Morning Joe mocks Cory Booker’s ‘walk back’ video as a ‘hostage video’ – UPDATED


After yesterday’s Meet The Press appearance, Cory Booker created a YouTube video nearly walking back everything he said about Bain Capital. He said that he now encourages the president to go after Bain because Romney has made it part of his record and thus it deserves scrutiny.

As soon as Morning Joe saw this, he said it looks like a ‘hostage video’:

(via Mediaite)


UPDATE: Apparently the ‘hostage video’ was much longer than what was showed in the segment above, and Politico writes that the Obama campaign disingenuously chopped it up and tweeted out last night the portion where Booker agreed with attacking Bain:

In an almost four-minute follow up video for his social media followers, Booker explained that Romney’s business record was fair game, and that he was simply frustrated by negative campaigning.

That video:

The Obama campaign, however, sent out a different video on Sunday night. On Twitter, Obama campaign press secretary Ben La Bolt tweeted out a 35-second version of the video, which was very likely cut by the Obama campaign (because, when I clicked on La Bolt’s link, it had just 8 views).

Here is that video:

What gets lost in the edit is the nuance of Booker’s argument. Watching the 35-second video, you would believe that Booker was flip-flopping from his comments on Meet The Press and going on an all-out assault on Romney. In the four-minute video, Booker stands by his comments — including “nauseating” — and explains that while he does think Romney’s record is fair game, he remains “furstrated” by the Obama campaign’s negative attacks.

In other words, the 35-second video is a reverse from the original argument. The four-minute video is an extenstion of the original argument.

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  • anneinarkansas

    Booker held hostage by the White House?

    • jorous

      more like it was suggested ‘water-boarding’ to him that put him in line with the WH?

  • The whole country is being held hostage by Obama right now. Latest casualty? Fox News. No longer can you comment on news items. It’s been this way for days and no explanation. This after FoxNation (it’s so called comment wing) pulled all comments from it’s news items several weeks ago as well. Someone got to FOX! I hope we can always come here and read and comment. I am encouraging friends on Fox to check out this site as a possible place where they might come and have their opinion welcomed and validated (or not! ha!)

    • bobemakk

      The administration is afraid of FOX because they tell the truth.

      • XXIIFan

        Fox comes much closer to telling the truth than the MSM but every time I hear Shep dip s##t Smith I mute or change the channel.

  • conservativecanadian1

    Someone got a horse head in their bed!

  • las1

    Does this mean that he’s now saying that it’s OK to “look at” Jeremiah Wright as well?

    Just asking…

  • las1

    Why does Mika always look like she’s got gas? Or does she have nylon threads in her underwear?

    • NYGino

      She looks like a moist puppet whose strings are being manipulated by a novice puppeteer.

  • EchoMike

    News Tomorrow

  • EchoMike

    Tommorrow’s news story:
    Joe Scarborough fired from MSNBC for actually sounding like a conservative!

    • las1

      He’s a lawn ornament. Liberals walk by and say… “oh… lookee… isnt’ that cute.” He’s safe.

    • FutureOnePercent

      How long until we see his “hostage video” on YouTube?

  • what_is_truth_101


    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Exactly. I like that Romney is focusing on Omoba’s failed presidency while the D-rats are nibbling at Swiss cheese issues. Get ’em Romney…there’s an abundance of ammo out there.
      Especially like the concept of comparing the failed economy to California’s path (rather than Europe); it fits Americans’ perspective better.

  • Cory Booker probably called got several calls from the NAACP and the Obama administration, telling him if he doesn’t walk back his words, he will be “blackballed” and never hold public office again and his own safety could have been put in jeopardy. It’s quite clear that ANY Democrat who disses Obama or his campaign tactics, will get “raked over the coals” for their perceived disobedience to Dear Leader Obama.

    North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has nothing on Barack Hussein Obama in my opinion. Dear Leader Obama and his regime have made it quite clear that you either bow down to Dear Leader Obama, or they will make you bow down to Dear Leader Obama. Booker is simply the latest object of the Obama administration’s wrath. And like a good “slave” Cory Booker chose to forsake his manhood and grovelled in the dirt in an effort to appease Obama’s wrath and vengeance. Dear Leader Obama must be very pleased with Booker’s obeisance to him. Very pleased indeed.

    Cory Booker makes real men everywhere appreciate the fact they’re not Democrats or beholden to Obama’s wrath like he has obviously demonstrated himself to be. What a wimp!

  • NYGino

    Natural causes, and at such a young age.

  • Captain_Maynard

    A lefty siding with that which is right? Common y’all. You know it was too good to be true. The new video shows the real Brooker: Unprincipled leftist willing to go along to get along, even if it means selling your country to the doldrums of despotism in the process.

    Lieutenant was I
    Captain became I
    Blackbeard was why

  • WordsFailMe

    Character, Integrity-In Jersey? Who needs it when we got the white house. It’s only days away now from when Nancy, Maxine and Sheila march to the capitol carrying plastic bottle of urine and feces.

  • Captain_Maynard

    Oh and is it just me or is everything this administration does, always, in some way, point to HUSSEIN Obama being a card-carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood?

  • All that was missing from Booker’s video was two guys standing behind him in black masks and outfits and flags with arabic writing on it. Booker should have held up a newspaper to prove what day it was as well, just like any other hostage. Pathetic. I wonder how much they threatened him after Meet the Press? Just shows you how “tolerant” the Democratic Party is.

  • MsContrary

    “In other words, the 35-second video is a reverse from the original argument. The four-minute video is an extenstion of the original argument.”

    This is what the Obama Disinformation Team has consistently done: always do the reverse of what is said. Always walk back what is said and deny, deny, deny. Throw out a controversial idea and watch what sticks, and then lie, lie, lie about what was just said or done.

  • Nukeman60

    This is an excellent example of why future political participants will think twice before joining the Democrat party. If you don’t tow the line of the socialist-in-charge, you will get thrown under the bus.

    Obama has expended a lot of political clout to keep his past a secret from the public eye. Eventually, and ever so slowly, these people are starting to wake up and think to themselves, ‘I don’t want to end up with the proverbial knife in my back’.

    Obama has failed to realize that, unlike ’08, the right has all the power of the internet and blogworld at their disposal. What he does behind closed doors becomes tomorrow morning’s news item. No more spitting on Peter to pay Paul. November looks better and better to me each and every day.

    • NYGino

      Not sure the word “proverbial” always applies in politics.

  • rjcylon

    “What I meant to say was that Bain eats babies for breakfast and worships the Devil. I’m sorry I didn’t clarify that earlier.”

  • rjcylon

    Yeah those Super PACS are a mess. A better method is to go after private citizens who contribute to Romney. Let’s destroy their lives. Private citizens who contribute to Obama are of course, off limits. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lame stream media.

  • IllinoisHostage

    Cory needs to call Allan West and find out what time it is.