MOH – Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha

Join me in saluting this fine young Spartan.

Next month, Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha of North Dakota will become the fourth living recipient of the Medal of Honor.

His award stems from “courageous actions” in Afghanistan in 2009, when at Combat Outpost Keating he and his men came under an attack so intense their position took a mortar round every 15 seconds for 3 hours.

At the time of the attack, Romesha was a section leader in B Troop, 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division.

The attack took place on October 3, 2009 while 50 U.S. personnel, 20 Afghan soldiers, and two Latvian soldiers were at the outpost. It appears the 20 Afghan soldiers abandoned their positions once the shooting began, leaving Romesha, his fellow soldiers, and their Latvian counterparts to fight the fight.

Romesha exposed himself to great danger, observing the battlefield under heavy fire numerous times during the attack. After doing so, he would run inside the barracks, retrieve specific personnel and bring them out with him to help target the enemy.

Romesha personally “took out an enemy machine gun team and, while engaging a second, the generator he was using for cover was struck by a rocket propelled grenade, inflicting him with shrapnel wounds.”

Wounded, “he mobilized a five man team, which he led back to the battle.”

According to reports, at one point “Romesha and his team ran 100 meters under fire to recover the bodies of their fallen comrades.”

There is more at the Air Force Times.


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  • sjmom

    Not only do I salute him but I praise God for him and the others who serve in harms way to keep us free. A hero and patriot who makes us proud to be Americans. May God bless him and keep him safe.

  • ………………….according to Kerry, he should be imprisoned or worse….Just ask him.
    I salute you, Sgt. Romesha!

    • PatrickHenrysBody


  • Joe

    Another SALUTE to you !!!

    This is what America is all about –

    We need to take our Country back-ASAP

  • I would be extremely humbled and delighted to salute and shake that man’s hand.

  • americalsgt

    Congrtulations Sgt. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  • SALUTE! Sir and THANK YOU!

  • Nukeman60

    This is indeed a true hero. Not a madeup, Hollywood-created, politically-motivated fake hero, but a real, live, true hero, one of so very many that are fighting and laying down their lives for me – and for you – each and every day.

    I do so wish that these young men and women can be brought home soon. That war in Afganistan is wasting our very precious national treasure. They fight with honor, they die with honor, and their brave actions are being wasted on a piece of trash country that doesn’t even appreciate it. Their own soldiers won’t even stay and fight while our warriors die for them. PTUI, I spit on their leaders – and ours – for what they are doing to our great military.

    Thank you, Staff Sgt., for your service. The Medal of Honor, as great a symbol as it is, is not enough, not enough.

  • unclesamnephew

    dear cousins, i have just finished reading Jake Tapper’s book “The Outpost. an untold story of American Valor” a must read! Tapper tells why the Outpost Keating came into being and the story of our brave young men who served there. Tapper attempts to tell the reasoning of our commanders and of the local population reactions to our presense their. i believe everyone of our men that served there (with only a few exceptions) are all HEROS! may God bless them all

  • well done Sarge, well done.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Meanwhile, Colin Powell who claims to be a Republican is defending Clinton on Benghazi and the Hagel nomination and criticizing the GOP.

    It’s hard to tell friends from foe with GOPs like Powell, Romney and Christie who would be more at home with the Democrats.

    • wadnnit.

      Why do they focus on Clinton’s handling of it? It’s about what the Commander in Chief did whe he was instantly informed of it in real time, and who the only person is who could have given the order to stand down.

      Tyrone Woods should get the MOH posthumously.

      These are the definition of bravery.

    • tshtsh

      Colon was probably never in the field, his ilk are personal cowards.

      • ODA315

        No, he was there. It’s what happens to military leaders when they reach Washington that has turned him into a shitbird. Hey General Powell, Scooter Libby sends his regards.

        Not turning in his buddy Armitage is where the cowardice lies.

  • I Thank God for Staff Sergeant Romesha and others. They’re all heroes! But it’s always incredible to hear about acts like this. Thank you for posting it 911Infidel.

    God Bless our Troops. Lord let them come home soon and safely.
    God help this nation.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    I salute you, SSgt Romesha! You are a true patriot and defender of freedom and liberty!

    In the spirit of the MOH, I submit the following link to read one of the many MOH citations (please note the recipient was from North Dakota as well):

    I will submit further links to MOH citations from time to time, as is deemed appropriate.

    • I think Scoop ought to have an open thread once a week on our heroes.

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        It would be quite a popular thread. We have a whole collection of heroes to choose from. None of them suffered from the malady of “courageous restraint” while faced with a foe in combat.

        • It’d be an awesome thread. And you’re right- we’d have a whole collection to choose from. And learn from.

          • PatrickHenrysBody

            Yes we would and yes we could learn a lot.

            • I agree with both of you wholeheartedly! I hope Scoop does this. I’m still in awe of how popular and inspiring the “angels” thread is too.

              • Send Scoop a suggestion Wolfie. 🙂

                • I just did: in part I wrote: “I think it would be a wonderful way for people to post stories not just of well known media heroes but personal stories from the many vets we have in our family. Please consider it, thanks. Wolfie.” I hope he feels this a worthy cause and does as we requested.

                • I don’t know that he’d be able to do it once a week (hopefully though) but even once a month would be great! Thanks brotherWolfie!

                • It’s an honorable request. I too hope he can find a way. 🙂

                  But even if this request doesn’t fit in with Scoop’s plans…

                  As I always say… We tried. We did not sit by and watch… We did not wait for others to do something for us… We tried ourselves.. Our conscience is clear and happy at the end of the night.

            • Send Scoop a suggestion for this myfellowPatrickHenrylovin’friend. It’s a great idea.

              • PatrickHenrysBody

                Okay, will do!

  • sybilll

    Memorize his face. This model young patriot should never have to pay for a meal again. God Bless him.

  • Where do we find brave people like this to defend our country? Oh yes, it’s in “Flyover” country, the area that the people in Washington DC, New York City, and Los Angeles treat as a joke. But every time there’s a little fighting and dying to do, they call out for people like this. I not only salute and admire individuals like this, I thank God that we still have people like this willing to do the dirty work for this nation. It is shamefull how Afghanistan is being ignored by the mainstream media today, let alone by our own president. I hope that Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha of North Dakota is a reminder to the people in Washington DC that, yes, we still have people fighting a real war “over there” and that they deserve to be recognized and remembered. I’m sure there are lots of other men and women just like Staff Sergeant Romesha, but thanks to our pathetic mainstream media you don’t hear much about them.

    • jim Asherman

      When all is said and done History will see these young volunteers as the heroes they are.
      Clinton Romesha is right up there with Audie Murphy.
      The “other” Greatest Generation.

  • tshtsh

    b.o. will probably forget his name or manage to insult Staff Sargent Clinton Romesha as usual when he is in the presence of military members.

    • Probably call him a “Corpse man” What a utter disgusting buffoon we have for a pResident!

  • DCGere


  • sDee

    Thanks TRS – Such warriors astonish and humble me greatly. I recently found links of this Medal recipient over on john jay’s site.

    Master Sargent Roy Benevides.

  • white531

    There are always those among us, who are better than the rest. They are braver, smarter, and have an intense feeling for the world around them. This country has been graced by God, to have more of them than any other nation.

    This young man is one of them. God bless him and the good parents who raised him.

    These young men and women who continue to sign up for duty, and risk their lives for our Freedom, are such a contrast to the actual leadership of this country.

    Such a contrast.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    A true American hero going above and beyond the call of duty. God bless him and his teammates for what they’re doing. Thank you, SSG Romesha!!!!!

  • cheyennecowboy

    I salute you, Sgt. Romesha, for your duty to God and Country. Thank you for your service, as a patriot, from all of us. Sgt. Romesha serves his country and all of us with honor and conviction. The Medal of Honor is but a small token of our appreciation.
    Obama, will of course, take credit for everything this brave young warrior did for his fellow man. He is a swine!

  • jimmie smith

    There is nothing greater in life than the possible sacrifice of one’s self for the life of another… I’m truly humbled…

  • PFFV

    I feel as if these brave warriors fought for nothing as Obama announcess our retreat! We didn’t fight a war in Afghanistan we were sitting ducks! Our troops couldn’t even engage the enemy unless they (enemy) were shooting at them first. God Bless our Warriors, both the Fallen and those still in harms way.

  • Thank you very much for you brave service to America.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “It appears the 20 Afghan soldiers abandoned their positions once the shooting began, leaving Romesha, his fellow soldiers, and their Latvian counterparts to fight the fight.”

    I’ve heard several stories like this personally from troops returning from ‘the sand box’.
    Let them have the whole place and send over a couple B-2’s to put a nice glass coating on it for them. 😉

    Nice to see a young soldier get a MOH that isn’t in a casket. Too bad Obama is going to be the President giving it to him. 🙁

    • I feel like that too about NObama… I dislike him so much, if I won that medal, I might well ask if I could wait for the next President to give it to him.

      • tinlizzieowner

        Last year, one of my grand daughters (the really bright one) got a national award in school, signed by President Obama. When she sat back down, she said she was thinking to her self as she walked up to get the award, “Oh Grandpa is really going to love this one”.
        😉 😉

        • ROTFL!!! 🙂 Bright girl indeed, congrats to you and her! 🙂

  • MiketheMarine

    I got to meet an 87 year old Medal Of Honor Recipient Saturday night and hold his medal. What an honor that was. He and I both got crying. You can never tell what kind of hero you are talking to by looking at him but he was an Army Air Corps Pilot and quite the gentleman. An event that I will never forget. What an honor. And yes, I saluted him and had other vets tearing up too. Amazing night for me.

    • God bless, and than you BOTH for your service! You are BOTH heroes to me! I’m hoping you can begin to understand the sort of love and honor I have for you guys! I only wish I could have played my part. It’s my biggest regret in life.

      • MiketheMarine

        Trust me, Brother, I get it because I don’t count myself anywhere near that man. He is a HERO. I am a veteran who was willing but never put in the position to have to do what he did. He is to me what I am to you. I get it completely. To meet a living Medal Of Honor recipient is a VERY VERY RARE Honor.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Years ago before I retired from the Army I was at function when I noticed Chief Warrant Officer Mike Novosel, a highly decorated Army helicopter pilot. He was awarded the MOH while he was a medivac pilot in South Vietnam. I made my way over to him, introduced myself and got to shake his hand. Mike has since passed away. He was a quiet, unassuming hero. He wasn’t very tall, but the measure of a man isn’t his height, but his heart. And Mike had a huge heart and a determination to do his duty come hell, high water or enemy fire. He was a B-29 pilot in WWII, left the service and became a commercial airline pilot. He tried to join the USAF when Vietnam came along, but the USAF had an abundance of lieutenant colonels, so Mike joined the Army and became a warrant officer. Our nation is blessed with so many heroes; some recognized officially and formally, others just doing their duty, but heroes notheless. Thanks to all our military personnel for serving our nation under extremely difficult circumstances.