More Christians arrested in Libya for ‘proselytizing’

Libya claims since it’s population is 100% Muslim, any proselytizing would be a national security threat. Yeah, right. I’m sure it has nothing to do with their hate of Christians and Jews:

MORNING STAR NEWS – Arrests continue of Christians accused of proselytizing in Libya, with a total of seven now known to be in custody including one reported to have been tortured, sources said.

Four expatriate Christians in the eastern coastal town of Benghazi were arrested on Feb. 10, accused of proselytizing. Libya’s Preventative Security Unit arrested the Egyptian, South African, Korean and dual Swedish-American Christians, who have yet to be officially charged.

On Feb. 13, Preventative Security officers picked up two more Egyptian Christians, and another Egyptian Christian was arrested by Feb. 16, sources said. All the detainees were being held in Benghazi. It was unclear what led to their arrests.

Preventative Security spokesman Hussein Bin Hmeid said in a statement to Reuters that the four Christians originally arrested were printing books calling for conversion to Christianity. He said the country is 100 percent Muslim and that proselytizing “affects our national security.”

Only one of the four arrested on Feb. 10, Sherif Ramses of Egypt, has been publicly identified. When Ramses was arrested, he allegedly had 30,000 Bibles in storage, a figure that Libyan police inflated to 45,000 in published statements, sources said. Ramses ran a small printing service in Benghazi and a bookstore that sold both Christian and secular books.

Sources close to the arrests told Morning Star News that Ramses has been tortured, saying he was severely bruised. Several other sources independently told Morning Star News that Preventative Security was able to get the names of other Christians in Libya from Ramses, possibly by accessing information on his cell phone. It was unclear, however, if any Christians subsequently detained had any significant links to Ramses’ work.

Preventative Security is an internal police force formed during the Libyan Revolution by regional rebel leaders.

Rumors were circulating throughout Libya about unknown others thought to be arrested.

Another wave of arrests was said to have taken place on Sunday (Feb. 17) in Tripoli. Sources in Libya reported to contacts in Egypt that no one has been able to contact these detainees, learn their location or even get an estimate of the number of those said to be arrested.

“They say it was a large group,” a source in Cairo receiving updates from Libya said. “They were supposed to be released, but there has been no word.”

There has been no information about the possibility of Libyan nationals being picked up in any of the expatriate sweeps.

Those monitoring the situation said that they thought all the detainees would be released except for Ramses, who will likely stand trial. It was unclear what penalty a guilty verdict would bring for Ramses, as the proselytizing law is a hold-over from the previous regime deposed in October 2011, and Libya has yet to approve a new constitution. When arrested and asked why he thought he could hand out Bibles in Libya, Ramses reportedly told his captors, “They say Libya is supposed to be a free country.”

The arrests are the latest in a series of recent incidents in Libya against Christians or Christian symbols. In December, two Egyptian Christians were killed and two were wounded when suspected Islamic extremists threw a homemade bomb into a Coptic Orthodox Church building in Dafniya, in western Libya. Several communities of Catholic nuns left Cyrenaica Province after receiving credible death threats. In addition, on many occasions suspected Islamic militants have desecrated graves with crosses on them of Britain’s World War II dead.

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  • Gotta appreciate dear leader’s arab spring legacy. I wonder. Does he wear his Nobel Peace prize medal to bed every night dreaming about how many people have been tortured, droned, murdered, imprisoned and persecuted since his coronation?

    • Conservative_Hippie

      well said!

    • NCHokie02

      ooohhhh….face!! Nice one ABC

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on!

  • nosilasunny

    I see one is American. Are they going to let another American die in Benghazi?

    • No, they’ll probably work out their trade now for the blind sheik. I despise these people. God help our brothers and sisters, but I so despise those who are causing this stuff.

      • nosilasunny

        People are just pawns to them. They strip people of their humanity. Wrote a paper in college about descending so far into evil that one loses or takes unique human characteristics from others (it was an assignment using the book Night by Elie Wiesel.) I have been thinking about this paper a lot lately in context of current events. I think I am going to see if I can find it this weekend.

        • I’d like to read that. It’d be interesting.

          • nosilasunny

            I will share if I can find it. I want to read what my 18 year old mind wrote and what more I could add now with 14 years more experience. This was pre-September 11 even.

        • TexasPGRRider

          On occasion I find things from my college days in the countless containers accumulated thru the years. The gratification and reflection these experiences provide are hard to put into words. Enjoy your search nosila, and be prepared to find other “lost treasures” along the way….

          • nosilasunny

            Thanks! 🙂

      • TexasPGRRider

        And more than just a few of `em are slithering around the White House and the halls of Congress. At least we`re beginning to Wake Up….

        • Yes. I just hope enough of us are awake to do something about the slithering evil creeps.

  • 57thunderbird

    And Obama and the MSM are silent yet again.

  • white531

    Well, its pretty obvious they don’t like Christians. You somehow expected a different outcome?

  • leftwinglooney

    Look, let us be serious here. The Muslims are the enemy of the rest of the world. It is a cult that cannot pass and serious scrutiny or debate about what it consist of and what they stand for as a religion. When you dig down deep you find it is a false religion full hate and violence. They need to accept Jesus Christ as their savior and realize that Allah is nothing more than Satan fooling them.

    The world had better wake up and take care of the cancer now. The longer we wait the harsher the penalty. Better to kill 1.5 billion then to sacrifice everyone for the worthless BS!

    • famouswolf

      Yeah. I think we are already looking a WW3, fought largely on our own soil this time.

      I hope we don’t sacrifice a big part of a generation to save Europe from itself again.

      If we wait too long…Chuck Norris called it ‘ a thousand years of darkness’. Assuming it’s not the Christian End Times.

      We need to get it done.

  • Ray

    The religion of peace on display.

  • Patriot077

    Murder and torture dished out to Christians in other countries, but just listen to the whining of CAIR in the US

    Mr Hooper, just shut up and quit expecting the world to cushion you and your people from perpetual offense.

    • TexasPGRRider

      That CAIR dude in the video just inspired me to go shave….

  • warpmine

    Good because we can’t have the people learning the truth about the Lord. Far out, it
    s just like liberal orthodoxy, you can’t have people learning about the Lord in Public institutions err schools either.

  • Patriot077
    • badbadlibs

      “Now comes a book from a one-time administration insider who bluntly and altogether convincingly outlines the role domestic political considerations played in the White House’s approach to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

      The goal of policymakers was “not to make strategic decisions but to satisfy public opinion.” Syria, it seems, has been no exception.

      The former insider is the resplendently credentialed Vali Nasr, dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, life member of the Council on Foreign Relations and, most pertinently, former senior adviser to the late Richard Holbrooke, President Obama’s special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan”.

      UM….why isn’t this all over the news? Seems everytime a sniveling “former President Bush” advisor wrote a book it made the night news, and day news and afternoon news and the author was interviewed and interviewed and interviewed and maybe given a golden crown encrusted with jewels…ok, maybe not…but they sure were elevated!

      • Patriot077

        Interesting too, that the author of this IBD article, Richard Cohen, is a lefty.

        It won’t make the network news because the author doesn’t slobber over the prez or his admin. Mean Girls making American foreign policy indeed; no wonder Holbrooke died unexpectedly. Think of the stress he was under.

        I pulled the quote to make it easier for everyone:
        “In his telling, the White House was some sort of high school cafeteria where Holbrooke was always being shunned and given the silent treatment. He blames “a small cabal of relatively inexperienced White House advisers whose turf was strictly politics” for this. Mean Girls, not the Wise Men, made American policy.”

        Nasr set down his views in a book called “The Dispensable Nation.”

        Read More At IBD:
        Follow us: @IBDinvestors on Twitter | InvestorsBusinessDaily on Facebook

  • TexasPGRRider

    And the occupants of those desicrated graves happen to be Brits who gave their lives to help liberate those islamists` forefathers from the Nazis. Speaks Volumes….

  • mediaaccess1

    Zero is happy now.

  • spin43

    Here comes Obama to the podium to discuss this issue. He says that it is the fault of Bush and Rubio’s method of drinking water that is causing the violence. The media bow and accept the explanation as coming from a power higher than God. How is the movie maker doing in prison?

  • To be a Christian in Benghazi these days is like being a Jew in Warsaw, Poland, in about 1941. Most of them didn’t make it to 1942. The Christians in places like Libya and Egypt should pay attention to that historical fact.

  • NCHokie02

    When arrested and asked why he thought he could hand out Bibles in Libya, Ramses reportedly told his captors, “They say Libya is supposed to be a free country.”

    Spot on Ramses. On a side note I bet He had a laugh at a guy with the last name of “Ramses” being a Christian and advancing the Kingdom. He does have a sense of humor.

    Makes you think though of the petty persecution we see here, mainly getting ignored and such, is nothing to what other christians in the world trying to advance His Kingdom are facing on a daily basis. I pray they remain strong in their faith as He is with them.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Defund them. Cut them off. How hard is that?

  • Conniption Fitz

    I feel so sorry for the women and children whose countries are ruled by Islamist male chauvinist pigs…full of lust, racism, misogyny, hate, violence, vengeance, pride, lies.
    Where a bomb a day is normal.
    Where governments only change through mob violence, assassination, coup and war.
    Where no woman is allowed to study, walk to the store without a male chaperone.
    Where men rape women, then kill and punish the woman (sometimes 12 years old or less), not the &*#$%! rapist.
    Where little boys and girls are sold for sex slaves.
    Where the main businesses are oil, explosives, war, porn, drugs, human trafficking.
    Where the rebel religious group taking over is worse than the dictatorial regime preceding it.

  • Conniption Fitz

    As many as could do so Syrian Orthodox Christians have fled Syria:

    Copts are fleeing Egypt and other countries where Islamists are invading.

    We could send back 2 of our Islamists for 1 Christian who needs to get out of those Islam-infested hell-holes.