Morning Joe, Michael Steele attack Ted Cruz, says he needs to be more than just a spokesman for the Tea Party

Morning Joe Crew and Michael Steele attack Ted Cruz over mainly two different things he said yesterday on Meet the Press, accusing him of only speaking for the Tea Party and not the American people.

First, Joe attacks Cruz over his use of ‘a single woman living in Anacostia next to a crackhouse’ to defend gun rights. Joe says the Supreme Court overturned the Washington DC gun ban and therefore this analogy is not accurate and derides Cruz, saying that he should know better since he’s a Harvard educated lawyer who has argued at the Supreme Court.

But Morning Joe completely misses the point of what Cruz was saying. Here’s Cruz’s remarks from yesterday:

SEN. CRUZ: Look, I’m going to let people to decide to run what ads they want. I do think there’s a fundamental point here, and that– and there is a point of hypocrisy when it comes to gun control. That many of the proponents of gun control are very wealthy, live in communities where they can outsource police protection. But you have a lot of people that are worried about preserving the safety of their own home. If you’re talking to a single woman living in Anacostia, who– who has the misfortune to– to live next to a crack house, to hell her she doesn’t have a constitutional right to keep and– and bear arms, I think is fundamentally wrong.

Joe is an idiot. Anyone can read this and see that Cruz is attacking the hypocrisy of the proponents of gun control and the liberal elites who enact such gun bans in the first place, using Anacostia as an example of what happens when gun control is enacted. When the handgun ban was enacted in DC, ‘a single woman living in Anacostia next to a crackhouse’ couldn’t get a handgun if she wanted to protect herself – while the same liberal elites and gun control proponents lived in neighborhoods and communities where they could, as Cruz points out, ‘outsource police protection’. A gun for me and not for thee sums it up. So it took the Supreme Court to overturn the unconstitutional law because it violated the second amendment to guarantee this woman’s right to protect herself. It wasn’t done on the part of the liberal elites. That was his point. Again, Joe is an idiot for twisting it into an attack on Cruz when he failed to understand the premise in the first place.

Secondly, Joe, Steele, and the rest of them are all pissy because Cruz said Obama is exploiting Newtown to enact gun control. Sorry Joe, but it’s true. I don’t care if Obama cried for the children or not. This gun ban isn’t going to stop what happened in Newtown and if you think it will then you are as delusional as the president. We tried banning so-called ‘assault weapons’ before and it didn’t stop the massacres. Forget the assault weapons ban, just look at Chicago and tell me gun control works.

What makes all of this worse is that you’ve got the former RNC Chairman bashing Ted Cruz right along with them, agreeing for the need for gun control and agreeing that Colin Powel is right about the Republican Party. Ugh. I’ve never liked Michael Steele and I’m glad they kicked his but to the curb. MSNBC is right where he belongs – with the loons.

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