By 911Infidel

Rand Paul smoked Kerry’s butt, while Kerry paid obsequious court to the camera and doodled like a petulant child.

(h/t: Reason)

John Freaking Kerry (Mr. I’ve been to Vietnam you know), a man who betrayed his country in time of War. A man who lied to Congress in his fraudulent Winter Soldier hearings in 1971. A man who thinks that the Pakis deserve credit for helping us get Bin Laden. There’s another lie. The bastards hid Bin Laden. The Pakis didn’t help us get him. waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and a Paki doctor who is languishing in a Pakistani jail at the moment helped us. Oh and did the Pakis give us overflight rights Johnny? No. We attacked and killed Bin Laden without Paki permission because the ISI sucks.

And he wants to give F-16’s to a POS who refers to Jews as “apes and pigs” That’s real bright Johnny-boy. The Ikwan is the parent company of every Sunni terrorist group in the ME. And Morsi is a member of that parent company. He’s no friend of anyone except his fellow 7th century miscreants.

Oh and John, what was that conversation overheard the night AQ attacked our embassy in Benghazi? In the background in Arabic you can hear the hajji say “Don’t shoot them. They were sent by Dr. Morsi.” That’s just more proof the September 11th terror attacks on US embassies in Libya and Cairo were coordinated between the two sharia governments that Obama worked to install, you dipstick.

Yeah Morsi is our buddy all right. If so, so is Satan.

And how’d that alliance with the “February 17 Martyrs Brigade” work out for us in Benghazi John? Their brethren murdered our embassy personnel. And where did all the guns go Johnny? To Syria and Mali perhaps? A little ME version of Fast and Furious eh Johnny?

And since when is a UN resolution a legal basis for US military intervention? It’s a legal basis for nothing in this country; unless you’re an internationalist. You are, aren’t you Johnny?

But you were for the war before you were against it. Why? Because a Republican was in office that you thought wasn’t as smart as you? How quaint. George Bush was wrong on Iraq but Barack Obama is right on Libya? Cambodia was wrong for Nixon. But you’re OK with the dellsional R2P of miscreants like little Ms Marker at the UN? Or Queen Hillary? That how it works Johnny? As long as the left is in command, everything is everything huh Mr Winter Soldier?

So now you are reporting for duty.

Well you’re dismissed

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