This is a powerful story to start your day, the story of Kamal Saleem, a Lebanese Muslim trained to wage cultural war on America whose plans didn’t go as he expected. And it all began to go nuts when moved to the ‘Bible Belt’ and was involved in a horrible car accident.

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  •  Excellent.. thank you for sharing this.. spread the word folks.. Terrorists are RAISED BY THEIR MOTHERS and their COMMUNITIES.. and it is continuing today… we must target them too .. there is no escaping this reality.. stop the communities & you stop terrorism… 

  • Babnik

     Now THAT”S real HOPE & CHANGE!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely beautiful. 

  • Cindy08

    Kamal Saleem’s book “The Blood of Lambs” is a must read.  He gives deep insights into the life of a terrorist. 
    The details of his conversion are spectacular.
    Thanks for posting his testimony RS!

  • Persephone

    This is why I applaud Herman Cain for saying that he wouldn’t appoint a Muslim to his cabinet if he were president.
    Muslims are forbidden from swearing allegiance to any country which is not under Islamic rule.
    So, Muslims already have an allegiance to another government…and under their practice of al Taquiyya, they can lie about it.

    I have watched Kamal Saleem before on another show…his is a great testimony. 

  • Anonymous

    Wow!  Awesome and Powerful! 

  • John

    Powerful story, thanks.

    But I would say there’s a more insidious and dangerous cultural jihad currently taking place – secular socialism. It has been with us for 100 years; it is cloaked in good intentions and speaks our language; it claims the moral high-ground but delivers dependency, apathy, envy and division; it is stealth and cunning.

    Opposing Islamic cultural jihad is easy because it wants to be seen. Secular socialist cultural “jihad” requires a trained eye because it’s derived from our Christian background.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, both are worthy of our attention!  Thanks John! 

  • Glen4Pres
    One thing I know being from south Florida is that Allen West is not welcome among South Floridians. Republican Elite are even calling for a Recall Election against Allen West.No educated Republican thinks uneducated Allen West is suited to lead anything but a trash truck. Maybe if Allen West hadn’t been living off taxpayers his whole life, got American Soldiers killed, Paid his bills and his income taxes. Maybe real Republicans would look at him. Allen West and his family are the poster children of sucking up government taxpayer money.My Complaints against Allen West: -Not paying his income taxes that resulted in a Notice of Federal Tax Lien against Allen West?-Allen West had knowledge of troops under his command, killing women and children in war, while he turned a blind eye?Allen West’s individual financial life is a disaster of epic proportionIf Allen West couldn’t control his own financial life, how can any Republican honestly expect Allen West to have a sound and well thought-out opinion about anything with economics or finance?

  • Josh

    God is real.  Amen.

  • Odhoud

    speak merican

  • Tom

    Praise The Lord Jesus Christ our loving master

  • Anonymous

    “…Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

    Matthew 5:44

    • 1suthernbel

      thank you and amen. either we are Christian, or we are not. if we are, we follow what Jesus taught us, no matter how counter it is to our cultural norm, which is pretty much the opposite of that. 

  • KeninMontana

    I’m going to withhold my judgement on this character, the race to embrace these individuals who maintain some “miraculous enlightenment” that suddenly changes beliefs held for a lifetime is dubious at best. That type of “coming around” is not some overnight change, it tends to be a slow process. As is apparently may be the case with Mosab Yousef. Read the article and note the author’s name;

    • Persephone

      I know what you mean, KeninMontana.
      As Christians, we want to believe the best in people and that they wouldn’t lie about something like this.
      And there are those out there who accuse Saleem of being a fraud.
      The old saying “trust, but verify” becomes difficult when dealing with what is  really in someone’s heart.

      But as long as a Muslim ‘convert’ is not put in a job that is crucial to our security or elected to some high office…then it is between them and their own conscience.
      No wait…..
      Uh oh, we already did that, didn’t we. 

    • MaxSteele

      As you may have heard in the video, it has been 20 years since his conversion.  At the time that this happened to him he was  no more then a teenager and this was his first time out of the abusive indoctrination he had to endure.   This is why the mullahs in the arab world will not allow western television or magazines in the arab world because watching Baywatch and Jersey shore would do more to change the ignorant masses then the most strict muslim brain washing. 

      • KeninMontana

         Those that are indoctrinated in childhood,tend to have those beliefs set the deepest in their psyche. This is why these groups like to start them young.

        • 1suthernbel

          Ken, thankfully, many people overcome the twisted perceptions of reality we acquire in our youths. I know what you are saying. It is a tactic used for centuries to attempt to shape generations. Works well much of the time, and sadly, we can’t give everyone raised this way the advantage of seeing what and who true Christians are. As a nurse who has worked in jails, mental hospitals, and the homes of all kinds of people as a visiting nurse, I have a pretty realistic view of human nature and the willingness of people to deceive. I also know people can change.   I did.  For years I have tried my best to dedicate myself to helping others because of the deep Christian faith I acquired over the years. As a younger person and nonbeliever, I easliy moved into things both immoral and illegal. I should have been dead any number of times with the risks I took. By the grace of God, I survived those dangerous situations and managed never to get arrested. I came later to understand that God had saved me to serve him, and the only way to do that was to serve my fellow humans regardless of their sins. Sometimes that has been very hard. I hate taking care of child molesters, but have done so.  I know it is what He expects of me. It is my only way of life, now. There is no going back, and those who attempt to appear Christian without living it are always found out.  For some of us who know we are forgiven, but fee we will always have amends to make, our faith and outreach is all the stronger.

          • Cindy08

             Thank you for sharing:)

        • Cindy08

           I don’t think he’d be playing with his life.  He already has a Fatwa on his head. His book “The Blood of Lambs” recounts to what extent he has to change his address all the time.  And he is very upfront in his book to mention that Kamal Saleem is not his real name. He concealed the latter to protect his family.

          • KenInMontana

             Faith is not something humans toss aside like changing a shirt, I would tend to trust a person a bit more if they still questioned their conversion,that still had the nagging shadow of a hint of doubt about their decision. In my experience, when someone  throws themselves from one side of the spectrum to the opposite end, it’s like they are trying too hard,like they are trying to sell something.

          • 1suthernbel

            Cindy, thanks for your comment. If one is willing to risk his life to change and that change is well documented and longstanding, to be unwilling to accept that changes is unreasonable. Ken says faith is not something we toss aside like a dirty shirt. If the shirt we wore was dirty and uncomfortable and the new shirt is clean, beautiful and comforting, why not? Ken is right in noting that some converts tend to be the most zealous in their new life and try hard to sell something. This man appears to have been trying to sell Christianity to muslims at the risk of his own life for a long time.

        • Anonymous

          I take it further, it is bred into them.  It goes so deep it’s in their DNA.

          • 1suthernbel

            Like the attitude of southerners towards blacks was bred into us. Yet, so many of us long ago overcame that.  

            • Anonymous

              I beg to differ – there is nothing presently or in the history of US culture (or a lg. part of the world) that remotely compares to radical islam.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the 20 year thing caught my attention.  Lovely story, but this guy has a boat load of work to do.  The whole time watching I am thinking, can I really believe him?  I would like to, but can I?

        Today they reported the Binnie was found w/porn material, lots of it.  The guy has multiple wives and still wanted porn.  Oh the irony do as I say and not as I do.

        • 1suthernbel

          We all have a boatload of work to do. I too appreciated the irony of Bin Laden’s porn collection. Saw one of the Bin Laden brothers ex-wife on tv talking about what a devoutly religious man BL was. Didn’t realize porn was an accepted part of islamic belief. But maybe, with the “dancing virgins” awaiting martyrs……

    • Super Mario

       WHOA!  Everyone needs to read that link Kenin Montana posted!
      It’s an article from Walid Shoebat from last week.  He’s making the charge that the ‘Son of Hamas’  Mosab Yousef is NOT OUR FRIEND.  Guys, Shoebat is saying that our supposed christian converted, former terrorist, friend is not being fully honest with us. 
      Thanks for the link, Kenin.

      • 1suthernbel

        OK, these are not the guy in the video isn’t the guy in ken’s posting. 

    • Actually this has turned into a mini-war with Mosab saying that Walid misunderstood and even one of his Israeli Shinbet workers writing on his behalf at his blog ‘sonofhamas’ saying that Walid is wrong.

      That’s the reason I haven’t posted it yet as I want to see where it goes. I hope Walid is wrong but I do have the highest trust in his expertise and I don’t think he would have written it if he didn’t believe it.

      • KeninMontana

         You could call it paranoia or “spider-sense”, I call it a “survival instinct” that I picked up between being raised around the intelligence community up through military service. Best summed up as consider everything suspect until proven otherwise, these conversions may in fact be genuine at the same time I wouldn’t want either of them watching my six. I just figured it is always a good thing to share relevant information,multiple sources are a good thing. 😉

        • Super Mario

          You figured correctly.
          It is a good thing and I’m glad you shared that. 
          I’m not going to judge Mosab or anything like that, but it always serves well to be aware.

        • Anonymous

          While in college I worked as an intern with Juvenile Court and have just a tiny bit of that ‘spider-sense’ still with me today. We were taught to ‘read between the lines’ when we were trying to get information or had to interview a suspect, etc. I’m glad I have that in my arsenal to rely on. I, too call it survival instinct.
          I have close relatives who are Spec. Ops. One is my son. I know nothing of what he does but I do know how he thinks and acts since that training. It has a way of rubbing off on the entire family.
           I have heard/read of several ‘conversions’ from Islam to Christianity. While I would love to believe they are genuine, I somehow can’t bring myself to do so completely.

          • 1suthernbel

            If you are a Christian, then you must know Jesus freely extended His love to all in the world and God can do anything. I know a former muslim who converted to Christianity in the 1980’s, has converted a small number of his family members, and continues to try to do so. He has lived a Christian life all these years. “Faith without works is dead” regardless of whether one is raised Christian or converts. 

      • Anonymous

        Years ago I remember we found it a disappointing surprise to learn that Arafat was saying one thing in English and then something completely different in Arabic.  We all wanted to believe in the “peace” deal.  Taqqyia is what they do.

        • 1suthernbel

          Yeah, politicians lie. Arafat was a liar. No surprise there. He just got caught doing it. 

      •  Mosab invites Walid to dialog…

        “Let’s get to know each other, let’s talk . . .”


        I stand with the name of Yahweh vs. the name of Allah to
        Stop! Islamization of America and Marxist “fellow travellers”

        • Super Mario

           I’m glad Mosab is doing that.  I hope they get together and work it out.
          After reading Mosab’s blog response, and the Shin Bet guys response, I believe Mosab’s a friend.  But more importantly, Mosab’s a brother.  God Bless!

      • KenInMontana

         I was poking around a bit more on this Shoebat v. Mosab thing and found this article. It’s older but relevant to his Shinbet “friend”
        Didn’t know if you had seen it or not.

        • 1suthernbel

          Huge difference between these 2. One converted to Christianity and has been risking his life to convert other muslims for 20 years because of a deep love and acceptance from the Christian community. The other was a prisoner recruited by some pretty tough dudes for intelligence purposes. He used  a perverse and hateful form of form of so-called Christianity to attack those who recruited him. Jesus said, “by their fruits shall ye know them”. Use some critical thinking and then compare the 2.  I live in an area with many muslims, have worked with them and cared for them as patients. I always try to show the example of Christian love and acceptance to these people to demonstrate that the lies many of them have been taught about us are just that. I fully reject their religion and all that it stands for, but embrace the human being.

          • Anonymous

            “I live in an area with many muslims, have worked with them and cared for them as patients.”

            I think you are a very kind and loving Christian person/caregiver but IMHO you are functioning from  Western mindset/world view.

            Have you read any of Brigitte Gabriel’s books?  The firsthand info she shares is a good starting point to see how they operate.

          • KenInMontana

             Not really a huge difference, one has just been at it longer. Myself I don’t look at these things through the “lens” of faith. Because faith often calls us to see people as better than they actually are. In the realms of “humanity” I have spent a good portion of my adult life are realms in which God is not present or does not linger. These are places in which God or faith in him will not save you. They are much of the same places these individuals came from. Is that Blasphemy? Heresy? If so, then so be it, in the end if God is truly God he will understand.

            • Anonymous

              If I have said this to you before, it bears repeating – Thank you for your service to our country and fighting for the freedoms that we (still) have.

              I can’t imagine being in the places of which you speak – though God may not have been in your surroundings, I’m sure He was in your heart and protecting you. The Bible speaks of Godless places on the earth (the flood, etc.) so I don’t think for one minute that what you said is Blasphemy or Heresy.  

  • Poptoy1949

    and if you trust him go right ahead.  These people lie and deceive !   The proof is in the pudding and lets see the pudding.

  • Judy 
    He gave 2 sermons on Sept 12 if anyone is interested in listening
    The Islamization of American and
    A Wake-up call to America

  • 1suthernbel

    To compare this man who has lived as a Christian over 20 years, and is known to risk his life attempting to convert other muslims, with the prisoner who conned israeli intelligence and converted to some perverse and hateful form of Christianity is disingenious and misleading. The guy in the video was converted by Christian love. The man mentioned by Kevin Montana was recruited by some very tough dudes to be used and clearly used the situation to his advantage. Jesus says, ” by their fruits shall you know them.” Look at the difference, then make a judgement. This is why, as a Christian, I embrace muslims while rejecting islam and what it stands for.

  •  Something good is happening…

     Kamal Saleem

    Victoria Jackson’s WND article from yesterday, May 12, 2011

    Mosab Yousef respectfully and coherently responded on May 11, 2011 to Walid Shoebat on Mosab’s “Son of Hamas” blog

    Yahweh is active among the Arabic speaking people… calling them out of the darkness into HIS marvelous light.

    I stand with…
    – the name of Yahweh (He [who] Is)
    – the people of Yahweh (Judah / Israel – Joel 3:1, 2)
    – the city of Yahweh (Jerusalem – 2 Chronicles 6:6; 33:4)

    “… I Am … .” (Exodus 3:14)

    “… Yahweh* …
    “… this is my name forever;
    “… how I am to be remembered … .” (Exodus 3:15 – HCSB)

    I stand with the name of YHWH (YaHWeH) vs. the name of Allah to
    STOP! Islamization of America and Marxist “fellow travelers” 

    *HCSB – Holman Christian Standard Bible – 2010 edition
    See info boxes, pages 102 and 103,
    “I Am” – 1 x OT translation of ehyeh – first person singular of hayah (v. 14)
    “Yahweh – He [Who] Is” – 6,828 x OT translation of ehweh – third person singular of hawah (v. 15)

  • Dax

    Obama needs to watch this…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks RS for providing such great viewing material I would have never found myself.  Wonderful and uplifting story. 

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