Morsi in 2010 says no negotiations with Jews, “the descendants of apes and pigs”

Not only does he refer to the Jewish people as the “descendants of apes and pigs”, but he calls for military, political, and economical resistance against the “criminal Zionists” instead of negotiating with them:

MEMRI TVMohamed Morsi: These futile [Israeli-Palestinian] negotiations are a waste of time and opportunities. The Zionists buy time and gain more opportunities, as the Palestinians, the Arabs, and the Muslims lose time and opportunities, and they get nothing out of it. We can see how this dream has dissipated. This dream has always been an illusion. Yet some Palestinians, who erroneously believe that their enemies might give them something… This [Palestinian] Authority was created by the Zionist and American enemies for the sole purpose of opposing the will of the Palestinian people and its interests.


No reasonable person can expect any progress on this track. Either [you accept] the Zionists and everything they want, or else it is war. This is what these occupiers of the land of Palestine know – these blood-suckers, who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs.


We should employ all forms of resistance against them. There should be military resistance within the land of Palestine against those criminal Zionists, who attack Palestine and the Palestinians. There should also be political resistance and economic resistance through a boycott, as well as by supporting the resistance fighters. This should be the practice of the Muslims and the Arabs outside Palestine. They should support the resistance fighters and besiege the Zionist wherever they are. None of the Arab or Muslim peoples and regimes should have dealings with them. Pressure should be exerted upon them. They must not be given any opportunity, and must not stand on any Arab or Islamic land. They must be driven out of our countries.


Therefore, these negotiations must stop once and for all. Everybody must turn to the support of the resistance, which is the option chosen by the Palestinians and by us all – the Arabs and the Muslims, Palestinians and others. We must all realize that resistance is the only way to liberate the land of Palestine.


Al-Quds TV (Lebanon) March 20, 2010, via the Internet

The Zionists have no right to the land of Palestine. There is no place for them on the land of Palestine. What they took before 1947-8 constitutes plundering, and what they are doing now is a continuation of this plundering. By no means do we recognize their Green Line. The land of Palestine belongs to the Palestinians, not to the Zionists.


We must confront this Zionist entity. All ties of all kinds must be severed with this plundering criminal entity, which is supported by America and its weapons, as well as by its own nuclear weapons, the existence of which is well known. It will bring about their own destruction. The peoples must boycott this entity and avoid normalization of relations with it. All products from countries supporting this entity – from the U.S. and others – must be boycotted.


We want a country for the Palestinians on the entire land of Palestine, on the basis of [Palestinian] citizenship. All the talk about a two-state solution and about peace is nothing but an illusion, which the Arabs have been chasing for a long time now. They will not get from the Zionists anything but this illusion.


They have been fanning the flames of civil strife wherever they were throughout history. They are hostile by nature.


The Zionists understood nothing but the language of force.

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  • Rocco11

    Obama’s spiritual adviser, Jeremiah Wright, could have written that speech for him…

  • Well done Dear Leader. Satan is proud of you.

  • colliemum

    “All products from countries supporting this entity – from the U.S. and others – must be boycotted.” – yep, unless they’re tanks and fighter aircraft donated by that POS in the WH!
    Oh – and their money, of course – it’s only jizyah, so it’s acceptable for muslims …

    • MiketheMarine

      And Taqiyya, mum. Lying to the infidel for the good of the “religion.”

      • colliemum

        That’s what the new, “American” Al Jazeera channel will be for.
        Sadly, there are far too many people who still do not understand these simple facts about the religion of peas.

      • Muslims call it,…..Hoodna or Hudna!….. and regardless of their lies, deceit, murders and myhem, they say they still get the 70 virgins, a palace, with the 14 car garage and billions and billions of American dollars from Obama’s stash. It’s must be good to be the boyz from these hoodz.

  • bobbybstrd

    Coming from a group of people that beheads and murders women and children and blows everything up they can, that’s rather rich.

  • deTocqueville1

    These statements should surprise no-one and I am sure they are not a shock to the occupants of the White House or the State Department! Perhaps the American people can pay attention.

  • America should sanction him for that alone but instead Obama pats him on the head and writes a check. those checks will get bigger because Egypt’s economy depended a lot on Israel. Watch as Egypt becomes a Mali sewer.

  • deTocqueville1

    Hah, hah, exactly!

  • Oh, this will end “well.” So this is what Obama and Clinton were pushing for? This is what Obama and Clinton blindly followed as the Egyptian version of “Hope and Change?” All bets are off once Iran gets a nuclear bomb. With Egypt now more than willing to assist in the destruction of Israel once again, the balance of power has shifted in the Middle East. We are now back in early 1973, just before the Yom Kippur War. Once Iran gets its bomb, there will be war once again. Only this time, I’m not sure anybody is going to “win.”

    • Conniption Fitz

      This is the Arab Sting, not Spring.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Morsi is ‘projecting’: putting on another person your own character and motives.

    It’s like when the leftists call the TEA Party terrorists or when Romney called Newt and Santorum liberals.

    It is the Islamists who act like apes and pigs: murderers, rapists, bestiality, pedophilia, misogyny, injustice, racism, hatred, lies, etc.

  • MiketheMarine

    I’m envisioning a 1000 yard shot with a .50 cal and watching Morsi’s head turn into a pink mist. It has quite an effect of those standing close by to an event like that.

    • When that sniper is done with him, I’ve a list… 😉

      • MiketheMarine

        Me Too……….;-)

        • Did you remember the bread? I always forget the bread from my list! 😉

    • greg2318

      certainly one that Ill never forget but willing to do again if needed. Sometimes you get a nice spray..

  • sjmom

    Hmmmmm. Mr. Morsi, let’s see what the Lord God of Heaven and Earth has to say about His Land of Israel, His Chosen People the Jews and His city of Jerusalem.

    “The LORD of Hosts, the God of Israel saith; Behold I will punish the multitude of No, and Pharaoh, and Egypt, with their gods, and their kings; even Pharaoh, and all them that trust in him.” (Jeremiah 46:25 KJV)

    So, keep running your mouth Mohamed because you will learn as the Pharaohs did the Lord protects His people and destroys their enemies.

    • 1endtimes2020

      Right on.

  • BeyondPolls

    2014-2015 is coming.

    • Watchman74

      Blood moons?

      • BeyondPolls


  • The true face of evil never changes… Only the personnel and color of the uniforms and symbols change. But the evil remains. A few years ago a former friend of mine sent me an article with quotes filled against jews going back centuries and even before Christ was born… His argument was that Jews have been a problem since the dawn of time… I countered look how they have endured all these attempts to exterminate them and yet… They survive! While other civilizations and races that tried to kill them are long faded into old dusty history books… he didn’t like that much… Did I mention he used to be a friend of mine before? I told him the Jews survived because they are God’s chosen people and under His protection. That snapped it… We broke off contact and have not contacted each other in years.. I don’t even know if he’s still alive. Hate that deep is hard to burn out.

    • CO2isGood

      Is his name Barry?

      • LOL! I know what you’re saying, but no, his name was Milton. He really lost it coming up to 2000 as he was one of those who was awaiting the great computer crash and end of civilization… Armed up and stocked up… It never happened, and instead of being happy like the rest of us, he was bitterly disappointed… it was around then we parted ways… He wasn’t quite “right.”

    • 1endtimes2020

      You stuck to your guns and did the right thing. He couldn’t stand the truth. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  • a partner for peace, when pigs fly!

    • mmmmmmmmm bacon……

      • I had a bacon and cheddar cheese burger at Longhorn Steakhouse yesterday. YUM! Wish I still had it this morning.

        • mmmmmmmmm bacon… cheese.. burger………. mmmmmmm now I’m hungry. 🙂 Mornin’ Wolfie!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Be aware – Morsi is directly quoting the Koran. That is the kind of rhetoric and racism that characterizes Mohammed’s spiritual journals.

    Go to the Religion of Peace site and read some of the Koran for yourself and then read about the evil consequences of Mohammed’s directives and mandates that continue to this day.

    Over 20,000 murderous ‘jihad’ attacks against men, women and children of every nationality and religion, including muslims. Islamic violence kills 100-200 people per week, 2000 per month and 11-12,000 people per year. The data comes from news stories published around the world and does not count the injuries, rapes, slavery and false imprisonment and political/military aggression such as the war in Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq…just civilian jihad activity.

    Yesterday, 13 Shiite muslims were killed by Sunni muslims in Pakistan.
    Here’s more:
    2013.01.02 (Miranshah, Pakistan) – A woman and child are killed when Islamic militants fire a rocket into their home.
    2013.01.02 (Karbalah, Iraq) – Two Shia pilgrims on foot are sent straight to Allah by Sunni bombers.
    2013.01.01 (Karachi, Pakistan) – Tehreek-e-Taliban set off a bomb at a political rally, taking out at least six participants.
    2013.01.01 (Swabi, Pakistan) – Six women are among seven humanitarian workers brutally machine-gunned by Mujahideen.
    2012.12.31 (Bakarabad, Pakistan) – One civilian is killed when religious hardliners blow a girls’ school.
    2012.12.31 (Bani Wais, Iraq) – A woman and child are among the casualties of a Mujahideen bombing.

    Islam is a violent terrorist hate group. 99% of terror groups listed by the US State Department are Islamic groups.

    • CF, Excellent list of facts surrounding Islamic terrorism.
      The muslim Hoodna/Hudna has worked very well over the many years since Hitler. Nations citizens continue to elect cowards to protect them or they ask their leaders to be more progressive and peace loving, but in every case the citizens are murdered either by terrorist actions or by war, but so rarely do we seen the leaders pay for their deceit and cowardness.

  • Don

    Millions of American taxpayer dollars have aided this monster in seizing control of the people of Egypt. Egypt, like our country, is about see what “transformation” of a country from within is all about. Morsi is definitely in the process of stifling any media that is critical of his regime. He has learned how important it is to OWN the media, as Obama own’s our mainstream media, to insure limited opposition to changing a country’s way of liviing. Without truth, there can be no freedom.

  • Sandra123456

    Israel needs more space/land. Maybe this would be a good time to invade and annex Egypt. Then go after Iran.

    • 1endtimes2020

      Right. And take over Saudi oil wells too. They don’t deserve to be custodians of such an important resource. Barbarians and pagans who are the low life of the world. Actually, they can keep their oil. Canada and the U.S. have all we need.
      The U.S. has to look after itself. A third party “America First Party” that is jealous of its sovereignty, and wants nothing to do with the IMF, WHO or ther UN. Kick the UN out…and the International Court especially. They’re mostly against the U.S., anyway. Bring all manufacturing back home, and sell to ourselves, just as before. Who needs China? Let China sell to itself. They have the population for it, so, tons of potential consumers.
      Any politician who thinks America is guardian of the free world should not be elected. America First, America 1st….and foremost.
      Obama should be impeached. Are you angry yet? I predict that before 2013 is over, you will be.

  • Conniption Fitz

    More about Morsi, ‘The Common Tyrant’ by Theodore Shoebat:

  • Nukeman60

    And now, if it wasn’t clear to the idiots by now, this is the reason Obama is stocking Egypt with our very best tanks and military equipment. Certainly, Liberals didn’t think Obama’s arming them to the teeth was for personal defense now did they? After all, they don’t have a 2nd Amendment.

    God protect Israel and it’s people. The war is coming, we all know this. They are prepared. I hope we are, as well.

    • And if NObama does have his hand forced and send our troops to help Israel… Many will die at the hands of the very weapons he gave them… That is so sickening! This whole world is effed… Simple as that. Pray hard, keep the faith, remember God is over all!


    … isn’t the regime of DEAR LEADER PART II HUSSEIN Obama supplying Egypt’s Air Force with armaments such as a number of high tech up to date F-16 FIGHTER JETS ?
    OH WELL ,it is just another FOREIGN POLICY POLITICAL BLUNDER , CATASTROPHE , MIS CALCULATION (I doubt it). Or a deliberate action against the State of Israel in support of the Muslim Brotherhood who have been sometime guests at the White House? Just asking .”

  • W. A. Whitestone

    Update: Suicide car bomber kills 27 Shiite pilgrims in Iraq, police and medics say – @Reuters

    Typical day in Islam’s Sharia hell-holes.

    Morsi should shut his mouth.

  • kong1967

    Obama and Hillary are idiots. They had such a problem with Mubarak, yet not a word on this POS.

  • W.

    Who are the real beasts?

    Here is a list of the works of Islam in the last 30 Days:

  • Has Morsi taken a good look in the mirror lately? I want to give the litt’l fella a banana…

  • Sober_Thinking

    Hey! America should send him some more taxpayer money! Maybe that’ll win him over.

    Cut these animals off.

  • tinker_thinker

    Ahh, well, I’m ready for war…no way will I accept anything a muslim man says…stop gi.ving them our money

  • tinker_thinker

    Do they make anything we can boycott?

    • Conniption Fitz


      • 20Chitowndemrevenuestream12

        i don’t think egypt has much oil.i think tourism was their main economic source

  • 1endtimes2020

    Has Morsi looked into his mirror lately? He isn’t exactly Mr. Class.

  • chatterbox365

    Yup…Islam is such a peaceful religion. The Crusades knew what a threat these people would be and it’s a shame many people don’t see it now.

  • Tall, Dark and Handsome

    And Barack Hussein Obama, he who is on record as saying that the Muslim call to prayer in the morning is the most beautiful sound in the world, has just sold Egypt 20 F16’s and a bunch of the worlds best “Main Battle tank”, THE MA11 Abrams.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      I read he GAVE them the F-16’s……..

  • Godisright

    Is Morsi a geneticist now? Bumbling idiot.
    And how does our Congress pass anything that gives weapons and technology to these goons? At least we will know what type of aircraft we will be fighting against in the near future. So, who are the real idiots?
    I just can’t fathom how stupid our leadership is- yes, the spirit of stupid has taken control.

  • We all want peace, and yet, after more than a century of conflict, the struggle between these two related nations remains more intractable than ever. Why?

    Because each side is entrenched in its own narrative, to the exclusion of the other’s.

    Its faults notwithstanding, one must admit that Israel has taken some steps since the Oslo Accords toward acknowledging the Palestinian suffering. These steps are reflected in school books, in the media, and through other informational outlets. The Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza, for instance, are now referred to as “Palestinians,” and most Israelis would like to see a Palestinian state emerge. The fact that Israeli voters don’t reflect these wishes has to do with fears of surface-to-air missiles two miles from Ben-Gurion International Airport, and scarred memories of blown-up buses and pizzerias.

    The Palestinians, unfortunately, have done little to allay Israeli fears. While Palestinians clamor for the removal of onerous checkpoints and barriers, militant attempts to penetrate these barriers and attack Israeli civilians have not ceased at all since the second Intifada. Similarly, school books and speeches, in Arabic, have grown radical, to the point of portraying Israel’s very existence as a crime. Little has been done to acknowledge the Jewish roots in Palestine.

    The fact is that the Jewish presence in Palestine goes much farther back than most Palestinians, as well as Arabs and Muslims in general, would be willing to admit.

    Before 1948, Palestine was ruled by a series of empires. Before that Palestine was Judaea—a Jewish country. Jews have lived in Palestine continuously for more than 3,300 years. “Palestine” was the name given to the Jewish homeland in the second century by the Romans, in an attempt to break the Jewish adherence to the land. This was a century after the Jewish temple was destroyed and more than a million Jews were massacred.

    The Jews stopped fighting the Romans only after they had no more fighting men standing. As Evangelist William Eugene Blackstone put it in 1891, “The Jews never gave up their title to Palestine… They never abandoned the land. They made no treaty, they did not even surrender. They simply succumbed, after the most desperate conflict, to the overwhelming power of the Romans.”

    The Jews persisted through the centuries under the various empires, after the Arab invasion of 635AD (which they fought alongside the Byzantines), and after the Crusade massacres of the 11th Century, which decimated much of their population. They never stopped returning, and their numbers recovered. In the 19th century, before the Zionist immigration, Jews constituted the largest religious group in Jerusalem.

    Few Palestinians realize that Jewish customs, religion, prayers, poetry, holidays, and virtually every walk of life, documented for thousands of years—all revolve around Judaea/Palestine/Israel. For thousands of years Jews have been praying for Jerusalem in every prayer, after every meal, in every holiday, at every wedding, in every celebration. The whole Jewish religion is about Jerusalem and the Land of Israel. Western expressions such as “The Promised Land,” and “The Holy Land,” did not pop out of void. They have been part of Western knowledge and tradition dating back to the beginning of Christianity and earlier.

    After the Crusades, the Jews—including many who have returned over the centuries—lived peacefully with Arabs, often in the very same villages, as in Pki’in, in the Galilee, until the Zionist immigration of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Article 6 of the PLO Charter specifically calls for the acceptance of all Jews present in Palestine prior to the Zionist immigration. These Jews were simply another ethnic group in a region composed of Sunnis, Shiites, Jews, Druz, Greek Orthodox, Catholics, Circassians, Samarians, and more. Some of these groups, like the Druz, Circassians, Samarians, and an increasing number of Christians, are actually loyal to the Jewish State.

    Incidentally, genetic studies consistently show that Zionist immigrants (a.k.a., Ashkenazi Jews) are closely related to groups that predate the Arab conquest, like the Samarians, who have lived in Palestine for thousands of year.

    Palestinian denial of these facts may lead to events such as the ones brilliantly depicted in Jonathan Bloomfield’s award-winning book, “Palestine,” in which actual history and predicted events are thinly veiled as fiction.

    If, as the current Palestinian narrative goes, the Jews are not a people indigenous to Palestine but rather an invading foreign colonialist body, then they must be fought until they are removed from this land. Anything short of that, by any standard, would be injustice.

    Thus, war and bloodshed will continue until the Palestinians in particular, and the Arabs and Muslims in general, start acknowledging the Jewish narrative, and the fact that Jewish roots in Palestine date back thousands of years, long before the Arab invasion.

  • mikeinidaho

    Spoken like a true ape and pig, Morsi!
    God bless Israel and damn the terrorist pigs who oppose Him.

  • TimeForAnarchy

    7th Century barbarians that worship a pedophile. Takes a lot of nerve to castigate ANY group with a pedophile as your most pronounced leader.

    Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi, Bin Laden, Kharzi, Al-Shabob, anybody from Trashcanistan……they’re all the same breed of dog, as we say…………

  • Isn’t amazing how liberals / socialist marxists, always tries to smear conservatives by comparing conservatives to Hitler and evil, but align and ally themselves with islamists like Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, as well as AhmadineNazi of Iran, Hamas, etc, against the Jewish people and State of Israel, who want and are acting in the exact same manner to accomplish the very same objective as Hitler, to exterminate a whole race of human beings. I would venture to say, if they , the slime of Humanity, want to make slanderous insults, islamists like Morsi and AhmadineNazi are the descendants of apes and pigs.  

    When you’re an anti-American liberal socialist marxist islamist, hypocrisy and insanity is a wonderful thing. For they could care less about factual truth, as denial and projectionist propaganda of lies is easy to do, when you have no morals, ethics, integrity, honor, respect, conscience, etc.. Amazing isn’t it..

  • test