Mining: WI Dems expose themselves, unions stand with Scott Walker

This is an excellent video showcasing how Wisconsin Democrats, in opposing a new iron mine pushed by Gov. Walker, killed hundreds of jobs by voting against it in the Senate, revealing themselves as job killers, not job creators. The unions, who stood with Democrats a year earlier, were out rallying with Gov. Walker because they want the jobs:

Eventually the truth always comes out.

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  • hehehehe, the uprising among the sheeple has started

    • bbitter

      There is hope, serious, bright hope for America if the labor unions in WI are waking-up to our awful economic state in the US.

      Now… if only we could have them all wake up to the cause of Freedom, personal responsibility, personal achievement, and the power of self-protection.

      • B-Funk

        Yah, I’ve been wondering why unions weren’t protesting Obamao’s kill of the pipeline… Maybe they need more time to get it… Go WI!

  • Trust1TG

    WI Democrats = Job killers

    Obama = Job killer

    There seems to be a pattern here.

    • Good and Godless

      Here is the approximate record of average annual job growth, from best to worst, from 1929 to present:

      Roosevelt: + 4.3% Dem
      Johnson: + 3.9% Dem
      Carter: + 3.2% Dem
      Truman: + 3.0% Dem
      Kennedy: + 2.6% Dem
      Clinton: + 2.4% Dem
      Nixon: + 2.2% Rep
      Ford: + 1.7% Rep
      Reagan: + 1.6% Rep
      Eisenhower: + 0.7% Rep
      Bush I: + 0.6% Rep
      Bush II: + 0.4% Rep
      Obama (through July 2011): -2.4% Dem
      Hoover: -9.0% Rep

      Yes Obama is a little over 1/4 as bad as the worst Republican… Overall Democrats do better on Job creation.

      • CalCoolidge

        1. Those figures look wrong, big-time wrong.
        2. Legislatures affect this as much as Executive, as evidenced by this story – Legislature is killing the jobs not Governor.

        • Good and Godless

          WMC is killing the jobs.

      • warpmine

        Name and link the source please.

  • gothicreader

    You can only lie so much until the folks you’re lying too figure out that they have been snookered.
    What goes around comes around – eventually.

  • Been_There_BT

    It’s always interesting to see people, especially union people have an “In your heart, you know he’s right” moment.

  • 12grace

    I hope Walker and other Republicans remind the public about the Dem. job killers so the American people, know who to vote for at the polls.

    Vote for jobs, vote Republican.

    • TPDanbo

      EXACTLY, it’s Important to remind ALL AMERICANS that Obama and THE DEMS. did these atrocities NOT just Obama. As the Democrats after the fall of Obama, will try and claim it was all his idea and they had no say in it,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!

  • They don’t want the people to succeed because Walker is in office. If the State does well, it puts a stake through the heart of the liberal false-hood that conservative policies fail. It proves how big a failure their own policies are because how dramatically and quickly conservative policies work.

  • Maxsteele

    That’s right democrats do not want private sector jobs in the free market that boost the economy. They want people to be beholding to the public sector, government jobs or unemployment so they can create a socialist, fascist state and tell you how, where and when to live your lives.

  • Freedomswatch

    I donated to Scott Walkers website this am. This man needs our support.

    • The Wall

      Instead of wasting $12million keeping one lousy puppet at his job while the state bleeds jobs under Walker why not invest in real Wisconsin industry?

      Oh yeah, you have fallen for the industry collusion and extortion as they blackmail the country.

      The reason there is a lack of private sector growth is corporations deliberately holding vacancies empty, slowing production to discredit the democrats. Wisconsin corporations announced they would fill the held vacancies left unfilled while discrediting Doyle now that Walker was elected, but then it appears they got the national slow down order from ALEC. Wrecking Walker’s claim to generate jobs and discarding his career as a politician because they needed to continue to discredit President Obama’s administration.

      • Freedomswatch

        Instead of the Democrat Union cronies wasting millions of dollars trying to recall Governor Walker (with fake recall petitions signed by Mickey Mouse no less) why don’t you and your buddies spend those millions on job creation? Because it is about Obama and his union cronies having power. You are obviously an Obama shill, who doesn’t care about the truth.

        • Nukeman60

          Not an Obama shill, but rather a paid Wisconsin Union shill sent out to travel from website to website looking for the Walker stories and then throwing false trash and slime in a quick driveby and then running off to another site.

          I’ve seen it many times. It appears effective to them, but accomplishes the exact opposite of what they desire. To the Union leadership, much like with old Chicago politics and gangster-style drivebys, it’s all good as long as somebody gets hit. Pay him no mind. I’ve dealt with these Unions for years. It’s a waste of time.

        • The Wall

          Temporary County Executive Scott Walker got his start after a successful recall lad to the resignation of his predecessor… what goes around, comes around. He should just resign as he reaps what he sows and stop wasting Wisconsin’s money and time.

          • MJScanlonOH

            I pray you see the light, you union troll! Sorry, I don’t get where you are coming from. I really do not.

            • The Wall

              A COAL MINING company (taconite uses an incredible amount of electricity) buys cheap mining rights from an entity who flatly tells them about the regulations in place. This company then begins a program of buying legislative influence and MASSIVE public opinion campaign (including recruiting the President of the Wisconsin State Bar) just like the coal mining industry did while mountain top mining in Appalachia which destroyed an ecology and corrupted a political system beyond any foreseeable remedy. The intent is to bypass and not comply with the requirements in place. This is horribly wrong and completely unacceptable campaign is being condoned and endorsed by the Administration of Temporary Governor Scott Walker.

              I knew, most now know – the rest should learn soon.

  • Rshill7

    By eliminating collective bargaining and the automatic deduction of union dues for teachers and other unionized government workers, Walker’s Wisconsin saved a bunch of money, got the budget in line, and has allowed for the creation of lots of new jobs in that state. He rescued the taxpayers there from the public sector extortion regime.

    Now, the same democrats who fled the state to continue the union rape of the taxpayers all vote no on a bill that would streamline the approval process for this mine. Huh? I guess the environmental lobby, along with impact study folks and red tape raindeers, (those are flying deer that rain red tape down on those who dare to tap our God-given resources or provide quality jobs.) have more support from dems than their precious perennial union constituents.

    Ahem, yes, we love you union folk, but we love the environmental lobby more. Same thing with O’ and senate dems and their rejection of the Keystone Pipeline. Not only this, but an actual living, breathing, republican voted with the democrats to kill the mining streamline bill in Wisconsin? That’s a double huh, huh?

    Wisconsin’s state flag even has a picture of a miner on it. Look closely at him. Does he look unemployed to you? He looks ready to go to work to me. His great, great grandkids, not so much.

    Check it out:

    “Times, they are a changing”, priorities are rearranging. Back in the day, job-providers and entrepreneurs were celebrated, admired, respected and appreciated. Now they seem little more than potential criminals and lawsuit magnets. One could open up an antique store these days and stock one item, common sense. I miss the days of Opie, Aunt Bee and Andy Taylor…but alas, even Opie and Andy seem to have gone to the dark side. What happened?

    Nevermind, I already know, so do you.

    • Nukeman60

      …but alas, even Opie and Andy seem to have gone to the dark side. What happened?‘ – Rs

      What we are seeing is that the real Opies and Andys in Hollywood have always realized what sells. Good, decent conservative values sell TV, Movie, and Radio shows, so they promote those while hiding their true leftist leanings. Rake in the money and laugh all the way to the bank.

      Their big mistake was coming out of the closet and letting people know their true beliefs. From that, we stop watching them, stop listening to them and stop paying them our hard earned cash American. Justice, at last, does prevail.

    • The Wall

      Under Temporary Wisconsin Governor Walker the Republicans suddenly marched in lockstep through a series of sweeping legislation indicating a clear unspoken plan unaffected by the diverse needs of their constituency. This devious lurch from public and opposition party input demonstrated unsuitability as a legislator by every Republican. There was so much BAD legislation passed effecting Unions, Tort Reform, Education, Public Utilities, Tax Burdens, Transportation, Finance, Insurance, Voting, and Renters by this group was premeditated, but not discussed with the voters. This is why we recall.

      Progress was made against the legislative ambush by the Republicans and the ALEC backroom dealers. This was not a stalemate, nor the final state of affairs.

      There will be more recalls, and recalls and then general elections. A well practiced volunteer Democratic base against the overpaid Republican profiteers. Volunteers will eventually win a war of attrition.

      Large volunteer base – costs very little. The expensive defense by the Republicans will close them down.

      Temporary Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is concerned for how own recall, and his back room funders are overspending their “buying a government budget” and unwilling to fund Walkers Recall defense. Now with Industry extorting the American people for unneeded deregulation while trying to direct the blame on politicians for poor jobs markets – problem is Industry still has not gotten their way and even the Republicans are also taking some collateral damage. Naive politicians like Ryan and Temporary Governor Scott Walker are being left wounded and discarded having been used by the Industry overlords.

      Temporary Governor Scott Walker will either fall to the Recalls or the FBI – finishing his term is not in the cards. He was groomed by ALEC as a “flash in the pan” – and not a career politician. That is just the way business works – outgrow your usefulness and they stick it to you instead of paying the retirements they contracted for.

      • Rshill7


  • Can someone explain to me why Rick Santorum seems to like the Unions and vote for their side so often?

    • Josh

      Example? This seems to be more of an “attack” by Gingrich than a solid position.

  • Proof that democrats vote in accordance with who will give them more money. Blue collar miners and construction workers will always lose out to millionaire tree-huggers.

    Obama’s Keystone XL decision played out exactly the same way. Reject it, after dragging his feet for 3 years of “environmental review”. Then reject it. You can “follow the campaign donations” if you want to figure out why democrats vote on almost every issue concerning economic development. Democrats would pave the planet with solar panels before they let one oil refinery get built or mine to operate.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    The Union employees are not all stupid contrary to what most on this and other similar boards have been led to believe.

    20 Years in a very large major transportation related union have taught me the union is no different than any other large group of people. There are every kind of person imaginable in the membership. Unions are however plagued by extremely biased and corrupt management at the national level.. It is politically dominated at that level and just like all politics it is power and monetarily driven.

    The rank and file members want jobs and stability and I can assure you there are many conservative members within any union you would care to look at.

    This election cycle and the job/economic related issues that need to be at the forefront of the debate could be a terrific opening that could allow the conservative side to build a good bit of support from many normally democrat supporting groups.

    Believing that all union members are cut from the same cloth is as ignorant as the claims that all Tea Party supporters are racist rednecks… which by the way I KNOW to be untrue for I am neither of those…

    Like Rush said last week.. He allowed himself to sink to the level of the leftist…

    Was a teachable moment it was…

    • The silence and compliance of union rank and file are what give union members a bad name. Really, the only unions that conservatives don’t really like are public sector unions. Public sector unions are what people think of when you say “unions” these days.

      • Nukeman60

        You make a very good point. When Democrats argue about support of Unions, they try to make us believe that it is all Unions they are talking about and those Unions are all working people. Only 12% of the workforce is comprised of Unions and only 6% of the workforce is public sector Unions.

        Speaking as a retired Union worker myself, I can say it was very frustrating for the Union to continually use my dues to promote Democratic policies and politicians. It would be like an Apartment building housing 50 apartments taking and using renters fees to promote porn movies. As a tenant, you could complain, but for your money to cease being used, you would have to move out.

        Being in a union is not a choice for many workers. That is one reason why Walker’s legislation in Wisconsin was very good. It helped the people rather than the users of those people. The users (ie, Democrats and Union leaders) hated it, but the people loved it.

        • The Wall

          If unions where the problem – they would have been the problem with Union Membership was higher. Instead as Union membership has slips over the decades yet we have a sudden plummet in the economy over the past few years. No correlation can possibly be drawn.

          Now with no Largest State Union the economy is not going to bounce back by any measure – because it has not been the keystone problem.

          Public Unions simplified and unified the jobs of human resources workers, curbed the creations of fiefdoms within the public sector, and in protecting the workers ensured a continuous availability of skilled workers while administrations changed.

          Undo all that and you get a higher management cost, the opportunistic pay inequities and disruptions in service with the election cycles.

          Saving Money – But at a much higher COST. (see railroad funding debacle) The long term costs of even another year of Walker will take decades of recovery once he and his ilk are all gone.

          • Nukeman60

            Sorry, I call BS. They are not trying to eliminate the public sector Unions. It’s the Union pensions and benefits that are bankrupting the states. When the people negotiating the benefits are the ones donating to the politicians they are negotiating with, you have a conflict of interest. Merely an equality with non-union pensions and benefits is what is desirable.

            No spin zone here, bud. I don’t really want to walk around here in high-water wader boots.

  • welltempered2

    This is pure propoganda. Democrats are for the working man.

    • Nukeman60

      Democratic politicians are for the working man’s boss (ie, the Union leaders), not the working man. That is where their donations come from. Saying Dems are for the working man is like saying the Democrats are for the Black man (when they really want to just keep him on the ‘plantation’).

      This is not your father’s Democratic party anymore. If, as a Democrat, you are talking about yourself, then perhaps it’s time to have an open conversation about what the party has become. It might just awaken you.

      • welltempered2

        I was beig sarcastic.

        • Nukeman60

          Ahhh, my apologies. Didn’t see that from your comment.

          • welltempered2

            No problem. I enjoyed the lecture.

  • denbren52

    Let’s not mistake Union workers with Union leaders. The workers want to work and make a living. They are beginning to see that their dues is being used, by their leaders, to support job-killing Democrats. We need to keep showing them that the policies of Democrats, supported by union leadership, are killing jobs and the entire economy.

    Union workers are under a constant barrage of communist propaganda coming from their leadership and supported by what they see when they get home and turn on the MSM news stations. That doesn’t mean we stop trying to educate them but it’s a challenge.

  • Now this is a governor that knows how to present good ideas directly to the people. Hope to have the union around when he is ready to run for a higher office.

    • The Wall

      Temporary Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker learned to lie as a career from his father. This skill booted him out of college. Yet in politics serving ALEC his ability to repeat a basic lie about “standing up” and “making hard decisions” over and over until his followers believe it is unfortunately working for a while. His polished skills plagiarism where quickly recognized as ALEC’s work was submitted as his own. Soon people will recognize the lies and stop repeating them and Temporary Governor Scott Walker will be exiled from Politics.

      The narrow ideology of Temporary Governor Scott Walker’s shallow regime cannot successfully govern a state as diverse as Wisconsin. Forcing their dramatic shifts in policy does not change the diverse needs of the people. Recall Walker!

      • kong1967

        You’re a doe in the lions’ den. Yawn. Like anyone here is going to agree with you.

        • The Wall

          Beacon shining brightly in the dark.

  • styxman65

    Years and years ago unions for the most part were good in helping workers. But now the heads of the unions are nothing but communist minded elites who want to control everything, Which will mean a lot less jobs for everyone just to serve the few. But now the workers are starting to see this agenda the elites are pushing.

    • kong1967

      Union bosses are like the mob. They are some very, very fat cats getting rich off of the workers that are forced to pay them money. I was really shocked at how little of the dues goes to helping the workers. Most of it…literally…goes to the Democrat party and to pay the union heads. The Democrats and union bosses don’t care about the workers. They are leeches on the workers sucking blood for the Democrat party, which steals money from the taxpayers to give to union workers to justify it all.

  • Philo Beddoe

    When it hits the pocketbook, political allegiance is thrown out with the trash

  • MJScanlonOH

    The union thug leadership is getting their comeuppance! The law of sowing and reaping is still in effect! Gov. Walker, keep up the fight, I work for a WI based company!

    • TexasMC

      What does everyone think is going to happen re Walker’s recall?? The judges are in the tank for the Dems, facilitating voter fraud for them and Obama in Nov. I can’t figure out why so few donations to the Kill the Recall effort are from Wisconsin. They’re from everywhere but there. How so? See Support Gov. Scott Walker Money Bomb , It doesn’t look good.

    • The Wall

      Temporary Governor Scott Walker is a Coward and he still fears the Unions.
      The “brave” governor stripped the unions of bargaining he did not remove the “no strike” legislation.
      The concession made long ago for to allow the “no strike” legislation was a demonstration by the unions for the respect of the bargaining table.
      Temporary Governor Scott Walker used a cowardly move to hammer at the Public Unions and is deluded his followers with the power that he wielded.
      No union will give up the right to strike anymore because this dishonorable heathen demonstrated the darkest option was actually an option someone would try.
      Walker will be recalled, and his lesson will never be forgotten.

      • warpmine

        You’ve got real heart there pal. Walker said what he was going to do when elected and followed through with it. You think you can do better then I suggest you get your head out of your mother’s ass and run for office otherwise stick it back where the sun doesn’t shine.

        • The Wall

          A lie repeated does not make it true… walker utterly succeeding in masking his political agenda from the voters while making is clear to financial backers.

          The backlash is about the betrayal and is proof in itself of the deception.

      • LOL Wow, you get an “A” for hyperbole. No,l striking is not an option by LAW because these people cannot be allowed to shut down the state and refuse to teach, police or put out fires if they don’t get what they want. It was part of checks & balances, not some gracious merciful concession by Unions that frankly shouldn’t be allowed to even exist. As it stands however, they can still bargain over hours, over pay up to the CPI (after which they can still get more if approved by referendum), over workplace conditions and to a small degree on benefits.

        What you also fail to mention was how our Governor finally made Union Membership OPTIONAL, and thus why the local union coffers are going dry. Life as a sponge with nothing to sponge off of is hard, isn’t it?

        • The Wall

          The reason for undermining the unions was not government coffers. His remarkable testimony before the feds admitted no money saved.

          Temporary Governor Scott walker is good at emptying those coffers for the contract security services from his political backers. He rang up a big tab in Milwaukee County and around the town here are more private security goons for CCW hired from his good buddies.

          Union breaking is for his political backers. Big deep pockets have funded the political campaigns, hired mass media, and scornfully launched bloggers and telemarketers into fully paid mock groundswells of support.

          If all Temporary Governor Walker did was bust the unions, I’d just wait for the pendulum to swing back around. But there is much more damage than that. Nearly every piece of legislation was written for or by political backers via ALEC and other nefarious arrangements.

          Troubling in method and result.

  • Democrats….you get what you reap. I hope the @@it flows downhill heavy on all of you in Nov.

    • kong1967

      Dems think they’re going to gain seats. I’ll crap my pants if that happens.

  • Paul Anuszkiewicz

    The one thing missing in this excellent journalistic montage were the reasons why the senate dems and the 2 republicans opposed this mine. Apparently none were bold enough to publicly voice their opposition to an endeavor that would result in boosting the state economy and creating jobs, the reason the governor called out the 2 republicans at the end.

    • Jauch is a Democrat. He’s merely the one who spearheaded killing the mine with Schultz, the Republican.

  • kong1967

    The mayor blamed Republicans even though not a single Democrat voted for the bill? Liberals think everyone is stupid and I’ve got news for them…we aren’t. Scratch that. Half of us aren’t…Republicans.