MSNBC likens Romney to the KKK for saying “Keep America American”

This is utterly ridiculous. MSNBC will do everything they can to make this election about race, and Romney is their target for saying “Keep America American”. They compare it to the slogan used by the KKK (via RCP):

Also, MSNBC just apologized:

Funny, Mittens gets compared to both Obama and the KKK in the same day. Conspiracy?

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, isn’t he just so clever!

  • Anonymous

    Oh for the love of pete!

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t be suprised if Romney was behind this. Nothing invokes more sympathy than being falsely accused of racism. Atrocious attacks like this will make more Republicans come to his defense even thoughs who don’t agree with him. Romney has had a bad week with his 10K proposition and he needs more Republicans rallying behind him not distancing themselves from him.

    • Anonymous

      Nah. This is stupid enough to have come from the great minds at the DNC.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon, this garbage should cease to shock us by now. We should see this stuff coming from a mile away.

    Their playbook is always the same, its the Alinsky targets that change.

    Anyone who isn’t Obama is the current target, and that even includes Mitt.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They have to go back 90 years for this? Back then gay meant you were happy, pot was to cook in. Words and phrases change meanings over the years. They must be desperate, stupid or both.

    • Anonymous

      Well said NY!

  • Joe

    This makes sense to ……..let’s see …… DOPES!

    The apology – useless –

    The hand has been shown – They really are crazy!

    Romney may be many things – but KKK ??

    Geez – these people are really desperate and stupid too!

    • Anonymous

      Joe. Desperate and stupid. We both came up with the same words at the same time. Normally I would say ‘great minds etc.’ but in this case these are the two words that describe this situation most accurately.

  • As I’ve asked before, where was MSDNC and the rest of the liberal rabble, when the leftist mongolid known as “P Dummy” was sporting a shirt bearing the DNC recycled slogan “Vote or Die”, considering THAT was a KKK slogan, and the KKK was (and remains) the terrorist wing of the DNC? Must I play this, again?!:

  • Let’s keep American American–

    There, I said it. I must be a racist.

    • Anonymous

      …or a Patriot!

      • I don’t get why…being “American” would be considered a bad thing. Last time I checked, the KKK was more about racial supremacy and not about “americanism.”

    • Anonymous

      Well to be technical… to keep America American, I do believe that all the land would have to go back to the (part of my ancestry btw)

  • Anonymous

    ‘Funny, Mittens gets compared to both Obama and the KKK in the same day. Conspiracy?’

    Nope, just flip-flopping again.

    • Anonymous

      LOL….. nice one nuke…. I completely missed that…

      • Anonymous

        Ahhh, it’s all in the details. 🙂

  • Glenn Beck said if you Vote for Newt you’re a Racist.

    • No, that’s not what he said. Holy crap I can’t take it anymore! Ignorance is really becoming an epidemic in the conservative blogosphere lately. This thread has nothing to do with Beck AT ALL so to even bring it up reeks of trolling. But since you went there I’ll be glad to dismantle your comment.

      Beck said Newt was a big government progressive similar (but not the same) to Obama. And if the TEA party is going to be staunchly anti-big government progressives how could they then put their support behind a Newt in the primary. He was making the observation that it seems highly hypocritical of the TEA party to LOATHE Obama, but SUPPORT Newt (in the primary, BHO vs NG is a different story altogether) and in trying to hypothesize why they’re supporting him he used some unfortunate hyperbole that didn’t sit well with a lot of people. It was mostly a proverbial smack to the side of conservatives’ heads to wake up to the progressive chameleon that is Newt Gingrich. He is a politician’s politician. He IS the permanent political class we are all supposed to be adamantly against, but it seems too many of us are being fooled by his rhetorical expertise and blinded by the juicy prospect of watching Newt dismantle Obama in a debate. Watching Newt follow through on his pledge to follow Obama throughout he campaign trail. We are so desperate for someone, ANYONE to show some unadulterated oral skills coupled with the cojones to call out our opponents and tell it like it is and Newt KNOWS IT. He is a political genius and knows how to tell you exactly what you want (need) to hear. Forget some isolated facts of is voting record and READ and listen to HIS OWN WORDS. He is a big government progressive who believes solutions can and should come from other learned elites like himself and he’s adept at playing the populist role to his benefit.

      Agree or disagree with his assessment or his tactic all you want, but anyone who seriously thinks that Glenn Beck believes the TEA party is racist should really go back under the rock they crawled out from under because their ignorance is truly stunning and quite frankly detrimental to the current conservative ascendency. I mean really do you think the 912, 828 guy REALLY thinks the tea party is racist? Seriously??? If you believe that I’ve got a gold-laden bridge that I’m looking to unload for the low low cost of only $19.99. Interested?

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, it’s not part of this thread, but as you said, since it was brought up.

        If what he said using the race baiting technique was, as you say, ‘rhetorical expertise’, then he’s not very smart, as it did indeed cause a lot of people to look at him in a different light.

        If even a fervent supporter of Beck like you says that it was ‘unfortunate hyperbole’, then he should have at least given it a smidgen of attention to apologize to them and maybe, just maybe they might have given him the benefit of the doubt.

        BUT, he blew it off, poo pooed it away, and basically spat on these people that really trusted him, of all people, not to go down that road.

        So, if he can live with losing a lot of support and revenue for his blunders without batting an eye, then so be it and let’s finally move on, with or without him.

        And let’s stop with the same old rhetoric about ‘do you seriously think he was saying such and such?’ because most of us take people at their words and words mean a great deal. If they mean nothing to you, then just let it go and stop accusing people of making stuff up that they didn’t make up.

        edit: and, btw, Beck is selling that same gold himself.

        • He absolutely DID NOT blow it off. Did you listen to his radio show a few days before the infamous clip from Judge Nap’s show? You know where right after he said the VERY SAME THING Stu jumped in with ,”obviously you don’t really think the tea party is racist.” To which Beck replied, “of course not.” Did you listen to what he said on his radio show on Monday about this? You know when he again reiterated that doesn’t think the TEA party is racist and then proceeded to lay out all the epic flaws he sees in Newt and how those flaw point to big government progressivism. Did you watch his GBTV show on Monday? You know where he spent about an hour dissecting what ALL of the possibilities for his perceived hypocrisy on display by tea party Newt supporters? You know where number one on the list of reasons was racism and where he immediately crossed it off the ist for being absurd? These are all rhetorical questions because it’s obvious by your remarks that you have not listened to or watched any of this. Bottom line, he said it before Saturday and he said it after Saturday, in detail. HE DOES NOT THINK THE TEA PARTY IS RACIST. PERIOD.

          This is all so very reminiscent of the time he seemingly called Obama a racist after ‘Gates-gate’. Everyone on the left and in the media (but I repeat myself) had a feeding frenzy over that and many still continue to cite that comment to this day as there exhibit A as to why Beck is a hateful, fear-mongering lunatic. And what did he REALLY say? What was the overarching point he was making? It was that Obama is really a racist, but an anti-colonialist. Funny how shorter comment taken from a much broader discussion can be cherry-picked to make someone appear to be stating a position that they’re really not taking. It’s almost Boehlert-esque…

          At the end of the day we are ALL flawed, we ALL use poor judgement from time to time, and we ALL occasionally say things that would perhaps be wiser if we didn’t. Everyone. Rush, Levin, Hannity, Breitbart, Loesch, everyone. Bush, Palin, Bachmann, Gingrich, Paul, EVERYONE. To condemn Glenn Beck and essentially ostracize him from the TEA party movement after EVERYTHING that he has positively contributed to the movement all because he made ONE potentially comment that you don’t like is outright insanity. If that’s really where we’re heading as conservatives or really just as plain ol’ common sense realists I fear we’re all doomed.

          I’d like to conclude by pleading with everyone within the sight of my words to go visit John Ziegler’s (Media Malpractice) new website I BEG you. If you can read that site and still feel comfortable supporting Newt Gingrich in the primaries then I really don’t know what else to say.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve seen everything he has said and I guess I have to sum this up with:

            ‘yep, you just dont get it, do you.’

      • Anonymous

        You said that perfectly. Beck stupidly pulled the race card. People are so sensitized to race they can’t distinguish the comparison without feeling offended.

    • Before this apology, Chris Matthews had a -10 favorability…it has now improved…it is now at -9.80

      It’s still in the red

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This sends a thrill up my leg.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm…… Must be a mistake. This is the first time in history that MSNBC has attacked a elitist big government liberal. They usually reserve this garbage for the conservatives. Interesting…..

    • Romney may be a “Liberal” when compared to the rest of the field, but he is still more conservative than Obama..And since he still has a chance to be the nominee, though it was weakened lately, they still want to make any Republican as weak as possible so “Messiah Obama” wins another 4 years.

      • Anonymous

        LOL… More conservative than Obama…… Perhaps we finally found ol switch hit Mitt a campaign slogan. “You may hate my abortion, insurance mandate, second amendment and gay marriage stance(s). But I am more conservative than Obama!”

        • Anonymous

          He was never for gay marriage. Fought it while in Massachusetts.

        • Anonymous

          Romney was never for gay marriage. He fought it while he was in Massachusetts.

          • Anonymous

            Romney issued the licenses for homosexuals to marry himself. Most rombots spin this by saying he was forced to by the court ruling but like all things Romney this spin, missdirection and double speak. The court ruling didn’t infact require the state to recognize nor license homosexual marriage. Romney himself not the courts brought gay marriage to Massachusetts.

            “All causes of marriage…shall be heard and determined by the governor and council, until the legislature shall, by law, make other provision.” (PART THE SECOND, Ch. III, Article V.)


  • Anonymous

    Funny, I thought the KKK used to say, “…..happy days are here again.”

    “Keep America American?” What a terrible sentiment! America for Americans? How absurd. We should have:

    –Special Congressional caucuses set up by race and color-coded so every one can can express racial pride and distinction like “the CBC, the CYC, the CRC and the CWC;” You’re bound to find a color you like.

    –Special TV shows which feature American occupiers living out religious bigotry in closed communities like “Everyone Loves Saladin, “The Jihadi Next Door,” and “Dearborn Confidential.”

    America for Americans? The Africans who came here in the holds of sailing ships didn’t come here to become Americans. The Muslims who came here, pockets full of oil money and hashish, committed to furthering Islam didn’t come here to become Americans. And, similalry, the Jews who maintain their separate-ness from the population by defining themselves as Jewish-American, German Jews, Russian Jews, Polish Jews, etc., did not come here to become Americans.

    Any person who hyphenates his national or religious identity from the honorable term, “American,” did not come here, and does not intend to be, an American.

    You might as well say that the hyphen in African-American and Muslim-American and Jewish-American is the very thing that keeps us apart.

    Hyphen-ators should be ashamed of themselves, but their religious practices demand pride and forbid shame.

    Keep America American- what a racist thought that is.

    • Anonymous

      Radical man, radical.

      • Anonymous

        I appreciate your feedback, Gino and your insights. I believe, like Rush just said, “Nobody ever won anything by defending anything. You’ve got to go on the offense.”

        Dem-Libs accuse conservatives of being racists, hillbilly buffoons who are so stupid that they don’t accept abortion, homosexuality and cultural diversity. Dem-Libs say that conservatives want to push grandma over the cliff, foul the environment, and turn back the clock to 1830.

        I’m on offense every day and every moment. At my age I’ve got few weapons left to really effect the outcome but, by God, when I use what I have, I’ll aim at at center-mass, un-protected positions and the jugular and apply maximum force. I have nothing left to lose.

        It’s a honor to share this great website with Americans such as you and many others.

        • Anonymous

          Hear,hear. I don’t think words fail you at all!

        • Anonymous

          Very gracious comment Words Fail Me, thank you.

  • I thought he was referring to a unification of the Western Hemisphere — for all 700 million (?) people in the Americas to be unified.

    Most Blacks have ancestry here going back more than a century. Why would they not be American? Only leftists would think that way, as well as knowing much about the KKK, except for the fact that they were started by Dems, after the Dems kicked the Repubs out of the South — ending reconstruction, which was rebuilding infrastructure & trying to integrate Blacks.

  • Anonymous

    MSNBC is a joke not a news outlet.

  • The Democratic party started the KKK, they are also the ones who caused the Republicans to add 3 Amendments to the constitution and then some to protect blacks from discrimination.

  • Anonymous

    true racist’s, brand everybody as racist to try to hide, but clear thinking people know who you are

  • Anonymous

    What MSNBC just said is that they see America as a white country. If MSNBC saw America as a rainbow country, then saying “let’s keep it American” wouldn’t matter.

    MSNBC is the racist here.