MRCtv reporter threatened by Eric Holder’s thug security

Ugh. One of Holder’s goon squad decided to threaten a MRCtv reporter who was on a public sidewalk trying to ask Holder a question. Can’t wait to get these thugs out of office:

MRCTV’s Joe Schoffstall attempted to find out exactly what Attorney General Eric Holder was telling Justice Department lawyers who are in charge of enforcing federal election laws in the final two weeks leading up the Presidential election.

As expected, Schoffstall was denied access to the meeting after saying he was part of the media. The meeting included DOJ lawyers taking personal photographs with the Attorney General. It was held at 1800 G Street NW in downtown Washington, D.C.

As the AG exited the building, Schoffstall asked Holder if it was appropriate to be taking photographs with the DOJ lawyers who are in charge of executing election laws as President Obama is up for reelection and Holder’s own position is on the line.

Holder ignored the question and continued on to his SUV.

However, one of his security personnel approached Schoffstall and said, “Hey sir, they’re going be nice to you, I’m not.”

The security detail then pushed him back onto the grounds of the building which he claimed was federal government property. It is not. It is a private building in which the federal agencies rent space.

Schoffstall reiterated numerous times he’s on the sidewalk which is a public area and that he can ask a question.

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  • Haywoodjbl

    Nazi’s is the word that comes to mind

    • Rightstuff1

      Must be racist too, a black is intimidating a white. Now if that was a white guy doing that to a black reporter…well well well it would be a self-evident nay categorical confirmation that this was racially inspired.

      You know what, I’m gonna call racism as often as the Left do it.

    • PFFV

      Holder is untouchable because he is protected by Affirmative Action policies. Crime after crime is being committed by Obama and Holder or as I prefer to say the Affirmative Action Twins.

      American’s Die from their policies and nothing is done about it in fear of being called racist. Reverse racism is just fine today apparently. The moral decay of our society is just unbelievable. I feel like we are living in the Twilight Zone.

  • NJK

    He looks like a Nazi, doesn’t he. He needs to be arrested after he’s removed from office, for being an accessory to the murders of hundreds of people. You aren’t going to walk away, Holder. You killed people by smuggling weapons to drug cartels, and only God knows what else. TREASON!

    • Orangeone

      Romney will do nothing if elected. The House has done nothing with wheepy Boehner. Neither can stand conflict.

      • Rightstuff1

        Hmmm, I dunno. You heard of a guy called Issa or a guy called Gowdy? This ain’t going away. It was only dropped because Exec Privilege was called and the person that called for that wont be there in ohhhh, I dunno, how does Jan 1st sound?

        • Orangeone

          Romney will talk about focusing on the economy, jobs, etc. and let it slide.  I like Issa and love Gowdy but Boehner has had years in which to bring forward impeachment.  What’s happened with Holder’s contempt? Crickets, Crickets and more Crickets. There are more scandals the longer this guy stays in power and Issa’s committee cannot keep up.  The focus is now on 20,000 Delphi members.  Yes their plight is important but they are already suing through the court system which is the correct remedy.  Many people’s pensions and retirement savings were hurt because of Obama’s policies.
          Issa needs to focus on the innocents that were murdered!

          I barely heard a peep from Romney during the debates about #FastandFurious and debate #3 let Benghazi just slide.  I heard absolutely nothing from Romney about Obama and his admin calling the Ft. Hood massacre by a mooslim a workplace disturbance instead of terrorism.
          Just compare to the proceedings against Clinton with Monica and no one died.  It’s just sick.
          By inaug day on 1/21, there will be war in Syria.

          BTW, Israel was attacked today. BTW, one of Biden’s Secret Service guys was arrested for raping a 14-year old girl BTW, another killing of our fine military members BTW, China does something right (pun intended)

          • tvlgds

            Boehner needs a spine donor. He has GOT to go!

            • Orangeone

              Best post of the thread!

            • What elected official has enough spine to give to another? LOL This is too much of a word pic for me.

          • canscrap

            I’m OK with the way Mitt has handled his campaign and debates. I think our #1 priority is to be rid of these chicago scum. We must work as if our freedom depends on it, because it does. Two weeks, a Mitt victory…. put out all the liberal riots, fires etc NEVER EVER support Hollywood people that do not represent our values and then we can work on restoring America… (won’t be easy)

          • hbnolikeee

            So you’re suggesting that Duh Bumbler would do better? If not you need to do what is needed to get him packing.

            • Orangeone

              I don’t need to do anything.  I will make my own decisions when it comes to voting.  This country does need a balance of power in Congress and the White House because both parties have demonstrated run away financial behavior when left unchecked.  And Mitt has been very honest about his desire for gov’t intervention with #LadyParts

              • Great point!!!

                • I’m pretty sure you’re pro-life.

              • You mean abortion? Mitt is far from a hater of women, and he wouldn’t be even if he was more vocal about pro-life.

                • Orangeone

                  He has expressed more than once his desire to overturn Roe v. Wade.

                • Not4TheGimmeParty

                  First, he can’t do it singlehandedly, next, how many openings are coming up on the SCOTUS that he could fill? None that I know of. More importantly, we have reached a new all-time low that the main thing people care about is abortion in the midst of one of the biggest scandals in American History. In addition to all that’s been done, including Fast and Furious, Libya is a mind-blower. But what are some people concerned with? The right to force taxpayers to fund abortion and birth control. Can we just go ahead and declare the dumbing down of America complete on that note? SERIOUSLY.

                • Orangeone

                  There is nothing in my posts that say I support tax money to be used to pay for birth control or abortion.  If you look at my comment history, I have numerous posts on F&F, Libya, and Ft. Hood.

          • Reminds me of when GWB took office! Nothing to see or hear, lets just move on people. It is what we should expect…blah, blah, blah,

            • Orangeone

              Sums it up well.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Hoping President Obama will be out January 20th!

          • Would be nice if he had a distinct orange suit on…

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              If he doesn’t get justice in this life, if he remains in rebellion against God, he certainly will get justice in eternity.

              • For those of us in Christ, this is great assurance. We know that those things done in darkness will come to light.

                Soli Deo Gloria

      • Joseph ewing

        Right, because Mitt did nothing in Massachusetts with an 80% Democrat State Legislature.

        Oh wait, he balanced a budget. And didn’t raise taxes.

        • Orangeone

          Read the thread please. We are discussing the purported criminal activities by the current administration not the economy.  And please don’t forget RomneyCare and what that costs MA residents.

          • Joseph ewing

            Almost 4 years of 8+% unemployment, and an economy in freefall.

            If we are discussing ANYTHING but the economy, we are foolish.

            As for RomneyCare, and as a State’s Right proponent, I love that they get what they want. Those that don’t vote with their feet and move elsewhere.

            • If we think that everything is simply the economy we are foolish indeed. The economy is based on something and that something has to be foundational. Yet, we love stripping away the very foundation that has made the economy what it was and ought to be.

              If the only thing you care about is the economy then sir you are welcoming the collapse of the USA.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    What difference does it make if he were on a public sidewalk or federal government property- a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people, which is supposed to have freedom of the press?

    • Rightstuff1

      My friend. You see, you are using that intellect and knowledge you have as a freeborn American. But we are dealing with socialists here. They believe that you are the property of the state. Socialists never speak of the individual only the country or community. Because to them the individual is anathema. All personal and individual rights are subsumed in the greater good – whatever that might mean – by the ruling elite who will decide what is good for you.

      Socialism is evil and it portends the ultimate destruction of all those that accept it and live under it.

      • Don

        Good stuff,Rightstuff1. There is a very BIG difference between our government and their government. This is going to get very, very ugly and hope that a lot of innocent people don’t get in the crossfire. Just a matter of time before Obama ratchets up the hate and vitriole to levels never seen before. If he can stay in office with force or causing an act of war, I would not rule out anything. When you deal with evil on this level and so many brainwashed lemmings available at a beckoned call then anything is possible. Lets hope we have an honest election without criminal acts deciding the outcome. Expect the absolute worst.

      • “pre-Berlin-Wall-fall” Russians couldn’t understand their constant sacrificing for “mother Russia” at the cost of living on the border of starvation.
        Any protest, or a suspicion of it, was brutally punished – prison, Gulag, or immediate death.
        Over 60 MILLION of them died for Max/Lenin utopia.
        But American commies said: “we know how to do it and we’ll do it here”.
        I d o n ‘ t t h i n k s o.

  • it reminds us Putin’s KGB Russia

  • theresaaa

    Another bully looking for a fight .
    I’ll be so happy when these thugs are removed from office.

  • tsturbo

    Impersonating a police officer is a criminal act.
    Oh wait, he works for the attorney general of the United States Of America.
    Never mind, Holder is above the law. That’s how it works in Obama’s new world order.

    Remember this whenever you encounter an Obama supporter. They are enemy combatants of our formally great country.

  • stage9

    The drones have to protect the hive.

    There is no justice without enforcement. There is no enforcement without accountability. There is no accountability without representation. There is no representation without the voice of the people. And where there is no voice there exists only tyranny.

  • I saw this the other day. The guy should have been wearing a black jacket and carrying a baseball bat. THere’s no difference between this so called security thug and the black panther thugs who hang out around voting places.

  • colliemum

    Any bets that this wasn’t a member of the New Black Panthers?

  • Eric Holder is the second biggset waste of skin next to Obama that there is in this country. This adminisrtaion should change the name of holders department to the ” The Department of Injustice” the DOI it would fit better

  • Tiffini

    I will share this. This is just wrong. Bullying is all they have left, and what do we do with bullies stand up to them, fire them all.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Thugs protecting thugs!!!!!

  • opinionatedhermit

    “Hey sir, they’re going be nice to you, I’m not.”

    These are the actions of a pig…….This is a personal threat and highly inappropriate.

    When police and/or security threaten people it only means they have forgotten their own training. Take this clown to court and sue the holy crap out of him……Make an example of him.

    “…they’re going to be nice to you, I’m not”

    At a minimum I would be getting a restraining order ….

  • AlabamaPatriot2

    I’d like to see someone put about 20 tracer rounds real close to the thug.

    Just a thought.

  • keats5

    What on earth does that mean: “This is federal government property”? What!?

    • Betsey_Ross

      It’s meant to intimidate, but it is our property. We paid for it. We the People will be in charge very soon.

  • Philo Beddoe

    What a thug criminal.

    From PATCON, to Fast and Furious, Black Panthers and who knows what else.

    If the guy was white he’d be in prison.

  • Another step on the path to totalitarianism.

  • conservative61

    Holder’s actions, indeed the actions and attitudes of this entire regime, remind me of what we’ve all read about life in the “old” Soviet Union. Never did it seem a pleasant way to live, and it still doesn’t. Yet that’s the way of life our Dear Leader and his corrupt cronies have in mind for us. November 6 and January 20 can’t arrive too soon.

  • sjmom

    Above the law, huh? Holder’s already been impeached so I think he’d be more amenable but then again he works for Obama, Mr. Hubris in Chief.

  • WordsFailMe

    This reporter broke the rules . Dian Fossy said, before she was murdered by African poachers,

    1. Never look them in the eye. That makes them feel threatened.
    2. Never back up.
    3. Never go to the polls without a video recorder. And a forked stick.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I am literally having the dry heaves with outrage this week.

    Holder is a criminal in every sense of the word. He and his goons should be jailed… and I’m being nice here. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Eric Holder… the list goes on and on… are guilty in so many ways of crimes and lawlessness that it’s not funny. There’s so much crap now that it’ll be hard to incarcerate all of these criminals for what they’ve done to our country when the monster in the WH is gone.

    I want justice against Holder, Obama and the other rotten crooks in this regime. They will get theirs… if not in November or shortly afterward, then in the afterlife.

    • stage9

      No, Holder is an UNTOUCHABLE criminal which is far worse!

    • We should demand the needed justice against Holder and others, I agree. If we do not get it, well I would think then that neither party cares about the Law. If we are a land of law, then we must uphold it.

      When the law becomes a joke, why should anyone bother to live by it. The sad realization is that it does not seem to be much care for the long term effects on our society if we allow law breakers to just go on their way like nothing happen. We are still reeling from Clinton’s “depends on what ‘is’ is.”

      • Nukeman60

        They do not care about the law. When someone, especially high ranking people, break the law, our politicians scream for new laws to be passed, rather than demand for the present laws to be upheld.

        It’s a contagion that is spreading far and wide.

        • Sober_Thinking


        • That is why it needs to stop more now than ever. Our society will only get worse if Romney just lets it go. There has got to be something that these elected officials stand for outside of political expediency.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Good point.

  • Well, when you can’t actually answer a question, the next best thing to do is beat up on the guy asking the question, right? Seems like what the Obama administration always does whenever there is a person who has the temerity to actually ask a question. Arrogance does not even begin to describe the Obama people. I would prefer to use the word thugs.

  • I think the thugs coat says “police” if he is a REAL police officer, he needs to disciplined at the very least and given sensitivity training just for good measure.

    His coat is the wrong color, it should be brown and he should be wearing jackboots! If he walks like a nazi duck, he is a nazi duck!

    • sDee

      Looked like DC Police to me. The guy had a serious attitude.

      Tensions are tightening in the syndicate. Good sign.

      • Psyphurr Lock

        What’s also nice is that we now have these guys on video in the public domain where it can live forever. Once the power shifts they will be dealt with by the new administration. No room for hate and brutality from those who serve at OUR pleasure. People like him will either be unemployed or working as a backwater mall cop on night shift. The public does not forget…


    …well, well, well, welcome to Mao Obama’s world .”

  • Psyphurr Lock

    We all need to be patient. We will take on these fools once they are out of office and can be properly exposed. I see a nice jumpsuit in store for Holder in the not so distant future. Crimes against humanity, multpile counts….

    • sDee

      It is a dark and deadly place, DC. The evil and the complicity that put them them there and has silenced all who may speak up will remain. It runs deep and will never be removed unless we the people do it. No one is coming to save us.

      • Psyphurr Lock

        Imagine *if* Holder was involved in gun running to terrorists… There will be no place he can hide. None… There are too many former service members with lost limbs, destroyed futures, life long pain, all sitting quietly out of the way, who got that way fighting those terrorists on our countries behalf. What would happen if Holder was exposed as having been involved with gun running to terrorists? Resigning would have been the smartest thing to do months ago. Now its too late for him. Justice will come. Always does, either in this life or before the creator.

        Just remember that evil is evil and knows no skin color. His race will not protect him when that time comes…

  • Eric Holder I live for the day when you’re arrested. May never happen soon, but it will happen. What goes around, comes around.

  • Yazz55

    George Orwell – 1984

  • Nukeman60

    If you just listen to the audio, instead of watching the video, this guy sounds exactly like the NBPP members in ’08. Looks like they changed uniforms to protect the guilty. What was it Holder said of them – they are “my people”?

    The last time I looked the American people were the Federal Government. Unless they issued a new Executive Order saying otherwise, that Federal property belongs to us.

  • bongobear

    You called it…thugs. These people act just like I imagine the Gestapo acted during the Nazi regime. Nearly everyone in this administration belongs in jail.

  • These communist thugs playing representatives in our govt need to go and I mean like yesterday! Beleive me I’ve noticed black law enforcement becoming more and more abusive to whites,I’m not imagining it! They all think because obama is the half black president that he accomplished something great which could’nt be farther from the truth and it makes them think that their something over and above the white population now! Their going to get a rude awakening when the time comes that they have to acheive on their own merit!

  • They hate the police, but not the authoritarian sleaze in charge of the Justice Department.
    Bush fires half a dozen lawyers and the media thinks it’s a big scandal, but Obama gives guns to cartels who use them on our people and they think it’s no big deal. Our priorities are messed up.

  • MortimusMaximus

    I appreciate the job that law enforcement does but Urkle looks like another bitch hiding behind a badge

    • Liberals won’t say anything about that jerk would they? Don’t they hate the police and think they act like that one? What hypocrites.

  • Democrats like to act real tough behind their bureaucracy-

    The day radical islamists are at the gates; they will come running for the aid of others.

    • NCHokie02

      The sheep always hating the sheepdogs until the wolves come knocking.

  • Hey Eric, word on the street is Mexican citizens want you extradited to Mexico for international crimes. What you say?

  • FreeManWalking

    The reporter should file assault charges against that thug.

  • remember, this is the same guy who gave cover to the black panthers…what a bunch of thugs…i like to refer to them as ‘girly girls’…tough talk, no action…

  • Stephanie T

    It’s looking like we are living in the Twilight Zone.

  • Hey Erick Holder! and your bro obama! question for you both, hows that Veritas working out for you? Looks very much like a one term administration proposition from where your hiding. You may want to call Joe the plumber, your sowers are starting to belch out that deep dark black compost.

    Tea Party Patriot

  • GramSam

    This man was in the Clinton administration. They never go away, just keep crawling out from under the rocks. Holder is just another reason we need to vote BO out. We did it in 2010, let them hear us in 2012.

  • HuandaRulz

    How much disdain can the American people suffer before they rebel and throw all of this nepotist politicians out of office? We will find out very soon

  • iHeartLife

    Little man in uniform trying to be tough. Odds are he has no idea what Fast and Furious is and who is responsible for it.

  • hongryhawg

    The security guard met the usual criteria for a position with this bunch, and that is “No Brains Required”.

  • Charm4sure

    The Democrat party continues as a criminal organization.

  • Not4TheGimmeParty

    Thugs. All on the wrong side of history and they are going to find out how wrong soon.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    So above the Law!!!! This bunch must see it’s last day on November 6 2012

  • It would have been real hard not to knock that @#$hole to the ground .

  • It’s much nicer in my town. Then again, my town is Republican.

  • chatterbox365

    No surprise…just a bully cop trying to protect “one of his own.”

    If the cop were white and the reporter black, the liberals would be screaming.

  • Mr. Schoffstall, maybe next time you need to provoke his thugs by calling them real names, something : “you arrogant piece of s*it”!
    Those low IQ creatures must have a short fuse and may use physical force – to push you or hit (be prepared, duck).
    Have it filmed by a nearby cameraman or two, be sure pictures are being sent somewhere else (low life may try to wrestle from you proof of their agression) – then publish the film and sue…..believe me, there will a conservative attorney or two who will go with you to court – pro publico bono

  • You know big bad tough security guys, when shtf, be careful, most will remember who the traitors are and you are grossly outnumbered.

  • No wonder so many of them are making threats of violence, 12% of the population has managed to really PISS off the rest of the country. Napolean with a badge there aint shit and would probably get his ass kicked.

    Oh please riot and justify every friggin stereotype there is out there