Allen West: Military infiltration by Islamic terrorists all part of a bigger stealth Jihad

There is a report out that suggests that at least 100 Islamic terrorist have infiltrated our military, but Allen West says we shouldn’t be surprised as this is part of a much larger cultural stealth Jihad:

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  • “I don’t call it profiling. I call it trained analysis.” Nice one, Colonel West. That’s exactly right and exactly what Arizona is doing as well.

    • keyesforpres

      Of course, I find nothing wrong with profiling myself….it’s muslims that follow a “religion” that tells them it is their religious duty to kill us.

    • Not certain, but I think it’s “trend” analysis.

    • Patriot077

      Though I’m sure it involves training, the term he actually referred to is “trend analysis”. I’ve heard him expound on that on several other forums, and it makes very good sense to me.

      It has always amazed me that people can’t stand the thought of profiling as a legitimate method law enforcement uses to solve crimes. I don’t know what they expect a cop to do when he starts looking at the evidence … idiots.

    • julietsm

      Actually, it’s “trend analysis. …Just saying.

  • keyesforpres

    Muslims should not be allowed in our military. Period.

    They should not be allowed in our government, they should not be allowed to work in our nuclear facilites….they should not be allowed to immigrate here.

    • who is your president and what does he do?

      • keyesforpres

        Well, the president we have is a usurper and everything he’s done is null and void….including his supreme court appointments.

      • kong1967

        Good question. His past has been hidden from the public in a veil of secrecy. But, what I see is a Marxist, muslim sympathizer, fraud, and destroyer.

    • Hrm… aside from being super-duper unconstitutional, we’d seriously cripple our ability to fight this war. Bilingual muslim citizens should be encouraged to join our military.

      • Kordane

        If there is an objective threat from the ideology which Muslims follow (which there is since Islam sanctions and mandates warfare against all unbelievers), then it’s totally constitutional to prevent Muslims from taking positions of power within this nation.

        Don’t give me the whole “freedom of religion” thing, since said freedom stops when (their ideology being) an objective threat begins.

        We wouldn’t have allowed followers of Nazism or followers of Japanese Imperialism or followers of Communism into positions of power during WW2 and the Cold War, so neither should we be allowing Muslims, who are followers of Islam, which is an ideology which sanctions and mandates warfare against all unbelievers, into positions of power.

        Muslims cloak themselves behind the veil of following a “religion”. People need to realise that Islam is a political ideology FIRST, and then a religion for personal spiritual use SECOND.

        I wish people would stop being so bloody naive about Islam. It frustrates the crap out of me that 10 years post-9/11 and yet there are people who know next to nothing about it, other than the mindless drivel and outright lies that the media and Islam’s advocates perpetuate.

        • keyesforpres

          You nailed it.

          80% of koran deals with non believers and what muslims are to do to us….torture us, rape us, enslave us, kill us…..then the “religious” part is all about hate and killing us. Gee, it’s quite redundant!

        • pdxlady

          Amen! Political Correctness run amok. It has to stop.

      • keyesforpres

        No Danny they should not. Bilingual Jewish folks should however be encouraged to join.
        Time and time again, we find these bilingual muslims were lying to us.

        There is nothing unconstitutional about denying the enemy access to our soil. Our Founders envisioned we would be a Judeo Christian nation. Our Constitution is suited to no other. Muslims do NOT believe in our Constitution. They believe it should be overturned with shariah law. That is sedition.

        The Constitution is NOT a suicide pact. We have a right to deny folks entry into our country that believe they are to kill us.

        • Well said Key, well said!

          • keyesforpres

            Thanks Virginiagentleman. Another thing I tell people is islam is NOT a 1st Amendment issue. It is an Article 6 issue which states that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Muslims want to overturn our Constitution and, as I stated above, that is sedition. Sedition is not protected speech.

            I also remind people that the 1st Amendment does NOT mean anything goes. For example, Mormans were not allowed to practice polygamy, even though that was part of their religious beliefs. That is why Brigham Young moved Mormans out to what later became Utah.
            Ones’ religious practices must abide by the Constitution or it’s not protected by the 1st amendment.

            Also, the Bill of Rights are not there to be used against us to take away our Bill of Rights…as muslims are now doing. They also do NOT have a right to force their religious practices on the workplace ….like they are doing.

            • KenInMontana

              While I understand what you are attempting to say, what you have written is one of the most pretzel logic attempts at twisting the Constitution I have seen of late.

              First off, just to be clear, Article 6 is what is commonly mislabeled as the “Supremacy clause”, it is not, in reality a clause but a recital. A recital is a legal term for how a legal document (in this case the Constitution) is to be read. It only covers those items enumerated in the document in case of a contrary or contradicting State or Local law. For any Federal law to be covered by this , the law must be supported by an authority given to the Federal government by the Constitution.

              Secondly, no where in the Constitution are there any limits, prohibitions or lists of what is or is not an approved practice of religion. What part of, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;, are you having difficulty understanding? The Mormons did away with polygamy in 1890, anyone practicing it is excommunicated, and is therefore not a Mormon, that is as far as I will delve into correcting your over simplistic recitation of Mormonism and its history and conflicts.

              As to sedition, lets start with the definition, 1. Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state. If we take that strictly nearly everyone that has ever commented on this site would be guilty of it. However the key word in the definition is “Inciting” and that makes all the difference. The definition is; to stir up or provoke to action, as long as we refrain from moving towards or urging others to action, then it remains an opinion and more importantly, a protected exercise of free speech. Besides, where do you distinguish the subtle difference between revolution and sedition? You do realize our own Declaration of Independence contains such “seditious” language? Allow me to quote it for you; “…that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it,…“, by that line and the words surrounding one could make a case that sedition is not only a right, but a duty as well.

              As to Muslims and Islamic Law, well I would no more accept living under their interpretation of “religious law”, than I would accept living under yours or anyone’s interpretations of religious law. That stands equally to how I feel about imposing the ecclesiastical laws of my own church on others. This I would and will resist, fiercely and without the temperance of mercy. I could care less how you or anyone else prays to God, that is between you and God, as it is between myself and God. If we have screwed it up, I am sure He will address it at the appropriate time. If Muslims could and would honestly disavow the Mecca verses and live by the Medina verses I would not have a problem with them, but I think we all know the realities on that. Don’t we?

              • keyesforpres

                Ken, I was not trying simplify Mormanism. Yes, they did away with polygamy, but not initially.

                Muslims can only swear allegiance to the koran. It is suicidal to allow people to come here who won’t and can’t abide by our Constution. Sorry, but you can’t do whatever you want under the guise of religion….

                • KenInMontana

                  Actually you were over simplifying Mormonism, using the same glossing over, one could condemn Christians for the “burning times”, yes we did away with burning at the stake, but not initially. Remember your parsing of the First Amendment, the next time you express outrage at the government’s interference with your “free exercise”. The Constitution is, in truth and fact, a double edged sword, like it or not. It works for all citizens, or it works for none, it really is that simple.

                • keyesforpres

                  No I wasn’t Ken, I was simply pointing out the fact that Mormons could not practice polygamy in the US so Brigham Young moved the group out to what later became Utah. My point being if one’s religious practices don’t comport with the Constitution…ie….the Bill of Rights….it’s not covered.

            • Absolutely agree with you, Key. It seems our elected officials do not have a working knowledge of the Constitution.
              Perhaps you might entertain the idea of running for an elective office yourself Key? Think about it my friend. VG

              • keyesforpres

                Thanks virginiagentleman. I have been told that before. I guess I need to look into running for a local office first. Although, I think I’d make one hell of a female president! 🙂

                • Yes you should run for office, one where you can make an impact with your conservative values, Key.

                  Shocker of shockers, all this time we’ve been ‘talking’, and you just NOW tell me you are a lady!
                  My brain is madly racing back over all of the conversations we’ve had hoping that I’ve never said anything off color or vulgar to you. If I have ever been less then a gentleman to you, please accept my apology, MiLADY! Umm, can you see if I’m blushing or not?! VG

              • korn8131

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                • Hey (old man) Korn!
                  The thing is driving me nutz! NUTZ I tell ya!
                  I’m just about at the point of deleting the ‘lil monster’ and starting over! lol

                  My dear friend, the more I tinker with it the worse it gets. GEEEZZ!
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                  My blog is turning out to be a training site for me, and isn’t close to being a finished product. SIGH!

                • korn8131

                  You keep at it until ya get it whipped. I got a lot of confidence in ya. By the way, do you have any grand kids around. They take to this tech stuff like a bear does honey. Anyway, I’ll be around. Good luck!

        • pdxlady

          Right on…right on…right on…(as Rush would say). Excellent posts, thank you.

      • Hasan is bilingual.

      • KenInMontana

        I could go along with bilingual citizens of Arab or Persian descent, but Muslims have conflicting loyalty issues if they are indeed Muslims.

    • pdxlady

      WOW! A thousand likes!

  • jenndee

    Romney and his team are going to have one hell of a mess to clean up….I just pray they are up to the task!

    • Kordane

      Wait for his acolytes to say how he’s “totally qualified” to handle the threat posed by Islamic jihadism, because he totally saved the olympics you know, and he made a load of money in the private sector you know! -_- /rage

      • jenndee

        I don’t in any way think Romney can turn this around on his own, I just pray he surrounds himself with people like Col. West who can make the right and tough decisions that need to be made regaurding our national security. Turn your rage to Obama, he is the problem, with Romney atleast America has a fighting chance. With Obama we are toast!

  • Colonel West is correct we have to secure our borders! These terrorists are coming in from the southern borders. A lot of people aren’t aware of that.

    Again….West should be our leader. It’s great he’s in Congress, but he’s literally wasting in that position. It’s too critical a time right now to have a good man like him who could lead this nation in the right direction. Forget Romney.

    • keyesforpres

      That is only part of the problem.

      The other part of the problem is we are letting them come here legally and then letting them overstay their visas. That is how 9-11 happened. If we’d kicked them out when their visas expired 9-11 would not have happened.

      We are also allowing the UN to declare refugee status. The UN is run by the OIC- Organization of Islamic COOPERATION! They are denying Christians in muslim lands refugee status, but instead are allowing muslims to come here.

      I heard a former pilot in the military speak at a conference and he told us he personally flew in plane load after plane load of them. He said many were in polygamous relationships and he was told to ignore it! He said thousands are flown in EVERY MONTH and distributed across the nation to mid sized towns and put on welfare. We are being colonized by muslims. illegals, and just plain too high legal immigration.

    • antidrone

      during the 2008 Primary campaign, Romney did suggest “bugging” all the Mosques. Hope he was serious.

  • As always on matters of the Armed Forces, West is correct that our services have been infiltrated. It was never a question of IF but when! According to the good Colonel, that time is here. I agree with him 100%.
    The shocker is that almost no one else has spoken out on this. Yes, I know that a few have tried, but were dismissed by the government as alarmists. It is the signature of this present admin and congress, close their eyes and cover their ears and just maybe the boogyman will go away! We are led by SHEEP! There needs to be many more Alan Wests in government and in congress.

    The odd thing is that anyone would actually be SURPRISED that this is happening. Think about the part of the world these people come from, the Middle East.

    The blood of innocents has been soaking the earth there for over 40 centuries! The Creator and His SON have said that there will be wars and rumors of wars until the end of time.
    The muslims have taken that information into their hearts and souls and fully intend that their culture of death will reign in the Middle East and around the globe.

    • pdxlady

      “He turned their rivers to blood; they could not drink from their streams.” Psalms 78:44 NIV

    • Ceejay

      VAgent many miss you over at the other site…. just saying.. hope you and mrs are well.

      • CeeJay!! How are you my friend!?!
        The Mrs. has recovered as much as she ever will from her angina, and is back at work taking care of her pediatric hospice patients in their homes again. Believe me CeeJay, I tried to get her to give it a rest for a few months and let one of the other nurses take care of ‘her kids’.
        She wasn’t buying it. The more I tried to convince her that it would be in her best interest to take a short break, the more ticked off she got with me! In fact she got so ticked that she told me to do things with myself that are physically impossible!
        Dang, that gal has a temper when she gets riled!

        Give my best wishes to our friends and tell ’em I miss them too, CeeJay. VG

    • Patriot077

      This link is to a 2010 presentation given by Stephen Coughlin who was fired by the Pentagon for speaking the truth. Very informative.

  • Philo Beddoe

    West is correct.


    How many mosques by you?

    • KenInMontana

      None within 300 miles, at the moment anyway.

      • Philo Beddoe

        I moving by you.

        I’m in Chicago NW suburbs and there are many here.

    • tshtsh

      They listed 10 and it did not include the one about which I already knew so who knows.

    • DebbyX


  • AZ_Author

    I never hear my congressman espouse anything conservative like this. I wonder if we can “adopt” congress people for our own when ours don’t do jack.

    Then again, the name Flake says it all……

  • kong1967

    I wish they would give the boot to any soldier that worships Allah. It’s not worth the risk.

  • 12grace

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  • LornaS

    If you want to undermine the very real threat of stealth jihad and radicalization, and render your concerns about islamism completely noncredible, then by all means continue these absurd accusations against Pres. Obama. He is not a Muslim and his support of Wall St. and the bankers proves he is a capitalist pure and simple, not a socialist. It’s time to deal with real issues and real problems. Ranting about Obama has nothing to do with what radical Islamists are doing. Yes, he has done ridiculous outreach to Muslims but this is just for show. What counts is what happens in our courts, in our schools and college campuses, the self censorship of the media about islamism, and what Muslim leaders are doing in trying to get special treatment for Muslims and their ranting about islamophobia any time someone criticizes their religion and its political/social doctrines. These are what need to be challenged. Mixing Obama into this is amateurish and irrelevant.

    • johnhenryb

      Socialists can be identified by action-not words. The POTUS can quote the Quran in Arabic but stumbles at quoting accurately lines from the Declaration of Independence and the Bible. Strategy and tactics win the game. In Germany, the National Socialist Party gained control through elections and bold trampling of the Wiemar constitution. How is our Constitution doing?

      • LornaS

        Guess you didn’t notice Obama’s actions regarding Wall St. and the banks. He hasn’t prosecuted anyone for their thievery and frauds. What is it about conservatives that they completely ignore what the financial community does when it rips them off but they get hot under the collar because someone has an exotic name and accuse him of lying about their religion? Obama hasn’t trampled our constitution but fundamentalist Christians are quite happy to do so; do you agree with them? However, you are right about fascists winning elections; they are trying their hardest in this country but it’s the Republicans and conservatives who are trampling on our rights, not the Democrats. There is a double standard here to say the least. Conservatives and Republicans are ruled by ideology, not facts or the truth, and this is just as true of the islamists as it was with the Nazis and the fascists and the communists. How can conservatives defend our constitution and then try to wipe out every progressive humane program in this country like universal health care, reproductive freedom and sexual preference? And oppose teaching evolution ?

        • johnhenryb

          What makes you think I am a supporter of Republican or Democratic politicians. If you wanted to destroy the American experiment in freedom, and distribute its wealth and accomplishments among less accomplished nations, and you were really, really crafty, how would you do it? Please read the Constitution, the Communist Manifesto, the Quran, the Mahabharata, the Bible, and other classics of world literature. Enlarge your mind.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Allen West true patriot !

  • johnhenryb

    What makes you think I am a supporter of Republican or Democratic politicians. If you wanted to destroy the American experiment in freedom, and distribute its wealth and accomplishments among less accomplished nations, and you were really, really crafty, how would you do it? Please read the Constitution, the Communist Manifesto, the Quran, the Mahabharata, the Bible, and other classics of world literature. Enlarge your mind.

  • TANGO40 i 100% agree with you!

  • Allen West is the man who should have been the first black president, instead of the stealth muslim infiltrator sitting in the white house.

  • OUR GOD warned us about wolves in sheep’s clothing. We all had better heed his warning!

    These people HATE our guts! they live by the KORAN and the KORAN is their DIRECTIVE…just as the HOLY BIBLE is ours!

    I would venture to say, The “Wanna Be King” Who is resides in our House is a practicing Islamic!

    Think about folks, wouldn’t that explain many of his decisions and the mindset of his followers!

    We had better be AWARE and on ALERT. Things are going to get worse! We as a people are too easily swayed by pretty words. Our Forefathers would have stood idle while this went on in their country! God help us all and God Bless America!

  • Why are they called extremists? It is amazing how all these and similar questions are unintentionally rhetorical.