More docs found at consulate show Amb. Stevens worried about security, noticed troubling surveillance on day of attack

Foreign Policy Magazine took a trip to Benghazi for an interview and found more documents at the consulate, a month and a half after the attack on 9/11. These documents confirm that Amb. Stevens had requested more security from the Libyan government but was disappointed when it didn’t arrive and asked Libyan authorities to investigate.

He also noted that a member of the police force was seen photographing the consulate from a building across the street on the day of the attack. This concerned Stevens quite a bit and even now undercuts the State Department’s official line that there hadn’t been any security incidents that day.


FOREIGN POLICY – When we visited on Oct. 26 to prepare a story for Dubai based Al Aan TV, we found not only Stevens’ personal copy of the Aug. 6 New Yorker, lying on remnants of the bed in the safe room where Stevens spent his final hours, but several ash-strewn documents beneath rubble in the looted Tactical Operations Center, one of the four main buildings of the partially destroyed compound. Some of the documents — such as an email from Stevens to his political officer in Benghazi and a flight itinerary sent to Sean Smith, a U.S. diplomat slain in the attack — are clearly marked as State Department correspondence. Others are unsigned printouts of messages to local and national Libyan authorities. The two unsigned draft letters are both dated Sept. 11 and express strong fears about the security situation at the compound on what would turn out to be a tragic day. They also indicate that Stevens and his team had officially requested additional security at the Benghazi compound for his visit — and that they apparently did not feel it was being provided.

One letter, written on Sept. 11 and addressed to Mohamed Obeidi, the head of the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ office in Benghazi, reads:

“Finally, early this morning at 0643, September 11, 2012, one of our diligent guards made a troubling report. Near our main gate, a member of the police force was seen in the upper level of a building across from our compound. It is reported that this person was photographing the inside of the U.S. special mission and furthermore that this person was part of the police unit sent to protect the mission. The police car stationed where this event occurred was number 322.”

The account accords with a message written by Smith, the IT officer who was killed in the assault, on a gaming forum on Sept. 11. “Assuming we don’t die tonight. We saw one of our ‘police’ that guard the compound taking pictures,” he wrote hours before the assault.

The document also suggests that the U.S. consulate had asked Libyan authorities on Sept. 9 for extra security measures in preparation for Stevens’ visit, but that the Libyans had failed to provide promised support.

“On Sunday, September 9, 2012, the U.S. mission requested additional police support at our compound for the duration of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens’ visit. We requested daily, twenty-four hour police protection at the front and rear of the U.S. mission as well as a roving patrol. In addition we requested the services of a police explosive detection dog,” the letter reads.

“We were given assurances from the highest authorities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that all due support would be provided for Ambassador Stevens’ visit to Benghazi. However, we are saddened to report that we have only received an occasional police presence at our main gate. Many hours pass when we have no police support at all.”

The letter concludes with a request to the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to look into the incident of the policeman conducting surveillance, and the absence of requested security measures. “We submit this report to you with the hopes that an official inquiry can be made into this incident and that the U.S. Mission may receive the requested police support,” the letter reads.

The concerns about police surveillance exhibited in the letters to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Benghazi police chief cast further doubt on early reports that a spontaneous protest was to blame for the attack on the U.S. consulate — reports that the State Department has disavowed. They also appear to contradict an Oct. 9 State Department briefing on the consulate attack, during which a senior State Department official claimed that there had been no security incidents at the consulate that day. “Everything is calm at 8:30 p.m,” the official said. “There’s nothing unusual. There has been nothing unusual during the day at all outside.”


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    P.S. …Obama is RUNNING with the D E V I L

  • Joe

    How in Heaven’s name is this being ignored by the MSM

    This is really TREASON

    If John Boehner does nothing – He is complicit in the cover-up

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Amen. All of ’em have to go.

    • I will be furious if we expand our House control and storm the Senate and keep Boner and McColonel!! Waste of a republican congress! When does Pelosi and Reid sit and do nothing when they have control?! They do more with a minority than our poor excuses for leaders do with a majority. Reading the news any outsider would think Pelosi and Reid ran DC!! They have wasted 2010 for 2 years now!!

    • Thinkin’ about you and Gino today Joe. Don’t know if you still have family back home, but if you do, I hope they came through the storm OK! God Bless.

    • Jazzee


  • But Obama will tell you Al Qaida is on the run.

    • Jazzee

      apparently the idiot said it again today somewhere…can’t tell you where because I care less

  • sjmom

    Was there nobody Stevens and the others could find to help them? Neither the US or Libyan govt even tried to get them more security. It is troubling to learn there was a Libyan policeman taking pictures on the day of the attack. Just keeps getting worse and worse.

  • mikemc1970

    Pat Caddell was right. The media is the enemy of the American people. This Benghazi media blackout is just disgusting.

    • Jazzee

      not a surprise is it? they adore the ground obama walks on
      4 dead Americans and others injured……………..they are not dead wonder how worried obama, hillary, paneta are????? they can still speak can’t they?

  • BlueGood

    OMFG…it’s almost like reading a journal of a man who almost knows he’s about to die…repeatedly begging for help from his Commander in Chief and being turned down time after time….

    I cannot imagine the pain of the Families and friends of Ambassador Stevens, Ty Woods, Sean Smith & Mr. Doherty…are going through with each twist of the knife of truth through their hearts….random un-scheduled, uncaring twists, arriving in dribs & drabs..but each one more painful than the last…..

    NO ONE should be submitted to this torture!

    To those family members, I say…I’m so sorry, so enraged, so determined to see justice for those very brave and precious loved ones….HEROES!!!

    Mr. O’Bama….PHUCK YOU!

    • IwjwI

      …and documents are still being found almost two months after?

      Just what did the WH ask the FBI to go get for the investigation?
      Anything that would incriminate Obama?

      • Jazzee

        they said FBI spent 3 hrs there
        so that tells you a lot…a law enforcement investigation quick and cute
        this was an ATTACK ..,but then when you have a corrupt jerk controlling the white house

        • pdxlady

          Just long enough for a photo op…

    • Orangeone

      Yet Stevens went to Benghazi. And then stayed there. Why didn’t he go to the CIA compound right away? Why did he entertain the Turkish leader?

      • pdxlady

        I thought it was because they were meeting about the gun-running of weapons through Turkey to eventually get to Syria.

        Barry couldn’t afford to keep him alive…he knew too much.

        • Orangeone

          Agreed. I’ve posted before that I believe Dead Men Don’t Talk About Guns That Walk.  Barky learned the lesson with Fast and Furious!

          • Jazzee

            but there were many others who were there and injured he didn’t get rid of them all

            • Orangeone

              And notice not a peep out of the one at Walter Reed and unknown whereabouts of the others…..hummmm…makes me wonder

      • Jazzee

        rumor is the old USA/OBAMA was gun running again

  • This WH let them DIE and all the lies and deception won’t change that but we can change our future on Tuesday.

    R&R 2012

  • actionsspeaklouder

    Obama is going to ignore this just like he ignored the majority of Americans who were opposed to his healthcare law (tax). He would like to believe that by the sheer magic of his presence – people will forget all about the impeachable dereliction of duty he has so disgracefully committed.

    He is wrong.

    • Jazzee

      his presence is disgusting…the swagger and his ‘great orator’ skills are a JOKE

  • cheezwhizz

    So lemme get this right —
    First Bhusein send in a gay man as an Ambassador to an islamic hellhole Bhussein created,
    he WITHDREW security for that Ambassador
    Bhussein outsourced that “security” to alqaeda,
    when that Ambassador begged for more security , Bhussein refused to give it to him,
    when the Ambassador begged libyans for more security, they didn’t give it to him,
    when the attack happened, Bhussein saw it unfold in real time
    Bhussein ordered the forces he commands to stand back and do nothing while the Americans were being butchered by muslims in an islamic hellhole as he was watching it ,
    he went to bed.

    Bhussein went to party in Vegas after he was told that the Ambassador and 3 other Americans had been murdered,
    he sent out his minions to lie about it,
    he himself lied about it with Hillary in a video,
    he went to the UN to take out a hit on American people .
    In the meantime, he campaigned and read a speech –with 4 flag-draped coffins of Americans he killed –as a backdrop.
    After that he lied some more, his mama Candy lied even more , and now Bhussein is blaming Romney.
    OK, now who wants free birth control ?

    • Orangeone

      Cheezwhizz, you got it right!

      Barky Boy is the biggest reason for post-birth abortion that I’ve ever seen.

  • Don

    Obama and his corrupt sycophants are directly responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi and the mainstream media are co-conspirators for suppressing the truth on what actually happened. Dictatorships are the forms of government where the media is controlled on this scale. They present and never ending hurdle to the freedom of our nation. To lie with absolutely no regards for the truth is evil at its highest level.

  • colliemum

    I am totally aghast that these journalists found documents – important ones which go to the question security at Benghazi – weeks ater the FBI had been there.

    This allows one conclusion: the FBI visit, which took place weeks after the attack, was nothing more than an exercise in CYA. It was never meant to find out anything pertinent.

    Isn’t it Holder, who has the ultimate responsibility for the FBI?

    I think the suspicions of an international “Fast & Furious” are validated by this extraordinary discovery.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      It really begs a question, doesn’t it?

      “If these documents were not obtained by the FBI, then why not?”

      • colliemum

        Plausible denial: they couldn’t didn’t find any, therefore there weren’t any …

        They know full well that nobody will ask them why they did such a poor job, not before 11/6 and not until after Romney’s Inauguration.

        Now there’s no more time for another hearing in front of Issa and his committee.

      • Orangeone

        I posted below, sorry. I wonder if the FBI intentionally left the docs so the truth would get out. They report to Holder and we know what that means…..

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          At this point, I suppose anything is possible. I’m inclined to believe that the documents weren’t there when the FBI did their work. I can’t see what purpose would be served on behalf of law enforcement by leaving them behind.

          • Orangeone

            It would allow for the documents to be seen by the public.  If the FBI had them, like they did the videotapes, they would be turned over to Holder and never seen the light of day.

  • Susitna

    The Obama regime is telling us that they are investigating? Why are documents still laying around to the view of whoever enters the compound? It is amazing! The compound is still American soil and should be secured for the investigation. Absolutely outrageous!
    Obama should have stand his ground in Benghazi, instead he let Americans die and gave up the compound accepting defeat!!! What a great message to our enemies!

  • cheezwhizz

    When Obama called the SEALS,they killed Osama.
    When the SEALS called Obama, he killed them.

  • I just hope that after Romney wins the election, Congress does not forget about what happened in Benghazi. The four good people that died there deserve better than that. And their families, along with the American people, deserve the truth.

  • Tiffini

    Read this a couple of times, how was there anything left to find, shouldn’t the FBI have gathered all documents burned or not? I just can’t wrap my head around how or why the MSM isn’t more distributed by what happened in Benghazi? I just hope people remember the 4 who died when they vote on Tuesday. This man needs fired it’s the very least we can do.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      My thoughts exactly. You’d have to wonder WHY the FBI didn’t find these documents, and, if they did, they certainly wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t have left them behind, no? It makes me wonder if they were there when the FBI visited OR if they’ve been curiously deposited AFTER the FBI left. As the FBI is primarily a group of principled investigators, they’re NOT going to function as anything other than diligent police detectives, but I’d wonder if the boy-king’s inner group of schemers had the place entirely cleaned out before they’d arrive. I know that’s what others have suspected … so where exactly did these documents come from?

      • Tiffini

        I heard or read somewhere that the FBI was only in Benghazi for 3 hours, they usually are diligent and do collect all kinds of evidence, but if 3 hours was all they had, its possible they just missed these doc’s. Or since it took the FBI like what 3 weeks to even be able to enter Benghazi, that yes too your point things were moved read and put back, by who? I have no idea.

  • denbren52

    What the He11 did the FBI do when they got there to “investigate”? All those personal and official documents left behind long after the FBI was supposedly on the scene to investigate? The anger keeps building. It seems to me that there is such a mountain of evidence now that it has to come crashing down before next Tuesday.

    The media is complicit in this massive coverup!

    • cheezwhizz

      I think the FBI was sent there to see if there were any
      documents/files/thumb-drives etc lying around or stashed somewhere
      ( remember this regime knew everything about this building) which could implicate Bhussein in Fast and Furious –the jihad edition , and destroy that evidence .

      FBI knew what to look for and where to look for it and then what to do with it .

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Yeah. It’s sad, but I’m not so sure it really sheds any light on anything we didn’t already know. I think it does go a long way toward further debunking the whole ‘spontaneous protest’ angle the boy-king so favors.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Obama is guilty of treason. He was always a liar… so the cover-up is not necessarily news.

    He should be impeached, tried, and jailed. And even then, he gets off light.

  • Joanne Burgess
  • Joanne Burgess
  • How many times does a consolate in a dangerous country have to ask for help before Barack hussain Obama will act? The world may never know-CRUNCH

    • Conniption Fitz

      We should get our men out of all Islamic hell-holes.

  • Orangeone

    So the FBI investigated at the scene yet none of these documents were recovered? Was that intentional knowing the press would cover the story and find them?

  • Pickupdriver

    Did anyone just see CNN about 15 minutes ago? They had Breaking News…it sounded like they were calling FOX news liars about the “Stand down” report. Someone {who wants to remain anonymous for the State department, I think, {sorry I didn’t hear the complete report}, wanted to set the record straight that nobody was asked to “Stand down” – and they were quite upset with Fox for the “Stand down” report. This is such a mess and Obama created it all!

  • Conniption Fitz

    I can’t say what I want to about Obama and Islam. Just know I have only contempt for both.

  • Larchmonter

    In the third debate Romney proposed his Doctrine. The Romney Doctrine would stress confronting Islam with the reality that radical, terrorist Islam will be crushed in a Long War, fought around the globe on our terms. It will be a very low intensity war fought with all the high tech and low tech weapons and rules of engagement that mean we win, not we lose, we cut and run, we stand down.

    America has an enemy that will use any weapon at any time against us. They have a fatwa that allows them to use a nuclear weapon to kill up to 10 million Americans.

    I suppose, considering his actions so far that we have all seen, Obama will assist these terrorists in their targeting of such a weapon. He opened the gate in Benghazi, forbade any rescue forces to save anyone in the consulate and annex, punished the General who obviously was moving forces to launch a rescue attempt, and has silenced all departments of the government in our attempt to learn these truths.

  • Jazzee

    Oh God help this country is obama is elected
    I cannot express how I feel about this idiot and what he has done to our great country
    and I am so sorry we failed to protect these Americans………………..what about the ones that survived?????????? what do we know?

    • Larchmonter

      They are all CIA hires. Everyone is buttoned up, except one source for FoxNews. And that source seems to have gone silent. With blood on the ground, careers and jobs and families at stake, most people won’t talk unless subpoenaed by Congress. Then, many might “go to nut city” and not remember or make excuses about “not seeing or hearing” anything. Fear is powerful.

      I think the fellow warriors in Special Forces will have to convince the other Spec Ops guys to talk. They have dead brothers whose souls demand the truth.

  • Constance

    Wait a minute here. Didn’t the FBI go to that location recently? Why were any documents still left there? Are you freaking kidding me?