Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their first joint interview – **UPDATE** Romney and Ryan talk Medicare

Our next President and Vice President gave their first joint interview with 60 Minutes tonight and it was great. They talk about how Romney chose Ryan for his VP nominee as well as how he intends to use Ryan as VP. All in all, it gives me real hope for the future to think that we will have this kind of leadership in the White House.

Watch the full interview below:

UPDATE: This wasn’t included in the interview that aired on 60 minutes (not sure why) and it’s a good clip of Romney and Ryan arguing against the media’s take on Medicare:

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  • Ryan sliced and diced Bob Schiefer. Mitt wasn’t bad either.

    Schiefer couldn’t lay a glove on them.

  • SurfinCowboy

    Good stuff. I would not have seen this – 60 minutes is not my usual watch.

    I just watched the end of the Waukesha talk – wow – I was moved. Gov. Romney sounded great. I really want to see Gov. Walker, Rep. Ryan, and all of Gov. Romney – I know I can count on you Scoop!!

    (I admit I am feeling a tad bit giddy with all this philosophical rhetoric mixed in – the political theory-loving part of me is going bonkers!!)

  • Rshill7

    Oh boy. Did anyone see the rally in Wisconsin just now? You should. Romney told an emotional story about the closing ceremonies at the Olympics that he led in Utah. I hope Scoop can get it in it’s entirety.

    Ryan was so good too. Were I him, I would’ve been a blubbering mess. He was not though. Emotional yes. Watch it. I still have the lumpy throat syndrome from it.

    The democrats are going to experience so much rejection. These next couple of months are going to be a hoot. I don’t want to miss a minute of it. Want to see Obama in free-fall. Want to see as many “progressives” as possible flat on the ground to break his fall and he break their backs with that fall. This is history in the making, and make it we will.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      I did, Rschill7. I was reduced to tears over the Olympics story, especially since I’m 20 minutes from NYC and our little town lost 5 people that day. What a patriotic story. We are absolutely starving to hear our leaders voice their love of this country!

      Me, the once hardcore Gingrich supporter who took absolutely FOREVER to get on board the Romney train, now reduced to tears at a Romney/Ryan rally. The two of these guys together are a force to be reckoned with.

      • Rshill7

        Well said. 100% correct. Landslide is in the air. It’s going to perform a pinpoint landing too, right on O’ and Joe’s hairdos.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          LOL, ROFL, and LMFAO, Rshill7! Though my son informs me no one uses those anymore. I told him I’m old, and we geezers lag behind the young adults by at least 10 years! 😉

          And by the way, he’s voting the Romney/Ryan ticket, as are my other 20-somethings. AND, I met a delightful 32-year-old this weekend who is also psyched to be voting republican in November!!

          • Rshill7

            We have three kids who will all be voting Republican this year too. We tried to raise them “right”. One of my proudest accomplishments is teaching them all how to read. Those memories are etched in all of our memories and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. This will be the first year they are all eligible. Kablam!

            Thanks Rosie. Let’s put some rivets in some incumbents 🙂

      • z b

        Hi, I too live in new york and we have to do something to turn around our state, and bring back republican control!

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I’m in NJ actually, but I couldn’t agree with you more!

      • rjcylon

        I haven’t seen that rally but I was supporting Gingrich every step of the way as well… however I truly think people are going to look at this ticket and feel a sense of relief, that we can really get Obama out of there.

  • z b

    I really appreciate your live stream. Thanks!

  • reliapundit


  • z b

    I think Romney is coming by as more charismatic recently, I think it has something to do with ryan.

  • Watched this in real time. I just have to say Schieffer is a real piece of work. No matter how hard he tries to conceal it, he is so in the tank for O.

    • Bob is a disgrace…Objective Journalism left him 200 years ago when he was born!! He is a little misfit of a man with no taint of obectivity. This punk and FOSSIL asks about Tax Returns…hey FOSSIL ask OBAMA ABOUT THOSE SEALED ACADEMIC RECORDS!! Why we waste time going on the Alphabet Group is beyond me. This is the STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA DIVISION OF CHICAGO THUG INC. Mitt and Ryan made Bob look ANCIENT even by EGYPTIAN TERMS!

  • texasgirl46

    Very good…. and love that it was on “60 Minutes”…………wonderful…

  • DCGere

    Good interview. The lefty media are going to have problems trying to pull one over on these two.

  • Guest1776rcp

    Question: If Paul Ryan is so sure Romney is going to win why is he still running in his House race?

    As I pointed out in other threads this guy’s rhetoric doesn’t match up with his actions. Ryan is establishment all the way and the establishment is not conservative other than lip-service. RNC = Really Not Conservative

    • Because if Romney loses, we still need Ryan in the house. It’s the smart choice. Also, he’s got his campaign up and running already. No reason to shut it down now, when it’s far too late to get a Republican in the race.

      (We got your point on Ryan. But that ship has sailed, my friend. Careful about beating the same drum. That always degenerates into spamming, and Scoop doesn’t like it in his threads.)

      • mike3e4r7

        Exactly. Ryan pulling out of his congressional race at this stage
        would increase the likelihood or perhaps gaurantee that his Democratic challenger would win the seat. If Ryan wins his congressional seat and is also elected V.P., then I assume his congressional district will have a special election
        in which another Republican will have a fair chance to win.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      haters gonna hate…

      His name was on the ballot as of June. Did you listen to the interview?

      • Guest1776rcp

        No, I don’t like and can’t listen to either Romney or Obama.

        • Rshill7

          Why do you feel the need to spew it here? Why not go to the other end of the internet for that? Do you just delight in bugging folks? Do you want an “I’m more rightwing than you” trophy? Give me your address and I’ll send you a really nice one.

          You could bug the folks at HuffPo, even more than us. You could bug lots of other folks. Why us? Most of us are trying to beat Obama. Continuously lamenting Romney and/or Ryan is counterproductive. Surely there’s a website somewhere dedicated to beating dead horses. Why not go there?

          • Guest1776rcp

            Last I checked this is a conservative forum not a Romney echo chamber.

            Some of us conservatives think supporting Romney is counterproductive. IMO its going to take four more years of Obama to get a an actual conservative in the WH in 2016. Either conservatives will do an I told you so to the RINOs or the RINOs are going to do an I told you so to conservatives. Not sure how electing a RINO gets us a conservative in 2016 since primary-ing a sitting President is not going to happen. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

            • Rshill7

              Ok, a true elected official represent his constituents, i.e., the voters who elected him.
              If Romney were the previous Governor of Texas you’d have a point. He wasn’t. Guess where he was Governor?

              He also had an 87% democrat legislature. That’s whatchacall leadership.

              I think Romney and Ryan will both seize the day and rise to the occasion.

              You seem to think that Romney should’ve been representing the views of some other state. This time around he will be representing the majority of an entire country. See the difference?

              • Guest1776rcp

                Romney is an opportunist with no guiding principles.

                Leadership? Doing what the people want? Why no reelection then? Oh yeah because he governed as such a staunch conservative. LOL!

                Romney is the new Reagan?

                Romney believes government can solve problems, conservatives/libertarians don’t. See the difference?

                • Rshill7

                  Who are you for?

                  You don’t think you can change the nominee from here do you?

                • Guest1776rcp

                  Do you ever tire of asking sillly questions of me? My goodness, I’m not supporting Romney and think he’s bad for conservative cause. Get over it already!

                • PVG

                  Then take your principles and go somewhere else and whine.

                • Guest1776rcp

                  Only one of us is whining here pal and it isn’t me.

                  A whine would sound something like this: Then take your principles and go somewhere else and whine.

                  I’m sorry that my principles make you feel inferior or something otherwise why do you care what I think? Debate or ignore, I am not forcing you to read my opinion let alone respond to it. Show a little self control and skip right on by, my goodness!

                • BS61

                  Let me guess, your a Ron Paul supporter?!

                • Guest1776rcp

                  Nope, an individual.

                  Le me guess, you’re a socialist?!

                  I only ask because it seems you’re trying to categorize me into some collective group rather than recognize that I might just in fact be just a free thinking individual not part of anybody’s collective.

                • You sound like a whiner. We had our chances in the primary and Romney is who the people elected. Can’t do anything about it. Now it’s time to move on and elect a man who actually loves this country and get the Marxist out of office.

                  You on board?

                • Guest1776rcp

                  A whiner? Seriously? Seems to me that the whiners are whining about me not supporting Romney and defending my position.

                  Is this a Romney echo chamber or a conservative forum where conservatives debate their POV on how to get an actual conservative into the WH in our lifetime among other conservative things?

                • The debate is over. Romney is the nominee and he’s the one who will be in the White House if Obama loses.

                  Seriously, how hard is this to figure out?????

                  Sorry but I don’t have time for people who just wanna continue to whine and complain about Romney. He wasn’t my choice in the primaries either but he won and defeating Obama is my top priority politically.

                  So Romney/Ryan is our team now whether you like it or not.

                  If all you are going to do is whine and complain about Romney, you may as well take it somewhere else.

                • Guest1776rcp

                  Romney isn’t the official nominee yet so nothing is over and for all you know I’m one who fights until the very end before I’ll give in. 😉

                  Whine and complain about ALL that I do? Really? I don’t make funnies about liberals or anything? Really?

                  You have a strange definition of whine because most of the whining is by people debating me. I don’t blame them though, I’m very good at defending my positions. 🙂
                  I don’t see what the big deal is other than it seems like some are afraid someone might read what I have to say and wants to silence me of which if that is the case, it is extremely communistic.

                  Not quite, and not until after the convention. I’m still praying for a miracle myself. 🙂

                  I’m just going to continue being me. If you want to behave like a liberal and ban me for not walking in lock step then do what you gotta do but you might want to question your conservatism if that’s what you decide.

                • mike3e4r7

                  Nicely handled Scoop.

        • DCGere

          Guess you’ll have lots of free time while not watching the debates.

          If you don’t like the candidates, then do something about it. Run for office, support another, or deal. It is what it is, like it or not.

          Our country is at stake – we are broke beyond belief. Four more years of Obama? We won’t survive. No time left for “enlightment.” We are already barely hanging on to the cliff.

          • Guest1776rcp

            We won’t survive.

            Nonsense! Sounds like what the left was saying during the Bush years.

            We are already barely hanging on to the cliff.

            You confuse us with Greece or something but indeed we are headed in that direction.

            • DCGere

              I’m not confused. I can do math. And I can create a budget, unlike this admin.

              “Indeed we are heading in that direction”. Duh…

    • They answered that in the interview. He is already on the ballot, he filed back in June, before any of this started.

    • yanksrule

      nice try Guest…now shuffle off you little troll

  • Is_Sense_Common

    OMG – they’re dressing alike again… Somebody please put a stop to that!

  • WordsFailMe

    Have Choomey Soetoro and Mr.Chickenhead Biden ever done a joint interview?

    • Rshill7

      I think so Words. The joint itself interviewed them. It’s first question was: “So, how do I taste?” The second question was: “Anybody got the munchies?”

    • s4m4d4ms

      Joint interview? Was Joe Biden on the choom gang too?

  • That was fantastic. I agree with Jose, Ryan sliced and diced Bob Schiefer. He was poised, confident, spoke with conviction and you knew when you listened to him that he knew what he was talking about. Not a single um, oh, or hum in his vocabulary. Mitt did an absolutely terrific job in the interview as well. Romney has the proverbial “fire in his belly” now!

    The rally in Wisconsin was terrific. Wisconsin welcomed home a favorite son. What a reception and what a speech. 5th generation Wisconsonite, won’t be any questions about his eligibility.

    Romney was on fire in his speech. He shows his leadership and his heart every time I see him. There was no “plastic stiff” on that stage over the last couple of days. I’m thrilled with the fact that he has a plan, can articulate his plan, and he picked the best possible VP to help him.

    I agree with the sentiments on the story he told…did you notice how quiet the audience was and how respectfully they listened and how they roared at the end? I was on my feet, pacing the room applauding!! USA, USA, USA… I heard that chanted at every speech….Love it! Also loved how Mitt handled the heckler.

  • Theconservativechic
  • Is_Sense_Common

    OMG – (again, sorry – i’m typing while i watch…)
    Would someone please tell Bob the percentage of taxes that are paid by the top 5% of the nation?

    Even a lesson in simple math that 10% of 1,000,000 is GREATER THAN 60% of $40,000?? Oh my head explodes at these dumbass mainstream media guys… And that people actually believe the premise of the questions… Oh, my stomach cannot take these interviews.

    {really, i’m not complaining about Ryan or even Mittens – it’s just painful to watch bob try to spout these idiotic talking points}

  • aZjimbo

    Sorry, will not watch anything with bob the loser.

    • Then you’re missing out cuz it’s a good interview.

      • aZjimbo

        I totally understand but my blood starts to boil when we/they do interviews with the old, worn out media. It’s my self preservation.

        • BS61

          I’ve been fast forwarding past O for years now!

          • aZjimbo

            You and me both.

  • Romney has shown a lot of passion in these great speeches!! Something has happen and the Dems are going to regret bring so giddy about the Ryan. Big Mistake!!!

  • odin147

    MSM’s view of taxes speaks to how much liberalism is in the blood of these so called journalists, they never think of taxes as a privilege conferred to the govt. by the people rich or not rich, they think of it as a right.

  • Must see video of Ryan & Romney in Wisconsin 8/12/12 with Gov. Walker.

  • REPORT: Obama fundraiser in Chicago. ‘Admission only $51, but room is half full’…

  • rjcylon

    I’m repeating myself, but I didn’t support Romney in the primaries… but this is our ticket.

    And I think they can win this. I know there are a lot of cynical people who are convinced there is nothing exciting or powerful about Romney, but I don’t see it that way.

    I see these guys talk and I think the grown-ups are finally going to be in charge again.

  • Maxsteele

    I cannot stand it when these goofballs in the lamestream media keep mouthing the socialist ideals of “fairness” with regards to anything economically.
    This class warfare nonsense makes me ill.
    The people who make the most money in America are the ones who have taken the most risk and therefore deserve the reward of creating a business, creating jobs, and feeding the economy.
    Then once they realize some material gains from this american success story, these socialists, with their overinflated sense of entitlement start whining about how it’s not fair.

  • HARP2

    On “Face the Nation” Stephanie Cutter admits that Obama cut $700 Billion

  • Scoop…you know why they cut that clip. It provided too much info for the masses. 60 Minutes doesn’t want Americans to know that 770 billion was taken out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare. For those that don’t follow politics, this could be news to them.

  • Absolutely fantastic! Bob tried to get em but they didn’t fall. Way to go guys America needs some R&R!!

  • mike3e4r7

    You gott love this comment by Bob Scheiffer to Mitt Romney

    “There’s no question your campaign has been trying to make this election a referendum on Barak Obama”

    Uh, no Bob. This election IS a referendum on Barak Obama – that’s what elections are. For that matter, it’s also a referendum on Mitt Romney
    as well, but Bob, that’s kind of the defenition of what an election is
    – a choice a.k.a. a referendum on which of two candidates the public prefers. How dare Mitt Romney make this election all about whether the country want him or Obama to be president for the next four years.

    I suppose in Bob Scheiffer’s little mind, Mitt Romney or any Republican candidate is somehow devious and hateful for even running against Obama.

  • aquaviva

    “This wasn’t included in the interview that aired on 60 minutes (not sure why) and it’s a good clip of Romney and Ryan arguing against the media’s take on Medicare:”

    Scoop, you answered your own question.

  • Geez….how CONVENIENT that CBS just happened to leave that second piece out of the TV interview!!!!! Why?? Because the basically debunked the left’s talking point that they will gut medicare when it’s Obama who guts it. That’s the leftists media main argument against Ryan!!

  • p m

    Was it Ayn Rand who talked of the banality of evil? Bob the Fossil is certainly banal..

    Great interview in spite of him and no wonder the second bit was left out, eh? Mustn’t let the people know the truth. Good thing to have this early too – R&R will know exactly how to play these banal interviewers in future, so their points do get out.

  • badbadlibs

    Talk about “loaded” questions! Do not any of the media have one single ounce of integrity, honesty, decency!?!?!?
    That old fart should have his mouth washed out with strong soap and spend the rest of the week blowing bubbles out his…….
    It’s going to take a miracle to get these two men elected with these sickening democrats posing as reporters.
    And btw, you moron bob….bo did the same thing with biden…you boiled old fool!
    But, glad Romney reminded that despicable jack*** !

  • p m

    Merriam Webster definition of superannuated: to make, declare, or prove obsolete or out-of-date.

    Fifth estate definition of superannuated: Bob Schieffer, Bob Beckel, Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell and all their miserable, lying cohorts. Good luck getting a gig after 2013. Not.

  • Politicians don’t create jobs. They either put barriers or remove them so entrepreneurs create jobs. I love to state the obvious and tell the truth. That might the reason why I hate politics and politicians altogether.

  • badnewzbearz

    CBS: Must (snip) . . . keep . . . Mediscare . . . myth . . . alive.

    • WordsFailMe

      Yes you are correct! Every time the left attacks Ryan they must bring up either medicare or the economy. If they attack his religion, they have to face what Soetoro and HHS are attempting to do to the Catholic institutions.

      The left will do a lot better if they just pretend that Ryan doesn’t exist

      • Rshill7

        Right. They’ve certainly been pretending we don’t exist. If it didn’t sink in enough in 2010 that we do exist, maybe 2012 will smack ’em upside the head a little harder.

        You know, a cacophonous, cranium, bell-ringing, wake-up call, and TKO, all rolled into one not-so-tasty breakfast muffin.

        Mornin’ Words. I slept in today 🙂

        • WordsFailMe

          Musta had that first cup waiting for ya!

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Gee, I wonder why that Medicare section wasn’t included. Hmmmmm…..

    What a tool. Then he has the gall to tell Romney & Ryan that “you must concede you’re going to have to get out there and sell it…” but what he really meant to say was “you must concede you’re going to have to get out there and sell it without the help of anyone in the mainstream media. In fact, we’re going to purposely suppress any explanations or information you give about it.”


  • I like this upbeat feeling in the right side of the electorate, now that we have, in two men, about six times the intellectual capacity of the the current officeholders.

    We need a clean sweep this year. Let’s make it a landslide to remember.

  • anneinarkansas

    Wonder why the clip aired did not include the part about Ryan’ mother being on Medicare in Florida?
    CBS will go to the mat for Bam!!!!

  • libertyandtyranny

    Schieffer is a liberal idiot. The deck is stacked against us in the press. We must call them out for their lies..

  • That’s that way to explain Medicare. Choice/Freedom = American.

  • Celia Fate

    Wow, this is an amazing find. Spread the word, CBS is bias toward Obutthole! :/

  • sgt524

    Romney is a CEO and Ryan is a CFO just what the country’s business model needs to get moving.