Mitt Romney defends his fundraiser comments on Cavuto

Romney was on Cavuto today to defend his fundraiser comments and quell any notion that he doesn’t support all Americans. He also mentioned a couple of times the new Obama audio of him saying he believes in redistribution of wealth, nothing that further defines the divide between the two visions of where they want to take the country.

Watch below:

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  • johnos2112

    Rush was right that will have to drag this guy across the finish line! Pull up the boot straps folks and let’s go!

    • disagree…..I think Mitt did great and I love Rush but that remark was made weeks ago bu Rush….we need to defend him and encourage Mitt…but you will not need to Drag him anywhere.

    • John3_3

      that is exactly right!! that is the only way he will win. he is quickly becoming stalled in the mud. And I am very concerned…..

    • Hey, look behind you! A good portion of your “team” isn’t even dragging him in the same direction.

  • Mentioned this earlier when he was on Cavuto…Mitt sounded great talking about the Founding Fathers and how be believes in the individual and freedom. How Obama and his supporters believe in a BIG INTRUSIVE GOV’T he believes that individuals are the best to decide and how the last 4 years prove Obama is a failure….he talked poverty, incomes, 716 billion in Medicare Cuts, how seniors DO PAY TAXES and more. He stood buy his remarks and the truth that certain people look to the Gov’t for everything and we cannot sustain it!

    Mitt was strong, clear, honest, forthright and spot on!

    • PicklePlants

      I agree Michael. I was impressed at the clear communication of his points while not backtracking or apologizing (can you say McCain?). It makes me confident that the debates will be a rout and fun to watch.

      I still predict a landslide. The distrust of “O” is rumbling like pre-quakes along the San Andreas fault.

    • loriannringold

      I agree with you and well said!!! Mitt Romney is the right man but I, like Mark Levin said on his show this evening, I have a hard time sleeping lately worrying that this election is going to be stolen by the socialist elite. We have to be the watchers of our future. If not, we will lose it. GO ROMNEY. I am looking forward to voting. I just hope we win Florida and Ohio. Romney is a great person. I agree with Donald Trump. Romney needs to get tougher. I just hope he has it in his heart and soul. We need him because of what is coming.
      Everyone please watch this and pass it on. This shows how Islam is taking over the world.

      Lori Ann

  • Patriot077

    He should use Levin’s comment that this election is between the American Dream and the Welfare State.

  • That was a pretty good interview, but he needs to move on from this. It’s good that he brings up the videos of dear leader talking about redistribution and spreading the wealth around, but frankly the Joe the plumber video told us all we needed to know the last election.
    Just play the dear leader speech about people clinging to their guns and Bibles, call him out as the hypoctrite he is and move on. If people need more proof, show the video of the babe who said obama was “gonna pay for her gas, her mortgage and her groceries.”

    Move it along.

    • No, on the contrary – he needs to drive it home!

    • The interview was based on the comments…so no he needs to run with it and clearly define Government Reliance vs Freedom and Opportunity.

      Sorry you just do not get it….play dear leader…that is from 2008 and was played over and over for McLame how did that work out?

      He should run with like Rush said today…it is a Golden Opportunity for Mitt….you clearly show you are afraid of the remarks because you fall for the MSM narrative.

      You snippets were used back in 2008 to no effect….sorry you need to clearly break the cycle of dependence and show people the better way!

      Gotcha from 2008 can be used but that will not give people a reason to vote for you!

      Mitt needs to use this and expand it and show how Gov’t Dependence does not lead to a better life but that Freedom and Liberty and Conservative Values work everytime they are tried….that is how Reagan did it!!

      • You don’t get it either- I could care less about the lamestream, and the only time I ever hear anything they say is on sites like this. It seems to me that Mitt and the GOP are the ones who are afraid of the lamestream because they’re forever having to rehash any little comment, like this one, and his comments after the embassy bombings. The more the media keeps asking him about his comments, he’s taking time away from real issues. I only suggest playing the videos of dear leader’s comments is to remind people that mittens is not the only one who speaks his mind at fund raising events, and that what he said is no more, actually LESS divisive than what dear leader said.

        • I get it plenty….THIS IS THE ISSUE SIR!! The Culture of Dependence vs the Liberty and Freedom of American Exceptionalism. I mean get real. The who core of what Conservatives stand for is Freedom, Limited Gov’t and the US Constitution. The massive Big Gov’t is what Mitt is talking about and how we have too many people reliant on it. That is where Obama’s strength comes from. YOU MUST show people that Conservatism..(FREEDOM AND LIBERTY and INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS are the hallmarks of the American Dream not looking to Gov’t and expecting a handout)

          You could play all Obama’s past remarks night and day and that will not move the needle. What moves the needle is when you discuss the difference between dependency and economic freedom and choice. Show people the better way and run with it!! Reagan did that to bring the Blue Dogs….he show cased American Exceptionalism and Individual Freedom over the Big Gov’t. He made people PROUD to be American and to want to achieve on their own!!

          This comment of Mitt is not a distraction it is the very essence of conservatism vs liberalism.

          • First of all, I realize you’re kind of new here, but it’s ma’am, not sir. And, I get it completely. I’ve gotten it for many years thanks. What I am saying is, and I admit, this interview I’ve found better than most of his, is, that while yes he is drawing a contrast between government programs of socialism and freedom of individual success (or failure for that matter) is great, he needs to stop having to talk on his own speeches and words that the media keep his focus of attention on. He needs to move away from defending or apologizing for whatever he has said and hammer away at everything else dear leader is doing. Because while he keeps on giving interviews which are bringing up the narrative of the media and what they want to focus on, dear leader is on the campaign trail bashing mittens for everything he possibly can and spewing hope and forward change garbage.

            I admit we have a difference of opinion, but that’s alright with me. That’s what makes America (and Scoop) such an awesome place.

            • I see the campaign to continue down this path. Something happens that we need focused on like the killing of our ambassador to let’s say Libya. Instead of Romney spending quality time raking Obama over the coals for his poor foreign policy, we have Romney having to defend, defend, and defend what he has said months ago to the MSM playing exactly into their hands.

              Going on the offense against Obama is so easy that it is on a silver platter. GOP needs to just ignore the MSM and bring out the heavy artillery. Until GOP gets over their wanting to be loved by the MSM, we will continue to see the GOP play defense in hopes of winning the election.

              • And I don’t ever see the GOP doing that. I agree Puritan.

              • Wisewoman2

                This is my take. Romney needs to have strong surrogates like Sunnu, Bachman, etc take on the MSM by going on their programs right a way when they first put out this kind of bullsh#t story. He needs a rapid response team to point out the arithmetic of redistribution. Not just with the over 8% unemployment, 47 million on food stamps, etc. Many people already know that. DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S MISSING? The tag line is missing. This is what Mitt should say. When we consider that Obama’s deficit spending of $5,000,000,000,000 (5 trillion dollars) for according to him 4,500,000 (4.5 million jobs) which equals over $1,000,000/job. Add to that the Feds spent trillions for the same 4.5 million jobs. This is mindboggling and insane. THESE HORRIBLE NUMBERS AND RESULTS MEAN THAT OBAMA HAS FAILED THE COUNTRY.

    • John3_3

      Yes, but Mitt needs to find some kind of inner passion. He is stalling out, becoming boring. we need someone that’s on fire!

      • I have never really ever seen him on fire yet, except when he was debating his co primary candidates. So yeah, he needs to get the gloves off with dear leader and start lighting those matches or he’s finished.

      • marketcomp

        Well John now you know that everyone can’t have fire! This is a subject we need to have and it yet again espouses the American economic system of free interprise. By focusing on the fact that 47 million people are on foodstamps as oppose to 26 million when Obama took office is in your face and shocking!Week can look at gas prices, hime values, and food prices. Moreover, with the incease in food prices the people getting the foodstamps are hurting the most because now their foodstamps can purchase less food. Last week Romney exposed Obama for his weakness in foreign policy and this week he is exposing him for his weakness on the economy. This is where the focus needs to be.

  • Mitt was awesome and how he is handling this by getting in front of it. I think the media is having a oh oh moment by trying to overplay it! Now, that the video is out about Obama redistribution crap!

    • The media is overplaying that is why the NYT released the whole video earlier no more pieces to alter. Obama redistribution is a reminder of who he really is and how he wants the GOV’T to decide winners and losers! The fact is look at CNBC poll….75 percent of those polled agreed with MITT’s comments!! Think about that number and take it to your electorate including Indies!!

      This is a winner….

      Messina from Obama’s Campaign has NO LINK to the comments on their website…NONE….and the comments are being downplayed by Messina now….and I read that when they sent out the email about the remarks….NO MONEY was asked to be contributed over the remarks….in other words….Messina does not want people going to the video because it is a winner and hence he is asking for no money….

  • Excellent!!!! People will have a choice in November. Government nanny state or Freedom. Mitt keep getting the message out! Anyway you can. Would not be surprised that Mitt’s team did not plan this (leak) 😉

    • Exactly….choice between Liberty or Tyranny as Levin says!! and I TOTALLY AGREE!

    • Wouldn’t that have been a hoot – if they intentionally plan the leak, although, I doubt it! But, it’s fun to think about it (we need some humor once in a while)!

    • Wisewoman2

      John. I worry that on election day those eating at the trough may outnumber those of us who pay taxes. Most of all I worry about the white single female who may very well carry this election for Obama. Somehow those numbers have to be closer. The Hispanic vote is gone thanks to Obama’s move to allow that class of Hispanics to remain in the country illegally. Unlike this AA, Blacks will vote for Obama regardless. Whites will have to carry this election for Romney.

  • PicklePlants

    The thought crossed my mind too. It would be brilliant.

  • What’s the dif?…

    Gov. Romney said at 1min. 32sec –

    “… we have two very different views about America.

    The President’s view is one of a larger government … he likes redistribution.

    I disagree. I think a society based upon a government centered nation … redistributes money, that’s the wrong course for America.”

    – – – – – – – – – –

    Dittos, Gov. Romney.

    The ‘dif’ is between the ‘government centered nation,’ aka the collectivist closed commune and the free to be enterprising and keep the profit individualist open society.

    Yes, ‘open society’… take THAT George Soros.

    Hey, George… we’re takin’ the meaning of words BACK… you betcha.


  • Mobile phone users can give $10 to Romney’s presidential campaign by texting the word GIVE to 37377.

    • I think you should provide the Romney weblink im suspicious of those sorts of numbers without verification.

  • I think he did very well. 47% are rusted on voters of Obama. Anything that shoes undecided voters that there is a clear choice is good.

  • John3_3

    Let me tell you something, if Mitt keeps this tone and this attitude to the end of the race he WILL lose. He has to do something different. He has to get tough. He has to call Obama what he really is. He needs to create some kind of excitement! He is starting to remind me of John Mcain. He is becoming very boring and he’s is not offering any ideas or any solutions. If he continues with the “obama is for big govt and I’m for small less intrusive govt” mantra, without offering clear solutions, he will lose. What is wrong with him? Why can’t we get a candidate with some passion and unction? Why can’t we get an LTC West?

  • FreeManWalking

    Romney has talked around it, but I would like to hear Romney explain the difference between his plan and 0bos, and hope it something like this.
    To create an environment where the United States will have the opportunity to have the cheapest energy in a decade, instead of increased cost year by year under 0boma.
    Where America maximizes our energy resources by increasing the ability to harvest our Oil, Natural Gas, Clean Coal, and Nuclear power so we can fuel our home, auto and factories cheaper than any nation in the world. If we can do this, along with other plans we have to make it more favorable for manufactures to establish a business and even entice some of those that have gone overseas to return, unleashing free market’s ability to create jobs that will bring the national unemployment rate in line with the Dakota’s and Nebraska, instead of loosing ground day to day in the job market like the 0boma plan does.
    This will give those forced onto food stamps and government assistance under the 0boma plan a hand up to get a good paying job, to feed, cloth and shelter their family along with restoring pride of self sufficiency in their lives.
    Unlike the 0boma plan to borrow, print and spend us further into debt, as productivity increase under my plan it brings a dynamic increase of revenues to the treasury which will provide the funds to start paying down the debt, and strengthen the safety net for those that are less fortunate and depend on their fellow man.

  • marketcomp

    Excellent interview! I like this subject because it exposes Obama and I love exposing a dictator.

  • chatterbox365

    I don’t see anything wrong with Romney’s statements at this fundraiser. It’s the truth and the Administration knows it.

    Romney does need to be more specific about his plans. I’m tired of these general statements.

  • This is a day that Andrew Breitbart would have looooved.

    Sometimes the left reveals itself. Imagine there’s no property…it is easy if you try. Matt Yglesias comes to Barack Obama’s rescue and explain what Obama is really all about…

  • Romney merely spoke the truth and the left is using his comments to distract away from the middle east issues and the administration’s foul-ups. Mitt needs to not let himself fall into the leftist’s traps and stay on course and message.

  • I wanted to clear one thing up that I have heard a couple of times since this story broke. Most military service members pay income tax. The myth that we do not comes from one of the benefits we get while we are deployed in a combat zone. There we get what is called the combat zone tax exclusion, which exempts up to the highest level of enlisted pay from income tax. This actually qualifies many members with large families for the earned income tax credit while they are deployed since to the tax system it looks like they have no income. (that effect of the tax exclusion should be changed).

    As for Mitts comments here, this would be a good chance for him to embrace the fairtax proposal!

  • 2yves

    Mitt Romney forgot to add that seniors who may not be paying taxes right now and who are getting their medicare cut by Obama were taxpayers (contributors) their whole life. What Obama is doing is taking from a fund that seniors contributed into their whole working life and giving it to others who didn’t pay into it for free.

  • I am a senior retired work pt time. I pay taxes med care ss and all state and local taxes, George Romney is correct in his assessment. We are stuck with with a huge amount of freeloaders in this country.

  • rich wojcik

    when FuBar Ack said: “forget the working whites” – it was OK?????

  • Wisewoman2

    This is my take. Romney needs to have strong surrogates like Sunnu, Bachman, etc take on the MSM by going on their programs right a way when they first put out this kind of bullsh#t story. He needs a rapid response team to point out the arithmetic of redistribution. Not just with the over 8% unemployment, 47 million on food stamps, etc. Many people already know that. DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S MISSING? The tag line is missing. This is what Mitt should say. When we consider that Obama’s deficit spending of $5,000,000,000,000 (5 trillion dollars) for according to him 4,500,000 (4.5 million jobs) which equals over $1,000,000/job. Add to that the Feds spent trillions for the same 4.5 million jobs. This is mindboggling and insane. THESE HORRIBLE NUMBERS AND RESULTS MEAN THAT OBAMA HAS FAILED THE COUNTRY.
    Mitt’s whole message should be that Obama has failed the country.