MSNBC caught redhanded smearing Romney as out of touch by SELECTIVELY editing video

Ugh. MSNBC has been caught red handed misleading people before by selectively editing George Zimmerman’s 911 call, but apparently they didn’t learn. Now they are selectively editing Mitt Romney, completely taking him out of context to make him seem out of touch with the common man.

Soopermexican is the one who discovered the smear. Kudos to him for exposing it.

First watch this video of Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC playing the selectively edited portion of Romney’s speech:

With that editing it does look like he’s never even been to a hoagie store. But that’s not it at all. He was making a comparison of the government vs private sector, how difficult it was for a optometrist to change his address via the post office vs ordering a Hoagie at Wawa. Watch the video below:

Romney isn’t out of touch here at all. Whether you like his comparison or not, it was absolutely not what was represented by MSNBC.

New media rules.

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  • kong1967

    Disgusting. Nah, they don’t have an agenda. They don’t carry water for Obama. Nope.

    Yeah, whatever.

    • warpmine

      Nah, don’t carry water for him but sure will build his cities, chisel his image out of granite stone.

      • eddyjames

        rummer has it Obama wants his image engraved on Mt. Rushmore,plus recent delivery of single 25 ton lump of coal to Keystone SD. adds to speculation rummer might be true?

    • FreeManWalking

      Not only do they carry his water, they carry his toilet paper and wipe his a$$, then spray deodorizer to cover up the smell of his stinking poop and the BS they pumping out.

      There isn’t any difference in turning to NBC to get news than going to a septic tank to get a drink of water.

      • kong1967


      • Feliciene

        You are one nasty person. Romney is a much classier guy than you are so, of course, you can’t relate to him. You sound like you come from the sewer.

        • FreeManWalking

          You should take a course in context and comprehension, it might help you follow the topic.

          I wasn’t relating to or commenting on Willard.

          Although I don’t trust Romney and he was 11th on my list, he is the ABO now.

      • RDH1988

        NBC is frighteningly similar to the propaganda machine of the 1930’s out of Germany…outright proud o their lies…but with the internet it is harder to stand by their “news” and easier for the common man to refute it. Just look how many sites carry this blunder of intention!!!

    • What’s all the fuss about? Everyone knows MSNBC, which masquerades as a real News network, is just a network of satire much like the shows of Colbert and Stewart, who are more original and funny. But where else can you find 24 / 7 amusement like MSNBC with stars like Mr. “Resist we much”, and Mr. Ed? Grab a beer, sit back, relax and smile as they feign outrage, claim racism is to blame for everything from auto accidents to global warming, and take quantum leaps of credibility to find ways to assure us that the suit our “President” wears is not empty.

      • kong1967

        Grab a beer, sit back, relax and smile as they feign outrage, claim racism is to blame for everything from auto accidents to global warming

        Problem is, I’d throw my beer through the television screen, lol.

  • WOW! Amazing. There is no low they’re not willing to dig deeper.

    And Scoop is ahead of everyone else in reporting this. GOOD JOB!

  • steprock

    Scoop, your journalism doesn’t count. You’re “just a blogger” after all. We should count on trained journalists like MSNBC.

    Clearly, they are the ones to trust.


  • Ah, CNN uses the same editing style as the Homer Simpson alleged sexual harrassment news report uber-edit scene, where you see the wall clock in the background repeatedly jerking back and forward. CNN: Cognitive Nihilist Narrative. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  • BTW, I thought Romney was quite charismatic and funny in this clip. It may actually help people see a different side of him.

    • M_J_S

      Different sides of a RINO is still a RINO.

      • GiantM

        Then vote for Obama would yah.

        • M_J_S

          No, I won’t vote for either but I’m not supporting another RINO. I did once for McCain-NEVER AGAIN.

          • So your “NOT” vote counts as vote against BO. Thanks.

          • Not voting or voting for a candidate who has no chance to win IS A VOTE FOR Obama.
            You intentions, like those of liberals, do not matter. The result does.

            • M_J_S

              That’s what is know as a “false choice”. Nice try.

          • GiantM

            Look M_J_S that’s about the only sarcastic thing I’ll say for one year. I’m just not the type. but I said it because it frustrates me when folks just plain give up.

            If you would inform yourself extensively of just who is running the country at the moment, you then would come to reason and consider anyone but Obama. At least I and many others have at this point.

            Romney was never my first, second, third or even fourth choice in this election, but when I consider all that the current President has done to ruin our literally nation, as much as it pains me to vote for Romney….I do so in hopes of saving “OUR” country.

            Just reconsider your motives to not vote. that’s all I ask.

            • M_J_S

              I get that point. My point is I would rather sees local and state officials rise and and resist.

              I will not now, nor will I ever vote for another RINO. The GOP will either get with the program, or a future 3rd party will come about. You cannot have a GOP that stands for nothing or “anybody but Obama”.

              If Obama is re-elected what shall we do? If states ignore courts, EPA rulings, regulations, etc what are the feds going to do? Arrest the state and its citizens? Changing Obama out of the White House when you, for example, Romney dodging tough questions and giving BS answers to immigration question as you saw the other day.

              And he’ll keep doing it. So he gets elected and we have a slow bleed? He may get re-elected. I would rather have a Civil War than vote for Romney if that means the issues will be addressed.

              • GiantM

                I understand.

                Regardless of what happens come November, you and I both know all this corruption in Washington is going to take a few generations to fix…..hopefully. Pretty sad when you think about it and have kids under your wings. 🙁

                • M_J_S

                  It is absolutely disgusting and I’m sick of it.

                  If 800,000 people who weren’t citizens are now citizens, then I shouldn’t have to pay federal income taxes, stop at red lights, etc.

                • BarbfromArkansas

                  What I can’t understand is if you are really sick of it, why are you even reading columns like this. You already know they’re all crooks and thieves and no one in Washington is worth anything. If you’re going to drop out, do it right!

                • M_J_S

                  What kind of stupid ass argument is that?

                • wollfb

                  On that i agree. All Americans, who are opposed to our corrupt government and appalled by the refusal of both parties to take any action to stop spending and pay down our insane 16 trillion dollar deficit, should join in a national tax strike until the government starts obeying the law, following the Constitution and stops spending like drunken sailors. No offense meant to sailors, drunks or drunken sailors.

              • Ruth Peterson

                m_j_s, as someone who works for the State Legislature, I can tell you that you are off-base with your assumptions. There are many people in the state government who “resist”, but we are a nation of laws and we must follow the laws, as well. That means that all the laws, rules, and regulations at the federal level tie our hands. Not only that, but in places like my state, where the majority are Democrats, they go right along with the Obama administration and roll right over us.

                The others posting here are correct – if you vote for anyone but Romney, you will vote for Obama, and nothing is worth that! (and Romney was way down at the bottom of my list of choices, believe me!) You can sit in your ivory tower and think good thoughts about sticking to principle, but in politics, “the most votes wins”. It will be a choice of Obama or not Obama.

                No matter how much you read and study, you can have no idea how much damage he can do to your local governments. It is my job to study it 40 hours a week, and I can only touch the surface. The damage is already happening, and he’ll pull all the stops if he gets re-elected.

                I know I’m talking to a brick wall. I’ve spoken to many who feel the same way as you do, but I wish one of you along the way would at least take a peek at reality!

                • M_J_S

                  Pal, if you are a member of state legislature you are part of the problem.

                  The day this country has become a flock of sheep instead of a country that realizes the WE own the country is the day we are in the decline culturally, not just from Obama–and we are.

                  You can call it an “ivory tower” I call it have principals. The most votes wins, that is correct and if Romney wins, with McConnell and Boehner NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Stop with your pro-Romney gibberish. Washington DC is out of control.

                  Perhaps this will have to escalate before DC realizes citizens have had enough.

                  You keep voting for whatever (R) you find so “the most votes win” and then we get (R)s like McConnell, Boehner, Rubio, Romney etc and then we will have more big government politicians just less so than Democrats.

                  Franklin said it simply, we’ll have a Republic if we can keep it. And so far, it looks like we’re not interested.

                  Reality is not capitulation as you believe. I repeat this again, I would rather have a Civil War and deal with all of our Constitutional-liberal issues now than vote to keep the “show” going.

              • wollfb

                you would rather see Americans die in our streets than vote for Romney. wow. that shows real humanity.

                • You left out the eating of babies and massive spills of toxic sludge into the water supply.

                  I mean, while your making sh*t up, why not go whole hog?

                • wollfb

                  I was replying to the poster who said he would rather see a revolution than vote for a RINO. People die in revolutions. What is your beef with my comment. Am i wrong that if there was a revolution in America, people would die? I would rather Americans do not die a violent death because Americans start killing each other.

                  so what did i make up? did i say anyone was being killed or make any claims that something is being plotted? no, i didn’t not, so don’t attack me. Maybe you misread or misunderstood my post. or were you just attacking me because you have nothing better to do this evening?

                • That wasn’t an attack. But I did miss M_J_S’s comment, so it was out of line. I apologize.

                • wollfb

                  you are a gentleman and i thank you.

                • No problem!

                  Of course it marred my perfect record of being perfect. So far. This week. Since Tuesday.

          • BDST

            Not voting for a RINO is actually casting your vote for Obama.

            • M_J_S

              For the 1,000,000th time, that’s called a “False Choice”.

              I do not vote for RINOs because they will not do anything they say they will. Romney is the Dick Lugar from MA.

              • Do not vote for the President then. I hope to see Romney win only because the second term of Obama will make the first look like a Disney movie compared to a XXX feature film only we will be the ones getting (fill in the blank)-ed.
                That said there are more D seats up for grabs than R seats. we need to fill those seats. If we have Obama (excluding executive orders) we can block and obstruct him. However, he could pick the next Justice for the Supreme court tipping the balance for a long time to come.
                Putting a R majority in both houses we could hold Romney’s feet to the fire and at least get some of the things turned around.
                The Supreme Court alone should make you fearful of another 4 years of Obama (I know it does me).

                • M_J_S

                  I agree with all of your fears, the problem is that “hold their feet to the fire” never works for RINOs. Did it work for Congress under Bush and spending? The problem is GOP leadership sucks, and they go out of their way to undermine Conservatives and play softball with liberals.

                  If we had serious Conservative GOP leadership then it wouldn’t be as big of a deal if Romney won because the Congress would move the Conservative agenda, the problem is the GOP leadership is doing nothing and based on Romney’s record he would fair much better.

                  Vote for him, I’ve discouraged people from doing that, but I’m raising the issue about people thinking Romney is the Great Panacea.

          • BarbfromArkansas

            Sorry but that is just stupid. Not voting is a vote for the man who calls himself obama. If you are a conservative, then surely realize we will lose our country completely if we don’t win the election in November.

            • M_J_S

              WRONG. If Romney wins with McConnell and Boehner in, very little will in fact change.

              If Obama wins re-election he will end up like Nixon.

          • satansidekick

            What is the purpose of your little fit? Stay home? Vote for Ron Paul? Either way you’re helping Obama to another 4 years of raking us over the coals.

            • M_J_S

              Pal, I’m telling you the way it is. The only solution to Obama is a Conservative. Seeing as Romney is a RINO he sure as hell better at least learn to imitate one-he has not.

              My point is the point of many Conservatives, just election any (R) isn’t going to change a damn thing. I’m not telling not to vote for Romney, go for it. But don’t be too surprised if he doesn’t win, or if he does, how little anything will change.

          • wollfb

            then obama will win and people like you will help him win.

            • M_J_S

              WRONG. Don’t blame me for Romney’s incompetence. It is up to Romney to rally the base and the party, not me.

              If Romney fails to articulate the Constitutional argument, fails to take a stand on tough issues, and fails to produce a vision for America rather than platitudes he will lose.

      • A.J. Parker

        @ M_J_S

        Better a “RINO” (which he isn’t) like Romney than a Socialist like Obama.

        Would you prefer John Wayne?

        • M_J_S

          LOL…right pal…Romney isn’t a RINO. Stop defending him as non-RINO it just keeps losing votes.

          • PVG

            You just sit back on your principles and let the rest of us work to unseat the marxist.
            If you are not gonna be part of the solution……….ah, forget it why waste my breath?

            • M_J_S

              Hey! You’re the moron Mark Levin keeps talking about. No matter what vote for Republicans, it doesn’t matter what they stand for.

              NICE POLICY, it has served the party well…*BARF*

              • satansidekick

                What will you accomplish by voting for someone other than Romney? This is the hand we’ve been dealt and we need to make the best out of that hand.

                • M_J_S

                  I’m not voting for Romney or Obama and I will not be suckered into doing otherwise.

                  I don’t see Romney winning because he fails to rally the base. It is up to Romney to do this, not us. The point is, what is the plan B when/if he does lose? We will still have McConnell and Boehner either way.

                • Not smart….so Romney isn’t perfect. OF COURSE NOT!!!!!! At least we will not totally lose America. Any one is better than Obummer.

                • M_J_S

                  I love it.

                  It still astounds me how people on this blog think that Mitt Romney will #1 get elected, and #2 be some super-hero savior. It doesn’t work that way, which is why it is not just that one is a (R), but that they are a Conservative and support Conservative principals.

                  WAKE UP! And learn how the political system operates.

                • fairtaxguy071

                  After reading all the way to here I am convinced you don’t know much about the system. Obama will not win a single state. Romney is a rino but most people vote against someone not for someone. Obama won many votes because people were voting against Bush who was not even running. Obama has offended and continues to offend everybody. It will be a landslide. The Tea Party has made a difference and will continue to make a difference.

      • ram

        your right, no matter how obama try to protray himself, he is still a rino.

  • LookOverThere

    The only question you need to ask yourself is who would rather have in the White House: Obama or Romney, those are your only choices.

    Hint: Ron Paul is NOT an option.

    • PVG

      ABO!! Let’s roll………

    • Nukeman60

      Well, let’s see. If Romney wins, Obama refuses to leave the White House. If Obama wins, Putin takes over the White House. Hmmm…

      • FreeManWalking

        I like that Nuke…

        Do you think 0b0 has a 75 days of destruction plan in case he looses November 6th?

        • Nukeman60

          In a word, yes.

          I fear the lame duck session as to what the losing side will attempt. We’ve seen what Obama is willing to do when he wants to be re-elected, can you imagine what it will be like when he realizes he has nothing to lose?

          His actions, the actions of the lefties and the actions of the New Black Panther Party types could be destructive. They were so close to their century-long goals that they may just go into full blown riot mode.

          We saw some of that with Wisconsin. I am hoping for good news from the Supreme Court, and Holder is on the verge of collapse.

          Heads up, come November 7th.

          • FreeManWalking

            I can see him trying to sell the USA to Kenya. If he leaves it will be like a kid being drug out of a a room full of crystal vases, you might get him out but it will take a long time to assess the damage he caused.

    • M_J_S


  • Our real problem is with the media. They need to be held accountable

    Look how they twisted the martin case.

    • FreeManWalking

      The only way to hold them accountable is to turn the channel, then their accountants can explain that their $$$ are drying up because no one wants to pay the bounty to watch them wipe 0b0’s booty.

  • giomerica

    Just goes to show you that you can NOT trust the MSM. They slice up the footage to make Romney look like a doddering idiot who’s out of touch with the people, while the real Romney was sharp, charming and funny. Meanwhile, they go out of their way to make 0 look sharp, charming and funny, while the real 0 is a doddering ideologue who’s out of touch with reality.

    • Nukeman60

      …they go out of their way to make 0 look sharp, charming and funny…‘ – giomerica

      I’ll bet that leaves a lot on the cutting room floor. Years and years of footage for a 30 second infomercial.

      • Most of the footage on the floor is Obama saying “Umm” or I or<"Ummm" or "It's Bush's Fault" Oh wait they would use the last one so it won't be on the cutting room floor.

  • Well, maybe Richie Rich had better start playing dirty, and sue the Hell out of them. I would.

    • satansidekick

      Richie Rich HA HA HA!! I am a Romney supporter but that was too funny. Thanks for the laughs. This story is very upsetting to me. To think they can try and portray Romney as a dunce and out of touch. He isn’t out of touch at all. I was looking at some photos of his family at their place on the lake in NH and they have cheap lawn chairs set up while the grandkids had a piece of plywood for a stage and they were putting on a play. No fancy patio or anything.

  • MSNBC is a tool of Obama/Satan and must be destroyed.

  • Well, it’s a good thing only 4 people will see this. Well, 2 really. Mitchell and her guest are 50% of their audience.

  • JLM


    There is a pathetic desperation in the manner in which such a trivial matter could become so important to folks who are supposed to be informing us rather than misleading us.

    Pathetic. Capital P.


    • BigRMV

      Well, remember that when Michelle Obama takes 40 of her closest friends on vacation on our dime, that’s not news. But IT IS news when Ann Romney buys an expensive blouse with–gasp!–her own money.

      • tshtsh

        That reminds me, we always forget to factor in the cost of paying 39 people to be M.O.’s BFF’s in the Obama’s waste of federal tax dollars.

  • marketcomp

    Gov. Romney is right! Government does not realize that it is in competition with other countries which is why businesses are leaving France because of the election of the new Socialist President.

  • M oonbats
    S pouting
    N othing
    B ut
    C rap

    Resist We Much!

  • brendawatkins

    If it weren’t for TRS.. The Daily Caller, and Drudge Report I’d never know what MSNBC was up to. Those that appreciate the truth knows they won’t be getting it at MSNBC.

  • Anne_PA

    BSNBC is at it again….

    Guess they didn’t learn after all.

  • To reward SooperMexican for this great expose, be sure to go to his blog and make a comment, maybe click an ad or two.

    This was truly outstanding work.

  • poljunkie

    We need The Rightscoop TV as a network to fight these tools.

  • Patriot077

    Nothing they do shocks now, but it is still appalling. I just can’t watch these morally corrupt flacks anymore.

  • Rshill7

    What’s amazing is that these two people have jobs. Andrea Mitchell should be sucking her thumb right about now after receiving her immediate dismissal. She should be annuitizing her 401K, starting tomorrow morning. And they both laugh at Mr. Romney?

    They should be condemned by every university and community college that offers Journalism 101. Pathetic pettiness. Bold-faced lies. Old-faced lies. Slander. Pigs on parade. Reporting from their asses atop a rolling float is more like it.

    Yep, diggin’ deep. That’s what butt pickers do 🙂

  • PhillyCon

    Just had a cup of Wawa coffee this morning. Best cup of joe.

  • freenca

    I’ll sooner trust the “just a bloggers” over the news-makers of the MSM. You “just a bloggers” are tellers of truth, whole truth, and nothing but truth, as well as you are able. The MSM- uh- not so much, just as you have provided illustration of, again! Thanks to right scoop and soopermexican.

  • BigRMV

    It is fascinating to see the lengths that the liberal Obama-bots will go to in order to guarantee their ‘smartest president ever’ can compete in light of his 3 years of failure and lack of any feasible plans.

    They scream, “It’s Bush’s fault,” or “Congress won’t let him,” or “Everyone is racist” ignoring completely that Bush has been out of office for 3 years and that Obama said, “I can do this job–give it to me.” Or that when Obama hasn’t had a majority in Congress, he just ignores the Constitution and passes edicts that we’re supposed to follow. And we all know that the racism cry is used any time the Left doesn’t have a valid argument (which is why we hear it so often).

    And now, lately, our media–once the proud, shining beacon of freedom throughout the world–has taken to editing videos in such a way as to portray Obama’s competition in an out-of-context, bad light while complaining bitterly when we quote Obama word for word from his own unedited speeches.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

  • PVG


  • What’s MSNBC? Will they issue a retraction? Doubtful.

  • Nukeman60

    I believe they used the same editor as in the Martin story. They’re really getting this down. Oops, has anyone told them that people on the internet are outing them. Nah, I don’t think they leave the studio.

    By the way she stuttered there, it looked like Andrea didn’t quite know what a Wawa was. Perhaps she thought it was some Massachusetts twang for Wal-Mart.

    Was that some residual egg I saw still on the MSNBC screen?

  • RefudiateObama2012

    MSNBC is located in Makecrapupistan.

  • NHConservative0221

    I’ve never watched MSLSD.

    Absolutely disgusting. How do those wretched pieces of trash even look themselves in the mirror??

    BTW: if you want to talk about being “out of touch” what about Maobama telling those celebrities in Manhattan that they’re the ultimate arbiter of which way this country goes!

    And having a supporting like Anna Wintour who said that many people in Minnesota “looked like small houses” to put it nicely!!

    Nice job lamestream media!!!

  • welltempered2

    This is worse than what was done to Newt in the infamous “Let Medicare dye on the vine” selective editing back in the 90’s. And that was done by the Democrats, not by a supposed impartial news organization. In every mainstream media newsroom a banner hangs saying “We’re All Democrats Now.”

  • steve talley

    Thank god only 50 people wach mslsd(as Mark Levin calls them) …. The best part about it is ..the only people that watch mslsd are those who are reporting on how pathetic they are. And mslsd wonders why they only have 50 viewers a day.

  • What ailment does she have this month? Karma is not chasing her, it caught her.


    …it does not matter what MSNBC reports OBAMA LOSES IN A LANDSLIDE NOVEMBER 6th, 2012.”(period)

    • Nukeman60

      I’m going to love seeing the MSNBC headline on November 7th, after a landslide Romney victory:

      Mitchell: “Obama wins, garners 95% of the black vote”

      Co-host: “Psst, Andrea. That’s all he got. Nobody else voted for him”

      Mitchell: “But, but…I have the spliced video right here. Can’t we use it? What do we do now?”

      • satansidekick

        Similar to what they did when Walker was kept in office. They led off with Obama won the primary LOL – Sick or what?

  • Joe

    Not Surprised !!

    I can’t believe how back in the day – when cable was not around

    The LSM steered us in the direction they wanted

    What B*STARDS!


    Breitbart Lives through Citizen reporters !!!!!

  • SurfinCowboy

    Great job Soopermexican! I love seeing these video take-downs of MSM spin!

  • PJRodman

    Way to go Sooper! I thought WaWa was Bawbwa’s last name…learned lots of things today… who knew there was a rolling ….well….V bike. I didn’t look close enough to determine if it is medically acceptable and to scale… but just wow. Wonder if the company who made that supplied the National Proctologist Convention with a big rolling Butt Bike? Ushered in to the music and fanfare of The Rear Admirals. Warning: this could be disturbing…

  • Don

    What is the difference between prostitutes and their pimp and MSNBC talk show hosts and their producers?…….absolutely nothing.

  • williamm

    Here’s another MSLSD editing with Sissy Matthews.

    MSNBC Airs Highly-Edited 2002 Video of Bush Saying ‘I’m Not That Concerned About Bin Laden’

  • This whole article is selectively edited, lol. The Zimmerman editing was completely unacceptable, but was done by a NBC News director in Miami (he was fired) NOT by MSNBC so you’re whole premise is B.S. in connecting the two. That’s like blaming FOX News for someting a local Fox affiliate did, not the same entity at all. As far as selective editing goes, pot… kettle? Mitt’s very first election ad misrepresented Obama’s quote about McCain as his own and didn’t even try to deny it. His excuse? The whole goose/ sauce crap he was trying to throw out there. Mitt Romney is severely out of touch, no need to edit anything to see that. And if you really want to see selective editing, let’s be honest, your linked “Fox Nation” is far and away the king of BS edits, but hey… enjoy your life in the bubble. 🙂

    • badbadlibs

      Very patiently waiting for the day your bubble bursts this November.
      That will be the day this nation can begin her journey back from the brink of destruction. 🙂

    • satansidekick

      You are talking apples and oranges here. What a politician did with an ad doesn’t even come close to intentional distortion by the media. Why are you trying to excuse this horrid behavior? It is impossible to defend MSNBC about this and turn it on Romney and McCain. Wake up!

  • Cunning_Linguist

    Where is MSNBC’s studios and why haven’t they been burned down yet??

    • badbadlibs

      They aren’t being burned down because those who stand for the truth don’t commit such terrible crimes.

  • gpearl

    Wow, this was like night and day. MSNBC is disgusting.

  • NWNavigator

    Clutch your pearls!

  • MSNBC did this back in April to imply Romney was dodging a question about his religion. Expect a whole lot more of this garbage between now and November.

  • Child D’One

    Kudos for the great reporting. Someone below said you’re just a blogger – nope – pure journalist. This is the kind of investigative reporting that keeps people honest …. or shows us who is not (MSNBC). Regardless if you’re Democrat or Republican (I’m Independent), MSNBC – is just as Jon Stewart said about them over the Wisconsin recall election where they were in denial and lamenting – MSNB Sad. They only stay in business because a lot of people are not paying attention.

  • Sober_Thinking

    MSNBC… a rag news org…


  • richarddonna

    You mean…PMSNBC of course…

  • MaryofAz

    Do you want to vote for a godless commie thug, with connections to very corrupt people such as Bill Ayers, Rev White, Farrakahan, and the New Black Panthers… name a few and THIS is just for Starters. You Americans need to get off your ass and vet these criminals out and EXPOSE THEM.

  • BDST

    Thanks for posting the before and the after (editing). This is nauseating.

  • shagstar

    the noose is tightning even more around the libtards necks now that they don’t recieve ,enough oxygen in their tiny brains to even cheat/lie, in an effective manner!

  • Okay, MSNBC chicanery aside, (disclaimer, I have been NO big Romney booster, for sure!) BUT, wow, Romney is very, very good here! He is funny, relatable, relaxed and very likable. Not stiff or awkward at all. Between that and the fact that he is clearly patterning much of his campaign after Sarah Palin’s lead is giving me great HOPE!!! (the whole ‘small town’ theme, and hitting those small towns on a ‘bus tour’, C’MON, that is straight out of the Palin playbook! and that is a good thing.)

  • Joe

    This is the CONTACT list for the LSM

    Send in your complaint TODAY

  • Dave_in_MA

    Mitt Romney’s “supermarket scanner moment”? GHWB’s “supermarket scanner moment” wasn’t even a “supermarket scanner moment” if you care anything about presenting the truth, Trandrea.

  • Joe

    I hate MSNBC, they absolutely suck!

  • zmrcleanz

    Anyone who still watches MSNBC (all 80 of them) after this, doesn’t care about the truth, they just want someone who will tickle their ears.

  • agas84363

    andrea you are a total FRAUD!!!!..better said in the words of one of the great radio men…….FAKE, PHONEY, FRAUD……MSNBC is a joke!!!!!

  • NCHokie02

    They cut out the entire meaning of his speech. I thought at first there was going to be maybe a 10 or 20 second piece that he would have stated but it was like 6 minutes!! MSNBC cut out six minutes!! Unreal! They took the intro to the point he was making….skipped all the meat of the issue and then put in the conclusion. Although when I watched the first clip you can’t buy that as what he just said. I mean obviously there was editing. If anyone buys that they are completely retarded. Seriously.

  • Kordane

    Of course they cut out the real meaning of his speech – It’s antithetical to the statist narrative they’re perpetuating. It’s a simple choice for statists: 1) Allow Romney to speak about how great competition is (ie. the truth), or 2) Make Romney look out of touch with ordinary Americans (ie. a lie) – Statists will always choose the latter (the lie), no matter what, and they know they’ll get away with it, even if individual instances (like this) are exposed.

    Wake up and realise you’re dealing with absolute ideologues here; they’re not a bunch of boy scouts; they’re after power, and they mean it.

  • The idea that Romney is not familiar with touch screens is in no way credible. There are certainly dozens of them in every room he walks in. This is not the ‘George Bush supermarket scanner’ moment. The fact that MSNBC is selectively editing videos and trying to sell this story smacks of deep desperation. This story is pretty funny and comforting if you think about it. Thanks for posting scoop!

  • WordsFailMe

    This woman really summarizes the whole intellectual output of the liberal mind. The entire Democratic, Liberal, Progressive party seems more like a group of freshman high school girls. I’ve got nothing against 14 and 15 year old girls, but are the progressives adding estrogen to the food in the MSNBC cafeteria?

    I don’t know why we have to compete against these immature worm brains in elections when they should just be slapped and sent to their rooms.

  • Context is everything.

  • spinolio

    The sad thing is, it will not get reported by the rest of the media so much of the public will not know a thing about it.

  • ram

    andrea mitchell is not a journalist, she is like juan w. a npr bitch and soro slut. so why should we even listen or watch anything they have to say. nothing but a laying dog [email protected]#$ who has sold themself to soro. soro is in bed with obama to destroy america.

  • stevenbiot

    The government is a bunch of wa-wa wankers.

  • InsiderII

    I ask the question, How many people watch MSNBC? I do not! So how many people are influenced by there news cast? We on this blog would not have seen it. I believe, they preach to the chore. I know it is a matter of principle as to how they report news and not report news, but how much longer do they have before they have to pull up stakes and leave the airwaves? My thoughts are that after this election you will see a change in personnel and news casters to slowly bring them back to left instead of far left. If this election goes as I think it is going, will shake up the left to it’s roots. The set back is going to be so bad that it will take a long time for them to recover as it has done for Conservatives to get back from Reagan leaving office. I agree a Rino is not the way we should go but it is a start, for the Tea Party is gaining everyday and the old guard is slowly fading because of the efforts of the Tea Party. My belief is that we are at the beginning not the end.

  • Wow. I can see why MS-Obama-C edited the video: because this man makes sense! I am an Indie and I’m voting for Romney because we need private sector jobs.

    After Dylan Ratigan signs off on Friday, I will never watch this channel again. All it is are bias rants for 24 hours a day. They don’t even give the pretense of being a “news” channel. They and Current are horrible.

    I don’t understand why Andrea Mitchell has a news show when her husband was hired by Obama and is employed by him. Oh, there’s no agenda.

    What kills me is if Fox did this to Pres Obama, it’ll be splashed all over the evening news, on DemocracyNow, all the websites and FAIR would be up their hineys.

    Where’s the outrage? I found this clip from hearing about it on an mashup and then googling it.

  • What makes me laugh about MSNBC is their weekend lineup. Fox and CNN focus on working class – most of which are minority – achievements while MSNBC shows them in prison.

    That shows you the ultimate Democratic agenda.

  • dk_in_tn

    MSNBC is a hack channel. I used to have respect for NBC but no more.

  • Mary_Linda

    America’s dying because of the likes of her.

  • bobemakk

    Of course, what can we expect from the “most liberal NBC” networks. No fair and balanced reporting from them, ever. These networks should have their licenses taken away for smearing people with lies.

  • Marxist Socialist Nobama Broadcasting Channel

    If you see anyone’s lips moving on screen, you’re being lied to!

  • Andrea Mitchell is a pathetic excuse for a journalist. If it wasn’t for her hubbie, Alan Greenspan, she’d be doing the news in Yoruba Linda !!

  • I find it interesting — perplexing, that the media would attack Romney on THIS basis — his stand on an ISSUE, when they deliberately overlook the “real” question — his Constitutional ELIGIBILITY to be POTUS. I have not yet been able to locate anything in my search engines that TELLS ME THE NATIONALITY, i.e., CITIZENSHIP, of Romney’s paraents AT THE TIME OF HIS BIRTH.

    When th question of Romney’s status as a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN came up, Romney produced a “Birth Certificate” that was issued by the STATE of Michigan which ONLY shows his parents NAMES — NOT their nationality or citizenship. WHY did Romney NOT SHOW a copy of the WAYNE COUNTY Birth Certificate that has attending doctor’s name, the hospital, his vital measurements AND THE CITIZENSHIP OF HIS PARENTS?

    akaObams is quoted as saying: “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide.”

    WHAT are YOU hiding Mitt? It’r really doesn’t matter for us to know, however, and HE knows that he is the designate loser — as was McCain in ’08. The Bilderberg and CFR International banking cartel control WHO gets on the ballots, and who gets elected.

    May our Constitutional Republic RIP.

  • As an average middle class citizen, I want to know the news – AS IT HAPPENS! – NOT AS HOW IT IS EDITED TO MAKE IT SEEM DIFFERENT !!!


  • DavidScottMasiwchuk


  • wollfb

    must be nice to get paid in the high 6 figures like mitchell does to out and out lie to the american people. can you say “political whore.”

    • I could add that she sold her soul… But I don’t think Liberals have souls to sell. Even if they do, I don’t think Old Nick gives much for them… 2 a penny I bet!

  • To Marie, who said, “What kills me is if Fox did this to Pres Obama, it’ll be splashed all over the evening news, on DemocracyNow, all the websites and FAIR would be up their hineys”.

    Fox DID just do this to Obama with the clip about the Dream Act. They selectively edited it to make him look like he had just overruled himself and was tearing up the Constitution. They neglected to run the next 30 seconds where he said what he *could* do, selectively enforce the law due to limited resources. His predecessor, George W. Bush, also used an executive order to “rewrite immigration policy”, as did two of the previous presidents, Clinton and Reagan.

    So, people of the Right, be carecul about getting up in arms about “selective editing”. Fox News wrote the book. There are countless examples of them doing this very same thing. Where’s the outrage THERE?

    Just curious.

  • dkirknurse

    I have a solution. Why don’t all the wealthy liberals who think that the government can do a better job at repairing the economy and that it is appropriate for someone to spend others hard earned dollars, move into a small 3 bedroom twin with 1 bathroom, give up their staff, drive a car that is 12 years old, and donate all their wealth to the federal government except for about $60,000 a year. Then they too can see what it is like to struggle everyday and worry constantly while their children are running up $100,000 in debt to get an education. We could solve our debt crisis and those greedy liberals could feel good about themselves for supporting the federal government. Who’s out of touch Ms. Mitchel?