Muslim Scholar explains why stealth political Jihad is the best course for Muslims

This was posted at Walid Shoebat’s website today and it’s a Muslim in London describing why stealth Jihad through the political process is preferred instead of using guns and bombs:

It is important to understand that in Islam, all lands are Muslim lands. It’s just that some of these lands are currently controlled by Infidels. This is how Islam’s practitioners see the world. For you leftists in the West who like to run interference for Islamists, that means your country.

This Muslim scholar named Haitham al-Haddad lives in Great Britain and in this video, you will see him explain to his students that it is ok to participate in western civilization in the short run if doing so furthers Islam in the long run.

You will hear him mention “Dawah.” This is a term that refers to Muslims always inviting non-Muslims to embrace Islam. In this regard, he comes across as a student of top Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, who teaches Muruna, which is exactly what al-Haddad seems to be advocating:

Nothing to see here. Islam is a religion of peace. Move along.

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  • stage9

    Walid Shoebat rocks!

  • Joe

    This link is a repost from K-BOB

    I have NO DOUBT this Country is a target again!

    I came across this article about how the number of mosques have doubled since 9/11

    Here is a list by Zip Code

    Should we be concerned? – I think we should be vigilant

    If “they” hate us so much –

    Why come here ?-

    Certainly not for the Southern pulled pork tailgate parties or the Italian festivals

    • conservative58

      Joe – Here is an article of what is happening in the deep south. These mosques are creeping up everywhere.

      “This was a huge victory,” Brandon said. “This is the first time in the United States that the political entity of Islam has been stopped in its tracks.”

      “The anti-mosque group has battled construction for the two years since the approval was granted to the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. The arguments against the mosque included that Islam is not a real religion protected by the U.S. Constitution.”

  • Nukeman60

    This is really scary stuff. For those that say we must turn the other cheek and live peacefully side by side with these types, I say they will be the first to be beheaded before they even know it. Our guard must always be up and we must keep ourselves aware that the snake does not sneak in the back door and strike us while we sleep in our own comfortable beds.

    • No worries about them sneaking. With what we have in our government, they’re being welcomed with open arms. It is very alarming how fast it’s spread already.

      • NYGino

        It’s spreading from The Very Top of our government.

        • Yup. 🙁

        • LIBERTYUSA

          …you do not mean Barry is a CLOSET MUSLIM ?”

          • Patriot077

            It started before this administration. You might want to check out the series Frank Gaffney did on this issue. An in depth review that is very very informative and the 10 part course can be viewed as time permits.

            Grover Norquist and Karl Rove were both influences on the Bush admin after 9/11. The brotherhood has been stealthily building their networks for nearly 60 years in the US.

            God bless Frank Gaffney and all those who recognize the threat for what it is and have the courage to speak out about it. And thanks to Memri and Walid Shoebat for translating and distributing the truth.

            • LIBERTYUSA

              … thank you Patriot077 for the heads up on the Frank Gaffney web site , as some one said ” Knowledge = POWER .”

  • NoToTyrants

    In essence, he is advocating incremental subversion. It is the same strategy the Marxists have used and are using to subvert our Constitution. He also hinted once Muslims MP’s became the majority, they would outlaw all non-Muslim MP’s.

    They are just like the Marxists, who preach tolerance, minority rights, multiculturalism, civil rights, civility, bipartisanship, human rights, social justice, etc; just look at history, whenever they achieve a majority status, all that goes out the window and they outlaw all opposition. They intimidate, imprison, and execute dissidents.

    Islamists and Marxists are birds of a feather. Continually compromising with either is the road to ruin.

  • For 1500 years the Catholic church has been trying to keep these people away and done so successfully.

    The lefties have been in power in Europe for the past 200 years and now Europe wont last another 50 years.

    • Agreed. Europe is lost. It’s just a matter of time; the demographics don’t lie. Sadly, North America is going down the same path Europe went.

      Christendom’s hope is South America, China, and Africa.

      • keyesforpres

        I ain’t givin’ up yet on the good ole USA.

  • NikitaAnne

    More and more people are waking up to the fact Islam is a dire threat to our freedoms, rights, and western way of life. Islam is a stain on humanity and needs to be removed and segregated from the civilized world for our collective survival. Their combination of inbreeding and violence should eventually be their ultimate demise. But, we are gleefully importing them and they are rapidly out breeding us, destroying us from the inside, all the while our leaders welcome their presence because isn’t ‘diversity’ wonderful? Aren’t honor killings, amputations, stonings, subjugation of infidels, slavery, acid attacks, submission to an evil “god” and worship of a mass murdering pedophile fantastic additions to our way of life full of freedoms, equality, and rights? What could go wrong? What does history tell us – that all human beings are capable of horrendous violence, but only one barbaric and totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion – Islam, has never peacefully co-existed with unbelievers. Period. Their end game is world domination through various forms of jihad. They are raised/brainwashed to hate us, they curse us in their daily prayers…under Sharia Law there is no penalty for killing us, in fact Muslims are more rewarded in heaven for doing just that. Our leaders are either so mentally insufficient that they reject all the facts under the diluted romantic notion that all cultures are equal or they hate our western way of life enough to destroy it (and be ruled by Sharia Law in the end…). Both alarm me. I refuse to be a dhimmi but am a proud Canadian infidel.

  • Europe will once again… one day… have to be saved by the United States of America. Full circle…yet again. I just hope.. one day… people will wake up and smell the fu**in’ coffee and exterminate these … things.

  • 911Infidel

    Dissembling and even joining a western religion as a plant…a fake.. is permitted under the concept of maruna. The son of Hamas is a prime example of maruna in application.Civilizational jihad is what CAIR is all about. CAIR and their fellow jihadists have made great inroads during this administration and have managed to wipe out all attempts at understanding the real Islamic Jihad in our government stuctures.

    Their goal:

    “The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.”

    From: An Explanatory Memorandum

    On the General Strategic Goal for the Group (Ikwan)

    In North America


    Same with the rest of the west.

  • Constance

    Here’s my question: What is England doing about this? This was said in their country, in their capital city. Crickets chirping, yes?

    Same question for my country. What are we doing about people who preach this way here? Crickets chirping again.

    • Absolutely nothing. They’re so indoctrinated in socialist multiculturalism, they don’t think anything of it. Those who speak out are harrassed for being intolerant bigots, or arrested for hate speech. That will be here soon enough as we see in Deerborn Michigan.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Yeah, Muslims should be embraced… they are peaceful… they mean us no harm. BS!

    I’m cool with profiling this “religion” and these people because no other religious sect disparages or is hostile to the U.S. in word and deed like this “peaceful religion”. They have been at the heart of pretty much all terrorism in the last couple of decades…

    Ask our soldiers in Afghanistan what happens when you take your eyes off these freaks.

  • NJK

    Do you think they could usurp the White House, Senate, House of Representatives, and the courts to do this? They already have.

  • This is what kills me about our politicians ignoring our Constitution, because sharia is antithetical to our Constitution, yet once muslims gain more political power, with so many of our Constitution hating politicians, they won’t care that muslims try and force sharia.
    They’ve done a good job of changing places like Deerborn Michigan and some parts of Minnesota already. They’ve done a good job implimenting the sharia practice of halal food in a lot of our food companies.
    They’re even creeping into liberal churches through chrislam. What an abomination!
    The leftists and liberal yahoos who think they’re so tolerant and multiculturally cool because they accept muslims are blind idiots.

    Islam is a demonic idiology. I’ll never submit to it.

    • kong1967

      Me, either. Give me liberty or give me death. With sharia there is no liberty.

      What really pisses me off about the left is that they are hell bent on destroying Christianity and are always talking about it as if it’s trying to dominate and take over our politics. Christianity is such a threat to our freedoms….supposedly. Yet, Islam is the obvious threat and openly states their intentions of Sharia Law and the left shows nothing but appeasement. I don’t get it…at all. I would think the left would be livid over the real threat of Islam but they are only acting threatened by Christianity. Complete idiots that are going to be the death to our civilization.

      • Rshill7

        Apparently the left loves the idea of eliminating Christianity much more than they love freedom.

        • kong1967

          Maybe it’s because they don’t see creeping Sharia going on here in the states (although it’s happening). When the day comes that muslims have a larger population here and they behave like they increasingly do in other states they are migrating to, we will see how the left reacts to it then. But I would rather not let it go that far before people wake up.

          • Well we can see how the left is reacting in Europistan. I don’t think liberals would know sharia if it bit them in the face (or lopped their heads from their neck). Look at how readily the liberal media wenches and government throw on the head scarves when they go interview terrorist dictators “out of respect”. They’d have no problems throwing on a burkah in this country.

            • kong1967

              Yeah, good ‘ol compliant Hillary. Bow to the muslims when she should have used the opportunity to show muslim women that women CAN be free and have stature.

              • Yeah, the headscarves go great with the pantsuits. I don’t think muslim women are allowed to wear pants though. Looks like hill will have to switch back to skirts. Dang!

                • Patriot077

                  Maybe she will do the right thing and start wearing the full burka.

                • keyesforpres


                • kong1967

                  Put her in corset 3 sizes too small and maybe her head will pop.

  • Kordane

    To stop the Islamization of the West and Jihad attacks against it, there is only one solution: Total war against all Islamic states.

    This tactic would involve a combination of nuclear and conventional strikes against the strongest Islamic states – Namely Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan.

    When you take out those states, primarily by targeting population centers, infrastructure and military installations/equipment, you may find that there is no need to attack the rest, since they may see the hopelessness of their cause (Islam) and offer their full surrender and renouncement of said cause. If they don’t, then demand it from them, and if they still don’t, then continue launching nuclear and conventional strikes against the next strongest batch of Islamic states, and keep doing it until all Islamic states surrender and renounce their cause.

    Depending on the level of resistance, it would result in hundreds of millions of deaths.

    Eventually the Muslims would see the futility of their cause, and they would give it up, just as the Germans did and just as the Japanese did when we engaged in total war.

    This is an ancient conflict that goes back to the 7th century. Islam vs all unbelief. It is a war that Islam’s founder declared against all unbelief, and it is a war that Islam’s followers have been following ever since. To END that war, it’s going to require a massive military victory of epic proportions, because we’re dealing with over a billion people here, all with an incredibly strong zeal for their cause. It’s going to take a lot of death on their part, but eventually they will surrender and renounce their cause.

    The problem is: The vast majority of people in the West don’t have the stomach, nor the understanding of Islam, to ever consider such an option for true victory. Today’s Western societies would not tolerate the bombing of population centers to rubble, as we did in WW2 against the Nazis, just as today’s Western societies would not tolerate nuclear strikes against population centers, as we did in WW2 against the Japanese. Today’s societies are weaklings who, bless them, don’t have the stomach to actually defend themselves by doing something so horrible as actually ‘defeating’ their enemy ¬_¬

    • kong1967

      Now you’re talking like an insane, irrational man….but I think you are right. The problem with sending in troops to kill the terrorists on the battlefield is that it doesn’t get to the core of the problem. The people we allow to live are breeding more and more terrorists by the second and brainwashing them into Islam and to kill infidels. The best possible solution is what you propose, but we both know it will never happen.

      What’s more than likely going to happen (and is happening) is the left will protect Islam here in the states while they destroy Christianity. Until we get the left on the right side of the issue there will be nothing we can do to stop the migration into the states and the use of our Constitution to allow the muslims to become a cancer we cannot stop from growing. Yeah, I’m pessimistic but the left will never get on board to putting a stop to this.

      Being the case, what other solutions do we have? I’d like to start by labeling Islam a political faction and an enemy to the state….but I also don’t think that’s ever going to happen because of policital correctness and Islamic appeasement. I think we are going to have a very rough ride in the future.

      • Kordane

        I don’t really see what’s so “insane” or “irrational” about it, given that we basically did the same thing during WW2 against the Germans and Japanese. The only difference is that it would be on a far larger scale than those conflicts.

        We’re up against an ideology that has over a billion followers, and it’s an ideology which sanctions and mandates warfare against all unbelievers, until the entire world becomes Muslim.

        I don’t give a sod whether there are some peaceful Muslims or some tolerant Muslims. I look at what the ideology sanctions and mandates, as my guide to knowing how to act.

        Total war works. It’s an effective military method for defeating your enemy and actually gaining “victory” – Which current methods, by their own admission, cannot achieve.

        • kong1967

          No no, I came off the wrong way about the “irrational and insane”. I immediately followed with “I agree with you” and I don’t believe what you are saying is either of the two. However, if you came out with that to the general public you would be shunned as irrational and insane. My comment was meant to be against a passive and blind public and not against you.

          Even though we agree on what you say, how far do you think it will have to go before the general public agrees and we get a leader that will agree or have the balls to do it? At the moment I say never, because Bush was destroyed because of collateral damage and we have the most efficient and effective military ever known in history. Society would go balistic over WWII type tactics, wouldn’t they?

          • Kordane

            I think that the starting point is in rejecting the two major approaches to US foreign policy. On the one hand is the pre-9/11 foreign policy so-called “realism” of pursuing myopic, range-of-the-moment “practicality”, an unprincipled approach which leads to appeasing an enemy we refuse to identify, primarily through always using diplomacy, rather than getting one’s hands dirty by actually fighting one’s enemy. On the other hand is the Bush administration’s foreign policy mandating altruistic wars and the empowerment of our enemies.

            Basically, we are given the choice between a supposedly practical policy which subverts our security – or a principled, idealistic policy that entails sacrificing our security.

            To gain widespread support for the idea of waging total war against Islam, we would necessarily have to reject the selfless moral ideas and anti-principled pseudo-practicality that has shaped US foreign policy pre and post 9/11. One would instead need to advocate the moral ideal of rational self-interest which is “explictly and proudly dedicated to the defense of America’s rights and national self-interests“.

            However, neo-conservatives will fight tooth and nail against such an approach, since in-keeping with their altruistic-collectivist ideals they believe that America has no right to conduct its foreign policy for its own sake. Instead, they believe, America has a “duty” to, as leading neoconservatives William Kristol and Robert Kagan put it, “advance civilization and improve the world’s condition.” In doing its “duty” to the world, Kristol and Kagan say that America will further its “national greatness,” achieving a coveted “place of honor among the world’s great powers.” (As explained in their book “Present Dangers”)

            The hardest part is reaching the stage where we can advocate total war on the moral ideal of rational self-interest, and receive widespread support for that. It’ll take nothing less than a philosophical revolution.

            In comparison, the easiest part is actually fighting the war.

            • kong1967

              Good plan, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. We are probably going to have to be put in Israel’s position of survival and we would still be dragging appeasers and passive idiots along for the ride.

        • keyesforpres

          I agree we need to go Rambo on their 7th century behinds, but I would never believe them if they signed a peace treaty. That would just be taqiyya. They sign peace treaties long enough to give them time to reload.

          • Kordane

            That’s why we do what we did to the Japanese on them. We force them to surrender to us, renounce their ideology (Islam), and then force on them the system of government which the founders created: A strict pro-liberty constitution which recognizes and protects the individual rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. We will force on them a system of government that is utterly antithetical to the tyrannical and anti-individual system they have under Islamic law.

            Without state support and with pro-liberty system of government, the Islamic ideology will wither and die out amongst the populace, especially after they are utterly demoralized, humiliated, and when they realise that their Islamic aims are utterly hopeless/futile.

            Oh yeah, and we threaten them to stick to that system of government we force on them, otherwise we’ll nuke them back to the stone age.

            Does that satisfy your concerns about taqiyya and hudna?

            • keyesforpres

              LOL, yeah that helps!
              It’s just too bad this garbage wasn’t wiped out during the Crusades.

    • I will kindly disagree with that. A military solution is not the answer and never will be.
      Its a moral, back to basics answer.
      Islam is not to blame for the mess we are in. We did it ourselves.

      While the west is busy fornicating and aborting itself out of existence, the muslims are quietly and peacefully taking over the places we leave.

      The west used to be big on traditional families. A father and mother and kids. Now we have destroyed whatever the family unit was. Our lifestyles got in the way of making families.

      Europe, specifically, Sweden and Denmark are busy fornicating and dying. barely 1 child per couple. To keep their economies going , they have to import outsiders the keep the population levels up and the downfall starts.

      We lose our God, we lose our lands, and in the end we lose our lives.
      The Old Testament is more relevant today than it ever was. History is repeating itself. We have been warned.

      • Kordane

        I won’t mince my words: That’s a BS approach to this problem

        More God, you say. More breeding, you say.

        Well ok, go out there and force people, at the point of a gun, to follow your God and go breed like rabbits. Problem solved, right? That’s what your solution actually entails when you get down to the nitty gritty of what it involves.

        Even if you managed to be a tyrant and force people to follow your God and breed like rabbits – What about the ideology of Islam and its billion+ followers? – You’ve done nothing to defeat them. You haven’t gained “victory”. You’ve merely created a co-existence with people who seek your destruction, by imposing a tyrannical way of life on the West.

        When you’re threatened by an ideology such as Islam, Nazism, Japanese Imperialism, or whatever… You don’t sit there and blame yourself like a self-deprecating scumbag – You actually go out there and KICK BUTT; you DEFEAT your enemy completely; you END the threat that they pose to your people, so that they can go back to living their lives in peace, without fear that they’ll be killed; you gain victory over your enemy; you stand upon the corpse of their ideology, and you say “never again shall this foe rise!”

        • keyesforpres

          I’m with Tom Tancredo, they ever do anything to us again, we take out their holy sites. Preferrably when they all make that pilgrimage to Mecca. Man what a target rich environment that would be!

  • PChandler

    Taqiyya and Muruna, tipical tactics of pedohammedans.

  • We now have Mooooslima’s in full-on, black burkas walking around our neighborhood – several of them.

    Immigration of Moooslims needs to be reduced because they are using immigration as a way to set up Islam on our soil.

    • kong1967

      How are we going to stop it? They hide behind our Constitution with nefarious goals. The left wants to appease Islam, and we will look like Britain before long.

      • How? Reduce all immigration, across the board. That will prevent or at least slow the creep of Islam and the creep of the “Latino-ization” of the USA and the spread of bilingualism (Spanish).

        We have a weak economy with chronic high unemployment. Why are we importing so many people (legally and illegally) in such an economy?

        • kong1967

          Good luck finding leaders that are willing to stop illegal immigration or to reduce Islamic migration. Political correctness and the constant claim of discrimination is killing us. I say elect Brewer for President.

          • keyesforpres

            Tom Tancredo and Alan Keyes are the guys for the job!

            • kong1967

              Could be. I’m not very familiar with them so I’ll have to take your word for it.

              • keyesforpres

                Go to right now. There is an article about people storming the streets against Obamacare yesterday. The second video Keyes speaks. He starts around 9 to 9:30 mark. He nails it.

                • kong1967

                  I wasn’t able to look at this until today and I couldn’t find an article relating to Obamacare protests.

                  I did see an article about a disgusting joke Obama made.


                  Talking to Ellen Degenerate (at an LGBT fundraiser), he said….

                  “I wanna thank, uhhh, my, uh, wonderful friend, uh, who, uh, accepts a little bit of teasing about Michelle beating her in pushups …. but I think she claims Michelle didn’t go all the way down.”

                  So unpresidential and something you’d never see Reagan or Bush say….or other conservatives as far as that goes. Liberal trash.

                • keyesforpres

                  Here it is Kong, it took me awhile to find it! Their website is convoluted! It was under “health”. It’s the second video and Keyes starts around 9:30 or so.


                  Tom Tancredo has written a book called, “In Mortal Danger”. I haven’t read it, but it’s about how we are being destroyed thru illegal immigration and too much legal immigration When Tancredo was running in 2008 I asked him if he’d end muslim immigration and he flat out said, “Yes, I have a list of countries that would not be allowed to have people immigrate here.”

                  Not many politicians would say that.

                  Alan Keyes has a website as well called

                • keyesforpres

                  Actually, Keyes starts at 11:30.

                  Here’s two of his quotes worth remembering:

                  “Before you can enslave a people, you must destroy their sense of right and wrong. For those who cannot distinguish right from wrong will not have the courage to stand for what is right.”

                  He says this is an attack on conscience.

                  Here’s another good qoute: ” Liberty is not the first purpose of gov’t. The first purpose of gov’t stated in the Declaration of Independence, is to secure the unalienable rights, which have come to our humanity from the hand of almighty God.”

                  And yes, you are right, O’s “joke” is so unpresidential. He’s such a peace of trash.

              • Take her word for it Kong. I love those guys too.

                • kong1967

                  Lol, I trust both of you.

        • keyesforpres

          Agreed. Mass immigration needs to be permanently ended. It is incompatible with modern society and we don’t have a wild frontier that we need to populate. We need a good ten years of no immigration and then after that, no more than 100,000 per year and they must be Jewish or Christian. Enough of letting people come here that want to overturn our constitution.

          • Agreed. We should go into a period of 10-15 years of an “immigration time-out” or at least, greatly reduce legal immigration to about 200,000 per year instead of the one million legal and another half to three-quarters of a million illegally allowed to enter each year.

            My wife and I now have not one but two Muslima’s living four doors down from us who ear full-on, black burkas. Sickening.

    • The burka is banned in France. It should be banned here as well. If I can’t walk around in a KKK outfit (not that I want to, but to illustrate a point), I cannot. But if I want to go about ina burka (essentially hiding one’s identity while out in public), I can.

      Muslim mother hid bomb manual in her burka and ‘considered turning her children into human bombs’

      On this site, I’ve detailed several cases of Muslim criminals, terrorist, and others using burkas and niqabs (full Muslim face veils) to try to elude law enforcement and cover up crimes. There’s the niqab cop-killer, the burka Hezbollah terrorist, and burka burka jewel thieves.

    • The UN (which we need to get the heck out of the US) mandates how many “refugees” come into the US every year. Interesting that there are nothing but muslim “refugees” from places like Somalia and other muslim African states which are persecuting and murdering the Christians. We don’t have any of the Christians allowed to claim refugee status.

      • keyesforpres

        Yeah, I went to an anti-shariah conference last fall and one of the speakers was a retired pilot from the military. He said he personally had to fly in plane loads of them. He said many were in polygamous relationships and he was told to ignore the polygamy! He said they are bringing in thousands every month and distributing them across the country to mid sized towns.

        He said it like it is……muslims should NOT be allowed in our military.

    • keyesforpres

      Not reduced. It must be ended and they need to be repatriated back to their countries of origin.

  • kong1967

    I still say we should ban Islam in the states. Declare it a political faction and an enemy to the state. This is one religion….woops, political faction…..that we cannot afford to allow to grow here. When a religion’s goal is to take over every state in the world, their laws and their leadership, it becomes a national security issue and Islam should not be allowed to hide behind our Constitution and freedom of religion. That should only apply to peaceful religions.

    • Kordane

      I used to advocate the “ban” method, but I realised that total war was a better solution for actually achieving “victory” against said enemy. A ban does nothing to actually defeat Islam; muslims will continue to engage in jihad against all unbelievers; people will still continue to fear for their lives.

      Islam deserves no half-measures. It deserves to be absolutely destroyed. No compromise with it. No co-existence with it. It’s either Islam or no Islam, there is NO middle ground.

      • kong1967

        I can’t argue with that, but we are a long way from having leaders that will actually do anything to curb the peaceful takeover of Islam….which of course wouldn’t be peaceful for long. The current administration calls attacks workplace violence and won’t even acknowledge any type of terrorism by muslims in the states as a crime against the state (nation). The first step that I’m looking for is for our leaders to identify who the freaking enemy is.

  • Dan

    we must outlaw the Muslim Geo-political insurgent system…it is Evil and the opposite of our Constitutional System..if we allow it to continue to grow in the U.S. we put our very existence in danger…it must be dealt with and it must be dealt with NOW!!!!!

  • Dan
  • Philo Beddoe

    Here is another mindless, trance induced islamic drone, telling everyone that he and islam knows whats better for the world.

    demoncrats are the exact same way. A small group is pushing their will onto everyone else.

  • Kordane

    US military considered using “Total War” as a tactic against Islam –

    I’m in full support of what was done to teach soldiers about total war as a viable tactic for defeating Islam. I say, GOOD JOB to the officer who taught this.

  • There is an even simpler reason for ‘stealth’ jihad: muslims are worthless on the battlefield.

    When confronted by roughly equal numbers of conventional forces, or competent special forces, muslim forces always crumble. Take a look at the Battle of Tours, in which the forces of Chuck Martel literally saved the world:

    Now, take a look at a modern day example, pitting the forces (both conventional and special operations) against the muslim enemy, in the town of Fallujah:

    In a straight up battle, the muslim will lose, almost every time. Its their nature. This is why they’ve decided to fight utilizing bombs and suicide tactics, for the most part; because they know they don’t stand much of a chance, doing anything else. In using trickery, they bypass their superiors (Soldiers and Marines), and head straight for their inferiors: civilians and politicians. Fawning leftist politicians and their civil base are easily swayed, intimidated and fooled into such actions as turning on their own nation and the very Soldiers and Marines that protect them. As long as they do not run into the odd patriotic civilian, or the Veteran, the muslims can continue their 5th Column assault against civilization, unabated by guns and bombs. So, in their campaign of sedition against the US, they involve themselves in tortious, anti-American legislation (such as through the traitorous Keith Ellison) and also attack through agitprop and black & white propaganda (CAIR). Instead of dealing with the people (military personnel, Veterans) that know and recognize them as enemies of all Life and Freedom, which would only result in their own deaths (something they truly do fear, regardless of all the hype, lies and talk), they deal with the weak and the stupid, who they can easily twist and manipulate into aiding and abetting them in their campaign to kill and/or enslave them.

    • Kordane

      It’s not that they’re worthless on the battlefield. It’s that they’re simply at a disadvantage technologically, economically and militarily. They were on the top of their game during the 7-17th centuries, because they were at an advantage technologically, economically and miliarily. They were able to create massive armies and just steam-roll through North Africa > France, Byzantine > Austria & Persia > India. They were held back in the 7th century at Poitiers (France) and in the 17th century at Vienna (Austria), and then in the late 17th century we began to push them back all the way to Constantinople (now called Istanbul), and they went into a period of 200 years or so of self-doubt, humiliation and defeat – Meanwhile, the West rose and kept rising technologically, economically and militarily because of the advent of free market capitalism and the industrial revolutions that took place.

      I guarantee you that if the Muslims were able to once again gain the technological, economical and military advantage over the West (or unbelievers, more broadly), then we would once again see them rampaging throughout the world, conquering, massacring, subjugating, enslaving and all the bad stuff that they got away with between the 7-17th centuries. The whole “peaceful” and “tolerant” face to Islam today is a massive FARCE. I know, from historical precedent and from what Islam actually sanctions and mandates, that if Muslims were at the advantage then there’d be NO peaceful or tolerant Muslims – All would be jihadist; all would seek the destruction of the West and the elimination of all unbelief from the world.

      • I disagree. Technologically and economically, they’ve more than enough. Through the flow of petrodollars and government sponsorship, they have more than enough access to Soviet and Chinese weaponry, as well as Pakistani and NORK. During the Battle with Charles Martel, they’d conquered Spain, and many other nations, before moving on to deal with him. Their general, Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, was supposed to be the pinnacle of muslim military training and brutality. Martel defeated Paula Abdul with a band of people that others would scarcely consider more than rabble. Yet, with his “disadvantage”, Martel created a fighting force so terrible, the VIKINGS wouldn’t SET FOOT in any territory he controlled, all the way down to his descendant, Charlemagne.

        When the US was technologically and numerically outnumbered fighting the British thugs that sought to conquer this country and murder it’s citizens, they were sent packing, and sent decisively. When they were stupid enough to come back, they finally learned the wages of stupidity, and never came back. If muslims were to purchase the weaponry they need from the Soviets, Chinese and NORKS, yes, they would launch massive attacks and create worldwide insurgencies, but they would STILL lose.

    • keyesforpres

      EXCELLENT point.

  • NYGino

    Remember that Obama told NASA administrator Charles Bolden that his highest priority should be “to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contributions to science, math and engineering”

    • toongoon

      Obama is very concerned about low self esteem in the in the muslim world.

      Maybe if just start applauding them when they say 4 + 4 = 11, blue is green, sacrificing your children to kill people that are not like you is a good thing, chopping up your daughter or your wife because a neighbor said they didn’t wear their veil today is a good way to get in good with allah, maybe they will turn into model citizens

      You know, it worked great in the US, the kids grew up to be #OWS protesters.

      • NYGino

        One of the few contributions Muslims have made in the area of science, math and engineering that I am aware of is the concept of zero. How appropriate.

        • toongoon

          Hey darn it, I was drinking coffee when you said that, and wearing a white tee shirt.

          • lol!

          • NYGino

            Sorry my friend, but as we at TRS know, sometimes the truth can be absurdly funny. Send me the cleaning bill.

            • toongoon

              I’ll wear my coffee stain as a badge of honor.

  • RCL

    The guy’s totally correct. That is exactly what a faithful, law abiding Muslim should believe.

    This barbarian’s goals can only be achieved because the Christian West has abandoned its faith, virtue and responsibilities to family and honor. In a fit of selfish sensual obsession the secularized West has lost faith in life itself and is dying out by choice. Much of Europe will most likely fall to Islam precisely as described by this man.

    America still has enough real men and women taking care of job #1 to grow the population. We should thank God for the faithful then strip Islam of all rights accorded other religions under the 1st Amendment. Pass a law clarifying that it is not a “religion” it is explicitly a political and legal subversion of our Constitutional Republic. If the law won’t stand then amend the Constitution.

    By its true nature Islam cannot be at peace within any social system other than its own.

    • keyesforpres

      Like I tell folks, islam is not a First Amendment issue, it is an Article 6 issue which states that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Muslims want to overturn our Constitution and replace it with shariah. That is sedition and sedition does not get 1st Amendment protection.

      Also, the Bill of Rights are not there so folks can use our Bill of Rights to take away our Bill of Rights. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

  • physicsnut

    Bill Zimmerman on alternet has 14 rules for revolt.
    Well Well well, how about that. So, 40 years later Zimmerman and his pals and family are still at it. In fact it doesn’t seem much different from what they were up to in the Thirties. Looks like the islamists are not the only ones.

  • WestGAFlash

    In some respects, Mo is right here. Stealth is the only way these 7th century barbarians will ever accomplish anything. But the West is (slowly) catching on, and I forecast it won’t be long till the English start rounding up these savages and throwing them out. Inciting riots and advocating the open destruction of one society so that you can conquer it is still illegal, even to liberals. I think.

    • keyesforpres

      They need to allow the Brits to have guns again. NOT the immigrants, but the English natives.

  • Anthonie Maria

    Thats because they are against God not against religion in general. Thats why they hate the christians an the jews. Thats why they hate Israel en America.

  • drphibes

    We need to save this clip, everybody. Burn it to a disc before it disappears!

  • Anthonie Maria

    Agreed… Europe is a hot mess. I live in Holland I can know, but when I hear the story’s about islam in the US I really think the islamisation there is going faster than it ever gone in Europe. We had a rellatively slow islamisation process compared to what the US is whitnessing right now. Groups like CAIR are get getting access to the whitehouse and saudi funded university’s. You Yanks better wake up because you are giong faster than Europe….

    The one thing you still got and many Europiens where roped off by the left is pride in there country. We only express this pride with queens day and soccer. Americans are mostly proud of America. Dont lose that…. And NEVER lose Jesus. Europe did that and look at us now.

    Sorry for my bad english… love America and love Europe we are the west…..

    • toongoon

      You’re english is better than some who live here. Thanks for posting, you add much to the discussion.

    • Your English is fine! Well said, and Welcome to the Right Scoop 🙂

    • TheresaAK

      Bravo! Thank you for this truthful post…we pray for Europe as well as America and Israel…

    • NYGino

      Anthonie Maria, thank you and please be so kind as to continue to share your views with us.

    • keyesforpres

      Don’t worry about your English! It’s much better than our Dutch! 🙂 We appreciate you being here. I pray Europe can be saved, but it will take ending islamic (I refuse to capitalize that word) immigration and repatriating them back to their countries of origin. You guys need a 2nd amendment. They need to allow all Dutch citizens (not any immigrants) to have guns. Same in all the other European countries.

  • TheresaAK

    Thank you RS for posting this…there are only a couple of Conservative sites that post this type of info…

    I don’t recall Daily Caller or Hot Air posting much regarding this info…I think they might be concerned they will be attacked as Islamaphobic…

    I appreciate, so much, RS, Gateway Pundit, Weasel Zippers, the Blaze, and other sites that are aware that the dangers we face are not just economic.

    The “It’s The Economy Stupid” maybe the mantra for campaigning, but I don’t vote as a single issue voter…for me the Big Picture is what I look at…and if we allow blind politicians, who only pander for votes, to be the majority, the economy won’t be a factor…

    • keyesforpres

      What surprised me about Weasel Zippers is he supported Rick Perry for president. Everytime I posted about Perry allowing a white washed version of Islam into Texas schools Zip would delete the comment.
      He would then ban me. I used 5 different email addresses to keep posting about it and he would ban me each time I mentioned it. So very puzzling. He would also call Bachmann a hissing cobra. She actually signed the No Shariah Pledge.

  • I think Islam underestimates the armed populous of America.


    ISLAM = EVIL = ENEMY . (period)

    • WestGAFlash

      We can start by rooting out Dearbornistan. Right here at home.

  • mike morrison

    Christianity views the world much the same way, fyi. All land is God’s land and we are to spread the Gospel of Christ to every person in the world. We don’t use guns or weapons, we present the Gospel and if accepted, the person’s heart is changed.

    • No.

      When Islam gets power they FORCE it on all. They end democracy.

      Christians do not FORCE anyone to treat GOD with respect Muslims force this on others throughout the world. South Park can not show Mohammad in America even now even though Muslims are 3% of so of the population.

  • hongryhawg

    How much more stealth can they get than having one of their own in the White House? Kudos to you, a44wipe mooslims.

  • hongryhawg

    How much more stealth can they get than having one of their own in the White House? Kudos to you, a44wipe mooslims.

  • Yazz55

    They are using substantially the exact same type of strategy and tactic to de-legitimize Israel

  • K-Bob

    I’ve been doing some thinking about the first amendment, and how we end up with so many fake religions in the US.

    It’s a fact that Congress is prohibited from establishing any religion and is also cannot prohibit the free exercise of any religion.

    But what, exactly, is a “religion?”

    A hasty review of some relevant Supreme Court opinions on First Amendment cases indicates to me that most of the specifics involve attempts to discredit or favor a particular religion. But so far, I’ve seen nothing that attempts to define legitimate religious belief, observance, or practice.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and declare that no state will allow, for example, the murder of children as a “religious” practice. I don’t care what any SCOTUS opinion might say on the subject. It just won’t happen. Likewise, public fornication, and many other things I’m sure you can imagine. So clearly a boundary exists, similar to the fact that some boundaries do exist with regard to speech (for example, you can’t come in my house and say whatever you want, based on the First Amendment: I can kick you out.)

    I’m thinking we need a list of disqualifiers. A way to “pierce the envelope” of First Amendment protection in certain cases (similar to the way the law regarding Corporations cannot totally protect a criminal act by an officer).

    Sure this is dangerous. It’s only an exercise. But here’s my first proposed disqualifier:

    1) Advocating the murder of any human being shall disqualify a religion from First Amendment protection.

    It ain’t much, but it’s a start.

    • Kordane

      Well there’s something more fundamental than an constitutional amendment, and it’s the principle of individual rights, as articulated in the declaration of independence.

      The reason why people can’t get away with “killing children” as a religious practice is because those children have individual rights, and those individual rights TRUMP the constitutional amendment establishing freedom of religion.

      Individual rights > Constitutional amendments

      This is why, for instance, some people (including myself) argue that the 16th amendment which establishes the federal income tax, is actually illegitimate since it involves an initiation of force against individuals, thus violating individual rights.

      Don’t just focus on what the constitution says; focus also on what the principle of individual rights implies.

      • K-Bob

        Excellent point. Of course, in order to make a fundamental change in how religion is defined, it will probably take a Bill that focuses very carefully on Constitutional language.

        So maybe a Zeroth principle is that no religion may deprive any person of their unalienable rights.

        This is, after all more about “believe whatever you want, but here’s what you may not do,” than it is “we don’t like what you believe.” But my concern is that we should not afford protection “as religion” to groups that espouse principles that deny individual liberty.

        (For example, no special tax status as a religion for such groups.)