Michelle Malkin: House GOP should remember they weren’t put back in majority to capitulate to the Dem agenda

Michelle Malkin blasts the union guys who didn’t even care about the women and children under the tent before the began collapsing it and also the president for never speaking out against the incivility.

She also says that the House Republicans need to hold the line, and that perhaps they need to be reminded that they weren’t put back in the majority just so they could fold like a deck of cards and capitulate to the Democrat agenda.


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  • Betsey_Ross

    I think I am going to do this every week although I have written to Boehner 4 times last week. My message to him and my Congress Critter is simply this. Stop him! That is the reason you were elected again. Stop him from spending all of our money. You hold the purse strings.

    • Rshill7

      A puss with a purse. Now that’s something to cry about.

    • Sandra123456

      “You hold the purse strings.”

      I have been thinking about that. Where have Boehner and the Capitualation Party been as Obama spends trillions? Just capitulating or is Obama doing this by executive order?

      • Orangeone

        Exactly! How can Barky Boy be sending F-16s to Egypt? That is our property not his. How can he send millions and billions of our money to terrorist countries?

  • skspls

    If the Unions provide such valuable services to workers, they shouldn’t have anything to fear from Right to Work legislation. Unions should be able to thrive on their own merits.

    • skyemantaray

      Perfectly articulated.

    • Rshill7

      …or dive on the their own demerits.

    • Haywoodjbl

      EXACTLY…it’s all about dues to those at the top…sucking the blood of the workers…and the workers help them do it by behaving like children

    • white531

      You would think.

  • denbren52

    Does anyone believe that John Boehner will not cave to Obama? He’s putting on a front and holding off as long as he can, but he will cave because he has the spine of a serpent and he’s a big-government Republican. The GOP has become the 2nd big-goverment party.

    If he caves, I will resign as GOP precinct delegate and go full-speed-ahead into the new Constitution Freedom Party.

    • white531

      Now there’s a thought.

  • Rshill7

    What are you talking about Michelle? I voted a straight Capitulation ticket.

    The Capitulation Party…

    I like how it rolls off the tongue like loose lemons off the back of a turnip truck.

    • mikeinidaho

      Umm, wouldn’t that be “loose lemons off a LEMON truck”? Just asking!
      As for the new name of the Republican Party, you are correct, sir!

      • Rshill7

        To your question: Nope. Loose lemons on the back of a turnip truck know they don’t belong there. Plus, who’s ever heard of a lemon truck 🙂

        • mikeinidaho

          Good point! Thanks for the laugh!

    • The Capitulation Party… Isn’t that what used to be known as the Republican Party? I remember they used to have balls…. But got tired of people kicking them all the time so they took their balls and went home. Or something. 😉

      • Rshill7

        The last time they had discernable balls, Gingrich was running the House. After he left all remaining balls were sucked back into their collective fuselage like the landing gear on an outbound flight.

      • Orangeone

        They took them home when they found out ObamaCare was going to require exact measurement….

  • mikeinidaho

    I agree. The time for compromise has been over for years. If the Repubs want to remain a viable party they need to stop being the “me too, just not as much” party. Democrat-lite is dead. Boehner needs to grow a set or go home.
    I say, pass a bill permanantly renewing the current Bush tax rates and GO HOME. Let Reid and Obama figure out what to do next. It will be hard for them to say the Repubs raised taxes on the “middle class” if the House bill renews the current rates for EVERYONE. Reid and Obama can either go along or pass their own version of a bill in the Senate which will probably raise taxes on the “rich”, or let the economy go “over the cliff”, raising rates on everyone. It’s their call. Period. In any case the decision will be the Democrats and they will either own the mess of tax increases or the glory of renewed Bush tax rates.

    • badbadlibs

      The wrong person is speaker, that job should belong to Mikeinidaho!

      Btw, how’s my Idaho? I miss living there. 🙁
      I was surprised to hear Idaho is going to participate in the health insurance exchanges. But, then I always thought Otter was a republican lite…but, I could be wrong.

      • mikeinidaho

        Thanks for the vote, but no thanks! I’d be thrown out or found dead of a “suicide” in a Washington DC park in only a day or two!
        As for Otter, I agree, he’s another “go along to get along” Repub weasel. At least Labrador, our Rep in the House, is a good TP guy.
        Idaho is fine, at least up here in the North far from the capital in Boise!

    • sDee

      This story indicates that the House Whip did his job and came up with the Conservative purge list – perhaps at the request of Speaker Boehner and/or Majority Leader, Cantor. It was presented to the Steering Committee.

      “The source alleges that McCarthy brought the criteria list to the House GOP Steering Committee where it was used to purge four conservatives from their House committee spots.”


    • sDee

      More on McCarthy

      California Republicans say McCarthy endorsed gerrymandering that lost them 4 seats, but kept his own.

  • Perhaps the Republicans need a lot less “civility” to deal with these socialists, and start being A LOT more like the late Andrew Breitbart. He knew how to deal with these characters.

  • colliemum

    Michelle Malkin is spot on when she mentions Andrew Breitbart.

    As devastating as his death was – it truly made people start going out and doing what he did. Now there are more and more.
    Just think what the reports would have been like if there had only been the corrupt MSM, and no citizen journalists (thank you, Jen!), no rightscoop, nothing …

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    The problem with Michelle’s logic is that Boehner was NOT put in power with this last go-round of Republicans and/or Conservatives. He was already part of the establishment that has taken care of itself, so he owes no allegiance to her sentiments at this point.

    Once they REMOVE him from power, THEN he may have learned his lesson.

  • ApplePie101

    Expecting the GOPe to do what the GOPe has shown no inclination to do for the past two years is like spinning your wheels in the mud. You’re only going to burn out your engine if you don’t change strategy.

  • deTocqueville1

    Michelle is always great. Unfortunately there will have to be a wholesale change in GOP leadership or a new party to get back to basics.

  • She’s right, of course. A lot more folks are getting on board the L.I.B. strategy, and one way to LIB would be to primary all the remaining RINOS and send back only conservatives, even if it costs the majority. Fiscal cliffs would be so typical that no one would care anymore.

    Ignore the Republicans, I say. Vote West, and send decent guys and gals money to run.

    • white531

      Vote West!

  • Exactly right Michelle…as per usual.

  • Conservator1

    Senate Republicans are already caving. Thus, conservative Republicans in the House must end Obama’s power grab, not cave on raising tax-rates and most important, don’t let any blame-game polls be a motivating concern when it’s time to vote. Let the nation go over the “fiscal cliff” and you’ll bear witness to a REAL shellacking of Obama Democrats in 2014 and beyond.

  • white531

    I know we hold Sarah, close to our hearts, for all she has done. I know most of us want Allen West for our next President. I know that. But can you even imagine Michelle Malkin, as our first woman President?

    The woman is incredible. She nails this worthless President, every time he opens his mouth, which is often. She nails the Liberals and the media, for everything they say or do, ten minutes after they do it. You can read the news on her site, or on Twitchy, three days before it appears in the mainstream media.

    If we can’t have Allen West, then I want this woman for my next President. She is so over-qualified for the job, it isn’t even worth talking about.

    Besides that, she is just drop-dead gorgeous.

    • She truly has one of the smartest, sharpest, intelligent minds in the Conservative movement! Bright, articulate, smarts to spare! And good looking doesn’t hurt at all! Herself, Sarah, Beck, West are in my “must watch/listen/read” list every day. 🙂