MUST LISTEN: Mark Levin Show caller, business owner, says Obamacare destroying his business

A caller into the Mark Levin Show tonight who owns a law firm expressed incredible frustration at what Obamacare is going to do to his business. It’s either pay the ludicrous penalties and fines or pay the massively increased premiums for all 65 employees – or work his employees less than 29 hours a week to avoid all of it, which means those employees can’t support their families. Or he says he could just shut down his business. It’s a no-win.

Here’s the full clip with a short rant from The Great One at the end:

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  • Steven Valdez

    One problem I have with the sound cloud audio is that I don’t see where I can adjust the volume.

    Btw that was a great call and a great rant =)

    • Steven Valdez

      You weren’t lying this was a must listen, I wanted to listen to it 3 times..

    • Yeah there is no volume control on this player, unfortunately. I didn’t realize that.

  • stage9

    “caller, business owner, says Obamacare destroying his business”

    Of course it is! It’s doing what is was designed to do.

  • OneThinDime

    Well I have 3 suggestions for this attorney: (1) split your partnership and send the liberal employees with your liberal partner; (2) find other conservative attorneys and file a class action lawsuit, you have the knowledge and the personnel to do it; and (3) get in front of John Boehner and rant at him for funding it the other night during Rand Paul’s filibuster

    • disqus_BglexnIiXv


      • PVG

        Great idea OTD!

    • BlueGood

      Now there’s some very solid solutions from a True American…..

      Well done Sir!

  • drphibes

    Brilliant call. When will the pain be felt and understood by your average drone?

  • badbadlibs

    But, but, but…..the democraps are for the little guy! What a load of crapola.

  • Longiron

    Wait until 2014 and it will start hitting the Obama Drones. However, will all know the problems. If we would spend half as much time talking and creating the solutions to this mess we could stop it. Don’t get me wrong, Mark Levin is the best conservative pudit out their but like others to much time on the problems and to little on the solutions.

    • Garym

      You need to read Liberty and Tyranny then.

  • Rshill7

    I hate the new format. Why can’t anyone ever leave well enough alone! This sucks! I will not participate in it any further.


    • Martin2717

      Agreed. It just gives the green light to all the communist leftist trolls to come here and spew their anti-American nonsense. The folks running disqus are probably that.

    • It’s not my decision. They are deleting the old. Sorry you don’t like it. I don’t like it either, but not sure what to do.

    • $21422555

      There aren’t a whole lot of alternatives out there. What do you think about Livefyre? Looks better than this crap.

      • OneThinDime

        Do you have a link where Livefyre is used? This is a hard format, feel bad for Scoop

    • FreeManWalking

      Rshill, We want you Rshill, Rshill your hurt,
      Scoop has things for you to comment on,
      colliemom wants you, i know she does,
      Rshillllll,Rshillllll, come baaack Rshill

  • clockwindingdown

    And how many of those supporters of obamacare, including obama have read the bill to this day?

    It was designed to destroy our country, to make it third world, to kill small business and enslave the citizenry. To its design it is working flawlessly!

    The question remaining is what will happen if people refuse to sign up, and/or to file income taxes?

    • Clare Green

      Marshal Law and a self imposed 3rd term for Ovomit.

      • OneThinDime

        And the people will respond to the gov’t tyrrany, that’s why they want to confiscate guns

        • notsofastthere

          Czars are tyranny, Obamacare is tyranny, Holder is tyranny, refusing to obey immigration laws is tyranny, his executive orders are tyranny – and people aren’t responding, neither is Boehner or McConnell.

          • OneThinDime

            They are impeachable offenses, all of which Congress has approved. The individual ObamaCare tax will be against us individually and will push people too far.

    • RestlessLegs

      Well, we KNOW they didn’t read the bill. I attended a town hall with Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa several years ago. Throughout the meeting, every time someone asked a good question about the true contents of the bill, Harkin had to turn to his aides for assistance – and they weren’t sure half the time either. But Harkin kept reiterating, “Oh, but if you like your current plan, you’ll get to keep it.” Yeah, right.

      • clockwindingdown

        I’m beginning to think “We the people” need to file a class action lawsuit against obamacare, claiming fraud as one reason… I could see 50 plus million signatures on the lawsuit, that should get some attention!

  • Wigglesworth

    If Obamacare only killed off a bunch of law firms that would be a good thing, but unfortunately it is going to hurt a lot of small businesses. The large companies in bed with the Washington establishment will find ways to minimize the damage, but everyone else will suffer.

    • OneThinDime

      Waivers for big gov’t donors!

    • OneThinDime

      The lawyers stand to make the most money advising their clients, defending their clients, suing the gov’t. Lawyers are generally Dem and support massive regulation.

  • disqus_BglexnIiXv

    I was listening to it and understood it completely.

  • not even king George was this tyrannical

  • Stehekin912

    Atlas, when you shrug, please take me with you

  • disqus_BglexnIiXv

    Did you notice the part when Mark pointed out that the improvement in the employment #s were due to a large increase in part time workers. Great plan Obama. Companies make everyone part time,then the company needs to hire more part time workers. So the unemployment rate drops and all the employees are dependent on Gov!

    • PNWShan

      Very interesting. I know that the numbers are also nonrepresentative of the true situation because so many people have been encouraged to move from unemployment to disability. And of course, there are all the millions who have either given up or young people who can’t even get their first job so they don’t show up as unemployed.

      • OneThinDime

        89 million not working…..

      • notsofastthere

        Repubs have a ton of damaging facts to present to the people about Obama, but they insist on being vague, use polite non aggressive language, and leave everyone without specifics. I’m more upset with Repubs because of their deceit and cowardice.

    • StandProudNow

      Plus the numbers look good!
      That snake in the WH sure is cunning…


    …but the DOW is UP to all new highs the economy is BOOMING !” (sarc)

    • OneThinDime

      And she will crash as she’d done in the past, Obama will blame the GOP’s sequester and the MSM will spew the lies day and night


    …P.S. time for a armed R E V O L T I O N .”(period with, NO, B. S.)

  • DINORightMarie

    Bet all those lawyers who LOVED Obama and supported his agenda are not too happy now. Unless they are drones, in which case they will bow to Teh Won till they meet their maker. Disgusting.

    • OneThinDime

      They are already passing along the rate increases.

  • FreeManWalking

    and WHAT is Bainer’s Response, Team with democrats to punish conservatives in the GOPe…

    0b0 is a big bad problem, so was willy, but at least Newt took it to willy and forced him kicking and screaming to the table to sign reform. 0b0 may be more difficult to deal with than willy was, but Bainer da^^m sure isn’t the one to lead opposition.

    Bainer is the gop PROBLEM, he is an EMBARRASSMENT, and not only bainer but every GOP representative that voted for herm as speaker. What were they thinking that herm would start bawling like a baby if they didn’t vote for herm. he is such a wuss

    It is hard to understand that after 2010 where conservatives came out in droves and put the GOP in control of the House, how so many GOP representatives have discounted us that put them in office only to be CRAPPED on by the likes of bainer and can’tor and all their followers.
    They are so caught up in the DC circle of power they live in that they can’t see the rebellion that they are fomenting against themselves. When the final straw breaks and anger of oppression is unleashed it will not do well for any person to be associate with a government office in any way past or present.

    • OneThinDime

      Cantor is no better than Boehner and he was the choice in 2013 for those not supporting Boehner.

      • FreeManWalking

        as i said

        • OneThinDime

          I know just wanted to call that piece out

    • c4pfan

      We are screwed with the GOP leadership.

  • Greta Van Susteren is blasting Obamacare on her blog…

    I am going through the documents you will have to fill out for Obamacare. It is insane.

    First there is a 15 page application (info goes to the
    IRS.) Filling out the 15 pages will drive you mad. The form looks
    like one of your tax returns. Not only is it absurd to expect people to
    fill it out — who is going to review these forms filled out by
    millions and millions of Americans? Hire more government employees? Is
    that their solution – make the government bigger? And who is going to
    pay for that? [Answer: you.]

    But it gets worse….

    If you should seek some government help (subsidy) you
    will have to fill out an addition form – a 61 page questionnaire. Yes,
    61 pages and each page has multiple questions on it.

    You would need a PhD from MIT to figure out all the
    answers to the questions on the 61 page questionnaire (of course, if
    you have a PhD from MIT it is doubtful you need subsidizing from the
    government.) I have two law degrees, a college degree in economics and I
    am at least average intelligence and I don’t think I could fill out
    all 61 pages of questions…and if I could, I sure don’t have the patience
    to do so and I don’t know anyone who does.

    Many of the questions in the 61 page questionnaire are
    absurd, unnecessarily intrusive and just busy work – busy work for the
    person filling it out and the person reviewing it.

    For instance, the form asks you to supply (optional)
    your ethnicity and race. Why? According to the form, supplying your
    ethnicity and race information will “be used to help the US Dept of
    Health and Human Services better understand and improve the health of
    and health care of all Americans.” That explanation is absurd. How is
    supplying that info in any way going to help better “understand and
    improve the health care of all Americans” when the issue is not health
    care but financial eligibility for a subsidy? Is the government just

    I think we ought to make every single Congressman and
    Senator who voted for Obamacare and the President who signed it sit down
    and fill out these forms (both 15 page and 61 page) before the American
    people are asked to do so. They will then see how cumbersome it is.

    They need to make all forms user friendly and limited to
    necessary information. Instead those who voted for Obamacare and the
    President who signed it outsourced it to HHS and the IRS to create
    ridiculous forms and as much red tape as humanly possible.

    • c4pfan

      The House GOP should have defunded it!

      • OneThinDime

        Yes they should have. Once again, Boehner and Cantor side with Obama and against American taxpayers.

  • c4pfan

    Got to listen to Mark on iheartradio!

  • What a bummer-

    I was waiting to listen to the show tonight after seeing this posted, and there is a damn basketball game on the radio taking up the very precious little Levin time there is. I don’t like catching a partial show, so I’m just going to have to download it tomorrow.

  • “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.”
    ~Charles de Montesquieu~

    “I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.”
    ~President Ronald Reagan~

  • sDee

    Herding us.

    The politicians are just the hired hands but they’ll have the chuck wagon and whiskey at night.

  • Tim Jaggers

    I think this is a deliberate side effect of ObamaCare. If you have to cut your emploees’ hours to avoid being forced to provide insurance. However this doesn’t change the amount of work that needs to be performed. So in order to get all of the work done, you will need to hire more part time employees. This puts more people to work, even if it only on a part time basis. The government will then make up the short fall in the employees’ pay by first mandating an increase in minimum wage and then by lowering the standards for receiving welfare and food stamps. Welcome to Socialism 2.0.

  • havetoask

    would the penalty of not paying the premiums be more or less than the actual insurance? I don’t believe he can pay for insurance for as little as the penalty per employee. This is all part of the single payor goal of the administration and has been long known.

    • OneThinDime

      havetoask From what Ted Cruz testified to yesterday in the hearing, annual premiums for young people can be in the $600-$800 range so yes.  Now what happens to those rates with birth control, abortion and the other mandated coverage and deductible limits is not known.
       Here’s another little secret.  If a business pays the penalty, it is not a business deduction so if the penalty is $3,000 the business is really losing $4,200 including the federal tax but not the loss of deduction at the state level.

      • havetoask

        OneThinDime havetoask Thanks. that is info I was unaware of. When I retired in 2004 our insurance per employee was 386 dollars per month which would make  a 2000 dollar penalty look pretty good., Of course we had over 11,000 employees.

        • OneThinDime

          I was really surprised when Ted Cruz said that because my monthly premiums equal their annual premiums.  I wonder if he is using premiums for kids in college where there is a huge pool?  Of course, some of us argued that’s what small businesses should be able to do, pool as one group but the gov’t ignored us.

  • ryanomaniac

    Damn Obama. The bastard son of Satan. He has no idea that his arrogance is coming home to roost. The media cant hide this forever considering more and more and more people are feeling the pain. I hope the media gets what’s coming to them also.

    • CalCoolidge


    • CalCoolidge

      ryanomaniac The media can “hide” it.  In Dictator 101, they teach – any failure of your program was caused by people opposing it.

  • Phhh

    —destroying private businesses? That’s the goal! That’s how all communist countries began – stealing from those who have…..
    After they run out of other people’s money, they collapse…if we continue on this current path of self-destruction, soon there will be NOBODY who can help.

  • OneThinDime

    Not sure what happened but all of the comments from yesterday are gone.  This looks like a better format though.

  • OneThinDime

    Reposting this from yesterday:
    Well I have 3 suggestions for this attorney: (1) split your partnership
    and send the liberal employees with your liberal partner; (2) find other
    conservative attorneys and file a class action lawsuit, you have the
    knowledge and the personnel to do it; and (3) get in front of John
    Boehner and rant at him for funding it the other night during Rand
    Paul’s filibuster

  • The unchecked growth of regulations and taxes by the Fourth branch is destroying Liberty and opportunity for economic growth.