Michelle Obama Gets Bigger Role in Campaign

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  • marketcomp

    I guess they don’t realize that Michelle Obama is just as despised as her husband. So putting her on the campaign trail will further remind us of how they care nothing about the people of America, just themselves with all of the expensive vacations, over the top white house aides, I think 21 where other first ladies had 1 or2, expensive designer clothing, and telling people what them and their children can and cannot eat, and that’s not to mention the role she played in the health care law. Yea, put Michelle Obama on the campaign trail, that should work out just great!

  • 911Infidel

    The First Wookie is big on alot of things…like lavishly spending taxpayer monies on one expensive jaunt after another…Speaking of big…when is she going to get rid of that fat office a$$ of hers? That’s the meanest looking broad I ever did see. She could give Bertha Butt a run for her money.

  • Mark Smith

    I’ve always predicted when his numbers go south he’s going to have his daughters crying on The View or Good Morning America, and every outlet will run with it. Wait for it. There’s nothing/no one that won’t be exploited.

    • marketcomp

      Your right. For campaign campaign contributions the Obama’s mailed out pictures of their little family and you would be amazed at how people are impressed! By a picture!

  • Rshill7

    What’s she gonna do with a bigger roll, slather it with butter and sausage gravy and sprinkle pork rinds atop it? Then what? Oh, I know.

    Open Sesame…over the teeth and through the gums, look out booty, here it comes!

    I’ll bet she wishes she were a pirate so she could say, “Arrrgh, look at me booty”.

    • warpmine

      “I’ll bet she wishes she were a pirate so she could say, “Arrrgh, look at me booty”.

      Thanks, a much needed chuckle.

    • Joe

      NO PORK!!

  • M_J_S

    How much more space can she take up?

    • Rshill7

      Sir, she’s the ‘continuum’ part of the time space continuum. I’m syruprised you didn’t know that.

      • Joe

        What’s that thing called when space stuff goes into a hole

        or something and lands in another galaxy or is never seen again

        Darn! – I can’t think of it

        I’ll put my Foil hat on – maybe it will recharge my little brain !

        Even if I knew what they called it – something says I better not say it

        • Rshill7

          Either a black hole or a worm hole 🙂

          You want to get me in trouble.

          • Joe


            You took the bait!

  • Radical Rabbi

    So, getting her commie husband reelected will give her a “second” reason to be proud of her country. Most liberals are hypocrites or spoiled children in their words and actions; Queen M is no different; she starts a campaign to get fat kids off their sorry tails, stop eating all the “junk” food and play. Very laudable; then she goes on one of her “vacations” and she gorges herself on rich and fatty foods.
    How pathetic she is; she believes she is owed all of her perks because she grew up poor, black, and never learned to appreciate what she had. If she were to ask me if her “dress” made her look fat, I would be the first honest man to respond. “No, the dress doesn’t make you look fat, your fat makes you look fat.”
    I say let her help her husband; with both of them unable to speak truth, we will see them for the liars they are, and she can help in the destruction of his reelection.

  • Jay

    Oh, role. I thought it said hole at first. Never mind.