Michelle Malkin’s Saturday speech at Right Online 2012

Michelle Malkin spoke at Right Online this morning on the huge impact of Twitter and how effective it has been and will be in this election.

Watch below:

Note: My connection dropped so I lost a few seconds of her speech somewhere in the middle. Just fyi.

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  • librtifirst

    I have been to a few AFP meetings. I get their e-mails. Though I understand that they are a conservative group, I have not been active due to their inability to get away from the establishment. I view these groups as essentially ineffective due to a republican establishment influence which inevitably co-ops every grass roots movement. I watched it happen with the tea party, as I was initially heavily involved.

    If a movement, or organization, is not radical enough to have any real change in the system, then I tend to move on.

    Michelle seems to be an intelligent and personable individual.

    • So even if what they stand for is just and correct you move on because of a certain part of it isn’t ” radical ” enough. We aren’t about ” radical ” , we are about what is right for this great country. I mean if you are in it for the high that radicalism gets you then this movement and others like it don’t need you. I am sure there is a radical group you can leach on to but the Tea Party and Right Online aren’t it. We are for a conservative constitutional leadership not for a radical movement. This is grassroot American patriotism in motion. I hope you finnd whatever thrill you are looking for.

      • librtifirst

        Radical is a subjective word. As liberal as the “right” is right now, it will take someone radical in comparison to even begin to turn things around.

        Is it “right” to pass the budget that they have? Is it right to grow government massively. Is it right to approve of Obama’s spending by funding it? Is it “right” to bail out failed corporations and have government take them over.

        I want radical, alright. Radically different than Hitler.

  • wodiej

    Great speech Michelle. You, Gov. Palin and others are leading the grass roots movement and inspiring us.

  • 12grace

    Love Michelle Malkin! She is a true, Patriot.

    • BarbaCat

      I hear you – Michelle Malkin is Breitbart Awesome!

  • Much as I love Michelle, I won’t be bothered with Twit, nor Twitchy. I think Twit is full of BS snippets. I go to websites for in depth analysis, not little bits and bytes of stories, and stupid ramblings that wouldn’t even make a good bumper sticker.

    • librtifirst

      I’ve never even seen one, except on the news. Its a good way to follow personalities and celebrities, but not a good political routine.

    • Not only that, but people keep trying to make twitter flame wars into news. I don’t get it. It’s like watching a slap fight.

  • Stoneyjack

    Oooooh, she so fine!

  • You know, I am sick onto death of this conservative pissing contest. AFP is doing a hell of a job! AFP understand that the system is in place and we must work with it, AND around to be effective. Radical for the sake radical is not going to be effective! go AFP!