MSNBC leftists want DOJ to prosecute Pastor Terry Jones over Ambassador’s death

Ugh. These cretins over at MSNBC actually believe Terry Jones should be culpable in the Ambassador’s death in Libya for inspiring Jihad or something, and that the DOJ should prosecute him. What a joke. These weak-kneed idiots obviously don’t believe in free speech and would rather kowtow to the angry mobs. (via Newsbusters):

MIKE BARNICLE: Given this supposed minister’s role in last year’s riots in Afghanistan, where people died, and given his apparent or his alleged role in this film, where, not yet nailed down, but at least one American, perhaps the American ambassador is dead, it might be time for the Department of Justice to start viewing his role as an accessory before or after the fact.

DONNY DEUTSCH: I was thinking the same thing, yeah.

Watch below:

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  • If only we never say a bad thing about Islam or the “Prophet” Muhammad, God’s wrath be upon him, they would never kill anyone.

    • stage9

      “God’s wrath be upon him.”

      LOL! That literally made me laugh out loud!

  • MiketheMarine

    How about treason charges against Maobama who responds to a rocket attack on an American embassy by APOLOGIZING FOR AMERICA’S STANCE.

  • jedward1000

    Given the comment this fella just made. Maybe it is time for the Department of Education to start thinking about prosecuting the educational institutions that guys like this attended since they clearly didn’t learn a thing, given such asinine statements. OK that’s my sarcasm for the day folks. Remember tip your waitress, I’ll be here all week. (much to the dismay of some)

    • MiketheMarine

      Try the veal….

  • WordsFailMe

    Just when you thought it was safe to switch to MSNBC during a FOX NEWS commercial….

    • I’ve been MSLSD-free for months now…. feel so much better

      • louisiana_mom

        I’ve never watched MSNBC, the clips I get on Conservative sites tells me I’ve made the right choice all these years. Geez, what an idiot. Prosecuting free speech because it upsets the Muslims who have been on a murderous spree for centuries.

  • Sandra123456

    Yes, liberalism is a mental disease. See?

    (Facepalm) Stupidity on display. You can insert the word “stupid” for “liberal” and be correct. The “liberal Mike Barnicle” becomes “the stupid Mike Barmicle”. See? It works.

    • GuessWhoFan

      How about “The Plagerizing Mike Barnicle”. And has there ever been a more appropriate name? This guy is stuck like a barnicle on Obama’s @ss.

    • CalCoolidge

      Well…liberalism is actually several mental diseases. I don’t think the would-be dictators like Obama are suffering the same disorders as the drones who chant his name and act like Madame DuFarge on MS LSD.

      BTW, what about the liberal DuFarge’s at Newsweek who published a false story about US military flushing Koran’s down toilets at Gitmo. In the ensuing riots, dozens were killed. Or how about MS LSD’s own Al Sharpton who exorted a mob yelling “white interplopers” to kill 7 people in Harlem?

  • Sober_Thinking

    I won’t listen to these jackalopes… Not for 1 second. MSNBC can go to hell. These people are idiots to begin with but worse, they are surrogates to a corrupt and complicit pResident who is in way over his head and who clearly wants to destroy this country.

    That being said, the idea that the LSM media wants to go after a religious figure and persecute him for what those barbaric animals did in the Middle East is sickening. Folks, where’s the REAL story here? Inbred Aholes who lawlessly attack American embassy’s and kill American citizens… or a possible link to a vague movie supposedly connected to a religious figure?

    This is the change that Obama brings to our precious country.

  • The Monster

    What part of “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech” don’t they understand?

    • MiketheMarine

      May have to remind them by exercising the right to bear arms, blurb.

  • Obama caused this. Bowing and apologizing like a weakling. This film is just the excuse they wanted to attack us and raise an Al Qaeda flag on U.S. soil. Killing a U. S. Ambassador was just the icing on the cake for them. All on 9/11, to celebrate further the tragedy we suffered. MSNBC is full of DNC useful idiots. Real Americans need to run away from the Dem party in droves. Pathetic reasoning. Free speech is a fundamental right in this country.

    • NJK

      I saw 2016 yesterday. This man had no business being allowed to sit as leader of the free world. MORONS VOTED FOR THIS CREEP. He’s not even human.

      • Orangeone

        That would be Minnesotans. I often refer to the Minnesota morons.

      • meyou

        Approx. 10 million more people voted for BO than McC. I’ve been praying for almost 4 years that they grow in wisdom before Nov. 2012. Not too much longer before we know (or if they’re not wiser, may they just stay home)…Amen.

  • PChandler

    Yeah, prosecute those who exercise free speech, a universal human right.

    Booooooo…. human rights, boooooooooo…. !.

  • It isn’t Jones film. Why are they blaming Jones? I thought these guys were journalists. I’m sitting at home on a computer and I’ve managed to find out that it’s not Jones film. It is the work of some real estate developer out in California. Geeze. MSNBC needs to just go off the air. They’re too stupid for words.

  • JeffWRidge

    In that case, I guess all of the people calling the Family Research Council a “hate group” should be charged with the shooting of Leo Johnson, and the attack on the Family Research Council. After all, if we’re going to arrest and charge people with the crime of saying something that may, or may not have, led crazy people to violence, then let’s go all out. I’m reasonably sure that we can find a lot of examples of lefty speech that has led to violence using this as a template.

  • Idiots! Since Jones had nothing to do with it go ahead. I didn’t think it possible to make Holder look more inept, corrupt, or stupid but leave it to MSNBC to devise a way.

  • So if you speak out against something , you can be charged for what heinous acts that something does?

    Oh God, this is scary..

  • MSNBC is the channel for the mentally ill. Blame someone who is not at all responsible because you like the sack to man up and take on the problem directly.

  • maynardb50

    MSLSD is full of dummies!!

  • PChandler

    “…. for inspiring Jihad”—

    It’s psychological projection, deep down in their sub-conscious they know that the Quran, ergo Islam, it’s the only thing that encourages and inspires Jihad, war against the unbelievers and apostates.

  • lilium479

    Barnicle should be prosecuted for helping elect a treasonous president.
    Egypt and Libya are on Obama.

  • sDee

    naw – had nothing to do with funneling billions of dollars in aid to the muslim brotherhood and other radical islamic front groups, working with the UN and their NGOs to install and finance radial muslims in support of the Clinton/Obama Arab Spring. It has nothing to do with America aligning with the islamists and discarding Israel – naw none of that.

    It’s Pastor Terry – yup – that’s the ticket! Americans are dumb enough to buy it. Yes! let’s run with that.

  • Rshill7

    Oh yeah, we could also sue the MSM for 6 trillion dollars too. We could use that back. Then sue the classic movie “Airplane” and it’s makers, actors etc. for inciting folks to act funny on airplanes.

  • carmtom13

    These left wing idiots have the lib talking points down pat! Blame anyone but the person whose fault it is. BHO owns this. But his mantra is blame someone else. To that i say bs! Where were these morons when the Muslim extremist cut off the reporters head and video taped it for the world to see??? You morons on mslsd will say and do anything to protect BHO from the truth. BHO OWNS THIS along with a long list of other things. Another reason BHO must be DEFEATED in November!

  • aposematic

    It is always the Leftists’ default position to place blame anywhere other than where it belongs.

  • NJK

    Can you believe their ignorance? They just don’t get it. I just want to shake them, and say, what don’t you get. Didn’t 9/11 teach you anything? Do you need another attack to wake you up? What’s wrong with you mentally?

    • Orangeone

      They probably believe GWB instigated 9/11 not the mussies.

  • smmy33

    Will did you see that hack Peggy Noonan, go after Mitt Ronmey, God forbid someone criticize dear leader .

    The media strains “to shift the focus from the Obama administration’s failure to protect our embassies and for its apologies (both before and after the attack on the Cairo Embassy) to whether Mitt Romney was wrong to criticize Obama last night.”

  • semihardrock

    This WILL end up pushing internet legislation to “prevent” deaths of American citizens. The NEW Homeland Security…..”its for your own good because WE know what is best for you” they will be “doing their job” to “protect Americans abroad”

    EVERYTHING they do is a ruse…

    • Trolls are everywhere.. Like Motorcycles… Except you get great joy riding over them! 🙂

  • MSNBC:Spreading the hate just like Islam

  • heavyduty2

    The libturds are getting nuttier by the day.

  • Rshill7

    Any entity that publishes the Koran should be culpable too then, right? Ever notice how the left can never seem to blame the actual perpetrators of crimes? That’s a crime in itself.

    The people that are responsible for this crime are…wait for it…the criminals themselves. By way of explanation though, they have been brainwashed by a “religion” that demands of them, acts of this very nature. They are obeying their death cult prophet while Obama, his administration, and his extended campaign staff (the press) kiss these murderers asses, each time they lift those asses, in “prayer”.

  • In Libtard minds it’s always our fault when bad things happen to us… it’s the same argument that a girl wearing a short skirt was just asking to be raped.. The Rapist was driven to act because of the girls provocative dress…

    It’s the mentally ill libtard way of justifying any terrible behavior! In Libtardland the victiim is *always* asking for it and “got what s/he deserves”

    Mental illness at it’s most warped and twisted!

  • capelady

    OK, so now our DOJ is supposed to prosecute a man in AMERICA for making a film, which based on our 1st amendment rights he has EVERY RIGHT TO DO… because he made the Muslims so angry they killed somebody? It is the Muslims who are insanely violent – they are the ones with the problem here – and the West cannot change our culture and surrender our liberty to appease them? These people sound like Chamberlain before WWII trying to make Hitler happy!!!

  • capelady
  • sebastianwoof

    It’s the MSNBC Obama Culture
    Our fearless leader should
    FLY Eric Holder and MSNBC’s president over there immediately.
    Let them get smack into the middle of things.
    Into that crumbling world
    Our Ersatz President has encouraged.

  • Hey Scoop, Can you check the rumor that Morning Joe is officially changing its name to Morning Joe World Thought Police.

  • James1754

    Does this idiot honestly understand what he said? He wants an American citizen prosecuted for expressing his opinion? Does he have any idea what the First Amendment has to say about this?

  • 12grace

    Typical stupid, leftist.

    What should have happened.
    1. Immediate response from obama condemning actions against America.
    2. The movie should be shown on ALL TV stations in America
    3. Stop ALL foreign aid to ALL of America’s enemy countries
    4. Demand justice from these countries
    5. Close all Mosques in America

    • Orangeone

      Suggested change to #4 – Find countries guilty of murder and drone attack them.

  • “Given this supposed minister’s role in last year’s riots in Afghanistan, where people died, and given his apparent or his alleged role in this film, where, not yet nailed down, but at least one American, perhaps the American ambassador is dead..”

    I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that Pastor Jones went over to Afghanistan and killed people. I didn’t know he was in Libya and Egypt at the same time either creating such havoc.
    Personally, I don’t agree with provoking people the way Pastor Jones seems to do, but he is truthful in what he has done. Leftists are incredible in their hypocrisy. In their statement they call Terry Jones a “supposed” minister. Well, what do these people call Jackson, Sharpton and Wright? At least Pastor Jones is preaching the truth.
    And for these people to give muslims an excuse for their evil actions is beyond pathetic. Islam is an evil and vile demonic ideology- they NEED NO EXCUSES to do what they do because they have been doing it since Mohummad recieved his so called visions. Hate and evil need no excuses. The whole world of leftists could apologize ’til the cows come home, and these demon worshipers would still do what they do in the name of their peaceful religion… burn, destroy, rape and murder. It’s what they are.

  • GEDouglas

    This is absolutely the most absurd thing I have ever heard!

  • stage9


    This Pastor has done what the COWARDS in our pathetic excuse of a government have failed to do! He has OUTED ISLAM FOR THE MURDEROUS SOCIOPOLITICAL MOVEMENT THAT IT IS!

    Bunch of anti-American zealots!

  • badnewzbearz

    MSNBC is engaging in self-imposed sharia. Next thing you know, they’ll be calling for Jones to be stoned.

  • donmoffet

    These people are lunatics.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Liberal logic-= -What to do when muslims attack,…..arrest the Christians.

    These people are dangerous and stupid.

  • I guess the people at MSNBC have to fill up the time by saying something, even if it is stupid. The fools. Here’s a thought. How about blaming the Muslim mobs for rioting over something as stupid as a movie, or even those old Danish cartoons? Naaaa, that would be too simple. Liberals see everyone as victims. Well, for once I’d like them to see us as victims of Islamic aggression. That would be refreshing, but it will never happen.

  • Susitna

    Maybe they should prosecute Biden for bragging on a daily basis for the killing of Osama Bin Laden, I mean this could also provoke retaliation. But I understand that Biden can only run on death: dead babies, dead terrorists, dead economy, dead AAA, death panels while being himself brain dead.

  • giomerica

    What about the role of the Muslim extremists, including the ones within the US? Should the justice dept. investigate them too? Somehow, I don’t think the libs would be in favor of that…

    And how about the roles that Barry and Joey are playing when they go all over the place spiking the ball about killing Bin Laden? Do you suppose THAT is upsetting to the Muslims?

    MSM – Move along, nothing to see here…

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Idiots! OK, let me agree with them about people who incite. Indict Obama for continuing to brag about how he shot Bin Laden’s eyes out. That certainly offends Muslims more than a low level Pastor contributing to a film. Send Obama to GITMO until ready for trial! Send Eric Holder to guard him!

    • iaintlyin

      Send Holder to guard him? Are you crazy, Send him there as a cohort to the crimes going on in this country. I believe these attacks were planned and I believe Holder and Obama knew they were coming. This administrations wanting to be part of the pack has made us the laughing stock of the world. If a country is being an ally of us at this point, they have to be out of their minds or, they are waiting for the check thats in the mail. The leadership of this country is complicit in the damage being done to the USA both from within and from abroad. They will intentionally let these acts of war go unpunished and within a week will be attacking boy scouts for building tree houses or some other inane distraction. The other thing to consider and put some thought into, there was a fast and furious report due out today, do not be soo distracted as to let this report slip by.

      • GetWhatYouPayFor

        Oh come on now. You can’t see the irony of Eric Holder with a fast and furious weapon on his shoulder, marching repetitive laps in front of Obama’s cage, while he begs for a TV to watch ESPN? We could even give him a Black Panther outfit with night stick! lol!

  • Typical. Blame the gun not the person approach.

    • dlg1956

      Guns will be right after they get free speach banned

  • MaxineCA

    This your RED FLAG ALERT – Currently there are negotiations going on at the UN that will mandate speech against religion would be considered at hate crime! Of course that was brought up by all of the muslim nations.

    I mean really, does anyone believe that the embassy response apologizing for offending muslims was by accident and not approved by the administration?

  • dlg1956

    Imam Obama’s soultion:

    Increase the insults and restrictions to the Cathloics and Christians and especially the Jews. Give the filthy muslims billions and begin ‘The Great World Apology Tour II’ , publically execute pastor Terry Jones and ignore Israel while supporting the filthy pigslamists.
    Also make sure the muslim brotherhood approves the continued destruction of America. Lastly, banish the 1st and 2nd amendment with executive order.

    Never mind Imam Obama’s constant spiking the football over Osama’s assination.

  • Sheya

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAH What an hilarious comedy act. I mean it’s satire right, because if this is serious. What the heck are those people doing on television they ought to be in a mental institution.

  • Are you kidding me? This goes through the Liberal think speak that the speaker is responsible for the response of their audience, even if the message wasn’t intended for the “audience” that reacted violently.

    Muhammad took a 7 year old as his wife and consummated the marriage when she was 10. Enough said.

  • patriotbens

    We need to jail everyone who speaks but let those who kill run wild and free! Liberals are very sick!!!

  • klo flo

    jones should be held responsible for his actions that were directly responsible for the death of four americans, there are consequences for his hate speech. he is a time bomb that keeps hurting the usa.

    • Mike Lee

      Directly responsible? Really? And you know that how? Your lefty media told you? Directly responsible. Shame on you. The Libyan attack was planned well in advance. The film was used as a cover. Wake up, dummy. And even if they reacted to the movie and the mob killed the ambassador (which is NOT what happened, so try dealing with reality for once), he would STILL not be directly responsible. Obama is a helluva lot more responsible than any film. Grrrr.

  • Mike Lee

    I wish the right wing would stop publicizing MSNBC and other outrageous leftist garbage. You give them the attention they desperately seek. More people on teh right pay attention just for the outrage. Day after day it’s the same thing. “MSNBC did this” and “MSNBC did that”. Well, stop giving them the attention. They will blow away.

  • How about a cross in urine inciting catholics.

    Piss Christ
    Piss Christ is a 1987 photograph by the American artist and photographer Andres Serrano.

    Lets get Serrano

  • I think King Obama would be equally responsible for the attacks, (under this asinine premise) as he brags about killing Bin Laden. wouldn’t THAT offend muslims too?

  • geo

    Barnacle – disgraced plagiarist – too mendacious and dishonorable even for the Boston Globe.

    How fitting that he’d wind up at MSNBC.

  • Dr_Eyes

    “Obama! Obama! there are still a billion Osama’s” is what the protesters were shouting in Egypt as they tore the American Flag down on the U.S. embassy.

    “We Came, we saw, he died.” “Ha, ha ha ha ha cackle cackle!” Hillary Clinton Secretary of State spiking the ball on Col. Gaddafi’s death on CBS.

    And we are supposed to believe a youtube video is to blame for a group of people who have been at war with us for near about 4 decades.

  • Dr_Eyes

    “Obama, Obama there are a billion Osama’s” is what was chanted at the US embassy in Egypt as the American flag was torn down.

    “We came, we saw, he died!” “Ha ha ha ha cackle cackle” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spiking the football over Obama’s orders to kill Col. Gaddafi. Quite the diplomat she is!

    And we are supposed to believe that Terry Jones is to blame here. What happened to blame Bush???? Wake up these people have been at war with us for nearly 40 years now!

  • patriotbens

    Lets just rip up the Constitution and apply Sharia Law in America….These people are sick!

  • hbnolikeee

    I’ve got a better idea. Whose idea was it to overturn the government of Libya? I’m thinking that this poor Ambassador was a whole lot safer before we decided that Libya needed some fixing.

  • hongryhawg

    The muslim brotherhood in egypt actually wants the producer of this film to be prosecuted. Given who is running the country, I’m sure it is under consideration. Personally, I’d like to watch the film. I already know what a$$wipe their ‘prophet’ was, but I’d like to see it documented any way possible.

  • Apparent (Adj): Clearly visible or understood; obvious
    Alleged (Adj): (of an incident or a person) Said, without proof, to have taken place illegally

    Does ANYONE else see the major contradiction here?! Jump to conclusions mat much?! I can’t STAND these idiots.

  • JacksonPearson

    M ost
    S tupid
    N ews
    B roadcasting
    C ompany on TV

    • Boon Companion

      Exactly. If only that dastardly Terry Jones hadn’t single-handedly botched our entire foreign policy plus all those decades of blood, sweat, and tears so meticulously devoted to achieving stability in some of the most violent and unstable regions on Earth, we would be living in Utopia by now. Good thing we have reliable media outlets like that one to tell us what is really going on while remaining focused on the events that really count.

    • Jay

      You mean it’s not the Most Socialized National Barak Channel?

  • Yes, Terry Jones does have the freedom of speech in order to denounce freedom of worship.
    He also has to accept the consequences of his free hate speech as the members of our embassy did.

    • iaintlyin

      Hey kneel, don’t feel good about yourself that you have a person liking your comment, I pressed the wrong key when I wanted to reply. You need to reassess your evaluation of this. Even the two morons ( SoS & POSP) said under NO circumstances was this acceptable. My town put in a traffic light at a intersection, 1 day later someone rearended a car at the red light, the driver died, is the traffic official that okayed the light eligible to be prosecuted for the death. An eye for an eye is more acceptable than a life for a video, you are some piece of illogical work

      • Sounds like:
        Hasty generalization of some radical muslims to the “pile of crap called the mid east”.
        Ad Hominem with the “bleeding heart liberal”.
        and Casual Oversimplification with the “I think there’s some collusion”.
        They really need to teach logical fallacies in school nowadays.

        • iaintlyin

          Having a hard time reading all those capital letters. But I will address them as I interpret them in defense of my bigoted remarks. There’s no generalization in my calling the mid east a pile of crap. There’s been war over there since the beginning of time, between themselves based on religion and different sects. They’re killing each other because of secular divisions, Sunnis, Shiites and such. They initiated war on this country and turned our nation upside down since 9/11 when they killed over 3000 innocent people, they’ve attempted many more attacks since. The recent US embassy attack was a continuation of Muslims murdering innocent people in the name of Mohammed. If you read their Koran (many spellings but google will take care of it for you), after that read the meaning of dhimmitude and how it affects Christianity and any other infidels in the world, I’m sure you’ll see that your “some radical muslims” is an understatement of immense proportions. Hence if you’ve read what I suggested, the Mid East is intolerant of any thing but Islam and Mohammed, if you express anything but full agreement with the Koran, you are subject to be killed, therefor the mideast that has a 70% plus muslim population is a pile of crap to me. As far as the Ad Hominem Bleeding heart statement I’m not quite clear on how you take offense to the statement but i will reword it for you if the phrase is bothersome. I feel offended that you find any need to finger point at Terry Jones for any reason. He’s an American citizen, in America, unfortunately, the Constitution protects assholes as it protects you and I. We deal with them everyday, but responding to an asshole by murdering four innocent lives is the subject that should be the only issue at this point. Jones has the right to do whatever he wants short of killing people. If I’m bothered by the neighbors barking dog, I talk to him about it, I don’t kill him. Given that our chosen leader extended an open hand and heart to every one in the world, why were the murders conducted without first reaching out diplomatically. Because they are looking for ANY excuse to bring down the infidels (USA) at any time. The casual oversimplification with the collusion quote, I’m at a loss of words about. No idea what your talking about. On the They really need to teach logical fallicies in schools nowadays, sounds sarcastic to me, should I be pissed?, I’m not sure but I will agree with you on it, anything is better than the socialist drivel that’s permeating our schools now. If your not calling for a true unbiased education system where all kids are taught the true meaning of republic, democracy, capatilism and every other thing that made you and I able to do this, then teach whatever you want, the result will be the same, misguided misinformed and deceived sheep that turn out to be the president of the united states. Well done progressives, your closing in on your goal.

  • Jay

    Stock up on guns and ammo before the Crusades get here. “Forgive and forget” is not a concept they have in their culture. We have astoundingly short menories here, to our peril.

  • iaintlyin

    Its good that the NBC family is rounding up all these left wing bleeding hearts, this way their easier to avoid sprinkled thru out other media. My prediction is that 0 will reject the video and our free speech before the muslim community in this country condemns the murders. We will be governed further over this act of war.

  • Daniel Meah

    So we insult islam fine. But why when we insult jews are we called Anti-semites? or is t just a silly extreme right wing thing? this guy is 100% responsible. Only ring-wing radicals wuld see otherwise… And blaming this on jihad is stupid. and shows how immature most americans are.

    • iaintlyin

      Wow, Jones killed those defenseless individuals huh? Even after the POTUS extended his open understanding hand for the last three years, the path the Muslim community chose to show their discontent was to murder and rape four innocent people. Ignoring the extended, understanding hand and opting to murder, it was Joneses fault? To hell with diplomacy, forget decency, lets just kill whoever crosses our path. Damn that guy Jones. Lets kill somebody, blood, Death to America. Very balanced thinking there. hilarious

  • iaintlyin

    Jones posted a video that caused a rather large faction of Mslims to murder 4 innocent Americans that were in that country helping solidify their gov’t. to become a democracy if not a republic. The MSM, our Gov’t, the SoS decide that Jones is the issue, not the murders. Great logic. So now we shut down the i’net and/or round up all who don’t agree with most, throw em in jail and damn that Constitution.