Michelle Malkin explains the Obama admin’s war on BuckyBalls

The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) headed by Obama appointee Inez Tenenbaum is trying to ban BuckyBalls because they allege that 12 children swallowed them or something and had to go to the hospital to get them removed. But Malkin says that way more children swallow pennies but we don’t see the CPSC trying to shut themselves down (federal government).

Watch below:

NOTE: Malkin doesn’t specifically mention the Obama administration, but given the CPSC is run by Obama’s appointee, I chose to characterize that way.

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  • badbadlibs

    Anything run by an appointee of bo’s is indeed representing his administration. The charactization is apt.
    Michelle’s own words; “the nanny state is a serial job killer…”, how true is that!?!

  • Keep your hands off our balls!

  • Sober_Thinking

    “The Nanny State is a serial job killer for sure.” Couldn’t have said it better. Michelle rocks!!!

    NYC could catch a clue from this… but Bloomburg is on a crusade to protect his endangered NY citizens… try cutting back on the taxes and promoting free capital practices and you’ll save more citizens you nut case.

    The left isn’t happy unless they are screwing with someone or a business.

  • We must do what the NObama Collective MANDATE and DEEM!! right? /sarc!!!

  • JeffWRidge

    I must be part geek, because I love BuckyBalls too. They’re fun. Does that make me 1/32 geek?

    Incidentally, Michelle does mention the Obama Administration towards the end.

  • Nukeman60

    In a time when the economy is so dire, why is the Obama administration’s CPSC trying to ‘kill businesses’?” – Malkin

    No clarification needed, Scoop. Only the trolls would think you’re twisting the story line to Obama. The rest of us know better. He’s at the root of all this evil.

    Of more importance, though, is when did Buckyballs come out in favor of ‘traditional marriage’? I mean, isn’t that the only reason this administration goes after individual companies? What the blazes is wrong with these people?

    Let’s see what else we should ban – there’s watch batteries (children can swallow them), there’s toothpicks (children can get them stuck in their throats), how about steak knives (children could poke an eye out with that), maybe irresponsible parents (children could get hurt from their lack of proper supervision and control), and on and on…

    I want to be the ban czar. It seems there’s a future in that line of work, great benefits, early retirement. The first thing I would ban is commissions like the CPSC and departments like the EPA.

  • warpmine

    NOTE: Malkin doesn’t specifically mention the Obama administration, but given the CPSC is run by Obama’s appointee, I chose to characterize that way.

    Rightfully so!

  • Joe

    What about all the “doctors” killing babies –

    Should we outlaw those “doctors”

    HEY! – Come to think of it – Not a bad idea!

  • James1754

    The government at it’s finest, let find a company we can put out of business because we do not like their product.
    But we will give millions to a company that has no chance of making it in the business world, if you use the word “green” in your company name or you make a “green” product(that no one will buy).

  • sDee

    An effective tip…..because this kinda of stuff always gets tee’d up by the morning propaganda shows. They inevitability run a dramatically edited scare piece complete with “an expert” or two.

    Soon some hapless but well intentioned person around you will bring it up and say “we have to do something about this…….”. Stop them right there and ask “who is “We”?” They inevitably mean the federal government but just never made the connection.

    The rest of the conversation is a piece of cake for TRS readers. 🙂

  • sjmom

    They’ll soon be gone; less than 100 days til we throw them out.

  • poljunkie

    Kids swallow things.

    When I was 2, I swallowed a bobby pin. Remember those.

    My mom came into my room/crib- whatever I was sleeping in and I said- ate all up. She was like? What? After some deliberation, she and my dad “rushed” me to the emergency room. Because don’t you always rush people to the ER?
    So they did an XRAY? AND there it was.
    A few days later, it came out- the old fashion way.

    Speaking of moms,
    I love this, and although I am not a fan of Family Guy my son used to watch and he thought this clip reminded him of ,well him.
    For those with kids, you will laugh.

    Because its so true.


    We should ban beans, too, because my little brother stuck a bean in his ear once and the doctor had to get it out. Maybe it could have gone into his brain and killed him.

  • NoToTyrants
  • reason1984

    Not to be outdone on this breaking story, ABC’s crack investigative reporter, Brian Ross, stated today that he may have stumbled upon a link between BuckyBalls, the CPSC, and get this, the Colorado Tea Party…maybe…or not…that is …

  • aZjimbo

    Michelle always gets to the truth.

  • Hornet414fixer

    I LOVE this Gal! She is always always “ON TOP, ON TIME, ON TARGET, AT All TIMES!!! I going to BuckyBalls and ordering them for all my children!

  • Hornet414fixer

    I just bought the product!!!! I can’t wait to send it to my family!!!!!!!!

  • maynardb50

    August 10th: National BuckyBall Day!!

  • bobemakk

    Obama has already swallowed his own “bucky balls…” on numerous occasions. AND there was no need for a teleprompter.