MoveOn ad features old lady threatening to “burn this mother f***er down” if Romney wins

The classy left continues to outdo themselves with ads, this time one from MoveOn with old ladies threatening to c***punch Romney and “burn this mother f***er down” if Romney wins.

Watch and be advised, CONTENT WARNING:

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  • johnos2112

    Well I guess that shall burn because Romney is gonna win BIG!

    • Orangeone

      They should be careful about what they wish for. They would be heading the line to the death panels if O wins again.

      • Rightstuff1

        Orangeone that’s really funny and did it without being a disgusting puke unlike those rotten old wretches!!!

      • keyesforpres

        Yeah, that was a bunch of “units” if I ever saw one.

        • Theresa Gordon

          I’ll bet they don’t know about the “units” because they probably only watch the mainstream media news outlets. Obamabots!

          • miramichi

            Dems are a lot like getting out your old xmas tree lights in the winter….
            Some don’t work and the others are not very bright….Looks like these
            seniors have been a little over medicated…
            Liberalism is a mental disorder…Where was Nurse Ratchett and Jack Nicholson.

            • MoodyRed

              they were probably promised cake and ice cream!

            • bobemakk

              Great post.

    • And the idiots at moveon think that ad will get more votes for Obama? They’re even more delusional than I thought — and I already thought they were bats**t crazy.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Was that Showbama’s aunt Zatuni?

    • iHeartLife

      UGH! She is horrible!

  • shield1

    Please make this go viral. You could not find a better anti-Obama ad. This is perfect.
    What gets me is these leftists actually believe this ad represents them in a good light… hilarious.

    • detectivedick

      Now that is “The pottie chair calling the kettle black”…..pass the depends.

      • BlueGood

        Islam ~~ “The Religion of Peace”

        Democrats ~~ “The Party of Tolerance & Inclusion”

        “Preparation ‘O’ Hemerrhoid OBama Cream” ~~ Soothing Azzholes Everywhere”

        • detectivedick

          I refrained from saying they look “shovel ready”

          • That’s really funny! I am laughing my eyes out! ‘Shovel-ready’ …. Ha-ha.

          • MoodyRed

            Roflamo! Hilarious!

        • MoodyRed

          OMG, I love it!

    • aisha perkins

      No liberal considers this ad anything else but utterly freaking hilarious. Please believe it. I am still crying right now…..

  • Wow. I don’t even.

  • sybilll

    If any of those foul-mouthed cretins were my grandparent, I’d ask to be cut out of their will.

    • conservative58

      I wonder if these are Lena Dunham’s grandparents?

      • freenca

        The red diaper parents ????

      • SineWaveII

        Or Sandra Flukes?

    • las1

      They are simply “old” Julias. They won’t have wills.

      • Rshill7


    • badbadlibs

      I’d get a blood transfusion, change my name and plead with God to change my DNA so I couldn’t possibly be associated with those cretins. Yikes almighty, where does bo and his vicious goons find such gosh awful human beings?????

  • IPOC

    Burn then hag

  • conservative58

    Do the liberals not have ANY moral values whatsoever? They have had some of the most disgusting, vulgar ads I’ve ever seen in a campaign.


    • Conniption Fitz

      They have no class. Truly graceless.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    That’s disgusting and just like MoveOn.dumbmass to show something dispicable like that. Seems like they want to try and stir up the dims to violence if their king loses the election. The liberals are destroying our country and turning it into a third world nation and this is part of that!!!!

    • freenca

      Friends of George Soros!

  • I’m sorry but I couldn’t watch it past the second, dare I even call her lady. This is disgusting. Sick and pathetic. God help us.

    • No doubt. I thought that Betty White was bad. I have seen Alzheimer patients cuss like a sailor, but these people seem to be quite lucid.

      • I know what you mean libirtifriend. I’ve had a couple of uncles and my grandmother who had alzheimers and did cuss and call names, but these people are definitly not suffering from that…

    • 3seven77

      I got to :45 seconds when the old hag threatened to burn this M*f*r down. Who wants to listen to that? If that’s the only solution they have, why bother? She doesn’t care anyway, her life is pretty much over except for the vulgar language.

      • You’re a braver soul than I am. This was sickening. I would never believe an elder person would talk this way. Goes to show I guess that wisdom doesn’t ALWAYS come with age. 🙁

        • I am Canadian born in America…wish I had a vote~

          • I’m a Canadian who lives in America, wanting to get my citizenship so I can vote too.

      • Democrats took advantage of dementia. How else can we explain this elder humilation. Democrats are desperate. The last threat from the veteran at the end of the ad is the worst..he is coming back as a ghost to watch his family have sex if they vote Romney. Gag.

        • XuhQshinR

          Dementia is the land where Democrats actually live.

          Also where they hope to bring all of us to through their demented changes that they want to bring to all the world.

    • las1

      I watched it twice… and the “Rosebud” Retirement Home was not lost on anyone who knows Orson Welles explanation of the term in Citizen Kane. William Randolph Hearst went ballistic when Welles used the name “Rosebud” in the film. It was Hearst’s pet name for a part of Marion Davies’ anatomy. He left half of his fortune to Davies.

      These people are so vile. Disgusting.

      • I knew the term from Wells, but didn’t know the rest of it. Too much info for this duck! EWW! Vile and evil.

        • las1

          Sorry there duck… at least you didn’t turn into fois gras a-la-Daffy. [smile]

          I love Citizen Kane and that movie caused Welles to be blacklisted in the industry because he stood up to the media peddler Hearst by exposing him. Breitbart is even more than a Welles and it cost him his life. That’s what makes these people so evil.

  • shield1

    I read where this was made by Michael Moore. If so…

    Hey Michael, get used to saying “President Romney”

  • RKflorida

    Age is no guarantee of wisdom. These actors were willing to take a buck for this without any thought or conscience about the issues or consequences.

    • sjmom

      Definitely without a conscience!

  • BlackChips

    This will make every senior patriot sick. WTG mmfa, you classy, classy commies.

  • p m

    How to epitomize what passes for the democrat mind.

    BTW Isn’t this racist hate speech…black on white violence?

  • Democrats/SEIU are keeping track of these people so they can vote their ballots when they die.

  • THE LEFT. Typical.

  • deeme

    Who are the people these people are appealing to, their base, people who stab babies in the neck when they are about to be born..??? People who have no courage and don’t like their country ..People who want to transform this country into a third World nation..Gift it to the M.E…Think taxpayers should pay for their b.c. , phones , food, healthcare and abortions..especially if they broke the law to come here..People who wipe their you know whats with the Constitution..People who don’t want God in anything..Aging hippies who did LSD aren’t too attractive..First the great ones, now the hate ones..

  • armyvet10

    What can one say about the depravity the Democratic Party is willing to sink to? These people warn about the Republicans stealing the elections…hmm. I guess they never watched the Veritas Stings showing Democratic Voter fraud. (If anyone is trying to steal the election, the Democrats are)

    I guess these people never seen Sandra Fluke (pronounced Fluck) and her rant that she needs help covering her contraception costs. (they can watch Sandra having intercourse, she is plenty kinky and according to her estimates of her contraception cost she is having plenty of…well you know)

    I guess they never heard about the current administration’s request for the U.N. to monitor voting booths. (Obama and his minions are the only ones engaging in voter intimidation)

    Last but not least, why do liberals always resort to destroying what they already have if they don’t get what they want? (The Compton riots is a good example of this)


    • ColoradoTim

      “why do liberals always resort to destroying what they already have if they don’t get what they want?”

      They are the ones that thought up the phrase: “Raising Awareness.”

      Not that it ever did anything good… They should try: “solving the problem?”

      • armyvet10

        I may be showing a bit of my age here (52) but the connection on the Compton Riots I was making was that every time the liberals feel they have been jilted, even if these individuals have no real connection to the action or event they are protesting, they resort to violence. The Compton Riots wasn’t the first time, but is easy to research. The L.A. Riots are another example of this. After the verdict from Rodney King case was handed down, the entire city of L.A. was engulfed into a state of war. Move this forward to the OWS crowd and the pattern of liberal behavior is easy to see. The sad fact is that as an educator (currently a substitute teacher) most kids know nothing of these events, or very few do. Liberals never want to shine the light on their own disgusting behavior. And as far as being part of the Greatest Generation…well even Jesus Christ had his Judus Isacriot. (Notice the last four letters of Judus’ last name spells riot.

        • poljunkie

          Same age.

    • Rshill7

      Because liberalism is like an incorrect mathematical formula. Imagine trying to get the right answer using pies are cubed instead of pies are square.

      It consistently kicks it’s own @$$ because it can’t help it.

      It’s like trying to unlock your front door with your truck keys. It’s also like wearing your underpants on your head yet fruitlessly ciphering while being locked out.

    • They are, quite literally, jackals; vomiting on whatever they can’t finish to discourage anyone else from coming in behind them.

  • OMG!! This must be the Alzheimers Unit!

  • Joe

    I am speechless – This is not even funny – but it is pathetic

    Just when you think they can’t sink any lower –

    They outdo themselves and go LOWER


    FYI – I think ACORN was the group who stole 2008 !


    These people are not from this world

    I’m from Brooklyn and never heard any elderly person speak like that !

    This gives me MORE RESOLVE – that these jerks cannot regain control!

    AND more interesting –

    WHY IS THE LEFT SO NASTY all the time ????????

    • Maybe it was just me, and I did only watch the first quarter of it before I had to turn it off, but that first “lady” almost looked like she was scared, kept looking off to the side. Made me wonder if someone was making her say these things. But then the second “lady” came on and sounded like she was glad to say what she said. I have been around plenty of older folks, some of them ex military and they have never talked like this. 🙁 These people try and give the greatest generation a bad name.

    • freenca

      Friends of Soros?!!!

  • ColoradoTim

    Are any of these Joe Biden’s children?

  • Obama mobs…. LOL! Will these ‘old’ idiots live to see Obama losing on Nov 6?

  • Totally inapproriate

  • Boris_Badenoff

    That’s how the libs roll… Real dumb asses.. they lose so they go burn their own s#!t down… doah!

  • Totally inappropriate

  • aussieguy64

    This ad isn’t surprising… is a Left-Progressive organization.

    The Left-Progressive movement doesn’t know how to genuinely lead. That’s why they lie, exaggerate, or dictate.

    To genuinely lead people, you have to be honest such that others can trust you. (As well as filled with integrity, character, and competence). Left-Progressives have none of those fundamental traits. That’s why their leaderships eventually fail and people learn to ignore them.

    Swearing and shock ads only work in the short term. Over time, they become less effective as people adapt. (Just look at PETA. They get more shocking with their propaganda and its turning more and more people off as they become disconnected to reality. You know someone has lost the plot when they are parodying Pokemon!)

  • honestinquirer

    From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. No morals to see here. Move along everybody.


    …aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, OBAMA IS RUNNING with the D E V I L . FOR SURE !

    Romney / Ryan 2012 VICTORIOUS without a DOUBT because the Democrats have lost there SCRUPLES !”

  • Mary O’Grady

    This may be the most disgusting ad I have ever seen.
    I am not easily shocked and I really did find this appalling.

  • Don

    This is a perfect example of how desperate the liberals are becoming. MoveOn is owned and operated by Soros. His disdain for our people and our country is compounded by how easily Ameicans will sell their souls to betray everything this country stands for. He has turned 100s of journalists into his bobble-headed fools and it is reflected in the obvious corruption the media reflects. This video will backfire as Americans will easily understand these are seniors being manipulated as only Liberals do.

    • freenca

      The road to he** paved with Soros’ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ?

  • To see any senior act like this makes me feel like my saint of a Grandpa’s legacy is tarnished through this debacle!!! I am shocked and ashamed these people would let themselves get used and pimp themselves out! May they be the only 5 that have to suffer under ObamaCare and with mouths like these I have no worries of them looking down at me from “Heaven”!!!

  • sjmom

    I thought the Lena Dunham ad crossed the line but this one is over the cliff. Got news for the man who going to watch from Heaven; it’s not where you’re going. Go ahead burn your senior home down and then call Obama. He’ll be back in Chicago and can come help you rebuild it.

  • crosshr

    wow,wow , ayeee !! gotta go take a shower, I’m disgusted by these old farts !

    disgusting !

  • What a bunch fried brain old folks,

  • WhiteGuy2

    old ladies threatening to c***punch Romney and “burn this mother f***er down”

    LOL ,…………haahhhhhhhh hahahaaaaaaaaaaa! Its too scary turn it off! turn it off!

    Oh God help us!

  • Clevername1234

    These people seem mad I told them to get out of my way at the store earlier.

  • styxman65

    OOOO–MY–GOD……………… Who thought this would be a good campaign ad?? Oh I know, A brain dead, thoughtless, good for nothing, pile of dog crap, commie loving, low life, dirt bag, self loving, closed minded, sorry excuse for a caring human being,,, other words a Liberal.,,,,,,,,, I NEED A TYLENOL….

  • Orangeone

    Talk about exploiting the elderly and vulnerable. Why aren’t these threats being investigated by the FBI and SS? Wanting to burn things down and insult a Presidential candidate?

    • I assume you meant “assault” rather than insult. I really would like to retain my right to insult a presidential candidate.

      • Orangeone

        I did, thank you!  Fast fingers some days….

  • seen worse quite funny really, is this not how most Americans talk?

    • poljunkie

      Not how my grandma talked to me.

      Not how my 92 year old dad spoke to my son-
      Not how my 89 year old mom speaks.

      Oh, thats right, they have class, a little bit of integrity.

    • freenca

      Not all Americans, just the ones with a socialized, low vocabulary ‘education’.

  • Wow! I’m glad my grandparents weren’t Democrats!

  • This is repulsive and very disrespectful to the american people and their children who may come across this ad.

    Obama should stop his super packs from doing this dumbness

  • Landscaper

    Unless Hollywood pulled a good digital job, these REALLY are old people talking this trash. I wonder what TV market this would be suitable for, not to mention the time slot has to be after 10 pm.

  • Orangeone

    The org against Voter ID in MN has a 91 year old woman making the same “disenfranchise” me comments. She’s too old to vote.

  • Patriot077

    I am ashamed for them for participating in this. Only the Lord knows what their foolish SEIU caregivers have been telling them, but if this is what they think an effective message is they must be on too many meds.

    Really repulsive.

  • rsox1

    These people are vile. As if I needed any more motivation to vote Obama OUT.

  • This is a clear sign that the entire left wing in this country has jumped the shark. If anyone asks you why we call them left wing whackos, show them this video.

  • That is sick

  • las1

    How dare they use the music of Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring at the beginning of this ad. There should be copyright infringement somewhere on this.

    Disgusting and filthy. Proof that some of the old can be seduced by the idiocy of the young.

    • Rshill7

      Do you think it possible they were duped into thinking it was a fictitious skit for an SNL type thing?

      • las1

        The whole thing was fictitious. With this vile bunch… these were definitely actors. The first woman was definitely not born in the first world war. The whole thing is an obvious sham.

        • Sooooo very true… That first actress was born in 1929 at the earliest. And, I am so sick and tired of Michael Moore, he is such a douch bag. Probably used folks who are suffering from dementia, and have no idea who they are voting for or who was in the Oval Office for the past 4 years.

  • This is disgusting and it’s not surprising that it comes from liberals. And these people who volunteered to act like uncivilized fools, should hang their heads in shame.What a vulgar bunch…It’s not funny,it’s pathetic.

  • FutureOnePercent

    Just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you’re not a dumb-ass.

  • capelady

    It is not the Republicans who steal elections…. and what a disgrace for people representing “the greatest generation” to speak with such crass, coarse and disgraceful language!

    • poljunkie

      Anyone remember the series pop up video ? It was the old music video show that did thought bubbles with information in the video. It was a great series.

      Here is one: Jewel who will save your soul:

      ANYWAY- I often thought that the Republicans should refute the democrats ads by doing a pop up video type overlay. Like for example in this nursing home ad when she says steal elections the thought bubble would say ( well besides ACORN, VOTER FRAUD, DEAD PEOPLE, BLACK PANTER INTIMIDATION)

  • Nukeman60

    I’m sorry, this sounds to me to be an unedited version of something SNL would make. I don’t buy it. It can’t be serious. Who the heck would they be convincing?

    Older people do not talk like this. Younger liberals would like it, but they are already voting for Obama. Undecideds and independents couldn’t possibly be swayed by these ‘powerful points’.

    All in all, just a waste of time and energy.

    • WordsFailMe

      At this point in the campaign, exactly what portion of undecideds do they think this ad will convince? Oy vay!

      • Nukeman60

        It appears to me that MoveOn has nothing new to add to the conversation and at the same time they know that they have to spend their campaign money within a week. Soooo, this is what they come up with.

        It’s a very good sign for the Romney camp.

        • WordsFailMe

          Nuke–Did you see Rasmussen on Breitbart?

          Ras might be putting himself out of a job pretty quick. Mrs WFM has had Romney at 268 for over a week.

          • poljunkie

            Rasmussen has been very reliable as the “end all poll” for the last couple of Presidential elections. He (Scott) got the 2004 election right within I think 1.5 %.

            In 2008 he got the final tally right too. Projecting it 52 percent to 46 percent —with Obama winning. The actual vote came in at 53%-46%.

            As much as I didnt like some of his polls during the primary, in the end he turned out to be accurate.

            I hope what he is projecting now about Romney sticks and it is a done deal! ☼

            • WordsFailMe

              Mrs WFM was getting the Rasmussen poll by email every day until two weeks ago when she fired them–unsubscribed. In the Comments she wrote, “If you haven’t got anything good news, just shut up.”.

              • poljunkie

                PERFECT. Thats how I felt when I was supporting Perry.

                In my heart I loved him—- but in my mind I knew he was sinking. But I didnt want to hear it. Raasmussen was brutal and it was almost in my view like he was gleeful in his reporting of Perrys demise.

          • Nukeman60

            Yeah, I’ve been predicting 315-330 for some time now. With the landslide, it will be well over that (possibly as high as 355-375). Rasmussen is a bit shy when it comes to sticking his neck out. He’s slow to come around, but he’s fairly accurate. One thing these pollsters don’t consider is the way the undecideds are going to lean, and usually they fall to the challenger.

      • This ad isn’t for voters, it is for the welfare thugs who are already threatening to riot.

        • WordsFailMe

          I guess maybe I’m old fashioned but when I see a guy burning down his neighborhood, looting his Walmart and liquor stores and beating people senseless who drive through his streets I wonder….can he use any help? Gasoline? Matches? Axe Handles?

          • The problem is that the federal gooberment will go in and rebuild the welfare housing, and pay to rebuild Walmart. If the damage is bad enough, the government will just move them into the next neighborhood. Maybe that is the plan, to use the welfare class to literally burn down the country.

            • WordsFailMe

              I agree. I think we should apply the Romney Budget Item Test to this.

              Is rebuilding a burned out neighborhood worth borrowing money from China to rebuild? What what is a good rate of return on an investment in future squalor? What part of the investment are the users and future inhabitants willing to make?

              Why don’t split the difference and let the future users and inhabitants of this fine site do half and the taxpayer will do half. That’s f-a-a-a-ir.

              “Now yall go ahead and finish your half and we taxpayers’ll be back and catch the second half.”

              I call that- negotiating skill lol.

              • I like it. “you do the first half, we’ll be back”

                Maybe this is like the prison situation. The government makes so many laws that they can literally arrest and prosecute anyone, at any time. Meanwhile, the prison industry is booming, and their stock is going up, up, up. Then, they use the prison population for labor at 25 cents per hour. Now that’s what I call “government creating jobs”.

                So, they can use the welfare system to destroy entire neighborhoods, they go in and build them back up. “government created jobs”.

                They don’t stop there. We go into foreign countries and bomb the crap out of their infrastructure. Then we go back in and rebuild them. “government created jobs”.

                Now I understand what they mean by a “centrally planned economy”.

                • WordsFailMe

                  HAHAHAHA HOHOHO!!! Your are on it-Librti!

        • poljunkie

          If this shows on television I would be surprised-

          My mom is 89, and she is a Republican but some of her friends are democrat- and are in the 75-90 age group. I cant imagine any- ANY of them liking this sort of ad. The other day when I met my mom and another lady for coffee they were both complaining about all the ads- and how negative they were.

          Imagine how off-putting this one would be?

          • No doubt. My grandmother and her friends are in that age group. They were little old ladies, before they were little old ladies. Her generation was all about being “proper”, and this ad is not.

            I truly think that this is aimed at the “Obama phone” types. The people who made this ad are the “order out of chaos” people.

    • Rshill7

      Hey, I was just thinking and saying that above. I think they were duped.

      • Nukeman60

        Well, seeing how it was Michael Moore who helped produce it, I think we know who the dupes are, that’s for sure.

        I just went to the MoveOn site to see what the libs were saying about it. I am presently cleaning my computer with soap and water even as we speak.

        It’s amazing to read their comments and any anti-liberal who might speak. It’s just the opposite of what we see here. The crazies are in control and the logical commentors are the trolls.

        • Rshill7

          Yes. I never read anything from those sites. I realize who they serve. I couldn’t read much of Alinsky’s book either. The dedication alone made me put it down.

          I believe some of those who were featured in previous M.M. propaganda films have tried to sue him. Haven’t searched for the results of any of those. I know they were severely chafed though.

        • poljunkie

          What else did they say NM?

          • Nukeman60

            Here’s a quote:

            “Why are you here wasting your time trolls? What will become of you when Obama wins? Will you suffer while the rest of us prosper? Our country is nearly back on track and no sane person wants to go back to trickle down with even less of a safety net. And why would any sane person want you involved in what kind of medical procedures women can have? You don’t want to use birth control because of your religion you don’t want any one else to ignore your religion and make their own decisions. Get lost.”

            About sums it up. The video is apparently excellent and they support it 100%.

            • poljunkie

              Wow, thank you. Where are they living that they feel the country is almost back on track? Errrr maybe they are the 1% ( hee hee)

              They are tolerant as usual.

              Its true tho that they love Michael M- he visited our town the year before last. The liberals here were all ga ga. Our local channel that runs a loop for the visitors that visit ( it highlights restaurants, hikes etc)- still have him on. Someone I know was at the market when he ran in for something and apparently everyone went nuts.

              • Nukeman60

                I read quite a few posts from one liberal troll that came on this site once. From her comments on other sites, I could tell that she actually believed the liberal BS. Stuff that was obviously false.

                She believed Obama was brilliant, the best thing to ever happen to this country, and far more intelligent than anyone else around. She believed 100% in the cradle-to-grave government dependency. In fact, she stated that if the government didn’t take our money to give to others, that we wouldn’t even donate through our churches and personal charity at all. We would let them die.

                It disturbed me tremendously to think you can’t change the mind of someone like that. They are too far gone. Very sobering, to say the least.

                • poljunkie

                  My sister is just that way. She thinks Obama is the most brillant man in the world-Donated money she couldn’t afford to his campaign in 08 for a photo op….. and she thinks he matchs “her” intelligence! ( really) We’ve never agreed politically, she’s essentially rewritten history about her upbringing and life- as far as “over coming adversity”, when in reality she was raised in the same house as my brother and me. But as an adult she has taken a different path—-(alternative)
                  She buys into just what you described
                  When I didnt vote for Obama in 2008 she stopped talking to me. Even when my dad died last year- she came here against her wishes to see my mom who lives in the same town, but didnt speak to me.

                • Nukeman60

                  That’s really sad when they let it affect their family relationships. I have a lot of extended family that are liberal, but it just means we don’t talk politics. People in my family know they don’t want to start a conversation on politics with me unless they are ready for some discussion.

                  I hope someday your sister can reconcile her differences because family is everything in life.

                • poljunkie

                  Thanks NM. I doubt it will ever happen, but you never know. She was one of those that hated hated hated Pres Bush and went on and on and on at every family gathering about him for 8 years. I am sure she is still blaming him – much like Obama. She would send me links to articles in emails going all the back to the Reagan years ( she hated him too) and then say something like- until you read these and wise up, and have an opinion for yourself.
                  Blah blah blah—
                  Now, thats not a way to get someone to listen to your point of view, but besides that fact, its not like I am a little girl.
                  Im over 50, married nearly 30 years- college educated, worked nearly 25- raised a family. Im not exactly a dolt.
                  She and I have taken different paths…..

                • Nukeman60

                  It saddens me people take her path. Down the road, she may well come to see the light, and then she will blame everybody for not convincing her in the first place. Sigh.

                  I have a brother like that. It’s always someone else’s fault, no matter what happens. We do what we can, but they do have the responsibility to learn for themselves – or not.

                • poljunkie

                  Not likely.

                  About 10 years ago she got a pretty good job and the newspaper interviewed her. Whats the first thing she did in the interview- she talked about how she over came sooooo much to get where she was. She cited how her mom ( my mom) was a drug addict from the 50’s ( WHAT??), and her dad ( my dad) was heavy handed with her! (WHAT???) and how she had to pull herself up by the boot straps ( uh NO—my parents struggled— but growing up we didnt struggle much!) Anyway she spun an entire story about how her husband abused her daughter, and this and that—-then she divorced him and she decided to be gay. Her daugher is another chapter.
                  I couldnt make this stuff up. Really NM. Its unbelievable.

                • Nukeman60

                  Wow. These people always remind me of that famous quote by Ronald Reagan – “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.

                  It sounds like she has created an entire life, past present, and future, for herself without actually having to go through the work of living it.

                • poljunkie

                  Exactly. Its sad, and she has had so many opportunities in her life ( as did I) that she blew ( I didn’t)- What is so upsetting is how she mistreated my parents for most of her teenager years and all thru her life. They continued to forgive and foget- which is incredible- although my mom is about done.

                • Nukeman60

                  I don’t know what your mom’s political viewpoint is, but I’ll bet she is very proud of you for who you are. It seems your sister, not so much. I’ll say a prayer for her.

                • poljunkie

                  Thanks NM.
                  My mom is 89 as you know. My dad passed away last year, he was 92, and the sweetest guy you could ever want to know. So generous, and always happy—- they were married for just about 69 years. You’ve seen my posts about my parents. My dad was dirt poor – started working as a child to support his family, never finished school, but loved hard work, joined the military, worked some more, and together my parents owned a 5 and 10 in San Francisco. Over the years my dad had to fight the union because the store was retail—he fought hard- but they won. Even though he/we never had more than 10 employees we were classified as the same as the retail giants Local 1100. (Macys/Nordstroms/Bloomingdales) That always irked my dad, and cost him a lot of money and time. It was great for our employees. How ever, it really changed the “mom and pop” dynamic of our store- not in his or my families heart but because of the employees mindset. I think that is what essentially caused him to become a Republican.

                  Over the course of my childhood, the most important trait my dad taught me was personal responsiblity. This first occurred the time he and I got lost on a ski trip at Heavenly Valley during a blizzard. It was supposed to be a fun filled day of skiing but on our first run—- they shut down the chair lift due to incliment weather- and we were stranded at the top- in a total whiteout. I was about 9 years old, and wow- my dad really taught me self reliance that day.

                • Nukeman60

                  I like your dad and it looks like he will always live on in you and your children. That is the best legacy any man can hope for.

                  My mom is about the same age as yours is. She lives down in Missouri and you’ve made me realize I’d better take a trip down to see her after the elections are over.

                  Thank you.

                • poljunkie

                  You’re welcome. Bring candy!

                  Yep my parents are great. My dad swam around Alcatraz! (his claim to fame!)—but always wanted to be a great swimmer. My son swam thru high school and college. Aside from being a history teacher now, he is also the club and high school swim coach. His relay squad is currently # 1 in the state ( the big meet is saturday-) we are holding our breathe to see if his guys squad can keep it together and take the title. He loves it.

                • Wow. Your sister and my brother in law could be related… He grew up in the mid 1960’s and his dad was a Marine Corp pilot (flew rescue choppers and did three tours to Vietnam a very honorable man.)

                  My BIL is only 13 months younger than his brother, but according to him he got beat by his dad every day, and was neglected by his mother. He is one of four children and no-one else in the family knows what he is talking about regarding the beatings or the neglect. However, he did a LOT of drugs in his late teens and twenties, and is a dedicated “dyed in the wool” liberal. The only lib in the family, a real nut job….I’ll bet dollars to donuts “recreational drugs” are the cause of this liberal disease.

                • poljunkie

                  Isnt that amazing.
                  I always say that she embellishes her story so it appears she has had a triumph over such hard time.
                  The reality of it is, any hardship she has faced she has brought on to herself. During her adult years. Its scary.
                  Hey we all make mistakes.
                  I try to learn from mine.

  • FutureOnePercent

    Hah! Her first vote was for FDR?

    You’ve been stupid nearly 3 times longer than I’ve been living.

    Being a socialist for 70 years doesn’t make socialism right.

  • FutureOnePercent

    I’d be pissed too if I were on Hell’s doorstep like that.

  • honestinquirer

    I didn’t realize they hired junior high boys to do ads at MoveOn.

    • Rshill7

      Today’s PhD’s are much dumber than most early 20th century’s junior high school boys.

  • sickofit5


  • poljunkie

    Time for granny to go to the real home. (This is bullsh*t)

    These dont seem like grandmas and pas- these are actors made to look older. GET THE HOOK.

  • WordsFailMe

    There ain’t no fool like an old fool!

  • sickofit5

    The assholes doing this ad probably don’t know anyone on medicare. Talk to them about how hard it is to see a doctor that’s taking medicare patients. The medicare recipients are lucky if they can be seen by a Physicians Assistant. Medicare payments are pricing medicare patients out of care.

    • Don’t worry. Government will come in with price fixing.

  • havetoask

    This isn’t bad enough but did you ever stop to consider they probably all have kids who will carry on this fine example of maturity and civility? Before you answer; how would your children opine to a Romney (Republican) win?

    • poljunkie

      My son would be happy. Hes taking a group from his school to the Presidential Inaugural ceremony in January. Boy or boy, he is hoping it is Romney. They are also sight seeing for 4 days ahead of time.

  • KenInMontana

    And people wonder what ever happened to the hippies and Marxist activists of the ’60s. Well now you know.

    • poljunkie

      Oh geez. Good point.

  • spindletop

    What a bunch of losers.

  • poljunkie

    This looks like something we should might have expected from Will Ferrell and his “Funny or Die” brand- not a campaign ad.

  • celestiallady

    Bring her on – who is she kidding?

  • Keepin’ it classy.

  • Yea, that was real a real classy representation of the Democratic Party.

  • 3seven77

    A message from the Greatest Generation? I don’t think so. The Greatest Generation would never, ever threaten to burn this #@*!!#@! down.

    Go back to bed granny. It’s obvious you aren’t thinking clearly and need more sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

  • freenca

    The alzheimer’s brigade? This is obviously elder abuse, at it’s worst.

  • No one, but no one, does classy like the democrums.

  • warpmine

    You know the language isn’t what bothers me, it’s who’s mouth it’s coming from. I knew leftists were trashy, brain dead people but come on now. What’s next, a five year old spewing out expletives as well? Stay classy progressive trash. Can’t wait to; the garbage is thrown out of the White House this January.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • celestialjunk

    Keep it coming … with each airing of this kind of shite more and more people will turn their back on “The One”.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      This is definately backfiring on the dems, no doubt!

  • These HAVE to be actors!

    • poljunkie

      Yes I said the same thing.

    • 3seven77

      If they are actors, does that make it any better?

  • theresaaa

    That’s not like any grandmas I know ! MY grandma would have washed their mouths out with soap and sent to bed with no dinner ! And maybe taken away their dentures for a week .

    • poljunkie

      Definitely was their mouth out with soap. There isnt enough of that lately.

      • Conservative_Hippie


        “Though my personal preference was for Lux, I found that Palmolive had a nice, piquant after-dinner flavor – heavy, but with a touch of mellow smoothness”

        bahahahaha, loved that movie!

  • How horrible ….. it’s just ugly and nasty. Shame on you.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    I only had one grandparent alive when I was born, my father’s mother. She died when I was 16. We didn’t visit her much and I didn’t really get to know her well. Since I didn’t know her well, I didn’t really grieve her passing. Several weeks after her funeral, an elderly gentleman came up to me at my church and gave his condelences. He then told me something about my grandmother that I didn’t know. Apparently in her elderly years when she was partially blind and feeble because of advanced diabetes, she would sit near the phone and whenever someone called that either was a telemarketer or had a wrong number, she would politely try to tell them that theri phone call was not by accident, that God had appointed this time for them to hear about how much Jesus loved them and she would tell them about the good news of Jesus. This gentlemen told me that my grandmother was one of the most godly women he had ever known. It was then that I felt grief not at the loss of my grandmother, but that I didn’t know her better and see that side of her.

    My father also told me if it weren’t for his mother, he wouldn’t know Jesus as his savior, because she prayed for him many times each day while he was away in the Navy in WW2. My father then led me to Jesus when I was a child. So if it weren’t for my grandmother I would not have come to know Jesus as my saviour!

    When I look at these elderly people and see how vindictive and hate filled their hearts are I wonder what kind legacy they are leaving or have left for their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren? I am thankful that I had such a godly woman as my grandmother and I look forward to the day when I will see her again in Heaven where I can give her a hug and thank her for being such an awesome mother to my father and sharing Jesus with him. I’m my grandmother’s legacy!

    • poljunkie

      Thats a nice story.

      I remember the others you told as well. She sounded like a great person C_H.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        thanks pol 🙂

  • Ah, the permanent SNL class. I wondered where the writers of ‘The West Wing’ ended up. I think we’ve found them.

  • Joe W.

    Abuse of the elderly. Plain & simple. Shameful

  • higgins75

    Cher? Is that you?

  • FreeManWalking

    This should be titled “The WORST of the BEST GENERATION!”

    I’ll Respect my BETTERS!

    Just because a person may be my elder it doesn’t automatically make them my Better.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      This is true!

  • keyesforpres

    Keep up the great work libtards! We appreciate the free advertising.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      You got that right!

  • hongryhawg

    This weak ad continues to prove that the liberals aren’t about class. They have absolutely zero. And dragging these pathetic “seniors” into it with hopes they would “Jive” just did not work. Muslims can’t be homeboys. Stop trying to appeal to them. Even they can’t be fooled that badly.

  • trmkc

    This is truly pathetic and sad.

  • Go for it you old biddys

    • iHeartLife

      OMG, you are so funny! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, as I’ve been scrolling through the comments I’m trying to keep a respectful attitude about the old folks because of the whole “respect your elders” thing, but “OLD BIDDYS”? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! That’s just hilarious!!!! Sorry if it’s a weird thing to laugh at…

  • jgilman1

    Retirement home my ass, thats Chicago headquarters.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I live near Atlanta, GA. When Obama won in 2008, there were literally several cars that travelled down Peachtree while I was walking to lunch… carloads of people (mostly black) who were yelling and screaming “Obama” and saying as few things that weren’t polite. I also heard of other folks who experienced carloads of blacks driving by and yelling racial slurs (something about we own you now or something).

    When Romney wins, we should brace for social unrest and possibly violence.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      You got that right sober!

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Sober – I think you are right to an extent, and, I think we know that what you warn of is the very reason our spineless leaders have not done their job and undertaken Articles of Impeachment. But, we also know that, what with all the gun purchases, folks are NOT going to put up with a bunch of punks wreaking havoc. There may be some unrest in heavily populated ghetto areas in places like Detroit, Los Angeles and so on – just to make a show because Sharpton, Van Jones and others like them want to stir it up, BUT, I think the evil doers know they will “meet their match” with those of us who are fed up to the teeth with Obama. I think they will try to “raise a ruckus” but with the armed police and armed civilians protecting their turf – it won’t last long. It will be over soon. Liberals are cowards and faced with real opposition, they will turn and run with their tails between their legs and go back to hating whitey in their small venues. Hating whitey will never go away because there will always be people like Obama, Sharpton, Jackson-Lee, etc., who will continue the race-baiting. The rest of the country has so much more on their side. The riots and unrest may happen – but I doubt it will be of the magnitude the “pot stirrers” want it to be. Patriots will kick their asses to kingdom come and they know it. Occupy fizzled out and so will any civil unrest. People just won’t put up with it.

      • Sober_Thinking

        You make a good point. I hope there isn’t any significant violence and I hope it doesn’t come to it that we have to defend our families, homes and property. But I will be ready if it gets bad. I pray it never comes to this…

        Good post.

    • wodiej

      I hear ya. I told my Mom to take that Romney/Ryan bumper sticker off of her car or she’s going to find it “keyed” or get screamed at while driving.

      • Sober_Thinking

        That’s very prudent and wise.

        There are at least 3 of those signs in our neighborhood (we are a very racially mixed subdivision). People have been coming over from the other poorer, predominantly black community across the street and knocking down signs in at least one yard.

        I hope things don’t get violent regardless of who wins. But I think it would be naive not to brace ourselves and be prepared, just in case. No sense in putting up a bullseye on your car.

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    It is sad to see older voters, who should be wiser and better as well as more eloquent, being persuaded that pottymouth invectives and vitriol in support of THE liar of the century is good. Moral idiocy– when one thinks good is evil and evil is good. It is on full display with this woman who SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Very well said!

  • James1754

    Well that was about as tasteless and disgusting as anything I have ever seen. This woman is of my fathers generation and I do not remember them being foul mouthed and ill mannered.
    They should be ashamed.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • UnCL3

    OMG, are they PROUD of this crap????

  • Christine Stevens

    I can not believe they found people that age that were willing to be a part of this ad. Super creepy and completely childish. They belong to the right party.

  • UnCL3

    AND fvck you, granny!

  • texasgirl46

    They probably got paid bookoo bucks for doing this, truly pathetic….the liberal pukes use kids and old folks…geeezzzzzzz…


    I’m just wondering here…did they get a bunch of Alzheimer’s patients together…drone their script into their minds and film them? Surely to God, anybody who fought or lived through WWII would remember Hitler and his propaganda. I learned about that from my parents…who never lost their love of our country. And yeah, my daddy & mama both fought for America in WWII.

  • Not4TheGimmeParty

    Disgusting. Note they keep referencing “steal the election”. I guess that’s their response when anything is close despite the fact that the left has been caught this year engaging in voter fraud already.

  • this ad gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, from creation to disposal.

    Tea Party Patriot

  • This is as bad as commie singing kids. Are there no Elder Abuse Laws where this was shot?

  • WordsFailMe
  • tthan43

    They better bring plenty of matches….and their nitro pills.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • lambfound

    I’m guessing these angry, old, ignorant folks will not be looking down from heaven. What a disgrace.

  • Please.. these paid actors of this propagandist ad, is not the truth of reality.

    Real People- Brietbart Video: Chicago Black Voters Very Unhappy With Obama, Democrats, and the Liberal agenda for years, but especially Obama’s last four years

    • wodiej

      wow, well some are waking up.

  • SineWaveII

    When is “MoveOn” going to keep the promise they made in their very first email? In case you don’t know The “Move On” in MoveOn dot org (I didn’t want to give them a link) refers to the Clinton impeachment. That was the thing we were supposed to “move on” past. In the original email from this organization when it was first founded, the founder promised that he would dissolve the organization when the impeachment was settled regardless of the outcome. Still waiting for him to keep that promise.

    • 3seven77

      I’m still waiting for Alec Baldwin to move to Canada…

  • rimpy

    you criminally insane evil pig democrats are nasty vile stinking pigs

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Now, come on rimpy – please tell us how you really feel about the democrats – come on now, don’t hold back . . .

  • bjohnson55

    What do you get when you mix up old white and black trash? This worthless Democrat political add. I can smell the desperation, the political death throws are awsome to watch. LOL

  • Kirock

    Amazing how history gets rewritten. The assumption of the ad is that Republicans steal elections through voter fraud. The facts, however, are that all of the electoral cheating in the past has been done by Democrats. Examples: Chicago & the Daley machine gave Illinois to Kennedy with dead voters and ballot stuffing; ACORN, a criminal voter registration organization, worked specifically to register Democrats, and threw away Republican voter registrations; and Al Franken won in Minnesota by “finding” large quantities of new ballots.

    Somehow they seem to believe that voter ID laws result in voter suppression, despite no evidence that this is true. In fact, over 70% of the country supports voter ID laws because of rampant voter fraud that has enabled Democrats to win in close elections.

    The ad is correct on one point, however. We need to win this election so overwhelmingly that its not even close.

  • Mark Jackson

    Keep Keepin’ it Classy, DNC.

  • SurfinCowboy

    I can’t believe I just saw that.

    Some great impersonations of what libs believe/are like.

    Oh wait – that was an actual ad FOR Obama by


  • fasteddiedigzit

    These nasty old Geezers need to have their DEPENDS changed! They are all obviously SENILE or they wouldn’t be voting for a CORRUPT, Divisive, Finger-Pointing, Incompetent MARXIST like Comrade Obozo!

    If my Grandmother talked like that, she would have to go to bed without dessert!

  • That is awful.

  • CalCoolidge

    Be careful, when you burn the mother down. Romney may not be as friendly to terrorists as the Magic Negro is.

  • Mark81150

    This is real?

    and the idiot left is really that stupid?…. oh never mind, …. God knows the party of Obama Reid and Pelosi,.. has never been terribly bright.

    Still lying about 2000,…… still accusing the party reforming YOUR crooked efforts to defraud the voting systemn, your try’s at election theft?

    It’s common knowledge democrats lie and openly try to steal elections..

    ask grandpa from WW II how many of his buddies absentee ballots he dumped over board if he knew they were republicans… considering how rabidly stupidly partusan these dried up old hacks are… I doubt he thinks election fraud is a crime, if democrats do it.

    I’ve met too many liberal fanatics, blind to everything they do, every crime… as long as the correct people are doing it to believe these old freaks even believe republicans are suppressing votes.. they wouldn’t care even knowing they’re lying.

    Dem hacks are as unAmerican, and stone cold treasonous as it gets.. party over people…….every damn time.

  • NoToTyrants

    War on the elderly!

  • kong1967

    I don’t know if we can compete with these high class people. I feel so shamed to be outclassed.

  • wodiej

    This is the new democrats under barack obama. Vulgar, dishonest, entitled, immature, unaccountable, intolerant and sometimes violent. The only people they will sway to vote for him are democrats which only comprise about 35% of the country. 35% are Republicans and 30% Independents. Romney has 20% of those and climbing. This ad should push at least a few more to Romney’s side.

  • Yazz55

    I didn’t know they were doing Saturday Night Live skits.

  • winlass

    Yes they are all on meds. Really speaks to Obamacare & Big Pharma doesn’t it? Where does moveon scrape up these people?? How low can you go? What were the words B Hussein used? “a crude & disgusting video” when describing the so-called trigger for Benghazi. Now this is the real thing.

  • colliemum

    Well, that bunch of died-in-the-wool, foul-mouthed people are in for a surprise: they most certainly won’t end up in Heaven.

    And if the Obama campaign is reduced to running such ads, openly saying that Romney can only win by fraud,but not saying one word about why people should vote for him, they’ve scraped through the bottom of the barrel and are now scraping the bare soil.

    • NCHokie02

      I don’t think I’ve heard anything from Obama as to why people should vote for him. Only why they shouldn’t vote for Romney.

  • NCHokie02

    There’s a reason those people’s children put them in a nursing home. It’s clearly obvious.

  • chatterbox365

    Clear cases of dementia.

  • 032960

    This is hilarious……doe anyone think these elderly folks are taken seriously? No…….
    What a mockery!!!!

  • TheLittleRedHen

    TRASH! – That’s what this is.

    I was going to say that the seniors in the video were trash, but I was raised to respect my elders. Although, this just about makes it impossible. Poor misinformed folks.

    Thanks Mom and Dad, Grandmas and Grandpas for raising me with class and conservative ideals.

  • agas84363

    i feel sorry for these people…everyone can be brain-washed…. not only kids!…these people were the backbone of this country…..what kind of drugs are they given?

  • The top “intelligencia” speaks!
    the level of: 50%white prezzy. 😉

  • GOP stealing the election?

  • BiscuitCrumbs

    Left still left with no couth.

  • 2besusie

    This ad is so over the top awful that I really thought it was a parody, but I was wrong.

    I actually went to moveon’s website and not only is this ad real, it was done by, wait for it, Michael Moore. I guess that explains why the ad is tasteless and vulgar, and why after watching it I feel like I need a shower.

  • No mention of Barack Barry Huss’ein Obama Soeroro Davis’ pillage of medicare, death panels in Obamacare, etc.

  • We’ve all heard of child abuse – this is a clear case of elder abuse!

  • Mike Florey

    My only question: If she burns this m*****f****r down, will she make her own gravy?

  • It wasn’t even humorous. Smell that? its desperation.

    • I smell it but I think its coming from her diaper 🙁

  • I have to laugh when I think that the Dems and movealongalready. disorg actually think this will WIN them votes! LOL! This has backfire written all over it, I’m only surprised they didn’t see it and actually released it! What buffoons! 7 days to go!

  • The Left,
    never short on class!!!!

  • TheRedWriter

    Am I the only one who realizes that these are all actors?

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Typical LIB scorched earth politics. Why aren’t the producers, directors and actors in this video arrested against their will and detained indefinitely for threatening a presidential candidate? I guess they weren’t copitc christians, huh?

  • Ads like these are a reflection of their creators. They live in a world, where they think such an ad will yield a positive result for their candidate. Sadly, the net effect may be just that, because much of the democrat base is just that, base.

  • This is a joke- right?

  • anneinarkansas

    Romney’s landslide is growing with every crude ad the Dims produce.

  • MoodyRed

    Who will listen to these folks who were paid well to make this video! What a laugh!
    Romney will win it!

  • LiberalBoycotter

    This is just the worst, when and where will they play this ad? Can you imagine little kids seeing this ad with these crazy old people saying these things. This is so unbelievable, now these old Libtards are acting like a bunch of hoods showing just who Barry’s voters are.

  • Jo Ann Mischlich

    These are Al Sharpton lovers…….I can’t believe this and I will not share this to anyone as I am embarrassed for these older people. These people have lost their prophetic freedom. They need God in their life! They talk about God, however it could be only for their selfishness. God has a closed ear.

    I support Life, Liberty and Freedom. That is why people come to America! Watch Obama 2016 on for free. Another one to watch on your local cable company ON DEMAND is Runaway Slavery.

  • These people were most likely paid to do this so don’t feel sorry for them. At least I hope they were paid. Knowing Barack Obama, the old ladies got less than the old men, though.

  • lhardy

    That is a terrorist threat.
    Can’t imagine what’s taking the FBI so long to pull the plug and arrest the producer.
    After all it was less than this that caused the Benghazi attacks.

  • Well, isn’t that special!

    I’m guessing they were promised extra mashed potatos with dinner for doing that commercial.

  • steamer5

    I always wondered what happened to old democrats. They go to the nut house. How much meds did they give these poor fools? And what do their kids think?

  • Pure class. They must be proud. Can’t wait to see the smoke. Maybe we can all get together for some smores or something?

  • should be deported to gitmo.


    You want a war?

    If YOU DEM COMMIE SCUM try and steal this election, you won’t need death panels.

  • Guess I’ll drop by Walmart and pick up a few more boxes of shotgun shells.

    Just in case.

  • TocksNedlog

    Oh, how cute! Granny said c*ck punch.

    And, of course, everyone knows that the biggest perk of going to heaven is the opportunity it affords you to look down and watch your relatives having sex.

    It’s okay, though, because there WILL be a backlash. There were women, and a black & a Hispanic; but WHERE was someone to represent the LGBT community? [Well, that one guy did do a fruity little dance there at the end.]

  • Alert! Somebody forgot to give these people their meds!

  • froggy19510

    Isn’t that precious? Old democrats are just like young dimocrats. Punks and thuggs.

  • cheyennecowboy

    ONE SIMPLE WORD, “DISGUSTING.” Pretty typical for the left, though.

  • TexasEnforcer

    This is what obama and his minions have reduced themselves to, grandma and grandpa are now being indoctrinated. One more week of the B$LLSH%T, and it’ll be over.

  • JimNEPA2_0

    These people come across as actors reciting a script.

  • Daniel Kinem

    not obama’s ad dumb asses

  • Disgraceful….and if they represent the “greatest generation” then they can all go to jail…I am ashamed of these people and this generation at this moment. Of course they accuse the Republicans of what they are doing…what POS these are….

    I have 2 words for these pieces of flesh sacks…DEATH PANELS

  • What the hell are these old f*rts talking about “voter suppresion”? The democrats through forces like ACORN and all the other cheat freaks are the ones suppressing our votes. At least my dead relatives don’t come back from Heaven and vote. I am 64 and this by far one of the most ridiculous political ads I have EVER SEEN. The young girl relating voting for the first time to sex and the brainwashed children singing praises to thier god come in second and third. Now they are all going to riot, burn down thier own towns and houses,kill and injure thier own people. And these liberal freaks call us despots!! All I can say is stay away from my house because Sister Colt and her 9 hollow point brothers are getting very anxious.

  • Poor old folks .. they die with lies

  • Mark Jackson

    So, the left is willing to cheapen the Greatest Generation to keep power.
    Thanks God they haven’t done the same thing with kids or women.

    Oh, wait…


  • Colonel Neville

    Oh the repellent irony. “Honest elections” from Voter Fraud Is Us Democrats. The Party of ACORN, the KKK and Margaret Sangers Planned Parenthood [margaretsanger blogspot com] . Ah, moveon org…your guarantee of a George Soros funded front group.

    So the first dear old liberal creep has been senile, stupid, laughably ignorant, pathetically unread and astoundingly incurious since 1940 then. In other words, a typical life long left liberal Democrat. So following the nihilist mob logic, “cock punch” would be entirely acceptable against say, boys and the old and ill then? Or “c..t punch” ditto?

    When the left feel their lusted for power which is ALL they care about slipping away, they always reveal their true selves: the nihilistic fascistic violent mob, just like the mafia and Islam et al.

    No, really. Colonel Neville.

  • Michael Moore – ye spake
    the truth on the cover of your book: “Stupid White Man – Michael Moore” (at least that’s how I’ve read the cover).
    Have one more filet mignon, one more shot of whiskey, one more ……….you know what ;)…. and another you-know-what 😉
    Then mother Nature may put you into the realm of Hades.
    iilii <——-this is my middle finger salute to you.

  • bobemakk

    They are probably suffering from altzheimers. Obama robbed over $80 billion from medicare to pass Obamacare, are they politically uneducated and don’t know this? Medicare will suffer from Obamas theft and I am sure that these elderly people have some form of medicare. Romney for president.

  • Ughhhhhh Uhhhhhh I’m old and don’t know what i’m talking about ughhhhh uhhhhhh

  • I would bet $1Million that the so-called ‘veteran’ in this ad never served one day in the military. How much do you wanna put down?

  • makeminefreedom

    I have always respected older people but in this case I have to make an exception. By claiming that a Romney win is stealing the election these senile individuals are setting up this country for riots in the streets. It is completely irresponsible to encourage violence just because you don’t get your way. I don’t know how much they were paid for their harsh words but if even one person is injured or killed it will be their doing. Evil is not cute just because it comes from the mouth of an older person.

  • This is Moore’s way of showing his intelligence. A liberal a$$hole.

  • Extreme ad to be sure……but not as bad as what would happen if Romney wins this thing. If that comes to pass, most these old folks will probably die while living on the street….they will lose health benefits, they wont be able to afford meds, they wont be able to afford anything once the economy tanks ever further. They will be doing good to keep track of a grocery cart with canned cat food in it. So….chew on this one for a bit ya’ll. LOL!!!

    • The old folks are already losing health benefits. They will lose even more under obama with $719 Billion dollars cut to fund obamacare. There will be more of us on foodstamps. There will be more people running out of unemployment and if lucky get hired for half the pay they are use to making. Not exactly the kind of USA I want for my parents, myself, or my kids. obama had his chance. He lied and he made promises he had no intentions of keeping!

  • Such a shame as a 97 year old women and perhaps a grandmother!

  • This ad is SICK!!! These old Mothers are SICK!!! Michael MOORE-ON is the biggest SICK Mother of them all. What this country needs is for these people to MOVE ON!!! I have news for you Moron………the Republicans WILL take back the USA and WILL restore jobs, integrity, hope and CHANGE! We can NOT go back to the pain and misery of the last 4 yrs!!! You’re too rich to understand what is at stake here. The middleclass is struggling to survive and I do not want to sink lower and be the next one on foodstamps!!!

  • Bettssssss

    Romney/Ryan 2012 Lets see you try Old Bags

  • Another desperate ad!!! The singing children sent chills down my spine. The nasty violent old folks makes me angry. obama has done a lousy job bringing people together. It is worse than 4 yrs ago. Everything is worse. People like Michael Moron has no idea what struggling in the USA is like. Moron could care less how many more jobs are lost. How many people find a job but at half the pay they once earned, or how many people are now waiting in the “Bread Lines” /I mean now on food stamps.

    I feel bad for the old folks swinging their fists, threatening to hit, punch, and burn.
    Obvious these folks are FULL of Obamarreah!!!

  • kudzuisedible

    Yes, Romney is going to win this one – big!

    Maybe, when the Romney victory is announced, flames will rise.

    Certainly, once I know where Obama supporters are breaking into lawlessness over this election, I’m gonna deliver my own “nut punch”. Democrats will reap what they sow, here, to their own detriment.

    It appears the only way to re establish civility in the political sector will be to remove the uncivil liberals.

    Each instance of this video posted on Youtube (there are several, and will be more by the day) deserves a visit and a set of comments from conservatives determined that this kind of verbal assault from liberals will blow back on them from now through the eight years of the Romney Administration.

  • This video would be so much better if the old people in this video all had a stroke at the same time. Hit the floor and floundered like a school of dumbass fish. Come on Retirement home 3 alarm fire

  • Box Cutter

    This video would have been so much better if the grimm reaper would have walked in while the old lady was talking and passed out free strokes!!. Then to the lady that wanted to “cock punch” Romney, well the last time that old mud duck saw cock, they didn’t even have a word for it.

  • Box Cutter

    And whats up with the old man in the back ground, i’ll bet he was pissing him self.

  • You people watch way too much Fox News if you think that all people left of center idolize MoveOn and that imbecile Michael Moore… I don’t see anything more intelligent in this comments section than in that ad. But thanks for thinking of yourselves and not thinking for yourselves. Good luck with that mindset in life.

  • Deleting posts that don’t fit your political bent? Your comment policy seems rather one sided in its enforcement, guys. Its unfortunate that you think yourselves incapable of actually having a reasoned, balanced discussion of the issues with someone from the left who doesn’t like this video either. So, that tells me your sole purpose of this post is just to invite mockery… Now who’s keeping it classy?