Mitt Romney isn’t going to feed the trolls by releasing more of his past tax returns

This is a good interview by Romney who says it is time we focus on Obama’s record. Addressing Obama’s latest attacks, Romney says that “a campaign based on falsehood and dishonesty does not have long legs” and that he believes the American people are already tired of it.

Asked about Kristol’s comments, Romney said he isn’t going to release any more tax returns because that’s just what their opposition research wants. In other words, he isn’t going to feed the trolls. Thank goodness.

Watch below:

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  • wodiej

    Good. Donald Trump is twittering that Obama needs to release his records first. That’s what I keep SAYIN’!!

    • kong1967

      Rules don’t apply to liberals. They demanded McCain turn over lots of documents so he did…over 1,000 pages. What did Obama do when we asked for the same thing in return? He gave us the middle finger. Well, I hope Romney gives Obama his middle finger.

      • joyfulgiver

        Mr. Romney has too much class to flip him the bird. But, as long as Romney keeps dropping facts, like fast a furious, the lack of Obama disclosures, the lack of “transparency” from this administration, into his conversations with the media, he will certainly begin to wake the sleeping giant. He’s planting seeds. Americans are watching. At least that is my hope.

        He shouldn’t release anything more than that which is required and he has already done that, so, it’s a done deal.

        • kong1967

          Lol, I didn’t mean to give Obama the finger literally.

          • Joe

            But that would be pretty funny!

            Mitt being a sincerely good man and a Mormon

            What would Obama say about that!

            • kong1967

              Remember Pelosi’s reaction to the Congressman that yelled out “you lie!”?

              The reaction would be kinda like that, and yes it would be funny.

            • Romney should carefully pull on a pair of white gloves, and THEN give Obama the finger.

            • crosshr

              Obama will say no more finger or four more finger !

    • sDee
      • Romney should run with that as an ad. Just 30 seconds of silence. NO flash, just let that picture speak for itself.

        • Dukehoopsfan

          It should run on all of the network “news” shows. Imagine the 60 minutes, and Good Morning America crowd scratching their heads.

  • Joe

    Good Strategy – IMHO

    Obama simply wants to distract from his own crappy record

    ALL HAIL! – The KING of CRAP!

    Take off the gloves Mitt – I want a knockout!

  • When is NObama going to release… erm… pretty much everything he’s got all those lawyers to seal up tighter than a drum?

    Good move by Romney. Stop letting them set the agenda and pace. Put the ball back in their court and make them move to your agenda and pace for a change.

  • marketcomp

    Obama is a snake! He controls the IRS does anyone really think that he has not already looked at Mitt Romeny’s tax returns? I suspect he has. I like the Mitt Romney asked Obama to be transparent as divulge the facts about Fast & Furious.

  • I don’t understand the idea of being limp-wristed in order to win the election. Call a liar, a liar. I am so sick of him taking on issues with leather white gloves. Stand tall for your convictions and principles.

    • Brian Burnes

      Exactly. Obama is such an easy target too! There is so much dirt on him that Romney could bring up something new every day!
      All Romney has to do is attack all the way to November.



      • Joe

        WRONG – My friend Brian

        How about at least 3 new items – 3 times per day

        BUT never on “bury the news” Friday

        The press is on the payroll!

        (Enough dirt to fill a barge)

      • Joe


  • RobertMahoney

    Should have said that he would release his records when Obama releases his transcripts.

  • Nukeman60

    Campaign strategy: Don’t feed the trolls.

    Whenever Obama hits us with his untrue, negative ads against Romney, the Romney campaign should have ready-made ads that come out immediately to counter against Obama.

    When Obama wants Tax disclosure, bring out an ad asking why Obama hasn’t disclosed anything in his past, and in fact spent millions to keep the records sealed.

    When Obama comes out with accusations of felony, come out with the long list of illegal maneuvers that Obama has done with his executive orders.

    When Obama comes out with outsourcing claims, come out with all the outsourcing Obama did, including our space agency, NASA.

    When Obama comes out with claims Romney put people out of work, come out with ads showing all Obama did in the last 3 1/2 years, including shutdowns and layoffs of the auto industry.

    When Obama comes out, here in a couple of months, to show that the unemployment has dropped to 7.5% because of him, release your ad showing the reason is the dropping out of the workforce of those people on welfare, thanks to Obamas executive order. Tell it like it is.

    And on and on, ad infinitum. If I can come up with these things, they can come up with them too. It doesn’t take a nuclear blogger to see this. Pound Obama with his own words, with the words of the Media, with the facts of the economy. The list is endless.

    Make these ads and hold them till Obama drops a nugget. Then carpetbomb with the truth. Trust me, Governor Romney, the people will like it and understand it. The landslide will be historic.

    Edit: Oh, and by the way, tell Kristol to shove it.

  • kong1967

    Considering that Obama stiffed us on the records we were requesting in 2008, I hope Romney continues to tell Obama no. Don’t turn over a shred more records than Obama does.

  • Glad to hear it! With the Obama crowd, all you have to do is say his name and they are already on the defensive. Just look at the NAACP speech, the two times he was bood. He said Obama and Obamacare.

    I think he is on the right track now and I’m glad to hear he is making a stand. He has to be the cleanest politician I’ve seen to date. I am not the Romney campaign drum beater but he is our choice and I will support him.

  • This weekend the local radio spent a couple minutes every news break on Romney and that he should release his tax returns and topped off their campaign coverage with actual interview sound bytes about Obama being asked about how he misses his own bed at home, and how Obama has to eat junk food on the campaign trail. Not one report I saw challenged Obama’s lies about Republicans insisting on tax cuts for the rich. I’m pretty sure they tried to get a vote on Obama’s bill in the Senate, but I’m not sure about if it ever got a vote in the House.

    • Republicans never bother to refute the “tax cuts for the rich” thing, anyway. That always frustrates me, but it’s just how they roll. I know they believe they are winning independents by rolling over for that attack, but I don’t buy it.

  • Don

    It is obvious that Obama is the most incompetent troll ever to occupy the White House. It is embarrassing that the American people could be manipulated by the mainstream media’s propaganda machine in the biggest scam ever played on the American public.

  • Sorry RS, I’m not buying it. No interviews are going to make me forget about his hypocrisy and fake smile.

    “People are tired of all of the attacks. A campaign based on false and dishonesty doesn’t have long legs.” It goes both ways, Mitt. That’s exactly what you did during the primaries.

    Attacking 0bama on the economy and his jobs record while being way too soft on where you can really hit him harder will not win you the election. When are the ABO people going to wake up? Hopefully before Tampa

    • Wake up to what, exactly? A dream world where someone other than Romney has a chance to win in November? No thanks. I’ve been against Romney since he first started making noises about running in 2012. But I’m going to stick with the wide awake Americans who aren’t focused on wishful thinking.

      • Wake up to the fact that there’s still a chance to have another candidate at the Tampa convention. If you paid attention, you’d know that R0mney’s delegate count isn’t what the media tells you it is. A lot (if not most) of the delegates are unbound. I have no particular name in mind, but since I’m against the ABO mantra I’m hoping for a strong conservative who will attack 0bama and call him what he really is, a Marxist anti-American. BTW believing that R0mney will beat 0bama is the definition of wishful thinking.

        • It’s already been confirmed that Romney is the candidate. The delegates no longer matter. You need to have won 5 states, so that puts Ron Paul out of contention. The others have already pledged their support. It’s a done deal.

          • Who talked about Wrong Paul? Who talked about the other candidates?

            A candidate secures a delegation when he has the highest number of delegates that can vote for him on the first ballot in the nomination at the National Convention. According to the current RNC rules it takes plurality in five delegations to be on the first ballot at the National Convention, and it takes 1,144 delegates at the roll call of the ballots to become the Republican nominee.

            • And you’re choice for the nominee is….?

              Get real dude. Romney has the best chance (and a better than decent chance) to dethrone the annointed one.

              You think Herman Cain or Sarah Palin is going to come in? Talk about a guarrenteed Obama 4 more years.

              • Explain to me what kind of decent chance he has. He’s being attacked big time by the 0bama machine and he’s already being soft. When 0bama says “R0mney is a felon”, Mitt’s answer is “Boo meanie I want you to apologize to me.” If that doesn’t tell you that it is a repeat of the McCain disaster then I don’t know what to say to you. All of you guys accepting R0mney and not asking for another candidate at the convention is guaranteeing 4 more years of 0bama.

                I don’t care about Herman Cain and Sarah Palin. I want someone, anyone who will say “I have my tax records in my hands right here, and I will post them online and send it to all the news outlet the next second 0bama releases his college transcripts and all the things he’s hiding. Oh and just as a reminder, 0bama wrote that he snort cocaine when he was young. I believe that’s a felony.” Instead we have McCain 2012. If you’re happy with that then you might also get ready for 4 more years of hell and can kiss goodbye to what’s left of what this country has been founded on.

                Oh and even if R0mney gets elected, do you really think he will fix this country with his records? If ABO, then even a light Marxist should be good right?


                • You are a crazy nut! Mitt Romney demanded an apology. It would be foolish to stay on that and he’s doing the smart thing by focusing on Obama’s dreadful Presidency.

                  More importantly… again I ask, who is your choice? You don’t want Romney, who WOULD you vote for. Name a person so I know who this mythical candidate is.

                • Nice debate, so I don’t agree with you therefore I’m nuts. Nice job using the liberals way of defense.

                  I know he demanded an apology. What did the 0bama machine respond with? More attacks. What I try to say is that not only conservatives would be more excited to see R0mney calling 0bama for what he really is, but he will assure a victory. He has never done that. He has done the opposite by saying that he’s not a socialist and that he’s a nice guy. He has never asked what everybody who knows how evil 0bama is would like to ask (college transcripts, etc..).

                  Why doesn’t he attack 0bama like he did with his stupid ads during the primaries against his fellow republicans?

                  As I said, anyone who call 0bama an anti-American socialist and who would bite him to the jugular would work. There’s no mythical candidate that I will name since there are numerous real conservative candidates would do a much better job with the truth.

                • …and yet you don’t name your candidate. Name your man!

                • Can’t you read what I wrote?

                  “As I said, anyone who call 0bama an anti-American socialist and who would bite him to the jugular would work. There’s no mythical candidate that I will name since there are numerous real conservative candidates who would do a much better job with the truth.”

                  BTW answer this question with yes or no: If you had the choice, would you prefer to chose another candidate?

                • Unlike you I will answer a straight question. No, BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE!!! There is no mythical candidate who is RUNNING FOR PRES!

                  The choice is simple Obama versus Romney.

                  I didn’t vote for Romney in the primary, but I’m adult enough to know that while Romeny isn’t perfect; he, at least, gives us a fighting chance to reverse course.

                  Question; which of these candidates that you think will come out of the woodwork at the convention can put together the ground support and money to run for President in 2012 and beat the Obama machine?

                  That’s why you need to tell me who you think can do it because even a dragon slayer needs money for his armor. (Unless he’s mythical of course, but some conservatives don’t like the real world of WINNING!)

                • There are a few, but Allen West is one of them. I know he’s not running, but that’s the beauty of a brokered convention.

                • Thank you! I love Allen West. He should be Pres some day! Seriously though, a brokered convention isn’t going to happen. Romney will be the nominee. Who are you voting for in November?

                • If Romney is the nominee, I’ll pinch my nose, pray and vote for him.

                • On that we totally agree! : ) – and I officially rescind my “crazy nut” comment. LOL!

        • Romney’s won the delegates. First round vote will be his. End of story.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Clearer heads prevail.

    I’m glad he’s not going to pull a John McCain and play into their hands. Obama has lots of things he should be releasing (college transcripts, Fast and Furious records, etc.).

    Nicely played Mitt.

  • Just get back to attacking his pathetic record and ignore Bain capital & tax questions. No one who makes a difference cares about that crap. Apparently the IRS are fine with Romney’s tax returns.

  • 12grace

    As soon as obama shows all of this legitimate records then Romney should show his, period.

  • If Romney wants to play it safe that is his decision. If he will go after Obama’s record as well as the treason acts he’s pulled, I might change my opinion of him.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Tip for you, Mitt: you’re feeding the trolls by SAYING you’re not feeding the trolls. Let us know when you’re going to campaign AGAINST Showbama like you campaigned against your fellow Republicans. THEN, I’ll be happy to listen to what you have to say.

    • NO NO NO!!! Disagree 100%. Romney is playing it right. What’s he supposed to do? Cave to Obama and follow Obama’s orders like a coward? Also, it’s too early. There haven’t been any debates yet and won’t be any for a couple months.

  • I’m glad Romney is taking this stance. I said it the other day on the very Scoop post about the clip they showed within the clip. No way should Romney release his tax records. If he releases them, do you think they’ll just roll over and not attack Romney ever again? Better to let them stay stuck on this. The needle isn’t moving for Obama on this topic. In fact, it’s going the other way. And Romney can attack back and call Obama a hypocrite in that he hasn’t released the documents for fast & furious as he did in this clip.

    Also, I’m glad to see that Romney doesn’t follow Obama’s orders. If he had caved, I think a lot of people would have seen him as a coward who is unable to stand up to Obama.


    Hey Mitt, I know I don’t get a vote, but I don’t care to see your TAX returns.

    GIVE them the minimum, and watch them sqirm. The data is out there, and if is slips out from McCain’s group or IRS, THAT IS ACTUALLY ILLEGAL, and Oh-uh-oh would have hell to pay with citizens.

    You are right to not give them something to attack.

    Go on the attack. RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!
    Plenty if info to make O-BLAME-O look like a total idiot-commie.

    I don’t care if you are rich, MEGA RICH, whatever, but it would be cool (but not necessary, tell them to stick it) if you spent some of savings money on some companies (let your kids run them). If you become President and rescue our rears, you WILL be rewarded by grateful nation.

    Certainly after O-BLAME-O is out, your boys could buy houses and make MANY more millions than you EVER dreamed of. Car elevators for all the ROMNEY boys.
    LOOK at all the jobs there would be to built the homes with them !!!!!!

    I will work for them for FREE, keep up the Databases. No people from INDIA (off-shore teams) please, but INDIAN Americans or Indian Immagrants are OK by me.

    I can see O-BLAME-O winding up as a FELON, I just don’t see him surviving this catastropy he is unleashing on us. He is in-line for impeachment if re-elected, looks to me, if we have a working constitution still in place.

    Do you think O will declare a holiday for the DAY “he” dicides we have been FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED?

    OUR society is very sick now, welcome to AMERITOPIA.
    Finding out we have been taken over by progressism IS very distressing.
    So Romney, kick the Mitt out of somebody….daily, and let FOX and Mark
    and RUSH cover it!

    • As an admitted repeat drug user, Obama already is a felon.

  • Good for Romney. He’s learning fast that there is nothing that he could release that would please the Democrats. They would always find something to pick on, no matter how small. Time to cut them off and move on. If the Democrats don’t want to cooperate, they’ll look rather foolish talking about the same thing day in and day out while Romney is talking about the lousy economy.

  • I finally sent an email to the romney campaign for president web site…. telling them to go on the offensive and every time he opens his mouth to bring up tony rezko, joe sestak and fast and furious!!!! Im sick and tired of the leftist bullies doing nobamas dirty work!! Please help me and if you agree send mitts team a suggestion!!!! Force the MSM to edit Mitts interviews or defend the indefensable. its like when andrea mitchell got all stammered when jon sununu hit her with the OUTSOURSER IN CHIEF FACTS!!!

  • TEXs

    If Willard Rockefeller Romney had nothing to hide,he would release his tax returns
    long,long time ago,like all politicians do.

    But his tax returns with bank accounts in Switzerland,Cayman Islands,Luxemburg….
    is a snake pit.

    The drum bit to release it will grow louder and louder and LOUDER…..

    Willard Rockefeller Romney has nowhere to run and no place to hide.

  • Distractions from the left. Move along. Nothing to see here. Just more of the same liberal hypocrisy.

  • Way to handle them Mitt!