Must See – Rick Perry: America is Calling

Wow. This ad from Perry has got to be the best ad I’ve seen this political season. It spawns those deep feelings of patriotism and eagerness to fight for this country and elect a leader who will have our back in Washington.

Just a dang good ad.

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  • Anonymous

    “You have my back on January 3rd and I’ll have your back the next 4 years!” Awesome line! His video guy should get an award or something. Nobody comes close to Perry’s video ads!

    • Anonymous

      Most all of his video ads have been great. You’re right, this one beats them all.

  • Anonymous

    The ambiance of it is very good all by itself. Everything else is bonus 🙂

    • Bogus ?????????? You for real??????????

      • Anonymous

        I think you misread bonus as bogus…

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know. Hang on while I pinch myself. Ouch!

        Yep, real 🙂

        (bogus has that pesky ‘g’ in the middle. I used an ‘n’.)

        • GiantM

          Lol…you guys are to funny. Kevin I thought I was the only one over 50. Lol. Reading glasses sell for real cheap at Walgreens. 😀

          • Anonymous

            I hear Dollar Tree has ’em for …yep… $1 😀

  • Very good ad. We need more like it.

  • This ad is wonderful and shows Perry for who is is, a honest caring patriotic man.

    Rick Perry is the real deal. Perry is a very honest, honorable man who is a true consistent conservative. A proven good record at governing. Rick Perry can easily beat Obama, just contrast their records and Perry wins hands down.

    Go Perry 2012

    • Sounds like he’d make a good neighbor. None of what you list qualify him to lead our Nation. The fact is, he is grossly unqualified and too unintelligent to lead this country.

  • Anonymous

    Perry 2012!

  • WOW!!! His patriotism seems to be unrivaled in this election…I think Perry just moved up a spot on my list!

    • He’s the only one (other than R. Paul but he’s not a Republican) that has served his country…flew C-130’s.

  • Very Well Made Ad. Very Professional. He is becoming as slick as RINO Romney. Problem is that his record in Texas says he is just another Big Government, Deficit Spending politician.

    During his tenure are Govenor of Texas the State Government has grown by 24%. In 2010 the State of Texas Government was the largest employer. (hmmm sounds alittle like someone else currently in office)
    During just this last year as Governor he added an additional 15% more in debt (more than 1.2billion doallrs) to the State Debt of Texas. (currently at 31billion up from 27 billion in 2010)
    Has not had a balanced budget and just deficit spend his entire tenure.

    I like his conservative views on Social Issues but his past shows him to be just another big spender like GW Bush. We don’t need that right now.

    • Anonymous

      Help me out here, friend. What are the unemployment numbers in Texas ?

      • Anonymous

        They are little higher than they should be, but that’s because so many people are moving here. It’s difficult for an economy to absorb that many people that quickly.

        The figure that is important is how many new jobs have been created. Since 2006, it’s has been over a million, more than all the other states combined. Since 2009, 63% of all new jobs created in America were in Texas.

      • Unemployment is not the issue. The issue is poverty level employment. Everyone could be employed if they all made minimum wage but I don’t think the quality of life would be as nice as if you made more money and could afford to send your children to college.

        So the question is more a point of quality of life or above poverty level lifestyle.

        • Anonymous

          Unemployment is not the issue? In THIS presidential election? Are you kidding us?

          According to the Federal Reserve, Texas jobs have an average income level 93% of the national average. That is pretty good, especially considering how much more affordable it is live in Texas. And with a very low tax burden per citizen, you get to keep more of the money you make.

          Regardless, high paying jobs are accelerating in Texas a great pace. Thank you Perry and our legislators.

          “While more lower-wage jobs were created, higher-paying positions grew at a faster rate in the state, making up an increasing proportion of total jobs. Texas jobs in occupational categories with wages above the U.S. median increased 11.9 percent from 2001 to 2010, while jobs with wages below the U.S. median rose 7.9 percent. That translates to 391,000 higher-wage jobs and 470,000 lower-wage ones. Positions in occupational categories paying more than the U.S. median accounted for 36.4 percent of total Texas jobs in 2010, up from 35.5 percent in 2001.”

          “While Texas wages trail those of the U.S., job creation does not appear to be disproportionately low-wage. State trends over time resemble those of the U.S., with lower wage levels best explained by demographic differences. ”

          • was I replying to you? I don’t think so. As a national issue yes unemployment is a problem. Be we were discussing the breakdown of the Texas poverty line issue and unemployment had nothing to do with that. But since you have butted into this with your comment….you are right unemployment on a national level is the issue. So is spending and growth of government. That is a major warning light on Rick Perry because what he says and what his record says are exact opposites!

            • Anonymous
              • Per your link:

                ”Only 12 states bucked the trend of dropping state workers from the rolls.

                In Texas, the number of state government employees rose by more than 7,300 between 2007 and 2011. ”

                So Rick Perry’s administration is increasing not shrinking!!!!!!!! And this is from your link!!! So explain how you can say it is shrinking when the government roles in Texas are increasing?

                Whatever your drinking let me know because it must be great!

        • Anonymous

          Let’s see here I’ve been unemployed for two years, cant even get hired flipping burgers, I know because I keep trying to get hired even for that… A minimum wage job doing whatever sounds really good to me and that would also improve my quality of life greatly…

    • Anonymous

      As I said in previous thread, Texas is constitutionally required to balance its budget.

      It is a false statement to say Texas has had revenue shortfalls during Perry’s entire tenure. There have been many surplus years. 2005 and 2008 off the top of my head.

      Texas debt per capita under Perry has fallen 6th best in the union to 2nd best.

      Government per capita has shrunk under Perry.

      You are stating falsehoods that fly in the face of facts.

      Perry is the antidote for what ails the American economy. It works in Texas (5,000 new residents every day!), and it can work for the nation.


        I did some digging and re-read the laws on Texas. Sorry to inform you but, the balanced budget ammendment in Texas is a joke!!!

        As to the Texas Balanced Budget Ammendment/Law. You are correct it was passed in July of 2011. But it is a big huge coverup because the only way to get it through the legislature was to rig the accounting practices changing the way the State Budget is accounted. It does NOT include special projects, a large portion of school funding laws (i.e. removing form State budget), ignoring a growing population and delaying payments on bills coming due via a rollover process perpetually deferring actual impact until the next legislative session and the next and the next and the next (another accounting trick that just kicks the can down the road). I also contains provision that sweeping pet projects into an unfunded liabilities are that will fall outside of the State Budget (i.e. a huge black hole) and not be accounted for in that years budget.

        The balanced budget ammendment also does not contain any provisions for the 31 billion in State Debt already incurred and turns it into a general unfunded liability fund where interest accrued does not fall under the State Budget.

        Can you say this is one big lie???

        I can….this is just one big lie because nothing is balanced!!!!!

        You just say its not in the State budget and falls into the unfunded liabilities area and presto…chango….your budget is balanced.

        This is a house of cards where tax and spend politicians are just kicking the can down the road. Some day real soon Texas is going to be bankrupt and it will come really fast because politicians will just sweep deficit spending under the rug and say it does not exist. This will be very very ugly when it finally comes apart and I feel sorry for Texans when it does.

        People, in the real world, go to jail for things like this….!!!! Is this really how you want a President to fix the debt issue….just covering it up and saying it does not exist???

        This is not bad….this is really really really bad and makes the State of Texas look like a bunch of liars.

        Here is some sources:

        lastly, while he is a liberal jerk he does have valid sources and good writeup.

        P.S. Texas also has taken 6 billion in Federal Stimulus money in 2011 that also accurs interest and must be paid back. (its also an accounting trick that is not included in the 31 billion outstanding debt….threfore actual true debt is 37 billion)

        • So you’re supporting Michelle Bachmann right? She’s the purest candidate we have, although she’s only been in the House for two terms. All others can be knocked down the same we you knock down Perry. Easily.

          Perry is the only guy, out of the conservatives we have to choose from, that has governed a state (for 10 years). A state he has been overwhelmingly re-elected, whereas Mr. Santorum lost by the largest margin ever by a sitting senator. He goes from that loss to being the president? Shouldn’t he have rebounded first with a mayoral or water commissioner win? Dog catcher…something. I guess if you live in Iowa for two years and have a meal with every person in the state you stand a good chance of doing well…in Iowa.

          • Not true. Bachmann also has baggage and is an earmarker just like anyone else in Congress.

            The point of this is that there are only 3 real Conservatives in this race. Santorum, Gingrich, and Bachmann. Of the 3 only one has a proven record of actually making a balanced budget and paying down on Federal Debt and shrinking the size of government with no accounting tricks. That would be Gingrich. The most Conservative and a true defense hawk is Santorum who also has manny accomplishment but has less leadership than Gingrich. Lasty comes Bachmann who while Conservative has no record to speak of and no Accomplishments of success. (Too green and not ready) We don’t need another Greenie like the current President in office even if she is Conservative. Also, there is no way Bachmann can win Iowa polling less than 8% and has gambled it all on Iowa or she is dead in the water.

            Perry while a social Conservative is a GW Bush clone that will just allow for more debt and spend spend spend. Definitely what the nation does not need.

            So in my humble opinion Santorum is the Strongest of the Conservative Candidates followed by Gingrich. If Perry got the nomination I would hold my nose and vote for him over Obama, Romney or Nutcase Ron Paul in a heartbeat.

            • Please. Santorum carried water for all of GWB’s big government programs. He’s a ‘big government’ conservative Republican who’s strong on social issues.

              He has little appeal/charisma that’s crucial in the general and no $. He would be a good president, but he can’t win so it’s either Perry or Romney (Gingrich has even less of a shot). Unless conservatives realize this then it will Romney which isn’t the end of the world if we get a conservative Senate and House.

              Read this:

              • Rick Santorum received very high ratings from mainstream conservative groups during his time in the House (two terms) and the Senate (two terms):

                American Conservative Union — 88%
                National Right to Life Committee — 100%
                Americans for Tax Reform — 95%
                National Tax Limitation Committee — 92%
                U.S. Chamber of Commerce — 88%
                League of Private Property Voters — 94%

                As to his 2006 defeat; yes, the Arlene Spector issue was a bone of contention with Conservatives but one of the main reasons was Pennsylvania had a 3:1 ratio of registered Democrats to Republicans. In 2006, Santorum sought re-election to a third term in the U.S. Senate. His seat was considered among the most vulnerable for Republicans, and he ran unopposed in the Republican primaries. That plus Santorum’s seat was a prime target of Democratic efforts to gain Senate seats in the 2006 elections and with Bush’s approval ratings in the toilet Republicans were in for a massacre which is what happened.

                But that was then and this is now where it is just the reverse. The nations has a hated sitting President that is vunerable because of his crappy record. Rick Santorum has the experience,is a fiscal conservative having a voting record to prove it, has the conservative credentials, has proven leadership accomplishments and the toughness to take it to a weak Obama.

                Rick Santorum can win!

                • Anonymous

                  Can you tell me the percentage of Santorum’s votes were contrary to Bush’s position? Citation appreciated.

        • Your exclamation points and links provided have convinced me: Rick Perry is corrupt and incompetent. He was overwhelmingly re-elected due to voter fraud and all the people moving there are only doing so to collect welfare checks he’s handing out.

          • I never said Perry was corrupt and incompetent. I said he is a GW Bush tax and spend politician what will grow the debt and government. So your sarcasm doesn’t work.

        • Anonymous

          “Under Rick Perry the size of the Texas State government has increased by 24% since he took office. ”

          Can Andy Griffith and Barney Fife run Los Angeles? No. You cannot have a government the size of Mayberry run a city the size of L.A. As population grows, the size of government, i.e. politicians, fire fighters, police, etc, does grow. That’s why looking at government growth without regard for population growth is absurd.

          Per capita, government in Texas is one of the lowest. This headline says all..
          “Per Capita Gov’t Workers Declined as Perry’s Texas Created 1M New Jobs, Says BLS Data”

          Just the facts.

          • Can you not read?? Under Perry private sector employment has grown only 10 percent while government sector employment has out paced at 18.3 percent. So your arguement is a stupid one to make. Government should only grow at a MAXIMUM rate of 1/3 of the private sector…NOT THE REVERSE!

            • Anonymous

              Maybe you will believe the Federal Reserve.

              “Declines in Government Jobs
              Texas total nonfarm jobs have grown at an annualized pace of 1.5 percent over the past four months, slower than the 2.6 percent in the first half of the year (Chart 3). Private-sector jobs have been fairly stable, growing 3.3 percent the past four months versus 3.5 percent the first half of the year. **The weakening has been centered in government jobs, which have fallen at an annualized rate of 6.9 percent** since July after declining only 1.4 percent the first half of the year. ”


              “In the end, the number of government jobs created accounts for a relatively low 6.5% of the increase, and less than 28% of the new jobs — during a period when the federal government was going on a hiring binge, thanks to Porkulus. The ratio of public-sector employees to population declined slightly overall. That may not have been fast enough for small-government activists, but it went in the right direction — and in the opposite direction that Perry’s critics claim.”


              • Where do you think the US Bureau of Labour Statistics got their information? It came from the State of Texas that’s where and as to your stats from the FED they are apples and oranges because they are not comparing the same things nor are they total annual numbers…your cut and paste says only 1/2 year since July (assuming 2011) My numbers are annual figures reported to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics by Texas and a report on the entire length of Rick Perry’s time in office. The FED numbers appear to be monthly reports and do not reflect the entire timeperiod so again….you are cherry picking figures and they do not even match my annual and total tenure figures.

                • Anonymous

                  The Federal link covers all of 2011, where government jobs fell 1.4% the first half of the year and accelerated greatly in the 2nd half, i.e. from July and on. Re-read the quote carefully.

                  I provided the Hot Air link because it reviews the government jobs issue over his entire term. It says you need to adjust your thinking about Perry or find new sources. Please give it a read.

        • Anonymous

          “I did some digging and re-read the laws on Texas. Sorry to inform you but, the balanced budget ammendment in Texas is one huge joke!!!

          As to the Texas ”Balanced Budget” Ammendment/Law/Act. You are correct it was passed in July of 2011. ”

          What is your source? A balanced budget is part of the constitution and has been there since 1876, article 3, section 49a(b).

          BTW, 3 out of 4 of your links go nowhere, error 404 or a front page.

          • Use google and search those links. I have no idea why they do not work now. When I listed them they worked just fine. Those are the sources plus and article from Neal Cavuto but I forgot the link.

            • Anonymous

              You presented a lot of information. Let focus on this. Please provide a source for this. Thanks.

              “As to the Texas ‘Balanced Budget’ Ammendment/Law/Act. You are correct it was passed in July of 2011. “

              • Sources

                U.S. Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Texas employment data. accessed 30 Aug 2011.

                U.S. Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment, Hours, and Earnings from the Current Employment Statistics survey (National). accessed 30 Aug 2011.

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                Carnevale, Anthony P., et. al. “Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018.” Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Jun 2010.

    • …and Santorum is a porker…by his own admission:

      Not only supported Arlen Specter, but actively campaigned against Pat Toomey.

      And Newt is a skilled adulterer who’s cozy with anthropogenic global warming theory. Also, he took $ from an organization that was partly responsible for global economic collapse. A devotee of Alvin and Heidi Toffler…oh my!

      More vetting needed for both I guess.

      • Earmarks are not bad. It is the job of Congress to earmark funds to the States and appropriate funds of the Federal Government under the Constitution as the nations purse holder. So that is a moot point.

        (for further information see Constitution of the United State of America)

        Arlen Specter support is fully explained by the Glenn Beck interview of Rick Santorum and he provides an excellent reason for that decision.

        As to your Newt attacks….you are just playing the 17 point attack that all the paulbots were using back in December that are all half truths and false. If you want to play that game I have the actual facts and truths on each one. I did the research! Warning better know about each one because I do….(example what do you know about the Toffler and what is so bad? here is a hint….there is none because the charge is a false flag so don’t even try)

        • Beck didn’t buy it. The reality is that Santorum not only endorsed Specter, but campaigned for Specter and bashed Toomey on the stump. Not good. But he was paid back in the mother of all political whoopins in ’06. Shortly thereafter he started campaigning and living in Iowa…;-)

          How about Newt was married, then cheated on his wife and then divorced her for another woman who he then cheated on and divorced = political road kill.

          Newt was eligible for the Vietnam. Why didn’t he serve? Chickenhawk? I only make the charge that the media will in the general.

          Perry? Oh yeah, he’s the only candidate that has served his country. And to boot, he’s not a lawyer. Win.

          • Newt is not a lawyer either. Newt was in college and then doctorate program which were ,at the time, automatic deferments. By the time he exited college it was all over and there was no draft.

            As to divorce….can you say Ronald Reagan. He broke that taboo.

  • Anonymous

    I just felt a thrill going up my leg!!

    • Anonymous

      that’s Chris Matthews! RUN!

      • yeah….I would becareful that its not Chris Matthews hand. lol

  • Anonymous

    Anyone watch the Perry rally today? He was on fire!!! Perry isnt a debates guy but in group settings and face to face he was awesome. I loved his rally today!!

  • Anonymous

    Only having gone through the fire with someone do you really know if they’ve got your back. Having someone who does is a great fortune in life.

    It struck home listening to this ad that finding a politician who has my back is a totally foriegn concept. One eagerly driving a knife into it, is not.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you can trust the most trustworthy politician. No ticks like Poly – tics, bloodsuckers, all.

    • Anonymous

      Based on what you are saying you might want to consider why Marcus Luttrell (Navy Seal/author of “Lone Survivor”) and other Medal of Honor winners are staunchly supporting Gov. Perry. It seems to me that they really do believe he will have their back and they know the real meaning of that.

  • Anonymous

    His best ad yet! Almost brought tears to my eyes….lets go iowans!!! Lets make this happen.

  • Joe

    WHO is this guy?

    WHERE has he been?

    I like TEXANS

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Very Presidential. Loved it! Hope he can re-craft it to fit the national stage if he makes it…

  • This looks like a vacuous, superficial Obama commercial. And Perry sounded so pretentiously breathless. I even had the brief sensation I was watching some televangelist.

    I don’t hate Perry, but God help us if we are swayed by such trifles as cult of personality.

    • Anonymous

      As opposed to the robotic circuitry that is Romney?

    • Anonymous

      You are right, to a point. This though is more like icing on a good cake. Great gravy on that pot roast, mashed potatoes and green beans.

      This is not the totality of the man. It is window dressing, packaging. What a lot of us want is for the product that we like to be presented properly. This is how you do it.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent ad. I love my Texans!

    I noticed Ann Coulter in the background – did she change sides? (19 sec). I couldn’t resist – she looks so much like Ann!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    I would like to add that I still prefer Newt.
    His ad is great too:

    • I totally agree that Newt’s ad is much more powerful than is Perry’s.

      While Newt’s ad does stir your emotions it is based in facts while Perry’s is based on pure emotion.

  • Anonymous

    Incredible ad!!!

    It is true, this is a critical time for America. Governor Perry is the authentic conservative who will challenge Obama. President Reagan didn’t do well in his early debates but went on to become a great President. I believe Governor Perry has the character and leadership qualities that exemplifies greatness. He can connect with the middle class people and will appeal to many, including blue collar workers who have suffered greatly under the Obama administration. Governor Perry has the charisma and organization to win. ‘Hope the Iowa voters will give their support to this Governor whose record in Texas is a testimony to his many accomplishments and conservative positions. I believe he would be a great President.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Cow, one after the other he gets it right, I sure hope our country does.

  • You can say what you will about Rick Perry. There’s one fact that is undeniable: he has never lost an election. If he floods the other primary states with ads like this, we just might see the Texas magic happen and rescue us from the inevitable Mitt Rino.

    Perry/Rice 2012 because I will have your back, but One-bama will knife you in the back.

    • Brother, is that Condoleeza Rice you’re suggesting?

      • There’s a strange amount of buzz around her. She woul bust open this election. Order extra duct tape because heads on the Left would be exploding everywhere.

        • Hmmm. Didn’t like the idea at first (former Bush admin folk aren’t politically very sexy) but there’s definitely upside. Of course if it were to happen, the mantra would be that she’s way smarter than him blah blah.

          • right now it’s just some buzz. But hey. You never know.

      • It just so happens that HotAir just posted and article on VP choices and Condi Rice was among them.


    • Anonymous

      Isn’t she supportive of Zero?

      • She may like him, but she is still a conservative.

  • Anonymous

    Did I see Anne Coulter’s twin sister in that add?

  • Please do not be swayed by ads designed to stir your emotions. A WOW ad will not earn my vote.

    Voters whose positions change as easily as a willow in a breeze will ultimately choose the wrong.

    We aren’t buying corn flakes we are hiring the next Republican candidate for president.

    I will make my choice based on a proven track record and on the candidates principles not on a slick ad campaign.

    • Ok then vote for him for his record.

      The add though can be effective for those who are right brain dominant. Sadly, not enough people make their decisions on a candidate based on your last line.

    • Anonymous

      And who has a better record than rick perry?

      • Anonymous

        Everybody, including Romney, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Donald Trump, Mitch Daniels,Huckabee, etc. not to mention Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, McCotter, and Johnson.

        • Anonymous


        • such logic and reason…I’m persuaded!

    • Anonymous

      This Perry radio interview from this morning is one of the best I’ve heard and it was mostly about his principles. I have only one complaint – not long enough!

  • Anonymous

    Great ad. If you are undecided, this is Ace of Spades closing argument for Perry.
    If you are in Iowa, please give it a read before you head out tonight to make one of the most important decisions of our lifetime. Governor Perry is the Conservative who can win and beat Obama, please consider giving him your vote in the caucus. Thanks for reading.

    • Excellent read. If I was a better writer I would have wrote that. Thanks for posting.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Perry is still a tax raising RINO who loves to spend tax money on his crony friends, foreign boondoggles, and illegal aliens.

  • Anonymous

    How nice it is to hear someone say God Bless You, and know they mean it.

    • Anonymous

      And NOT in reply to a sneeze 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I liked Perry in the beginning, but didn’t feel like he had “it”. But he seems to be acquiring “it”, like he’s been holding something back. I hope he lets loose and shows what he’s all about.

    And then, I hope we like IT!

    • I think this is happening en masse (people giving him a second look). Perry is coming on strong, I just wish this Caucus was two weeks from now instead of today.

    • Anonymous

      He’s had it all along…you’re right he was holding back. There is some great video out on the net of speeches and appearances he gave back in 2010 when he was running for re-election as governor. Dynamic. He came in late to the game having to finish the Texas legislative session and then had back surgery. I don’t think he was 100% mentally or physically as a result and was immediately thrown into debates where he was attacked as the front runner. Most people either don’t know this or haven’t taken it into account. He doesn’t discuss it because he obviously doesn’t want to give the impression that he can’t meet the physical demands of the job. He’s definitely showing that he can—he just needed that earlier time to fully convalesce.

  • Anonymous

    Great ad…pray for him to do well tonight.

  • A darn good ad indeed. This is why I’m taking a second look at Perry. I’m torn between the two Governor’s Romney and Perry and former Speaker. HELP!!! I don’t live in Iowa but if I did I would have a tough decision to make, I live in loonyville aka Kalifornia, California.

    • Anonymous

      Michael, try to see that as a good thing. I’m so tired of the Roves and Krauthammers suggesting that we have a weak field. Maybe the reason why you can’t choose is because you’d be comfortable with Perry, Newt or Romney and know — undoubtedly — that any of them would be 1000% better than Obama. The field will narrow and it will get easier, but doesn’t it feel good to know that there are 3 candidates you could support earnestly?

  • Anonymous

    Finally, looks like the Governor is picking up a sprint and reallyrunning for President!!! Godspeed!

    • Anonymous

      I really like your avatar…… resonates greatly with me in many ways…..

      • Anonymous

        Thank you!! I like yours too! I was looking for one that had both our flags…. but the heart shape just won me over!! 🙂

  • poljunkie

    Its a fantastic ad, and I like him.

  • Anonymous

    Frankly he has been my wait and see guy from the beginning. I emailed a friend just yesterday and said he is my FL Primary vote no matter what I just hope it is not too late for him to resonate…….although I believe he has the $$$$$$ and the organization to make it happen and in the end that matters more than many even today understand……

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always held out hope for Rick Perry. His status with me accelerated when I found out he and his family personally took in Marcus Luttrell for 2 years, and this ad almost brought me to tears. I pray for a good outcome for him tonight.

  • I like him but his boat set sail when he fumbled in the debates. He will never live those down.

  • Anonymous

    This is good…one recommendation I have is to film with minorities to be seen.
    The mms already started the propaganda of the whites only election, and we need to counter it by showing minorities in the commercials

  • If I were in Iowa, this is the guy I would have supported. Sadly, it’s looking like he is the Fred Thompson of this election cycle.

  • Anonymous

    Obama voters couldn’t have dreamed an ad like this because they don’t get it. They never will. They don’t understand our America; the way it was meant to be.

  • patrick miller

    Oh. That was a great ad. At first viewing, I was left with a feeling of quixotic jingoism, without quite knowing why. But, it took me a few more gos to really “get” the intracies of the Ad and the subtleties of the message contained therein. I don’t want to ruin it for you, if you’ve only seen it once so far, but what really hit the message home for me were the shots of the Iowa farm lands, white people, the stars and stripes, cathedral spires, white people, the stars and stripes, church windows, white people in hats, the stars and stripes, white people at rallies, the cross, white people at church, white people, and finally, white people. Jefferson himself would be proud.

  • Rick Perry has his adman to thank for his success. He cannot speak coherently in real time, and is simply too unintelligent to lead our nation. To continue to S carolina on the Texas taxpayer’s dime is pure vanity. What a Christian.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, he’s so dumb he stupified Texas into being succesful while the rest of the nation tumbled.

  • Anonymous

    He has some fantastic ads, but they didn’t work. Unfortunately I think he’s finished. I just woke up not long ago so I may have missed him bailing out. Bachmann, too.