Mitt Romney speaks on massacre in Aurora, Colorado

Mitt Romney today put aside all campaign signs and any campaign rhetoric and spoke a few words about the massacre that occurred last night in Aurora, Colorado. Listen below:

Earlier today Obama gave a few words as well:

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  • I thought Gov Romney hit the right tone. Prayers to all those that are mourning.

  • The Tea Party was blamed for the slaughter in Colorado just like they were when Congresswoman Gifford was shot. The free press is biased and corrupt and must be put out of business. TRAITORS like we have in our media must be expelled. We can’t allow them to seize even more power and influence. If someone knew they would face arrest for sedition and treason, they would not do what our media does. It’s time for consequences for the actions of the media and for the people who put evil in charge of our country via covering up the truth.

    • Obama is bummed out that he won’t be able to use this horrific incident to go after gun owners and tougher gun control laws. Americans will give up our guns when the criminals and LEFT WING LOONS do.

  • poljunkie

    Gov Romney did well on this.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Thoughts and Prayers to the victims and their families today.
    Romney gave a moving speech, while obama had his crowd chanting 4 more years, something pathetic about that. something pathetic how some in the media went right away to blame the Tea party.

  • Joe

    Terrible tragedy –

    That being said:

    Romney’s focus from the outset is the incident


    Obama’s focus from the outset is the campaign
    (This man is terrible – Again it is all about him – He just loves to hear himself go on and on and on and on)


    CLASS vs. NO class

    • white531

      You got it right, Joe.

    • 3seven77

      Shorter Romney: “Please pray for the victims and their families.”

      Shorter Obama: “Sorry, I have to interrupt this campaign to talk about a bunch of dead people. It could have been MY girls. But it wasn’t…. Oh, and before I go, let’s have a moment of silence….”

  • williamm

    The first 65 seconds of Obama’s speech was still about him while Romney spent his time showing respect and care for the victims and their families.

    God Bless these victims, their families, and the freedom loving people in this country.

    • white531

      You could see he had to restrain himself, because he really wanted to use the opportunity to further his chances.

  • sjmom

    May God give peace and comfort to those who mourn and may His healing Hand be upon the injured and may this nation and our young be restored to Heaven’s Providence.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Service members from Buckley Air Force Base, Colo., are among those injured in the early morning shooting Friday in Aurora, Colo. that left at least 12 people dead, base spokeswoman Master Sgt. Jill LaVoie said.

    It is not yet known how many were injured or if they were all from the Air Force, LaVoie said. The shooting happened at a movie theater about five miles from the base.

    “This tragic event has affected everybody here at Buckley Air Force Base and our local community friends and neighbors,” base commander Col. Daniel Dant said in a statement. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of each and every loved one. All military or their families affected can receive assistance through our base services.

  • joyfulgiver

    Stark contrast!

  • pistol pete

    I feel a serious rant coming on.
    I watched both messages,what a difference in tone.
    Romney’s message was heartfelt and sincere.The crowd clapped quietly and respectfully when he finished.
    Then there was Barry.Its all about him,always,isn’t it?What manner of mindless maggot chants and claps ‘four more years!’ at a time like that?His speech sounded no different than any other campaign speech he’s done.
    I truly wish Sasha and Malia HAD been there.Their Secret Service detail would have dropped that animal beore he could get off a second round.
    Colorado is a swing state.I can promise you,he’ll arrange for a memorial service,just like in Tucson and at Fort Hood where he can be the star.Maybe I’m being cynical,but nothing much he does surprises me anymore.
    There.Made it through and didn’t cuss once.

    • ROMNEY:
      “word of prayer”
      “our hearts break”
      “and all Americans” (not “ME” “ME” “ME” “I” “I” “I”)
      “offer our deepest condolences”
      “this is time to remember how much we love one another”
      “There’s so much love and goodness in the heart of America”
      All this in the first minute.

      “Uh uh uh ah uh”
      “how appreciative — I — am” (Yeah it’s all about him and his campaign!)
      “– I — was looking forward to having a fun conversation with you about some really important matters we face as a country.” (me me me… BTW, I would think any conversation about the current matters this country would be a very serious one, and not a “fun conversation”)
      “… difference between myself and my opponent” — yes all about him and his campaign!
      WOW… It takes him past one minute to even get to addressing the tragedy!

      Romney gave a moving speech, full of empathy and how we will all unite to get through this. After Obama get’s done with himself the first minute of his speech, he sounds emotionless and like he is just reporting the news.

      People were quiet and solemn as Romney spoke, and clapping quietly, but people were whooping it up, shouting out, and cheering during Obama’s speech. To me, that shows that Obama has no sense of leading his crowd of followers to treat the tragedy with any true and real compassion.

      Even the way they both said “God Bless America”… so completely different!


      • pistol pete

        Thats because one side grew up respecting thelaw and the rights of others,putting God and family before yourself and anything worth having is worth working for.
        The other side grows up in a culture of sloth,you’re entitled to a free,easy life because you’re here and if somebody doesn’t give you all you want pick up a gun and take it.
        The end justifies the means.

        • white531

          Pete, you have no idea how close you are to the problem. Actually, that’s not correct, because I’m sure you do.

      • white531

        Good comment, Donna. I think everyone saw it just like you did.

    • Orangeone

      And Romney had the event started with a prayer.

      I’ve read that someone carrying put an end to the killing, unsure if that is verified or not.

      • white531

        Orangeone, I thought that was a glaring difference too. Opening a speech with a prayer. What a bold idea.

        • Orangeone

          I wish TRS had captured that on their clip.  We could all use that today.

    • sno_warrior

      This is why everyone over the age of 21 should be ‘required by law to own and carry’ a concealed handgun, and know how to use it…! That dude wouldn’t have been in front of those people more than 10-15 seconds and someone would have sent him to hell…

      • white531

        True words, Warrior.

    • white531

      You’re not being cynical, Pete. You’ve got the Bastard nailed.

  • What a stark contrast!

    Romney looking and sounding so presidential and NObama looking and sounding so classless and cold.

  • For today folks…lets leave the politics behind….Both men express a deep sorry for the lives that were lost in this senseless killings…and before the gun nuts start… whether we have strict gun laws or not…if somebody wants to kill, they will find a way. Remember…people who want to gun down people will find a away whether they get guns legally or illegally. But lets check those opinions at the door today!

    • white531

      Macky D, it is a noble statement you make and if we had anyone else other than this man as our President, I would agree with you, but sadly we don’t. The Liberals are already beginning to spin this, just as they did with the shooting in Arizona. I agree with sno_warrior. If someone else had been in that theater and carrying, this nutcase would be dead right now.

  • I thought Romney gave a very good speech. I hope it is some comfort to the people in Colorado. All our prayers are with them now.

  • Very presidential of Romney.

  • nibblesyble

    It was lovely and well stated, it was sad, but also filled with hope. I am grateful he used scripture. My prayers are with the families and with the country.

    • white531

      A President quoting Scripture. I seem to remember that from long ago.

    • I thought Gov. Romney’s reliance on scripture was extraodinary and telling of the mans heart, clearly a man of faith and a loving family man.
      truly very sad for everyone.

  • OMG! What a stark difference between the two! O’s rambling on and on and on is just simply awful. His intro remarks are very close to the “shout out” he did before talking about the Fort Hood massacre.

  • Spartan4Palin

    On this day I can only say, God be with us all. May You hold those victims and their families close and bring them peace for those that lost loved ones. I pray for the family of the shooter. May they find a way to deal with what has happened.

    It is important to know that ONE messed up individual did this.

    I was moved by Romney’s words and his courage to call on God on this time of need.

    Obama,,,,,,called on himself.

  • white531

    I just got home and I can see that all of you have made note of the stark contrast, as mentioned by Joyfulgiver and others, between these two American leaders. Today, Romney was the real President and Obama was once again the Chicago Street Organizer he has always been. Romney wasted no time making it clear the campaign was suspended until further notice. He then proceeded to offer solace to the families and loved ones who were affected by this tragedy. His statement was about the victims and their families, not about himself. When he finished, he turned and walked from the stage.

    To Obama, this tragedy simply messed up his campaign schedule. He was all set to give a speech and even though the shooting in Colorado kept him from doing that, he still got in a few points in the beginning about the campaign and the difference between him and his rival. Some of his supporters on the stage behind him can be seen laughing and smiling, something reminiscent of when he came here to Tucson and gave his campaign speech after the Tucson shooting. Prayer was not even mentioned as his reason for the moment of silence he requested. The word, God, as in the Christian God, sticks in his throat and he has difficulty saying it. What a disgusting man to have for our President.

    Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims of this horrible tragedy. Only time can help heal a wound like this and even then, never completely.

  • I’m not much for sentimentalism. That is, forced and artificial sentiment. I’m still disgusted by Romney’s Statist record. And I’m still angry with him for being such a liar during the primary.

    However, his brief speech was perfection itself. He sounded very expert at consoling the grieving and spoke comfortingly and encouragingly about personal relationships and about America. Well done, sir. Very well done.

    Obama seemed to be making a genuine effort to give proper reverence to the tragedy. He wasn’t great at it, but I think he had the same goal as Romney. The crowd was not entirely on board, but that wasn’t Obama’s fault, and it is to be expected from what is essentially a Statist mob.

  • Gov. Romney’s extraordinary words of assurance and comfort are very moving.
    How sad a day this is for so many American families, our hearts and prayers go out to them.

    tea party patriot

  • white531

    The more I see Mitt Romney break loose from his handlers and just be himself, the more I like him as a President. I believe he is a good and decent man and I believe that will show in the decisions he makes as President.

    • 3seven77

      I have that same feeling. I’m seriously liking Mitt more and more. I think he has the potential to be a great President.

      • white531

        When you see him speaking one on one with people from the audience, you get the feeling he really cares about the country. Watching and listening to Obama, I don’t get that feeling.

  • I noticed Obama almost choked when saying “lord” and “God”

  • johnos2112

    True emotion came from me as I listened to the next President of the United States folks! He was eloquent and I also heard this man choke up a bit. That is compassion and that is what is needed in the oval office. Romney is making me a believer. God bless this great nation and my thoughts and prayers are with this families of this horrific murder of innocent people!

  • Romney is presidential (Even I can change my mind from time to time), but I can’t stomach anything POTUS has to say.

  • I wouldn’t be as hard on the President as some of the comments here. He had no choice but to speak from his office as well as his heart as the details were still emerging. Romney had more time and spoke without the burden of office. That said, Romney’s speech was moving beyond words, perfect in its tone and cadence, and memorable in a way that the President’s words were not. Understandable as it may have been for Obama to think about how lucky it was that his own children were not caught up in the midst of such a tragedy, there was something off-key, almost insensitive about actually uttering that thought aloud. Perhaps later, at a memorial service, when he has more time to prepare, the President will follow the lead of his challenger and speak with the presidential dignity that characterized his opponent’s remarks today.

  • ganshang

  • I’m sorry but you have the wrong answer, you Are Running For President and to do a cop out by saying what you are saying is an even bigger cop out. WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS WHAT YOUR POLITICAL APPOINTEES WANT YOU TO SAY!