MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry And The Word We Shall Not Say

Below, via The Daily Caller, is a segment that aired yesterday on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry’s show.

A controversial word? This sounds intriguing. Indelibly printed? Intended as derogatory? I’m starting to get an idea here. Oh do let’s keep listening.

Oooh, conceived of by wealthy white men. Intended to diminish … I’m with you, Harris-Perry, he said knowingly, with a wink and a nod.

OMG, President Obama has been labeled by this word. There were many people for whom he’d never be more than that one disparaging word. But he embraced it! He’ll be that!

I’ve got my outrage pants on and a cup of coffee I’m just dying to spit out in shock. I know where you’re going with this. That one word, that awful word. Say the word Melissa!!

OHHHH SNAP. It’s Obamacare!!!! I totally spit out that coffee I was telling you about earlier. That was a sneaky trick indeed, oh quite so. I thought for sure it was that other word. You know the one. I’ll whisper it: Hawaiian … !!!

Ohhhh, wait now I get it. Obamacare is like the N-word! Rich white people use it to insult black people. That is so totally true, Melissa. I was at the store the other day? And there were these kids? And they went to the back of the store? And the clerk was like, “oh great, we got some Obamacares here.” Well I don’t have to tell you I washed my ears out with soap after that. Mortified I say. Mort. I. Fied!

Melissa Harris-Perry, you national treasure you, I have to share a secret with you. Are you ready? It’s a huge secret. One indelibly printed in the pages of this conversation that we’re currently having, like it or not. And that secret is this secret, which will now no longer be a secret, because I’m telling you the secret. Have I built it up enough yet? ARE YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT YET?!???!?


You know how I knew? Because you work for MSNBC, MHP. Can I call you MHP? You see, when working at MSNBC, MHP, calling criticism of Obama racist is SOP. If you don’t do it you’ll be UE, just like ARB. (That’s Alec Rae Baldwin for those who are not HIP.) So saying that using the term Obamacare is a racist slur against the President in order to diminish his accomplishments is as unsurprising as it is laughably weak.

AAAAND scene.

Melissa Harris-Perry, like many liberals, is trying on a new tactic. First, Obamacare was the greatest advancement mankind had seen since that time Sonny and Cher split up, and repubicans were going to rue the day they didn’t stand with Obama and take ownership of it, allowing it to become his legacy, and his alone. Oh there would be so much rueing you don’t even know.

Then it changed. It was still awesome, but people were getting a bad taste for it because meanies were saying mean things about it out of meanness. Next, it was still awesome, but we have to admit the website doesn’t work so well, but hey, this is about more than just a website. After that, it was awesome, and sure the President misspoke about some parts, but the main thing to know was that it was going to be wicked sweet once some stuff got fixed (which stuff was probably sabotaged by conservatives anyway.)

And now? Well now calling it Obama’s legacy is racist. Because Bin Laden.

After making this fatuous and blatantly flip-floppy argument, our intrepid host goes on to list the many wondrous and unappreciated achievements of the One, because heaven knows no one on TV ever says anything good about President Obama. The last few minutes of that segment are so cringe-inducingly saccharine doctors recommend you don’t watch it more than once per year for fear of diabeetus.

Volumes could be written about the cult-like devotion so pathetically spewed in the above clips. But as Right Scoop readers are no doubt already planning to say in the comments: who watches that channel anyway? And it’s true, the ratings aren’t exactly approaching public access level. Which is why I’ll just leave you with this humble suggestion. A new motto for the network.

MSNBC. We put the ANT back in SYCOPHANT.

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