Michelle Malkin defends conservative women!

Michelle Malkin goes after Maureen Dowd for suggesting that conservative women are the biggest threat to this nation. How absurd can Dowd be? I mean honestly, I thought the greatest threat to our nation, per the libs, was becoming a Christian theocracy! How foolish of me to overlook the grave threat of the Mama Grizzlies! I mean for pete’s sake, some of them can hunt!


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  • Anonymous

    The elite will continue to flail like Dowd, trying to move attention away from the positive aspects of conservatism. The lame-stream media will go with the wind subtly as we approach Nov. 2nd, or conservative rule to cover their arses.

  • Michelle is one of the smartest conservative women of this generation. Any woman who decides to run as a conservative will suffer being demonized for her beliefs.

  • Throowrocks

    I love Michelle! She has got it all. I think fox should giver her her own show. Scratch that give her Huckabee’s show. Throowrocks

  • Jerome

    That video made my morning. MM is delicious.

  • real women threaten the democrat lesbian girls.

  • zytekfan

    I’d like to meet a woman like Michelle Malkin