Michelle Malkin: The right needs to stop navel gazing and start fighting the leftist radicalization of America

Michelle Malkin says the California Federation of Teachers union should be called to the carpet for creating the “Tax the Rich” video using the dues and taxpayer money of hard working right-thinking Californians who completely disagree with it.

But when it comes to battling these forces, she challenges the narrow vision of the Right that seems so consumed with voter registration systems and ballot counting after losing an election than with the bigger issue of the radicalization that has been taking place in America for years. She says we need conservatives on the state and local levels to take over school boards and begin to fight the “axis of Hollywood, culture, social media, big labor, and the entire teacher organization infrastructure.”

Watch the full interview below:

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  • So confused here. Ann Coulter says to flush my principles down the toilet and Michelle tells me to fight for them. What is going on here.

    To me, it would seem that Coulter should stay off the TV for a bit.

    • PVG

      I am so tired of Anne tossing her hair and conservative values out the window. Am starting my Anne boycott today!

      • Maxsteele

        I agree. I started that about 6 months ago. There is just something not right with that woman.

      • jlbs

        I started when she was pushing Romney. Well, that didn’t get us very far, did it Ann?

    • Sober_Thinking

      Agreed. I don’t know what happened to her… maybe Chris Christie crushed the sense out of her. Or maybe Scoop was right… that she has been a phoney from the beginning. That she’s just trying to sell books or something maybe?

      I like her but she’s gone off the deep end and I can’t listen to her anymore.

      Don’t be torn between these two… dump Ann and stick with Michelle. 😉

      • 3seven77

        Sober, Coulter didn’t go off the deep end. She was already there. Coulter is all about Coulter. She only plays a “conservative” on TV.

        You know how you get a “vibe” from certain people? The first time I ever saw Coulter I had an intense dislike for her. I’ve always thought she was a phony. Seems she’s finally showing what I sensed years ago.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Sadly, I was duped. She rubbed me the wrong way from time to time… but I kind of liked her disrespect towards liberals and snarky quality.

          However, I also once liked and listened to Bill O, Carl Rove, Scott Brown (R – MA), Dick Morris, and a host of other disgraced posers or manipulators. I fear that in some ways, I’ve become a “useful idiot” for the right. Sigh.

          Other than God… you just can’t trust anyone 100%.

          • jlbs

            It’s never a sad thing when you finally figure out who these people are and how they have a way of saying the things you want to hear but just don’t sound convincing to you. That gets us to thinking, and we end up realizing they are absolutely not rooting for us, but for the other side. It may lead to us not trust anyone, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It forces us to think before we follow and will be the demise of those who think they can lead us by the nose. Wear it as a badge of honor.

            • Sober_Thinking

              Thanks m8!

              We have to examine everything and everyone these days… thanks for the feedback.

        • sDee

          Yes Coulter is a paid pundit. She will say what whoever is paying her to say, or, she will say what she thinks she needs to, so as to attract her next contract.

          • Not every commentator is like that. Michelle isn’t singing that tune. Coulter is.

        • I used to be a liberal when I was a kid, and Ann Coulter was THE person I hated the most, more than anybody else. She was a hot (excuse me for using that word with her) commodity at the time. She stopped getting attention over the last couple of years, and chose to get that back with the most bizarro rants about how we need to sell out our principles, conservative candidates are bad, chubby chasing, some socialized healthcare, and radiation were good.

    • denbren52

      I’ll stick with principles! Dump Ann! Keep Michelle! Simple as that.

      • sDee

        Foundational principles must be simple, that is the essence of the exceptionalism of America which no nation in world history ever achieved. The complexity follows.

        However, once unbolted from our principles, the relativism and chaos of collectivism, marxism and evil thrive, unrestrained.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      The TV is not all she needs to stay off.

  • NoToTyrants

    Thank You Scoop!

    I needed a heavy dose of Conservative sanity and optimism after the Coulter thread.

    G-d Bless Michelle Malkin!

    She is right on target as usual.

  • hbnolikeee

    Fix the education system is definitely a root cause of the mess we’re in. However, this is a multi-generational issue and we have to get these scum suckers out of DC now.

  • c4pfan

    Here is a homeschooler (Sarah Fowler) who did just that! Here is her facebook. She is now on the school board.


    Thanks to Pete for bringing her name up. I think he met her at some event and here is someone who is fighting the good fight!

  • objective123

    Finally Michelle Malkin gets it. Fight in all ways: civil disobedience in obeying health care law, refuse to pay taxes, etc… Don’t let evil win. Like the USSR, their view and utopian society will collapse because eventually you run out of other people’s money. Rich folks will hide their money in mattresses rather than pay taxes. They will continue to downsize and layoff. Inflation will increase and folks will not be able to pay the high price of folks.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Michelle has always “gotten it”. I’m not spoiling for an argument or a debate… because I agree in spirit with everything else you point out (especially fight evil in all ways). I just wanted to challenge the notion that Michelle didn’t get it before… she has always led the charge and sees more clearly than most.

      Keep fighting the good fight!

      • white531

        Thanks, Sober. The red flags went up and my fingers were on the keyboard, and then I read your reply. I must assume that was just a mistake in wording from objective123.

        • Sober_Thinking

          I agree.

          I’ve become a troll-hunter (magnet) lately it seems and can no longer tolerate their attacks, so I’m all for booting the bad guys.

          I’m not saying this person is a troll… but you’re right, red flags started to go up. Hopefully it is as you said and the words just came out wrong. I’ve done the same things from time to time.


          • I usually tell trolls – softer or harder, depending on the statements from DNC they read – that they are (DemocRats’) moral prostitutes, selling their verbiage for our – taxpayers’ – money….
            Haven’t seen some of them for a long while now…..maybe they started to think??
            “O my gosh, that may hit also ME and my family”…………….???
            Who knows.
            Even they do not believe in some idiocies like: ‘ “clean air and water for Republicans and “poison air and water” for the rest of our society’ 😉

            • Sober_Thinking

              You’ve said some of the things I’m thinking – I’d like to really lay into some of them…

              They usually get dumped quickly if they don’t behave.


  • PVG

    Spot on! You go girl! The CFT is tax exempt??? Things are upside down.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Ed Asner is a decrepid old man. What a lost and ignorant twit.

    This is disgusting… but it seems like it’s just another ugly thing that the left shoots out there and gets away with. More lies that go on unchallenged and they are not held accountable for this evil. The fact that it’s supposedly offered or targetted to children is pure evil. Michelle is spot on as always.

    So, teacher’s unions… great. Unions again… waterboys for the left. Hitler throw-backs. Crack unions apart and stop all taxes from being used for this sort of crap and that would go a long way to giving our future a chance… and I mean America’s future.

    Bob Beckle supports the message of this video. What a buffoon.

  • stage9

    Can someone explain how a Jew can be a socialist after what the nazis (national socialists) did to them during WWII?

    Mind boggling!

    • shield1

      Many Jews were communists… the Frankfurt School for example.

    • v.l.

      I asked that same question to my conservative Jewish friend from NY and all she said was they voted Democrats all their lives and that’s that. Any argument falls on deaf ears. They don’t wanna see, they don’t wanna hear.

    • My own hypothesis is that Jews favor a strong government that will “protect” them. They had so many bad experiences with governments that wanted to destroy them, that they never took the time to understand the importance of liberty and being your own protector, in a society that protects all people from foreign invasion only.

      So they miss the incredible peril they are in today, right in this country. I’ll swear that in our lifetime the jihadi-enabling left will have them wearing yellow stars again. That’s how bad things are getting.

      • white531

        The difference between American Jews and Israeli Jews.

    • wodiej

      all one must do is think about how millions of people allowed an evil dictator to mesmerize and take control of them to begin with, leading to the Holocaust. There have been others on a much smaller scale but w similar tragic circumstances like Jim Jones who convinced hundreds of his followers to drink poisonous kool-aid and give it to their children too. I don’t know if there is any psychiatrist in the world who could explain the insanity of things like this.

  • Howzah123

    Coulter is trying to become the Maureen Dowd of the right

    It’s all a phony gimmick

  • Once again Michelle is dead on. I would absolutely love to see a video narrated by Adam Baldwin about the true nature of the teachers unions and the occupy movement. Sorry but Anne Coulter has lost her mind. She may be a very smart lady, but guess what 0 is supposedly smart too, Anne you are shilling for the establishment.

  • billbg

    Right on Michelle! We were sleeping (or actually working for a living) when the 60’s bums took over education and the media. We need to wake up to what’s important.

    • …and majority of our taxes, ~70%, goes for “schools”, regardless of you having children or not.
      ……….and a single mother with 4 kids gets over $6,000 a month of our money.
      How much that one with 8 kids, you ask? $12,000. TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

  • Diogenes_wy

    A small tweak to the script of this video and it would be true and relevant. Change the rich guy to Washington politicians.

  • colliemum

    One excellent point Michelle Malkin made was about the tax-exempt status of that teachers’ union. I bet other unions are tax-exempt as well.
    So where are the voices demanding these exemptions be scrapped? Are these unions not ‘rich’, are their presidents with incomes well above the $250,000 not ‘rich’?

    Conservatives ought to attack this because they as tax payers support through this exemption those powers who are purposefully destroying the free market system.

    As Lenin once said: the last capitalist will sell the communists the rope with which to hang him …

    • chatterbox365

      This is in California and that in itself is the biggest problem. We had a measure on the ballot (Prop 32) this election that would have ended this crap and you know what….it was defeated. With four more years of Obama and a limp d**k republican leadership, the nation will now follow California. Oy!

  • wodiej

    Malkin always is passionate and brutally honest in her commentary and it’s refreshing. But this indoctrination has been going on in public schools for years. Conservatives traded off paying for the education of their own kids and allowed the public to pay for it thus giving up control. This is what happens when people secede their power to the government.

    • white531

      It is her passion and brutal honesty that sets her apart from most Conservative commentators. Some of them just get a little angry. Michelle throws dishes at the wall.

  • Okay, so I went to the ONT at Ace’s, and they had up a poll of bloggers (not us morons in the comments, the actual bloggers) about who they regarded as their favorites for 2016.

    Based on the names in the list, they are not listening to Michelle Malkin at all. West appears nowhere. Chis Christie and Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are in there, and all got votes. They all seem infatuated with Rubio, who is NOT a restoration guy.

    Based on this, we have to do 2016 all by ourselves, because the right-wing blog-mobsters (at least the hand-picked ones this guy claims are right-wing) are already determined to see another Mitt Romney type.

    This is not encouraging at all. Why bother to have a “right wing” when it’s basically Bush-like Republicanism?

    The only good thing about the poll that I could see was that Sarah Palin was allowed to be in it, and Rand Paul got a lot of votes.

    • chatterbox365

      That was interesting. I didn’t see Scoop in this list. I guess this blog isn’t RINO enough…LOL!

      I see your point about doing 2016 on our own. Sigh…

    • white531

      Only one thing left to do.

      Vote West!

  • People will pay more attention to you and will respect you more if you actually stand for something. The establishment Republicans seem to think now that we’ll only win elections if we become “Democrats light,” meaning we become just like Democrats only don’t spend as much as them. The tired old “Compassionate Conservative” thing. Enough. Stand for conservative principles are start a third party. I’m sick and tired of listening to the same people who gave us Dole, McCain, and now Romney. Enough already. When the Democrats lost in 2004 to George W. Bush, did they become more conservative to become more “bipartisan?” Not a chance. You got Nancy Pelosi winning in 2006 and a socialist winning in 2008. So much for “bipartisanship.” Stand for something. It’s what we want and what we expect. If not, time to form a third party with people who actually DO listen to us.

  • ryanomaniac

    Like I said yesterday and ill repeat it now. Christians are the majority in this country and look how our schools are. As a Christian I can say with confidence that Christians ha e become lazy. Very lazy. God forbid you take the time to go to school board meetings and make sure this crap doesn’t happen in our children’s classes. Quit blaming liberals. When you have the majority and we are in the state we are in then its Christians that are responsible. God is looking down with much disappointment.

    • Sandra123456

      Maybe the Churches of America should unite to establish their own school system in the U.S. in conjunction with home schoolers where every day starts with non denominational prayer like we did when I went to school. Schools that do have religious ed classes like they did when I went to public schools.

      Starve the Public schools out of business by competing for students or make them try to compete with Church schools via testing scores.

      • Conniption Fitz

        There are Christian schools around the country teaching children to think logically, not politically.

        The Christian Classical schools produce classically educated students who have studied Latin and some Greek, who understand how to argue and think logically and rationally and can discern right from wrong, good from evil. Most of all, these students can control their appetites through self-control and knowledge of the consequences of licentiousness and hedonism.

        • notebene

          Thank you for mentioning Christian Classical Schools! I cannot say enough wonderful things about the one my children attend. Not only is the Word of God lifted up daily, but the children are taught to actually think, rather than spit out drone answers. The studies are rigorous, but my children adore the challenge and I cannot even begin to say all the ways they have gown spiritually and educationally! Oh how I wish I had gotten the education they are getting! However, as a result of my lacking public education, I knew I wanted far better for my own children!

  • Kelsonus

    I thought the GOP was about 6 inches further down


    • white531

      You’re referring to her intelligence, right? 🙂

  • Daniel537

    lol, love seeing these right-wing loons foaming at the mouth. Get used to it. The GOP won’t be winning any Presidential elections any time soon.

    • notebene

      Still drunk on your “win”, huh? The only one foaming at the mouth is you. Hope you get everything you deserve…it’s the best curse for fools such as you! If you’re so secure in your “win”…why are you trolling here? Are you here to express your obviously superior intelligence? Are you here to offer any progressive wisdom? Do you even possess a working brain? How about a job? Do you have one? Are you paying taxes to fund your homeboy’s spending? How free is your stuff? Oh yeah…you’re a real winner….Not!

      • after people in Russia had fought for communist revolution, those communist regimes murdered over 100,000,000 their own citizens…..but imbeciles like Daniel 357 (pun intended) can’t comprehend basic facts.

    • Conniption Fitz

      It’s not about winning, it’s about saving our country from ruin through irresponsible spending and very bad policies, ideologies and people – Obama being their figurehead.

    • white531

      I was going to reply to your comment, but then I looked at the list of sites where you hang out, and realized what a waste of time that would be.

    • later troll.

    • Daniel – but why do you want to be an arrogant idiot all the time?
      Maybe that number should be 357?
      If you don’t have logical arguments, just keep on using what you are using and remember – writing is not your forte.

    • stage9

      I’m kind of glad we won’t. Once marxist radicals make slaves of people, which is what fascists always inevitably do, the people will eventually come to their senses, realize that they were lied to and rise up in revolution, REAL REVOLUTION, and destroy your regime. It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME:

      Execution of Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu

      Execution of Benito Mussolini During World War Two

      “The memory of the righteous will be a blessing, but the name of the wicked will rot.” — Proverbs 10:7

  • Maxsteele

    Michelle Malkin is a champion of conservative values and transparency in government. This is a real intelligent, beautiful, strong woman who is not just trying to cash in on the conservative cause like that leech Coulture.

  • stage9


    BenghaziGate: Obama Admin Knew Libyan Terrorists Had US-Provided Weapons

  • deeme

    I don’t know how anyone can go along with Obama’s deal when it involves a blank check of his power to raise the debt ceiling..He knows no limits…He has cost this country more then all wars and presidents combined in the first four years..He didn’t win by a landslide and he has no mandate..but I hear no one pointing out the facts…aside from the “thank the Lord” reliable usuals..We will get blamed but that is how they set it up. This is a no win situation..They are masters at setting up the propaganda that blames U.S…like Bush lied people died.Bush didn’t lie he used the facts presented to him..hmmm where have I heard that before…not to mention many of U.S. knew they had time to hide the stuff..I’ve been saying this for years and so have others and now the stuff is presenting itself…I hear no one talking about the 40,000 dead in Syria before the gas is even used…Who started the mess in the Middle East..the media will never tell..I know I’m off topic a tad but this is what they do , set up lies and have an army of media spread the lies..Until people learn to think for themselves, we have a problem..

  • Conservator1

    Ed Asner ask, “do you have any money?” “Can I piss on you?” Asner enjoys the good life after a long career in Hollywood where he became a multimillionaire. Holding such views, perhaps Asner should change his aim the next time he urinates and target a true filthy-rich actor with NO morals.

    The vulgar vitriolic hate speech from far left radicals has become the new norm of the Democratic party under the rule of King Obama; aka the Lord and Savior to like minded leftists such as comedian Jamie Foxx:

    The left has become America’s National Socialistic Party like Nazi Germany during Adolf Hitler’s reign. Obama and his minions are devoted followers of another community organizer, Saul Alinsky, who authored “Rules for Radicals” – their holy book.

    • my answer to asner would be: “let me help you to find it……oh, we need a magnifying glass. And BTW, Mr. asner, I spit on you. Figuratively, of course.”

    • TitaniumEagle

      I’m not a Christian, but to me it is simply unfathomable that someone who [sadly] has influence like Jamie Foxx would spit in the faces of the two billion individuals who certainly don’t see “Barack Obama is the lord and savior” written anywhere in the Bible. It’s one thing to not be religious and quite another to actively insult those who are…

  • white531

    Damn! This is such a great thread, and I have to leave for work. Hope it lasts.

  • sDee

    1938 cartoon reprinted by the Chicago tribune – I hope your screen resolution is good enough to read every little thing on it!

    Planned Economy or Planned Destruction

    One of the most brilliant moves of the leftists, media and academics in America was to convince us that Fascism is “right wing”. Take note of “Trotsky’s” plan in the cartoon analyzed in context of our fascist leader.

    We all know what followed that attempted “recovery”.

  • mikeinidaho

    Sorry Michelle, you’ll never hear California call the teachers’ union to task for anything! The communists in California have gotten exactly what they wanted! Radical unions running a radical communist state. Last one out pull the pin and run like He!! as the whole mess blows sky high.

  • With all due respect, Michelle, it’s (way past) time for the right to go into full-blown revolt.

  • Rylands_P52

    Michelle Malkin 2016
    Vote for her or write her in.
    We need a real conservative in office.
    Governments are instituted among men to secure these inalienable rights, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed… and that whenever any government becomes destructive of these ends…
    Courage and Godspeed.

  • No smog in LA!!! It’s liberal stupidity blocking sun.
    Asner, we pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss on you (sorry for dirty word: “Asner”)

  • ASSner – stop misspeling your name….there is double “s”,
    but you are at least quadruple asssssssssssssssss.

  • Michelle’s right. When the Democrats lose an election, they’re like “oh, those Republicans play such dirty tricks”. They don’t navel gaze or change their belief system. They blame their opponents. When we lose an election, we blame ourselves.