Mitch Daniels’ Republican response to the SOTU

Mitch Daniels delivered a great Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union address. Here’s the full response:

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  • Anonymous

    Mitch Daniels starts off with a compliment and a point of agreement and then let’s obama have it. Very Smart.

    • Another Bobby Jindal speech, Daniels flogged obama with compliments. He slapped his face with admiration. Obama sure is going to be hurtin in the morning while he is laughing himself incontinent… Yeah mitch really gave it to Obama… the election I mean. Another Rino mutual admiration speech. Reminds me of the McCain Debates… McCain: “I agree with virtually everything Mr. Obama has said except we should be in Iraq for the next 100 Years.” [yup… just what everyone wanted to hear.]

      • Anonymous

        You need to listen to more than the first twenty seconds. I agree, Daniels should have left out the boot-licking at the beginning, but he dropped it abruptly and very quickly. He delivered a civilized smack-down. Granted, I’d rather have seen fire coming out of his nostrils, but that won’t ever happen with a country-club repub. He did good enough and then some.

        • The art of crafting a speech by those who don’t craft good speeches is to butter the opponent’s bread and then gradually build points. I will now show you how it should have been done.

          Mr. Obama, thank you for your latest campaign stump speech; Unfortunately in your effort to please unions, unwed mothers, and the association of illegal aliens for more robust gov. handouts, your Aunt and Uncle included, you failed to mention the name of the 16 trillion dollar gorilla clamped to the back of the US economy.

          More than any other of your massive achievements including presiding over a nation where 45% of families are on food stamps and government cheese, or literally driving American multi-nationals to China to avoid Obamacare taxation, your crowning achievement and the one for which voters will best remember you in November is reaching the milestone where you have personally contributed to the 16 trillion dollar deficit, more debt than the sum total of all presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan…. Combined.

          It is the deficit Mr. Obama which has sunk the country. For every dollar of tax that IRS collects, you have borrowed one dollar and thirty cents just to cover your annual budget and the 127 million dollars of Mrs. obama’s frugal recession vacations taken in the past there years… [I hope the Accommodations aboard Air Force One, met your approval] We thank you for eating your peas on our behalves.

          But there is a wakeup call coming Mr. Obama. You never once in your hard left turning speech mentioned even a hint of the word deficit. You never never mentioned the deficit. Over 16 trillion dollars and growing, you never mentioned it.

          So common knowledge tells us that this debt is going to be carried forward to the children and grandchildren and their children as long as one could stare into that obama utopia. But that is a lie.

          The US Constitution provides that no citizen shall be liable for the public debt created by politicians or anyone else. So those children of the present and future don’t owe a penny to your 16 trillion dollar deficits. The good news is they are not liable for single penny of it. And clearly you didn’t think it was important because you never mentioned it. It is now sucking 100% of the nations GDP just to pay the interest on the gov. debt. And you are the single largest contributor to the debt. You are a one man debt ceiling demolition team and already the greatest individual contributor to the deficit of anyone in the history of humanity on this earth. What I want to know is how you intend to pay it off? The citizens down’t owe a dime.

          Even if you were to tax ALL the income from all working Americans you could only pay the interest on the debt. The Government would still be underwater.

          The fruits of your mismanagement have resulted in the longest lasting recession in history. In your first year, you ignored the economy to foster another agenda. This was the Obama utopia.

          But the leaked Memo of Larry Summers indicates that you and your administration knew your projections were lies but you still stumped them like a political speech cheerleading as unemployment deepened. You paid off your political cronies and you expanded Gov by 33%. How lovely it has been for the overpaid gov. employees that have not missed any cost of living increases or bonuses in the last three years of your term. Only the productive sector has been ravaged and continue to be ravaged today. The government employee has enjoyed a marvelous financial crisis. Mrs. Pelosi’s net worth as well as your own has nearly doubled over the last three years. In Ms. Pelosi’s case she is marvelous inside trader.

          So there really is no necessity to mention the grab bag of goodies in your wonderful speech. None of them have any merit or context in face of a 16 trillion dollar debt tsunami. But it does surprise me that it was never mentioned in your speech of the state of the union, because the debt is the state of the union. Mr. Obama, the state of the Union is underwater and aside from the government employees living on the Obama credit card, this nation has drowned while you have been on vacation for the last three years. It I could paraphrase Bill Clinton… “Its the Deficit stupid…”

          [So that is how I would have done it. It would have been short, aimed between the horns and without complements and fluff]

          • Anonymous

            Pretty darned good.

  • Anonymous

    This is a good response. Not reactionary – it starts with praise but peels back the veneer to expose the real record, point by point, so we may ascertain the true state of the union.

    • Anonymous

      Is it just me or does he look like John McCain Jr.?

      The message was fine but once again the “Establishment” marches out a cadaver to deliver it…At least Romney looks like a moviestar…

      McCain, Dole, Daniels all resemble backup dancers in the “Thriller” video…someone on the bench has to have some bloodflow no?

  • Who’s giving this rebuttal, Mitch Daniels or Max Headroom? PBS’s video is unimpressive.

    • I switched it to Fox News version. Perhaps that is better.

    • PBS would purposely reduce the production values for the Republican response. Not a doubt in my mind.

    • Anonymous

      It’s bland and uninspiring, true. But he said what needed to be said, once he got past stroking obama’s ego, which only lasted a short time.

  • Anonymous

    I wish they had selected Allen West to give the response, but that’s just me.

    • Anonymous

      but that’s just me.

      No it’s not.

    • Anonymous

      Mitch represents the R elite, West does not. Even Gingrich, maybe, does not. It why none of the justice dept scandals were not mentioned and the bailouts were barely mentioned.

    • Anonymous

      YES! Me too!

  • Anonymous

    crisp and well crafted

    • Yes… it was as nutritious as a bowl of steam…

  • Anonymous

    Mitch Daniels???!!!

  • Anonymous

    I thought he did a good job. But Allan West would have really knocked it out of the ballpark.

    • Anonymous

      We must have had the same thought at the same time. Great minds must think alike!

    • I agree, Mitch’s delivery was really lacking any passion, and after Obama’s boring speech, man was that brutal, it didn’t help Mitch… Herman Cain’s Tea Party response was a lot better to me.

    • I would love to see Herman Cain’s Tea Party response, please post it RS!

  • Quite boring and history channelesque

  • Anonymous

    I listened to the first sentence and turned it off.

    We have a responsibility to show respect for Obama?

    When he says “republicans salute Obama for …. bravely backing education changes… admiration for his strong family committment..”

    Teaching homosexuality to kindergarteners? Vehemently defending partial birth abortion?

    Can we cut with the B.S. already?

    • It is unreal that he give so much compliment to this family, what a corrupted, abused, arrogant pair has been elected, if you cover the true with compliments like that you just not different that them Mr. Daniels. Still pending the legality of the birth certificate that has being blocking in court so many times. He messes up the country I came 30 years ago, the one who valued us for our merits. Hussein and Michele is a disgrace to this Nation.
      No, Michele Obama does not get paid to serve as the First Lady and she doesn’t perform any official duties. But this hasn’t deterred her from hiring an unprecedented number of staffers to cater to her every whim and to satisfy her every request in the midst of the Great Recession.

  • Anonymous

    It was a good speech because he centered on uniting the country while Obama is all about division and class warfare. Also, he spoke the truth which is a rarity these days.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Daniels was Jewish, which is cool, but why a grey yamaka?

  • Here is the link for Herman Cain’s Tea Party Express response.

  • StNikao

    Reading the transcript of the message @ FOX, I noticed that Governor Daniels made a real political boo-boo – he criticized or insulted REAGANOMICS.

    Daniels called Obama’s plan ‘trickle-down economics.”


    Reagan’s plan, “known as ‘trickle-down economics’ is also known as ‘Reaganomics’ or Supply-side Economics.”

    That’s a huge flub for an card-carrying-office-holding Republican.

    If there were NOT a lot of face-palm gestures going on all around the party and a NOT a LOT of phone calls awaiting Gov. Mitch when he finished his speech, that shows how far the righteous have fallen, if they were really ever fully on board to begin with.

    From what they did to Newt, I doubt it.

    • Anonymous

      He called it “trickle down government.”

      • Trust1TG

        NEVERTHELESS – we are in a pickle because Republicans (Conservatives In Name Only) for whatever reasons (politics, profit) abandoned the principles that
        make and keep a nation strong.

        • Anonymous


          That’s why I said his comment about this not being ideological is a suicide comment.

    • He said trickle-down government:

      “The President’s grand experiment in trickle-down government has held back rather than sped economic recovery. He seems to sincerely believe we can build a middle class out of government jobs paid for with borrowed dollars. In fact, it works the other way: a government as big and bossy as this one is maintained on the backs of the middle class, and those who hope to join it.”

      Faux again steps in it and is wrong.

  • He makes a good calm logical true statement, which will be ignored, by people who line up, and riot for ‘Obama’s money” handouts. Until that part of the Union realizes there is not a free lunch, men like Obama will rule, and destroy this nation. YOU must stand and fight, or be ‘removed’. Act, word and deed, is neccesary to maintain this state of the union.

  • Richard Laycock

    The governor made a lot of good points. It was an excellent speech. That’s all it was, speech. There was no program presented. There were no promises made. When all is said and done Daniels is an establishment tool shilliing for the same GOP leaders who responded to the victory we handed them in 2010 with cowardice, ineptitude and INCREASED spending.

    Are we going elect more lying moderates and bleed out slowly or do we fix this now?

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t very good. We are in dire times and the GOP trouts out this pacifist?

    • He was excellent. Adult. Concise and clear. Don’t know what you were listening to…

      • He was listening to another rino with ED.

  • Anonymous

    What? Perry correctly called for elimination of the Dept. Of Education and governor Daniels compliments Obama efforts to expand federal involvement. It seems the establishment has no desire to improve education. The governor has been a strong advocate for early childhood indoctrination in Indiana. We missed a chance with governor Perry,but must demand a real conservative as a nominee if we do not want four more years of———-I can’t even say it.

  • Anonymous

    i can’t watch this speech, he bores me. It might be a great speech but he is dull, I watched for a few minutes. Our party needs someone with fire in his or her belly to do the response. Jindal is a great Governor but did poorly one year. Maybe they need an audience clapping, just like Newt.
    I agree with Bill Kristol, time to draft a candiate, but who? It’s not Mitch. Perry ran because he was called to by conservatives. Rick wasn’t ready because of his back surgery. He should have waited a month to recover.

    • Anonymous

      It also didn’t help that Rick Perry isn’t a Conservative,

  • K-Bob

    Looks like they loved Daniels speech at Gateway Pundit. (Not everyone in the comments loved it, though)

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, the RNC establishment has really fallen. He might be a good person but my gosh he is just so boring. Was he reading a teleprompter? Sorry guys, no way this guy could fire the electorate with this, nice try…next.

  • Useless phony rino praise and more smoke blown up the affirmative action azz. When will republicans get it that the Karl Rove Rino party is not the republican party and never has been. Since Bush I the party has gone from great under Reagan to Rino under the bush’s mismanagement. It is abysmal.

    Reagan the true conservative won with enormous landslides and then the rinos got power and managed to lose most of the time. Romney is the last rino straw. We conservatives are drawing a line in the sand. I will not vote for a rino. PERIOD!

    Obama has never been vetted. The state run press has handled him with kid gloves. Obama has pushed America into a socialist handout utopia and damaged the potential for prosperity with his race card baiting and his class warfare.

    All we need is more rinos like mccain. The Obama Mccain debates were more like mutual admiration conventions than debates. I want hardball smashface debates. I want somebody to ask about the birth certificate and the school records and why his relatives from Kenya got social security cards illegally and every gov. handout known to exist and never put a dime into the system.

    I want to know about his pot smoking and his use of cocaine. I want to know about his bipolar disease history and his narcissistic personality disorder. I want to know why he did not disclose Ayres as his “autobiography writer” and his association with that baby bomber. I want to know from his blue lips what kind of poison religion would compel obama to attend the church of hate and racist baiting of Rev. Wright for 20 years!

    The press never did its job. And now it is time that a republican candidate wasted this incompetent lying clown. Respect? How about the respect of the Obamas to have spent $120 million taxpayer dollars on vacations during a recession! These people know no limit. She has never been proud of her country but she doesn’t mind spending the money of the people she hates.

    If you want to hear a great speech of the kind that should be delivered to answer obama’s state of the union dillusion, then Google Daniel Hannan “The devalued prime minister.” And listen to a truly great speech instead of this rino trash.

    I don’t know what party Newt belongs to but at least he has the brass to go into the arena and fight. That is more than I have seen from any rino. At least with Newt somebody will take obama apart but it will never be a rino. Rinos are emasculated limp impotent mama’s boys.

    • Richard Laycock

      You’re right at heart but wrong on facts. What we call RINOs are actually true Republicans. Reagan was loathed by the Republican Party. He took over by beating the GOP leadership. As soon as he was gone they abandoned his ideas.

      Facts are facts. The only goal Boehner and the GOP had for 2011 was to neuter the Tea Party. 2011 was a big success as far as they’re concerned.

      The GOP has to be overrun and the leaders sacked or the Party needs to be collapsed entirely.

      • There was once upon a time… Rockefeller republicans. But the heart of Conservativism came into the lexicon from Goldwater in 1964. I grasp your thinking here but the blight of the republican party has always been its liberal creeping toward the democrats. The Reagan revolutions was a huge success. Bush I however was Reagan’s greatest mistake. Subsequent liberal creep set in again culminating in Bush II the so called “compassionate conservative” which I regard as the no rino left behind program. Bush I and especially II were disasters. Bush II : Sarbox, TSA, Dept of Ed, No child left behind, unfunded senior drug benefit, long distance protracted wars, no weapons of mass destruction left behind, homeland security or no police state left behind, TARP and an endless stream of inarticulation. If this is the republican party, then you can have it and perhaps it is time for conservatives to start their own party because this present party is trash. Bush II incidentally was by far and away the worst president in history; he made the inept carter look look like a genius by comparison.

        I would argue that conservatives existed in the republican party but were never given a clear articulation until Barry Goldwater and reached its apex with Ronald Reagan clearly the greatest president of the modern era. Now we are back to joe biden styled republicans. Biden is my metaphor for the “every idiot”. You say republicans have always been the rino party I say conservatives existed in the republican party since the beginning but even with a majority in the republican party the control remains in the hands of rinos. Whoops… natures calling… have to go take a Bush…

    • “I want somebody to ask about the birth certificate and the school records and why his relatives from Kenya got social security cards illegally and every gov. handout known to exist and never put a dime into the system.

      I want to know about his pot smoking and his use of cocaine. I want to know about his bipolar disease history and his narcissistic personality disorder. I want to know why he did not disclose Ayres as his “autobiography writer” and his association with that baby bomber. I want to know from his blue lips what kind of poison religion would compel obama to attend the church of hate and racist baiting of Rev. Wright for 20 years! ”

      The reason that, save the weed and blow, nobody has asked him about any of these things is because none of them is true.

      Incidentally, the whole “bipolar” thing comes from an Onion article. Way to go.

  • Here is the best 3 minute obama rebuttal speech you will ever hear.

    • Anonymous

      This is what the R reply should have sounded like. Great analogies to draw the picture!

      Additionally the “Let them eat cake” analogy of the French revolution could have been used to described the Obama vacations, partying, and golf (I will not rest till all Am have jobs!)

  • Anonymous

    He looks and the camera sideways just like that wacko Nancy Grace

  • Anonymous

    OUTSTANDING, finally a response worth hearing.

  • No passion, just another boring white guy…..

  • Anonymous

    Deere RINO Mr Mitch Daniels

    I’ll start off with a polite comment;

    Thank you for the liberal rino teleprompter read. Hope that the liberal extremist media likes it. Just didn’t impress me.

    OK, now that the political correctness stuff has been said…

    For a proper response, kindly view Mr Cain’s response from the tea party express platform. It was to the point, honest and sincere. You could see and hear his passion.

    … and best of all


  • Well-crafted speech given in the Midwesterner style.

  • Anonymous

    Not perfect, but I liked the speech. I didn’t watch – only listened maybe that helped. What he said was far better than the way he said it. I only found one thing really odd: he had to compliment the Obamas for still being married?

  • Trust1TG

    THIS IS WHY the RINO/CINOs and the establishment are fighting Newt tooth and toenail:

  • Anonymous

    Is the GOP not catching on that Obama is very charismatic, determined, and energetic even though he reads Jarred’s word from a teleprompter? I know the Mitch Daniels is very sharp but this response reminded people that it is time to go to bed. If we suffer any losses this November, the responsibility will fall squarely on GOP. The Republicans have more interest in battling conservatism than seriously challenging Marxism.

    Sarah Palin or Allen West should have given the response. This is really getting discouraging.

  • Anonymous

    I know he went on to say a few good things, but he’s an utter bore, all the charisma and passion of a nameless High School Vice Prinicple.

    The great hope of the establishment he is?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Santorum is dynamic in comparison.

  • Anonymous

    The GOP Establishment is grooming Mitch to run for Prez. He is like Boehner – often sounds good, but goes squishy when it really matters.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Karl Rove said it was too late for anyone else to jump in the race?

    The only purpose of Gov. Daniels getting into the race now is to force a brokered convention so that the GOP can select the nominee themselves and prevent the voters from doing so. Hopefully, the conservative voters will see this garbage and elect a clear nominee in the next few months.

    • You hit the nail on the head but have the wrong candidate… Rove wants jeb bush, which would be another bush. The word bush… makes most conservatives puke. The brand is dead. GWB was quite enough bush nepotism in one lifetime. GOP rino elite are morons.

  • Not bad. I liked the content but would liked to have seen it delivered with a little more passion. The reference to the “Shining City on the Hill” recalls Reagan. Of course Mitch Daniel’s is no Reagan, but he brought up salient points about our right to choose:health care, mortgages and yes, even light bulbs.
    All in all a credible job.

  • Anonymous

    Krauthammer in commenting on this speech: “I think He’s the one to carry the message.” Many GOP elite want Gingrich out and Daniels in.

  • When are we going to start kicking ass and playing hardball? What a pussie. He sounds like Boehner and follows through like Boehner. Tired of these people. TIRED.

    • Anonymous

      and I’m all out of bubble gum.

      • lol!
        We can and will, STILL kick @$$!
        We are JUST beginning.
        This is why they want to shut down the internet and every other avenue of information. Keep supporting RS, and Brietbart etc. !

  • Anonymous

    Out of the Park…as a person said on Gretawire…Jr. Varsity follewed by the Varsity.
    I asked for permission to use the analogy…agreed to by the writer.

  • Constance

    Right from the start, the kiss up statements saluting the President turned me off. I can’t take that nonsense anymore, GOP.

  • Anonymous

    Suicide statement:

    The challenges aren’t matters of ideology or party preference.

  • Mitch, we saw what you did to Scott Walker in his hour of need. Don’t even think about running for President, even if your wife lets you. We can’t afford any more bitches in the White House.

    • Yeah. I have no use for Mitch. He’s just as big an Establishment RINO, as the rest of them. I’d just as soon vote for Murkowski.

  • Mitch is a punk. I don’t know why you’re impressed with his speech, which was nothing more than ‘hey, let’s join in and do some more social engineering with unfunded liabilities social programs’ and ‘hey, I like Big Government’. If he ran for president, I’d just as soon vote for Obama or Rumpelstiltskin. They couldn’t be too much worse.

  • Anonymous

    Newt’s SOTU response:

    For the president and a large part of the political class, it’s about their power, their right to rule. They just want to take money from Joe the Plumber – the small business people who makes over 90 per cent of the new jobs — and redistribute it to the government bureaucracy and their political friends and allies. That’s why so much of that nearly trillion-dollar stimulus didn’t create jobs but just went into the pockets of special interests who support President Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party.

  • Anonymous

    He should have left out the ego-stroking of a ferocious enemy of America at the beginning, but otherwise this was a great speech. Now, repubs, live up to it.

  • Anonymous

    A great republican response, Scoop? It was rather tepid. America needed a shot of fine bourbon. Mitch delievered a sip of warm milk. His response is typical of what we’ve come to expect from the republicans. Nothing.

  • Anonymous

    When Daniels says that Millionaires who do not need the tax advantage he pissed me off. What right does anybody have to tell millionaires that they do not need a tax cut!

  • Anonymous

    He reads beautifully! I would beg to hear him with a hint of a British accent….