Michelle Malkin: Etch-a-sketch is hanging over Romney’s head after his flip-flop on individual mandate

Michelle Malkin was on Fox and Friends this morning and had some tough words for Romney saying that he should have been better prepared to deal with this decision on the individual mandate. Instead he came out agreeing with Obama that it wasn’t a tax and and then flipped to the position that it is a tax. She says there is no question this is an Achilles’ heel for him and that he should have just vowed repeal no matter what you call it. And she’s right, just as Rush and Levin are right. Because he flipped on it he’s now getting bogged down in the semantics of this instead of arguing against what it really is and what it represents for all of America.

Malkin also talks about the hateful left and their vile tweets yesterday, including Chris Rock’s tweet about Independence day being a white people’s holiday.

Watch below:

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  • Sandra123456

    Is Obamacare a tax, a penalty or a mandate?

    How about Obamacare is a tax penalty mandate?

    Or, a tax penalty. There, solved.

    • mrcombi

      Obama care is extortion. I’m surprised no one connects the penalty dots…

    • Actually, Obamacare is a careless tax and Obamatax doesn’t care. Neville.

  • badbadlibs

    The fourth of July is a white man’s holiday. What is it about liberals like Chris Rock that slap the face of the very country that made it possible for him to be a multi millionaire living in the lap of luxury while so many of his black counterparts in Africa suffer from untold disease and poverty?
    Someone gift him a one way ticket out….

    • Hacker5988

      You have to remember the game. Buffett, Rock, and all other wealhly LIBS and DEMS play it. Publically you are a DEM and LIB and they leave you alone. Personally, the very least you are a fiscal conservative if not more to the right. The Americian public is easily fooled and they know it.

    • mediaaccess1

      Tell him to come to Hungary.

    • Patriot077

      Yup. And another thing is that we fought a civil war to end slavery here over 150 years ago, but apparently haven’t paid enough of a penalty to suit him. His counterparts in Africa are still being taken as slaves by the Muslims to this day.

      What hypocracy and ignorance! Here in the US, blacks are converting to the Muslim religion while their African brethren are being enslaved. Unbelievable.

      • badbadlibs

        That kind of stupid has to border on possession.

      • The CIVIL WAR was not about ending slavery. Pick up a history book….Sooo uneducated…

    • Don’t hate the TRUTH…Embrace it.. Happy White People’s Day.. Enjoy your day..lol!!

      • badbadlibs

        lol….what? The 6th of July is White People’s Day? I didn’t get the memo….maybe you and rock can take the same flight…life has to be better anywhere but here, right…lol

        • Patriot077

          I doubt Nate has read the history books that relate how blacks fought in the Revolutionary War. He probably doesn’t know the true history and intent of the 3/5th’s clause either.

          But I am sooooo uneducated. Oh well.

          I do know that the date of the Emancipation Procamation is the date that many blacks celebrated their freedom. I suspect that most blacks celebrate both events.

  • NYGino

    “A rose by any other name….”. Forget the label, explain the harm.

  • flyinroom

    It’s a tax……………….
    It’s a penalty………………..
    What ever you call it………..It’s constitutional, yeah baby.

  • Constance

    My list of actors I will watch has dwindled significantly in recent years. I refuse to watch anything if one of the screeching, hateful left morons is in it. I can’t get past what I know about them to watch them act. As for Romney, I’m not sure what people expected. He still supports his actions on Romney Care, and Obama Care mirrors it in many ways. Romney’s number one liability is that, and everybody knew it when they voted for him in the primaries. Don’t complain now. Conservatives wanted a different candidate, but now we are stuck with what we have. I don’t know if we can win the presidency with Romney. I will vote for him, but I don’t really trust him. Getting Obama out is all that matters right now. Then, we take it from there.

    • Linky1

      Constance-I find too, that I just cannot stomach what passes for actors, actresses, TV shows these days. This was brought home to me last week when I watched a late night talk show in order to see two of the captains from “Deadliest Catch” as guests. The inane pre-show banter, the unfunny jokes, having to endure one of these actors before the Captains came on-makes me realize just how bereft of culture North America is. Then, there is politics that has inched its way into popular culture to the point where it’s all about who can say the nastiest thing, who can swear the most, who can be the most controversial. It’s all around us-TV, films, magazines and it makes me glad for the “off” button on the remote. I find now that I am reading more and watching TV a lot less, for this very reason.

      While many people will vote for Romney, health care will be his albatross-whether it is Romney care or his latest position on a tax vs. a penalty. Semantics and minutiae will get a candidate every time-as they are forced to explain something down to the nth degree. the left loves this and will pounce on it and use it to their advantage. Look how it bogged down Rick Santorum, to the point where the focus was solely on his position on it – to the point where the media did not care at all about other issues.

    • I want a president who dodges the draft, outsources jobs, takes people’e pensions, and then keeps money in overseas accounts to avoid taxes….NOT!! OBAMA 2012..

      • badbadlibs

        I want a president who can tell the truth, loves this country, isn’t a pot head, has held a job, who doesn’t think future grandchildren are a punishment, who can write a book without 39 known lies. I want a president who isn’t a communist/marxist and doesn’t throw his pastor and mother under the bus….NOT. ANY BODY BUT bo 2012!!

  • physicsnut

    The idiot libs think it is the business of the Court to implement a Welfare State. They blabber about what we supposedly learned in Civics Class, but totally ignore the AMENDMENT process, which they find inconvenient – actually they know that americans would reject their european style wishful thinking. According to published left wing ideologues ACA will
    * create 4 million jobs,
    * reduce costs for the young,
    * reduce the deficit, and
    * be cheaper for employers.

    At least one honest lib comes right out and says This is the largest expansion of the WELFARE STATE since the Great Society – at least that is not pure mendacity, unlike the previous * points. The NY Times has an idiotic editorial that exchanges will have federal subsidy to make getting insurance affordable to those 133 to 400 percent above poverty. Really ? If you are on the verge of poverty and you can’t get your roof or car fixed etc etc, how is that “affordable” ? They have zero common sense.The Times will never report any failures or true costs.
    All these amateur technocrats can’t even comprehend simple realities.
    They are just baffling Americans with Baloney. That is why ACA is 2700 pages of garbage. That is why Roberts is a Big Government MOLE. He knows perfectly well that if you want this junk, you need to pass an amendment, but he did not care any more than Kagan or Ginsburg or Sotomayor.
    Look. I am no fan of employer health insurance – it is none of their business. But I am really surprised that with all the employers out there who have been screaming about rising costs, that they let Pelosi and Reid and Obama get away with totally ignoring practical realities, and impose this Wishful Thinking garbage on the USA.

  • Captain_Maynard

    Since when did Fox start its rival version of Desperate Housewives, “Desperate Anchorwomen”? Love Malkin but I refuse to watch “Porn and Friends”. I mean, no wonder Beckel is constantly spouting thrash at them (Which is not to say Beckel needs much encouraging in the way of being a disgusting individual, at all).

  • Hes wrong the Lib, They are in the minority that means U etch a sketch ,U the minority need to get it thru your thick skulls,and they wont because they all in reality are bottomn feeding drones,devoid of any common sense and Greed rules their lives… ~ !

  • Elections have consequences and not very many were thinking during the primaries.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Slavery was invented in Africa and practised by african long before there was such a thing as America. The first slave was owned by a ban african, the first murder was committed by an African, the first theft, the first rape…………..So, shall we paint all Africans as slave owners and murderers? Why not,…. the blacks do it to whites on a daily basis. /sarc

    Strange isnt it that blacks dont seem to mind that Blacks owned black slaves, or that blacks murder blacks. They only seem to be outraged when a white does it. The reason for this is obvious, they are the racist.

  • 911Infidel

    Chris Rock and his fellow Hollyweirdos are maggots. Like to see Chris Rock talk his smack in a place like Sudan or Iran.Of course he’s too chickenshite to move elsewhere. What the morons ignor is that the Declaration set a precedent that ALL men are created equal. The Founders also put a process in place that was the undoing of slavery and Jim Crowe. No credit given to their wisdom as per usual. I got two words for Chris Rock and his fellow morons…three if I include the word “punk”.

    Oh and Romney isn’t exactly my version of the Repubik dream team. I disliked him in the nomination process, and I still do. Unfortunately, it comes down to either Maobama or him…and I ain’t voting for the Kenyan.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Well, I don’t think Team Romney hears/reads what all of us are saying about his flip-flopping and lack of conviction, but maybe he’ll pay attention to Michelle Malkin saying it. I hope so, because she speaks for us, and I hope he’s listening!!

  • capelady

    What too many people fail to recognize is that slavery was a fact of life around the world in the 18th Century, and MUSLIM Saudi Arabia did not abolish it until 1968!!!

    Our Founders recognized the evil of slavery but knew the southern states would not have approved the Constitution if it abolished slavery. They altered John Locke’s words to say “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of HAPPINESS” rather than PROPERTY so that slavery would not be enshrined in our Constitution and protected.

    We fought a civil war to abolish slavery, and it took the Republicans many more years to end the segregation that was created and perpetuated by the Democrats.

    MLK was a Republican and the civil rights legislation was supported in greater numbers by Republicans than Democrats.

    Democrats founded the KKK.

    And yet Chris Rock and others align themselves with the left and Democrats out of utter ignorance. By doing so they are not only denigrating everything about America that has made it possible for them to be successful and wealthy, but they are willing to enslave all Americans to a massive federal government that promises a utopian society it cannot possibly deliver and will result in nothing but tyranny.

    America is not perfect, but our Constitution and free-market system have afforded more liberty, opportunity, and prosperity than any other nation in history… to people of all races.

    Ignorance is the biggest problem facing America today.

    • Linky1

      Ignorance,lack of critical thinking skills coupled with revisionist history being taught in school is what makes these people think and act the way they do these days.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Michelle is spot on about rock, and romney also. I like her opinion most times 🙂 sometimes do not agree with her on things, but then I do not with sometimes Mark or sowell. Michelle is a great patriot.

  • Samuel Adams was a lousy businessman, but was eminently qualified to lead the charge for natural rights, property rights, and capitalism. I’m afraid Romney running as a successful businessman does not qualify him to lead the charge against a Marxist. Romney, if you are a Capitalist, say so. If not, then step aside. Neither do we need Constitutionalists and Conservatives to run against the Marxist. Obama uses the Constitution against us, and the puzzlement of what Conservatism is all about to defeat us. Besides Romney not clearly being a Capitalist who will turn his back on Marxism and lead us in the opposite direction, Romney is also an Etch-A-Sketch. He is whatever Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Pawlenty, Paul Ryan, and others endorse him to be. We need a Capitalist to run against a Marxist, not a successful businessman Etch-A-Sketch.

  • God bless Michelle Malkin. She is one of the few conservative voices out there that has the guts to call things the way they are and never backs down from her beliefs. We need more conservatives like her, preferably in government. But too many times people like Romney are trying to play it safe rather than stand for something they believe in. Romney may not be what we want, but he is A LOT better than giving Obama a second term in office. I don’t think the country could stand that and I think it would just tear us apart. So we go with the team we’ve got, and Romney is it. NOT voting is NOT an option because that would just give Obama the election, and we can’t do that. So help get Romeny elected and hopefully we will also elect a conservative Congress that will pull him in the right direction.

  • chatterbox365

    Flipper is f**king up and many of us are not surprised by this. Common sense is not a common virtue and the Romney campaign is definitely a “house of cards.” Like I mentioned in another post, our only hope is keeping the House and winning the Senate.

    As for the Hollywood folks, I would happily support a tax to pay for their one way ticket to North Korea, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Congo or Sudan.

  • drphibes

    Ah, the color-blind Left. Who’s always bringing up skin pigment?

  • Judefour

    Congressman Paul doesn’t even need to make any profound statement or explanation. He has maintained the unconstitutionality of federal health care for decades, but he is ridiculed and marginalized by Mr Malkin’s wife. There appears to be an intentional effort, on the part of pundits. to avoid anyone that wouldn’t give them anything scandalous to rant about.

  • Great comment at the end by M_M.

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