Must-see video: Larry Elder delivers Keynote address at David Horowitz Retreat

Must-see video of keynote speaker Larry Elder’s speech at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2013 West Coast Retreat. The event was held February 22nd-24th at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California.

A Transcript is here.

h/t FrontPage

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  • c4pfan

    About to listen. Thanks! I just wish more talking conservative heads would bring up when these happen!

    Don’t forget that Mark Levin is going to be part of a telephone townhall Tea Party event this weekend!

  • las1

    Guys like Carson and Elder will be a major factor in the salvation of America.

    • Conniption Fitz


    • OneThinDime

      Yes! If they use their gifts to get out and continue to educate people with the truth and how the gov’t is hurting people and hurting this country. This man is fantastic and is outspoken about the true cause!

  • 12grace

    I can’t get the video but read the transcript. I think Larry Elder is a man of great integrity and courage. Bravo!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Great Speech, this speech resonates with me so much, because of the similarities, for example the story of the barber, the response you get from people when you tell them that you are a republican, it just made me laugh, because Ive had that look a lot of times. (You a hispanic? You are a republican?)

  • Susanna958

    These awesome black conservatives are coming out of the woodwork. i love it!

  • Thanks 911Infidel! I’ve read his opeds and articles, but never heard him speak. He’s excellent! Amazing speech.

  • 911Infidel
    • OK, I just went there and will state right off, that I loved Murdock on the A-Team! He was my favorite. lol. sorry. going to read/watch now.

      • 911Infidel

        Yes and the rumor is true that Dwight actually has a brain and is a sold-out conservative to boot. Too bad you missed the last episode with the Politichicks. Got a few Hollywood types in that group as well.

        • This was an incredible interview. Listening to part 2 now. Thank you. It’s been great to listen to common sense, a good story about his dad, and humor. I needed that. Thanks brother. 🙂

          • 911Infidel

            Its a great affirmation of the importance of fathers. Larry Elder’s book is a must read.

        • Of course now I had to go to Dwight Schultz’s website, and read this: which was great. Except when he compared the 3 brotherhood stooges to Ducks.

          • 911Infidel

            That would be 4 ducks and a male appendage (Skeeter).

        • It’s funny- the crazy acting ones usually are the most intelligent. He always kind of reminded me of Ted Nugent. 😉

  • God bless you.
    Louie Gohmert @ 25mins!

  • rsfan1

    He was great. Thanks for posting.

  • BS61

    Thanks Infidel – I’ve never heard him before. I think that I heard him on Dennis Prager.

    • 911Infidel

      You can catch more of him on his show.

      • OneThinDime

        Thank you! This is an outstanding post this morning and I will be sure to go to his site. I wish there was a way to convince CPAC to have this gentleman speak!

        • 911Infidel

          You’re welcome. The new star is Ben Carson. I’d be surprised if CPAC DIDN’T invite him to speak. But if they continue to entertain Norquist and diss Spencer and Geller, then why would they invite another bright light like Larry Elder? I’m just saying.

          • OneThinDime

            We can hope. I just saw that Ted Cruz is keynote for CPAC! Still way too many RINOs there for me to spend $$ on it. Larry Elder and Dr. Ben Carson together touring and speaking at the US high schools and colleges could make immense difference in the lives of young people, if only they are provided the opportunity.

            • 911Infidel


      • BS61

        Thanks 911 – I will!

  • aPLWBinAK

    “do you have a card?”…..this entire video is awesome, but that barbershop story was the cherry on top.

  • leel004

    GREAT to see Larry Elder on RS…I found this talking head a few years ago and was so disappointed that he departed the scene for awhile (and Thank GOD he is back just as strong)
    Need to get more of this guy. Thanks Scoop!

  • Very impressive speech.

  • Excellent! Last year we didn’t get to see much from the Horowitz retreat. At least, I don’t remember much from it, and I was hoping to see some sort of fire in the belly from attendees afterward.

  • Rocco11

    I love Larry Elder, here’s a classic:

    • OneThinDime

      Thank you for the link!

    • OneThinDime

      That was awesome! Christ Matthews saying he was slightly left, like the 40 yard line made me ROFL

  • I should add that toward the end of the Q&A session, Elder was spot on about Republicans leaving all sorts of scurrilous charges on the table. Every time the Republicans fail to respond to vicious slanders of the left, those slanders continue to float around in the garbage of popular culture, unanswered. They get repeated by Low Information Voters as a form of gossip.

    In other words, someone at the hair salon isn’t going to give a rat’s a$$ about whether Obama initiated the sequester or Republicans did. They won’t even know what a sequester is. They’ll only know that Obama is going around the country accusing Republicans of wanting airplanes to fall from the sky, children to starve, and bridges to crumble under their car wheels.

    They won’t care or know about what really happened in the leadup to Benghazi, and whether or not Obama was selling or passing arms through Ambassador Stevens. But they will pass on the accusations by Al Sharpton that Republicans keep trying to dehumanize Obama.

  • johnfromjersey

    Good morning to all of my TRS friends, and a special hello to the guy who WILL beat the odds, VG.

    Okay, I just took the 1&1/2 hours it took to watch the speech, (dsl, slow connection).

    This man should’ve been the first black President. His understanding of just what’s wrong with America is a mirror image of what most conservatives have been saying for decades. Mr. Elder is exactly the kind of leader young men, and women would benefit from listening to. (for honesty’s sake, I first typed “black” as an adjective to young men and women in the above sentence. Then edited it out).

    We, as a nation, are at a very important turning point in our history, maybe more important than it’s beginnings. America has become a country 180º from her intended route, and we are guilty of allowing it.
    Personal responsibility?
    Tragically, it’s been excluded from our educational system, from our homes, and now even from some of our churches.
    Hard work and dedication?
    Why bother when you can scam your way to riches. It just depends on how far you’re willing to sell your soul.
    God and country?
    That was decided in 1963. We the people, the silent majority, sat back and allowed God to be “stricken from the records”.
    We sit here and at other internet enabled communication sites to moan and groan about OUR government, yet the amount of Americans who won’t even bother to inform themselves and vote, is staggering.
    I hear some talk of armed revolt like it would be the superbowl, it certainly would not. It would, for all intent and purposes, destroy this country.
    So, where does that leave us?
    We need people with ideas, not promises.
    We need people, like the good Doctor, to get involved in our political system. People who are willing to put it all on the line and tell the truth for a change.
    We need to weed out the lawyers and career politicians from our Congress.
    Congress was NEVER intended to be anyone’s career, nor was it intended to be run by lawyers. Look, I have nothing against lawyers, per-say. I sure wouldn’t go before a jury with Joe the plumber representing me. Lawyers play an important role in our system of government, but running Congress shouldn’t be part of that role. The Senate today is made up of over 70% lawyers, and we wonder why nothing gets done.
    One of the youngest, developed countries in the world, America. Look at all the wonderful things she has accomplished in her short history. Yet, we sit back and allow this illogical nonsense to continue, her destruction, piece by piece.
    I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better, but, alas. The only thing I can do, as a citizen, is vote and support the candidates I believe in. Sure, if it comes down to a real battle, I’m ready to defend the America I believe in with my life as I’m sure many others will as well. I pray that day never comes, for it won’t be a video game this time, it’ll be our countrymen. Agree or disagree, they are STILL Americans. It hurts me that we’ve allowed ourselves to be separated to such a degree. We have so many hyphenated tribes, it’s getting difficult to remember them all. Black-Americans, white-Americans, Italian-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc.
    THIS, is exactly what the enemies of freedom want, for us to fight against each other. They don’t care who wins, because we who engage are helping them win against us.
    The situation Americans are in reminds me of a line from the movie “Braveheart”.
    When William Wallace was scolding the (Nobels), he said this: ” are you willing to give up your freedom for the scraps that fall from Longshank’s table?”, not sure if the quote is 100% accurate, but the truth in his statement is, and it applies to us, here in America, today.
    So, we the people have a decision to make, will we “go silently into the night?”
    Will we continue to sit back and let someone else do the heavy lifting?
    If “we the people”, do not do whatever it takes to change things in the next election cycle, America will soon go the way of the Do-Do.

    • A million likes for this if I could. You echo my own spirit John. Thank you.

      • I agree. That was an excellent post John. You should have sent it to Scoop and he might even have made an article out if it. Even as a lead into an Open Topic or something. I hope more get to read it, because it’s well worth the time to do so.

  • WordsFailMe

    Chicago is by far the best city model for the future of this country. Can we not take some of the governing techniques developed in Chicago and implement them in other cities? Can we not develop a Chicago plan to replace the Model Cities plan?

  • WordsFailMe

    The absense of black fathers…That’s a novel idea? Where did they go? Were they all killed in the war? Not all black men are in prison..but by God, Larry is right… the vast majority of those mother****s have just plain disappeared.

    • OneThinDime

      Population race that I first heard about 20 years ago or so. The black males felt their sole responsibility was to out-populate the white race so they sew their seeds, mommas go on the welfare, rinse and repeat.

  • WordsFailMe

    Welfare, like Planned Parenthood, were, at the core, designed by liberal statists, to exterminate the black race on this continent. There is no amount of screaming and threatening and insulting American Africans that i can do to wake up even one person. But that will not shut me up.

    With any luck Right Scoop followers can try to hold the culture together long enough for another great generation to come along.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Here’s some more truth about Islam (and its apologists, like Obama and the UN) which is another chief cause of poverty and misery.

    From a refugee:

    Comparing Allah to other pagan gods of war:

    Islam is a putrid plague of violence and hatred upon the earth.

  • WordsFailMe

    911 Infidel-You da man, man! This may be the most import story posted on RS in the last 4 years

    • OneThinDime

      Amen! I liked Dr. Ben Carson but I LOVE me some Larry Elder. If the two of them would team up and go to every high school and college in America, we would see this country come roaring back and a restoration of ethics, integrity, hard work and respect in our young people.

  • OneThinDime

    Apologizes for not locating an O/T but thought this was worthy of an exemption and would be a great good morning! NYS Supreme Court Justice issued an order requiring New York State to show good cause that the law is constitutional. New York State has until April 29 to respond or else an injunction will be issued.

    This is a HUGE victory for gun owners in NY!

    • Conniption Fitz

      Great news!!!!

  • Conniption Fitz

    What a talk. This man talks facts and evidence, exposing the Democrat/leftists for what they are.

    The Truth is welfare doesn’t solve the poverty problem.

    The statistics show an abdication of fatherhood and responsibility in the US, UK, entire Western world is the chief cause of poverty.

    75% of blacks, 50% of hispanics, 35-40% of whites live in homes without fathers.

    This increase goes right along with the rise of the so-called ‘sexual revolution,’ abortion, divorce, child abuse, human-trafficking and porn use (and the rise of political socialism/communism and Islamofascism in the West)

    Violence, crime, rapes, unwed births are the consequence.

    Repression of Christianity and apathetic Christians, leftists who think entitlement benefits solve everything also contribute to this.

    Larry Elder for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

  • maynardb50

    Larry Elder used to profess to be a libertarian. I always enjoyed his radio program. It was syndicated nationally, then he left. I think he is broadcasting again through KABC
    (San Francisco), but not nationally. He is head over hills an opposite of Barack Obama
    for certain.

  • man that was good.

    We have so many great black leaders amongst us and we had to go to chose the worst bum to lead America.

    Allen Keyes, Allan West, Larry Elder, good Dr Ben Carson and so on.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Welfare reforms are needed. But the leftists don’t want reform and fight it like screaming banshees.

    Tim Scott, FL Governor, tried to get mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients to keep them from using their childrens’ food money on drugs. He was attacked for that.

    Newt said the W(ork) word and was attacked for that.

    Bachmann and Santorum were attacked for their references that sex before marriage and absence of fathers is statistically linked to poverty, drugs, and crime.

    My ideas:
    – Mandatory DNA testing of babies produced out of wedlock and father identified BEFORE welfare benefits are granted.
    – Fathers siring children without marrying and supporting the mother get 2 babies – then mandatory sterilization and salaries garnished to pay for child’s education. If he turns his life around (with the help of Jesus) and wants more children, let him and his wife adopt his irresponsible ‘brothers’ illegitimate children.
    – Mothers get 2 unwed births then mandatory sterilization.
    – All beneficiaries of benefits must submit to drug testing and suprise home inspections/searches.
    – ALL beneficiaries must do some work per dollar received, even if it’s washing dishes at a soup kitchen, tutoring, sweeping streets or picking up trash on highways.
    – Abuse/violence/drugs/crime in the home means children will be removed.

    Better sterilization (vasectomies, tubal ligations) than abortion and children reared by irresponsible parents, absent fathers.

    Better hard and fast rules.

    NO benefits for illegals. NONE.

  • Conniption Fitz

    PS: O/T maybe…

    Toure’ may have been named after or descended from an African Islamo-Marxist Dictator in Guinea, Ahmed Se’kou Toure’.

    That explains everything.

  • rapidcraft

    Larry is needed in Washington asap!

    • OneThinDime

      We need to keep him out of the DC cesspool and find a way to provide him with forums to speak to our youth.

  • Awesome video! Talk about speaking truth to power! Larry Elder is worth 1000 times Al Sharpton multiplied by 1000 times Jessie Jackson! He is a true crusader!! I have only the utmost respect for the man and have since I first came across him on radio in 1998 (or thereabouts)

    OneThinDime in reply to 911Infidel below suggested that Larry be invited to speak at CPAC and I could not agree more! I too, like him, and probably many if not most of you, wish there was a way to make this happen.

    • Conniption Fitz

      He has a brain and uses it – not to foment baseless leftist propaganda – but the truth based on actual facts, evidence and reality.

  • toongoon

    Excellent video. Thanks 911.

  • cabensg

    Amazing, amazing, amazing. I’ve never heard him speak before but he said everything many of us believe about Republicans inability to fight back. His life story was truly wonderful and inspiring too.

  • Outstanding! Elder goes on my list of godly men.

  • MissMyGuy

    The best part, (it was all good) was when he talked about what Mitt Romney left on the floor in 2012 in terms of taking it to Obama. Republicans are too concerned about being nice.

  • harglide

    WOW!! I mean WOW!! What a speaker. If you put him and Carson together, it would be quite a tour!

  • DebbyX

    I had no idea where the end was going, but boy, that was amazing. The black moms used to be so wise. We all know what happened.

    They all became democrats.

  • John Holliday

    “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

    — Mark Twain

  • John Holliday

    75% of blacks are born out of wedlock. 50% of Latinos are born out of wedlock. 35% of whites are born out of wedlock. That’s a national disgrace. Thanks, democrats.

  • PVG

    Thank you 911! This man is wonderful, compelling, and gives me hope!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I was impressed by the accounts about Larry’s mother. She was wise and instilled good values in Larry’s life, especially not to be sidetracked by trivial matters. And it seems that Larry took a lot of her lessons to heart.

    I would like to hear more from Larry Elder. He would probably have my vote over Dr. Ben Carson, not that he’s running against Dr. Carson. I also like the fact that Larry thinks Republicans are “too nice.” My thought exactly!!!!