Mitt Romney: I do expect to chip away at the president and get African American votes

This is a good interview with Romney where he talks about chipping away at the large percentage of African Americans that voted for Obama in 2008 and getting some of those votes. He also talks about releasing his taxes and defending himself from attacks, but he doesn’t want to get distracted from the issues that voters want to hear about.

But the last portion of the interview here he went after Obama for comments he made last night saying that Hugo Chavez was not a threat to our national security was most impressive to me. He said that he was stunned by Obama saying that and then rattled of 4 or 5 different reasons why Chavez is a threat to our national security. I was impressed that he was that ready.

Watch below:

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  • texasgirl46

    I hope this guy is on the up&up….and takes care of business. I’m 51 and this year is the first time voting for me, I want it to mean something, I want to hope I did a good thing.

    • Joe


      Good for you – Stick with us for lots of great info

      I pray that there are more 1st time voters like yourself that care enough to do the right thing.


      Welcome to the SCOOP – I hope you like it here!

      Sometimes it is very serious – and sometimes we have some fun – You’ll catch on


      (BTW – Pretty eyes)

      • texasgirl46

        Thanks Joe….
        I’ve been coming to Scoop for a while now, I just don’t usually comment a lot…
        I’ve always liked the posts here….:)

        • Joe

          I am addicted to SCOOP

          BUT – sometimes I have to take a break because I get too worked up

          ALSO there is this guy – NYGINO – That drives me CrAzY and Sheriff ABC –

          Watch out for those two – They get under my skin – (only kidding)


          • texasgirl46

            Some times you do have to take a break, get’s overwhelming at times. I’m just always afraid I’m gonna miss something ..haha.

            • librtifirst

              I know exactly what you mean. My problem is that I dig too deep and get overwhelmed with negativity. Right now, I cannot seem to force myself to support Romney. There is way too much that just says “this guy is a nightmare”. Most recently it is this kind of thing.


              And this:


              There is so much more, but suffice it to say that Romney has been cheating for a long while. The GOP in Nebraska is gearing up to guarantee a win for Romney. They are “renting” voting machines for the state convention. Why? Fraud.


              This in Mass: “Romney for President Inc.”?

              • keyesforpres

                Paul helped Romney win the nomination. Paul only attacked others. He never attacked Romney (especially in the debates). Whoever rose to the top…Paul ran attack ads….every…single…time. There was speculation that he did that with an agreement that Romney would pick Rand as his running mate or that he felt Romney wouldn’t win and thus, paving the way for Rand in 2016.

                Of course, if O gets back in, I doubt there will be an election in 2016.

                Research it if you don’t believe me.

                • librtifirst

                  I know what you are saying. I followed it closely. I am not pushing for Paul right now. I was early on, but when the state GOPs across the country got away with massive election fraud, it became obvious that Romney was their man.

                  The RP campaign, or the liberty movement, is not over. RP needs a plurality of five states in delegate majorities to get on the convention ballot, and get an automatic speaking engagement at the convention.

                  I am focused on the fraud, not getting Paul in, at this point. Romney won the popular vote in Nevada, yet Paul won most of the delegates. The popular vote translates into delegates proportionate to the popular vote for each candidate. The media declared Romney the winner with an overwhelming majority of votes. How does Paul come out with so many delegates if he lost so badly?

                  Then, when they failed to negate the Paul delegates, Romney went in and created an alternate Nevada GOP to represent him. He hasn’t won the nomination yet, but he is telling the state GOP what to do, and if they don’t comply, he is creating a new GOP.

                  Romney did not win the popular vote across the country. Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul all lost votes to Romney. This was proven without a doubt at the caucus’.

                  We need to know who we are voting for, and Romney is an establishment pile of crap who is cheating his way to the liar in chief position.

                  I say this, because we can still top him and get someone else. Nebraska could be Paul’s 5th state. Romney already threw out liberty delegates in Mass and other states, or he would have already had five. Paul wouldn’t have won the nomination at the convention, but he would have changed the tone of the convention. His speech could have riled up the delegates which could have led to a different person being nominated. If Paul had kept the delegates that Romney stole from him, Romney wouldn’t be the automatic nominee.

                  This is why the Nebraska GOP is rushing in rented voting machines at the last minute. It is easy fraud. No publicly counted ballots.

                • keyesforpres

                  Paul is disastrous on national security. He is clueless about islam.That should be a nonstarter for any freedom loving American.

                • librtifirst

                  Just wanted to add that I don’t really see us making it four more years regardless of who is in office next year. I don’t see Obama Care getting repealed. I see the Fed Note crashing before the next four years are up. We truly are at a desperate crossroads. That is why I am still holding out for someone other than Romney.

            • NYGino

              texasgirl46, don’t believe a word that Brooklyn ex-patriot tells you. Joe can stretch the truth out further than a piece of mozzarella straight out of the oven. He’s even been known to wear foil hats trying to converse with those space aliens he’s always talking about.

              He’ll try and con you into thinking he’s cool. He’ll usually start by flirting with women and telling them they have nice eyes or something. Has he pulled that on you yet?

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            Encourage the Scoop to cover the SECOND Sheriff Joe Arpaio press conference on July 17th in Phoenix, AZ. The Sheriff and his investigative team have enough evidence to prove this President to be part of the biggest scandal of the century. It will eventually make Watergate look like a walk in the park. Write Senators Kyl and McCain asking them to support their Arizona Sheriff.

    • badbadlibs

      Voting is a good thing. And for whatever might be lacking with Romney, he is no obama. Thumbs up, Texasgirl46!

      • texasgirl46

        Kinda what I thought, he wasn’t who I really wanted but he a far site better than Obama….And the more I listen to him, the more I like him. I just hope he’s not feeding us a line of crap like others do and have.

        • PVG

          I’m with ya! So far Mitt beats an OJ can.

        • librtifirst

          I am 43 years old and have been voting R for 22 years. All I have seen is broken promises. Not even a real slow down in the socialist agenda.

    • I never watch even Fox News – they’re all bought and paid for. I come here, and Glenn Beck’s Some others, but I’m sick of the commie miedia.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      There will be a SECOND Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference on July 17th in Phoenix, AZ and they will be adding more evidence to the evidence they exposed on March 1st, 2012. Sheriff Joe Arpaio will eventually be declared a true American hero for providing a platform for those who have been investigating all the fraudulent crimes this usurper has been involved in (forged birth certificate, fraudulent registration with Selective Service, fraudulent SS#, not a ‘natural born Citizen’, all tied together). This second press conference will make Watergate look like a walk in the park.

  • badbadlibs

    bo and his henchmen have some nerve talking about anyone not releasing any record of any kind!
    If America doesn’t get bo with his comment about chavez, then we’re in deeper poo then I could have imagined.

    • keyesforpres

      Yeah, I think the next time they say to Romney that he needs to release his taxes he should say, “Sure, I’ll release my taxes when o releases his records!”

      • Susanna958


  • keyesforpres

    I’m actually impressed how informed Romney is in regards to Chavez. He is wrong on one thing though, O is not being naive. I believe O knows how dangerous he is and I believe there is a reason O is closing down some of our border stations along the border.

  • drphibes

    Today’s speech is more evidence that Mitt is going to kick Prez Zero’s @$$ on election day.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but the guy fails to excite his own voter base! Republicans keep on nominating these progressive Republicans, and because of this, just like McCain, Mitt stands no chance against BO.

      I, for one, absolutely refuse to vote for ANY progressive. I do not want to encourage the establishment to continue pushing these puppets forward.

      • keyesforpres

        Well, you go right ahead and don’t vote for Romney. Remember, staying home so you can protest against Romney is a vote for the tyrannical, fascist, muslim squatting in the WH.

      • librtifirst

        I recently heard a good argument for voting for Romney. It was based on the fact that all of the positions that were taken by the liberty movement in the GOP would be negated if a republican didn’t take the white house.

        If I thought that my vote would be counted free of fraud, I would vote for Romney. Since they will count the votes however they want, I think that I will just vote for whoever else out of principle. That way I can say “don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him”.

        I believe that the machines will be programmed to give Romney a close win.

        • wodiej

          “it’s better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.” The chances of your vote being counted if you vote is overwhelmingly positive. If you don’t vote, it’s a sure thing it will not get counted.

          Like others, you don’t want to vote for Romney out of principle. Even at the demise of your country and fellow citizens? Romney was not my first or second choice. I wanted Gov. Palin to run then had to pick an alternate and went with Gingrich.

          The machines are actually owned by a Soro’s French company and so if they were being programmed to give a candidate an edge, it would be obama not Romney.

          • librtifirst

            You’re argument is compelling, but so is the evidence that I have seen. I don’t doubt that Soros is behind the machines, I just think that they choose which one they want in based on what they want to accomplish. They wanted Obama for health care legislation. With Bush it was likely the Patriot Act and the wars. The next guy has to be someone who can get away with the furtherance of whatever agenda they have.

            I don’t see enough difference in the candidates, or the power brokers on either side, to think that it is an ideological decision.

      • wodiej

        Did you stay home in 08 too because you didn’t get what you wanted? I believe 77 million republicans did and voila, we get a socialist in the WH who has turned the country inside out and upside down.

        So in other words, what you want is more important than what is best for the country.

      • drphibes

        Got it. He’s a “progressive”. And you won’t vote for a “progressive”. Good for you. In politics, we take what we can get today in hope for better tomorrow. So, have fun staying home and helping the other side win, you purest, you.

  • sjmom

    If I was to vote for someone white because they are white I would be considered racist, so why then if most blacks vote for Obama because he is black they are not?

    • Sandra123456

      Because as Morgan Freeman the black actor said recently Obama is our first “mixed race” president, not our first African-American president.

      I guess that means when blacks vote for Barry they are voting for a black and a white at the same time. See, no racism. Equality.

    • NYGino

      They are.

  • Susanna958

    I think I could like him. Lets see who he picks for VP.

  • 12grace

    Unlike obama, Romney is a very eloquent speaker and he doesn’t even use a teleprompter.

  • p m

    He seems to be coming along nicely eh? Actually found myself smiling at the end of that interview – though Neil is a favourite, and always tries to get the goods…
    Took guts for him to go to the NAACP and a standing ovation ain’t bad.

  • wodiej

    Doesn’t sound like he’s releasing any more tax information beyond the two years and I don’t think he should. He should tell obama, show me yours and I’ll show you mine. And neil, nothing means nothing.

    • Sandra123456

      Did you know Romney is a very rich guy? Wow! Neither did I! I’m so glad the Democrats told me.

      Maybe he will know how to make the country rich again too!

      Sarcasm, but I am so sick to death of the Dims demanding more tax returns. I bet Romney has been rich for a long, long time, and so? I don’t think rich people are evil. Like to be one someday.

      • Romney is rich? who knew?! I like rich guys. They gave me jobs. I’ve never gotten a job from some poor guy. Romney needs to run an ad asking “Since when is it wrong to make money” and show images of the Hollywood weirdoes and rich basketball and other sports stars. He could throw a few pics of rappers into the mix as well for good measure. That might force a few koolaid drinking libtards to have a moment of clarity!

  • For Mitt Romney to get the support of the people he HAS to take it to Obama. The people have to know you can do this. Otherwise, it will be tough. We don’t have to hear about the economy, we already know.

    • keyesforpres

      I agree. If he is going to talk the economy, mentions a few specific disastrous things in Obamacare and Frank Dodd and explain that these bills are why companies are NOT hiring.

      One that he needs to hammer home is we are going to be taxed 1% everytime we deposit check, withdraw, or transfer money from one account to another!! Outrageous.

      We also need to talk about how O is bringing in 10’s of thousands of Somali muslims, how he has shut down our space program, how he just invited a terrorist to the WH, just released an al qaeda guy at Club Gitmo, etc.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Romney is correct.

    Money trumps race.

    It gets to the point that it doesn’t matter to people that are working who the candidate is, if you are struggling to save, make financial commitments, someone else will be elected.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Blacks ought to be freakin ashamed of themselves for voting for Obama only because he’s black or because he will give them something for free (obamamoney). That infuriates me… oh, and I’m sure it makes me a racist.

    Obama embracing Chavez is insanity and ought to help prove that he is completely incompetent and ignorant (certainly naive at the least). Impeach this idiot now.

    Bad is good and good is bad. Satan is clouding the minds of people and dumbing down many of our so-called leaders. We need strong Christian Conservatives to help combat this clear and present darkness. Oh, was that racist too.

    Romney is doing alright… I’m happy to see and hear him saying more of the right things now.

  • I’m liking Romney more and more. It’s becoming less ABO for me and more actually liking and supporting Romney. My ideal candidate? Heck no. But he’s far from the worst candidate we could have had as well. Go Romney!

  • WordsFailMe

    I like it when he holds his head steady, looks directly into the camera and speaks with a calm steady voice. I think when he is standing and speaking, he has the tendency to become excited beyond the scope of the message. He needs a visual coach before he gets into the debates. But I’m starting to like this guy. That clam, direct approach is very strong

    Even Mrs. WFM is starting to warm toward Romney and she still hasn’t forgiven Ronald Reagan for joking about the bomb and then not actually dropping it.

  • sDee

    America is being sabotaged by an Affirmative Action, Politically Correct, Marxist.

    Chip away is right. It is going to take a long time to for Americans to accept the reality that we created this nightmare. It took over 50 years of steady drip drip drip socialism and media propaganda to get us here.

    Now show us you are serious Mitt. Take off the gloves. I am sure you can find Allen West’s cellphone #.

  • I’d like Romney to make an ad that says something to the effect that it’s not about the hyphen It’s not about African-Americans or Hispanic-Americans or whatever. But what we all have in COMMON – being Americans! And our collective interest in having enough money to feed our family and provide shelter from them, etc. If done right, this could be a very powerful ad IMHO.