Michelle Malkin to Romney: It’s time to nail the Obama admin and campaign for obvious illegal coordination

Michelle Malkin was wound up this morning as she talked about how Team Romney needs to be “on fire” over being “slandered and libeled”, including the fact that now the Obama campaign has been caught in a lie in what his obvious illegal coordination with Burton’s SuperPAC. When asked if Romney is just trying to take the high road, she says that “there is nothing dirty and low about responding to these character assassination attempts.” She goes on to say this just can’t be left to surrogates either:

You don’t leave that to surrogates especially when they’re attacking you personally Mitt Romney, your character, your integrity. They’re attacking your wife. They’re attacking your wife’s horse for goodness sake! They’re attacking your way of life and our way of life.

Watch the full interview below:

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  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Romney’s biggest problem at this point seems to be that, like a RINO, he believes he’s entitled to the Presidency. Maybe they’re believing their own internal polls or something, but Michelle’s making an awful lot of sense: they’d better come down off their high horses and actually start engaging Showbama in this street fight.

    • serfer62

      Mitts doesn’t know Americans…look at how they handle things, just Establishment methods.

      He needs to know there is a Tea Party and he needs to have a contact person with them.

      He needs to know that its isn’t him that’s important but ridding the country of The Won.

      • ali3nation

        Yes, this is why I think we have to get the voters to dwell less on Romney and more about why we have to get the choombama out of there.

  • JohnOfPhiladelphia

    If Romney loses this election, he deserves to. TwoCents.

    • Sandra123456

      But we don’t.

      • JohnOfPhiladelphia

        Wish I could agree.

        • Linky1

          See my post above. I would dearly love to see Romney defeat Obama, but, the way things are going now, it ain’t gonna happen.

          • ali3nation

            It could still happen if we get out the vote and make people understand that as trite as it sounds, our only way out of this death spiral is to vote in ABO. We are, at this point, better off just trying to get all of the people who can vote to come out and vote. The Repubs, Independents, Tea Party all know what a disaster we will have if the choom chump gets another term. His base is not massively motivated. Except for the Jewish vote, most of the rest, students, stoners,black folks,and part of the hispanic vote are not traditionally diligent when it comes to waking up getting dressed and going to the polls to vote. On the other hand, the hard working Romney base can be exhorted to come out in droves and if properly done could even result in a landslide. NBut BEWARE the dirty tricks at the vote counters tables and the thugs at the polling place doors. If we can get the base to understand that it’s not Romney we are trying to vote in but rather the choomgang voted out. Maybe there is still a chance

            • Linky1

              Here’s my post from above.

              “This is the whole problem-Romney still thinks it’s 2008 and campaigning that way. News flash, Mittens-it’s 2012, Chicago thugs are in the White House and are desperate and ruthless enough to use whatever means possible to keep that hold on power. Look at the recent ads, Harry Reid’s allegations and the Super PAC’s attacks. those are mild to what is ahead.
              Take a lesson from Obama’s hero, Saul Alinsky who said “The ends justify the means” – if you are really intent on saving the country from another four years of Obama, fight like them – sadly, that’s the only way you’re going to win.”

              While your sentiments are nice, there’s still 3 months to go and this fight hasn’t even begun..

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      John, I don’t normally agree with you, but methinks you said it best. It would appear that — like most of us feared when his nomination became inevitable — Romney has continued to surround himself with lackeys who don’t understand what gutter politics are OUTSIDE of one’s own party. These folks are doing an admirable job getting some word out, but they’re really no effectively going on offense or defense, at this point.

      • JohnOfPhiladelphia

        “Romney has continued to surround himself with lackeys who don’t understand what gutter politics are OUTSIDE of one’s own party…”

        Its worst than that. Much worst than that. But hey, a reply to you in which I don’t call you names and you don’t call me names means you must be close enough.

  • JoeMontana16

    Ronald Reagan would make minced meat out of this president. He didn’t mind at all calling people out. That’s why he won in a landslide!! Even Democrats voted for the Guy. People respect you when you have nuts. Hell, Reagan was making jokes about the Soviets on national television! ! How the hell do you think newt got so far? How do you think Chris Christie won in a liberal state. He took it too them. We respect it and it totally throws the media off their game cause they’re are used pushing Republicans around. Rush the damn quarterback! Put him on his ass.

    Also, get rid of these damn McCain people in your campaign!! Andrea Saul first.

    • Linky1

      This is the whole problem-Romney still thinks it’s 2008 and campaigning that way. News flash, Mittens-it’s 2012, Chicago thugs are in the White House and are desperate and ruthless enough to use whatever means possible to keep that hold on power. Look at the recent ads, Harry Reid’s allegations and the Super PAC’s attacks. those are mild to what is ahead.

      Take a lesson from Obama’s hero, Saul Alinsky who said “The ends justify the means” – if you are really intent on saving the country from another four years of Obama, fight like them – sadly, that’s the only way you’re going to win.

      • pdxlady

        Excellent post Linky!

    • PhillyCon

      This is what happens when you have a candidate who is “non-polarizing” and “can attract moderate and Independent voters.”

      Translation: will have no qualms at all attacking and smearing conservatives, but will try to make nice with liberals. Exhibit A: John McCain

    • ali3nation

      You know, ya gotta ask yourself, what did they do to McCain when he was in Hanoi. He threw the last election, he criticizes Bachman for her request for an investigation of Huma, now he will be a keynote mouthpiece at the RNC. I have been trying to poin the label of Manchurian Candidate on the chump in charge, and as it is beginning to seem, the real Manchurian is excandidate McCain. I want my Reagan back.

  • notebene

    Malkin is right on target on this! What is it with the GOP that makes them prone to back down and coddle their opponents? This is a gun fight and Romney’s team wants to play it with swords. This is McCain all over again, if they don’t quickly change their tactics. There is so much factual material on Odumbo that this shouldn’t even be a problem to counter false attacks! I find it rather telling that the GOP is choosing to have McCain speak at the GOP convention, rather than Palin. It says they haven’t learned their lesson, and mark my words: they will loose if they continue to push the same RHINO crap at us! If they loose, like it or not, we all loose.

    • las1

      McCain speaking! What the…!


    • oldguyjustsayin

      Conservatives cannot depend on the Romney campaign to win the election. Simple as that. If Obama is defeated it will be because of grass roots, conservative, and Tea Party activity… While that group is marginalized by the media and establishment, it is where the wins are coming from, e.g., Cruz and others. Conservatives should focus on getting out the vote rather than trying to reform RINOs

  • Guest1776rcp

    If this is the most important election of our lifetime then why isn’t Romney fighting Obama like he did Newt, Perry and Santorum?

  • JohnOfPhiladelphia

    Good question my friend. The wise know the answer, whilst the fearless refuse to cast their lot in with Willard because of that answer.

  • Yazz55

    If Romney really wants to win, he needs to put someone aggressive and fearless like Ms Malkin in charge.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Romney absolutely hasn’t shown enough indignation over all of this. I’d like to see/hear him make a passionate response and point out the lie and slander and then move on.

    He’s obviously aware of the fact that this is not what the election is about and he’s trying to remain focused on what is REALLY important – what the real issues are. But to be plain vanilla and roll with the punches like McCain did is suicide.

    Attack the lie head on in a way that puts it to bed and then move on. The lying bastards are controlling the subject matter. Take control of the focus by stearing it to where the real icebergs are – the economy, jobs, welfare reform, illegal immigration, national defense, etc.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This is a war Mitt… start acting like a warrior.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    The way Romney is fighting the lies, smears, and obfuscations from the left is akin to him standing inside his house while a crackhead is kicking in the front door and telling him that he is trespassing.

  • badbadlibs

    Romney needs to hire Michelle Malkin and put her in charge of how to answer the lies of the bo campaign. bo hires liars, he seeks them out. Liars most reflect bo’s values.

    • Patriot077

      My thoughts exactly, bblibs! At least get the talking points from her for heaven’s sake.

      And if McLame gave them a blueprint they darn well better send it to the shredder and get rid of his leftovers. We already know they know how to lose elections.

  • las1

    There is gold in the grass… diamonds on the sidewalk … all just for the simple act of bending down and picking it up. And Romney (and his dopey team) are too clueless to look down and see it before their eyes.

    You’ve got Rush, you’ve got Malkin, you’ve got Levin… the top conservative pundits in the land screaming for Romney to get out here and tend to business. Yet where’s Romney? Still putting product in his hair in the green room.

    Conservatives will quickly be in the minority come November due to death-by-frustration or suicide-by-despondency.

    Ugh! I can’t stand it!

  • notebene

    Keep this in mind….if Romney won’t start swinging for his own reputation and his own family’s honor, don’t be surprised that he won’t take a stand for our nation! Wake up, GOP…it is up to you to show us you will do a better job than Odumbo! Of course, a hamster could do better than Odumbo, but if you want the Tea Party/ Independent support, which you need, you had better dump the McCain drones/RHINOs! We will hold your feet to the fire more than Odumbo will if you don’t fight back and fight hard!

  • A VP who can take the gloves off (read: Marco Rubio) is what we need at this point. Mitt Romney is being very careful not to come off as an extremist, because old media is poised to slam him.

    Someone eloquent and principled (read: Marco Rubio) can help eviscerate these punks early and often.

  • Orangeone

    Wait, Soptic said his wife was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009 but doesn’t the new ad against Romney say pancreatic cancer? If it was lung cancer, she and her husband caused it by smoking!

  • PhillyCon

    Gee, where’s the Romney of the Republican primaries? What if Santorum had run such an ad? Weren’t we told, “look at how he’s fighting all his opponents, he will do the same to Obama!”

    I wish I had a list of all the “strategic wisdom” of the chattering classes that started with “weren’t we told…”

  • She is absolutely right but it will never happen. Just take a look at all of the illegal crap Obama has pulled as president, not to mention unethical, and no one does a damn thing. He acts with no regard to consequences because Democrats like Harry Reid protect him. Thanks Nevada.

    • PhillyCon

      The big part of it is the Democrat owned media. They continually look the other way. (And unfortunately, a huge chunk of the country still gets their “news” from these partisan operatives, errr journalists. How any of these networks is not considered part of the DNC, is beyond me) If you also notice, major pieces of legislation like Obamacare, are never properly “vetted.” Not one piece of analysis on how a bill like this would impact patient care, the economy, and access to care. Not one inquisitive mind from a bunch of Ivy leaguers? Strange, no?

      Anything on Solyndra? Fast and Furious? Recess Appointments? Executive orders?

      Bueller? Bueller?

  • sandynsavannah

    I’m sorry but I can hold my tongue (keyboard) no longer.
    Upset with Romney’s campaign are you Michelle?

    Maybe you should have thought about that when you were spewing your bombastic diatribes on faux and fluff against THE BEST CANDIDATE, NEWT GINGRICH!

  • sandynsavannah

    You better hope the weak candidate you helped nominate wins this election or you and (Ann Coulter along with the rest of the republican establishment) can take partial responsibility for the irreparable damage obama will inflict on this nation in his second term!

  • ali3nation

    Maybe too little too late Michelle. Michelle, I remember when Bush (the elder) ran for a second term and lost to Clinton. He went from a pretty good candidate to what almost appeared to be a reluctant participant towards the end of the campaign. Same thing with McCain, it was like he just threw in the towel. I am starting to see similarities with Romney. I haven’t heard a peep from him in the past few days and when he does speak, it is mostly ” peep peep “. I really do believe that we could get rid of Obama in November if the Republicans cooperate, but it almost seems as if they are in collusion with the Demoreds. If what I seem to be perceiving is real, we have already lost the battle and we are hopelessly looking forward to an election whose winner is already celebrating. Only chance is if enough people realize the peril and come out en masse to vote them out, without ever seeing a real opposition candidate. All we have to do is vote Obama out, it doesn’t matter who we vote in. Whew, I never thought I would ever write or say something as stupid as that, and still be right. HOLD YOUR NOSES AND VOTE ROMNEY.