasties heir-to-the-throne intentions!???

      • sDee

        Marco Rubio Bush the Third.

        • freenca

          Exactly! As he has some “natural born” issues of his own, is it an attempt to be exhonerated of them to clear a path to his being put forth in 2016 ?

          • Orangeone

            Perhaps and perhaps he will be the VP to Jeb Bush potus on the ticket. I definitely think Barky is using this to get a free card for his ineligibility

            • freenca

              I suspect the same. The dim’s machinery wouldn’t allow him to go as unvetted as barky without it.

      • colliemum

        In one word: yes.

        • freenca

          Just as I thought! I like your succinctness. 🙂

      • Orangeone

        And Georgie Bushie boy had illegal alien immigration unchecked when he left office, Rubio picking up where he left off

    • Orangeone

      Border control is off the table – Heads up RINOs, time to go home and get on TV everyday and say that the potus is endangering the safety of the US of A and file the articles of impeachment. He has a sworn duty and has failed since Day 1

      • notsofastthere

        Obama has not stopped his agenda. RINO’s shake in their boots from terror of his authority and likeability. Republican’s stern warnings while we have a dictator in charge is “Well, we’ll just fight him in court.” In the meantime, back at the White House they can’t contain their laughter.
        Repubs are as effective as Hillary telling Iran, “the world is watching you” oouuu scary

  • “Have you patiently waited for months and years for the State Department and Department of Homeland Security to slog through your application? You’re chumps!

    Have you paid thousands of dollars in travel, legal and medical fees to abide by the thicket of entry, employment, health and processing regulations? You’re chumps!”

    Sadly that is my niece and nephew in law. Might as well as taken a match to all of the time and money.

    • sDee

      We are going through a very similar visa process now and I can tell these are fine people who will make us proud and stronger as a Nation. They are now completely discouraged by what they see, and even openly ridiculed by compatriot sleazeballs who are here illegally just waiting for Obama to give them amnesty.

      It is disgusting and offensive. It shows the true ignorance of the American people who would believe the endless lies and deception that came out of the mouths of Rubio and Obama yesterday.

      It should not go unnoticed that Rubio’s parents were here illegally when he was born as an anchor baby. Obama’s father was never a citizen, he has intentionally deceived America about his ineligibility for office, and locked up all records of his own citizenship and travel.

      Coincidence that these are the two men are leading the deception of our Nation on Amnesty for illegals?

      • What I think disturbs me the most about it, the injustice of it aside, is if we don’t have the equal application of the rule of law we don’t have a country. that is the very foundation on which the house of America was built!

        Anything less is the stuff of revolutions…ask the French!

    • notsofastthere

      The illegals prove the expression that: It’s better to ask for forgiveness that it is to ask for permission. Once again, illegals are all being forgiven and those who abide by man made laws are ‘chumps’. Same for gun control.
      Why are we asking the government to obey the constitution? They don’t and they get away with it. Holder, Obama and Napolitano tell us to go screw ourselves, yet we are to be respectful to them?

      • Great questions to which I have no answer to.

        As I said equal application of the rule of law is our foundation and it is crumbling.

    • unclesamnephew

      they are not alone. a caller into the mark levin show last night has waited over 9 years.

      • That is positively criminal.

  • sDee

    Foreign elements on this sovereign soil illegally, with criminal intent, receive blanket Amnesty for their crimes, and are then granted citizenship with all rights and entitlement therein.

    We citizens who have earned and defended the rights and entitlements of citizenship, are made Illegals by our own government for responsibly exercising our Second Amendment Rights.


    • unclesamnephew

      i believe the reason we haven’t shed blood yet is that the local armory is in each and every home. the redcoats traveled thru lexington to capture our founder’s arms

    • Orangeone

      If I may add: We are given the bill for the illegals’ behavior from the time they set foot into our country, we are not entitled to justice when the illegals commit other crimes such as murder, rape, child molestation, DUI.

  • Gah another high profile conservative fails to understand what Rubio is doing. I’m sorry Michelle, it’s simply not valid to criticize someone’s legislation because you just know that the executive branch won’t enforce it properly. Last time I checked, Rubio was the legislative branch and the guy running the executive branch picks and chooses which laws he enforces. All Rubio can do is make sure good laws gets on the books. Until he becomes a member of the executive branch, there’s really not much he can do to fix it. I’m not even saying Michelle is wrong.

    She needs to understand that this is about proposing common sense solutions and proactively taking back the narrative. Also the “chumps” are not the people who have going through the horrendous process that is our legal immigration system. The “chumps” are the members of our government who have failed to make our legal immigration system timely and efficient. The “chumps” are the people who think we need to blame the illegals for the fact that our system is set up so that legal immigration is the easiest and best option for those who want to come.

    • sDee

      Obama and Rubio are not proposing “common sense solutions”. There is nothing that has come out of their mouths that cannot be done under exiting legislation. They are proposing blanket amnesty to people for laws they broke to enter and remain in the United States. And they are deceiving the American people to their real intent which is to buy votes with our money and our soverinty.

      12 million+ people are here illegally because they did not have enough respect for our laws to immigrate legally. They did not give up in frustration, they never even gave a damn to try.

      Do you seriously think that dumping 12 million more people onto a bloated, overloaded, inefficient and entrenched bureaucratic agency like the INS, is a common sense solution?

      As the good Colonel would say, “don’t blow smoke up our butts and tell us it sunshine.”

      • It not about respect for the laws. You can’t expect people to respect laws if they are unenforced and difficult to follow. Many people don’t have the time or resources available to them to brave the legal immigration system. That is a shame and it’s unamerican. Also, its much too easy to come here illegally by either jumping the border or overstaying a visa. Rubio’s bill addresses both of those problems.

        Existing legislation does not allow timely and relatively painless legal immigration. I think any part of immigration reform has to include streamlining the system and making it more efficient. Just because the government is crap at its job doesn’t mean Rubio shouldn’t do his best to make sure we have good laws on the books.

        If what yall say about illegals is true and most of em are criminals or on welfare then Rubio’s plan would lead to most of them being deported or self-deporting anyway. It’s not blanket amnesty. Stop saying it is. If you want to speculate that the government wouldn’t enforce the bill in its entirety that’s fine. But its not what Rubio is proposing. I dislike the dishonesty.

        • notsofastthere

          Rubio said if security wasn’t explicitly the first issue – he would consider the deal, dead. All this is proposals right now, but with this group of 8 – I hold no hope any good will come of a compromise. It will be as bad as sequestration and worse.

          • Yes I don’t think the bill will actually make it to law anyway. I just hope we use this as an opportunity to be head of the Dems and establish a reasonable conservative narrative on immigration. Something that is badly needed. If we end up doing a bunch of compromise then I’ll be mad. I think you’ll see Rubio stick to his guns though.

        • sDee

          You can’t expect people to respect laws if they are unenforced and difficult to follow.

          That is anarchy. The tax code is 10 orders of magnitude more complex than getting a visa. No one forces us to pay or file – we do it or face the consequences. By your rationale, because the tax code is complex, none of us should have to file tax returns, cannot be garnished or sent to jail for not paying them, and every 20 years should get excused for back taxes, and be given a big fat check for all trouble we were put through.

          Getting a work or tourist visa for the US is no more difficult than any other European or Asia country and far easier than many others.

          Existing legislation does not allow timely and relatively painless legal immigration

          Neither does it prohibit it. As you said yourself, it is not the legislators’ job to enforce or administer, that is the job of the Agency assigned.

          It’s not blanket amnesty. Stop saying it is.

          Anyone can apply for a work, tourist, family, fiance, or residency visa. So what is stopping any one of these foreigners already here in the US, from doing so?….

          Just one small technicality: they already entered the US without a visa…

          Which means they violated US Federal law…..

          Which means their visa would be denied.

          So how would Rubio or Obama fix that? …

          Absolve their violation of US Federal Law. aka amnesty

          • The reason the tax laws are followed is because they are enforced. You forgot to implement that part of my logic. And you’re dreaming if you think immigration laws are enforced. I think it’s terrible that tax law is so complex and if I had my way the tax code would be hugely simplified. Laws should be enforced and as easy for good people to comply with as possible.

            Yes our law doesn’t prohibit a decent immigration system but it’s my experience that if you leave the government up to its own devices it will do a crap job as is evidenced by our current system. If you required they accept or reject applications within 6 months or pay a fine or get fired, I think you’d see them get their stuff in order real quick.

            Anyone can apply for a work, tourist, family, fiance, or residency visa yes. But like I said the system is broken. I have a ton of first hand stories of friends and family who have had endless troubles with our visa system. All came here legally and broke no laws. Some just had to wait ridiculous lengths of time and deal with repeated mistakes on the government’s end. Until legal immigration actually becomes a more realistic and achievable option than illegal immigration the problem won’t be solved.

            • sDee

              You are avoiding the issue. Neither Rubio nor Obama propose anything to improve visa processing efficiency. Neither of them give a crap about legal immigrants and the INS process – that mess is lfine with them

              Obama and Rubio want to give citizenship to 12 million people who intentionally skipped the visa process. Illegals whose physical presence within our borders without a visa means they violated US federal law – self incriminating evidence I believe it is called. By their existence here, they are criminals. And I agree with you, criminals should not get visas or citizenship

              • False. Rubio does not want to give 12 million illegals citizenship. Any immigrant with a criminal background will be deported and since so many rely on government assistance that would be cut off it further narrows the number. On top of that they would have to wait for a series of conditions to be met and then they have to wait for those in the legal line to get their green cards before they could even get their green cards. Only then could they start the process of citizenship which would take several more years. It wouldn’t be anywhere near 12 million. You are wrong to project what Obama wants onto what Rubio wants. It’s dishonest and you conveniently ignore what Rubio has actually proposed.

                My biggest critique of what Rubio has proposed so far is that it doesn’t do enough to fix legal immigration though he has sited it as one of the principles of the solution.

                • notsofastthere

                  I understand that we can’t deport anyone to their country of origin unless their country accepts them. We don’t even bother trying with Other than Mexican’s.
                  Can we trust a foreign countries word as relating to ‘criminal background check’? i.e. someone from Cuba, Iran, Mali, for new immigrants to America.
                  Way too many details that aren’t addressed.

                • You make valid points. I would say if we have no way of knowing what someone’s background is we let them in and if they mess up even once they are back out. That is not the majority of immigrants though and I think it’s pretty far down the list as far as issues we need to solve in immigration.

                  The deportation issue is another valid one. I don’t have a ready answer, do you? What do we do with people we want to deport but can’t? One thing I would propose is that we tax that crap out of countries that refuse to close their borders or won’t accept back their citizens who have been deported out of America. I think it would provide a strong incentive for Mexico to guard their side of the border. Of course this is all very hypocritical until we close our border 🙂

                • notsofastthere

                  Fidel flooded America with his prisoners from his jails. We accepted Haitian boat people and police know who and where the MS 13 gangs are located. Nothing at all has been done by either political party or the court system except to give them all a pass.
                  I agree we should cut off any aid to a country who doesn’t accept a deportee, but again – our government never follows through. It is a mess.
                  CLOSE THE BORDERS NOW before any talk of comprehensive reform. If Marko Rubio follows through on that I will applaud him. ICE union head was just on and said no one included ICE at all on the proposed immigration outline…no one. That’s bad news.

                • sDee

                  We sponsored a couple from France. Eventually we got the husband a Green Card and the wife a student visa which also received an extension so she too was able to work as a post-doc. They had two children born here who had US citizenship as anchor babies.

                  Their citizenship was denied.

                  They packed up and went home. Not going home as a complete family never even entered their minds. They had enough integrity, self-respect, and respect for America to not stay here illegally.

                  No need to deport.

                • Orangeone

                  Someone posted this earlier today. It isn’t just Mexico, look at the radical jihadist nations slithering through our unprotected border

                  Read more: http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/

                • sDee

                  Forget the border. The Saudi government alone pays muslims a stipend to come over on a student visa to “study English”.

                  They do not go home. Multiply that by the 57 states Obama visited and that’s one big bunch of jihadies we will give citizenship. I have seen an estimate of a million of them.

                • sDee

                  Reread that post I made please. Try and understand my point about applying for a visa or other citizenship path once they are already entered the country illegaly!. That cannot be done without ignoring exisiting US Federal law!.

                  You said…

                  ” to wait for those in the legal line to get their green cards before they could even get their green cards.”

                  Amnesty for their violation of the law is required before they could apply for that green card, or, they would have to lie on the application!


                • Actually you ought to read your post a little more carefully. You said Obama and Rubio want to give 12 million illegals “citizenship.” Not work visas or the provisional visa in Rubio’s bill. I was addressing that point and I was accurate in describing the path to citizenship.

                  Existing US Federal law is already ignored. That is why we have 11 million illegals. That is why I say our law has already been undermined and is not equipped to deal with the massive problem we have created.

                  PS You can stop yelling amnesty at me. It is provisional limited amnesty, I’m aware of that. I don’t know why you feel the need to keep saying it when I’ve never said it wasn’t.

            • sDee

              Don’t you see? It is a Catch22. Our politicians have tied their underwear in a knot. They are cornered by the law and the fundamental principles of immigration.

              Residency (visa) is applied for in a foreigner’s home country – at a US embassy. By law the 12 million foreign citizens here now, cannot apply for residency or a visa because they are already here! This is the most essential foundation of immigration policy and law. In any country – all countries – immigrants must apply for the visa in their home country in order to get into the foreign country, not after they have already been let in!

              Obama and Rubio cannot change the existing immigration laws to allow foreigners to apply for a visa while already in the country, because that would immediately undermine US immigration and embassy process systems toothless. Billions would flood in here and apply for a visa or residency after. It would be chaos.

              So, they cannot change the law, so allow these 12 million illegals to apply for a visa while here. So they have to grant a temporary reprieve from the law – Amnesty.

              There is no ohter way to doe except Amnesty.

              • Our current immigration law is already undermined. We have 11 million here illegally. Not a couple here and their. A number bigger than the population of many nations. Our law was undermined when we allowed that volume of people to come here mostly unhindered. When we don’t enforce our own laws it undermines the entire system. Now we have a massive problem that needs a proportionately scaled solution. Haven’t heard one out of you yet.

                • sDee

                  The law is not undermined. It is fine.

                  What part of what I wrote do you not understand?

                • How can you say the law is fine when 11 million people were able to get in this country illegally and its barely even being enforced?

                • notsofastthere

                  There is a saturation point to everything. The country and Welfare system and Aid to dependent children has aided in bankrupting the country.
                  Control and speed of control is necessary

                • I don’t think we’ve reached an immigrant saturation point nor do I think we’re close to it. The problems you mentioned are real and present but they are welfare policy issues. They aren’t an immigration issue. We should not have such a large dependency class. It will bankrupt America with or without immigrants.

                • sDee

                  The political class in DC does not need a saturation point in order to win this game.

                  You see, in the last great Amnesty buildup of 1986, they only set the ante at about 1.7 million votes, and the elephants managed even to siphon off a good chunk of those by having Reagan sign off on Amnesty, and then Bushes took alot of the credit.

                  Our presidential elections are typically won by a million or so votes. US Senate races by 10,000 or so. A US House race often by only thousands or hundreds.

                  12 million votes will do the trick easily. Game over. Game board destroyed.

                • notsofastthere

                  The laws appear not to have worked, because they aren’t enforced. Same goes for gun laws. Cops arrest people and judges let them go.
                  Laws on top of laws do no good. Close the border – Obama refuses to stop illegal immigration and Republican’s stand by and let it happen.

                • Oh sure. I don’t have a huge problem with the laws on the books now if they were properly enforced (except legal immigration needs serious reform). My point is that because we haven’t enforced our laws the problem has gotten so big that even enforcing our current laws is not a practical solution to the problem. Hence the need for comprehensive immigration reform that addresses the 11 million already here and begins to enforce our current laws that close the border etc.

                • sDee

                  You are getting warm. 🙂

                  because we haven’t enforced our laws the problem has gotten so big that even enforcing our current laws is not a practical solution to the problem.

                  The political class has been at this since the 1986 Amnesty, intentionally, in order to make the problem so big that enforcing laws on an individual case by case basis is impractical.

                  So why would they do that? After all they know better than we, that new laws cannot correct the problem of lack of enforcement.

                  They did this because they know the only way to solve the “crisis” all at once, is to deport them all at once, or give them citizenship all at once.

                  Mass deportation is impractical too, so that leaves, mass citizenship all at once.

                  But we can’t send them home to apply so we have to do it here. To do it here we have to give them Amnesty for breaking the law in the first place or else their application must be rejected according to the law.

                  All we are seeing now is if the elephants get to hand out the candy or the donkeys. It matters not bit which. Because, the 12 million votes mean the end of the Republic either way.

                  This is the end game.

                • sDee

                  Read it again please. Immigration law is thousands of years old. Most western nations’ laws are very much the same, grounded in centuries of the same law. They are fine.

                  12 million foreigners are here illegally because the law was not enforced.

                  It was not enforced because the political class WANTS 12 million illegals here.

                  They want 12 million illegals here because they WANT to give them Amnesty in one fell swoop.

                  They want to give them Amnesty in one fell swoop because they want 12 million entitlement votes in one fell swoop.

                  The goal is to create a crisis. To cement permanent central power with those 12 million votes.

                  We are being led down a garden path like a pack of idiots.

          • Orangeone

            sDee, they are also receiving blanket amnesty for:

            (1) failing to show evidence that they are legally entitled to work in the US, [I-9 requirement] or are using fake ID [another set of crimes]

            (2) failure to file federal and state income tax returns [more felonies]

            (3) failure to pay federal and state income taxes [more felonies]

            For any one of the three above, let alone all of them, we would be sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff in the federal pen

            • sDee

              Good point! The Amnesty will have to very broad.

        • “You can’t expect people to respect laws if they are unenforced and difficult to follow”

          You seem to be missing the whole point. PEOPLE DO respect and follow the laws. Millions of us HAVE! What the he!! right do others who don’t want to follow the same laws as we do have to be forgiven and get special treatment for?!

          Our nation HAS the freaking LAWS ON THE BOOKS ALREADY!
          What Rubio and the gang are doing is nothing new than what has gone on for the past 20 or longer years- meanwhile, people keep on flowing over the damn wide open border because they know they won’t have to answer to anyone and they’ll get free stuff.

          They don’t WANT to become Americans. They want everything that is a benefit to being IN America.

          Would you get it through your head that breaking the law is what these people have and are doing? I don’t give a crap if people like the law or not. It’s STILL A FREAKING LAW!

          I don’t like wearing a seatbelt some times, but I do because it’s the LAW.

    • unclesamnephew

      we the people are the chumps. expecting better of those that have been elected by libtards and on dole of our tax dollars

      • Ain’t that the truth. Chumps also for electing them in the first place. It isn’t just the libtards who have made bad decisions 🙁

  • aposematic

    Obuma already said security was a non-starter for his amnesty only plan.

  • PicklePlants

    #1 Cut Spending
    #2 Close the borders
    #3 Tax reform

    #99 Deal with illegal immigrants

    • This is true. Unfortunately the Dems are about to bring this issue to the front of the debate and we all know how it turns out for us if we aren’t ready with an answer.

      • sDee

        Sessions already provided the answer. The political class does not like it because it exposes the actual problem, their complicity in creating it, that no new laws will fix it, and it does not buy them 12 million votes from illegal aliens turned voters.

        “We would be in a much better position to achieve immigration reform if the Obama Administration had spent that last four years enforcing federal law rather than dismantling it. Brave immigration agents have been left with no recourse but to sue their own Department head, simply so that they—like any other law officers—will be allowed to do their jobs…The first task for every media agency in the country ought to be to study this lawsuit, to listen to the long-documented complaints of ICE agents, and to review the record of stymied attempts at congressional oversight of DHS…

        What good are promises of future enforcement when the Administration covertly undermines those laws now in place?”


        • KittyAmerica

          Sessions: “What good are promises of future enforcement when the Administration covertly undermines those laws now in place?”

          Or not even covertly, as Andrew C. McCarthy writes: “Can Sen. Rubio have missed the Obama Justice Department’s lawsuit against the citizens of Arizona?”

          • Orangeone

            1,000 likes for your post!

      • PicklePlants

        The GOP needs to start creating the agenda instead of jumping like a cat chasing a laser dot. The Dem’s are very good at changing the subject to the crisis of the day, while the real issues languish on the pages of RightScoop, Breitbart, American Thinker and other conservative sites.

        I would point to John Sununu and the way he handled interviews by the MSM. He doggedly kept bringing the conversation back to the points he wanted to make, not allowing the interview drone to control the conversation. Another good example would be Ben Shapiro v Piers Morgan.

        Gun Control is loosing steam, so immigration is gaining coverage. I believe this is by design of the WH so the real issues can’t be raised. What about Benghazi? Deficit spending? Illegal recess appointments? The list goes on and on.

        • I think you’re right on that. I love Shapiro and Sununu for how they handle the media. Unfortunately they don’t control the media and I can’t see a way to completely ignore these things without it turning out badly for us. I do think that the conservative narrative on immigration has been terrible for a long time and this is an opportunity to change that. We are on the side of the truth and that should win no matter what the topic.

          • notsofastthere

            My biggest concern is Conservatives negotiate in good faith but are not street smart. Obama and his kind will outsmart or snooker them every time.
            Now I hear Manendez will replace Kerry – this is really a gangster government and playing nice isn’t going to do it.

    • Orangeone

      If I may: #4 Employ our retired law enforcement and returning military at the border to support ICE and the Border Patrol, authorize them to give one warning shot!

      • PicklePlants

        I believe that would be #2.1. You must have missed the meeting.

        • Orangeone

          Dang project manager in me, looked at “close the border” and “Employ our retired law enforcement and returning military at the border to support ICE and the Border Patrol, authorize them to give one warning shot!” as 2 separate tasks 🙂

          • PicklePlants

            I see your point and I can work with that – OK, you’re in charge!

            • Orangeone

              Not me, you lead, I shall follow! Those darn habits from prior life sneak up on me once in a while.

  • DNC wants those with IQ below 80….European intelligentsia with IQ high above average 100 is waiting for decades to immigrate here…and waiting…and waiting

    • 1) The more educated you are the more likely you are to be liberal. The don’t measure your IQ they look at your education level.

      2) Who are we to pick and choose who gets to immigrate. That’s certainly not in line with what the founders wanted. America is place where anyone (who doesn’t have a criminal background) can come to make a better life for themselves.

      “Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
      I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

      • sDee

        Who are we to pick and choose who gets to immigrate.

        If not we, who then?


        America is place where anyone (who doesn’t have a criminal background) can come to make a better life for themselves.

        That has never been the case until we ignorant voters let our government be taken over by progressives and globalists. My family immigrated here. Through Ellis Island. The only ones that got to Ellis, were the ones who got past the screening process before boarding the ship (health, education, ability to work, skills, trades, education etc) . The ones that got off Ellis Island got temporary permits and had to live clean, work hard, and prove their worth before they were naturalized.

        What exactly is different from what you want, and open borders?

        • No one. Just like we don’t pick and choose who gets rights. The only people who got turned away from Ellis island were those who failed the health exam and were suspected of having a mental illness. They were often referenced to local churches and private support groups that would help them get established. Of course they had to work hard. They couldn’t survive otherwise because the government didn’t help them. That is as it should be. We shouldn’t turn some away in favor of those who have more education. Both ought to be able to come.

          You’d have to define what open borders means to you. At this point I think you know how I would like to see the legal immigration system to work.

          • sDee

            If the only requirement to gain US citizen ship was a clean criminal background check, we would have half a billion new citizens here in one month. The nation would collapse the next month. That is open borders.

            • 1) That is a gross exaggeration. I also have never suggested immigration be instantaneous so that’s a strawman anyway.
              2) Our nation would not collapse. We are nation of immigrants and we have plenty of room to accept more. It would actually help us grow the economy since under my ideal plan and Rubio’s plan they wouldn’t be allowed any government assistance. And instead of coming illegally we’ll have legal immigrants who will actually pay taxes as well.

              • Conniption Fitz

                So, have you taken a couple of dozen illegal immigrants into your home and fed, clothed, provided cars, medical care for them? Would it put you into financial ruin?

                Right now, the US spends twice as much money every month than is coming in.

                Right now there are 350,000 new unemployment claims and 11,000 food stamp applications every week.

                The US can’t afford to take in more people until our current population and economy are working.

                • Have you read any of my comments or even looked at Rubio’s bill? Your comment is so terribly dishonest and full of strawmen. We both support cutting off all assistance to illegals. If a couple dozen legal immigrants moved in next door and had to work to provide for themselves they would become producers and consumers and grow the economy and we’d all be better off. Obviously I don’t want more people coming here to be on welfare. Idk why you’d even make that point.

                • I asked her that the other day Conniption. She didn’t like it- but fails to see that it’s the same damn thing on a larger scale.

                • Orangeone

                  Same with me yesterday. Waste of time engaging her/him

                • Yeah, well she’s insulted me enough- I’m done with her now.

                • sDee

                  Even I know better than to mess with the duck.

              • sDee

                So what other requirement do you propose, besides a clean criminal background check, to control the speed and volume of immigrants?

                • Why do you need to control the speed and volume? Mass legal immigration had done us a load of good over the years. I can’t see any problem with it and until I do, I don’t think we need to control it. I think restricting it is un-American.

                • sDee

                  So you feel the only requirement is a clean background check, and that we should place no controls on the volume of immigrants, or the speed at which we process the ones who pass?

                  Such a model would immediately collapse any naiton that implemented it.

                  Congratulations you have earned immediate entry to the Soros-Hussein Post-American Policy Institute.

          • Conniption Fitz

            Illegals are a national security and an economic threat. We are at a place where we have to recover our economy. These people are invaders, not imigrants or applicants.

            They are not law abiding, law respecting people.

            • Unfair and inaccurate generalization. I know those who are. It’s this kind of absolutest ignorant talk that hurts us.

              • if they came here illegally then no, they’re not law abiding. Hence the word ILlegal

                • As I’ve said before I do not equate illegal immigration with other crimes. Especially because of the state of our current immigration system. I specifically say this because I know several illegal immigrants who are decent, good, honorable, America loving, God fearing individuals. It is unchristian and wrong to demonize them as criminals across the board.

                • Good luck with that argument if you were in a court of law.
                  “I’m sorry your honor. I really am a good and honest person. I just didn’t like that little itty bitty law. Other than that, I’m a good person.”

                  Yeah, that’ll work.

                  Un Christian huh?

                  Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.
                  John 10

                • Salvation is not comparable to immigration.

                  If you come to America illegally and don’t steal then you are not a thief. You are just an illegal immigrant. (I consider welfare stealing if you’ve never paid into the system)

                  I never claimed that they were completely innocent and should walk completely free as your court analogy implies.

                  We have contributed to this problem as much as they have and that should be acknowledged just as frequently as illegals breaking of immigration laws is.

                  It is possible to be a good and decent person and also an illegal immigrant. I wish you would acknowledge that.

                  James 4:11
                  Brothers, do not slander one another.

                • I don’t acknowledge that. I wish you’d understand that they stole to get here. They stole the right of someone coming here the LEGAL way. The LAW is the LAW whether they like it or not and they BROKE it.

                  I’m done on this.

                • Well we have a serious ideological difference. I think it’s possible for someone to have messed up one, possibly more times, in their life and still be a good and decent person. Because I’m a christian and I understand we are all sinners and we are not defined by every single thing we’ve ever done wrong but by the content of our character as we are now. Frankly I am shocked you won’t even acknowledge that. I stole gum once when I was growing up (and have done much worse since then) but it doesn’t mean I can never achieve the status of good and decent person in my lifetime.

                • sDee

                  Does not matter if we think it is petty, serious, forgivable, or not. It is not ideological. The politicians push this demagogic nonsense to distract us.

                  The only aspect of these foreigners violating Federal Law that matters to the politicians, is that their presence on US soil makes them ineligible for a residency or visa.

                  Which means they only way to secure the needed Progressive voting block, enmass, is with Amnesty.

                  If you’ll humor me, more can be understood by trying to answer this…. Why the big debate? Why does Hussein feel he has to go through Congress when he could just order INS to start processing them all today? It has not stopped him before.

                • Orangeone

                  What is one of those illegal aliens sexually assaulted you? Is that a crime? What is a couple of them worked in the day care where your children went and sexually molested them. Is that a crime? What is several of those illegal aliens starting burning the apts where you live. Is that a crime?

        • KittyAmerica

          With the 1965 Act, through chain migration, the immigrants themselves started getting to choose who comes here. That is how the one worlders erase our borders, and they have been successful.

      • 57thunderbird


  • c4pfan

    Amen, Michelle! Thank goodness she gets it.

  • MiketheMarine

    I propose a hunting season on illegals, just like we do to keep the deer population down. You buy a hunting permit, with a 5 illegal immigrant limit, from Oct 1 through Dec 1 is illegal immigrant hunting season.

    I’d bag my limit every year. Wonder how long it would take the rest of them to di di mau back home.

    • Orangeone

      I like the idea of requiring food stamp recipients to bring 10 illegals with them to collect next months’ stamps. The illegals will be turned in and food stamp issuance would be way down 🙂

      • MiketheMarine

        I LIKE that idea.

  • This is a lose-lose(-lose) situation for Republicans, and I could not agree more with Michelle. Here’s how I see it in a nutshell:

    1. It’s Amnesty.
    2. It’s divisive to our party.
    3. It’s portraying us as intolerant.
    4. This is worse than amnesty for latinos, it’s an open gate for muslim immigration.
    5. Rubio is a useful tool for the left because Obama is going to win those voters anyway.

    Amplification on my points above.

    1. If it was called Amesty nobody would buy this. A pathway to citizenship, like so many terms used, is amnesty. Make no mistake. Rubio is lying and twisting words to suit his needs. He and his supporters are lecturing us on what amnesty is by parsing the language.

    2. It divides our party. Look at all the outrage and fallout already. The more time this takes away from other problems, the worse our party will be off. We have a debt crisis, unemployment, a treasonous and unconstitutional presidency, benghazi and fast and furious muders… This is a country-club issue in comparison, and again, a gift to the Dems. The longer we spend arguing over this nonsense over the airwaves and radio, the more time the left avoids answering to the problems of the day. This is a grand distraction.

    3. It perpetuates a false narrative that the Republican Party is intolerant. The GOP has done that already through Colin Powell (shuck and jive is racist), Jeb Bush (we can no longer be the party of the white guy), Condoleeza Rice (GoP must stop turning off large segments of the population), and Rand Paul (we have to adapt and evolve ~ whatever that means.)

    4. Immigration reform expands the Democratic voting block. Grover Norquist whose wife is Muslim supports the plan because he is in favor of muslim immigration to the states. Is he a plant of the GOP at this point? idk. He happens to be in favor of Puerto Rico becoming a 51st state as well. All the immigrants I come in contact with think the Republicans are Dorks and prefer OBama anyway because he gives more. Why are we competing with theM?. Marco thinks in all his self-unawareness that he IS the Republican rising star that is to save the party and win 2016. Gives new meaning to the DREAM ACT.

    5. Hispanic VOTERS DO NOT VOTE ON IMMIGRATION. Obama is going to give illegals amnesty anyway. Pandering is foolish. THey prefer the left’s goodies anyway and think our side is a bunch of dorky men. Who can blame them. The media and the left always pick the winners and the losers and Rubio is their useful idiot right now. Why isnt more being said about this?

    My question is.. how do we get GOP voters, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to see what is going on, and to not fall into this laid-out trap that is setting us up
    to fail YET again! It’s so frustrating

    • The immigrants I know don’t support Republicans because we do a crap job at articulating our principles and controlling the narrative. Those are things Rubio is good at.

      PS You don’t sound credible when you call Rubio a liar and insult Rand Paul with out even understanding what he was saying.

      • Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough for you. Hispanics do NOT vote on Immigration Reform, and it is because they want to see charismatic leaders with a Conservative message like you said. Hispanics are just like any other voting block, and that is what they are thirsting for. Our GOP leaders are heck bent on pushing a narrative that we do not identify with because they, and Rubio, are pushing a liberal progressive big government agenda. YOu can’t have it both ways.. say you are a Conservative and push big government programs such as this. HOw are we ever going to pay for this?

        Just to add to that, Rubio is articulate. Big WhooP. So is President Obama. We cannot give Rubio a pass on Amnesty. THat’s okay, they are in damage control mode as the true Conservatives in our base are well aware of what is going on.

        Finally, no, I did not insult Rand Paul. I simply stated we do not know what he means by the party having to evolve and adapt. More bipartisanship will not solve our problems.

        • I didn’t say hispanics voted on immigration because I know they don’t. But thanks for making that extra clear. What about Rubio’s plan is big government and what about any alternative plan would use smaller government? We have 11 million illegals. It a big problem. It will have a big solution whether its securing the border or mass deportation or whatever you like. I haven’t heard of a solution that doesn’t include more government involvement.

          Yeah and look what Obama has accomplished for his own party. Too bad he’s on the dark side. Rubio is even more articulate and charismatic than Obama and he’s on our side. He could do amazing things for the conservative movement and spread truth like we haven’t seen since Ronald Regan.

          I know what Rand Paul meant. I know he’s not for compromise and that’s not what he was saying. He was saying that we have to change the way we message because it is outdated, it doesn’t work and it hurts us.

          • All I can say is, wake up. The GOP gets away with what it does because VOTERS lie to themselves. No matter what you mention about each, Rand or Rubio, the truth about them doesn’t change. YOu just have to adapt to the reality of who they are and why they do what they do.

            Rubio is blindly ambitious. This is the target of exploitation because he can be easily fooled into thinking, like he does now, erroneously so, too, that he IS the “rising star” of the Republican Party.

            Look a little deeper. It took me time. I didn’t realize this overnight. It just has to be said. Once you know the truth, it’s not whether you’re politically for or against the person. YOu have to have an axis of TRUTH that guides you so that these candidates best represent what you and I stand for. Neither one is doing it. If they did, you wouldn’t support them.

            • Rubio is not like the establishment GOP. Neither is Rand Paul or Ted Cruz or several other members of congress. The GOP gets away with what it does because we have an uniformed electorate that votes idiots like John Beohner and Lindsey Graham into office. You start to sound very conspiratorial when you claim that they’ve all sold their souls. That kind of talk hurts us and its not way to treat those few we have in congress who are genuine. Just because Rubio proposed something you don’t like doesn’t make him a sellout and you have no evidence to support that. I note that you ignored my question about Rubio’s plan being big government. It’s not. It’s fine to disagree with his plan. We can argue that. Please don’t make wild claims that you are unable to support.

              • sDee

                I will admit to being a schmuck. In the passion of the 2010 elections I geared up heavily on phone dialers, and contributing as much money as I could to Rubio and Scott Brown. I do not live in either state.

                I learned a lot and now see the true colors of both men. I think Rubio disappointed the most. I let myself believe, coming from immigrant parents like he did and because my kids are part Cuban, that I had much in common with him. He does not have any conservative or Constitutional principles. He actually has no principles, except political ambition and power.

                I have opened my eyes. The man is slick – and big government. Owned.

                • What is your evidence for that? I’m gonna need more than just your opinion to accept that as truth.

                • Orangeone

                  Good-bye anchor baby. We don’t owe you anything. I hear Mother Jones calling you and your illegal alien friends home for din-din.

                • sDee

                  huh? I lived it.

                • JRD1

                  Come to Florida. We will introduce you to the Bush mafia.

              • JRD1

                “Rubio is not like the establishment GOP.” LOL!

                He’s Jeb Bush’s lap dog!

          • JRD1

            There is nothing articulate and charismatic about Rubio. He has done nothing. All he does is talk.

            We intend to dump him in Florida.

            Suggest you recruit him to move to your state.

      • ryanomaniac

        They don’t support Republicans because they just want you to abide by the law. That’s it. We ask that from everybody else.

        Hispanics agree with almost everything Republicans stand for. Knowing that, why wouldn’t they support a party they agree with? Don’t say its lack of communication by the right. The illegals know what they are. Illegals just want a piece of that free ride.

      • sDee

        The Republicans long ago abandoned the core principles of the Constitution, limited government, secure borders, and national sovereignty. They cannot articulate principles because they don’t have them anymore. They are political animals. Including Rubio.

        The illegal community we worked with for years here in NC does not give a crap about Republican or Democrat.They would not even come close to understanding even the most simplistic “principle” of a political party, let alone this issue. But they are not fools. They all laughed at us, took our medical services, food and money, and told us they want Obama because he is is going to give them amnesty. That is it. Nothing else. Amnesty. They know the word in English. They use the word. “Obama, Amnesty”.

        Pretty boy just wants them to start saying “Rubio, Amnesty” for 2016.

        • LOL you really think all those illegals you worked with will be singing Rubio’s praise when they realize he wants to cut off all their government assistance? Also they can’t vote and stats show that legal hispanics don’t vote based on immigration issues anyway. So your argument is rendered invalid.

          • sDee

            I know for a fact. All who we provided services to. All they care about in US politics is Amnesty. Absolutely.

            Once they get the amnesty they will vote for whoever gives them more stuff. Rubio or whoever. The vast majority will then vote for the Progressive once they get citizenship.

            The islamists here illegally are different. They came for a far different reason. We did not work with them. They pay for their own medical care. Those are the ones you really need to worry about in this amnesty bill.

            • Your anecdotal stories I have no doubt are true but historically the stats have not been moved amnesty. And in this bill these people wouldn’t be able to vote for years and years and they would be cut off from government assistance and would have to pay taxes. That’s the best way I know to make someone a conservative 🙂

              • JRD1

                DUH! I detect gopE spin! Shame.

                “This amnesty will grant citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 million illegal
                aliens… We will secure the borders henceforth… We will never again
                bring forward another amnesty bill like this.”
                –Ted Kennedy on Simpson-Mazzoli, 1986

                The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
                and expecting a different result.


                It makes no sense to write a legislative proposal that confers unwarranted benefits on the condition of stepped up law enforcement. If the Republican senators are serious, they should just call for enforcement of already enacted laws. They should tell Democrats, “Show us over the next few years that enforcement is effective and that the government’s commitment to it is permanent; then we can talk about legislation to legalize the presence of the remaining illegal immigrant population.” The way you prioritize enforcement is … to prioritize enforcement, not to talk about enforcement you can’t deliver in a wayward deal that concretely rewards lawlessness. And in the meantime, if it would help our economy to allow more immigration of workers to fill needs that aren’t being met, by all means increase the availability of visas for those categories of workers — as dramatically as necessary. This will illustrate that Republicans are not anti-immigrant — the “false argument” that animates Sen. Rubio, as he told Rush. It is a slander that sticks because of the GOP’s inadequate response to the Left’s demagoguery, not because of bad policies.

      • JRD1

        She’s Cuban from South Miami. She knows how PO’d the Cubans are with Marco and Jeb Bush and YOU are questioning HER!

        What cheek!

  • KittyAmerica

    Illegals will get a check from the IRS:
    “many would not owe back income tax because they didn’t make enough money. They could even be eligible for refunds.”
    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/business/networth/article/Back-tax-on-illegal-migrants-hard-to-do-4230644.php#ixzz2JUZEavoa

  • blueniner

    Right on Michelle you are spot on!

  • Stehekin912

    They don’t care about the 23 million Americans out of work because they believe those people are already enrolled in (victims to) the Nanny State. They think those victims will just continue voting for their welfare and freebies and so they are “in the bag”. They want more and more people in their bag, hence they now focus on the illegals.

  • pmb88

    O couldnt find packed stadiums so he had to give a speech at a high school on immigration. Bet half the kids were cheering cause they got out of class.

    You hear different versions of this proposal. Rubio says one and McCaiin, Schumer say another. Is it just heresay or is there a bill written? If its not I would like to see whats written before i pass judgement.

    Also, what if this was all just a plan to goad O to proposing his proposal and if he kills it blame him for ruining the bipartisan bill. That depends if they are following a strategy..

    • Orangeone

      I posted last night wondering if Rubio and Cruz were working behind the scenes to splinter the Demorats….just a thought

      • sDee

        I trust Cruz – so far.

  • Conniption Fitz

    AGREED !!! Ms. Malkin is absolutely right.

  • poljunkie

    The problem in all of this in my view, is that Obama and by extension the Democrats are setting up this argument to make it that the craggy, mean old White Republicans, and Conservatives, want to keep the United States exclusive, and white. They dont want immigrants.

    In addition, we are all nasty, uncaring- dont want anyone to have healthcare, an education, or even a roof over their head.

    He will set the stage and the minions of his administration, and the media will get their daily talking points and with each memo reinforce his position.

    The Republicans and Conservatives have GOT to move toward a reasonable and sensible alternative to reach out and welcome immigrants to our Melting Pot. This has to be on the front burner.

  • poljunkie

    The problem in all of this in my view, is that Obama and by extension the Democrats are setting up this argument to make it that the craggy, mean old White Republicans, and Conservatives, want to keep the United States exclusive, and white. They dont want immigrants.

    In addition, we are all nasty, uncaring- dont want anyone to have healthcare, an education, or even a roof over their head.

    He will set the stage and the minions of his administration, and the media will get their daily talking points and with each memo reinforce his position.

    The Republicans and Conservatives have GOT to move toward a reasonable and sensible LEGAL alternative to reach out and welcome immigrants to our Melting Pot. This has to be on the front burner.

    • Orangeone

      Allen West, Sen Tim Scott and others are doing just that! And they are doing it by showing how doing the right things instead of living on gov’t handouts is the true American Dream and life of freedom.

  • capelady

    We must secure our border before any laws are passed that effect illegal immigrants. Obama has no intention of enforcing any laws that secure our border… so this is an exercise in futility. We could pass a law that would streamline the process for LEGAL immigration NOW! That would be a very smart move!!!

    • tinlizzieowner

      ‘Legal Immigrants’ tend to be from Europe and Asia and may not toe the party line. 😉

  • james1051

    She’s right.

  • james1051

    Hopelessly naive (or stubbornly self-deluded)

    beautifully sums up Marco McCain.

  • tinlizzieowner

    This is going to go down just like it did under Reagan. The ‘amnesty’ part will be immediately put into effect and the ‘border security’ part will never happen.

  • aZjimbo

    Marco Rubio is a fraud just like the rest of the rino’s.